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					Things for my website that I want: I like a lot of what they have done with there site I like the featured products page similar to selecting an inverter, etc etc. Gives an idea with product pages Idea for selecting part based on what the laptop looks like by showing the laptop opened up, then brining you into parts for the laptop

Other competitors: and up Same person two sites also have a lot of parts and gives more ideas of what we are wanting to accomplish

We offer a 30 day warranty on all used parts (we will up to 60 days on all used parts, 45 on motherboards, and screens.)

I want to have content where I can update the site, and according to what you say you can do updating the site through a wysiwgt editor should not be an issue Ask if this includes seo optimization of search terms, where my parts hit high on google based on relevance We offer a flat rate shipping cost for domestic, and international is generally flat rate

1. Color scheme, I really like blue/silver 2. I like a contemporary/modern web 2.0 look 3. I want the site to look simple, but be very feature rich, to where someone who has never purchased a laptop before, when they leave our site are now educated, and came back with the part they needed 4. Something else I had in mind, is to incorporate the ebay api to where if a customer orders a product you get money back a. Say if a customer was looking for a macbook motherboard, I don’t have one in stock, then a list is showing on ebay of macbook motherboards (but shown on my site) b. This would only be shown if I did not have the item in stock c. This way I am at least making money off of products that I don’t have, instead of the customer just clicking off of the website, at least I made something off of them 5. I want them to also be able to select by brand 6. When they click on item pages, I want when you click on a photo to be brought to the item page, basically making it super easy to navigate the site

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1. Direct winning bidders to your website to complete the checkout process 2. Cross-sell other products during checkout 3. Maintain order information for both direct web and eBay orders in a single location, where it can
be searched, summed, compared, and analyzed

Maybe make it where buyers can submit best offers on items listed on the site (let buyer’s negotiate with the site similar to priceline, and name your own price 4. Be able to manage everything through the site control panel a. Manage best offer b. Relist unsold items c. Bulk change prices d. End listings e. Be able to use markdown manager to mark products down temporarily f. Basically be able to manage ebay without being on ebay

5. Incorporate shiprush, or if they have there own shipping api which is preferable, which would allow me to print out first class mail international packages online, and all other orders a. If possible when each label prints up to have the item title and bin location on the main label, and not even having to use a packing list 6. I use bin locations for finding parts eg. Bin 11 has xx part. I need it that when I print up a shipping label or a packing slip, that where the part is located in inventory, where I can look at the packing slip, and it is there 7. Getting a template that is compatible to have my items feed to my website 8. Allowing crosspromotion, and crosssales or laptop batteries/adapters/harddrives 9. Incorporate the compatibility list where I dont have to type it out everytime, but where I can move it to a website if needed 10. I sell laptop keys, and a big issue has been having buyers “select” the keys they need. I found a site, where when you got to the item page, a full size keyboard showed up, and you actually clicked on the keyboard which key you needed, and that specific key was added to the cart. We need that integrated into the website 11. I don’t know if it would be possible or not, but building something that would allow customers to pick parts from a whole unit (where you have a 360 view, and you select the part by the laptop breakdown.) 12. We have a compatibility list where it lines up if a certain hinge will work in say 30 different models, incorporating that into the site (we already use it on ebay) 13. I want a modern/contemporary web 2.0 look, with a quick checkout a. Customer logs on to b. Either directly through the home page selection, or by the categories on the left customer finds brand of laptop 1. Either that brings you to a new page, or the menu drops down on the homepage similar to this: Sony = Fx220 C. One customer selects brand you are now brought to the main item page with item details 1. Be sure to have our phone number, instant chat, and email prominently displayed in the item pages if there is a question 2. I want the products mentioned below be cross-promoted in the item pages, and also another cross-promotion or certain items like (inveters, hinges, keyboard certain common items that would be able to be crosspromoted) 3. I was thinking of having a feed with my forum somehow if that model was mentioned in our forum it would then be mentioned in the item page 4. D. Customer selects ad to cart, and is now brought to checkout E. I don’t know if it is pertinent or not but if they could order without having to create a whole account it would be nice, if not making it as simple as possible 1. We want to cross-promote, and upsell in the checkout page the following

a. Screwdrivers b. Laptop Repair Dvds c. Ac adapters d. Ram Upgrade Kits e. Hard Drives We want it to look clear, and nice, and not be directed away from the checkout process, but would allow them to easily add the extras if they want right from the checkout An example is:

Other website functions: 1. Use all social networking mediums a. Facebook b. Twitter c. Myspace 2. I want to incorporate a basic blog into the site, where I show basic repairs etc etc 3. Main thing is to have a forum where people can ask repair questions etc etc.

Homepage: Besides being able to search for parts on the left, and through a searchbar, I was thinking of incorporating a way by pictures to find parts: 1. You would show: a. Screens b. Inverter c. Hinges d. Touchpad e. Keyboard f. Lcd Cable g. Ac Plug Etc 2. Once they click on the item they would then select the brand, so say they selected “screen” they would then be brought to a page where they would select Hp as a brand, and then look for there model number in the list of hp inverters, or it would bring up all of the hp inverters. 3. An example of this is he has something that is very similar

Blackthrone: 1. Make sure the pictures on the template that I can put them in directly through blackthrone, or through a spreadsheet 2. Have the item title entered appear directly into the template basically tie in the title into the description of item 3. However we use pictures we need to make sure that they get uploaded to photobucket, and that through the spreadsheet those photos can be used over, and over again 5. Determine whether I need to use the part number in blackthrone to list our bin location (as long as it does not show up in ebay, as I can print out a packing list through blackthrone, and it will show up

Laptop Teardown I want to have a section of the site similar to: In which it is a repair community where just like Ifixit through an interface, they can submit there guides/etc etc. integration with our site where people can sell there broken laptops back to use (advertise with the forum)

I am working on making laptop repair videos, I want to cross-sell them through the site (same basic concept as except for using videos for promotion

Example of basic guides for site is:

Two other sites: and

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