The Vatican Jesuit link to the New World Order-Part 2 by BrianCharles


									 The Vatican/Jesuit link to the new world order Part 2

I’m certainly back. This new work will expose more information about the link of globalists and
Vatican that many even in the alternative media don't want you to know about. This will
describe interesting information. Now, my first work about the Vatican/Jesuit link to the new
world order was more about chronologically defining history. This will be more about historical
events and groups of people. It's the 21st century now, so the truth about liberty and freedom is
spreading globally. I don't believe in hating people who are Roman Catholics though.
Hating someone because of someone's background, race, or creed is wrong and a sin. This
doesn't mean we are relinquished of the right to dissent with a religion. My words are
about dissent with the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. I won't compromise in that and
I won't compromise my religious beliefs for anyone. To understand about Romanism, you have
to decipher a clear comprehension about its origin.

Many critics of Roman Catholicism, believe that Constantine was a founder of the Roman Catholic
religion. Likewise, Roman Catholics believe that all early Christians were Roman Catholic before the
Protestant Reformation other than the Orthodox Church. That isn't true at all. The followers of Jesus
Christ are called Christians not Catholics. The word “catholic” is not mentioned historically until
the 100 A.D. quote of Ignatius and Justin Martyr. They meant “catholic” as all believers universal
not a subjected church to one city like Rome. There was no Pope or Papacy concept whatsoever in
the early church. The New Testament doesn't mention a Pope, Rosary, Mary being the Queen of Heaven,
the Eucharist, Scapular, or Purgatory at all. The first to use the word “pontifex” was Bishop Hygnius of
Rome in 149 AD. And he didn’t recognize himself as Pope. Later Pope Leo I and Pope Damascus would
make claims of universal primacy of Rome, but even in the 300’s and 400’s, many people dissented with
that idea. The Papacy is therefore an invention by gradual development and isn’t biblical whatsoever. In
fact, there is no historical evidence whatsoever to prove Peter is the first bishop of Rome. Polycarp,
Clement of Rome, Irenaeus, etc mentioned not one line of him being the bishop of Rome. Only by the
apostate Jerome’s literature do we see signs of people believing in the 25-year episcopate reign of
Peter in Rome. Historically, Linus was the first bishop of Rome not Peter. Hippolytus and even
Eusbeius mentioned Peter as dying in Rome, but Linus as the first bishop of Rome (who was ordained by
the apostle Paul, who went into Rome). Therefore, the Roman Catholic Church was birthed by gradual,
unbiblical development.

Constantine however maintained the title of Pontifex Maximus until his death. Pontifex
Maximus is a pagan title of Pope to this very day in 2009. Constantine I was a controversial
figure. He was the Emperor of the Roman Empire when the Empire was divided into East and
West. He lived from February 272 A.D. to May 22, 337 A.D. Constantine I was born in the
Moesian military city of Naissus. This is located in Serbia. He was a politically skilled man.
Constantius was an officer in the Roman army in 272, part of the Emperor Aurelian's imperial
bodyguard. Constantius advanced through the ranks, earning the governorship of Dalmatia
from Emperor Diocletian, another of Aurelian's Illyrian companions, in 284 or 285. His mother
was a Bithynian Greek person. He studied in Diocletian's court to get a good grasp of Latin
literature, Greek and philosophy. Constantine was a person who is famous for instituting the
Edict of Milan. That Edict created Christian toleration throughout the Empire. It was created in
313 A.D. with assistance by Licinius. A previous edict of toleration had been recently issued by
the emperor Galerius from Serdica and posted up at Nicomedia on 13, May 311. By the Edict of
Milan the meeting places and other properties which had been confiscated from the Christians
and sold or granted out of the government treasury were to be returned. Even after the edict
was created, independent Christians were still persecuted by others. Constantine I reversed the
policies of the Christian persecutor Roman Emperor Diocletian. One of the fullest secular life
account of Constantine is the anonymous work of Origo Constantini. Constantini focused primarily
on military and political events (not on cultural or religious matters). Lactantius' De Mortibus provided
information on Constantine's early life. Eusebius is biased since he was one of Constantine's greatest
supporters and propagandists. Eusebius was definitely brainwashed. On October 28, 312 A.D., the the
Roman Emperor Constantine met with Bishop Miltiades of Rome. Miltiades was assisted by
Silvester (who was a Roman who spoke educated Latin and acted as an interpreter).

When he was emperor, Constantine fought and defeated Maxentius for supremacy of the Roman Empire.
What was famous about his battle with Maxentius on the Milvian Bridge was something. Constantine
claimed on the night before the battle that he had a dream. In this dream, Christ told him that he would be
victorious. That is why he painted the shields of his soldiers the Labarum. The Labarum is made up of 2
letter of X or Chi in Greek traversed with Rho or XP. Eusebius describes another version, where, while
marching at midday, he saw with his own eyes in the heavens a trophy of the cross arising from the light of
the sun, carrying the message, "Conquer By This"
This dream story was written by Eusebius and Lactantius. Some believe that Eusebius'
description of the sky was a solar halo, which is a common meteorological phenomenon that can
look like a Chi-Rho symbol. Constantine I founded the city of Constantinople, which replaced the
name of the city of Byzantium. Constantine was victorious and he began to merge apostate
Christianity with sun worship. There are plenty of evidence for Constantine's closet sun worship.
After gaining victory in the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, a triumphal arch - the Arch of Constantine -
was built to celebrate the occasion. Yet, the arch is decorated with images of Victoria and sacrifices to
gods like Apollo, Diana, or Hercules. The arch contains no Christian symbolism. Constantine falsely
equated the Roman sun god as symbolic of Jesus Christ. The rebuilt Malian Bridge itself was dedicated in
homage to Mithras, and was covered in associated imagery, but nothing Christian. Its inscription carefully
avoids the mention of any specific god. In 321 Constantine instructed that Christians and non-Christians
should be united in observing the venerable day of the sun, referencing the esoteric eastern sun-worship
which Aurelian had helped introduce. Constantine I's coinage still carried the symbols of the
sun-cult until 324. Even when he dedicated the new capital of Constantinople, which
became the seat of Byzantine Christianity for a millenium, he did so wearing the
Apollonian sun-rayed Diadem. He was also vain and very superstitious. Constantine even murdered
his own family members including slaughtering people during his military campaigns. The Emperor
Constantine I wasn't baptized until he was on his deathbed. Also, Constantine merged the church and the
state just like Theodosius I did. Theodosius succeeded Constantine I and he organized Nicene Christianity
as the official state religion of the Roman Empire. That's ironic since the Roman Catholic Church and
Dominionists historically loved merging church and state. Anyone who wasn't apart of that religion was
persecuted by the Empire. Theodosius was the last Emperor of the Eastern and Western Roman Empire.
When he died, the Empire was split permanently. Now, Constantine wanted his state church system to
use Christian clergy as civil servants. According to historian Paul Johnson, Constantine saw himself as
being an important agent of salvation, on a par with the apostles. To this credit, the Bishop of Rome
Miltiades refused to allow Constantine to build 2 Christian basilicas since he didn't want Christianity to be
promoted by the Roman Empire. Silvester was Miltiades. He was more worldly and loved Roman wealth,
power, law, and its military. Constantine crowned Silvester as a worldly prince. Silvester lived in luxury.
Constantine wanted Silvester to rule council, yet God offered a simplistic faith in the world. Silvester died
in December, 336 A.D. He died peacefully, in a clean, comfortable bed, in the Roman Lateran Palace.
Silvester choose to suck up to immoral Roman Empire. According to ex-Catholic and Christian Mary
Ann Collins, "...This was the birth of the Roman Catholic Church. It was created in the year 314
A.D. by Emperor Constantine and Bishop Silvester..."

The European Union

Here’s a easy history of the European Union. When did this begin? For centuries, many wanted an
unified Europe. The French philosopher Montesquieu envisioned an unified Europe along with
Victor Hugo in 1871. In 1922, Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the Pan European
Union. The Count is the godfather of the EU. The Pan European concept was easily embraced by
the Habsburgs, the Vatican, and the Opus Dei. Otto von Habsburg loved the idea. The reasons was
that these factors hope that this plan would create a firmer Roman Catholic religious hegemony in
Europe. Kalergi was a Roman Catholic trained in Vienna at the Jesuits’ "Theresian Academy."
Some say he joined a Masonic Lodge at Vienna. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi is a son of an
Austro-Hungarian diplomat (He also has Cretan and other European blood). What makes him
interesting is that in 1926 he had the first Congress of the Pan European Union. They met in
Vienna. Back in 1926, he planned to divide the world into 5 parts (which was the United States of
Europe linking French colonial areas in Africa, a Pan American Union encompassing North and
South Americas, the British Commonwealth having its grip across the world, a Pan Asian Union
spreading into China, Japan, the Pacific, etc.). Is this similar to today’s unions? Yes it is. He
predicted the European Union way before its time. As early as 1930, the American weekly
magazine Saturday Evening Post published an article by Winston Churchill under the title "The
United States of Europe". In 1942, Churchill, then the prime minister of Britain, stated: "I am
looking forward to a United States of Europe." Again in September 1946, he said: "We have to
build some kind of United States of Europe." In Paris, in 1948, he stressed that his aim was to
establish the United States of Europe, which would be governed by one government, one
parliament, one court of justice, and one economic council. Joseph Retinger was another founder
of the European Union ideal. He was born in 1888 from a strict Roman Catholic family. He agreed
with Jesuit General Ledochowski’s plan of a federated European continent. Retinger also help
create the Bilderberg Group, which is a strong ally of the EU in the future (the Nazi Prince Bernard
of the Netherlands was a founder of the Bilderbergers as well). He suggested to Premier Georges
Clemenceau a plan to unite Eastern Europe-involving the merging of Austria, Hungary and Poland
as a tripartite monarchy under the guidance of the Jesuit order. Clemenceau, doubtful of the
Vatican-inspired plan, rejected Retinger's proposal outright. This plan labelled Retinger, thereafter,
as a Vatican agent. Suspected Freemason Jean Monnet was yet another architect of the European
Union. According to Jim Marrs:

"Retinger was brought to America by Averell Harriman (Council on Foreign Relations),
then U.S. ambassador to England, where he visited prominent citizens such as David
and Nelson Rockefeller, John Foster Dulles, and then CIA Director Walter Bedell Smith.
Previously, Retinger had formed the American Committee on a United Europe along
with future CIA Director and CFR member [and Freemason] Allen Dulles, then CFR
Director George Franklin, CIA official Thomas Braden, and William Donovan, former
chief of the Office of Strategic Studies (OSS), forerunner of the CIA" [Marrs, Rule by
Secrecy, p. 40]

Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote in his autobiography: "At the beginning of 1924, we
received a telephone call from Louis Baron de Rothschild. A friend of his, Max Warburg of
Hamburg, had read my book and wished to make our acquaintance. To my great surprise Warburg
spontaneously offered us 60,000 gold marks, to finance the movement for its first three years... He
remained seriously interested in the Pan-Europe movement to the end of his life. In 1925, Max
Warburg arranged for his brothers in the United States, Felix and Paul, to invite me for an
American tour, in order to introduce me to Paul Warburg and Bernard Baruch. In America, the
count discussed European unity with Hoover, Kellogg, Young and Lippmann, but also found out
that American support for the unity of Europe rested on mutually incompatible foundations."

In 1949, The Council of Europe was created being the first pan-European organization after WWII.
Joseph Rettinger wasn't only a founder of the European Union, but he was one of the most
powerful men in the world at the time. By 1957, various groups were formed like the European
Economic Community (EEC). It was until 1992, that a treaty was created to institute the Modern EU.
That treaty was called the Maastricht Treaty. the Maastricht Treaty created the European Union from the
EEC. It was effective in November 1, 1993. The Euro or the first European currency came about in 1999.
On 03-17-2008 at EU Observer described a 7 page reported submitted to EU leaders at a summit in
Brussels. This talk about energy problems. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana and external relations
commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner supported a policy paper calling for a build up of the European
Union’s civil and military forces to handle so-called security risks (like "climate change"). The EU is gaining
more power in Europe and that is way Russia is trying to be a counterweight politically against the EU
(since the EU recently has tried to court Eastern European nations to join and these nations were once
Soviet satellite states).

There are even more Roman Catholic connections to the European Union. Former Prime Minister of
England & Roman Catholic Tony Blair (whose wife is called Cherie is also Catholic) signed the new
European Union Constitution. Ironically, this event occurred in Capitoline Hill (in Rome) at October 29,
2004. Blair signed this Constitution in the Appartamento dei Conservatori, Sala degli Orazi e Curiazi,
before the bronze statue of Pope Innocent X by Alessandro Algardi. The European flag occurred in
December 8, 1955. This date was on the Catholic “Feast of The Immaculate Conception of Mary Our Co-
redeemer." The logo was about 12 stars on a blue background. The artist of this flag was a Roman
Catholic named Arsene Heitz. Recently, Arsene told a French magazine about why he created the EU flag
along with his inspiration of it. According to the artist, he thought of the twelve stars in a circle on a blue
background, exactly the way it is represented in traditional iconography of this image of the Immaculate
Conception. He considered Revelation 12:1 to be about Mary, but that's unbiblical. The prophecy in
Revelation 12:1 is about Jesus Christ and Israel. There are 12 stars representing the 12 tribes of
Israel. Madonna images in Romanism have stars around the Catholic version of Mary. To this day,
Roman Catholic venerate Mary and teach untruths about her. So important is Mary in Catholic
worship, that on September 2, 1958, Archbishop Montini of Milan (the later Pope Pius XII) released on the
mountain Serenissima a twenty-meter high statue of Mary and called it “Our Beloved Lady, Ruler of
Europe.” Pope Pius XII called Mary “Mother of all Nations” and called on March 3, 1953, for a reunion of
nations. Bishop Dr. Graber said on September 9, 1978: “I’ve asked for a Marian European International. . .
. We pray and ask in silence that the western world one day will be as it was: a IMPERIUM MARIANUM
[Mary’s Imperial Kingdom].” David Rivera’s book exposing the new world order exposed the
Merovingian connection to the European Union:

“…Out of the Merovingian bloodline had come most of the ruling families of Europe, and
some Roman Catholic Popes. The genealogy of Dagobert’s son, Sigisbert IV, can be traced
through a dozen families, including the Houses of Luxembourg, Montpezat, Montesquiou,
Sinclair, Stuart, Devonshire, Plantard, and ending with the Hapsburgs. Even though the
Hapsburg empire no longer exists, when the first parliament of the European Economic
Community met in 1979, one of its primary delegates was Dr. Otto von Hapsburg, the
oldest son of Charles I, the last Hapsburg emperor. He and son Karl have been among the
leading proponents of a United Europe. Karl von Hapsburg is the heir apparent to the
Hapsburg legacy…”

A former secretary-general of the Council of Europe, Leon Marchal, affirmed that the stars are those of
“the woman of the Apocalypse.” Enthusiastically he explained, “It’s wonderful that we have gotten back to
the Introit of the new Mass of the Assumption. It’s the corona stellarum duodecim (the crown of the twelve
stars) of the woman of the Apocalypse.” The Catholic Church has always claimed that she represents the
Virgin Mary, “the mother of God.” This means that the European flag is a Catholic flag. Some good news
is that Ireland rejected the Lisbon Treaty that is against national sovereignty. The Jesuits and the Vatican
were crucial in the invention of the EU. Anyone denying it is either ignorant or involved in disinformation

Recently, it's been discovered that top Nazis wanted an EU type of Fourth Reich system where
Europe would have a common market. Documents confirm this reality. In a Daily Mail piece, Adam
Lebor reveals how he uncovered US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128, also known as The
Red House Report, which details how top Nazis secretly met at the Maison Rouge Hotel in
Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. This was when Germany was under the brink of military defeat.
The Nazis conspired therefore to create a new Fourth Reich under the guise of a pan European
economic empire (under an European common market). Lebor is a writer that wanted to create a
fictional book based on the premise of top Nazis wanted to create an EU system (when that book
is based on reality). These top Nazi industrialists were ordered by SS Obergruppenfuhrer Dr
Scheid to set up front companies abroad and pose as democrats in order to achieve economic
penetration and lay the foundations for the re-emergence of the Nazi party. “The Third Reich was
defeated militarily, but powerful Nazi-era bankers, industrialists and civil servants, reborn as
democrats, soon prospered in the new West Germany. There they worked for a new cause:
European economic and political integration,” writes Lebor. Wealthy Nazi bankers like Alfried
Krupp and Friedrich Flick used front companies like the BMW, Siemens, and Volkswagen to try (or
Krupp Industries) to buid a new pan-European business empire. Historian Dr. Michael Pinto-
Duschinsky is an adviser to Jewish former slave labourers. He said that: “For many leading
industrial figures close to the Nazi regime, Europe became a cover for pursuing German national
interests after the defeat of Hitler….The continuity of the economy of Germany and the economies
of post-war Europe is striking. Some of the leading figures in the Nazi economy became leading
builders of the European Union.” Banking leader Hermann Abs joined the board of
Deutsche Bank during the rise of the Nazis. He sat on the supervisory board of I.G.
Farban (IG Farben is the company that made the Zyklon B gas that murdered
concentration camp victims). Abs was even apart of the Marshall Aid allocation funds
that economically aided the Germany industry. He managed Germany's economic
recovery by 1948. Abs was apart of the European League for Economic Co-operation, an
elite intellectual pressure group set up in 1946. This League wanted a common market, which was
a prescusor of the European Union. Many of the Nazis' organization promoted similar common
market systems as the Nazis (according to Rodney Atkinson's "Europe's Full Circle"). Nazism and
the EU have many similarities. The Bilderbergers (their founders include pro-Jesuit Joseph
Rettinger and accused Nazi Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands) even wanted an unified European
currency according to documents from the mid 1950's. In his 1940 book The European
Community, Nazi Economics Minister and war criminal Walther Funk wrote about the need to
create a “Central European Union” and “European Economic Area” and for fixed exchange rates.
Funk's co-authors said that Nazi academic Heinrich Hunk wants an unified European economic
plan (even Nazi Gustav Koening wanted a European Community). Joseph Goebelles in 1940
predicted that the economic unification. Other top Nazis who called for the creation of a pan-
European federal economic superstate include Ribbentrop, Quisling and Seyss-Inquart, who
spoke of “The new Europe of solidarity and co-operation among all its people… will find…rapidly
increasing prosperity once national economic boundaries are removed.” So, the European Union
was dreamed way before 1993. The EU today has embraced totalitarianism. Some Euro MPs want
to ban certain blogs on the Internet. Under the 1999 ruling of the European Court Of Justice (case
274/99), it is illegal to criticize the EU and the EU is on a mission to outlaw any national political
parties that do not pander to the European federal superstate agenda. They want to remove power
from national governments to unaccountable supra-national organizations (via proposals like the
Lisbon Treaty that has been rejected by the citizens of Ireland). The EU is even anti-free speech in
some cases. So, we know exactly what the EU is trying to do.
St. Patrick and Ireland

It’s time to discover the real truth about the man. St. Patrick is the greatest Bible-believing
missionary of Ireland, but St. Patrick wasn’t born in Ireland. Always very humble like Moses is one
of his numerous gifts. Succatt (his Irish name was Cothrige) is his actual name. Patrick was just
added as a title of honor by his grateful supporters. All Believers in Jesus Christ are saints
equally, not just select individuals; so if you’re a believer, you’re a saint. A Scotland village of
Bannavern Tabernia (or Banna Benata Berniae) was the location of Patrick’s birth in ca. 387 A.D.
on the banks of the River Clyde. The time of his death was in about March 17, 461 A.D. March 17 is
St. Patrick day in Ireland, America, and throughout the world. Calpurnius, his father, was a
Christian deacon. Potitius, Patrick’s grandfather, was also a Christian presbyter of the settlement
of Bannaven Taburniae. Patrick wasn’t so committed to the Christian faith in the beginning. When
he was 16 (ca. 405 A.D.), pirates captured him and sold Patrick to Milcho, a chieftan in Antrium,
Northern Ireland. For 6 years years, he slaved as a shepherd . He converts to Christ and escapes
from slavery to arrive into Gaul by ship. A monastery in Lerins (an island near the coast of
Provence) led him to learn Latin and studied the scriptures. He went to Auxerethen finally to
Britian, his home. At England, his family welcomes him and Patrick had a vision where he saw a
man named Victorious with many letters and gave him one. That letter was entitled “The Voice of
the Irish” and a voice from the people urged him to return to Ireland to preach the gospel. Christ
said to him “…He who laid down his life for thee, is He who speaked in thee.” His family is happy
that he is a new Christian, but urges him not to arrive at Ireland. Here's more on the vision St.
Patrick claimed to have. Here are his words:

"...I saw a man coming, as it were from Ireland. His name was Victoricus, and he carried many letters, and
he gave me one of them. I read the heading: "The Voice of the Irish". As I began the letter, I imagined in
that moment that I heard the voice of those very people who were near the wood of Foclut, which is beside
the western sea—and they cried out, as with one voice: "We appeal to you, holy servant boy, to come and
walk among us. (De Paor, p. 100. De Paor glosses Foclut as "west of Killala Bay, in County Mayo", but it
appears that the location of Fochoill (Foclut or Voclut) is still a matter of debate. See Charles-Edwards, p.

At 30 [in 419 A.D.], Patrick journeys to Ireland as a deacon with the Bible to preach salvation by
faith alone, 1,000 are converted. Slavery and Druid human sacrifice were soon abolished. His
success was so great that Pope Celestine sent Palladius to use Patrick’s boyhood sin which
almost ruined St. Patrick’s [at 432 A.D., more than 27 years after he first came] ministry, but failed.
Over the next 60 years, Patrick went throughout Ireland preaching the Gospel, ordaining elders,
establishing churches, baptizing believers, etc. All of the records manifest that he baptized the 7
sons of Amalgaidh and others who believed (a fundamental/bible-believing/evangelical/Baptist
biblical trait). According to the “Tripartite Life of Patrick”, an author says that Patrick said, “Go ye
teach. Meet is the order of teaching, before baptism, For it cannot be that the body, receive the
sacrament of baptism, before the son receives the verity of faith.” This is the believers baptism
and no record whatsoever exists of Patrick baptizing infants, a Papal trait. As many as 365
churches were established. His monasteries weren’t related to Rome by having men trained for
years to be knowleable of the Scriptures to evangelize the Gospel for others. Many of them were
married with families and they loved the Lord. Patrick help create peace in warring clans. At 428
A.D., on Tara’s Hill, Patrick helped convert more Druids and the King. His Confession, the Shield,
and Book to Croctiucs outline his Christian walk:

“…If Patrick came to Ireland as a deputy from Rome, it might naturally be expected that
in the Irish church a certain sense of dependence would always have been preserved
towards the mother church. But we find, on the contrary, in the Irish church a spirit of
church freedom, similar to that in Britain, which struggled against the yoke of Roman
ordinances. We find subsequently among the Irish a much greater agreement with the
ancient British than with Roman ecclesiastical usages. This goes to prove that the origin
of the church was independent of Rome, and must be traced solely to the people of
Britain... Again, no indication of his connection with the Romish church is to be found
in his confession; rather everything seems to favor the supposition that he was ordained
bishop in Britain itself…" (Neander's History of the Christian Church, Volume 2, page 123
From “St. Patrick A Baptist!” by Dr.
L. K. Landis)

St Patrick therefore was never a Roman Catholic and any attempt to link him with Catholicism is just false.
He died in March 17, 461 A.D. His fruit inspired other missionaries like Columba, Columbanus (to go as
far as France and Germany in 612), Kilian, and Forannan (and his 12 brothers went to Belgium in 970
A.D.) to share the message of the Lord Jesus Christ. The missionaries were also instrumental in
expanding literarue to increase literacy across Europe during the Dark Ages. The Roman Catholic Church
would further persecute people in Ireland. Even Romanists canonized the goddess of the Druid named
Brighit (or called Bridget by the Druids). Romanism even canonized the Catholic St. Baccus, which is
similar to Bacchus (or the pagan of the god of topers or alcoholism). In May 1538, the pope sought his
revenge for the separation of the Church of England from Rome; the pope excommunicated all in Ireland
who recognized the supremacy of the King of England or any ecclesiastical or civil power greater than that
of the Roman Catholic Church. The elite of the Papacy hated Protestants in Ireland so bad that in 1641,
the Catholics organized a insurrection (and genocide) in Ireland. According to Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, the
Jesuits supported this genocide of thousands of innocent men, women, and children in Ireland. These
murderers enacted this policy in order to try to control Ireland in a Catholic theocratic system. According to
Foxe, the day was planned to be at the feast of Ignatius Loyola (who was the founder of the Jesuits) at
October 1641. Foxe's Book of Martrys mentioned that:
"...The execution of this savage conspiracy was delayed until the approach of winter, that
sending troops from England might be attended with greater difficulty. Cardinal
Richelieu, the French minister, had promised the conspirators a considerable supply of
men and money; and many Irish officers had given the strongest assurances that they
would heartily concur with their Catholic brethren, as soon as the insurrection took
place. The day preceding that appointed for carrying this horrid design into execution was
now arrived, when, happily, for the metropolis of the kingdom, the conspiracy was
discovered by one Owen O'Connelly, an Irishman, for which most signal service the
English Parliament voted him 500 pounds and a pension of 200 pounds during his
life...One hundred and fifteen men, women, and children, were conducted, by order of Sir
Phelim O'Neal, to Portadown bridge, where they were all forced into the river, and
drowned. One woman, named Campbell, finding no probability of escaping, suddenly
clasped one of the chief of the papists in her arms, and held him so fast that they were
both drowned together. In Killyman they massacred forty-eight families, among whom
twenty-two were burnt together in one house. The rest were either hanged, shot, or

Protestants died without provocation via knives, axes, etc. Even some of the British living in Ireland were
murdered by these extremists. The town and castle of Longford was besieged. 40 English Protestants
were murdered by the sword or were drowned by the sea (including women and children). People died in
Tullah. So, you have the idea of the graphic idea of the these tragedies inflicted against the Protestants of
Ireland. The Vatican orchestrated this genocide. The 1641 Irish Massacre was immoral. After this
Massacre, Catholics and non conforming Protestants were barred from voting or attending the Irish
Parliament. Under the penal laws (introduced from 1691) no Irish Catholic could sit in the Parliament of
Ireland, even though some 90% of Ireland's population was native Irish Catholic. This ban was followed by
others in 1703 and 1709. I don't agree with this since even I believe in religious freedom. I don't agree with
the Roman Catholic religion, but even they deserve religious freedom. Oliver Cromwell was a British
leader who re-conquered Ireland in 1649 to 1651. Oliver was opposed by the Irish Confederate Catholics
and the English Royalists. He is a very controversial figure. Roman Catholics believed that he utilized
excess force by allowing his soldiers to murder people in Ireland. At the siege of Drogheda in September
1649, Cromwell's troops killed almost 3,500 people after the town's capture—comprising around 2,700
Royalist soldiers and all the men in the town carrying arms, including some civilians, prisoners, and
Roman Catholic priests. Protestants believe mostly that Cromwell enacted self defense to protect the
Protestants in Ireland. Cromwell never accepted that he was responsible for the killing of civilians in
Ireland, claiming that he had acted harshly, but only against those "in arms." On entering Ireland,
Cromwell demanded that no supplies were to be seized from the civilian inhabitants, and that everything
should be fairly purchased. His exact words are:

        "I do hereby warn....all Officers, Soldiers and others under my command not to
        do any wrong or violence toward Country People or any persons whatsoever,
        unless they be actually in arms or office with the they shall answer
        to the contrary at their utmost peril." (Reilly, Tom, Cromwell - An Honourable
        Enemy: The Untold Story of the Cromwellian Invasion of Ireland (2000).

Several English soldiers were hanged for disobeying these orders from Oliver Cromwell. Other generals
were much worse than Cromwell. Oliver Cromwell was right to oppose Romanism. He said that the
Papacy denies the primacy of the Bible in favor of papal authority and they enacted tyranny (plus
persecution) against the Protestants (Baptists, etc.) of Europe. In 1800, the British and subsequently the
Irish Parliament passed the Act of Union which, in 1801, merged the Kingdom of Ireland and the Kingdom
of Great Britain to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The Great Famine caused over
1 million Irish people to emigrate into America in the late 1840's. On December 6, 1922, in the middle of
the Civil War, the Irish Free State came into being. Northern Irish became a division of the United
Kingdom in 1920 via the Government of Ireland Act of 1920. The conflict among Protestants and Catholics
continued in the 20th century. Both sides made errors and both sides discriminated against each other. In
the late 1960s nationalist grievances were aired publicly in Northern Ireland via mass civil rights protests,
which were often confronted by loyalist counter-protests. Sometimes the government of the UK enacted
brutal force to combat protests. The existence of the Papal IRA had terrorism in Ireland as well. The
Irish Republican Army (IRA) is an example of the worldwide Communist influence
of the Vatican. The IRA was founded in 1969 as the clandestine terrorist arm of
Sinn Fein, which is a Roman Catholic political movement whose aim is to
subjugate Protestant Northern Ireland under the authority of the mostly Roman
Catholic Ireland. The tenets of the IRA are based upon Catholic doctrine, and
consequently the IRA has a decidedly Marxist orientation. The IRA criminal
terrorist activities include bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, extortion, and
robberies, which are perpetrated against Protestant Christians living in Northern
Ireland and the British government. The IRA is interlinked with other Communist
terrorist organizations. For example, on May 6, 2002, it was revealed that Marxist
Communist rebels (FARC) in Colombia had been meeting for at least the previous
three years and getting guidance from more than a dozen members of Sinn Fein
and the IRA, who provided training in bomb making skills to the communist
rebels and guided them in other terror activities. In congressional testimony
before the U.S. House of Representatives International Relations Committee,
Colombian General Fernando Tapias, chairman of Colombia’s joint chiefs of staff,
attributed to IRA training of the Marxist rebels the bombings of 320 electrical
towers, 30 bridges, and 46 car bombings, resulting in the murders of 400
Colombian police and military officers. Other researchers found that some British
intelligence workers worked with certain factions of the IRA to kill people in order
prevent a real peaceful situation in Ireland.

In 1998, following a Provisional IRA ceasefire and multi-party talks, the Belfast Agreement was
concluded and ratified by referendum. This agreement attempted to restore self-government to
Northern Ireland on the basis of power-sharing between the two communities. Violence decreased
greatly after the signing of the accord. On 28 July 2005, the Provisional IRA announced the end of
its armed campaign. Ian Paisley has been a famous Protestant of Ireland. He criticized Romanism
strongly. Recently, he has worked in the Northern Ireland government. I don’t support the Jesuit
IRA or the Masonic Orangemen who have members that are extremist (Some are even evil
terrorists). I do respect the color of orange since that’s the color of Protestants in Ulster and
Ireland. It also symbolizes bible-believers and Patrick. I do respect those who really want peace in
Ireland. Unjustified violence against Roman Catholics and Protestant is still wrong an a sin. is again one link proving Patrick as an bible-

The Serbian People

The Serbs suffered a lot of configuration, so that’s why I've expounded information
more about them. They are mostly Orthodox. During WWII, in Yugoslavia at 1941,
Hitler brought Roman Catholic Ante Pavelic with his mostly Papal terrorist Ustashi to
rule over Croatia. The Ustashi were made up of mostly Roman Catholic Croatians.
They were the fascist corollary of the German Nazis. The Ustasha wanted to wipe out
the Orthodox Church with a policy of converting to Roman Catholicism or face
execution. Roman Catholic Archbishop Stepinac of Croatia signed the Croatian
circular # 11.530 on August 1941 giving Jewish people no option of conversion
whatsoever. Its a known historical fact that Roman Catholic priests (mainly
Franciscans) led persecutions of Catholic priests in Croatia during the war. Some
Bosnian Muslims worked with the Ustashi to kill Jews. It was Arafats uncle al-Husseini,
who trained Muslims to kill Jews in Yugoslavia. Al-Hussieni is pictured shaking hands
with a Nazi leader and pictured in a meeting with Adolf Hitler. The Serbian people were
either forced to convert to Roman Catholicism or they were exterminated (or suffered
through a concentration camps). If a Serb did not convert to Roman Catholicism his
property was confiscated and he was either executed or he was sent to a prison camp
for a later but no less certain death. The Ustashi murders were similar to a horror
movie. People had eyes gorged, nose cut off, ears cut off, beatings, breaking bones,
and severed limbs. Those who were forced to convert to Roman Catholicism had to pay
170 kuna for the conversion. This bribery was evil and numerous Roman priests gain
great wealth. The Roman Catholic Ustashi often tortured their prey before they brutally slaughtered
them. At Korenica hundreds of persons were tortured to death by having their ears and noses cut off. The
tortures most frequently applied were beatings, severing limbs, goring eyes, and breaking bones. Catholic
priests figured prominently among the Croatian fascist leaders. Fascist meetings were often preceded by
Catholic religious services, and Catholic flags were carried in fascist processions. Catholic priests
encouraged the genocide. Abbot Dionis, head of the Religious Department said in Satza that it was no
crime to kill a child of 7 if he interferes with the Ustashi government. Father Bozidar Bralow, who was
known for the machine gun that was his constant companion, was accused of performing a dance around
the bodies of 180 massacred Serbs at Alpasin-Most.

Pavelic even met with Pope Pius XII and the Pope took no adequate steps to avert this tragedy or
excommunicate Pavelic. Stane Kukavic was one such Franciscan monk who was part of the killer squads
overseen by vicar Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac. Jasenovac was the main concentration camp in the
Yugoslavian region and the 3rd largest concentration camp during WWII where at least over 800,000
Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies were butchered. Catholic Franciscan Monk Miroslav Filipovic-Majstorovic of the
monastery near Banja Luka was the commander of the Jasenovac prison camp during four months in the
fall of 1941. During that time he saw to it that 40,000 people were liquidated, many of which he personally
executed. He was known as Fra Sotona (Brother Devil). He was not the only Franciscan in the prison
camp, he was assisted in the killings by: Brkljanic, Matkovic, Matijevic, Brekalo, Celina, and Lipovac. Kurt
Waldheim, Arnolds ally, worked with the Ustashi and Kurt killed American G.I.s in Serbia. Jack Chick,
Vladimir Dedijers' The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican, and Christopher Simpsons Blowback all
document this, so this is real history that many people dont want you to know. Some Catholics protested
these terrorist acts correctly like Catholic Bishop of Mostar, Alois Misic, and Catholic priest from Zagreb
named J. Lancar.
In February 1942, the Yugoslav chapter of the International Red Cross sent a courier who handed
documentation at Catholic involvement in the Serb/Jewish/Gypsy genocide to Pope Pius XII
himself, so he knew about it. The Vatican not only sent Nazi war criminals out of Europe, but also
Ustashi criminals. The Vatican sent Pavelic to Buenos Aires in November 1942 and Pope John XIII
did his benediction at December 1959 when Ante died. Father Krunolav Dragnovic even admitted
that some of the gold looted from the Serbs and Jews were sent to the Vatican (starting in May 7,
1945 with 288 kg. of gold). By 1945, the Allies kicked the Nazis and Ustasha out from continuing
their murder program. Let it be known that some Roman Cahtolic oppose the genocide in Croatia.
Alois Misic, Catholic Bishop of Mostar protested the genocide in his June 30, 1941 pastoral letter,
and J. Loncar, a Catholic priest from Zagreb, in a sermon on August 23, 1941, denounced the
homicidal crimes of the Catholic Ustashi government. Loncar was sentenced to death for his
heroic act. The sentence was later commuted to life in prison at hard labor. They should be
acknowledged for their acts. Archbishop Stepanic is even being considered for beatification as a
saint of Roman Catholicism when he honored Pavelic. Pope Pius XII supported Pavelic and did
nothing to oppose the genocide going on in Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav chapter of the International
Red Cross, sent a courier to the Vatican to deliver documentation of the Roman Catholic Holocaust in
Croatia along with an official plea from Privislav Grizogono, former Minister of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia,
in an attempt to persuade the pope to stop the Holocaust. The Pope did nothing, but have a private
audience with Ante Pavelic in 1941. John Cronwell documents this information.

In their book, Unholy Trinity, Mark Aarons and John Loftus revealed the contents of
hitherto secret documents that exposed Vatican complicity in the escape of Nazi war
criminals. Some of the documents were obtained from a daring burglary of the offices of
Father Krunolav Draganovic. Father Draganovic took over from Bishop Alois Hudal the
running of the Vatican program for the escape of WWII war criminals. This action was
called the Vatican Ratlines. Do you know what happened to the murderer Ante Pavelic?
This Croatian Fuhrer left Europe (disguised as a Catholic priest) via the Raltines to
Buenos Aires. He became a good friend of Monsignor Giovannni Battista Montini,
who was then the Vatican’s Under Secretary of State. Montini would be Pope Paul VI in
1963. He died in December 1959 and Pope John XXIII pronounced a personal benediction in
him. The Vatican helped to escape the Nazis including Adolph Eichman, Jose Mengele,
Franz Stangl (who was the commandant of the infamous concentration camp at Treblinka),
Klaus Barbie (who was the butcher of Lyons). Attorney Jonathan Levy exposed how the
Vatican looted gold (via the Nazis) from Serbian people and Jewish people. Father
Krunolav Draganovic, who ran the Vatican ratlines, admitted that part of that gold ended
up in his hands.

In a recently declassified October 21, 1946 memo from Office of Strategic Services (OSS which was the
precursor to the CIA), Agent Emerson Bigelow reported that a shipment of money from Croatia to the
Vatican was partially intercepted by the British, but that 200 million Swiss Francs ($170 million in U.S.
currency today) which apparently made it through to the Vatican was being held there for “safe keeping.”
The report states that the money was being used to finance Croatian war criminals in exile. In an October
1945 memo, Bigelow reported that a shipment of pounds 80 million of Gold coins plundered from the
Jews, Serbs, and Gypsies was smuggled out of the Nazi puppet regime in Croatia and into the Vatican.
The Vatican had blood money and gold. Jonathan Levy and others have made a lawsuit to have
accountability about the Vatican stealing gold from Jewish people and the Serbian people.

The conflicts between Serbs, Croats, and other groups caused conflicts mightily in the 1990s. In 1991,
Clinton put the Ustasha back in power in Croatia. The Dayton Peace Accord, agreed by Clinton, forced the
Serbs to be disarmed in a fire free zone. Yes, Milosevic may have done bad acts, but Clinton also allowed
Serbs to be unjustly killed. In fact, many graves dont exist and the U.S. funded the Albanian KLA
Separatists to kill Serbs. The KLA were drug smugglers. The Republican Party Committee of the U.S.
Congress in 1997 proved that the U.S. military collaborated with al-Qaeda operatives to fight his illegal war
in Bosnia and the KLA also was supported by al-Qaeda (from the 1990s). NATO with Clark being the
supreme NATO commander in Yugoslavia allowed went to bomb civilian targets, use depleted uranium,
and other crimes admitted by Spanish NATO pilot Captain Martin de la Hoz and Mitch Cohen. Human
Rights Watch condemned this action of the 78-day NATO air. Bombings happened in Bosnia and Kosovo.
Hospitals, business buildings, schools, factories, etc. were hit in Belgrade alone.

Assaults against the patriotic Serbians didn't end in the 1940's. The genocide against Serbians
occured onward today in the 1990's and even now in the early 21st century. John Pilger from
August 16, 2008 wrote about how we need to never forget the Yugoslavia region experiencing
genocide. The former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia in The
Hague, whose name is Carla Del Ponte, this year published her memoir entitled, "The Hunt: Me
and War Criminals." That book revealed secrets that's being ignored by even the mainstream
media. The book outlined the West's intervention in Kosovo which is similar to what's going in the
Caucasus area. Del Ponte investigated the crimes in Yugoslavia. We know war crimes existed
among both sides (Albanians were murdered). Yet, the establishment ignores the crimes against
the Serbs by the West and NATO. For example, NATO bombed civilian infrastructure for 78 days
(under CFR member and Rhodes Scholar Wesley Clark. He's an ally of President Bill Clinton) and
Kosovo in 1999. Hospitals, churches, parks, schools, television studios, were bombed in that
occurence. Washington and London prevented these crimes from seeing the light of day for the
most part. David Scheffer, who is an US ambassador-at-large for war crimes, announced that as
many as “225,000 ethnic Albanian men aged between 14 and 59″ may have been murdered. The
West allied with the the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). The KLA were corrupt,
murdered Serbs, and the KLA allied with CIA-funded Muslim radicals like Al-
Qaeda. They kidnapped Serbs in the hundreds to harvest organs (according to
Del Ponte's book, Ponte wrote that the Serbs were shipped into Albania for sick
organ harvesting to occur). Blair, the war leader, was on a triumphant tour of
“liberated” Kosovo. The KLA was ethnically cleansing more than 200,000 Serbs
and Roma from the province. Yugoslavia was stripped of its right to handle its
own affairs with NATO oppression, EU involvement, and the forced creation of
the Kosovo state. In Georgia, both Georgia and Russia committed excessive
strikes against each other. The United States and many EU nations have announced support
for the Kosovo nation. Back years ago, many of the same liberal Democrats displaying oppisition
to the Iraq war were filled with glee in sponsoring the war in Serbia (like Nancy Pelosi). The war in
Serbia during the 1990's caused many Serbian to flee Kosovo in the thousands (The KLA which
the West supported in the war was linked to the CIA-funded al-Qaeda group. The KLA is also
linked to organized crime. Not all Muslims are terrorists though). This neo-conservative and neo-
liberal support for interventionalism have been outlined by Justin Raimondo. Although, these
policies only create more tension in Serbia and Iraq. NATO and EU and US want certainly more
control of the Balkans and they see Kosovo as a means to an end. Michel Chossudovsky from
Global Research at February 20, 2008 reported on this point. For example, Hashim Thaci, a chairman of
the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) and Prime Minister of the Kosovo provisional government, is
quoted as desiring Kosovo to work with the EU. Michel Chossoudovsky called Thaci a KLA-related
terrorist. Hence, Kosovo is pro-EU.

Mexico & Texas
Texas' and Mexico’s stories of Independence were very interesting. The Native Americans are the original
people of Texas. The following will show how and why Texas obtained its own independence. H. W.
Brands wrote a recent book exposing how Texas started up. Brands is a professor from the University of
Texas, so he possess great credibility in outlining his information. In the early 1800's, the United States
had a claim to Texas. This came about by the Louisiana Purchase. This was about a Treaty
signed by Napoleon and the United States in May of 1803 that gave millions of
square miles to America. Brands wrote that the southwestern boundary of America's Louisiana
Purchase was the Rio Grande according to Thomas Jefferson. Yet, Jefferson did little to defend this
interpretation, because he had to contend with the British and the French (on the high seas). James
Madison fought the British later in the war of 1812. In 1819, Secretary of State John Quincy Adams was
willing to surrender whatever claim America might had to Texas in exchange to answer the Florida
question (in America's favor and other details between the United States and Spain). David Crockett was
a Texas settler. The move to free Mexico from Spain came in 1810. A Catholic priest named Miguel
Hidalgo y Costilla wanted freedom from Spanish imperialists. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (according to
John Daniel, Costilla was a Freemason of the Arquitechtura Moral Lodge of Mexico City in 1806) wanted
improvements for the conditions of the natives in Mexico. He organized an army and shouted "Long Live
Independence, Death to the Spaniards.." By 1817, the Spanish put down the revolt. The Catholic priest
Costilla ironically was caught by the Spanish and executed in August 1, 1811 by a firing squad. The revolt
was continued by another priest and Mason, Juan Moralos, who was also captured,
excommunicated, and shot. In 1821, an Mexican officer named Augustin de Itrubide joined the
remaining rebel forces and freed Mexico from Spain. Augustin was called Emperor of Mexico, but he
was defeated by republican forces lead by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Anna would forsake the
republican principles and later would become a dictator. Meanwhile in 1824, Mexico created a
Constitution making Mexico a democratic Constitutional Republic. This Constitution was similar to
the US's Constitution. Mexico claimed Texas at this time, yet they failed to truly conquer Texas because
Native Americans defeated them like the Apaches. Mexico then allowed American colonists to settle in
Texas. These men included Stephen Austin. In 1823, after obtaining authorization by Governor Antonio
María Martínez, the Texas's first empresario, Stephen F. Austin, began a colony of 297 Anglo-American
families known as the "Old Three Hundred" along the Brazos River. Unfortunately, slaves were in Texas.
Many U.S. settlers were Scot-Irish from Tennesse and Kentucky. They were used to making communities
in the harsh environments of Northern Ireland and America. Many of them were Protestants or
Presbyterians. These settlers were very successful in Texas, so Mexico worried about losing Texas.

Mexico then tried to conquer Texas. The Mexican General Teran later visited Texas to evaluate the
situation there:

"...Teran's visit to the border made him appreciate what Stephen Austin had accomplished in his colony.
On his outward journey, Teran had been inclined to consider the success of the Austin colony a potential
threat to Mexican rule.."(Lone Star Nation, Part 2, Chapter 7, page 148).

"... In our country nothing is done if the government does not do it...The North American have
conquered whatever territory adjoins them. In less than half a century, they have become masters
of extensive colonies which formerly belonged to Spain and France, and of even more spacious
territories form which have disappeared the former owners, the Indian tribes...There is no power
like that to the north, which by silent means has made conquests of momentous importance. Such
dexterity, such constancy in their designs, such uniformity of means of execution which always
are completely successful, arouses admiration.." (Lone Star Nation, Part 2, Chapter 7, pages 152-

In Mexico, Roman Catholic culture dominated the area. This made the people to have an over reliance on
the government and witness authoritarian rule. Romanism and oligarchy go hand and hand throughout the
Papacy's history. Numerous English speaking people had a work ethic to work hard for the glory of God.
Tocqueville wrote of America that:
"...In America, then it may be said that no one renders obedience to man, but to justice
and to law. If the opinion which the citizen entertains of himself is exaggerated, it is at
least salutary; he unhesitatingly confides in his own powers, which appears to him to be
all-sufficient. When a private individual mediates an undertaking...however directly
connected it may be with the welfare of society, he never thinks of soliciting the co-
operation of the government; but he publishes his plan, offers to execute it, courts the
assistance of other individuals, and struggles manfully against all
obstacles...Undoubtedly he is often successful than the state might have been in his
position; but in the end, the sum of these private undertakings far exceeds all that the
government could have done..." (Democracy in America, Volume 1, Chapter 5,
Pages 75-76)

So, many non-American sources outlined the Texas area as being prosperous. General Teran was apart
of a Roman Catholic conspiracy to overthrow the democratic elected Republic of Mexico, get rid of the
1824 Constitution, get rid of the Legislature, and allow a dictatorship to exist under Santa Anna. Many
Roman Catholic bishops were apart of this:

"...A conservative alliance of bishops and generals had called for Santa Anna to assume
emergency powers against the liberals...The bishops and generals, joined by the landed gentry,
descended upon Santa Anna's hacienda and implored him to move against the liberals. They
argued that the revolution had gone awry, that the Mexican masses weren't ready for
republicanism...Santa Anna allowed himself to be persuaded...the general decided that he alone--
ruling alone--held the key to Mexico's salvation. To many observers, this turnabout was nothing
less than a betrayal of the republic and the revolution. A former American minister to Mexico, Joel
Poinsett (aside note: Joel was a Past Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of South
Carolina) charged the president with abandoning his liberal convictions...Santa Anna replied in
measured tons. 'Say to Mr. Poinsett that it is very true that I threw up my cap for liberty with great
ardor, and perfect sincerity, but very soon found the folly of it. A hundred years to come my
people will not be fit for liberty. They do not know what it is, unenlightened as they are, and under
the influence of a Catholic clergy, a despotism is the proper government for them'..Despotism was
what Santa Anna began to provide the Mexican people in the spring of1834...He sent congress
home, expressing confidence that he could govern quite well without the legislature..." (Lone Star
Nation, Part 2 Chapter 10, pages 227-228).
                     This picture depicts the famous battle of the Alamo.

Hence, the authoritarian rule of Santa Ana caused Texas and other Mexican
states (like Chihuahua, Zacatecas and Yucatán) to rebel against the President Anna
for having too much power. That is why there was the Battle of Gonzales in 1835.
This launched the Texas Revolution and the Declaration of Texas Independence
came about in March 2, 1836. So, the Roman Catholic Church wanted dictators in
Mexico. Anna didn't give up. Anna attacked Texans in the Goliad Massacre. He
defeated the Texans forces at the famous Battle of the Alamo. Later on, Sam
Houston led forces to defeat Santa Ana's forces at the Battle of San Jacinto.
Santa Anna was forced to sign the Treaties of Velasco to end the war (and
recognize Texan Independence). Many of these Mexican supremacist
organizations such as MECHA and the Atzlan reconquista movement are
promoting the lie that Hispanics have no stake in Texas culture. That’s false of
course. Over a third of the soldiers who fought for Texas independence against
the dictator Santa Anna were proud Tejano Texans. Santa Anna himself was
removed by the Mexican people just a few years later in Mexico City.

Texas still harbored slavery for a time, which was wrong. Strong abolitionist opposition to adding slave
states blocked Texas's admission until pro-annexation James K. Polk won the election of 1844. Texas
was a state of the Union by December 29, 1845. After that Mexico ended diplomatic relations with
America. America and Mexico fought the Mexican American war, because America claimed that the
border of Texas was the Rio Grande, while Mexico claimed that the border was at the Nueces River. Polk
claimed that the Mexican routing of American troops or the Thorton Affair was an act of War. The first
battles came in Texas. America won the war and both sides signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo,
which ended the two year war. Sam Houston was an Unionist, but was forced out of office, because of
threats from Confederates. Meanwhile, in Mexico, many Papists overthrown the Mexican Republic. One
famous pro-Republican was the full blooded Native American named Benito
Juarez. Although, he was Freemason, Benito Juarez he did do the right thing in
promoting equal rights for his nation's indigenous peoples, lessening the great
power that the Roman Catholic Church then held over Mexican politics, and
promoted the defence of national sovereignty. He described his parents as "Indios
de la raza primitiva del país," that is, "Indians of the original race of the country." The
period of his Presidency was called La Reforma or the Reform. Benito Juarez is
regarded as the greatest President in American history. He died in July 18, 1872. The
pro-Papal dictatorship of Ana would continue in Mexico even after Juarez died
(for some time). The Papacy did the same thing (of overthrowing Republics) in the
20th century and afterwards advocating dictators in Europe like Hitler, Franco,
and Mussolini (including others). The Roman Catholic Church is continuing this
authoritarian goal in other forms. I respect the real patriotic and liberty loving people of
Mexico and Texas indeed.

I’m pro-Legal Immigration

Jerome Corsi wrote about a yet another planned corridor called CISCOR spanning the breath of
Canada (i.e. from W. Canada to Halifax) connecting to other intercontinental corridors. This is one
major reasons why illegal immigration is promoted. If you have unrestricted illegal immigration,
multinational corporations will profit. As a result, power will be integrated among oligarchs to
handle it (i.e. the power is run by unelected bureaucrats with governmental powers like the SPP.
The SPP wasn't elected by the American people at all, so they have no right to decide in secret
what they want to Americans). What's interesting is that Dr. Pastor (who agrees with the Security
Partnership and Prosperity agenda) is a member of the "Foreign Policy Advisory Committee for the
National Council of La Raza [The Race in Spanish]". La Raza has been accused of being a racist
organization (like la Mecha which is 100X more racist than La Raza. Both groups are mostly Catholic. In
fact, The Vatican and the Jesuits are the strongest promoters of illegal immigration in the United States of
America) that promotes almost amnesty. La Raza is readily funded by the federal government and
foundations like the Ford Foundation and Toyota. Antonio Villaraigosa is the mayor of Los Angeles
and he's a member of La Mecha (some of its members wants a separate nation which is
nicknamed La Reconquista with no other group in it but Mexicans or Hispanics). La Mecha is short
for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan. Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrez of the University of Texas supports
the Aztlan agenda. The Preamble to the MEXA Constitution wants Aztlan to be a nation for Chicano or
Chicana people. Chicano is another name for Mexican Americans who are U.S. born American citizens.
Many Chicanos sincerely work to fight for civil rights and against discrimination. I want to make that point
clear. Many Hispanic racists have killed blacks (especially in the West Coast exposed by African
American radio host Terry Anderson) even though these Hispanic racists are a small minority. Not all
Hispanic people act in that fashion. Villaraigosa also pardoned (like Bill Clinton) a convicted drug dealer
Carlos Vignali. Antonion supports illegal immigration.

Many patriotic Hispanic people oppose illegal immigration, so not all Hispanic people are monolithic on
this issue. NAFTA negatively impact the US and Mexico, so the majority of the blame ought to blamed on
the corporate elite inventing these plans and laws. I believe in more legal immigration but not illegal
immigration. There's a difference. The US and EU signed a transatlantic agreement. The Kansas City
Smart Port is a proposed inland port in Missouri to handle Mexican trade and trade customs globally
(when that ought to be reserved at the borders). Foreign Australian Newspapers recently brought many
American newspapers, so sovereignty is going down in America. Jerome Corsi wrote on December 5,
2007 about something. He wrote that Members of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers
Association say they have documented hundreds of safety violations by Mexican trucks rolling on U.S.
roads under the Department of Transportation's Mexican truck demonstration project.

The ADL and SPLC (or the Southern Poverty Law Center. They hypocritically call for an end to
hate but hate even peaceful conservative viewpoints) constantly bash almost anyone strongly
disagreeing with illegal immigration. Yet they endorse open borders like Lou Dobbs have exposed.
Dobbs rightfully condemned the SPLC for their distortion of Romas and Compean when both men
tried to stop a man breaking the law. Romas and Compean's mistake in usual circumstance would
be suspension not imprisonment. Both men are out of prison now, so that's a great thing. What would
be a good solution? It would be to secure the borders first (with National Guard troops, border
patrol, and barriers), and deport felons who are illegal immigrants via due process. Enforcing the
laws are necessary. The rest that are here illegally will have to face punishments also if they desire
citizenship (like paying a fine plus leaving the US, learning English plus basic American culture,
and coming back. If they can't do that by themselves holidays and vacations should be set aside
for that to be done easier). I don't believe in breaking up families or unfairly harming people (or
knock down on doors). So, I do accept compassion. Those who want illegal immigration rarely
expose MS-13 gangs, Mexican incursions killing people, and The Plan of San Diego (an old plot by
Mexican racists to kill whites, blacks, etc. in order to form Atzlan. This isn't all Hispanics, but a
small minority. Many of them are funded by the Ford Foundation and are influence by the Jesuit-
sponsored Liberation Theology). The open border crowd doesn't expose how Los Zetas are
harming Mexicans and Americans, etc. Dr. Lou Dobbs, Dr. Daneen Peterson, Dr. Jerome Corsi, and
others have exposed the North American Union. So, I don't agree with the faux conservatives who
deny it like Michael Medved, Neil Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, and others. Some liberal hypocrites
demonize us as racist, but in 1969 Ralph Abernathy and Cesar Chavez protested illegal
immigration (since it negatively impacted labor standards and wages. Also, Vicente Fox said
illegal immigrants do work that blacks won't even do which is bigoted). You   Don't Speak For Me
is a Hispanic-American coalition that soundly rejects the media myth that the vast majority of
Hispanics support the protests and calls for immigration laws to be properly enforced. The
organization rejects the false framed debate that illegal immigration can only be solved by mass
deportation or mass amnesty and proposes the third way which is simply to enforce immigration
laws that are already on the books. Hispanic Americans are the most highly decorated veterans
since world war two and are incredibly patriotic about America. Another leader of the
organization, Pete Nunez, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, says that "millions of
Hispanic-Americans -- including many who have gone through the immigration process the right
way -- are offended by the demands being made by people who have broken our nation's laws.
We are even more offended that the views of Hispanic citizens are not being accurately
portrayed." "Hispanic-Americans are often the people who are harmed the most by our
government's failure to enforce our immigration laws," Nunez said. "More often than not, it's our
jobs, our social services, and the education of our children that are most adversely affected by
illegal immigration. A massive illegal alien amnesty, with millions more relatives being allowed
to enter the country, followed by what will likely be an even greater wave of illegal immigration
will be devastating to the country and particularly to Hispanic citizens."

I found out that Mike Huckabee is pro-CFR (by supporting CFR chieftain Richard Hass) and he's
supported by Gilchrist. Gilchrist must be brainwashed. Big corporate foundations like the Ford Foundation
even fund Univision and other pro-amnesty groups endorsing 30,000,000 illegal immigrants into America.
During the immigration demonstrations of 2005 to 2007, many of them, which were orchestrated
by Rob Allyn of Rob Allyn & Co. Rob Allyn is tied with the neo cons and George W. Bush.
Plains Native Americans existed in the Southwest and West Coast before Meso-American tribes came
there, so the Atzlan claim (Today, the pro-Atzlan omit about the Plan of San Diego. That plan was to
execute non-Hispanics in the SW back in the early 1900's to achieve an Atzlan empire) is based on a half
truth. The Spaniards colonized the SW USA and Mexico in using biological weapons on Native Americans
for over 400 years ago. The US and Mexico signed the Treaty of Guadalupe allowing the USA to own
states in the Southwest also. There are Jesuit connection to many radical pro-illegal immigrant
organizations. Numerous Jesuit spread Liberation Theology in the Philippines not just in Latin America.
Liberation theology taught that capitalism was the enemy and only the people or the proletariat could free
society from bondage. Liberation Theology was the blueprint that the Sandinistas did to enact violence in
South America. The priests who were charter members in the Sandinista leadership were Jesuit
Fernando Cardinal Ernesto Cardenal, Miguel D'Escoto Brockman of the Maryknoll Fathers, Jesuit
Alvaro Arguello, and Edgar Parrales of the Managua diocese. The Contras did violence as well, so
both sides acted in inappropriate ways. Roman Catholic Cardinal Roget Mahony, who is the archbishop of
Los Angeles supports protests on immigration issues.

I don't believe that any immigrant ought to be dehumanized though. I don't
believe in exporting hatred against whites, Hispanics, Native Americans, etc.
because the real global elite wants us divided in hatred. We should work together
and help our society. The Jesuit Order uses this revolutionary rhetoric in order to
prevent people from advancing more tolerant/biblical solutions to solve our
John Paul I

John Paul I was a famous Pope. His reign was only for 33 days. He was the first Pope born in the 20th
century. His real name was Albino Luciani. He was a reformer in his religious matters. Many Catholic
leaders according to David Yallop and John Cornwell, many in the Vatican opposed Luciani's policies.
John Paul I was popular with the world and abandoned the Papal Coronation. He wanted to prepare an
encyclical to continue the Papal policy of the Second Vatican Council. He died mysteriously on
September 29, 1978. The Vatican at first reported that the 65 year old Pope died of a heart attack in
night. Yet, to this day, authors from many quarters believe that he was poisoned. The suddenness
of his embalming raised suspicions that it had been done to prevent an autopsy. The Vatican insisted that
a papal autopsy was prohibited under Vatican law. However, one source (the diary of Agostino Chigi)
reports that an autopsy was carried out on the remains of Pope Pius VIII in 1830. People wept greatly in
Rome after John Paul I died. Vennel Ferrell in his book, "The Murder of John Paul I" believed that Pope
John Paul I wanted to investigate the practices of the Vatican Bank including its President Bishop Paul
Marcinkus. The Vatican Bank was involved in a lot of corruption in that time. John Daniel's Scarlet and
the Beast book series documents more information on the corruption of the Vatican and how
Freemasonry ties into that. Ferrell believed that John Paul I ultimately wanted the covert
Freemasons eliminated from the Roman Catholic Church (in the Vatican's headquarters). Cardinal
Jean Villot was the Vatican Secretary of Sate and pulled out the list of Masons in the Vatican. This list
included 121 cardinals, bishops, and members of the Roman Curia. Masons were in Catholicism for
centuries. According to Michael De Semlyen:

"...The involvement of leading members of the Roman Curia in secret societies, including P2 and other
Masonic Lodges, was revealed to Pope John Paul I by the Italian news agency ‘L-Osservatore Politico’
shortly before his untimely and mysterious death in September 1978..."

Michael De Semlyen wrote the book entitled, "All Roads Lead to Rome?: The Ecumenical Movement."
Roman Catholic Oxford Professor of Logic, Michael Dummett, accused the Pope [i.e., John Paul II] of
complicity in a cover-up to protect [Archbishop] Marcinkus. The Sunday Telegraph from March 15, 1987
reported that Professor Dummett believed that the Vatican Bank was involved with the Mafia, P-2 Lodge
of Freemasonry, and is related to the murder of an Italian banker in London. Michael De Semleyn writes

"...The Milan [Court] verdict has brought blunt accusations of complicity in Calvi’s murder leveled at
[Archbishop] Marcinkus by Calvi’s widow, who claims that her husband had told her shortly before his
death: ‘The priests want me dead’. Marcinkus resigned as head of the Vatican Bank, but remained under
the pope’s [i.e., John Paul II’s] protection and enjoyed Vatican immunity. Attempts by the Italian authorities
to put him on trial with the others accused of fraud were brushed aside by the Vatican; the Pope simply
refused to hand him over.”

John Paul I wanted to reform the irregularities in the Vatican banking system. Other sources believed that
he also wanted to get rid of top level Masons from the leadership of the Vatican as well. Ironically,
Cardinal Jean Villot would be listed as a Freemasonry. Freemasons Villot and Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio
would vote and allow John Paul II to be in the Papacy. John Paul II would endorse the new world order,
travel the world, end the contrived Cold War, have the world love him, and advance the Ecumenical
Movement. The lesson here is that I don't agree with Romanism, but many Roman Catholics tried to rebel
against the elite for centuries. Examples include Pope Clement XII, Pope Clement XIV, Archbishop Oscar
Romero of El Salvador, and President John Fritzgerald Kennedy. Therefore, we should learn this history
and many folks' stories about fighting for liberty.

Rwanda's Massacres

The Rwanda genocide of 1994 was terrible. One of the major culprits for this genocide was the
Roman Catholic Church. These facts have been unreported by the mainstream media. Rwanda is
located in East Central African nation. The outstanding film "Hotel Rwanda" was made in 2004 that
exposed how terrible the Rwandan genocide was. Also, the JFPO (or Jews for the Preservation of
Firearms Ownership) in 2003 presented their film called, "Innocents Betrayed." This documentary
outlined how anti-gun policies in Rwanda contributed to the genocide of that country. Innocent
Betrayed exposed how fascist or dictatorial government disarmed the population as a means to
exterminate innocent human beings (almost 200 million people were executed by their own
government in this fashion from Nazi Germany, Rwanda, China, the Soviet Union, Guatemala,
etc.). The 1994 Civil War was about the genocide was orchestrated against the Tustis and some
moderate Hutus. Much of it was carried out by the Hutu Interahamwe (or milita) including gangs of
young Hutu thugs. Government officials play a big role in arming the Hutu militia. Hotel Rwanda
last 2 hours and 2 minutes in the film. It was based on the true story of a courageous man name
Paul Rusesbagina, who was a Hutu. Paul was a 5-star hotel manager who saved the lives of over
1200 Rwandan refugees (When the genocide started, Paul Rusesabagina assistant manager of the
Hotel and he saved his family including others). These refugees found sanctuary in the Hotel des
Miles Collines in Kigali, which is the capital city of Rwanda. The actor Don Cheadle plays Paul
Rusesabagina. According to the Los Angeles Time, Don gives the performance of a lifetime. Paul's
wife is played by Sophie Okonedo (Paul's wife was Tatiana, who is a Tutsi). Nick Nolte plays a
Canadian United Nations colonel. The special features of the Hotel Rwanda film has Paul
Rusesabagina talking. Now, in April of 1994 the two ethnic groups of the Hutus and Tutsis had a
civil war. Hutu extremists want to have genocide against the Tutsi people. Nearly 1 million
Rwandans died.

The crazy thing about the whole event was the Western response in 1994 was non-existence. There was
a lack of concern of the genocide. Even the United Nations didn't do nothing to help folks dying in
Rwanda. The Innocent Betrayed film exposed how stealing citizens' guns in Rwanda contributed to the
genocide. Laws and poverty were combined to keep the victims [mainly Tutsi, but also some “moderate”
Hutu sympathizers] from getting firearms to defend themselves. All “offensive and concealable arms” were
prohibited, and the Ministry of Defense kept a registry of those few people who were allowed to possess
firearms. The Minister of Defense was also the chief organizer of the killing campaign. Government troops
set up roadblocks to check the “national ID card” which identified Rwandans according to their tribal
grouping – Hutu, Tutsi, [or Twa]. These roadblocks, and the national ID card, played a major role in
facilitating the slaughter of thousands of Tutsis. Tutsis were slaughtered largely because they were not
armed; they frequently had to resort to using stones against their murderers who had automatic weapons,
machetes, etc. Rwanda in that time had 90% Hutu people and 9% Tutsi people. Both tribes often
intermarried. The state controlled radio stations called for the extermination of the Tutsis. The Belgian
authorities in the early 20th century gave political authority to the Tutsi minority at first. The majority Hutus
would gain power much late in the late 20th century. The Hutu controlled government promoted hatred of
the Tutsis by calling them "cockroaches" on radio broadcasts. The Rwandan government troops worked
with Hutu gangs of youth and the Hutu militia (or the Interahamwe) in executing the genocide. John Daniel
(author of the great "The Grand Design Exposed" book sent an email to Daryl Eberhart to expose more of
the Vatican connection to the genocide in Rwanda. John Daniel found out that Rwanda was called the little
Switzerland of Africa (and it was the most Catholicized nation on the continent of Africa). The ‘British
Church Newspaper’ on April 16, 2004, carried an article by a correspondent: ‘Genocide of the Tutsis – the
Role of the Roman Catholic Church’.” The article exposed how the Hutu massacre of ca. 800,000 Tutsis
in the spring of 1994 were largely a product of the Roman Catholic Church. This role is similar to the
Catholics supporting the Nazis in the 1930's.
Back in the 1870's, German colonists came to Rwanda-Burundi to find a well ordered society. The
Tutsis were dominant cattle owners and held power in the central court. The Hutus were peasant
farmers who move into the Tutsi elite on merit with the Hutu chiefs playing a significant role in the
society. There were Belgian Roman Catholic missionaries from the 1880's onward in Rwanda.
They were from the Vatican's White Fathers Order. They increased their influence in the area, and
in the 1919 Versailles settlement after World War I, Rwanda became a League of Nations ‘Trust
Territory’ under Belgian control. Now, the White Fathers created the racist lie that the Tutsis were
Hamites and the Hutus were inferior, so they should be treated as Bantu serfs. The Belgian
Catholics believed that only civilized African societies existed from the Hamites. Belgium ruled
Rwanda more or less as a joint venture with the Roman Catholic Church. Because of this only
Tutsis were given responsibility in Rwanda. Their power increased greatly while Hutu resentment
grew. This set the stage for the post-World War II Roman Catholic missionaries. In 1931 the
Belgians and the Catholic Church installed a national leader selected for his compliance. He
promptly converted to Catholicism which sparked a national rush to the baptismal font that made
Rwanda the most Catholicized country in Africa. From 1933, the Belgians forced the Rwandan to
call themselves Hutu, Tutsi, or Twa. The Catholic schools dominated the educational system as
well. Every school taught racial bigotry and lies about inferiority. These new Catholic missionaries
who were Flemish took up the cause of the Hutus. After WWII, the White Fathers Order diminished
in power. These new Papal missionaries taught social justice/Marxist theories in Rwanda. They
were mostly Flemish and called fro a Hutu social revolution against the Tutsis. Later, a 1959 Hutu
uprising in 1959 which led to 10,000 Tutsis being killed and over 100,000 being driven abroad.

A notable event was the disgraceful letter sent in 1972 to the Archbishop by a group of eleven Hutu
Roman Catholic priests and religious leaders, referring to the Tutsis as ‘cockroaches’ – a word used
frequently by Hutu killers in 1994. Father Wencesalas was a priest in Rwanda. He was charged in France
in 1998 for providing Hutu killers with lists of Tutsi refugees at his church. This allowed refugees out of
hiding to be killed. Wenceslas was accused of attending massacres without interfering, sabotaging
UNAMIR's efforts to evacuate refugees form the church and much more. The Catholic Bishop of
Gikongoro, Monsignor Augustin Misago, was often described as a ‘Hutu Power’ sympathizer. He was
accused of barring Tutsis from places of refuge and telling a group of 90 Tutsi schoolchildren (who were
being help in preparation of slaughter) not to worry since the police would protect them. 3 days later, the
police massacred 82 of the children. State prosecutors were ‘afraid’ to go after high-ranking Catholic
prelates like Monsignor Misago because of the tremendous power still wielded by the Vatican in Rwanda.
Still, local Rwandan courts have charged some Catholic priests with participating in the genocide. Here's
more information from a website:

"... “Prosecutors say at least 2000 people were killed at the Nyange Church in western
Rwanda when the [Catholic] parish ordered the church to be bulldozed on top of Tutsi
refugees.” Robert Chesal wrote an article on September 14, 2005 describing how
Catholic priest Father Theunis was charged with inciting genocide and spreading
extremist propaganda…which “encouraged Hutus to take part in the killing of Tutsis…”
BBC reported: “Sister Gertrude Mukangango [the mother superior of a convent]
received a 14-year sentence for her role in the massacre of some 7000 people seeking
refuge at her convent in southern Rwanda. Sister Maria Kisito Mukabutera received a
12-year sentence… The two [Benedictine] nuns handed over thousands of people who
had sought refuge in their convent. They even supplied cans of petrol to the Hutu
militias, who set fire to a garage sheltering some 400 refugees.” (From

*This is conclusive evidence of a Vatican role in the genocide of Rwanda. There was one of the
militia leaders saying that nuns helped the militias. Some people that these events of ethnic
cleansing is apart of a bigger agenda of population control or population reduction. It's not a
secret anyone that numerous elitists from Prince Philip to Ted Turner want a radical reduction of
the world population via viruses or other population control procedures. The deal is that the
Papacy (along with others in the global elite) played the Hutus and the Tutsis against each other,
so they can kill each other off in genocide. This crisis isn't real reform. It keeps the poor poor,
while those in control can maintain their grip of power.

Modern Times
In modern times, the Vatican wants to control Israel. Barry Chamish, Josel Bainerman, and others
have exposed this truth. The funny thing is that the Vatican and Israelis are working political deals
behind closed doors to violate the sovereignty of the people of Israel. The Vatican has links with
the PLO as well. Joel Bainerman wrote that the Vatican's agenda to allow the United Nations
control Jerusalem and then use it for the Vatican's own personal agenda. He believes that the
Vatican wants to control Israel and promote a phony Messiah. Joel wrote that then Cardinal
Joseph Ratzinger was one of the biggest diplomats at the Vatican. On April 15, 1992, he visited
Israel to see Jerusalem's Mayor Teddy Kollek. Since 1992, secret talks occurred among Rabin's led
Labor government with the Vatican about the Vatican trying to control the Old City of Jerusalem.
Shlomo Gur has talked with "Father" David Jaeger. Gur was a personal aide to Deputy Foreign
Minister Yossi Beilin. Jaeger converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism. According to Joel

"...This is probably one of the most important political contacts Israel has in the world’s “power
structure” yet it isn’t reported on in the press. Thus no Israelis know about it. That is how it
remains hidden, November, l992 The document which was used as the underlying ideological
basis for the Vatican’s secret deal with Yossi Beilin and Shimon Peres was personally authored
by Beilin...The Illegitimacy of Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem” outlines the Israeli
government’s program for the future of Jerusalem and calls for the division of the Old
City into cantons whose border posts will be under UN control. The plan which led to the
December, 1993 agreement between The Vatican and the State of Israel was originally discussed
in November 1992 at the exact same time the first meetings in London took place to discuss an
agreement between Israel and the PLO which led to the Oslo Agreements...The real goal was the
Vatican attempt to take over the Old City of Jerusalem. Oslo, or, “peace between Israel and the
Palestinians” was just a good cover story to hide what was really going on in another sphere of
Israel’s foreign affairs. So What Is The Vatican Planning And What Can Israeli Jews Do About It?
For centuries the Vatican has been pushing its “replacement” doctrine which states that the
Catholic has replaced Israel as “the New Israel..."

So, the Vatican wants to steal land in Old Jerusalem while working with the leaders of Israel (who are
controlled by the Vatican/EU/CFR/US network). On a spiritual level, Rome wants this hand in an attempt
to uproot the authority of people living there (and promote their Messiah there that can unite religions,
etc.). The Middle East have been exploited in wars also to promote the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple.
That has been expressed by numerous Freemasons and other secret societies. This agenda of Vatican
rule in the Middle East is going on covertly with the support of Yossi Beilin and Shimon Peres.
Rudolph Giuliani is a perfect example of an agent of the Papacy. He is a Papal Knight just like
his friend Cardinal Egan. Rudy received the Knighthood of the Order of Merit of Savoy
(including the Queen of Elizabeth knighting him as a British Knight). Vittorio Emanuel III was
the grandfather of the current leader of the House of Savoy. He co-signed laws that forced almost
8,000 Italian Jewish people to be deported by the occupying German forces starting in 1943
according to many sources. Cardinal Egan was admitted as Cavaliere di Gran Croce (Motu
Proprio) to the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus. Cardinal Egan is the Archbishop of New
York and a spiritual leader of the Knights of Malta. Pat Robertson once endorsed Rudy Giuliani
for President. He's a hypocrite for supposedely being pro-life, yet endorsing a man who even
wants taxpayers to fund abortion (even if they disagree with it. Abortion is obviously wrong and
murder). Rudy is anti-gun by wanting a different standard for gun rights for cities and
another for rural areas. Frankily, gun rights should be equally accessible to all citizens
irrespective if they live in rural or urban locations. Rudy is also anti-civil liberties by
endorsing the Patriot Act, USA Military Commissions Act, and other policies even in NYC
that militarize the police (with random searches, free speech zones, sound weapons, etc.).
Rudy Giuliani had a bad character for years from marrying his own cousin for a while,
committing adultery against his wife, and making contribution statements (plus deeds) about
9/11. Giuliani placed the decision to put his prized, $61 million emergency-command center in
the World Trade Center, which was a terrorist target. Information proves that Rudy Giuliani is
involved in the cover up of what occurred in 9/11. He called for the removal much of the debris
in 9/11 making some of it to travel to China. Also, Rudy Giulani said that he had prior
knowledge of the WTC building collapses before it collapses. Rudy to this day refused to tell
which source of the government told him this information. Giuliani's has ties with Cintra and
Macquerie, two foreign contractors involved with the contentious Trans-Texas Corridor under
development in Texas.

Some speculate that Rudy supports this plan, because he has radical views on the issue of
handling illegal immigration. Rudy Giuliani worked in the OEM or the Office of bio/chem-
terrorism exercise likely involving an anthrax scenario for which personnel were in New York
City on 9/11, and Giuliani’s just-recent OEM director urged White House staff to go on anti-
anthrax Cipro on Sept. 11. Giuliani testified to the 9/11 Commission that his Office of
Emergency Management (OEM) had scheduled a bio/chem-terrorism response exercise,
called TRIPOD II, to begin the day after 9/11, Sept. 12. But personnel who were to take part
in the exercise were already in New York City on Sept. 10th and OEM personnel were
cleared out of their WTC7 offices on Sept. 11 and moved to the exercise command center on
a New York pier and thus conveniently out of the building when it was brought down by
explosions according to Steven Jones. The then recent director of Mayor Giuliani’s
Office of Emergency Management, Jerome “Jerry” Hauer — a bio-warfare expert and
one of the signers of the pre-9/11 Project for a New American Century manifesto
calling for “a new Pearl Harbor” (such as 9/11) who had been a central player in
scripting the TRIPOD II bio-chemical attack scenario exercise — was an expert in the
response to building collapses. Hauer managing director of Kroll Associates before
and on 9/11, the company that managed the WTC7 OEM ‘bunker’ and provided
‘security’ for the World Trade Center. A Times editorial concluded in May that the
Giuliani administration "failed in its duty to protect the workers at Ground Zero," faulting
its "emphasis on a speedy cleanup" and its unwillingness "to insist that all emergency
personnel and construction workers wear respirators." Rudy Giuliani is a pro-globalist by
introducing David Rockefeller to speak in a meeting. Rockefeller was the founder of the
Trilateral Commission and he wants the establishment of the new world order. Other
leaders of the American government during 9/11 (like George Tenet, Michael Hayden,
Donald Rumsfeld, etc.) would be Jesuit-trained and have connections to other related
groups. These Jesuit-trained people and Papal Knights still have huge power in the
American government to this day.
Recently in early July of 2009, Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday is calling for a world
political authority in order to manage the global economy. These statements are fund in
his encyclical called “Charity in Truth.” This work was released just before the G-8
Meeting of 2009 in Italy. In this encyclical is calling for regulation of the financial sector
(which is already occurring in America in record levels). a “worldwide redistribution of
energy resources.” Benedict added that “the State’s role seems destined to grow” if his
political prescription is followed. Pope Benedict want an United Nations to be reforms,
so it can have teeth to get the global regulation of the world economy going forth.
“Such an authority would need to be regulated by law, to observe consistently the
principles of subsidiarity,” Benedict says. It’s a Catholic social principle that says that all
events should be handled by the least centralized competent authority. Yet, the essence
of a global authority to handle financial affairs worldwide is in contradiction to the
concept of subsidiary. Not to mention that the U.N. have been pro-abortion, pro-forced
sterilization, and have done anti-Christian policies since 1945, but the Pope wants to
align with this group. Popes in the Roman Catholic Church have called for a new world
order for a long time, so Pope Benedict calling for a world political authority to handle
the affairs of the world is nothing new. The director of the Vatican Press Office &
Roman Catholic Jesuit priest named Federico Lombardi, S.J. (who was the former
superior of the Jesuits' Italian province) said that: "The pontiff stressed that he is not
opposed to a globalized economy, saying, that if done correctly, it has unprecedented
potential to re-distribute wealth around the world..." Barack Obama meet with the
former Nazi conscript Pope Benedict XVI as the Papacy still has global reach. This news
comes in the light of world leaders for months calling for a global currency or a new
international economic order. The leadership of the Roman Catholic Church is
definitely in league with the new world order agenda.
Appendix A: The Alternative Media: I'm Calling out Names

I wanted to get this off of my chest. This all started with Alex Jones who mocked anyone
who was a strong Vatican exposer. He later called people like us mentally ill. Soon, he has given
token exposes about the Vatican. Now, Texe has taken Jones' side and is attacking Eric Jon
Phelps. Frankily, I don't agree with Phelps on every issue including race. People should live where
they want irrespective of their race, gender, creed, or skin color. I reject racism 100%. Canaan was
cursed as mentioned in Genesis, but Ham wasn't cursed at all. In fact, the book of Genesis says
that God blessed Noah and his sons including Ham. There is no evidence that blacks are totally
direct descendants from Canaan at all. Additionally, Jesus Christ redeemed people from the curse
of the law (Galatians 3:10-14). All humans are equal in sin and can be equally saved under God. All
believers in God are one in Jesus Christ. Many racists and some misguided theologians have advanced
that "Canaan being black people and hence black people are cursed" lie for centuries. There isn't even a
Biblical reference at all proving that black people are under a curse at all from Canaan. No one can
convince me otherwise. Race explicitly is not even mentioned in the Bible. Acts 17:26 even admits that
God made from one blood all nations to dwell in the Earth. Of course, there is nothing wrong with mere
preference in some instances. There is a problem with unfair dehumanization of people based upon their
skin color (or hatred of humans personally because of their ethnic group). God certainly is no respecter
of persons. We should be too. We should judge folks by their character and actions not by their
skin color. Many scientists hold that because the physical variations that are used to categorize people
into different races (skin color, eye shape, etc.) are trivial (only .012 percent of human biological variation)
and that genetically all humans are fundamentally the same, racial distinctions based upon physical
                                                                                Professor of
appearance are not founded on biological reality but are in fact a social construct.
Epidemiology Raj Bhopal, who is the head of the Department of Epidemiology and
Public Health at the University of Newcastle, stated in the British Medical Journal:
"Humans are one species: races are not biologically distinct, there's little variation in
genetic composition between geographically separate groups, and the physical
characteristics distinguishing races result from a small number of genes that do not relate
closely to either behaviors or disease." The Bible says that we should never judge someone's
appearance anyway, but use righteous judgment from John 7:24. Also, education and intervention can
radically improve the intelligence and capacities of all people irrespective of their race.

Eric is correct to expose the sinister and wicked history of the Vatican/Jesuit network though. In
October of 2008, Texe Marrs and Alex Jones attacked Eric John Phelps with many false accusations and
they mentioned a site called Each of them didn't cite Eric Jon Phelps'
name at all in their whole conversation. They should at least say his name like men. Texe Marrs
slanders Esther a whore. Texe Marrs also believe that Haman was the good guy even though he
was a dictator of the Persian Empire. Haman didn‘t even believe in the one true God. If I were
criticizing a person, especially on air or in the Internet, I will say their name like a
man. Alex Jones (this is the same one who used profane language to describe
Geraldo Rivera then appears on the Rivera show to discuss Palfrey’s death. He's a
hypocrite. Jones is good friends with the racist Hutton Gibson and Knight of Malta
Patrick Buchanan) said that Eric Jon Phelps believes that the Earth is held on a string. Eric
doesn't believe in that. Eric believes in geocentricity (or the view that Earth is the center of the
universe and does not move). You can disagree with that view, but that's hardly believing that the
Earth in on a string. Alex also said that Eric believes in black magic rituals to do nuclear
explosions. Eric Jon Phelps doesn't believe in that since he said that ground detonations caused
the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (along with magnesium flash bombs with uranium in
them. You can disagree with this, but that's hardly black magic rituals). Jesuits were there in
Japan like Pedro Arrupe. Arrupe would soon become the Jesuit General. Jesuit Edmund Walsh
was a key figure in ending the contrived WWII. That's why Walsh is pictured walking side by side
with 33rd Degree Freemason General Douglas MacArthur (and Walsh was involved in the
Nuremberg trial that acquitted key pro-Nazi Knights of Malta. High Level Freemason Robert
Jackson was apart of heading up the Nuremberg Trials during the 1940's as well). Alex Jones has
slandered William Cooper as a drunkard, UFO believer, and that he allowed the police to kill him.
These are all lies of course. First, William Cooper isn’t a drunkard and he denounced
UFO/Reptilian disinformation before he died. Also, William Cooper exposed a plot of the CIA
causing a war on terror by using Osama bin Laden as a scapegoat in June of 2001. Now, Alex
Jones in April 8, 2009 lied and say that numerous people exposing the Vatican connections to the
new world order are linked up to the Israeli Lobby. That’s another lie since he offered no evidence
for that. Not to mention that many people who expose the Vatican expose a wide spectrum of
other groups (not just one group). I don’t even follow the Israeli Lobby at all. Yet, I will never
hate         Jewish          people           or        any         other         people           at       all.

Now, in their discussion, they've accused Eric of being an agent who wants to cover up Israeli involvement
in the new world order since he's involved in a diamond business. Texe Marrs said these accusations
specifically. Texe Marrs is in error to say that Eric Jon Phelps doesn't criticize Zionism because he
criticized Labor Zionism and many other forms of Zionism for years (since Zionism isn't monolithic. There
are the extremist Likudnite form of Zionism. There are other Zionists that want peace in the Middle East). I
wish they would say Eric Jon Phelps' name like men. Also, we have exposed how many elite
members of religions, governments, economic giants, etc. that are controlled by the Elite. This site
of zionistchampions are right on many issues. They are right that the Talmud ought to be rejected since
it's extra biblical material that is unscriptural on many of its words. It exposed Hal Turner as a bigot and an
agitator of conflicts (along with the great probability that he is a FBI informant). It also rejects the Kabbala,
which I do. This site is wrong on many issues. It accuses Eric John Phelps of being a New Age Movement
promoter, because a New Age company funded his book Vatican Assassins. Eric John Phelps publicly
said that he rejects the New Age Movement and this company was the only group that would interview
him. Also, Jesuit Theilard de Chardin was considered the father of the New Age Movement. The
Jesuit ties to New Age Movement is found easily. Not to mention that the Vatican follows many Mystery
religion teachings similar to the New Age Movement such as that prayer to the dead is fine, statues ought
to be venerated, the embrace of Rosary beads, repetitious prayers are fine (in contradiction to the Bible),
and the praise of Mary as the Queen of Heaven (Many New Agers readily worship the Goddess). These
connections among the Mystery Schools, the Vatican, and the New Age Movement are clear cut and easy
to understand. This site lies that Eric believes in the hollow Earth theory, which he has now rejected. GCN
(which influences Alex Jones and his crew) advertises for the "the Most Holy Family Monastery." That
group (with people like Peter Dimond an James Wardner. Some of their ilk still desires to justify the
evil Inquisition) promotes the radical Traditionalist sect of Roman Catholicism. These people believe in
the lie of Papal Infallibility, the false view that the Pope has the divine right to rule the world, and promote
the tenets of the intolerant Council of Trent. I look at this site of , it's a mix
of half truth and intimidation. The site doesn't even talk about Ecumencialism. The modern
Ecumenical Movement came about via Vatican II in order to promote compromise among
Bible Believing Christians (so they can align themselves under the arm of the Roman
Catholic Church). That's why the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the acting head of the Church of
England & his predecessor are both members of the Papal-loyal Royal Order of Francis I. Rowan Williams
has been in league with the Papacy for decades. The Pope and the Jesuits have talked about
this. Not all Catholics are involved with all evils in the world. Yet, I have every right to
disagree with the doctrines of the Vatican. This site lies that Unhived Mind Forum (and Craig
Oxley) doesn't expose Zionists when it has a section that does it. Even Antisionist have exposed this issue
in great depth. This website lies and says that Eric absolves Jewish people of any evil in the world. The
truth is that many Jewish people in the ADL, B'nai B'rith, etc. are blamed for much evils in society.
Yet, this isn't all Jews, but a select few involved in serious global evil, which is subordinate under more
powerful interests (Numerous of these people are the crypto Frankist Sabbatean Labor Zionists. They are
allies of the Papacy and hate Torah Judaism. A lot of their organizations comes from the Babylonian
Mystery Religions. False Messiahs was promoted from this clique like Shabtai Tzvi and Jacob Frank).
                                                               this site omits how
Therefore these apostate Jewish people are not pro-Jewish at all. Additionally,
the Vatican was key in the creation of the Vietnam War (for example, Diem was a
Catholic trained in America who butchered the Buddhists. Cardinal Spellman was a
leading supporter of the Vietnam, and the Pope met with Ho Chi Minh, including Diem. Avro
Manhattan's book about Vietnam uses sources to document this truth). Madama Ngo Dinh Nhu is a
famous women of that era. She met then Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson in May of 1961. Ngo
Dinh Nhu mocked the 1963 protest of Thich Quang Duc. Duc burned himself on fire, because Diem's
government suppressed the religious liberty rights of the Buddhists living in South Vietnam. Madame Nhu
called it a "barbecue" and stating "let them burn and we shall clap our hands." Her words were wrong of
course. She was the wife of Ngo Dinh Nhu, brother and chief adviser to President Ngo Dinh Diem. Not
to mention that Knights of Malta, the Rockefellers, and other groups fund the activities of the ADL to
accomplish much wickedness in the world. This site lies and says that Eric has unconditional support for
the government of Israel (this is in distinction with the many God fearing Israelis living in Israel, so I
want to make that clear). The truth is that Eric Jon Phelps feels that the government of Israel is
wicked (which it is. Eric John Phelps exposed the evils in the Israeli government for years), yet
Jewish people have a right to live in Israel. Also, Eric has exposed George Bush, the CFR neo cons, and
Dick Cheney despite what the site says. Eric Jon Phelps has said that 9/11 is an inside job. The
zionistchampions site said that Phelps is a tax dodger. What? The IRS is an illegal group meant to steal
wealth. You have to be careful when dealing with taxes, but it isn't evil to refuse to pay money to the IRS at
all. That's why real Patriots advocate the repeal of the IRS. So, this zionistchampions site wants to shill for
the IRS possibly? Maybe. On the diamond issue, Eric said that his wife is a gemologist. She has a simple
jewelry store. She sells diamond to jewelers. Eric isn't a diamond merchant, but buys diamonds in Israel
and other resources from Iran, etc. Eric Jon Phelps says that has only one jewelry store (which isn't a
blood diamond store at all). The store purchases a stone once in a while.

The biggest lie of this site (called is its support of Ron Paul. It's a fact that
Ron Paul sucks up to the pro-NWO 33rd Degree Freemason and Vatican supporter Ronald
Reagan. Ronald Reagan signed an agreement with the Vatican in 1984, he signed a pro-abortion
law in 1967 as Governor of California, he advanced the anti-gun Mulford Act in 1967, he expanded
our debt, Papal Knights of Malta were in his cabinet (along with CFR members, etc.), and he did
other anti-freedom policies. Ronald Reagan was a member of the Bohemian Grove and is pictured with
Richard Nixon. Ronald Reagan was the quintessential fake conservative in America. It's a fact that Paul
is apart of a Greek fraternity named Lambda Chi Alpha. It's a fact that Ron Paul has expressed
support for the John Birch Society. The John Birch Society has keys to Masons (Robert D. Love
and T. Coleman Andrews, and other JBS members were Freemasons) in its earlier years. Now, the
JBS has very strong ties to the Vatican, the Council on National Policy (filled with pro-Dominionists), and
Jesuit trained people. John F. McManus is Jesuit trained and the head of the JBS. The John Birch Society
promoted the Cold War hoax. Many in the JBS are sincere, but their leadership are controlled by the
establishment. For example, John Birch Society member William J. Grede was the director of the 7th
Federal Reserve Bank, which is a vital branch of the Federal Reserve. JBS member Louis Ruthenberg
was also tied to the JBS. It's a fact that Ron Paul has given Masonic handshakes. It's a fact that Ron
Paul supports and praises the unbiblical John Paul II. John Paul II explicitly called for a new world
order before he died. It's a fact that Ron Paul is allied with SMOM Lehman of the PNAC crew. It's a fact
that Ron Paul refuses to expose 9/11 as an inside job. Dissenting with Catholic doctrine in a strong way
isn't bashing Catholics as Alex Jones say. I'm glad Kelly McGinley from South Carolina exposed more
information about Ron Paul. Ron Paul said that he can't decide whether homosexuality as a sin or

According to Kelly McGinley, "Ron Paul claims to be pro life yet as a doctor he
knowingly hands out pills that he knows have an abortive side effect plus most
probably will give the women breast cancer...Ron Paul does hand them out, I
asked him personally on my show. He answered the same as any normal
brainwashed doctor would answer today. Ron Paul should expose the reasons
why these dangerous drugs are given, not act as if it is normal and good to give
them out to women." Ron Paul supports the evil policy of banning babies who are born here
in America (whose parents are illegal immigrants) from being citizens immediately. George W.
Bush has repeatedly bowed in submission to Pope Benedict XVI (who called for a new world
order. Many. Knights of Malta own many corporations, etc.). Even Ronald Reagan and George H.
W. Bush have been awarded the Order of Merit pro Merito Melitensi of the Sovereign Military Order of
Malta. Only Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, not Ron Paul. We should place our real faith in God
not the voting process.

Also, Custance Cumbey is right to expose the New Age Movement. She even came up to comment
on my blog a while ago. Yet, Cumbey believes in Ecumencialism and her own old book
says that New Agers can go into Heaven (as found in "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The
New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism" form pages 186-187). Cumbey falsely
called Eric Jon Phelps as a person who promotes the New Age Movement. Eric Jon Phelps has
continually criticized and exposed the New Age Movement for years. Notice that Alex and Texe
didn't refute the long expose Eric Jon Phelps made against Cumbey (the expose include the
Vatican link to the New Age Movement, Cumbey's Ecumencialism, and Cumbey's false
accusations including called Custance calling Catholicism as apart of Christianity). Although, both
of them used ad-hominem attacks against Eric on that issue. It's ironic that Texe Marrs is trying to
justify Cumbey, but Custance Cumbey has criticized Texe Marrs before. Cumbey accused Texe
Marrs of being a racist. Now, Alex Jones and Texe Marrs claim to expose the evil in the Vatican,
which is true in limited cases. Yet, they demonize anyone who even show strong dissent with the
Vatican. It's Orwellian doublethink, because they outline crumbs about exposing the Vatican. Yet,
they will demonize anyone who classifies the Vatican as a wicked, murderous, and lying
organization since their origin (which it is. Not to mention exposing Opus Dei, the Knights of
Malta, the Constantinian Order, the Pilgrim Society, etc. is important to expose as well). I will not
act like Alex Jones in cursing people out in a radio show like he did against Delaney just because I
disagree with someone's views. Also, people like me have exposed Labor Zionists for years, but
we don't view all Jewish people as monolithic. Evil exists in many circles and it's a lie to assume
that we only expose the Vatican/Jesuit network. We expose the FED, the NAU, illegal immigration,
fluoride, the war on terror, and the list goes on an on. Eric is right to expose the Vatican though. I
guess this is the new level of attacks from these people. If we were so weak, they would have
nothing to say about us. Since, we are growing in our influence, certain people are scared. These
skeptics have to do better than that if they want to intimidate us, which they can never do. These
liars say we want to fight each other in an non-productive way. No, we want to back up our views
and defend it. Also, some of these skeptics want to equate standing up for our views to agitation
or infighting. That's a false connection. The Jesuit information is spreading fast and some can't
stand it. This isn't slander. This is reality.

Here's my take on Alfred Lambremont Webre. He has been on my blog plenty of times to attempt
defend his positions on issues. He has disagreed with Eric's characterization of him as a shill. He
is obsessed with answering any charge that Eric Jon Phelps makes about him. Here are the facts
of the situation. He seems to be sincere about what he believes, but has made plenty of errors in
his views. In 1996, he was an elected delegate to the Texas Democratic Presidential Convention in
Dallas, Texas. He believes in the existence of intelligent, extraterrestrial life in the Universe. Webre also
joined Stanford Research Institute. Here's other examples of his life. Now, Webre is a futuristic and
is from Canada. He is an environmental activist and there is nothing wrong with trying to help the
environment at all. He is the member of the United Nations' NGO from NYC during the 1980's. Why
would Webre align with the U.N. in the first place? The United Nations was developed by the
establishment (since its headquarters are upon Rockefeller-owned land) for the establishment
(since the United Nations advance the globalist ideologies of abortion, population control,
globalism, and global warming hysteria agenda). The UN has always been a organization to disrupt
national sovereignty the world over. The UN has been murderous for years and was supported by 33rd
Degree Scottish Rite Freemason Harry Truman. Webre once worked for the Ford Foundation and the
Standford Research Institute during the 1970's. The Ford Foundation was crucial in funding left
gatekeeping organization for decades. Webre claims that Zionism came from Lucifer's rebellion occurring
at least 200,000 years ago. Webre believes that Lucifer and Satan are seperate beings as taught by many
New Agers. The truth is that Zionism isn't that long. Also, Lucifer (who existed before his fall into the
Earth) and Satan are the same being. Alfred Webre was famous for meeting in a 9/11 truth conference in
Vancouver, British Columbia at June of 2007. So, Webre is wrong on these points.
The Anti-Semites Sherry Shriner, Hal Turner, Etc.

Sherry Shriner is a slick shill in the alternative media. Much of what she says is accurate about the new
world order, Secret Societies, and government corruption. Yet, that is overshadowed by Sherry's UFO
paranoia, her promotion of orgone, and her anti-Jewish bigotry. Shriner lies and claims that orgone
crystals can ward of "aliens and demons." No, the Bible is clear that only through the power of God
can drive away evil (not through phony crystals). The nerve of her is that she invokes God in her
views. No, God doesn't advocate people equating human beings as wicked serpent UFO beings at all.
Sherry Shriner is blatantly unbiblical by calling the Apostle Paul a fraud. Paul was a great Jewish man,
who wanted people to follow God's commandments after salvation. Sherry Shriner also wants people to
follow the Bible codes as a legitimate means to find the truth. Yet, God is far from secret. You
don't need secretive codes to find the truth. Not to mention that numerous Bible
codes have been discredited by both religious and secular scholars. Also, the
original Bible was translated in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic (while Shriner
wanted to the King James version in her Bible codes and I respect the KJV
myself). She believes that Satan comes from Planet X. Her biggest lie is that Jewish are from the
Serpent seed (or that Satan had sex with Cain to form Jewish people, black people, and others).
Satanists, neo-Nazis, Nazis, occultists, and shills all have believed in this lie before. The Nazis and Hitler
believe that the Jewish people were an inferior race from vermin that ought to be exterminated. That is
why they wanted the Aryans to rule the world on their Kingdom. The Bible is clear that the descendants of
Cain died via Noah's flood. The Israelites from the Bible are from Shem. The Bible is clear that Adam and
Eve concieved both Abel and Cain:

"Adam knew his wife (Eve) and she conceived and bore a son, Cain. and Eve said, "The Lord has
given me a man child. And Eve again bore a son and named him Abel." (Genesis 4:1-2).

The Bible Text is clear that Adam and Eve had sexual intercourse ("knowing") and Eve conceived and
bore Cain. Typically, Sherry Shriner (like numerous Nazis) believe that blue eyed Europeans are the true
Israel. This is a lie since the ancient Hebrews had dark or olive skin complexion. The Lemba, the
Sephradim, the Yemeni, Iranian, the Ashkenazi, and other tribes are the true Israel living in Israel today.
Shriner loves the Khazar lie when most Khazars became extinct by the 1200's A.D. Shriner's serpent seed
doctrine is nothing more that a repackaging of the Nazis’ Doctrines (and the Nazis wanted a new world
order for a 1,000 years). Sherry Shriner is just a false prophet in a Christian disguise. I don't hate her.
People should pray for her, so that God can wake her up and she can repent from her wickedness (to
embrace the Gospel). According to Pastor Harry (which I don't agree with on every issue), said that Sherry
Shriner told him that ex-President George W. Bush was the Antichrist. That's false of course. Jesus Christ
came to offer salvation to all human beings irrespective of their skin color. Therefore, we should preach
the Gospel to all people. See, Sherry doesn't seem to want the Gospel to be sent to all people since she
dehumanizes some of her fellow human beings. Not to mention that spreading the Gospel is a command
from Jesus Christ in the book of Matthew. What Sherry Shriner is doing is promoting confusion in order to
covertly fulfill the Devil's agenda.

Elizabeth Dilling is another great shill as well. She lived from April 19, 1894 to May 26, 1966. She is a
famous Jewish hater. Dilling was born as Elizabeth Kirkpatrick in Chicago, Illinois. Her father was Dr. L.
Kirkpatrick, a physician and surgeon of Virginian, Scots-Irish, Presbyterian ancestry; her mother, Elizabeth
Harding, descended from a long line of Anglican bishops. During World War II, she became an activist in
two organizations inspired by the antisemitic radio priest Father Charles Coughlin. The smoking gun that
she is a shill is how Elizabeth admired admired both Adolf Hitler and Francisco Franco. She falsely called
people Communists from Einstein to others. Hitler and Franco were Roman Catholic dictators that killed
innocent people. Franco butchered Protestants and others during the Spanish Civil War in order to form a
Papal theocracy. Typically among anti-Semites who claim to be apart of the alternative media, Dilling is
right on some issues. Elizabeth is correct to point out that FDR compromised too much toward the
Communists at Yalta (even Francis Perins was a Communist). She was so disillusioned that she
proclaimed herself as Dilling proclaimed herself "abler than the men who were running the country." The
deal that she doesn't comprehend is that Communists was created by the elite in order to control
the outcomes of Revolution among the people (and centralize control over nations in a monopoly
type fashion. The globalists like the Rockefeller Family, the Pilgrims, the Vatican, etc. covertly
collaborated with the Communists in order to overtly try to create a new world order). Mrs.
Elizabeth Dilling worked in Chicago and even Harry Ironside (a Biblical writer who taught himself
Chinese) hosted her in Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. These acts deal with Ecumenicals
whereby some people want to unite Protestants and Baptists in order to fight an contrived enemy
like International Communism (which was funded and facilitated by the big bankers just like cartel-
capitalism). This has been exposed by Anthony Sutton and many other authors. Now, Elizabeth
makes no distinction between a regular Jewish person on the street that isn't involved in deep evil
and the Masonic Jewish crowd involved in Communism or other evils (like Freemason Armaud
Hammer, etc.). Dilling said that she entered the USSR in 1931. That's nearly impossible for an
American to do that since FDR didn't even recognize Russia until 1933. The only way she would of
done that is that if she had connections to big wigs to do that. She was a great contributor to
Archbishop Spellman's and the suspected 33rd Degree Freemason Billy Graham's anti-Communist
agitation of the fifties and sixties. Spellman knowing full well that the Jesuits originated and
controlled Soviet Communism since 1917. Jesuit Ropp help aid the Russian Revolution. Her
second husband, Jeremiah Stokes (1877-1954), was a lawyer and author. He published the antisemitic
The Plot Against Christianity in 1964, which included over 200 pages of photocopies from the Soncino
edition of the Talmud, with his wife's underlines added. This collective blaming of Jewish people is a
wicked game promoted by Texe Marrs today as well.

Daryl Bradford Smith and Hal Turner are big time shills. First, it's time to expose Daryl Bradford
Smith a bit. Now easy proof to prove that Smith is a shill is that he promotes the Vatican and
Pinay's literature (on his website). Anyone with intellect knows that the Vatican was a creation of
man-made tradition and unscriptural beliefs. For example, the Pope being the Holy Father, Mary
being the Queen of Heaven or an Ever Virgin, the wafer being God, the Rosary and Scapular
acceptance, and the veneration of idols (which are key Catholic teachings) are not in the Bible or
in the early church at all. Even the Book of Jeremiah forbids the praise of the Queen of Heaven
and the NT only calls God the Holy Father. If you want to witness the truth on the Catholic, read
Richard Bennett's book called "Catholicism: East of Eden." It's blasphemy to call a mere man like
the Pope Holy Father or the Vicar of Christ. Vicar means representation, but Jesus Christ has no
replacement whatsoever. The Vatican has a wicked history from opposition to the Magna Carta,
the Inquisition, the Ustashis, the massacres of Jews and Arabs, the involvement in the Ratlines,
the suppression of translations of the Bible into different languages, and other errors. Smith
supports this disinformation. Even Popes then and now are calling for a new world order. Then,
Daryl Bradford Smith obsesses with demonizing Jewish people. There are evil Jewish people in
Labor Zionist and Likud circles (who are pro-neo conservative). That is true, but many Jewish
people are patriotic, God-fearing, and want the best for the world. Daryl sympathizers with Henry
Ford (because he wrote an anti-Semitic book) when Ford was a 33rd Degree Freemason. Barbara
Aho quotes from Ford as well to promote his anti-Jewish deception as well (She supports the
falsely that the Priory de Sion exists now. Aho believes that the Merovignians are from the tribe of
Dan when the Merovingians are Germanic. There is no evidence that Dan created the
Merovingians at all. She also omit’s the Jesuit connections to her Pre-Trib Rapture support). He
was also a founder of the Nazis (he accepted an award from the Nazis) and the Soviet Union. See,
the Knights of Malta, high level Freemasonry, and the Pilgrim Society ruling the real international
bankers funded both sides during WWII (including WWI and the Russian Revolution. These
groups are stronger than the Fortune 100) and both sides today in this fake war on terror. Hal
Turner has been exposed recently as possibly having FBI ties. He regularly promotes violence
against non-white people, especially Jewish people (which he wants to be exterminated).
Although, we are in it together and racial hatred is never needed in trying to solve our problems.
No real man ought to advance the idea of enacting indiscriminate violence against innocent
people at all. There is nothing wrong with not being ashamed of your ethnic heritage (or
embracing deeply held religious convictions). On the other hand, it is wrong to personally hate
another human being unjustly because of his or her race, religion, ethnic group, sexual
orientation, gender, or skin color. I won't do that. I will disagree with certain lifestyles, but I won't
express hatred of another human being. Even the Bible says we are to love our neighbors as we
love ourselves. Therefore, Daryl Bradford Smith and especially the coward Hal
Turner refuse to expose the Vatican, the Jesuits, the SMOMs, etc. Now, what can
you expect from them. They are disinformation artists. Even the cowardly anti-
Semites forced Troy out of the Outlaw Forum for refuting their lies in the Forum
greatly. I will expose the Bilderbergers, the CFR, and all other evil secret societies or nefarious political
Lyndon LaRouche

Lyndon LaRouche is an interesting person. He is highly intelligent, but that cover for his deception. He
believes in a conspiracy primarily among the British Crown. He advocates an economic policy that is
more socialist. His followers exist across the nation of America on college campuses. He was born
in 1922 in Rochester, New Hampshire. His relatives are descendants from the Mayflower (being a
descendant of Elder Brewster). Lyndon LaRouche was raised as a Quaker. From his early years, he
has been in controversial. He was at first a CO or conscientious objector to World War II. but in 1944 he
joined the Army as a non-combatant, serving in India and Burma with medical units and ending the war as
an ordinance clerk. He grew to have sympathy for Indian independence. Also, he became a Marxist. In
1948, LaRouche returned to Lynn after dropping out of college and began attending meetings of the
Socialist Workers Party (SWP)'s Lynn branch. He develop a nickname called Lyn Marcus. By the 1960's,
he became associated with more revolutionary philosophies. Tim Wohlforth accused him of possessing a
big ego. LaRouche left the SWP in 1965. He later returned to the SWP since he felt that the Left can
combat the bad policies coming from rapid anti-Communist people from the Right. His ex-wife and
other SWP members dispute this. LaRouche's followers were involved in students strikes in
America during 1968. Some press reports believe that LaRouche's group took a violent term in the
1970's. LaRouche allowed his followers to be violent to many Communists in order to control the whole
Communist Movement in America. According to King, LaRouche halted Operation Mop-Up after police in
New York City, Buffalo, Philadelphia, and Boston arrested several of his followers on assault charges and
after the CP, the Socialist Workers Party, and other leftist groups formed joint defense teams and began
to win battles against the Mop-Up squads. LaRouche claimed that a FBI document proved that some in
Communist Party USA wanted to kill him. Regardless, Operation Mob UP was about doing unjustified acts
of violence against those that disagree with you. That is wrong of course. He founded the weekly
Executive Intelligence Review and co-founded the Fusion Energy Foundation. LaRouche also became a
strong advocate of nuclear energy and directed energy technologies for ballistic missile defense. Lyndon
LaRouche was arrested and convicted for mail fraud (that was related to fundraising) and obstruction of
justice in December of 1988. He ran for President many times in 2004. Critics of him accused him from
everything from being racist, anti-Semitic, and to fascist like Chip Berlet. Some of what LaRouche
promotes is accurate about the an oligarchy being involved in evil, the Third World being exploited by the
World bank, and the need to improve the world. Yet, there is always a catch. His exposure of the new
world order stops and ends primarily at the Anglo-American elite and British Freemasonry. John Daniel
(from the Scarlet and the Beast series) called up a LaRouche solicitor, who was a female. She told Daniel
that LaRouche is anti-Zionist not anti-Semitic. Another solicitor told LaRouche that they support French
Freemasonry and not British Freemasonry. In fact, there are no good Freemasonry groups. Freemasonry
at their highest levels are pro-occult and seek the new order of the ages (as quoted by 33rd Degree
Freemason C. William Smith). Also, LaRouche doesn't expose the Vatican at all nor its influence in world
events from the Ecumenical Movement to the European Union.
Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell is a character. He says that since he exposed Secret Societies for over 40 years,
he is the Godfather of Secret Societies. That’s false since human beings have exposed what he
has been exposing before he was even born on this Earth. In a Jordan Maxwell lecture, he said
that citizens must embrace a new world including order on the planet. Maxwell was given his
start by a group called the Truth Seeker Company which is about a
hundred years old, and has been trying to debunk Christianity using anything and everything they
can throw at it. Jordan Maxwell believes that Christ comes the word Christos meaning oil. The
truth is that Christos meaning the anointed not oil. Maxwell lies and claims that anointed relates to
sexual matters. The Greek and Hebrew root of anointed doesn’t have a thing to do with sex. The
Hebrew word for anoint is ‘mashach' or to spread something. Jordan Maxwell falsely equates a
volcano with the pillar of fire that God appears to the children of Israel in (in order to guide the
children of Israel to their new destination). He calls Mt. Sinai a volcano when it isn’t. Much of
Maxwell’s belief system comes from Satanist HP Blavatsky. In fact, Jordan Maxwell praises and
appreciates Blavatsky’s work (especially her books called the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled).
Maxwell falsely taught that Torah Judaism relates to the worship of Saturn (which was believed
falsely by the Roman scholar Tacitus). Ironically Tacitus worshipped Saturn and is probable an
anti-Semite. Blavatsky would write this lie about Judaism existing from Saturn worship (along with
other anti-Jewish statements in Isis Unveiled). Jordan Maxwell believes in Blavatsky’s lie that the
Ark of the Covenant was created as a female version to give life (whose interpretation is related
to Freemasonry according to Chris White) not what the Torah says it was created for. Maxwell
teaches that true history is the Mystery School’s version of history. So, he’s using HP Blavatsky’s
source as a means to try to discredit Judaism and Christianity. Jordan Maxwell says that nothing
of Judaism is true and it’s blamed for all of the world’s problems. That’s a racist lie of course. I
don’t follow Judaism, but Maxwell is false on this point. Maxwell denies the existence of King
Solomon and his Temple. He’s a liar, because the San Francisco Chronicle in 2003
reported an Harvard professor saying that: “…We don’t need to rely any more only
on the Bible or on Shoshenq’s inscriptions at Karnak to establish that Solomon and
his kingdom really existed, because we now have the superb evidence of the
radiocarbon dates…” Maxwell follows the Masonic deception that Solomon means the sun
gods of the ancient world (He said that OM refers to the Indian sun god, which isn’t true). The
original Hebrew name of Solomon was Sholomoh. Later on, Masons and occultists would claim
that Solomon relates to sun worship, but it originally didn’t meant that. Blavatsky views the
Solomon’s Temple as a place of sexual acts (like Maxwell believes in). Maxwell tries to equate
manna to mushrooms. Certain mushrooms don’t grow in the desert. The Hebrews used the
manna (which tasted like wafer with honey) everyday for food, which mushrooms couldn’t be
done. Jordan Maxwell told Keith Thompson (who is a Christian exposing the new world order) that
the new age is about the Messiah coming back. Maxwell in the interview with Keith admitted that
he researched Lucis Trust. Maxwell also demonized Christians in his words to Keith as
"Christians are the most ill-informed ignorant people on the face of the Earth." That's a lie since
Christians have been theologians, inventors, scientists, politicians, researchers, doctors, fighters
for freedom, PhDs, etc. for thousands of years. Maxwell called the God of the Universe too big for
one religion. Jordan Maxwell also said that Mason Manly Palmer Hall is one of his good friends on
tape (Maxwell also denies that God Almighty is the true one that created the Universe. Maxwell
called Manly P. Hall the greatest single teacher the world has ever known. He called him a spiritual
master, a teacher, and a father) in You tube. Manly P. Hall was one of the Freemasons who
promoted the new world order. He was a pro-occult proponent. Maxwell says that: "I feel that
perhaps it would be best said that I am a spiritualist." Jordan Maxwell narrated for the first
Zeitgeist film.

Manly P. Hall, who is a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason, praised Nostradamus on tape as a
prophet, astrologer. Hall said that Nostradamus made a prophecy about the end of the 20th
century will be made of a great confusion in the Earth. Hall said that Nostradamus said that during
this time, humans will see weapons, machines, and death (yet, the truth will come and in the 21st
century, the Great Teacher will come. Hall believes that this Teacher will come to make the world
accept the Motherhood and Fatherhood of God). Manly P. Hall thinks that the 21st century will
witness great changes. Hall was of course called Masonry's Greatest Philosopher. Manly P. Hall
was the honorary member of the Jewel Lodge in 1954. Manly P. Hall in the Secret Destiny of
America book (from pg. 109) admitted that he wanted the Great Plan to make the world an utopia
in the form of a commonwealth. The truth is that Manly P. Hall was a sinister utopian who tried to
exploit America's great resources to promote the new Atlantis and the new world order. Hence,
Hall is a famous Secret Society member. Jordan Maxwell realize that Theosophists expect the new
age, but he advocates Hall (who promotes the same new age, spiritual order ideals).

  Jordan Maxwell is indeed a friend of the Lodge. The truth is known about him.

Maxwell makes the charge that Fritz Springmeier stole his work when there is no conclusive
evidence of this. One smoking gun refuting that lie is that Fritz Springmeier exposes Theosophy,
Freemasonry, the U.N., and the New Age Movement. These 3 things are things that Maxwell
supports rather overtly. You can’t claim to expose and oppose the new world order when you
support Freemasonry like Jordan Maxwell does. Ironically, Jordan Maxwell would say that:
“…There are people on the earth that are divinely ordained in there positions of power…I am
smart enough to accept that…” He believes that these beings communicate only to those who
understand symbols and they will reward him for his duties. Hence, Maxwell believes in having
these people to created poisons of power. Sorry, no one ought to violate people’s rights to the
sake of acquiring power. Even William Cooper told Maxwell that secret societies tried to
infiltrate Christianity with sun symbolism not the other way around. Jordan Maxwell expressed
his hatred of Christianity to Keith Thompson. David Splanger promotes the forces in our human
       Now, the new world order is just political. It’s the promotion of New Age/occult tenets in
our world. That is why Jordan Maxwell believes that paranormal experiences made entities to
guide him in his endeavors. Maxwell is also pictured with the racist spewer 33rd Degree Scottish
Rite Freemason Michael Richards. Maxwell is right on many things, but he has to be called on
using partial truths mixed in with Theosophical mythos (Maxwell says that he was in a
sarcophagus of a Pharaoh inside of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh to be blessed by a Kemite priest).

Michael Tsarion

Michael Tsarion has been exposed for months as someone promoting New Age ideology in order to
promote an anti-Christian agenda. His views are similar to Freemasonry and Theosophy. He wants to try
to brainwash people to support his revisionist version of history. Michael uses tactics of using an UFO
image next to a Bible verse (in a slide) in order to promote UFOology. He believed that a cloud refers to a
spaceship, when there is no evidence for this at all. Numbers 9:17-22 talked about children of Israel
traveled in the land using tents. They abode in their tenets not in a cloud or space ship at all. Tsarion
believes in the lie that the Bible was created by evil aliens that hate women. Tsarion believes that
the Lemurians were of the Serpent. He takes the Bible out of context in order to get people to hate
the Bible and hate the Lord. One of his biggest lie is about him trying to equate the Ankh word to
Annunaki. The truth is the Ankh is an ancient Egyptian word, which is from the Afro-Asiatic languages (of
the ancient world). Egyptian and Sumerian are 2 different languages completely. The Sumerian language
is from a different origin than the ancient Egyptian language. Ankh has no linguistic connection to
Annunaki at all. Tsarion believes that aliens created mankind on Earth. The Scriptures are clear that
Almighty God created humans in the Earth and the Universe for that matter. He doesn't cite that much
references and sources about Atlantis and Lemuria at all. Tsarion denies the existence of Nazareth (and
believes the lie that Nazareth comes form the word of Sirius). The Biblical text refers to Nazareth and the
Talmud talks about Nazareth (when the Talmud doesn't even believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah).
Sirius doesn't mean serpent. It means scorcher in the Greek word of Seirios. It is called Scorcher,
because Sirius was prominent in the night sky during the peak of the Summer season. Ironically, Michael
Tsarion promotes the Satanist Madame HP Blavatsky (who believed that the Serpent or Satan is the
good guy). Tsarion wants to teach that the Serpent is the good guy or apart of the Lemurians. You
can make a case that Michael Tsarion is a Luciferian or a person who venerates Lucifer. Tsarion
promotes the teachings of Rudolf Steiner (who believes that Michael and Ahirman are 2 aspects
of a being called Lucifer. Lucifer according to him gave knowledge to mankind and now resides
in the sun. Steiner taught a New Age version of Christ that he would appear spiritually in the
etheric realm. He believes in a form of Theosphy, but split with the Theosophical Society since
they promoted the false Messiah of Krishnamurti). So, Michael Tsarion writes that angelic beings
have influence in world history, but says that the leader of these angels deserves the throne of
God. The smoking gun that Tsarion's believe are globalist, Masonic, and pro-Theosophic is that
he believes that walled cities are evil (along with the domestication of animals, a meat diet, the
creation of a family organization that expands into future generations, cultural distinctions,
acquired inheritance, military strength, and population growth. Yes, Tsarion believes in the
overpopulation lie). Therefore, tons of Michael Tsarion's believes are supported by the new
world order crowd like the breakup of the nuclear family, population control, etc. Michael
Tsarion wants to get rid of borders and national sovereignty. He wants an Utopia. Tsarion
calls Madame HP Blavatsky as one of the greatest scholars in the world. That is why
Blavatsky’s anti-Christian lies are adopted by Tsarion.

1 Timothy 4:1 ironically predicts that in the latter times, false teachers will preach
doctrines of devils like bashing marriage, refusing to eat meat, speaking lies in hypocrispy,
etc. Tsarion’s hatred of eating meat and his hatred of the family unit is a fulfillment of that
prophecy to a T. Tsarion supports building obelsiks in the world to handling the energies of the
world. Michael Tsarion even supports the British Intelligence Agent Aleister Crowley when he
promoted the new world order in the form of the New Aeon. Crowley hated Christianity and
enjoyed moral values to be debased. Michael Tsarion is the founder of the TAROSCOPES
MYSTERY SCHOOL, which uses the Internet to teach the divination arts through
astrology, qabala, tarot, and numerology. Tsarion believes that in 2012, the human race will be
enlightened by a Photon Belt. The Earth's axis will tilt, but the photon effect is very vague. There is no
evidence of a photon belt. Tsarion believes that Solar system will cross the Galactic plane in the year of
2000 (and it occurs 4 times in 26,000 years), yet that isn't true. The reason is that the Journal of Nature
says that solar system crossed the plan 3 million years ago. That isn't due to return for another 30
million years. Tsarion believes that the Mayan Calendar is the only calendar based on Galactic
Cycles (and it relates to monitoring our DNA), but the Mayan Calendar is based on the changing
view of the stars on the Earth's perspective called procession. The Mayan Calendar has nothing to
do with monitoring our DNA at all. Michael Tsarion doesn't even know what changes will occur in
2012. The big picture is that occultists like Tsarion want to use people to accept their false Utopia
(not just a Big Brother state). They want to use 2012 as a plan to get truthseekers to accept it,
while distracting them from improving their own communities in more constructive ways (like
promoting mentor ships, fighting for civil liberties, being against a Big Brother society, escaping
the left/right paradigm, etc.). 2012 paranoia has been promoted by Sony Pictures and other
mainstream media sources. Michael Tsarion wants to get rid of the dirt. He calls the dirt to the Age
of Pisces or the concept of Christianity that must go. He feels that the Age of Aquarius will cause new
changes in the world. He wants a new religion to occur that he supports. The agenda of the new world
order is definitely to create a new globalized religion while bashing Christianity (that is why David Icke,
Tsarion, Maxwell, Eckhart Tolle, and other New Agers hate traditional Christianity).

John Daniel of Scarlet and the Beast

John Daniel's Scarlet and the Beast book series was an interesting read. It exposed Freemasonry
in a great, loving way. It educated me and others about the relationship between Freemasonry and
world Revolutions, Ecumenicalism, assassinations, etc. It was a great work. Yet, I have
disagreements with John Daniel on some points. I'm not saying that Daniel is a shill, but these are
legitimate critiques of his work. One of the biggest error in the book series is that he promotes the
Priory de Sion myth. He assigns characters from Nostradamus to even modern leaders as
members of this group. Here's the truth about the Priory de Sion. According to Mary Ann Collins's
work on the Priory de Sion, the real one was called the Our Lady of Zion. (In French, the name
"Zion" is spelled "Sion.") It was made of Catholic monks who venerated Mary. It soon died
off. The fake one was created by Pierre Plantard. He was an occultist and praised Hitler.
He invented it in 1956. Yet, Freemason Michael Baigent (an editor of Freemasonry Today
magazine), Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln believed the stories about the Priory of
Sion. They were deceived by Plantard's forged documents. They wrote the book entitled
"Holy Blood, Holy Grail."Yet, John Daniel utilizes the anti-Christ & Masonic "Holy
Blood, Holy Grail" book as proof that the Priory de Sion exists today (when it
doesn't). Another big problem with the book series is that it doesn't expose the Vatican in an in-
depth way at all. John Daniel claims that there is no Jesuit connection to Freemasonry centuries
ago when the symbols in both groups are similar. Also, the Roman Catholic Morin was a leading
innovator of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Also, the German and Freemason King Frederick II
harbored the Jesuits after the Pope expelled them from Catholicism in 1773. John Daniel of course
doesn't mention this or how many Cuban Catholics were Freemasons (except in his Appendix and
other places). The ex-head of the Southern Scottish Rite in America, Fred Kleinknecht Fred made
unprecedented meetings between Freemasonry and the Roman Catholic Church. Through
personal conferences with high Vatican officials in Rome and in Washington, Fred set the
cornerstone for building cordial relations between the two institutions. John Daniel believes that
Masons created divisions between Protestants and Catholics. In truth, Catholics then and now is
divided amongst itself with its unbiblical precepts. Also, Romanism was wicked since its origin not
just in Vatican II. Freemasonry is unscriptural just like Romanism is. Also, John Daniel is wrong to say that
the Knights of Malta are a specifically Masonic group (even though both groups are allies). The Knights
of Malta existed before Freemasonry came about in the modern era of 1717. The Knights of Malta
existed since the 1100's. John Daniel of the Scarlet and the Beast series doesn't expose concrete
connections of the Vatican to the new world order at all. He believes Masonry infiltrated the
Vatican when the Vatican is much more powerful than Masonry (yet, they have worked with the
Vatican in Vatican II, etc.). He doesn't expose the Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, the Knights of
Columbus, the Constantinian Order, St. Januarius, the Golden Fleece, the Holy Sepulchre, St.
Maurice and Lazarus, or other real groups. John Daniel writes a quaint comment about how the
Jesuits and Freemasonry collaborated to promote the Marxist Revolutions in South America and
Central America. He said that this Marxism was of Masonic origin, which is a lie. The reason is
that the Jesuits had Communist communes in the 1600's in Paraguay. John Daniel quotes in
approval of Roman Catholic sources, yet Daniel almost bashes Jack Chick and Alberto Rivera's
information. Also, one pro-Catholic source that Daniel quotes (a Papist named Paul Fisher)
bashes the freedom of conscience.
The freedom of conscience is one the greatest things that a human has not only to make the right
decision, but become accountable for his (or her) own actions. Hating the freedom of conscience is a
Jesuit tenet and a fascist ideal. John Daniel uses the tactics of citing fake anti-Catholic quotations in an
attempt to omit any real quotations from the Papacy of wanting to rule the world (and promoting other
evils). Example of real Catholic quotes proposing domination are from many sources. In the Syllabus
Errorum, Pope Pius stated: “No man is free to embrace and profess that religion which he believes to be
true, guided by the light of reason.” Pope Boniface VIII pronounced: “I have the
authority of the King of kings. I am all in all and above all, so that God,
Himself and I, The Vicar of God, have but one consistory, and I am able to
do almost all that God can do. What therefore, can you make of me but
God.” That quote is from his The Bull Sanctum on November 18, 1302. The truth is that God’s authority
can’t be sent unto a mere man at all. The Bible from 1 Timothy 2:5 is clear that the mediator between God
and man is Jesus Christ. Now, John Daniel quotes from author Dr. John Coleman. Dr. John Coleman is
a very intelligent man. Much of what he writes is true, but he sees the conspiracy for the new
world order as solely an Anglo-American thing mostly (i.e. with the British Crown controlling
everything. Even the British Royals are no working with the leaders of the Vatican). Coleman’s
famous book is called Committee of 300. So far there has been no conclusive evidence that the
Committee of 300 existed. Coleman repeatedly quotes information from throughout the book from
Zbigniew Brzezinski's "Between two Ages: America's role in the Technetronic era" (which came
out in 1970). The Committee of 300 book believed that teenager was invented in the 1960's when
teenager was coined in the late 1940's. His book doesn't mention the Jesuits at all and even
supports the Knights Hospitallers and its founder Gerard (Coleman called Gerard a Christian
warrior when many of these people would be terrorists participating in the immoral Crusades). The
Hospitallers were the ancestors of the Roman Catholic Knights of Malta. John Coleman doesn't
mention Opus Dei, the Knights of Malta, Le Cerle, and other connections among the Vatican and
the new world order in an elaborate way.

Dr. John Coleman was an ex-British Intelligence agent. He is pro-Papacy as is Webster Tarpley. Tarpley
is an excellent write and exposed George H. W. Bush and Barack Obama in legitimate, cogent
arguments. Yet, Tarpley feels that only the international bankers are the top of the pyramid in the Anglo-
American elite. That's false since even the Bankers are controlled by the Vatican, the Pilgrims, etc. Not
to mention that Tarpley refuses to expose the European Union in a big way when the
EU has done tons of wickedness (and civil liberty suppressions) in Europe. Tarpley
supports FDR when he had foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor event, created a federal
drug war, issued gun bans, and interned thousands of innocent Japanese America. He
was a 32nd Degree Freemason and advanced the bad Yalta Agreement. Tarpley is recently
sympathetic to China's leaders when they have forced abortions and Internet censorship. Exposing the
Anglo-American elite is fine, but only doing that will only get part of the puzzle (but not the whole puzzle).
Webster Tarpley tells the truth that the Gunpowder Plot was an attempted false flag operation. Yet, he
promotes the lie that the British government was involved in it order to persecute Catholics when King
James' (and the Parliament's) lives were in danger. Furthermore, Jesuit Gerard and Jesuit Provincial
Henry Garnet were key planners and guides in the plot to blow up King James, his Roman
Catholic wife, and his two sons along with the entire Parliament. The pro-Jesuit radicals wanted to
do this after King James issued a Jesuit condemnation for aligning with Protestantism and
favoring the Reformation. King James did the right thing of publicly burning the regicide doctrines of
Jesuit Franscisco Suarez. Regicide is the belief in killing innocent people if you disagree with their dogma.
Tarpley is pro-Catholic, so he ignored the Inquisition, bloody Mary burning Protestants in England, the
invention of the Jesuits whose reason of existence was to destroy Protestant Christianity (and Protestant
governments). That is why the Jesuits tried to murder Queen Elizabeth and destroy England on many
occasions. One example is that attack of the Spanish Armada in 1588. There were 30,000 soldiers on
board the 120 ships ready to kill every Protestant in England and to deport the Queen to Rome for
her torture and execution.

There is nothing wrong with exposing Freemasonry, but the conspiracy for world government is bigger
than just Masonry. Daniel follows the literature of the liar Myron Fagan (who claims that blacks had racial
harmony in the late 1800's before the NAACP existed. That's a lie since blacks were suppressed of their
gun rights and lynching for being what they are. Not to mention that many black people in the days of
Jim Crow couldn‘t adequately own a gun to defend themselves). Fagan believes that only 600,000
Jewish people died in the Holocaust and he follows the Israel Collins hoax. John Daniel of the Scarlet and
the Beast series believes in the slander that King James of England was a bisexual. One such man,
Anthony Weldon, had to be excluded from the court of King James. Weldon swore vengeance. It was not
until 1650, twenty-five years after the death of James that Weldon saw his chance. He wrote a paper
calling James a homosexual. Obviously, James, being dead, was in no condition to defend himself.
STEPHEN A. COSTON, SR. have written literature refuting the lie that King James I was a homosexual.
King James wrote literature disagreeing with sodomy and expressing love for his own wife. Also, King
James didn't translate the King James version (which is apart of the Textus Receptus line). King James
wasn't perfect, but he had a better character than Kings in his time and leaders today.

F.A. Inderwick wrote in 1891:
   "James had a reputation for learning, for piety, for good nature, and for

In 1603, Sir Roger Wilbaham wrote:
    "The King is of sharpest wit and invention...of the sweetest most pleasant and
    best nature that I ever knew, desiring nor affecting anything but true honor."

"I am no papist (as I said before)."
--King James VI,
Basilicon Doron, p. 13, c. 1598

King James wrote a book entitled, "Papal Opposition", outlining his dissent with the Roman Catholic
religion. This is why the Jesuits in the Gunpowder Plot wanted to kill him and his Parliament during the
1600's. The reality is that another John Daniel wrote a book entitled, "The Grand Design." This book is
different from the Scarlet and the Beast series. The reason is that Grand Design actually connects the
dots between the Vatican and Washington D.C., the French Revolution, Freemasonry, the Inquistion, and
other important subject matters. We shouldn't hate Roman Catholic people, but we have every right to
peacefully dissent with the Papacy's unbiblical doctrine. Notice how the Scarlet and the Beast book series
never offers the Gospel to Roman Catholics seeking the truth, but to Freemasons primarily. No, Roman
Catholics and Freemasons equally should be offered the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This book is excellent
just like the Scarlet and the Beast series.

David Icke

David Icke is yet another person who is right on some things. He is right that some elitists want a
new world order to centralize or monopolize their control over the world. The Bilderberg Group
have done evil things and many globalists are into the occult. David Icke is someone that's very
smart. You can tell that he's smart since he's knowledgeable of a wide variety of information. In
his books, he hints about the Jesuits more than most. I saw the Australian produced film about
the Illuminati. I considered it to be a decent, good film, especially for those who are just learning
about Secret Societies and the New World Order. There is a catch within even David Icke. See,
David Icke believe that Reptilian aliens from different planets rule the world with using world
leaders as puppets in their plans. Of course, there is no conclusive evidence for this view at all.
Icke's Reptilian Psy-Ops is mentioned in his 1999 book entitled "the Biggest Secret." He calls the
infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the protocols of the Illuminati. The Protocols of the
Learned Elders of Zion (which I will write about in more depth in the near future) was a palgarized
hoax that was exploited to promote anti-Jewish hatred in Europe and the world. The essence of
David Icke is that he mixes truth with error in order to get more people to align with him (while
intentionally not revealing what he truly believes in). Of course as a New Ager, David Icke doesn't
believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God. He doesn't call Jesus Christ as Savior
or God. He has attacked Christianity (abeit in slick terms) as a false religion. He claimed to contact
a psychic for his information, which is unscriptural. Now he says much of the information has
been given by "former high ranking army officers and intelligence personnel." David Icke even
claims to have been in contact of the Ascended Masters (which is the same stuff
advocated by Elizabeth Claire Prophet, Nicholas Roerich, and other New Agers).

Once, Icke called himself the Messiah, which is a clear case of self deception. He doesn't believes
that we must tap into our chakra of our spine to have enlightenment. Icke follow the view of
reincarnation. David Icke believes in freedom, but even he is brainwashed in being that spirits are
taking hold of him at times. David Icke fosters many harmful ideas, including the belief that the
discovery of a "1958 manuscript" (Gnostic gospel) discredits the Bible. This and other agnostic/Gnostic
beliefs have been thoroughly disproved on sites such as Christian ThinkTank and Tekton Apologetics.
Ice follows the Gnostic view that the Earth is being held captive. David Icke has man centered view that
we can create our own relaity and chose that which has happened to us (including following our heart
when the Bible is clear that the human life is evil above all things). He believes in the New Age view that
the Earth is headed toward a transformation (and that we are all God, which is false). David Icke follows
the Gnostic lie that reality is fictitious and isn't real. There are wavelengths in the Universe, but
that doesn't mean that our present world is fake. Icke lies and says that the Bible was created as a
mind control tool. The reality is that the Bible talks about exposing evil in government, exposing evil in
general, and promote following morality under God's will. Icke also conveniently excluded that important
historical fact that martyrs were murdered for their belief in Christ. Icke fails to make the distinction
between the foolish acts of society and the true meaning of Christianity. He also fails to credit the Bible for
predicting the New World Order in Daniel and warning against the mico-chip economic system in
Revelation. Note to mention that Secret Societies and leading occultists for decades hate Biblical
Christianity with laws and Supreme Court decision limiting (or outright banning) certain aspect of religious
expression in the Western world. Also, isn't it ironic that Christianity is the most attacked religion in the
world. It's a lie and Luciferian ideology to view a mere man as a God or becoming God (yet Icke promote
this view that man is infinite consciousness). Man can never be infinite or perfect. It’s a New Age
dogma to teaching that we are God. David Icke teaches that aging is apart of a reality program in
the human mind. Like always David Icke is deceived and not a criminal or anti-Semite as some have
suggested. We should pray for him, but doesn't excuse his errors at all.
                Appendix B: The Manhattan Declaration

Brother Steve Lefemine has exposed the Manhattan Declaration as a slick Ecumenical document· This
document benefits mostly the Vatican, which is obsessive with getting all of Christendom under its control
(as evident in their history and documents). The document wants Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical
people to unite for the sake of opposing abortion, same-sex marriage, oppose forcing doctors to give
abortions if they disagree with it, and religious liberty suppression in America. They claim to not act
political, yet the Bible is clear that: "...Be ye not unequally yoked together with
for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness ?
and what communion hath light with darkness ?" -2 Corinthians 6:14

The signers of this document promote Ecumenicalism plainly. Roman Catholicism isn't Biblical
Christianity. The Vatican/Jesuit network has been involved in our banking, currency, religion, political
system, and even the health care debate. They have infiltrated much of the Pro-Life Movement, whose
role have caused many people to ally with Rome. Ironically, the Vatican opposes real personhood
amendments in states across America. Pro-Rome agent Chuck Colson, Archbishop Donald Wuerl of
Washington, D.C., Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, etc. are signers of the Manhattan Declaration.
Other signatories to the document include Cardinal Justin Rigali, outgoing chairman of the U.S.
Catholic bishops' Committee for Pro-Life Activities; Pentecostal leader Harry Jackson, pastor of a
Beltsville church; evangelical activist Tony Perkins; and National Association of Evangelicals
President Leith Anderson. Newsmax reported on this story. Ironically, CFR-member Arnaud de
Borchgrave on Board of Directors. CFR-member, Knight of Malta, Bilderberger, and
Roman Catholic General Alexander Haig is on Board of Advisors. CFR-member
Arnaud de Borchgraveon writes for Christopher Ruddy's Establishment false flag front
NEWSMAX.COM and Bilderberger Ralph Reed writes for Christopher Ruddy's Establishment false
flag front NEWSMAX.COM. So, the Manhattan Declaration is a disinformation document utilized to
unite with the Vatican when we shouldn't. We should be independent in our religious thinking.
Over 150 people signed the document. Ultimately, some of these signers are lax in promote real
reform like having personhood amendments passed in states to stop abortion or rejecting
Ecumenicalism. 2 CFR signers are Dr. Richard Land (who is apart of the Masonic-infiltrated
Southern Baptist Church) and George Weigel. Roman Catholic and CFR member George Weigel is
a board member of the American United for Life group. The AUL oppose personhood bills and
CNP members are signers as well (like James Dobson and Joseph Farah of WND). The Council
on National Policy is made up of high level Masons, Knights of Malta, CFR
members, etc. in order to stir the conservative establishment into a direction of
control (and for individuals to embrace a more neo-con agenda, which I
personally reject 100%). So, I'm more careful than ever about these slick devices that some in
the establishment are trying to pull. The Manhattan Declaration is an Ecumenical/Dominion
heretical statement that denies that Jesus Christ’s shed blood saved the sins of the world without
works or sacraments. Dominionism is the suppression or the deemphasizing of the Gospel of God
(Jesus Christ) as an excuse to promote the merging of religion and state to control a society
(which is contrary to the Bible. The Bible forbids trying to create a man-made theocracy to herald
the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ). The explicit Gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t mentioned in the
document. We don’t need to sign manifestos or other documents to prove our alliance to God. We
just follow his will and do the right thing. According to Pastor Ralph Ovadal (He‘s the Pastor of
Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, Wisconsin): “…Those evangelicals who have authored this
document and who have led the way in signing it show themselves to be in rebellion to God…” I
want to mention the following. We realize the evil the world and the sin, which are wrong. Yet,
sometimes we need to be prepared of persecution. Persecution is a normal part of human
existence. Persecution among believers isn’t a sign of forgetful God, but a witness and a sign of a
loving God. Through persecution comes strength and the awareness of repentance
from our sin to build up our character, to build up our spirituality, and to host fast the
faith that our forefathers died so we could live in this time. I don‘t worship a
declaration, I don‘t worship a nation, and I don‘t worship culture. I worship Almighty
God alone. The world hates us since we believe in God. The world will always hate the real
Christians until the coming of the Messiah. Instead of trying force change within the fallible
governmental system to make the establishment like us via civil disobedience, we should be
sending the Gospel to all creation along with promoting morality in other legitimate ways.

            My Exegesis Refuting the Papacy
*I’ve made this many years ago back in 2002, but its words are relevant then and now. The
Papacy in essence is not mention in the Bible. Not a single verse shows the word Pope or the
concept of a Pope at all. The Bible doesn’t talk about purgatory, penance, idols being prayed to
or through, Rosary beads, Lent, last rites, or calling Mary the Mother of God at all. The truth is
being shown day by day and here it is:

1). Acts 11:26/Acts 26:28, 1 Peter 4:16 Followers of Christ are called Christians not Catholics.
The word “catholic” are not mentioned historically until the 100 A.D. quote of Ignatius and
Justin. They meant “catholic” as all believers universal not a subjected church to one city
(Rome). There was no Pope or Papacy concept whatsoever in the early church. The first to use
the word “pontifex” was Bishop Hygnius of Rome in 149 AD. And he didn’t recognize himself as
Pope. Later Pope Leo I and Pope Damascus would make claims of universal primacy of Rome,
but even in the 300’s and 400’s, many people dissented with that idea. The Papacy is therefore
by gradual development and isn’t biblical whatsoever. In fact, there is no historical evidence
whatsoever to prove Peter is the first bishop of Rome. Polycarp, Clement of Rome, Irenaeus,
etc mentioned not one line of him being bishop of Rome. Only by Jerome’s literature do we see
signs of people believing in the 25-year episcopate reign of Peter in Rome. Historically, Linus is
the first bishop of Rome not Peter. Hippolytus and even Eusbeius mentioned Peter as dying in
Rome, but Linus as the first bishop of Rome.

2). 1 John 2:26-27 You don’t need a church or men to interpret scripture for you.

3). Philippians 1:1 Throughout the NT, the early church composed of the offices of bishop
(overseers), elders, and presbyter (terms used interchangeably to show the same office),
deacons, and other stations without a Pope or Papacy.
4). Eph. 1:22-23 Christ is the head of all the church not Karol or Benedict XVI.

5). 1 Thes. 5:21 Individuals who are believers have a right to test the teachings of any church.
God wants his people to check things out for themselves using Scripture as a yardstick. It
keeps us mature, as Christians not swayed by false doctrine. The Papacy rarely has its
believers to question their so-called “infallible” beliefs, decrees, bulls, etc.

6). 1 Cor. 10:4 The Rock was Christ (not Peter). Also see Ps. 94:22.

7). 1 Cor. 3:11 No other foundation exists but Christ. The Greek word for foundation in that
verse is Themelios meaning of institution or system of truth or the foundation. Christ is the pure
system and all order of the church originates from Jesus Christ not from the magisterium or any
false Church. The foundation isn’t Peter or the church but God alone.

8). John 14:26, John 16:13, 1 Cor. 2:13 the Holy Spirit, not the magisterium of the Catholic
Church will interpret scripture for God’s children and help them understand all things.

9). Romans 9:33 Christ is the foundation again. See also 2 Timothy 2:19 mentioning the
foundation of God.

10). Matthew 18:18 The keys Christ gives to the disciples and apostles not Peter solely. The
keys are used as a steward though.

11). Acts 8:14 Peter was sent by the other apostles along with John. If Peter were a Pope,
wouldn’t he do the sending or travel without a proclamation from other Christians to adamantly
do so.

12).Acts 13:9 Saul had a name change to Paul; just like Peter presenting even more equality
between the 2.

13).Eph. 2:20 Christ is shown as the chief cornerstone. Also all the apostles are foundation
stones of the church showing more equality. There are many instances of Rome being
reminded that it wasn’t possessing full jurisdiction throughout the church. Here are a couple of
examples of this:

A). In the 100’s Polycrates, bishop of Ephesus, rebuked Victor, bishop of Rome over the Easter
issue. He said that “We ought to obey God rather than man” to bishop Victor. Also Polycarp,
disciple of John couldn’t agree with Anicetus, bishop of Rome on the issue of Easter as well.

B). Cyprian rebukes Stephen, bishop of Rome in his Council of Carthage decree saying, “No
man sits himself up as bishop of bishops (or Pope)”

C). Polycarp and Ignatius used the words Bishop or elder interchangeably and even used
mentioned multiple bishops existing in one city and that in no way denote a Papacy.

D). Pope Damascus and Pope Leo I makes claims of being the only successor of Peter deriving
solely from Rome, yet even in the 300’s and 400’s, many people denied that claim and even in
the Council of Chalcedon in 451 recognized the equal standing between Rome and
Constantinople. I’m not even mentioning the immoral conduct of many Popes during the Dark
E). Many early popes denied many Catholic doctrines like Gelasius denying the Assumption of
Mary, etc. The consensus for a Papacy existing in 33 AD. or 100 AD. is a myth.

F). Many early Popes even denied papal infallibility. Popes Vigilinus, Innocent III, Clement Iv,
Gregory IV, Adrian VI, and Paul IV all disclaimed the attribute of infallibility.

G). Hippolytus disagreed with Bishop Callistus I of Rome’s dealing with Modalist heretics of
Sabellius. As a result, Hippolytus rebuked Callistus and Callistus ended ties with Hippolytus.
Catholic apologists say he had a re-uniting period before Hippolytus’ death, but even with that
there’s still one bishop of Rome disagreeing with one of the greatest early church leaders,
which was Hippolytus, in that span of time. Some historians even call Hippolytus an anti-pope
(popes didn’t exist in Hippolytus’ age.)

H). In 664 AD. at the Synod of Whitby, the Celtic Church and the Roman Catholic also couldn’t
agree on the Easter issue and Papal supremacy. The Celtic Church with Columba, Patrick,
Colman, Aidan, Columbanus, and other people existed before Roman Catholicism yet again. As
centuries past, the Celtic Church was forced to Scotland, while the Catholics forcibly merged
their religion on the people left behind.

I). The Catholic Church also didn’t have full jurisdiction on the Church of the East. The apostles
Thomas, Jude, and Bartholomew founded the Church of the East. Later as centuries past, the
Church of the East and the Nestorians creates an autonomous structure showing God’s word to
the Eastern world. Jesuits by 1599 subjugated the whole Syrian, Eastern Church. The good
news is that even today, there are independent bodies of the Eastern Church that aren’t under
Catholic jurisdiction that exist even today.

J). By the 14th century the papacy had become a pawn of political power. The French forced
the popes to move from Rome to Avignon in what has been called the Babylonian Captivity of
the papacy from 1309 to 1377. Following this episode was the Great Western Schism (1378-
1418), during which opposing popes tried to rule. This ended with the Council of Constance,
which deposed the popes and named Martin V (reigned 1417-31) as pope. In that time span of
the early 1400’s, 3 popes were trying to reign at the same time. This and other evidences give
the Roman Catholic church in an inconsistent light.

14). 1 Peter 2:68 Jesus is the head of the corner, cornerstone, rock of offense (not Peter).

15).Acts 9:10-16 Jesus said he called Paul, not Peter to go before the Gentiles and preach the
gospel also to the children of Israel. Peter preached to the Gentiles and Romans, but Paul was
specifically called to preach to do this command.

16). 1 Timothy 4:1-4 Mandatory celibacy (in contrast to voluntarily celibacy) for the Pope is
forbidden and is a doctrine of demons. It is immoral to force clergy against their will to not be
married at all.

17). Isaiah 44:8 God is the only Rock, and there is no other. See also Isa. 8:14 saying God is a
rock of offense.

18). Deut. 32:31 Rock is shown as describing God alone also mentioned in Pslam 18:2.
19). Mat. 21:42 The cornerstone is Christ and Also Acts 5:29 says, “We ought to obey God
rather than man.” (Magisterium, councils, decrees, Popes, etc.)

20). 2 Cor. 2:11 Paul isn’t inferior to the other apostles, but equal. Equality of the apostles is
definitely conceived. See also Gal. 1:12, 2:2-8.

21).Eph. 4:5 Christ is the one Lord to be acknowledged and also see Mt. 26:72-74 showing
Peter denying the Lord. (Peter is just a normal sinner in need of salvation just like all people
need salvation and equal to any other human being.) The Papal denotation of Peter is therefore

21). 1 Peter 5:1-4 I, your fellow presbyter (not being lords over God’s heritage). Papal
subjection is void as a result. See also Isaiah 22:25. That verse mentioning the kings who had
those keys was fallible and broke and fell. They temporary utilized the keys, but Christ eternally
possesses the keys of David forever. See also Rev. 2:7, Rev. 1:8.

22). Heb. 13:20 Jesus is the great Shepherd of the sheep not the Pope.

23). Mt. 23:13, Luke 11:52, Rev. 9:1-2, Rev. 20:1-2 Other beings had keys to be used not Peter

24). 1 Cor. 12:12-27 The members of the church are expressed by body parts, but Christ is its
total, heavenly, and earthly head not Karol.

25).Mt. 16:23 Peter is called Satan by Christ showing his frailty and sinfulness devoid of Papal
power. Popes are rarely rebuked in the Roman Catholic Church. In a manner of calling a Pope
Satan by Catholic flock, Catholic believers can have a risk of being excommunicated,
condemned as heretics, etc. by the intensity of it.

26). John 18:36 Christ’s kingdom isn’t of this world, yet the Pope claims to be a temporal
monarch of Vatican City. (It’s in heaven not in the Vatican). See also Luke 17:20 proving that
the kingdom of God is in heaven being spiritual. There is no earthly headquarters of the church
ruled by a human vicar. Also see Exodus 17:6 calling God the Rock.

27). John 17:11 Holy Father is used for God the Father. It’s blasphemy to call a man by God’s
name. See also Rev. 15:4 and 1 Sam. 2:2.

28). Acts 10:25-26 Peter refused Cornelius to bow to him, yet many popes are benefluented or
bowed to by clergy and other people within the Roman Catholic Church. One example of this is
new bishops in an ordination ceremony bowing before the Pope in St. Peter’s Basilica.

29). Heb. 7:26, Heb. 7:1-2, Rev. 1:5-6 Christ is the only King and High Priest. Christ paid taxes,
yet the Pope is exempt from taxes. Christ is given a crown of thorns, but the Popes wear a triple
crown (tiara). The contrasting actions of both individuals make the Papacy dissimilar to
Christianity. In John 1:44, Gal. 2:9, 1 Cor. 9:5 Peter was not always mentioned first in the NT. In
John he was named after Andrew, in Galatians, James is shown first, and in 1 Cor. He is
named after the apostles, etc.

30). Rev. 3:7 The keys of David belong to Christ alone not Popes acting as supposed
“successors”. See also 1 Peter 3:22 saying that Christ has full 100% authority over his church
without Papal influence. In Matt. 23:10, Christ is the only Master with no Popes as masters.
31). 1 John 3:2 The Holy Spirit is our guide to bear witness to the Word of God not a pope,
false church, church, or any anointed man. The Holy Spirit is enough for every single believer in

32). Mt. 20:25-26, Mark 10:42-43, and Luke 22:25-26 Servant hood is a Christian character and
Popes are more in tuned with subjection plus a leadership, control-orientated influence
exhibited to the followers of Romanism than servant hood.

33). Acts 15:1-22 The First Council of Jerusalem was presided over by James not Peter. In fact,
Paul writes more NT books than Peter and explains the gospel more than Peter. Is Paul a
Pope? No, just like Peter isn’t by tons of evidence. Also see Isaiah 42:8 that makes it’s clear
that all glory is not to be given to any Pope, but God alone.

34). Mt. 28:18-20 All authority is given unto Christ and not given to Popes. In fact Catholicism
had many schisms or divisions like a). Donatist (311 AD.), b). Orthodox (1054 AD.),
Reformation (1517 AD.), Sedecavantists (1870 and 1965 AD.), etc

35). Galatians 2:11-14 Paul rebuked Peter for his actions (Popes are rarely rebuked today
especially in the past (i.e. Bulls presented by Popes are almost impossible to rebuke. Also in
history, cardinals, archbishops, or any other clergy rarely rebukes popes in Catholicism.)

36). Mt. 8:20 Christ has no place to rest his head in his first coming, yet Karol (the pope) lives in
a place surrounded by wealth and pomp. Even Mt. 21:42 say that Jesus is the only Rock (stone,

37). Rev. 2:6-15 God dislikes the Nicolaitine spirit of extreme controlling hierarchal systems with
that kind of clergy and laity similar to Romanism.

38). Acts 8:18-21 Peter would not take money, for not God would give freely. (It’s the opposite
of Popes giving and receiving tons of money by indulgences, etc) There is nothing wrong with
being rich, but can the Vatican sacrifice pompous palaces in exchange to create some
reasonable actions like reforming and revising their religion.

39). Acts 1:15-26 A group decision decided who were to be an apostle not Peter solely. (That
isn’t Papal in most instances except in papal religious decrees or re-election of clergy).
40). 2 Samuel 22:32, Psalm 94:22, Psalm 18:31 God is the Rock not Peter.

41). Mt. 8:14, Luke 4:38, Mark 1:30, 1 Cor. 9:10 Peter has a wife (modern Popes don’t). Also
see Galatians 2:1-9 saying that the apostles are called pillars recognizing their equality to each

42). Rev. 2:12-17 Christ condemned the Pergamos church era by adding pagan rituals of
Balaam similar to the Papacy adding pagan rituals over the centuries. (i.e. Rosary, Eucharist,
Confirmation, image veneration, etc.)

43). 1 Peter 5:1-2 Peter calls himself and elder (not head apostle or Pope) and also John is
called “the elder” in 2 John 1.

44). 1 Peter 5:4 Christ is the Chief Shepherd only. See also Rev. 21:14 making mention of the
foundations of New Jerusalem being 12 named after the 12 apostles making more references
of equality to all of the apostles. Also Acts 1:21-22 says that the apostles had no successors,
for to succeed them, one had to be a witness to Christ’s resurrection.

45). Luke 22:24-26, Matthew 18:1 An argument occurs with the apostles about who was the
greatest. (Peter didn’t expressively admit his supremacy to end the feud with the others, but
Christ later called for servant-like statue among all apostles displaying even more equality.

46). John 10:11, 14-16 Jesus is the only good Shepherd. See also 2 Thes. 2:3-4. That verse
says that one man like the Pope with so much exalting classifications even trying to call himself
Vicar (substitute, or replacement of in Greek and Latin) Christ, which is supremely
blasphemous, is like the Antichrist. Antichrist is divided into 1 prefix and 1 suffix, which are anti-,
and -Christ making up just a word. Anti in Greek is Ante meaning substitute or in the place of.
Add it together and Antichrist in Greek means someone who “tries” to substitute or take the
place of Christ. Who is that individual? The Pope is an antichrist in that manner since he
claims to be the representative of Christ and tries to takes Christ’s place (i.e. Pope Leo
XIII in the l800’s said “We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty.” How obvious
is that, but the Po pe is not the Antichrist of Revelation but like an antichrist who has
blasphemous titles, false beliefs, etc. That real Antichrist according to the Bible and
church leaders like Tertullian Justin Marytr, Hippolytus, etc believes it’s a man who will
reign for 3 ½ yrs, etc.) Many of the Reformers called the Pope “The Antichrist” because of the
great immorality and degenerate religion of Catholicism. The Pope isn’t the Antichrist because
he is so blatant and the Bible says he will come as one man not many men. The Pope is most
probably the False Prophet in the One World Religion system.

47). Acts 20:28 To feed the sheep is exhorted to all of the church not just Peter. See also
Numbers 23:19 displaying that God alone is infallible in all judgments, decisions, etc. A Pope’s
decrees are always subjected to God’s word. Many of the Papal decrees have error in it. (i.e.
Bull Unum Sanctum of the 1302 by Pope Boniface VIII says every people must be subject to
the Pope for salvation or the Syllabus of Errors in the 1800’s condemning Bible societies,
religious freedom, and even democracy.)

48). Acts 6:1-4 The leadership of the church is automous (self-governing) under no
denominational hierarchy. Also see 1 Peter 1:1 classifying himself as only an apostle (no
bishop, Pope, or the head apostle).

49). John 1:42 Cephas means stone not Rock by Christ’s own words. See also Titus 1:5-9
showing that the human leader of any church is a Pastor or Bishop with deacons, etc not

50). Timothy 3:15 The church is the pillar and ground of truth not the truth or the foundation.
See also 1 Peter 2:4-8 presenting Jesus as the rock upon which the church is founded.
Nowhere in the Bible would you find the Church called the Rock or the foundation but the pillar
and ground of truth. God alone is the Rock and the unbreakable foundation.

51). Eph. 1:22-23/ Col. 1:18 The Papacy is forbidden and Christ receives all preeminence not
Karol. Also see Romans 11:18-22 which Paul warned the church to be in faith or cut off being
fallible, but Christ’s church will never let the gates of hell prevail over it.

52). Acts 14:27, 1 Cor. 16:9, 2 Cor 2:12 Doors are being opened by God using keys. (Not solely
Peter can use keys as a steward.)

53). Mt. 23:9 Call no clergy Father in the spiritual term of the word for high religious significance
within the church clergy. Therefore, it is forbidden to call a priest by that title as well. Father in
the NT is only called for human offspring, lineage, or an important figure in the past at the OT.
Certainly no clergy such as priests were called father in the NT.

54). Eph. 5:23-26 Christ is Head over a Pope being all-powerful and having full authority on
heaven and on earth.

55). 3 John 9-11 Believers are subjected church-wise to church leaders as long as they’re in
submission to God. Any contradicting church leader like a Pope is rejected. The church is
therefore democratic and executive only in executing the word of God not legislative adding
traditions that are contrary to God’s word. The church is special and important, but no church is
above God’s word and any church that tries to contradict God’s word should be rejected and
rebuked until the church changes, etc.

56). Mat. 10:16, Luke 10:3, Ezekiel 34:6, 1 Peter 2:25 Sheep are mentioned showing the
faithful not necessarily showing clergy or pastors. (It includes all believers).

57). John 16:7-14, Mt. 16:18, Mt. 18:18, John 20:22,23, Matt. 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, 2:1-4 When
reading those verses you can find that all apostles received the Holy Spirit, had the same
authority, and all received the same commission. If all apostles had the same duties, that
represents equality for all apostles. Nowhere in the Bible would you find Peter being called
“Pontifex Maximus”, “Holy Father”, “Chief Apostle”, “Vicar of Christ”, “Pope”, etc. You can never
deduce that from God’s word or in the early church, but you can find that in Catholicism as a
product of gradual development and additions of tons of tradition. Roman Catholicism is an
addition tradition submission religion. It’s nothing more or less.

58). Acts 11:1-30 The Church was situated in the early era of Christianity at Jerusalem and
Antioch as it main headquarters not Rome. Even those 2 cities didn’t recognized themselves as
being superior in religious jurisdiction to all other cities or areas at that time. Roman Catholicism
believes that Rome was superior early on in papal primacy, but that isn’t the case. That’s
because there was no Pope, papal primacy, cardinal, archbishops, etc even existed in
Christianity in its early existence anyway.

59). Psalm 118:8 It is better to trust the Lord than to put confidence in man. (Catholics trust the
Pope to be infallible in faith and morals of his ex-cathedra declarations, etc.). This is faulty and
Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us
into the kingdom of his dear Son: In whom we have redemption through
his blood, even the forgiveness of sins. ~ Colossians 1:13-14

By Timothy

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