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									                                  Minutes of the Committee Meeting
                                             Held on Tuesday 8th June 2004
                                             at Marjolijn Thiecke’s place

                                                 Meeting opened at 19:35

Paola Liszka                 (PL)
Thelma Naegele               (TN)
Ruth Springham               (RS)
Marjolijn Thiecke            (MT)
Deirdre Wolohan              (DW)

1.     Apologies for Absence

Deborah Maher (DM) sent her apologies due to having to attend a Rose of Tralee
meeting; however she sent a report through to PL which will be included in the minutes.

2.     Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes from last meeting were approved with two minor amendments:
   - date of Xmas Party – should read 3rd or 9th of December and not 3rd or 19th of
   - agreed that max of Euro 5 per committee person will be taken out of petty cash
      for the drinks at the monthly committee meeting

3.     Review of outstanding action points

DM – cost of advertising & gifts from Bernard Massard
RS – corporate sponsorship letter – for further information pls see charity update
DW / MT – cost of printing T-shirts - for further information pls see charity update

the network, B.P. 2304, L-1023 Luxembourg getintouch@the-network.lu www.the-network.lu
4.     President’s report

PL noted good feedback in response to article and photos in 352 (with Cherie Blair & the
Lux film industry speakers)

Thanks to DW and Richard Bentley for their final website training session last week and
to MT for hosting the training, as well as this month’s committee meeting.

5.     Secretary’s report

TN noted that attendance at last week’s meeting was 58 excluding speakers. She also
noted that the newsletter for June was ‘excellent.’

TN passed on post to RS saying that the Registre de Commerce had sent back the forms
submitted by RS for registration of the asbl – RS to check and complete

TN is on holiday from 15 June to 2 July inclusive hence TN to transfer all emails sent to
her as secretary, to MT as well as have post redirected to MT during TN’s absence. MT
to contact PL in case of any problems. TN to ensure changes are made.

TN asked PL to create the membership labels for the meeting on June 30th & bring spare

Agreed that in TN’s absence, DW & MT will man the registration desk on June 30with
all other committee members ready to help out in case of any difficulties.

6.     Treasurer’s report

MT had nothing specific to report – cash flows are all balanced. MT mentioned that
issues arising from last month’s registration had been sorted.

7.     Editor’s report

DW / DM had received positive responses to June Newletter. Discussions ensued as to
whether the newsletter should be stored as pdf (taking up approx 500 KB) or as an
HTML file (taking up approx 100KB.) The discussion was as a result of members saying
the pdf version took too long to down load. Agreed that DW / e2advance would submit
quote to committee in relation to the creation and maintenance of HTML newsletter for
future editions.

Discussion was had in relation to sending out newsletter and all agreed that we need to
continue creating and sending out a newsletter. DW remarked that not that many hits
were received on the newsletter and perhaps we ought to send out paper copies once

the network, B.P. 2304, L-1023 Luxembourg getintouch@the-network.lu www.the-network.lu
again. PL said this created a lot of effort, printing newsletters & labels, stuffing the
envelopes and taking these to the Post office at the Gare to receive reduced rates. PL
said that Gare Post office was only place these could be accepted and that reduced rates
was approx 320 cents an envelope instead of standard 50 cents. Suggestion was made to
outsource the printing, stuffing and posting to DFT – MT / DFT to submit quote for this
work to the committee to consider.

DW also had the idea to give any spare copies of newsletters brought to the monthly
meetings to people from FAST, Ajilon etc for them to have a few copies in their
reception areas.

DW mentioned she will be sending out a ‘stop press’ newsletter to all members with a
few details about charity run and others as well as wishing everyone a happy summer.
This is scheduled to go out this week or next week.

TN suggested that in the ‘how to join section’ of the newsletter that members must fill in
application form to become fully paid up members. PL / DW / DM to add.

8.       Website Coordinator’s report

DW said that statistics page has been created and password protected but that
committee can access (subsequent to meeting link & password was sent out). DW said
she had added the website to various local and international search engines. She will
also be doing a review of the website for Paperjam. She also noted that the notice board
was being used more and more and that no inappropriate material had been posted.

It was reiterated that the only events that should be added directly to the calendar are
‘networking’ events and ‘fund raising’ vents, both for us and for other organisations. All
other kinds of events should simply be posted under events.

9.       PR / Media

As DM was unable to attend, PL gave her report:

     -   DM asked if more business cards were needed – answer was depends how many
         are still available but that more should be printed (say 1000 to have store for the
         future as the address / logo / website details won’t change!) DM to organise
     -   DM will send email to BLC on Friday 11 June re network events and wanted to
         know what to include – agreed that dates of the Sept / Oct & Nov meetings
         should be mentioned
     -   MT will contact DM directly in relation to MT’s Dutch Sale
     -   No news from Clearstream regarding sponsorship; Ajilon & FAST had not yet
         entered adverts but that chaser emails had been sent.

the network, B.P. 2304, L-1023 Luxembourg getintouch@the-network.lu www.the-network.lu
DM to check out costs of advertising fliers for insertion in Paperchase with one-off
discount voucher for visitors and sponsorship of the gifts of bubbly to speakers by
Bernard Massard.

10.    Charity Event

RS reported that we only had 20 runners and no corporate sponsorship. She had drafted
a corporate sponsorship letter which was handed round for comments. RS to finalise
letter. Cecile Somers is checking to see if we can receive some sponsorship from the
Lion’s Club.

Agreed that RS will send email to all members as soon as possible to remind them to
‘walk, jog or sponsor!’

RS was in possession of plans for dormitories and will add these to website for
committee to have a look. She also mentioned that the ISL has agreed to sponsor the
purchase and printing of the T-shirts! Agreed that the ISL & network logos would be on
the front and the 10 highest sponsors would go on the back / sleeves of the T-shirt. All
other sponsors would be mentioned on the website & Sept newsletter together with
amounts given (the list will also include the 10 highest sponsors).

Agreed to create a list on the CMS to check who is contacting whom for sponsorship:

PL to contact 352, British Chamber of Commerce, Fidelity, Fade to Gray & Legato
DW to contact Cargolux & CapGemini
TN to check with PWC
MT to check with various Dutch organisations

MT mentioned her ‘Dutch Sale’ and that she would be willing to give a certain % of the
proceeds to the network charity – agreed we would pursue this further once MT has
considered the project further.

11.    Any other business

TN had contacted champagne tasting company and is awaiting feedback

Agreed that faciliators for September meeting should be Rita Knott / Isabel Page /
Monica Jonsson & Joan Lyons – idea is for 2 committee members to meet with all four of
them together and discuss how best to organise / run the evening. DM to contact
speakers – PL and RS are willing to attend meeting as necessary

Spoke about various possibilities for Oct & Nov meetings – RS to pursue idea of having
speaker from Ministiere de la Promotion Feminine. DW mentioned John Parker whop
could talk about employment inequality between Europe & US. TN & RS mentioned
topic of sustainable development.

the network, B.P. 2304, L-1023 Luxembourg getintouch@the-network.lu www.the-network.lu
Registration of visitors / new members at the meetings and subsequent administration:

    -   agreed that all visitors would NOT be entered into the database
    -   agreed that signing in form be simplified to contain name, surname, email
        address & payment amount
    -   agreed that all visitors must pay Euro 8 at the door (all advertising to mention
        this fee too)
    -   agreed that if as an exception that IOU is given to a new member / visitor, that
        the committee member must pay the network and then the IOU is with the
        committee member and not the network
    -   agreed that anyone joining on the door and paying Euro 30 must fill in the app
        form that evening (TN is willing to add this info to the database manually)
    -   agreed that no concessions given if visitor pays Euro 8 then wishes to become
        member – they must pay the full Euro 30 (or Euro 15 after July 1st!!)
    -   agreed that new / existing members to be dealt with by TN & visitors by MT
    -   agreed that if registration Q becomes too long, another committee member to
        come and assist e.g. by distributing labels to existing members

TN mentioned that she would not be restanding for election next year, but would be
willing to help out.

Charity donation – PL read out email from Geraldine Cassells which is quoted verbatim

Had a chat with Daniel [her husband] in the car about it. He is on an asbl and is pretty hot on the
local laws etc. He is very sure that the funds raised at the forthcoming run CAN be donated
asap. Just as long as all is minuted etc. As far as he is aware, those decisions are up to the
current committee and not the members (as I understood). Also, the funds to be donated will not
DIP IN to the reserves or past profits. That was my worry. Under SA and SARL law such a
distribution would need to be agreed at the AGM but not this does not appear to be the case for
an asbl, which is no supposed to make profits anyway. He is pretty sure that you can go ahead
and donate what you make at the run.

Agreed that discussion about Naledi be postponed to next meeting

During meeting DW hopefully managed to confirm that Lindsey Baxter would be
willing to take on the role of Newsletter editor as of Sept. PL checked statues and she
can come on board as official committee member and then be entitled to remain on the
committee for further 2 years.

12.     Date and venue of next meeting

Although no monthly members meetings are held in July & August, it was felt that the
committee should try and meet during the summer hence Monday 26 July was
proposed, venue to be confirmed

      ACTION POINTS ARE IN BOLD AND ITALICS – Meeting closed 21.00

the network, B.P. 2304, L-1023 Luxembourg getintouch@the-network.lu www.the-network.lu

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