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                      Questions on The Tale of Genji

   1. What is the meaning of the word yugao? Ivi like plant with white flowers on the

       leaves with petals half unfolded looks like people smiling that’s why they are

       called Yugao which means evening faces.

   2. Who is Koremitsu? Is the old nurses’s son he opens the gates of the house for


   3. How was the relationship between Genji and his nurse? They had a relationship

       of great respect. Genji looked up to her to him she was like a mother he would

       tell her that she must stay alive long enough to see him become great.

   4. The narrator says that Genji spoke tenderly. What image of Genji begins to

       emerge at the beginning of this chapter? We will have to examine whether this

       picture or portrayal of our Prince is sustained in the rest of the chapter. An image

       of sensibility and honesty emerge at the beginning of the chapter. Genji speaks

       tenderly to his beloved nurse which he adores because she helped to make him a


   5. Who was To no Chojo? To no Chojo means Genji’s brother in law.

   6. Who is Ukon? A pleasant faced lady who appears to be of old age.

   7. When Genji and yugao are disturbed by the noises in her neighborhood, Genji

       takes her to another house. Describe this house. What kind of feeling this setting

       created in the characters? A setting of beauty and comfort, he stayed longer than

       he intended.
8. How can we explain Yugao’s death? Yugao died because she fled instead of

   staying by her man’s side for protection she did not.

9. How did Genji react to her death? Genji had no reaction he was like nothing had


10. How does the weather correspond to the events of that night? It was a sorrowful

   night and Genji cried beside her because he loved her so well and she left him. At

   the same time that night while they were taking the road there was a huge mist as

   if sadness in him had also moved into the air.

11. What kind of relationship existed between Yugao and To no Chujo? They were

   lovers for three years and Yugao was very happy with To no Chujo until she read

   a letter one day and fled.

12. Towards the end of the chapter, why is the conversation between Genji and Ukon

   so important? It is important because Genji explains to Ukon his relationship

   with Yugao and who she was to Genji.

13. Who was really Yugao? A 19 year girl who was Genji’s mistress until she died.

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