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                                                     2nd Annual Red Cross Ball

   Jill Zarin - Co-Chair
   and Debra Wasser -          Jill Zarin and Carole Rome -                                                           Jill and Bobby Zarin -              Colleen and Gary Rein
    Benefit Committee           Co-Chairs                        Joyce Brooks, Todd Rome - Co-Chair, Lauren Day-       Co-Chairs                           Benefit Committee
                                                                 Benefit Committee and Bob Roberts - Benefit

                                                               American Red Cross
                                                              Gala Dinner & Auction

   Podi Constantiner, Lisa Sinclair &                                                                                             Andrew & Leslie Siben - Benefit Committee
   Lucia Hwong Gordon - Co-Chair                                                                                                  and Mark Schwarz

                                                              Matthias Freiherr von Wrede, Randi Steinhagen, Rose Acton,
   Honoree Tommy Hilfiger, Joyce and Fingers - WBAB           Gerard McKeon, Evangeline Gouletas, Sarah Herbert-                Lauren Day-Benefit Committee and
                                                              Galloway, Isos Y. Stamelos-Monroe & Thomas Kramer                 Michele Rella

                                                     International Trade, Cultural (Fashion Show)
                                                                  and Charity Event

                                                                                              Special Thanks
                                                                                              Brian Miller
   Countess Marion von Burchard &                                                          Manhattan Motor Cars
   Dr. Madelaine Pinachio Konigsberg                                                                                                  Gregor B. Csorez of the Austrian mission
                                                  A fabulous night was had by all who attended the launching of                       to the UN & Philip Rybin
                                                  Strikeforce Technologies at Manhattan Motor Cars and Charity Event to               protocol officer of the Russian consulate.
                                                  Benefit Disabled Veterans. Guests were treated to elegant models strut-
                                                  ting down the runway in couture fashions while enjoying a glass of wine.
                                                  There was exquisite jewelry for sale as well as art and of course those
                                                  beautiful cars, Rolls Royce, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Porsche and Lotus.
                                                  The guest list consisted of international diplomats, presidents and CEO’s
                                                  of Fortune 500 companies, buyers and clients of Manhattan Motor Cars.
                                                  For more information please contact Gloria Cr essler at: e-mail -
   Cognac and guest sponsor from        
   Southern Wine & Spirit,
                                                                                                                                       Natalie Stern of Stern Gallery and
   Paramountbrands & Imperial Vodka
                                                                                                                                       Tristan Spirit.

   Gloria T. Cressler-coordinator of the event,
   Mark Kay, CEO of Strikeforce
   Technologies, Bob Denn-Pres. of
   Strikeforce Technologies, Gene De Angelo-                                                                                            Keith Stiles-President & CEO of
   Pres. Galleria Design Center.                                                                                                        Amtrust Funding.
   42 Black Tie International                                                                                                        

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