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									DATE RECEIVED       AUTHORITY REF NO                          DESCRIPTION                                        LOCATION                  TOWN/VILLAGE
12 January 1997    South Ayrshire SA971221 Class 16 Leisure Development                           Land at Corner of Heathfield Road &      Ayr
                                                                                                  Lochside Road
13 January 1997    East Ayrshire  EA960669 Proposed Development at Piperhill O.C.C.S. by          Piperhill O.C.C.S. by Sinclairston       Sinclairston
17 January 1997    South Ayrshire SA960853 OPP for erection of car showroom                       High Road, Land Adjacent to Whitletts    Ayr
24 January 1997    North Ayrshire NA960740 New Exhibition and Staff Building                      Ardeer Peninsular, Stevenston            Stevenston
30 January 1997    North Ayrshire NA970039 Erection of new college building and vehicular and     Kilwinning Academy                       Kilwinning
                                           pedestrian access
07 February 1997   South Ayrshire SA970071 C/U of Industrial Land & Erection of Residential       Dundonald Road, Troon                    Troon
10 February 1997   North Ayrshire NA970049 Erect residential courtyard and residential            Redheugh House, Dipple Road, Kilbirnie   Kilbirnie
27 February 1997   East Ayrshire EA970080 Change of use to a Class 1 Retail Warehouse             Unit 4 Queens Drive Retail and Leisure   Kilmarnock
27 February 1997   East Ayrshire   EA970117 Erection of 37,000 sq ft Multiplex Cinema             LandBound by River Irvine, Wellbeck      Kilmarnock
                                                                                                  St/Queens Dv
05 March 1997      North Ayrshire NA960585 Extension to Existing Hard Rock Quarrying Operations Loanhead Quarry, Beith KA15 2JN            Beith
17 March 1997      East Ayrshire EA970143 Proposed Development of Vacant Land for Residential The Glebe, Dunlop                            Dunlop
20 March 1997      North Ayrshire NA970133 OPP for retail development comprising a food           New Street, Irvine                       Irvine
26 March 1997      South Ayrshire SA970214 OPP for Development including Supermarket, Filling     Bridge Field, Girvan                     Girvan
                                           Station, Restaurant
07 April 1997      South Ayrshire SA950766 Demolition of Existing Hotel & C/U Grounds for         Powmill Road, Prestwick (Former Towans Prestwick
                                           Erection of 53 Flats                                   Hotel)
08 April 1997      South Ayrshire SA970236 Erection of Dwellinghouse for Agricultural Worker      Cloverhill Farm, Ayr                   Ayr
17 April 1997      South Ayrshire SA970291 Development consisting of Multi-Screen Cinema          Whitletts Roundabout, Heathfield Road,   Ayr
                                                                                                  Low Road
29 April 1997      North Ayrshire NA970174 Infill quarry, widen A737 adjacent to Loanhead Farm    Loanhead Quarry, Beith                   Beith
                                           Road end to 3 Lane
30 April 1997      South Ayrshire SA970290 Erection of Class 1 Retail S/Store, Petrol Filing Station Heathfield Road, Ayr                  Ayr
29 May 1997        South Ayrshire SA970383 OPP for the Construction of Airport Business, Industry Land West of Monkton, Adj to Prestwick   Prestwick
                                           and Distrib                                               Airport
DATE RECEIVED       AUTHORITY REF NO                          DESCRIPTION                                      LOCATION                           TOWN/VILLAGE
04 June 1997       South Ayrshire SA970421 Erection of 10 Timber Lodgers, C/U of Garden Cottage Gadgirth Estate, by Annbank                       By Annbank
                                           to Farm Part
09 June 1997       East Ayrshire  EA970359 Conversion to 11 Apartments, Construction of 20            Craig House, Crosshouse                     Crosshouse
                                           Dwelling Houses
09 June 1997       East Ayrshire EA970360 Extension of Unit 4 Glencairn Retail Park, Holmquarry       Holmquarry Road, Kilmarnock                 Kilmarnock
25 June 1997       North Ayrshire NA970327 Variation of Condition 2 to include sale of pets and pet   Hawkhill Farm (North of Safeway),           Stevenston
                                           goods                                                      Stevenston
02 July 1997       East Ayrshire EA970484 Erection of 32,400 sq.ft Multiplex Cinema                   Wellbeck St/Queens Drive, Kilmarnock        Kilmarnock
04 July 1997       North Ayrshire NA970354 Variation of Condition 3 to delete 7000 sq. ft. and        Hawkill Farm (Land to North of Safeway,     Stevenston
                                           insert 8000 sq. ft                                         Stevenston
14 July 1997       North Ayrshire NA970207 Continuation and Extension of Operations                   Sannox Sand Quarry, Sannox, Isle of         Isle of Arran
17 July 1997       East Ayrshire   EA970517 Residential Development and Conversion of Existing        Ground at Maxholm, Kilmarnock               Kilmarnock
25 July 1997       East Ayrshire   EA970534 Demolition of existing building for development for       Curries Distribution Depot, Orchard Road    Auchinleck
                                            retail foodstore
04 August 1997    South Ayrshire SA970627 Erection of 22 New Dwelling Houses                          Ladyland Road, Maybole                      Maybole
06 August 1997    South Ayrshire SA970660 Extraction of Coal by Open Cast Mining                      Lochlea, Tarbolton                          Tarbolton
13 August 1997    East Ayrshire EA970582 Extraction of Coal, Removal of Dereliction &                 Chalmerston North, Pennyvenie,              Dalmellington
                                          Enhancement of Landscape                                    Dalmellington
14 August 1997    South Ayrshire SA970341 Erection of 4 Flatted Dwellinghouses                        2-4 Boyd Street, Prestwick                  Prestwick
01 September 1997 East Ayrshire EA970632 Erection of Holiday Lodges                                   Loudoun Castle Theme Park Ltd, Galston      Galston
01 September 1997 East Ayrshire    EA970631 Caravan Site, Loudoun Castle Theme Park, Galston          Loudoun Castle Theme Park Ltd, Galston      Galston
04 September 1997 East Ayrshire    EA970641 Development of Prison and Assoc. Car Parking              Former Munitions Depot, Bowhouse, Nr        Kilmarnock
23 September 1997 North Ayrshire NA970504 Erection of a monastic retreat complex                      Holy Island (South end), Lamlash, Isle of   Isle of Arran
02 October 1997    East Ayrshire   EA970701 Change of Use of Part of Factory to Form 6 Retail         Craigens Road, Cumnock                      Cumnock
10 October 1997    South Ayrshire SA971219 Erection of Retail Development                             Land at Rear Corner Old Farm Road           Ayr
30 October 1997    East Ayrshire EA970801 Change of Use from Storage area to Factory Shop             Unit 2, Caponacre Industrial Estate,        Cumnock
DATE RECEIVED     AUTHORITY REF NO                            DESCRIPTION                                      LOCATION                      TOWN/VILLAGE
03 November 1997 South Ayrshire SA971187 Relocation of fairground, construction of sporting/rec.   Wonderwest World, Heads of Ayr, Ayr       Ayr
11 November 1997 South Ayrshire SA971345 Erection of Building 35,000 sq ft unit for Class 16       Land at Rear of Old Farm Road, Heathfield Ayr
                                         Leisure Use                                               Road
17 November 1997 North Ayrshire NA970611 Erection of 7 Non-Food Retail Units and new access        Land to East of Railway Line, New Street, Irvine
                                         road                                                      Irvine
20 November 1997 South Ayrshire SA971188 Part change of use of holiday centre to site static       Head of Ayr, Ayr KA7 4LB                  Ayr
24 November 1997 South Ayrshire SA971367 Form extension to industrial estate and erect 3     Girvan Distillery, Grangestone Ind. Est.,       Girvan
                                         warehouses                                          Girvan
01 December 1997 East Ayrshire EA970852 Motor Showroom facilities with associated workshops, Land Bounded by A71 and B7064                   Kilmarnock
                                         bodyshops offices

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