Planning Sub Meet and Confer- Strategic Goals and Future Plans by huangyuarong


									Planning Sub Meet and
 Strategic Goals and the Future of
    Minnesota State University
•   Mission of Planning Sub meet and Confer
•   Mission Statement of MSU
•   Progress on Current Strategic Goals
•   Review Proposed New Strategic Goals
•   Open Discussion
    – Questions or Comments on the Goals
    – Future Vision of MSU
      • Where will MSU be in 2010
      Goals of Open Forums
• Campus understanding of progress/status
  on current goals as a whole
• Discussion of future goals
• Broader discussion of the future of MSU
• Move Strategic Plan document - out of
• Assist planning in drafting a summary
  report to the campus of the thoughts of the
  Mission Statement
The Mission of Minnesota State University, Mankato is
 to promote learning through effective undergraduate
 and graduate teaching, scholarship, and research in
     service to the state, the region, and the global
            Planning Mission
  As a body with representation from many facets of the University
community, this sub-meet and confer leads the medium to long-range
 planning of the University from a holistic viewpoint. This committee
   solicits and reviews reports and proposals from other groups on
 campus and makes recommendations to the administration with the
  intention of coordinating the development and implementation of
               strategic priorities as well as future plans.
Strategic Goals
 Current Goal Status
         Promote Diversity
• Status
• Next Steps
Establish a Distance Learning Plan

• Status
• Next Steps
• Discussion questions
  – Trad vs
  Review and Enhance Graduate
• Status
• Next Steps
 Enhance Academic Excellence in
     Undergraduate Studies
• Status
• Next Steps
 Develop and Implement Campus-
           wide Plans
• Status
• Next Steps
Strategic Goals
 Next Strategic Goals
Goals #1
Goals #2
Goals #3
Questions for Discussion
•   Topics to consider
     – SCTC Community College question
     – Strategic budget alignment
          •   Review costs in relation to all planning
          •   Link budget to planning
          •   Strategic budget alignment w/goals
          •   Review concepts for “productivity enhancements”
     –   How can communications improve on campus?
     –   Capital campaign – link with long term planning
     –   What does it mean to be a comprehensive University?
     –   American Democracy Project
     –   Online vs. Traditional university – what is the University Vision for this
     –   Are we structured for change – culture of change?
     –   Mission/Core Values of MSU
     –   Graduate Education/Grant/Research planning – Where are we going in these
•   Visioning exercise - What should this place look like in x years ?
Thank You
Further comments:
Planning Website
     Email …
•   Campus Wide Email about Forums
•   Posters around campus
•   Rooms and Time for events
•   Communicate with task force leaders on
    purpose of forums – solicit slide input

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