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Ambassador Questions and Answers for CELL PHONES and


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									Original question:       Just had a question about company issued cell phones and
smartphones. Would anyone be willing to share how many you issue and to what types of staff? Also,
for those services that you outsource to another company (maintenance, food services, housekeeping,
etc), do you supply the cell phone for the manager onsite, or does the service company provide it for

We have supplied cell phones to everyone on our maintenance team (7 phones) and to our
the following: CEO; Executive Assistant; Administrator; Director of PR; Director of
Nursing, Director of Finance, Director of Dietary and our Chaplain. We do not outsource
to another company.

We do not have company phones.

Our company does not provide the phone, but for those who are required to be on call,
they are given a cell phone allowance.

Hi Jack,
     we do not have this currently, but yet again, where I was previously they had a
contract with Verizon and the department heads were issued smartphones for
communication purposes. The housekeeping services were the only outsourced discipline
and their company provided them their own communication service.

We have 13 IPhones and 10 cell phones which are company issued. The IPhones are issued
to the CEO, CFO, COO and Department Heads. The cell phones are issues to all
maintenance mechanics, housekeeping supervisors, assistant director of dining, dietary
manager, and 4 nurse managers. We do not outsource any of our services.

We have 35 company phones, 12 of those are smart phones which we provide for
department heads. The rest are all generic flip phones that we have at the nurse’s and
some reception desks for emergencies, maintenance and security staff, and charge nurses.
Outsourced departments are responsible for their own phones. We had provided them in
the past, but with the prevalence of cell phones today we no longer find that to be

As a side note, we also have walkie talkies which are used on the property by maintenance,
housekeeping, security, transportation and reception desks.
Phoebe Berks has very few company cell phones – my Social Workers each have one, but
they are for use only at work. The phones stay in the building when they are not
working. There is a company cell phone that the bus driver takes when he is out on a
trip. That same phone is kept with Aramark (security) so that we do have a phone when
the power is out.
A few years ago, Phoebe took away all the rest of the company provided cell phones. It
was decided who needed cell phones for their job – those designated employees receive a
monthly amount as a cell phone allowance. For the employee, the allowance is considered
income. It was done that way because apparently there would have been a problem with
staff using a company phone for personal use, and having to log all phone calls.

We distribute cell phones to the following staff:
   Executive Director
   Director of Nursing
   Nursing Scheduler
   Director of Social Services
   Director of Dining Services – (NOTE: we do NOT outsource this function)
   Director of Environmental Services
   Maintenance Technicians (x2) – (NOTE: we do NOT outsource this function)
   Nursing Supervisor – (this phone stays onsite and gets passed to the RN Supervisor
      of each shift)

We outsource our Dietitian, and she has her own personal cell phone.
We outsource our Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, and Speech Therapist
services, and they carry their own personal cell phones.

C.e.o. smartphone
Building administrator smartphone
Admissions smartphone
Transportation regular cell contracted staff
Maintenance on call regular cell contracted staff
D.o.n. regular cell
Director of facilities smartphone

food service
All have personal cell phones not provided by us or the contract company

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