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									<Enter Title> Virtual Classroom Tour Template
Welcome to the
                                                                                          Project Overview
                                                                                          Teacher Planning
Use this template to record a special learning project that you have found particularly successful in your
                                                                                         Work Samples & Reflections
classroom. Then share the project with other teachers in your school, district or beyond.
                                                                                          Teaching Resources
Here’s how:                                                                                  Assessment
Follow the prompts on each slide and in the embedded Word documents in this PowerPoint template to insert
your project information. There is also help in the notes section at the bottom of each slide. When you have
finished inputting all of the project information, delete the prompts, and delete this first slide.

The first Word document, on Slide 1, includes general information and does not need to be changed by you.

To enter the title of your Virtual Classroom Tour you must go to Slide 2, select View, Master, Slide Master, and
enter it on the slide master. Then click Close Slide Master. This will cause the title to appear on each of the

As you are working on your Virtual Classroom Tour make sure that the Auto save feature of PowerPoint is turned
off. This will help to prevent the size of your file from getting too large. Go to Tools, and Options. Click on the
Save tab, and uncheck the box that says Save Autorecover info. Remember to manually save your work
For tips on creating a great Virtual Classroom Tour please click on the Word document below.
 <Enter Title>
Learning Areas                                                  Project Overview

       Levels    Enter project overview details                 Teacher Planning

    Objectives                                                  Work Samples & Reflections
                                                                Teaching Resources


   Description   Enter project description

       Author    Enter author name(s), school, city and state

<Enter Title>
            Teacher Planning and Management                                      Project Overview

            Click the documents below to help you understand the context of      Teacher Planning
            this exemplary learning project:                                     Work Samples & Reflections
            Background & Planning: A synopsis of the origin and objectives       Teaching Resources
            of the learning project, including the manner in which the project   Assessment
            was planned and managed.
            Classroom Images: Images of the classroom to give you a better
            feeling for how the project was implemented.

<Enter Title>
            Work Samples, Teacher and Learner Reflection                      Project Overview

            Click the documents below to see work samples and reflections     Teacher Planning
            from the teachers and learners:                                   Work Samples & Reflections
            Learner Work Samples: Examples of student work generated          Teaching Resources
            through participation in this learning project.                   Assessment
            Teacher Reflection: Thoughts and reflective comments from the
            teachers involved, including advice for future implementations.
            Learner Perspective: Comments on how the learners perceived
            the learning that occurred.

<Enter Title>
            Teaching Resources                                                 Project Overview

            Click the documents below to view the teaching resources used in   Teacher Planning
            the teaching of this learning project:                             Work Samples & Reflections
            Student Project Overview: An overview of required tasks.           Teaching Resources

            Other Teaching Resources                                           Assessment

<Enter Title>
            Assessment                                                    Project Overview

            Click the documents below to see the rubrics and assessment   Teacher Planning
            standards covered in this learning project:                   Work Samples & Reflections
            Assessment Rubrics: Examples of assessment rubrics provided   Teaching Resources
            to students showing how the project was assessed.             Assessment
            Mapping the Assessment Standards: Mapping this project’s
            learning outcomes against curriculum standards.


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