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Training Laptop Handout


									Laptop Training for Substitutes:
1) Parts of the Laptop, Outside:
1 Speaker 2 Security cable slot 3 Hard-disk drive 4 PC Card slots (2)

7 USB connector
8 PS/2 connector 9 Air vent 10 Docking connector 11 Parallel connector 12 Serial connector

5 AC adapter connector 6 Video connector 2) Parts of the Laptop, Inside:
1 Display latch 2 Display 3 Microphone 4 Air outlet 5 S-Video connector

10 Infrared port 11 Speaker

6 Ethernet connector 7 Modem connector 8 Audio jacks (2) 9 System status lights

12 Modular bay 13 Display latch button 14 Battery bay 15 Touch pad 16 Track Stick 17 Keyboard status lights --Num Lock --Caps Lock 18 Power Button

3) System Status Lights: 1 Power Light (is lit when computer is on) 2 Drive Access light (is lit when computer is “working”) 3 Battery Light (is lit when running on battery power) When shutting down, make sure that Power and Drive Access lights are OUT before closing the screen. 4) Starting Up Computer: a) Press the Start Button b) At Startup window, hold down Alt/Ctrl/Delete keys c) Enter your Windows network user name in the login name box d) Enter the appropriate password e) Click OK 5) Desktop:

My Documents Recycle Bin Taskbar Systray

6) Start Menu on the Taskbar: a) Shut Down b) Programs

7) Working with Screen Windows: a) Click on Minimize button ( _ ) in upper right corner; document appears in taskbar at bottom of screen. b) Click and drag on bottom right corner to increase/decrease window size. c) Click on Maximize button (middle button) in upper right corner; document will encompass entire screen…click Maximize button again to resize screen smaller. 8) Saving Files to My Documents (while in an application): a) Under File select Save as. b) You will likely default to your My Documents folder. d) Give the file a name and click Save. e) Click on New Folder icon to create a new folder (give folder a name and click OK); folder will be placed in the folder in the box at the top. Tip: Create a folder with name being the date; do not use / or . in the name! 9) Selecting a Printer: a. On Substitute webpage, click on School Data link in Technology Support Documents list b. Find appropriate level and school c. Click on the appropriate server link d. Scroll through printer names to find desired printer. Examples: 09B303R is a black laser printer in room 303 at Phantom Lake. 09C302R is a color laser printer in room 302 at Phantom Lake.

e) Double click on desired printer; a message will appear saying that you are connecting to that printer. f) When that window disappears that printer has been added and is available. Printer is now available for use! 10) When leaving the laptop unattended, it is advised that you lock your computer screen: a) Hold down the Control, Alt, and Delete keys. b) Click on Lock Computer. c) Follow screen instructions to unlock.

11) Troubleshooting: (i.e., if program is frozen) d) Hold down Control/Alt/Delete. e) Click on Task Manager. f) Highlight problem and click on End Task. g) Click on End Now.

If this does not work and the computer is frozen, hold down the power button for at least 20 seconds. This may take time depending on how many programs you have open. Do this ONLY as a last resort to shut down the computer! 18) Shutting Down Computer: a) Click on Start and select Shutdown b) Select Shutdown in dialog box (other options: log out, Standby) b) Click OK and wait for shutdown to occur (green light on right side of computer will go out). 19) Care of Computer: a) Unplug power adapter cord from laptop b) Hands should be clean; no food or drink around the computer c) Avoid carrying the laptop when opened d) Avoid touching the screen 20) Connecting to BSD Curriculum Web: click on the BSD Curriculum Web link on the Substitute webpage list of links 21) Online Course Catalog: (this feature is in development for future use) a) Click on BSD Online Professional Development Catalog link on the Substitute webpage b) Enter appropriate information; enter information in all boxes (extension is phone number of school or classroom) c) When complete, click Submit

22) Support: What do I do if I have problems with my laptop a) Contact the Help Desk: (inform them that this regards a Substitute, and a Dell C610 laptop) i) via Phone: dial x4321 and describe the problem either to the Help Desk person, or leave them a message b) The Tech Assistant at the school may be able to help. c) Staff Center How-To’s: located on the BSD website, hover on Staff and click on Staff Resources, and click on How-To’s. ( ) All of the course handouts for the technology classes taught, plus some other helpful documents are here.

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