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					           2010-2011 KSU COLLEGE OF THE ARTS ANNUAL REPORT

The total giving for FY2011 was $490,769.83, which represents a 7% increase from the previous
Annual Report. This amount includes significant pledge payments for the Bailey Center naming gift, the
first payment on an anonymous pledge for the Black Box Theater and some initial large gifts for the Art
Museum fund. However, total giving for scholarship funds was down by about 10%, or a little more than

Percentage of full-time faculty & staff who contributed in FY2011 by department

                          Overall giving for the College of the Arts is 53%.
                  It is the top unit at KSU for faculty/staff participation in giving.
Annual Campaign Results

                       2009-2010     2010-2011      Difference
Campaign Total:       $19,495.79    $22,092.67        +13.3%
Number of Donors:            270           306        +13.3%

2010 In-Kind Gifts Total Value: $157,228.55+

Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Bentley, Sr. donated several pieces.
               Farm Scene-Cattle in a Stream, Aaron Draper Shadduck, oil on canvas
               The Farm Girl-Harvest, Thomas Pritchard Rossiter, oil on canvas
               Young Woman in a Straw Hat, Lilly Martin Spencer, oil on panel
               Storm Against a Rocky Coast, Harrison Bird Brown, oil on canvas
       In conjunction with their son, Robert Randall Bentley:
               Farm Scene Late Summer, Alexander Helwig Wyant, oil on canvas
               Plowing in November, Charles Burchfield, watercolor on paper, laid on board
       In conjunction with their sons, Fred Bentley, Jr. and Robert Randall Bentley:
               Still Life with Strawberries and Raspberries, Andrew John Henry Way, oil on canvas
Don Russell Clayton donated numerous pieces by Athos Menaboni.
      Cortile Sant'Ambrogio, Milano, 1932, painting    Blue Jay, no date, lithograph
      Red-Headed Woodpecker, 1948, lithograph          Red Maple, c. 1969, lithograph
      Mocking Bird, no date, lithograph                Hummingbirds in Morning Glories
      Study of Birds, c. 1955, drawing                 Carolina Chickadee, c. 1950, print
      Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, c. 1950s, print            Hooded Warbler, c. 1950s, print
      Painted Bunting, c. 1950s, print                 Camellia Japonica, 1950, print
      Dogwood, Red Bud, Peach Blossom, 1950, print Robin Feeding Babies, 1953, print
      Summer Tanager, 1950, print                      Wood Thrush, 1950, print
      Carolina Wren, Syracuse China                    Cardinal, Syracuse China
      Gold-Crowned Kinglet, Syracuse China             Eastern Bluebird, Syracuse China
      Cardinal (with gold rim), Syracuse China         Bald Eagle
      A Bird and a Feather
      Whatsoever a Man Soweth, framed eggshell mural, signed brochure
      Ruby-Throated Hummingbird with red, c. 1950s, print
      Ruby-Throated Hummingbird with purple, c. 1950s, print
      Brown Thrasher and Cherokee Rose, c. 1995, print

Sam Glover donated maps, prints, engravings.

Emily Bourne Grigsby donated a painting.
             Mallards in Flight with Cattails, Athos Menaboni, oil on gessoed paper, 30" x 40"
             signed in lower right

George Williams, harpsichord.


In the 2010-11 academic year, the College of the Arts awarded $87,801 in scholarships to our students.
These scholarships came from a combination of private awards, money raised through the annual
Flourish luncheon and the annual campaign, and through the summer clinic. The chart below describes
the breakdown of the source of this funding:

In the 2011-12 academic year, the College of the Arts will pay $101,401 in scholarships to our students,
which represents a 15.5% over 2010-11. The chart below describes the breakdown of the sources of
these scholarships:


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