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01000 Salary Adjustment – Non Departmental Only 01010 Personnel - Gross earnings of all full time employees. 01011 Registration Office – Precinct Workers 01012 Board Members – example: Registration Board 01014 Personnel Bailiff 01020 Salaries and Wages – Overtime Overtime payments for working in excess of the standard workweek. 01021 Grant match account – Only used to match grants approved by County Administrator 01022 Contracted Personnel Wages paid to employees under a contract. Ex. Training Officer, School Officer, Part-time Assessor 01024 Part-Time Personnel – Employees who work part time for example part time assessor, part time communications etc

01030 Payroll Services All those services included in the completion of employee’s payroll, quarterly information 01040 Jury Fees – Clerk of Court, etc. 01110 Employer’s Portion of Social Security 01120 Employer’s Portion of Retirement - SC Retirement and Police Retirement 01130 Employer's Portion of Health Insurance 01200 Employers coverage for workers’s compensation


02000 Advertising Newspaper advertising of such things as tax sales, elections, bonds, bid openings, sales of surplus property, job vacancies, etc. Also includes all forms of publicity or advertising in newspaper, radio, television, and telephone directories. 02001 Economic Development Only 02002 Piedmont Technical College Quarterly Payments Only 02010 Audit -Professional firm which reviews the records and financial status of the county which includes all departments, agencies, rescue and fire departments, etc. 02020 All quarterly payments to agency, etc. 02022 Marketing – Economic Development Only 02023 Installment Purchase Capital 02021 Contracted Personnel - contracted professional services. Ex. Ryder contract 02023 Ryder – non contractual 02030 Shared Revenue With Municipalities - City of Newberry, Prosperity, And Whitmire. 02040 Bookbinding 02050 Contracted Maintenance Any maintenance contract on equipment, radios, postage machines, software maintenance, exterminating, fire extinguishers, etc. 02051 Repairs to Equipment 02060 Contracted Services – Smith Data Processing 02061 Contracted Services- Tires Only

02070 Consulting and Technical FeesProfessional consultants, monitoring wells, etc. 02071 Airport – Consulting and Technical Fees – Non Department Account


02090 Legals Fees and retainers for legal services provided to the county.

02901 Bond Expenses 02902 Bond Expenses – Hospital

02100 Utilities Heat, electricity, water and sewer, fuel oil, etc 02101 Sewer Disposal 02120 Highway 219 Project Only 02130 Insurance – Non-Departmental 02131 Insurance – Tort Liability – Non-Departmental Only 02140 Unemployment Insurance – Non-Departmental Only 02170 Vehicle Insurance – Insurance on all county owned vehicles 02190 Bonds - Bonds for employees where applicable- does not include tort insurance Example: Deputy bonds. 02210 Insurance County Buildings 02240 Memberships & Dues Dues and memberships in professional societies and licensing fees 02250 Office Expense General offices supplies, such as, but not limited to: paper, pencils, typewriter and printer ribbons, adding machine tape, staplers, etc. Also includes office equipment costing less than $2,000, such as chairs, desks, files, software costing less than 2,000. 02260 Postage Includes postage purchased from the post office and general services. Includes rental of P. O. Boxes, bulk rates and permits. 02270 Printing Stationery, business cards, bulk forms, budget books, etc


02280 Transportation of Prisoners 02290 Rent 02300 Repairs to vehicles 02301 Repairs to lawn mowers, etc. 02310 Supplies for building 02320 Repairs to buildings- painting and repairs to public buildings (including elevators, heating and air conditioning equipment) including lumber, nails, pipe, light fixtures, etc. which do not extend the useful life of the building or increase its value materially. 02340 Repairs to radio Repairs to county owned radios 02350 Subscriptions and Books – periodicals, magazine subscriptions 02360 Telephone Cost of telephone equipment, services and communication services such internet fees, Columbia line, mobile telephone, pagers, etc.


02361 Telephone Repairs Cost of repair to telephone equipment, replacement of phone. 02363 Telephone Family Court 02364 Telephone -911 Subscriber data base 02365 Telephone - DJJ 02370 Training Cost of registration, fees for seminars, conferences, schools and other training 02371 Training – Medical exams, ect. 02380 Travel Reimbursement of mileage on personal vehicle for business use. Also includes other expenses of transportation such as airfare, taxi expense, bus tickets and parking fees. 02381 Travel – Councilman Caldwell


02382 Travel - Councilman Dawkins 02383 Travel – Councilman Morris 02384 Travel – Councilman Baker 02385 Travel – Councilman Hawkins 02386 Travel – Councilman Waldrop 02387 Travel – Councilman Summer 02388 Travel – Clerk to Council 02390 Subsistence - Reimbursement for motel, meal expenses, and tips. 03000 Ammo, Guns, etc. 03020 Bedding - Corrections 03030 Bridge Materials 03060 Cleaning Supplies Cost of cleaning supplies including: brooms, mops, wax, papertowels, toilet paper, light bulbs, personal care items such as soap, etc. 03100 Agricultural Supplies -cost of seed, fertilizer, plants, etc. equipment rental 03050 Chemicals 03110 Food – Correctional Facility cost of food and food related provisions for those inmates housed at the Newberry County Detention Center Does not include

03130 Gas, Oil, Grease All gas, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. used in the maintenance of a county vehicle 03131 Diesel fuel, air patrol sheriff’s office All diesel fluids used in on and off the road equipment owned and operated by Newberry County and air patrol for sheriff’s department


03140 Medical Contracted personnel such as doctors, nurses, etc. Also includes other related medical services.



03141 Medical – Pharmacy medical supplies and drugs, first aid and dental supplies, and medical equipment, to include protective gloves, mask, etc. 03142 Rescue Supplies 03150 Photo Supplies 03160 Audio Visual Supplies Cost of audiovisual materials such as videos, slides, audio tapes 03170 Police Supplies 03180 CIRT supplies/equipment – Sheriff’s Department only 03190 Gravel 03191 Asphalt 03200 Pipe 03230 Tools – ex. rakes, shovels, wrenches 03240 Road signs – county road signs and replacement signs 03280 Uniforms – employee’s 03281 Uniforms – Corrections - Inmates 03290 Special Law Enforcement – Sheriff’s Department Only 03300 Post Mortems – Coroner use only 03310 Supplies Includes fire and rescue supplies, kitchen supplies 03311 Bloodhounds – food, medicine, veterinary bills etc 03320 Project Near – Sheriff’s Office 03330 Crime Prevention Sheriff’s Office 03340 School Safety Education


03350 Subscriptions and Books 04000 DYS Juvenile Agreement 04040 Fire and Rescue Supplies 04060 Corrections – Kitchen Supplies

04070 Capital Outlay Vehicles, building renovations, dump trucks, etc. any equipment in excess of $2,000.00

04080 Office Furniture and Equipment To include but not limited to chairs, desks, files, etc. other equipment such as printers, scanners, heaters, to include data processing costing in excess of $2,000 and software in excess of $2,000 including shipping and installation charges. 04090 Land and Improvements Includes the purchase of land and improvements such as paving, bridges and providing sewer, utilities, etc. to a site. 04100 Other Equipment To include copiers, printers, etc., any other equipment costing in excess of $2,000 including, but not limited to, educational, medical and agricultural items.


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