Zecco no longer free

					Zecco no longer free

                                                        Zecco no longer free

   I just got recently got an email from Zecco announcing that they are doing away with free stock trades for accounts
   with less than $25,000. This is a bummer, but I always wondered how they could afford to pull off an offer like that.
   Apparently, with the economic challenges they weren’t able to.

   How to qualify for free trades at Zecco
   According to the email I received there are still two ways you can get free stock trades…

           1. Keep $25,000 in net assets in your account. This doesn’t have to be cash — it can be stocks, ETFs,
           mutual funds, options, or other assets.

           Article By Bob

           Read more from +Bob here.


           2. Make 25 total trades in a calendar month. These can be stock, ETF, or options trades. And yes, free
           trades count.

   Other options for cheap stock trades

   Well, even though they aren’t free any longer for the smaller investors, Zecco still offers trades for $4.50, which is a
   pretty good deal.


   I have written about my Sharebuilder experience, since they were the first online broker that I opened an account with.
   Sharebuilder allows you to buy stocks for $4.00 but they are not real-time trades (they are batched every Tuesday) and
   selling stocks costs about $10. That brings you to a total of about $14 which is a little higher than the $9.00 total at
   Zecco now.

   That said, one of the things that makes ShareBuilder great for beginner investors is that they allow you to buy
   fractional shares. So you can get started investing for as little as $100.

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