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									                           SU Abroad Plane Ticket Loan Program Application

The SU Abroad Plane Loan Ticket Program allows students who are fully funded with need based
financial aid to apply their financial aid funds toward the purchase of their plane ticket abroad. The
program is not designed for students who have a family credit card or other reasonable means to cover
the cost of the plane ticket, i.e. parent loans. Please note: Non SU, international, graduate, and non-
aided students do not qualify.

Students must be anticipating a refund on their Bursar account after all SU costs have been paid to
participate in this program. If a student has a ‘credit’ on their MySlice Bursar account in excess of the
purchase price of the plane ticket, they may book their ticket through Advantage Travel, and the cost
will be deducted from their financial aid funds (prior approval must be given before a student reserves a
ticket through Advantage Travel).

Applicant Information

Student’s name: ___________________________________________________________

SUID: _______________________________

Class Year: ____________________

Syracuse University Home School or College: ______________________________________________

Major: ______________________                                   GPA: ________________________

SU Abroad Program and Country: _________________________________

Semester:     Fall      Spring          Year of Study: _________________________

Email: ____________________________Telephone: _________________________________

Essay: Attach an essay (max one-page) detailing how participating in the Plane Ticket Loan Program will
make it possible for you to study abroad. Please explain any special circumstances that may preclude
you or your family from being able to purchase a plane ticket.

HEOP, SSSP, and Co-Gen student note: you do not need to complete the essay portion of this application.

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