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									                                                                                         821.4 Rule
                                         Web Page Policy

The availability of Internet access in the Little Chute Area School District (LCASD) provides an
opportunity for students and staff to contribute to the District’s presence on the World Wide Web.
The primary LCASD Web site will be created and maintained by a Technology Department staff
member. The District's Web sites provide information about school curriculum, instruction,
school-authorized activities and other general information relating to the mission of the District.
This information will be shared within each school, within the District, between other Districts, to
the local community and to the world at large. Creators of Web pages need to familiarize
themselves with and adhere to the following policies and responsibilities. Failure to follow these
policies or responsibilities may result in the loss of authoring privileges or other more stringent
disciplinary measures.
All documents on any District server must conform to Little Chute Board of Education Policies
and Regulations as well as established school guidelines. Copies of Board Policies are available in
all school offices of the District. Persons developing or maintaining Web documents are
responsible for complying with these and other policies. Some of the relevant issues and related
Board Policies include the following:
       1.       Electronic transmission of materials is a form of copying. No unlawful copies of
               copyrighted materials may be knowingly produced or transmitted via the District's
               equipment, including its Web server(s).
       2.      Documents created for the Web and linked to District Web pages will meet the
               criteria for use as an instructional resource.
       3.      Any links to District Web pages will meet the criteria established in the District
               Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Any non-curricular materials should be
               limited to information about other youth activities, agencies, or organizations
               which are known to be nonsectarian, exclusively devoted to community interests or
               child welfare, are nonprofit and nondiscriminatory. Web page links may not be
               created for the primary purpose of commercial or political advertising.
       4.      All communications via the District Web pages will comply with the District
               Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the policies published in the Student
               Agendas. Offensive behavior that is expressly prohibited by this policy includes
               but is not limited to, religious, racial and sexual harassment and/or violence.
       5.      Any student information communicated via the District Web pages will comply
               with those District policies on privacy and public use of school records.
       6.      Any deliberate tampering with or misuse of District network services or equipment
               will be considered vandalism and will be handled in accordance with the District
               Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), the District Student Agenda and other
               related policies.
Ownership and Retention
All Web pages on the District's server(s) or created using District computers are property of the
School District. Web pages created utilizing District equipment must be placed on District
servers. Web pages will be deleted when a student graduates or moves unless prior
arrangements have been made with the Web Page Design class instructor or District Technology
Content Standards
Building and District administrators, with the Web Page Design class instructor or District
Technology Coordinator are responsible for Web page approval, with input and update from the
media specialist and/or building principal. The Web Page Design class instructor or a Technology
Department staff member will review and post the completed Web page and activate the link to
the primary page. Web pages "under construction" will not receive approval.
Subject Matter
All subject matter on Web pages should relate to curriculum, instruction, school authorized
activities, general information that is appropriate and of interest to others or related to the District
schools. Therefore, neither staff nor students may publish personal home pages as part of the
District Web Sites, or home pages for other individuals or organizations not directly affiliated with
the District. Exceptions may be granted for staff or student work related to a class project, course
or other school related activity.
All Web page work must be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Documents may not contain
objectionable material or point (link) directly to objectionable material. Objectionable material is
defined as material that does not meet the standards for instructional resources specified in District
policies, or content. The judgment of the Web Page Design class instructor, media specialist,
building principal, District Administrator, or District Technology Coordinator will prevail.
Technical Standards
Each Web page added to the District Web site(s) must contain certain elements, which will
provide general consistency for District Web pages.
       1.      All original Web pages must be submitted to the Web Page Design class instructor
               or a Technology Department staff member for review prior to their placement on a
               District server.
       2.      At the bottom of the Web page, there must be an indication of the date of the last
               update to that page and name or initials of the person(s) responsible for the page or
               update. It shall be that person's responsibility to keep the Web page content current.
               All updates must follow original guidelines for subject matter, quality and
               consistency. Random spot checks may be done from time to time to assure
       3.      At the bottom of the Web page, there must be a link that returns the user to the
               appropriate point(s) in the District Web pages. All student web pages must link to
               a home page developed by the class instructor.
       4.      The District will develop additional consistency standards as the need arises.
       5.      No computers other than the assigned building Web servers shall be configured as
               Web/FTP servers.
       6.      Users must exhibit care when creating Web pages with extensive tiled backgrounds
               or large graphics/media files. Such files require extensive download time, which
               are frustrating for modem users and slow down the file servers. As a general rule, a
               Web page should not take longer than one minute to download over a slow
               connection. Graphic files shall be under 60Kb in size unless a special situation
               exists that requires a larger graphic.
      7.    The authorized teacher who is publishing the final Web page(s) for herself/himself,
            or for a student will edit and test the page(s) for accuracy of links and check for
            conformance with standards outlined in this policy. Student pages will be linked
            from the responsible teacher’s web site. The teacher’s web site will bear the
            teacher’s name and the name of the class that the student’s Web page was prepared
            as part of.
      8.    Web pages may not contain links to other Web pages not yet completed. If
            additional pages are anticipated, but not yet developed, the text that will provide
            such a link should be included. However, the actual link to said page(s) may not be
            made until the final page is actually in place on a District server.
      9.    All Web pages must be given names, which clearly identify them. The names of all
            documents shall coincide with current District naming practices and structures.
      10.   Any graphics, sounds, or video used on Web pages must conform to the format
            currently used or approved by the District.
      11.   Web pages may not contain any personal e-mail address links.

Student Safeguards
      1.    Web page documents may include only graduation year and first name.
      2.    Documents may not include a student's telephone number, address, names of other
            family members, or names of friends.
      3.    E-mail addresses published on a Web page are restricted to staff members or to
            general group e-mail address where arriving e-mail is forwarded to a staff member.
      4.    Decisions on publishing student pictures (video or still) and audio clips are based
            on the supervising teacher’s judgment. The teacher must first check with the school
            office or the District Office to determine if the student’s parents/guardians have
            authorized such publication through the appropriate consent form.
      5.    Web page documents may not include any information, which indicates the
            physical location of a student at a given time other than attendance at a particular
            school or participation in activities.
      6.    Material on Web pages reflects an individual's thoughts, interests, and activities.
            Such Web pages do not, in any way, represent individual schools or the LCASD.
            Nor are they endorsed or sanctioned by the individual school or the District.
            Concern about the content of any page(s) created by students or staff should be
            directed to the Web Page Design class instructor, building principal or to the school
            media specialist, who follow the procedures described in the District challenged
            materials policies.
      7.    Given the rapid change in technology some of the technical standards outlined in
            this policy may require change throughout the year. The Technology Taskforce
            will make such changes with approval by the Director of Technology. This Web
            Page Policy will be updated as required.

      Revised:       03/11/08

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