Your purpose in life

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					Your purpose in life

                                                         Your purpose in life

   A friend of mine shared this quote with me the other day and I really like it…

           “Your path to fulfillment is astonishingly simple: Follow your
           preferences, and they will lead you to your path. Find what brings you
           joy and satisfaction, and trust that it will also bring you
           prosperity…find what matters to you, and trust that it is the signpost
           you have been looking for.”

           -Cherie Carter-Scott

   I have always (and still do believe) that God’s will for our lives will line up with our desires. He often calls people to
   do things that they may not think they are capable of and along everyone’s journeys there will be moments of pain and
   discomfort. But, following our passion is often a good first step in finding God’s plan for our lives.

   Most fathers want to bless their kids. God is a lot better than earthly fathers, so why wouldn’t he line our desires up
   with our calling?

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