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Goal 1 – Provide leadership and a common voice.
                                              Activities                                                 Lead/                     PSCIOC     Target date      Comments /
                                                                                                                                 Investment                    Performance
                                                                                                     Collaborators                Required                      indicators
Develop Inter-jurisdictional Standards where appropriate
      1.1       Explore Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a                     All members;
                framework for managing IT, as a de facto standard across jurisdictions
                    Provide background material on ITIL and ITIL implementation best Greg Georgeff, ON; PSCIOC Secretariat;                    Completed
                    practices and/or present to PSCIOC
                    Discuss any opportunities arising from sharing of Ontario's ITIL                All members;                               Completed
                    Develop a possible "test approach" to pursuing the goals of the    Patti Kishimoto, ON; PSCIOC Secretariat                  Feb-04
                    ITIL/ITSM model in the context of the work of the PSCIOC
Provide leadership in dealings with the Private, Not-For-Profit and other government sectors
      1.2       Invite Vendors to discuss strategies and dialogue with the PSCIOC
                   Contact ITAC National and discuss opportunities to dialogue with                Greg Georgeff, ON                           18-Nov-03    Greg Georgeff/Stephen
                   PSCIOC                                                                                                                                   Douglas to confer
                   Create a template focussing on Microsoft Office products including             David Primmer, MB;                          Summer 2003   template sent out for Jan
                   number of licenses, cost per seat, etc. and distribute to Council                                                                        16, 2004 return date

                   Analyze Microsoft Office template information                                  PSCIOC Secretariat                           Sept. 2003
      1.3       Invite leaders of significant initiatives (e.g. Health Infoway, Industry
                Canada’s “Mini-Broadband”, CCRA’s Common Business Registration)
                    Compile speak on their initiatives to the PSCIOC and/or hold
                in Canada toand distribute Industry Canada's information relating to             Michelle d’Auray, GoC                         30-Jun-03
                    Connecting Canadians Agenda (including renewal process for CAP,
                    broadband initiatives, individual jurisdictional broadband activities
                    Share information on etc.)                                                    All PSCIOC members                           Sept. 2003   See Item 3.1 for use of
                                                                                                                                                meeting     Info Sharing template
                   Review Health Infoway information on website                                   All PSCIOC members                          Summer 2003   Infoway Website

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Goal 2 - Initiate inter-jurisdictional co-operative ventures and act on areas of commonality.
                                             Activities                                                   Lead/                        PSCIOC           Target date      Comments /
                                                                                                                                     Investment                          Performance
                                                                                                                                      Required                            indicators
Information Technology Security
     2.1       Develop a Common Self Assessment Tool                                                      NCSIP                        70,000.00         31-Mar-04    NCSIP to submit
                                                                                                                                                                      workplan to PSCIOC for
                                                                                                                                                                      Sept 2003 meeting;
     2.2       Support continuing education and awareness of IT Security issues are                       NCSIP                                           Ongoing     see above
               all levels across all jurisdictions
     2.3       Complete security Data Classification guide                                 NCSIP/Privacy Subcommittee/ Records                             TBD        see above
                                                                                                  Managers/ Archivists
      2.4      Coordinate ITS standards, including adoption of national and                               NCSIP                                                       see above
               international standards (e.g. NIST, ISO 17799)
     2.5       Develop CIPCC roadmap and identify near term actions for coordinated                   NCSIP/OCIPEP                                        Ongoing     see above
               Inter-jurisdictional Monitoring and analysis, incident reporting, and
               incident response processes
     2.6       Liaise and coordinate with emergency response organizations                            NCSIP/OCIPEP                                       As needed    see above

     2.7       Participate in a shared authentication framework                                     Privacy Committee                                                 Privacy Committee to
                                                                                                                                                                      submit workplan to
                                                                                                                                                                      PSCIOC for review/
                                                                                                                                                                      approval at Feb 2004
     2.8       Develop and distribute common legislative templates (e.g. PIPAs)                     Privacy Committee                                                 see above

     2.9a      Facilitate the use of Alberta’s privacy architecture work in other                   Privacy Committee                                                 see above
     2.9b      Support education and awareness of issues relating to privacy and           Greg Georgeff, ON; Michelle d'Auray,
               information technology through a continued dialogue with the Privacy            GoC; Information and Privacy
               Commissioners                                                                      Commissioners (IPCs)
                    Possible meeting around Sept 8-10 timeframe; follow-up with IPC-             Michelle d’Auray, GoC;                                  Postponed
                    ON office
                    Consult with Ontario IPC office for possible future date for meeting   Michelle d'Auray, GoC; Greg Georgeff,
                    between CIOs and IPCs                                                                   ON;
     2.10      Pursue dialogue with NCSIP to identify areas of partnership and                  Privacy Committee/ NCSIP           Travel and meeting     Ongoing     see above
               collaborative opportunities                                                                                          financial support
     2.11      Track and assess Privacy Enhancing Technologies                                      Privacy Committee                                                 see above
Service Delivery
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     2.12       Participate in a review of the future operations and direction of the      Joan McCalla, ON; Glenn Sargant, NU/       50,000.00   Feb 2004 meeting    Final Report due in Feb
                Institute for Citizen Centered Service Delivery                                        Lois Bain, ON                                                  2004
                    Hold a teleconference of the PSCIOC including ICCS Review and             Co-chairs; PSCIOC Secretariat                         Completed
                    Research committee chairs to discuss ICCS recommendations and
                    possible opportunities in preparation for PSSDC meeting in
                    Request for PSCIOC representation on newly created ICCS                   Co-chairs; PSCIOC Secretariat                          Dec. 2003
                    Steering Committee
     2.13       Participate in the development of a common Business Service Vision          Mary Tate (ON) and Robert Smith (GoC)                     ongoing

     2.14       Participate in the investigation of the feasibility of implementing          David Primmer, MB; Lori MacMullen,                   Next Gate - Sept.
                “eContact”                                                                          NB;Victor Abele (GoC)                               2003
     2.15       Inter-Jurisdictional research, ventures and collaborative work on             Greg Georgeff/Joan McCalla, ON                        Completed
                Trusted Aquthentication
                    Research and deliver a report, for discussion, on Trusted                         Joan McCalla, ON                              Completed
                    Authentication – An Ontario Perspective
                    Participate in Joint Council IAA Working Group                             Greg Georgeff, ON; all members                         May-04
     2.16       Support and resource a joint Secretariat to co-ordinate the activities of   Michelle d’Auray, GoC; Lori MacMullen,    32,500.00       ongoing         Annual revue on Joint
                the Council, to support the joint activities of the Council and the         NB; Bill Drost, PEI; David Primmer, MB;                                   Councils Agenda
                PSSDC; and to provide logistical and liaison services for PSCIOC and        Helen McDonald GoC; Lois Bain, ON; Guy
                its sub-committees.                                                                       Gordon, MB;
Information Management (IM)
     2.17       Develop an information management framework in support of a                Joan McCalla, ON; Michelle d'Auray,                          TBD
                common approach for the development of information management                          GoC/ NCSIP
                                                            classifications, and support
                architectures; review the proposed security come back to Council with
                   small group to hold teleconference and                                  Michelle d'Auray, GoC; Joan McCalla                     Update at Sept
                   recommendations                                                       (ON), David Primmer, MB; John Law, SK                     2003 meeting

                   setup PSCIOC XML sub-committee including Terms of Reference              Glenn Sargant, NU; Dave Wallace, ON                   Feb, 2004 meeting         See report

Technical Infrastructure
     2.18       Research and deliver a CCA report                                                   Michelle d’Auray, GoC                               TBD

Policy Development
     2.19       Support a sub-committee to investigate, review and/or develop the               Legal Counsel Working Group
                legal framework to support “e-government”.
                    Comment on any regulatory or legal implications of the various           Michelle d'Auray, GoC to coordinate                     Fall 2003
                    issues and concepts for integrated interjurisdictional service                 with Legal Counsel WG
                    delivery as per Ken Kernaghan’s report for the GOC CIO
                    Review and comment on the concept of the Common Certification            Michelle d'Auray, GoC to coordinate                   Start Fall 2003
                    Authority                                                                      with Legal Counsel WG

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                  Send Lac Carling VII Trusted Authentication/IAA papers (GoC and                 PSCIOC Secretariat                Completed
                  Ontario) for information purposes to Legal Counsel Working Group
                  Compile legal rulings and provide an overview for the PSCIOC on         Michelle d'Auray, GoC to coordinate       Winter 2003
                  the following topics: acceptable use and confidentiality of e-mail,           with Legal Counsel WG
                  internet blocking, filtering and monitoring policies.
                  Compile existing policies relating to e-mail and internet usage                 PSCIOC Secretariat                Spring 2004

                  Comment on software licensing issues in regards to what the               Michelle d'Auray, GoC to coordinate        TBD
                  general rules around licensing of software and related applications             with Legal Counsel WG
                  are and what are some of the legal impediments if all governments
                  in Canada were to decide to licence for all jurisdictions (ie

                  Comment on the re-use of government developed or contracted               Michelle d'Auray, GoC to coordinate        TBD
                  applications - what are the rules/constraints applied by jurisdictions          with Legal Counsel WG
                  with regard to the reuse of applications developed, purchased or
                  contracted by governments?
     2.20      Develop a context for discussion with Private Sector relating to              Lori MacMullen, NB; Mary Tate ON;      Completed       This activity now
               procurement issues                                                                                                                   combined with Activity 1.3

Political Engagement
     2.21      Monitor results of Lac Carling VII and potential creation of a "forum" for          Michelle d'Auray, GoC             Ongoing
               discussion between political leaders and senior PS officials
                  Report on Don Lenihan's "Cross boundaries" initiative                            Michelle d'Auray, GoC            Completed

                  Members interested in participating to inform Michell d'Auray                      PSCIOC Members                   Oct-03

               Ad hoc Political Visibility Working Group                                     Lori MacMullen, NB; Mary Tate ON;        May-04
                                                                                              David Primmer; Michelle d'Auray
                  Small group to draft rationale for seeking political engagement           Lori Mac Mullen; Brian Marson; David      Jan-04
                                                                                                     Primmer; Mary Tate
                  MdA to provide and update on first National Council meeting                      Michelle d'Auray GoC
                                                                                                                                   Joint Councils
                                                                                                                                   Meeting in Feb
                  Joint Councils to discuss/approve approach for pursuing politcal                       Co-Chairs                    Feb-04

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Goal 3 - Provide a forum for members to exchange information, research, best practices and ideas
                                                                                                                                   PSCIOC     Target date
                                                                                                          Lead/                                                Comments /
                                          Activities                                                  Collaborators                                             indicators
Information sharing and jurisdictional reporting
      3.1       Develop and use information sharing template by members to improve             Co-chairs; PSCIOC members                        Ongoing
                communication and sharing of issues and activities within each
                members jurisdiction
                   Develop information sharing template for regular use by members             Lori MacMullen, NB; PSCIOC                      Completed
                   to improve communication and sharing of issues and activities                       Secretariat;
                   within each members jurisdiction
Collect and communicate best practices and research in areas of common interest to members.
      3.2       Compile, review and distribute any item of common interest suggestion         PSCIOC Members; Secretariat                       ongoing     Several information/
                                                                                                                                                            individual jurisdiction
                                                                                                                                                            communiques have been
                                                                                                                                                            sent to PSCIOC members

Goal 4 - Promote open communication and provide advice and support between members
                 and external stakeholders
                                             Activities                                                   Lead/                    PSCIOC     Target date      Comments /
                                                                                                                                 Investment                    Performance
                                                                                                      Collaborators               Required                      indicators
Participation in inter-jurisdictional events
      4.1       Participate in GTEC and provide judging support for the provincial       David Primmer, MB; Glenn Sargant, NU;                 Completed
                awards                                                                              Bill Drost, PEI;
      4.2       Participate on the Steering Committee for Lac Committee for Lac            Greg Georgeff, ON; Bill Drost, PEI;                  May-04
                Carling                                                                          Michelle d'Auray, GoC;
                   Confirm PSCIOC Co-chair for Lac Carling VIII                              David Primmer, MB; Co-Chairs                      Completed    Greg Georgeff, ON to co-
                                                                                                                                                            chair with Paul Migus,
                                                                                                                                                            PSSDC-GoC, Peter
                                                                                                                                                            Bennett, City of Winnepeg

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Goal 5 - Exchange information and best practices with respect to managing IT
                                              Activities                                                     Lead/                         PSCIOC      Target date           Comments /
                                                                                                                                         Investment                          Performance
                                                                                                        Collaborators                     Required                            indicators
Human Resources
     5.1       Participate in IT Occupational Survey                                        All Members; Software Human Resource                         Spring 2004
                                                                                                      Council (SHRC);
                   Receive analysis in Fall, 2003 and discuss in subsequent Council                 PSCIOC Secretariat                                Feb. 2004 meeting   Secretariat to Contacta
                   meeting                                                                                                                                                SHRC
     5.2       Investigate and evaluate the possibility of developing a common              Bill Drost, PEI; Professional Associations                    ongoing
               approach for the definition and possible accreditations of IT                            (CIPS and partners)
                   Frame and shape issue of accreditation for possible common                     Bill Drost, PEI; Jim Hill, YT;                      Feb. 2004 meeting
                  HR presentation                                                                        Bill Drost, PEI                              Feb 2004 meeting

Benchmarking IT Services
     5.3       Investigate and evaluate the possibility of a collective approach for                 Frank Mayhood, MISA
               benchmarking IT services within an organization or jurisdiction
                   Write a proposal for consideration by the Council                                 Frank Mayhood, MISA                                 Sept. 2003

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