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					The network will remember you for an hour after you have disconnected. After that time, you will have to log on again.

Forgotten your Password?
If you have reset you password so that it is no longer your date of birth, but have forgotten what it is, please consult a member of library staff.

Visitor access to the network
If you are a visitor to the library and do not have a University or OULS card, please ask Library staff for details of how you can access the network.

Using your laptop in the Social Science Library

Using your Laptop in the Library
Please ensure your laptop is secure at all times; do not leave your laptop unattended unless you have secured it to a desk. Lockers are available in the room behind the main building reception desk if you wish to store your laptop during lunch etc. Padlocks for the lockers can be borrowed from the library issue desk.

University/Reader card barcode number (this is the number written immediately above the barcode on your card), and your OLIS password (this is the password you use to access your patron record on OLIS and to order books from the stacks etc). Your default OLIS password is your date of birth in the form 10MAR1974

Quiet Zone
The row of partitioned seating (in front of the Central Graduate Study Room) has been designated as a „Quiet Zone‟ for silent study. Please do not use your laptop in this area.

IT Regulations
Please ensure you follow the University IT Regulations which are displayed on a notice board in the Library and are also available online on the University website.

Connecting to the Network
When you first use this service you will need to connect to OULSreader via the „Wireless Network Connection‟ icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (or via „Network Settings‟ in the Control Panel).

If your password is currently the same as your barcode, the system will not accept it and you will need to change it to enable you to access the wireless network. You can reset your password through the “Patron Functions” section of OLIS: There will a delay of up to an hour for this to take effect.

Ethernet cables are available to borrow or to buy from the Library Issue Desk. Ethernet sockets are distributed throughout the Library.

Open your Web Browser
When you open your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox) a „Welcome‟ screen will appear. Please log on using your

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