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					   APAN’s Commitment to
  Building Relationships for
Network-enabled Collaboration

          George McLaughlin

  APAN 33, Chiang Mai, Thailand – 14 February 2012

  APAN’s Traditional Relationships
 Liaison Members – peer network focused organisations (Internet2,
 Associate Members –TransPac, Pacific Wave
 Affiliate Members –examples are PRAGMA, APBioNet, APNIC, APNG
 MoU partners – various, some also covered above
 No formal arrangement – eg University of Hawaii

Maybe need more consistency in our approach

                   APAN 33, Chiang Mai, Thailand – 14 February 2012

  Relationships at the Network coordination level
Example 1: demo of astronomical transient events at APAN32 Delhi, involved
  high capacity transfers from
 CalTech via CENIC to Pacific Wave
 Pacific Wave via TransPac to APAN-JP
 APAN-JP via NII/NICT to Singapore
 Singapore via TEIN3 to Mumbai
 Mumbai via NKN to IUCAA, Pune

Example 2: yesterday’s cyberperformance demo

                    APAN 33, Chiang Mai, Thailand – 14 February 2012

  New Relationships at the Network Research and
    Network Reach levels
Example 3: - Cybersecurity – proposed MoU between APAN and the Research
  and Education Networking Information and Analysis Centre (REN-ISAC) –
  Kitamura-san and Prof Kasahara

Example 4: - drafting of an MoU between APAN and GLORIAD/Taj underway
  (new links available to APAN members) – Francis Lee

                   APAN 33, Chiang Mai, Thailand – 14 February 2012

  New Relationships with Global Donor Bodies
Example 5: - The World Bank’s Global Development Learning Network is now
   a Liaison Member of APAN -
   `plan for a joint meeting on video production values at APAN34 – Many
   APAN members support GDLN centres in their country
Example 6: - drafting of an MoU between APAN and UNESCO almost
   complete, with a focus on delivering UNESCO’s on-line courses across
APAN, together with a number of APAN Members and AI3/School on the
   Internet (SOI) are members of UNESCO’s CONNECT-Asia program and

                   APAN 33, Chiang Mai, Thailand – 14 February 2012

  Building on the Expertise of APAN Working
    Groups and of our Collaborating Partners
Example 7: - School on the Internet, Asia (SOI) would like to develop a medical
  education initiative – the APAN Medical Working Group has vast experience
  in developing network-enabled medical activities

At this meeting Yoo from AI3/SoI will join the Medical Working Group sessions
    and start the discussion with Prof Shimizu on the ways to move this forward

                     APAN 33, Chiang Mai, Thailand – 14 February 2012

  Strengthening relationships with Applications-
    focussed partners and Cloud development
Example 8: - Discussion have commenced on the prospect of holding a co-
  joined APAN/PRAGMA meeting
PRAGMA (Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly) is going
  through a transitiion of migrating from a Grid-based infrastructure to a Cloud
  environment. There is a natural synergy between APAN and PRAGMA in
  addressing the network-related issues associated with the Cloud

                     APAN 33, Chiang Mai, Thailand – 14 February 2012

  In Conclusion
 APAN has an ongoing commitment to outreach and close collaboration with
  the global REN organisations and communities
 APAN has a long tradition of encouraging science, teaching, medical and
  culture based collaborations and to societal improvement
 New opportunities are cropping up continuously, new relationships being
  forged, with new and disruptive paradigms ready to be exploited
 Now that the distraction of the incorporation of APAN is largely behind us,
  there will be an increased focus, through our membership, on strategies for
  exploiting these relationships and opportunities.

                    APAN 33, Chiang Mai, Thailand – 14 February 2012

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