questions on murisakis diary by dominicanjoe27


									Elvis Navarro
IDW 213
Prof. Esteves

                      Questions on Murasaki’s Diary

   1. Compare how Murasaki presents herself and how she speaks about other

       prominent ladies of the court. She and the other women found literature to be

       fascinating. She stood up for women to have the right to write and her classic

       Genjis tale was critically acclaimed. She demonstrated that females have talent

       too that it was not only men that were able to write.

   2. The study of Chinese classics was reserved for men. How did Murasaki learn?

       Murasakis’s brother was secretary of ceremonial and he would learn the Chinese

       classics. Murasaki would listen and learn everything even the ones her brother

       could not grasp. Her father was disappointed because he saw she had great talent

       and he would have preferred her to be a man..

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