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                             Short questions on Japanese Plays
1. How is love portrayed in Sotoba Komachi and The Damask Drum?          Love is portrayed as evil, as

   something that creates pain.   Komachi expresses her love and pain for the man that she did not get

   to marry who died before he could get to her.   Komachi was so greatly moved by that episode of

   the man not making it alive to her the pain stayed with her until she became old.

Compare the characters of Atsumori and Kumagai as they appear in The Tale of the Heike and in the
Noh play Atsumori. Kumagai is a warrior of older age while Atsumori is a 16 year old boy.
Atsumori seemed to be of royalty while Kumagai seemed to be a regular from the warrior class of the
samurai. When he encounters Atsumori he tells him he is nobody special just a regular soldier.
Kumagai was so overwhelmed by Atsumori's young age that he thought of him as his son he was so
emotionally disturbed at having to kill the youth.
What is the fate of the hunter in Birds of Sorrow? The fate of the hunter is death and the monk praise
for his soul to be saved by Budda that it should not perish as the hunter did. All the hunter does is
hunt birds. Hunter disappears because his guilt is so great after killing so much birds his conscience
cannot rest.

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