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Theater 241

Prof. Benson


                This is the story of Alex and Peter where Alex after knowing her boyfriend Peter

Was unfaithful to her she decides to leave to another place, another land and maybe someday

she’ll give love a second try.

                Before Alex decides to leave Peter is trying to convince her to stay.

PETER: I am sorry Alex I didn’t mean to be unfaithful to you it was a big mistake.

ALEX: I loved you with all my heart and you betrayed me. I gave you, love, affection and most

of all my heart. I gave you my all and all you did was abuse my trust you bastard.

PETER: Let me make it up to you bay I promise it will never happen again, you are my

everything without you I am nothing. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me my beautiful


ALEX: Once a player, always a player I can’t trust you anymore Peter, you are full of deceit,

may the lord forgive you for your betrayal because I sure won’t forgive you for what you have

done to me.

PETER: Everyone makes mistake Alex no one in this world is perfect. All I want is for us to

start over and make things right.

ALEX: Your deception is too great I can never love you as I once did. Don’t you understand

Peter you have shattered my heart into a thousand pieces.
PETER: I am sorry my love, I know I messed up and if you just give me a chance I know we

can make things right.

ALEX: You have crossed the line we can never be, you have taken my trust and stepped on it,

you have crossed the point of no return Peter I don’t love you anymore. My love for you is gone

with the wind.

PETER: How can you say that Alex we have been together for so long I will love you always

my precious, I can’t believe you said you don’t love me anymore.

ALEX: I did love you but your betrayal has caused me so much pain that all the love I had for

you left my heart. I can no longer love you Peter.

PETER: You can’t just throw this beautiful love we have out the window. What we created,

what we have worked so hard to accomplish, you and I know like the Lou Rawls song you’ll

never have a love like this.

ALEX: I know me and you will never have a love as passionate as ours, but the pain is just too

great and I don’t know if I can ever forgive you I need some time alone to think of what I am

going to do now that you have demolished our love.

PETER: Please don’t leave me Alex I’ll do anything baby, I love you, I am nothing without you,

you are my other half, just like the Bible says we will become one flesh when we are married. I

for you and you for me until death do us part.

ALEX: I am not marrying you Peter, you are not worthy of marriage, you are a liar you have

lied to me and have destroyed our future together. There is no me and you anymore you are free

to find another love because I cannot be your love ever again.
PETER: Please Alex for the love of God, for us, please don’t leave me I will be a better person

and a good husband to you don’t leave me Alex.

ALEX: I must leave you, and I will not only leave you but move to a far away land,

somewhere else where I can start afresh and begin a new love and maybe give love a second


PETER: Can’t you see the tears coming down my eyes. These are tears of true love, of true

passion. Alex your rejection feels like a dagger in my heart, with every rejection my heart is

bleeding with pain my love, if you leave me I think it would be the end of me Alex.

ALEX: I don’t care what you do beyond this point I have made my decision and I stand firm in

it. I will be leaving soon, no matter what you do, no matter how much you try to stop me it is of

no use because in the end I will leave you and never come back to these lands of painful


PETER: I love you Alex, I can’t contain my emotions am crying like a baby, am on my knees

Alex I implore you don’t leave me alone in this lonely world, please my love forgive me for I

have sinned against you and against God and I repent with all of my soul, my love for you has no

boundaries, it has no limits and its infinite like the universe, my love for you is greater than life


ALEX: I loved you too beyond this world but I can’t be with you any longer Peter. My bags are

packed, my flight is paid for and will soon leave and will not tell you where I shall go. This is

the last time you will see me Peter I will be out of your life forever.
PETER: No don’t do this to me Alex, you are killing me, I am hopeless only God can change

your mind if I can’t change it for you. I am dying inside Alex, my love, my life, my all what will

I do without you.

(Peter is on his knees hugging Alex with all his might, the tears flow down Peters face like a

river, Alex looks down gently caresses his face and tells him.)

ALEX: Look at me Peter, I will take this love with me and cherish it all the days of my life. The

pain and sorrow is too great of a burden and I can never trust you again. I am deeply hurt and we

can never be. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday or in another life we shall be

together. Here’s looking at you kid, for now all I can say is good bye my love until destiny

crosses our paths again you shall not here from me again.

(Alex gives Peter a last passionate kiss and walks away slowly. Peter is over come with grief

and looks up at the sky and yells lord why, why me. Finally Peter gains the strength and stands

up to run after Alex. Peter runs after her and as he is approaching her it is too late she boarded a

cab and as the cab sped away Peter runs with all his might but it is too late, for the cab is gone

and so it’s Alex never to return.)

PETER: “ No Alex, No don’t leave me Alex.

( Alex stood gazing into the night as Rocky stared into the night waiting for Adrienne to come

back to his arms. Peter stares into the night with a blank face and a hope in his heart that

someday Alex will come back. Peter wipes the tears off his face and thinks to himself Alex

you’ll never have a love like this.)

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