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									Resources to help you go green
Save Energy
Change your light bulbs Coupons for efficient lights, furnace filters, timers (until June 15, 2008): www.everykilowattcounts.com Information on energy-efficient light bulbs: http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/energystar/english/consumers/questions-answers.cfm List of Energy Star qualified products (appliances, heating, cooling, ventilation equipment, lighting, electronics, office equipment, windows & doors, new houses): http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/energystar/english/consumers/index.cfm Rebate for Energy Star heating and cooling equipment, & programmable thermostats (until Dec. 31, 2008): www.coolsavingsrebate.com City of Toronto rebate for energy-efficient washers ($60): www.toronto.ca/watereff/washer Free pick-up of old energy-guzzling fridges (and A/Cs and freezers, if there is already a fridge being picked up): www.everykilowattcounts.com/roundup Summer Sweepstakes: Reduce your electricity use by 10% this July & August (as compared to last year) to win prizes www.everykilowattcounts.com Have peaksaver switch installed to have Toronto Hydro automatically turn down air conditioner during times of peak demand (for homes and businesses) & get $50: www.torontohydro.com/peaksaver Information on the federal ecoENERGY rebate program for energy efficiency improvements (furnace, thermostat, HRV, A/C, solar hot water, insulation, air sealing, doors, windows, toilets, etc.). Rebates up to $5000: www.ecoaction.gc.ca/ecoenergy-ecoenergie The province has a program to match the federal grants. Therefore, you can in total get up to $10,000 in rebates. Ontario Home Energy Audit Program Companies/organizations that do energy audits and energy retrofits: www.greensaver.org (not-for-profit) www.enwisepower.com (for-profit) for more companies/organizations, go to: http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/residential/personal/new-home-improvement/contactadvisors.cfm?attr=4 Information on cash incentives for replacing water-guzzling toilets ($60 or $75): http://www.toronto.ca/watereff/flush/index.htm Bullfrog Power: http://www.bullfrogpower.com/home/ontario.cfm Information about solar installations for hot water or electricity: www.cleanairfoundation.org/gosolar Two community programs to help residents with installations: 1) WISE (West End Initiative for Solar Energy) www.ourpower.ca (click WISE) 2) Downtown West Project www.ourpower.ca (click Downtown West)

Buy energy efficient appliances

Reduce summer electricity use Reduce use of air conditioning

Get an energy audit and make energy efficiency improvements on your home

Save energy by saving water

Use Green Power
Buy green power Install solar panels



Help Nature
Grow a low-water garden using native plants Garden Green Local a new local group to promote water-wise gardening GardenGreen.ca, info@thinkstock.ca Information on water-efficient gardens: www.toronto.ca/watereff/tips/xeriscaping.htm Evergreen http://www.evergreen.ca/en Backyard Tree Planting Program LEAF (Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests): www.leaftoronto.org Get a free tree planted by the City in front of your house 416-338-TREE http://www.toronto.ca/trees Learn about/buy rain barrels at: 1) City of Toronto Environment Days http://www.toronto.ca/environment_days/schedule.htm 2) RiverSides http://www.riversides.org/index.php?cat=5 The City is offering 2000 free lawn & garden visits this summer (2008) 416-392-7000 savewater@toronto.ca Green Garage provides design, consultation and installation of green roof systems. www.greengarage.ca Local The City is encouraging and soon hopes to require green roofs! http://www.toronto.ca/greenroofs City of Toronto anti-idling bylaw: www.toronto.ca/transportation/onstreet/idling.htm www.autoshare.com www.zipcar.com www.carpoolzone.ca www.carpool.ca TTC routes and schedules: http://www.toronto.ca/ttc/schedules/index.htm GO Transit routes and schedules: http://www.gotransit.com/ Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (walking & biking) http://www.torontocat.ca/main/supporters Toronto Cyclists Union - launching in Spring 2008 http://bikeunion.to For a list of farmers’ markets in Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario: http://www.toronto.ca/events/markets.htm http://www.farmersmarketsontario.com Wychwood Farmers’ Market will re-start Sat. May 24th Local Wychwood & St.Clair Ave. West, 2:00-5:00 pm cookieroscoe@gmail.com Foodshare (good food box, community gardens, community kitchens, student nutrition programs) www.foodshare.net

Plant a tree

Use a rain barrel

Get free landscape advice Build a green roof

Drive Less
Don’t idle Join a car-sharing network Car-pool Take public transit


Eat Local
Eat local and/or organic food


Waste Less
Practice the 3 Rs Information about Toronto’s garbage, recycling, green bin and household hazardous waste programs: www.toronto.ca/garbage/programs.htm Toronto’s Community Environment Days - Schedule & List of items you can drop off & pick up (For Ward 21, Environment Day is on Sun., Sep. 28 at the Wychwood Car Barns, 10am-2pm): www.toronto.ca/environment_days/index.htm City of Toronto's ReUseit Guide lists over 30 not-for-profit agencies & what used goods they accept: www.toronto.ca/reuseit/ for more info, see "How to get rid of your stuff" list on gn21 website: http://gn21.ca/articles.php?id=1869

Donate your used items

Green Tools
Simple tool to calculate your ecological footprint in terms of land area (World Wildlife Fund) http://www.panda.org/about_wwf/what_we_do/climate_change/what_you_can_do/consumer_tips/hom e_footprint/index.cfm Zerofootprint Toronto a more involved tool to calculate your carbon emissions along with other Torontonians http://www.toronto.ca/environment/air.htm#zerofootprint The City of Toronto's 20/20 Way to Clean Air campaign to help you cut energy use at home & on the road by 20% http://www.toronto.ca/health/airquality/2020

Green Your Business
www.greentbiz.org www.cleanairfoundation.org/coolshops GET (Green Enterprise Toronto) - a network of green businesses in Toronto www.greenenterprise.net

Green Your School
Ontario EcoSchools addresses greening the school building, and curriculum www.yorku.ca/ecoschl/index.asp To green school grounds: www.evergreen.ca

Green Real Estate
website to help homeowners, developers, and realtors go green http://www.evolutiongreen.com Local

Speak out for government action
Toronto Environmental Alliance www.torontoenvironment.org

Other Green Groups in Toronto
For a listing of many green groups & businesses, see Toronto Conservation Action Network: http://weconserve.ca/toronto/index.html

This list has been prepared by Green Neighbours 21 greenneighbours@yahoo.ca www.gn21.ca

May 2008


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