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					The Ultimate Lifestyle Event!
  5th - 9th September 2012
Imagine five days of driving across two thousand miles of stunning scenery. Imagine being a part of a
pulsating party atmosphere with like-minded people. Imagine the envious looks from passers-by each
time Cannonball 2000 arrives. Imagine eating, drinking, partying and sleeping in the cream of European
cities. Imagine making friends for life and having memories to last a lifetime, don’t imagine it, do it!

If you’re expecting a carnival atmosphere, wonderful camaraderie, epic                  Whether you participate in a Ferrari, an Aston Martin or a Range Rover with
scenery, wild nights, luxury hotels, a few exaggerated stories! fast living, top        your partner or with friends, Cannonball 2000 provides you with a truly exclusive
restaurants, exclusive nightclubs, VIP treatment and enough memories to last            experience at a truly affordable price.
a lifetime - then Cannonball 2000 is for you.
                                                                                        Cannonball 2000 is for everyone who possesses a down-to-earth, fun loving
With his love of cars, philosophy of living life to the full and extensive Cannonball   attitude and wants to enjoy themselves. It’s a unique event that transcends all
and driving event experience, founder and owner Gary Redman, has created an             barriers of gender, race, religion or financial status.
event that leaves nothing to the imagination.
                                                                                        Backed by a formidable support team we have worked with local governments,
This event, spanning over 2000 miles, is named in part after the legendary film         council departments and mayor’s offices, in order to build relationships and create
Cannonball Run and the size of the challenge ahead, hence Cannonball 2000!              a welcoming and fun-loving reception for the event in each location.
Cannonball 2000 is drenched in luxury with no expense spared. Each destination
has been chosen based on each cities reputation for style, glamour, motorsport          Honesty is at the heart of the brand core values. We want you to know where
heritage and party spirit! You will dine at top restaurants, party in exclusive clubs   you will be staying, where you will be eating and where you will be stumbling out
and sleep in the best hotels.                                                           of! All details are explained in this brochure.
"CannonbaLL 2000 providES yoU
wiTh a TrULy ExCLUSivE ExpEriEnCE
aT a TrULy affordabLE priCE"



                     MONTE CARLO

cost                                                                                included in the fee
£5,500 Total cost. (One car with two people sharing)                                Luxury hotels
£500 Deposit to secure your place                                                   Evening meals and parties in the best bars and nightclubs
Final balance due by end of July                                                    Overnight ferry with private cabin to St Malo
Payment plan for instalments can be set-up                                          Open return Euro Tunnel ticket to UK

Day One - 5th September - London to Portsmouth                                      Day Four - 8th September - Monte Carlo to Milan

Location: London                                                                    Location: Monte Carlo

What’s happening: Cannonball 2000 launch event starts at noon. Leave at 2pm         What’s happening: Meet for a group photo shoot before driving on the
for Portsmouth to board overnight ferry to St Malo.                                 beautiful coastal road from France into Italy (think Italian Job!). The Italian GP
                                                                                    is in Milan this weekend, so the city will be awash with a carnival atmosphere
Day Two - 6th September - St Malo to Barcelona                                      (we do have an option to visit Monza for the qualifying session, if you would
                                                                                    like to do this, please notify us so we can arrange). Check in to the Westin
Location: St Malo                                                                   Palace Hotel from 2pm. Dinner and party at Cavalli’s, favourite restaurant and
                                                                                    club of the Milanese sporting and social elite. On Italian Grand Prix weekend,
What’s happening: Disembark ferry and head down the west coast of France,           you’re sure to be partying with the stars!
over the Pyrenees, into Spain, arriving in Barcelona from 5pm. Arrive at the
ultra-modern and trendy Hotel Arts, situated on the beach front. Dine and party     Day Five - 9th September - Milan to Paris
at Carpe Diem on the beachfront into the early hours!
                                                                                    Location: Milan
Day Three - 7th September - Barcelona to Monte Carlo
                                                                                    What’s happening: Set off for the grand finale in Paris! Arrive from 6pm, check
Location: Barcelona                                                                 in at the Westin Paris Vendome hotel. Drinks reception and awards held at
                                                                                    hotel before heading to the Buddha Bar for dinner and to party the night away
What’s happening: Depart after breakfast for the stunning drive across the          – the perfect way to end a perfect event!
French Riviera, passing through, Cannes, St Tropez and Nice before arriving
in playground of the rich and famous Monte Carlo. Arrive late-afternoon at the
luxurious Monte Carlo Bay hotel. Dinner is served at the hotel, before heading to
rub shoulders with the stars at the world-famous Jimmy’z nightclub.
official partners                                                                                                charity partner
                                                                               Gary is a long standing supporter of Dreams Come True, a charity which helps
                                                                               to make the dreams of terminally or seriously ill children become a reality.

                                                                               To help do our part for this amazing cause, Cannonball 2000 is contributing a
                                                                               proportion of each cars entry fee to Dreams Come True.

event photographer
We’re very pleased to have Chris Wallbank on board as our event
photographer. Not only is he a great guy, a self-confessed petrol head and
party animal, but is one of the most experienced and well-respected car and
event photographers in the industry.

Chris opened his own studio just outside Leeds, in 2004. He travels all over
the world working for various car magazines & publications including Total
911, Fast Car, Performance BMW, Fast Ford, Redline and FHM.
"if anyonE oUT ThErE haS EvEr wanTEd
To do a CannonbaLL...ThiS iS ThE onE!!!"
KELvin fLETChEr (Tv Soap STar)

                                                Take a dip in the pool at the Hotel
                                                 Arts to cool off before relaxing on
                                               one of the loungers sipping a cocktail
                                                  reflecting on the days driving.

                                               Slip into your party gear to party the
                                               night away at the beach front CDLC.

                                            002/MonTE CarLo
                                                      43'44'23'n 7'25'38'E
    Thunder through the famous tunnel
   in a place rich in motorsport heritage
      and famous for hotels, casinos,
      glamour and celebrity sightings.

    Check-in to the luxurious Monte
   Carlo Bay Hotel and party the night
      away at Jimmy’z Night Club!
     In Milan, style and flair go hand-
    in-hand. Indulge yourselves in the
   fashion boutiques, historic buildings
       and flamboyant atmosphere.

  In the evening rub shoulders with the
    stars, partying into the early hours
    alongside the F1 entourage at the
            glamorous Cavalli.

48'51'n/2'21'E                               A sprint finish worthy of the Tour
                                             de France finale as Cannonball
                                              2000 makes its way down the
                                            famous Champs Elysees. Check
                                              in, relax and dress to impress
                                             before being transported to the
                                           Buddha Bar, the most stylish and
                                           hip place to be in a city that oozes
                                            style, glamour and sophistication
                                                  - a perfect way to end a
                                                        perfect event!
cannonball and your business
Cannonball 2000 presents you and your business with excellent marketing and           Branding! Enjoy longer term exposure with branding on the event, in the event
financial opportunities. The event will be seen by an audience of thousands and       DVD, on Cannonball 2000 merchandise and on our website.
we offer you a cost effective way of attaining brand association and visibility for
your business or sponsor.                                                             Corporate Invoicing! All services can be invoiced to you as an individual or to
                                                                                      your company if you prefer.
Promotion! Unlike some other car events we actively endorse you promoting
your company throughout the event. We want you to truly feel part of the brand.       To discuss any of these opportunities please contact Cannnonball 2000 HQ
                                                                                      on 0800 083 2022
Advertising! We offer discounts on multiple sticker orders – all cars will get your
sticker to display on their vehicles.
"The event will be seen by an
audience of thousands .
we offer you a cost effective
way of attaining brand
association and visibility for
your business or sponsor"
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