Class Completion Flowchart 2012-2013 by huangyuarong


									   Information Systems Concentration 2012 - 2013
                                                                   ITEC 120 Principles of
                 ITEC 110 Principles of
                                                                     Computer Science I
                Information Technology                                                                                        Math:
                                                                                                                           See Catalog

                                                                                                                     MATH 126
                                          ITEC 220 Principles of      * ITEC 225 Web                                   or 151
                                           Computer Science II        Programming I                                   Calculus

                                                                                            ITEC 345 Intro. to                      STAT 200 or
 ITEC 281 Data Analysis                                                                       Info. Security                        301 Statistics
  and Management with

                                                                                                                      ACTG 211
                           ITEC 340         ITEC 370 Software
                          Database. I          Engineering I                                ** MGNT 333
                                                                                                                      ACTG 212

                                                                                            ** MGNT 357
                                                                                                                      ** FINC 331

         ITEC 485 Decision
          Support Systems                                                                                               ITEC 490
                                                                         ITEC 495
                                                                                                                    Senior Seminar / IT
                                                                     Systems Capstone

Additional Business Requirements:                                              Prerequisite: must have >= “C” to advance

BLAW 203 Legal Environment of Business
ECON 105:106 Principles of Economics                                   * ITEC 225: Prereq. ITEC 109 (>= C) or ITEC 120 (>= C).
** MGNT 322 Organizational Behavior                                    CSAT and ISAS majors should take 120 prior to 225.
** MKTG 340 Essentials of Marketing
                                                                               Courses in bold boxes must be passed with a
** Upper division Business courses (ie all FINC, MGNT,                                    grade of “C” or better
MKGT) courses have the following prerequisites: Junior
standing, ENGL 102, and all lower division business (ie                     Major GPA Requirement: 2.0 in all ITEC, MATH,
all ACTG, BLAW, and ECON) Business courses.                                 STAT, FINC, BLAW, MKTG, ACTG, ECON courses
                                                                            applied to the major, excluding courses used to meet
                                                                            the B.S. Requirement.
B.S. Requirements: (6-7 hours)
                                                                            Students with more than one concentration and/or
Three hours chosen from the following: ITEC 324 or                          major should evaluate each independently.
any 300 level or above ITEC course (except ITEC 301,
304, 400). The remaining hours chosen from ITEC 324                         Core Curriculum:
or any 300 level or above ITEC course (except ITEC
301, 304, 400); MATH 152; or any 200 level or above                         The following courses are approved for Core
Math course; and any science from the following list:                       Curriculum credit in the indicated areas:
ASTR 111, 112; any Biology (except BIOL 301, 302);                          MATH 126 or 151: Mathematical Sciences
any Chemistry; any Geology (except GEOL 110, 205);                          ECON 105:106: Social and Behaviorial Sciences or
any Physics; PHSC 301.                                                                       U.S. Perspectives
Within a single concentration, courses used to meet                         Students in the IT Department are required to take a
the B.S. Requirements cannot be used to meet any                            Natural Science course to fulfill the College Core B
other requirement of that concentration.                                    Mathematical or Natural Sciences Requirement.

See 2012 - 2013 Catalog for additional requirements and prerequisites.                                       Last Edited: 11/1/2012 1:57:11 PM

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