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                                      Reporting Topics and Learning Goals

Unit 1:    Introduction and Research
Methods    LG1     Students will learn contemporary perspectives used by psychologists to understand
Domain             behavior and mental processes in context.
           LG2     Students will explore the major sub-fields and career opportunities that comprise
Unit 2:    Biological Bases for Behavior
Biopsycho- LG3     Students will learn how heredity interacts with environment to influence behavior
logical    Sensation and Perception
Domain     LG4     Students will study the interaction of the person and the environment in determining
           Motivation and Emotion
           LG5     Students will know the major theories of motivation
           LG6     Students will understand the role of values and expectancies in determining choice and
                   strength of motivation
           Stress, Coping, and Health
           LG7     Students will identify the sources of stress
           LG8     Students will understand the difference between the physiological and psychological
                   reactions to stress
           LG9     Students will identify the cognitive and behavioral strategies for dealing with stress and
                   understand the promotion of health
Unit 3     Lifespan Development
Develop-   LG10 Students will recognize how biological and cultural notions of gender shape the
mental             experiences of men and women.
Domain     LG11 Students will examine the development of ethnic identity.

              LG12 Students will explore developmental theories as they relate to cultural bias.

              Personality and Assessment
              LG13 Students will define personality as the individual’s unique way of thinking, feeling and
Unit 4        Learning
Cognitive     LG14 Students will discuss learning from a psychological viewpoint.
Domain        LG15 Students will speculate on the role of culture in determining what behaviors will be
              LG16 Students will explore how biological and cultural factors interact to impede or enhance
              LG17 Students will describe strategies for improving memory based on our understanding of
Life Skills   Working in Groups
              LG18 Students will exhibit group maintenance and interpersonal skills.
              LG19 Students will follow classroom rules and procedures.
              Work Completion
              LG20 Students will complete assigned work at the time it's due.

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