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   Have you read “Zen to Done”?
   Leo Babauta from Zenhabits.net has graciously donated a copy of his eBook “Zen To Done.” to the readers. His book
   is a simple system to help you become more organized and productive. It teaches you:

       1.   The key habits needed to be productive, organized, and simplified … and no more than that.
       2.   How to implement these key habits … tips on forming a habit.
       3.   How to organize these habits into a simple system that will keep everything in your life in its place.
       4.   How to simplify what you need to do.
       5.   Minimal ZTD. Also includes an even simpler version called Minimal ZTD.

   “Zen to Done” eBook giveaway
   “Zen to Done” eBook by Leo Babauta (click to find out more about Zen to Done) There will not be any hoops to
   jump through in order to win. You won’t have to link back to this site, you won’t have to digg or stumble anything
   (although it would be appreciated), you won’t even have to say anything nice about me!!

   So what do I have to do to win “Zen to Done”?
   If you would like to be entered for a chance to win the “Zen to Done” eBook, just type “Zen to Done” in the
   comments below before 11:59pm CST on December 24th, 2007. A few more notes about the Zen to Done

            From those comments entered I will randomly select a winner using random.org.
            Go ahead and enter for each of the prizes, but only enter once (per household) for each one. (Duplicate entries
            or IP addresses will be disqualified)
            Make sure you enter your email address when adding your comment so I can contact you if you win.
            The winner will be announced on Christmas morning!!

   If you want to read more about the minimalist lifestyle you can read minimalist living 101.

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