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					Your Best Investment is in . . . What?

                                                       Your Best Investment is in . . . What?

   I have heard it for years. It is drilled into us by our society. It’s the statement, “Your best investment is in yourself.”

   The statement is often used to encourage someone to go back to school, or to take an extra class. It is used to tell
   people that counseling sometimes is a helpful step, or to encourage someone to join an apprenticeship in an area they
   would like to have as a vocation.

   Is this statement true?

   First, let me say that we do need to invest in ourselves at times. I am all for education. I think people need to work on
   their skill sets, and people should find “their place” so they produce as much as they can in the marketplace.
   Counseling is a good thing, when it helps me become a better person, or to work through a difficulty. It is a wonderful
   investment to make sure that you are improving yourself.

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   But is it the best?investment to invest in me?

   Well…maybe. It may be a good investment, but the best investment is to invest in a certain part of yourself: your
   heart. I think the best investment you could ever make is to do something that goes against human logic. The best
   investment you can make is to become a giver.

   That’s right, the best thing you can do to invest is to give money and things away. While that is an investment in
   yourself, it is really an investment in your heart. And the best part is, you don’t have to take a class or spend money on
   a webinar in order to learn how to do this.

   How can it be that giving is your best investment?

   1. Givers are remembered. While true givers are not in it for the recognition, it is amazing how we remember those
   who have given to us or helped us through a difficult time. Often, those who give are often given to, because people
   remember a heart that is compassionate and giving. While you may not “recoup” the actual money or items you give
   away, your gift will be remembered. And I have been amazed in my life at how often those whom I have helped have
   turned around and helped me. While that is not the motivation, it is certainly a great reward.

   2. Givers are blessed by God. God, through the Old Testament prophet Malachi challenged His people, “Bring the
   full tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of
   hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need”
   (Malachi 4:10). Or, as it has often been said, “You cannot out-give God.” While God does not necessarily give us
   more money just because we give, He will bless us.

   3. Giving is investing in yourself! So, maybe those who say that the best investment is in yourself are right. Those
   who give are investing in themselves, because they are making sure that their heart is soft to opportunities, and because
   they are building an eternal perspective. Givers see the big picture, while those who do not give only see the moment
   and (worse) only see themselves. If you want to have a heart that is like the heart of God, you need to be a giver. If
   you need to know why, you need to spend some serious time with John 3:16 and Romans 5:6-11.

   So, what is your best investment? It is not just in yourself, it is in your heart. It is making sure you have a heart willing
   to give, both to the Lord and to help those in need. Why not make an investment today?

   In what ways has giving strengthened you? Meet us in the comments!

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Your Best Investment is in . . . What?

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