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					Housing and Interiors II – 7156 - Pacing Guide – BP 2005
Course Description: Students focus on career development, design fundamentals and theory in relationship to decorating residential/non-residential design. They study business /career techniques and managerial skills. Students will create a design environment presentation applying design fundamentals and theory, materials and components.


Teacher-made final exam

Day Date 1 2 3 4

SCS Objectives
001.01 001.02

Essential Questions
What are current job trends emply. ops. & ed. require? What are workplace readiness stand. & behaviors?

Entry level positions Technical positions

Research job trends, emp. ops & ed. require. Analyze wkplc. readiness stand & behaviors. Construct/complete a job application, resume, cover letter and followup letter. Enact a job interview for an entry level positions/ technical positions Research employ. ops., ed. requirements & trends for prof. /entrepreneurial positions. Discuss professional workplace readiness standards & behaviors. Research ways to acquire a business and types of ownership. Prepare a flier pointing out managerial skills needed to operate a business. Demonstrate how to show ways to compute cost of goods/services Examine simple project presentations. Identify elements and principles of design Identify how design ele. /prin are used in a room. Examine the functions of space and storage in a res./nonresidential design.

Personal characteristics Business Ethics com.


5 6 7

What are job-seeking skills?

Job seeking skills  Applications  Resume  Cover letter  Interviews  Follow-up letter

8 9 10
003.01 002.02

What are employ. opport., ed. requirements, & job trends positions in res/nonresidential design field? What are professional workplace readiness standards and behaviors? What factors influence entrepreneurship?

Professional /Entrepreneurial entry-level and technical positions Types and characteristics Business ethics Ways to acquire a business Types of businesses Types of skills needed Approaches to decisionmaking skills Management functions Leadership styles Factors affecting price Pricing policies & techniques Portfolios, Presentation boards, Models Drawings Elements of design Principles of design Background, Furniture, Accessories Function [quiet, work, social] Storage

11 12

13 14 15 16
004.01 003.03 003.04

What managerial skills are needed to operate a business? What are ways to compute client’s cost of gds. & services? What are simple project presentation techniques? What are the ele. & principles of design in res/ nonresidential design field? How are the ele. & prin. of design used in interiors? How are space-planning guidelines used?

17 18 19
005.01 004.02


Day Date 21

SCS Objectives

Essential Questions
How are floor plans to organize furniture layouts used?

Floor plans Furniture Placement

Using templates organize furniture layouts using floor plans.

22 23 24

 What are the different architectural styles?   

25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36
006.06 006.05 006.04 006.02 006.03

Historical/Native American housing Early Am. period th th th 18 19 & 20 century th Mid 20 century to present

Critique architectural styles from Native Am. th th Housing, 18 , 19 , and th 20 century.

What architectural terms & symbols are used in drawing

Structural symb., Appl. & fixtures Electrical UBC, ADA, State & local building & aesthetic code Define use of space Identify outside living space, Natural elements Manufacturing elements Xeriscaping, Landscape plans

Identify architectural terms & symbols. Identify building codes and their requirements.

What are sources of building code requirements?

How are natural & manufactured landscape elements in a plan incorporated?

Design a plan incorporating natural & manufactured landscape elements.

What are the components of blueprints in a res/nonresidential architectural drawing?

Elevations Floor plans Electrical plans Heating plans

Using blueprints identify components --- elevations, electrical, heating and floor plans.

37 38 39 40

How is a basic floor plan and elevation plan produced?

Materials  Architectural scale  Templates Application of scaled floor plan

Draw basic floor plans and elevations including materials.

41 42 43 44
007.01 007.02

How is a CAD floor plan design produced?

Usage of 3D Home Architect Produce Floor plan

Product a computeraided floor plan design.

What wall coverings are used in interior designs? What floor coverings are used in design?

Paint Wallpaper Carpet, Vinyl, Hardwood Tile, Laminate

Discuss wall coverings. Discuss floor coverings.

Day Date 45 46 47

SCS Objectives
007.03 007.04

Essential Questions
What terms identify upholstery materials? What are types lighting fixtures & their purposes? What are the parts and styles of windows and their treatments?

Woven fabrics, Leather Vinyl, Finishes Lighting fixture types Purposes Parts of window Window styles Treatments [hard/soft]

Identify fabric structures & finishes. Illustrate types of lighting fixtures & purposes. Select and identify windows, their parts and window treatments.


48 49

50 51

How are simple window treatments produced?

Measuring techniques Material calculations

Construct a simple window treatment.

52 53 54 55 56
008.02 008.01

How are simple wall coverings applies?

Measuring techniques Material calculations

Apply a simple wall covering.

How are furniture styles from a historical perspective described?

Colonial period Postcolonial period Victorian Twentieth century

Critique furniture styles from a historical perspective.

57 58

What are the guidelines for selecting furniture?

Furniture materials Furniture construction Furniture selection

Prepare a flier identifying guidelines for selecting furniture.

59 60

What criteria should be used for selecting accessories?

Accessory types and placement elem./principles of design

Prepare a bulletin board outlining criteria for selecting accessories.

61 62 63 64

What are the components for renovation

Budget Convenience/commitment

Investigate components of repairs/restorations.

65 66 67

How are renovation techniques to residential and non-residential space and furnishings applied?

Preparation Examples of techniques  Floor coverings  Wall coverings  Furnishings

Prepare a simple project demonstrating techniques of floor coverings, wall coverings, and furnishings renovations.

Day Date 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90

SCS Objectives

Essential Questions



009.02 (continued)


How is a cumulative Housing and Interiors-related project within the classroom for a target audience using a designated rubric implemented?

The Design Process  Identify the project  Assess client characteristics  Analyze the environment  Develop a preliminary budget  Compile a design resource file  Plan use of space  Choose a style and color scheme  Select backgrounds, furniture, lighting and accessories  Present the design  Modify and implement the design

Using a prefabricated model home design the interior and present to the class using a rubric available from the VSO competitive events.


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