The Bilderberg Group by BrianCharles


									                           The Bilderberg Group
Secret Societies and globalist organizations are always a hazard to the world. The explanation
for that is that extreme secrecy, evil policies, and a lust for the sake of dominating all mankind
is entrenched in their modus operandi. The Bilderberg Group is one such entity. When I was
thinking about what my new expose would be, the Bilderberg Group kept popping in my mind
so relentlessly, that I finally decided to give a revelation of God’s truth on them. The time is
now to represent accurately and expose that group’s diabolism. After all these years, my
opposition to the Illuminati-related groups, Freemasonry, and the Jesuits are stronger than
ever. Freemasonry is still false for its roots are clearly from the ancient Mystery Religions of
Babylon and Egypt (with its worship of the false gods and goddesses of Isis, Osiris, Ra, etc.)
plus the Kabbalah. Many others and I have proven that Freemasonry is more than just a
religion [as said by many Masons themselves], but some Masons worship Lucifer/Satan
according to many scholars (and people opposing Freemasonry). I’ve quoted numerous
of those in the Fraternity saying it. Masonry embraces other faiths as Brothers of the Lodge,
which is against Almighty God’s commandment as having no other gods before me and
against religious fellowship with unbelievers. We’re forbidden to swear; yet Masons swear in
their oaths. Many elite families or bloodlines are also involved in the attempt to bring about the
New World Order/Golden Age/Zep Tepi/Novus Ordo Seclorum with the rule of the Anti-Christ
and Satan in their deluded minds (according to Fritz Springmeier and others).

The New World Order is evil for an one-world government system is contrary to the U.S.
Constitution, our national sovereignty, and our God-given fundamental rights as human
beings. Beyond that, it’s crucial to expose the origin and present a concise introduction of the
Bilderberg Group. The Bilderberg Group was created as apart of a goal to institute an united Europe
as a foundation (among other purposes). Dr. Joseph Retinger (who died in 1960), Prince
Bernhard of the Netherlands along with others promoted that idea. As many
realize Joseph Rettinger was pro-Jesuit and was one of the architects of the
European Common Market. He was also an intellectual advocate of European
integration. European economic and political integration is a brainchild of the
global elite. Even in 1946, he told the Royal Institute of International Affairs (or the
British version of the CFR) said Europe. Even in Alden Hatch’s biography of Bernhard, the
Bilderberg Group gave a huge influence to the development of the European Union, but their ultimate
goal is to have an one-world government. Some of its founders are Dr. Joseph H. Retinger, German-
born Prince Bernhard, Colin Gubbin (former director of the British SOE, Special Operations
Executive), General Walter Bedell Smith, etc. According to Robert Howard, the Bilderberg Group was
David Rockefeller’s brainchild. Pilgrims David Rockefeller and Sir Denis Healey were crucial in the
Bilderbergers though. Yet, I personally believe that the Bilderberg Group was the creation of Rettinger
(who had Vatican and Jesuit ties) and Prince Bernhard. Their first meeting was in the Hotel de
Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Holland from May 29-31, 1954. In the 1954 meeting, C.D. Jackson (Vice
President of Time magazine, delegate to the U.N., and spokesman for the U.S. delegation led by
David Rockefeller) said that by their 2nd meeting, Senator Joseph McCarthy would be gone from the
American scene. See, McCarthy was anti-Communist and was occasionally eccentric at times. He
was unfortunately Jesuit-trained trained and agitated by Jesuit Edmund Walsh. He was really gunning
for the communists infiltrating high-levels of the U.S. government and died in 1957. McCarthy didn’t
fully know that the Communists and the cartel-capitalists were funded by the same people. The vast
majority    of    its  members        are    from     North     America    and    Western      Europe.

In the 1962 and 1973 meetings, Prince Bernhard (who is the husband of Queen Juliana of the
Netherlands) chaired them. The Queen of the Netherlands was one of the richest women in the
world at the time because of her partnership with Victor Rothschild in the Royal Shell Oil
Company [which once owned 5% of the stock in 1978, which was worth $425 million and also
he holds stock in Exxon]. In 1976, 15 representatives from the Soviet Union attended the
meeting in the Arizona desert. Some claim that the Bilderbergers planned to end Communism
in the Soviet Union during that meeting. Even Dan Quayle (a lackey for the elite) in 1990 was at
a Bilderberg gala in Long Island, New York. In 1995, he thanked Illuminatus Lawrence
Rockefeller for his connections to make his success. Baden Baden, Germany [in the Black
Forest] in 1991 was another famous Bilderberg Group meeting. There, they discussed plans
for a common European currency, European central banking, they talked about Mid-East
issues, and they discussed about developments of the Soviet Union. That’s similar to the
European Union. John Reed, U.S. Republican Senator from Rhode Island John Chafee, and
even Douglas Wilder (the first black governor in American history, a Freemason, and a Boule
member) attended the 1991 gathering. Also, David Rockefeller said this in Germany in 1991:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine, and other great
publications (more)…But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world
government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely
preferable to the national auto-denomination practiced in past centuries.”
In 1992, the Bilderbergers advocated an UN army to, by force, impose its will on any nation. That’s
nuts since the U.N. is already a corrupt group as it is today. Henry Kissinger advocated using the U.N.
to restore order in L.A. during the ’92 meeting. All of the resort areas and hotels are cleared of visitors
and residents before the Bilderberger ascend these soldiers, armed guards, the Secret Service, and
state and local police guard the area. All bugging devices are scanned in all conference and meeting
rooms. The Bilderbergers try to keep what goes on in their meetings secret from the public. The
media never report the Bilderberg Group greatly. Why? They don’t want us to know their paymasters
since many media bigwigs are apart of the Bilderberg Group. The late Peter Jennings, Bill Moyers,
George Stephanolopolis, and Paul Gigot are or were in it. Bilderberg policy is carried out by the
Bilderberg Steering Committee (made up of 24 Europeans and 15 Americans) and by the Advisory
Committee, which makes a smaller group within the organization.

Famous members in the Bilderberg Group who are dead or alive include:
-Gerald Ford

-Nixon’s former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

-Robert McNamara (former Secretary of Defense for the JFK administration and ex-head of the
World Bank)

-David Rockefeller (co-founder of the Trilateral Commission and ex-Chairman of the Chase
Manhattan Bank)

-Helmut Schmidt (former Chancellor of Germany)

-Baron Edmund De Rothschild (he’s dead now)
-Lord J. Rothschild

-Lawrence Rockefeller

-Katherine Graham

-George H. W. Bush

-Queen Sophia of Spain

-Steven Spielberg (who attended a 1999 gathering in Sintra, Portugal)

-Javier Solana

-Chuck Hegel

-William Kristol

-Lord Peter Carrington

-Lloyd Bensten (ex-CFR, connected to the S&L scandal, ex-Treasury Secretary for William
Jefferson Clinton)

-John Brademas (ex-member of the Central Committee of the WCC, World Council of

-John M. Deutsch (ex-director of the CIA, part of MIT)

*Only a brief press conference is held to show some of the topics discussed after the meeting.
According to Fritz Springmeier, the executive committee of the Bilderbergers is the 9th Degree of the
Illuminati. 1 Simdwater, The Hague, the Netherlands is the address of the permanent Bilderberg
Secretariat. 345 E. 46th Street, NYC is the address of the American version of it (i.e. the palace of the
Trilateral Commission and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace). One of the more recent
events, they discussed about the Iraq War in their May/June 2002 meeting as found in this source:

“The Issue of America going to war in Iraq has been delayed, with the White House agreeing to wait at
least until next year, instead of late summer or early fall, but many issues simmer at this year’s secret
Bilderberg meeting.” (“Bilderberg Meets” by Jim Tucker-American Free Press-June 1, 2002)

Further in Tucker’s “Bilderberg Batters Bush; but unity remains on N.W.O.” on June 9, 2002 at the
American Free Press had Rumsfeld saying no immediate war, but didn’t say there aren’t any “plans
for future wars.” So, they indeed set consensus policies. The Bilderberg Group is a miscreant-
networking group who’s an enemy of man and most importantly an enemy of Almighty God, who
created the universe (because of their extreme secrecy and their globalist agenda). The website of, Jim Tucker, American Free Press, and others have been some of the foremost in
exposing the Bilderberg Group.
Bilderberg Gatherings from 2004 to 2007

The June 3-4, 2004 Bilderberg assemblage was held in Stressa, Italy. It was its 50th
anniversary and their 52nd meeting. Folks came not only from Europe and America, but also from
Turkey, Canada, Cyprus, and other areas. The American delegation had 33 members among the 127
known attendees. Full of luminaries of the globalists were present like:

-Max Boot-neo con, CFR, Features Editor, Wall Street Journal

-John Edwards

-Douglas J. Feith-Undersecretary for Policy, Department of Defense

-Timothy F. Geither-President of the Federal Reserve Bank

-Ralph Reed-President of Century Strategies

-James Wolfensen-President of the World Bank until May 2005

-Martin H. Wolf-Associate Editor, Economic Commentators (The Financial Times)

Jim Tucker wrote this about Stressa:

“…At this year's secret Bilderberg meeting, some of the world's most powerful elite focused on
U.S. taxes and foreign giveaways, as well as the increasingly violent Iraq occupation and the
role the United Nations should play in all future similar outbreaks of violence. Prior to the
meeting, a Bilderberg memo promised that its members would deal mainly with European-
American relations and in that context, with U.S politics, Iraq, the Middle East, European
geopolitics, NATO, China, energy and economic problems. During the conference, Britain
came in for harsh criticism for supporting the invasion of Iraq. It was also lambasted for failing to
embrace the euro, despite Prime Minister Tony Blair's promise to do so at a Bilderberg meeting some
years ago in the Scottish resort of Turnberry. Bilderberg members also expressed
frustration with the rising clamor in Britain to quit the European Union. As
expected, the United States was heavily criticized for the fact that its foreign aid was a smaller
percentage of gross domestic product than that of other nations. That marked the third straight
meeting at which Bilderbergers' decades of almost total congeniality was marred by hostility among
the Americans, Britons and continental Europeans… Bilderbergers, however, remain united in their
long-term goal to strengthen the role the UN plays in regulating global relations…European
Bilderbergers also protested the fact that the Pentagon was considering reducing troop levels in
Germany and tried hard to convince their American counterparts to resist the move. They argued it
would "undermine unity" and, irrespective of the military implications, the German economy benefited
annually from the millions of dollars spent by U.S. servicemen there.

Resistance in Britain to the euro, and to membership in the European Union, caused much
concern and was deemed an obstacle to the solidification of the super state. It was noted that
many Europeans were unaware of the European Parliament elections scheduled for June 10
and should there be a low turnout, EU opposition groups could attribute it to a protest boycott
of the elections. Four former Conservative members of Parliament have endorsed the United
Kingdom Independence Party, which demands British withdrawal from the European Union.
And, if allowed to vote in a referendum, it has been reported that Britons would reject membership in
the European Union by strong proportions. A YouGov survey, taken at the end of May, showed 48
percent would vote to get out of the European Union and 36 percent would vote to stay in. As it
stands, Europeans can only select members for the European Parliament but not the EU
Commission, the bureaucratic powerhouse of the union. Bilderberg participants ended their secret
sessions on an upbeat note with a ferry ride to a luxury island on Lake Maggiore, where John Elkman,
the latest vice president of the Fiat motor company, will marry his new bride in September….” (From “Investigation Reveals: Bilderbergers Want Taxes Up, War in Iraq Over”
By James P. Tucker Jr.)

Tucker also mentions that the Bilderberg Group wanted to expand the FTAA to include the whole
Western Hemisphere except for Cuba until Castro is gone. They also want the FTAA to evolve into the
American Union similar to the European Union [a fulfillment of Bible prophecy describing the kingdom
of the Antichrist. The prophecy in the book of Revelation says that 10 Kings under the Antichrist will
rule the world]. The Bilderbergers planned more in 2004 as well. They desire on Asian-Pacific Union
to be the 3rd great super state and the U.S. and other financial organs to fund them. Indeed, a
planned Asian Union might come in 2015. Some of the Bilderbergers seek a global tax worldwide
either by a tax on oil or on global financial transactions. The 2004 gathering also wanted to raise the
U.S. tax rate (they view it low) and increase U.S. foreign aid to underdeveloped countries. Well, this is
gross for taxes should involve individual nations and we’re shouldn’t submit to a global tax since that’s
theft not to mention it’s unconstitutional and against our national sovereignty.

For Iraq, many of them argued that the U.S. shouldn’t invade Iraq without the U.N. European
Bilderbergers don’t want U.S. troop levels in Germany to decrease to promote “unity” and the German
economy benefited yearly by U.S. servicemen. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands died in 2004 at 93.
Jim Tucker of American Free Press was arrested for showing us this exact information for being a
good journalist. Texe Marrs mentions even more of the agenda by the Bilderbergers in their 2004
meeting. They according to Marrs are to pass U.S.A. hate crimes to end free speech with them
globally, new Big Brother policies to prohibit anti-N.W.O. dissidents to express themselves in the Net
and other places, and force Taiwan (a real Nationalist country) to lose its sovereignty to China by
2012. They want this, so China can join the Asian Union. Jocelyn Gecker, who is an Associated
Press Writer, (whose words are found in the link of
03-01-2589509399_x.htm) wrote that: “…Thailand - Southeast Asian leaders vowed Sunday
to push ahead with ambitious plans to become a European Union-style economic
community by 2015 despite roadblocks posed by the global financial crisis and Myanmar's
dismal human rights record…The summit was the first since the group signed a landmark
charter in December that makes ASEAN a legal entity, like the EU, and moves it a step closer to
its goal of integration…” Marrs talked about the Middle East plans and sending medical care benefits
to fund millions of illegal immigrants. The 2005 Bilderberg conference may take place in Munich,
Germany according to Bilderberg expert James P. Tucker Jr. It will take place after Bush and
Condoleeza Rice came into Europe for a visit. Rumsfeld persuaded Europeans to even train and
finance thousands of new Iraqi police. Barry Carmish called Naton Sharansky as a KGB informer.
Topics that you can expect to be discussed in the 2005 meeting are about “democracy” in Iraq, Saudi
Arabia, the Middle East (they could allow Israel and Palestine to be in the EU??), the development of
NATO, the evil EU Constitution, etc. Like always, many leaders of all major international institutions
like the World Bank, the IMF, the U.N., and the E.U. visited there. The Bilderberg Group meet in
Ottowa, Canada in 2006. Alex Jones was detained for 15 hours while trying to investigating the
happenings in that location. Regardless of what you think about Alex Jones (and I don’t agree
with him on every issue), it is wrong for the immigration Canadian services to aggressively
detain Alex Jones and get rid of his computers (plus other supplies) without a legitimate
reason. Many of the people there knew of Alex Jones and his work. The pro-Bilderberg Group
folks called Alex Jones a liar for distorting the real agenda behind the Bilderberg Group, which is false.
In truth, The real agenda of the Bilderberg Group has always been globalization, promoting a global
tax, and forming an American Union (just like the CFR wants). Many of them want a global
government as said by David Rockefeller. Many members of royalty, politics, heads of the
corporate world, and media big wigs came there. The Bilderberg Group is one of the most
powerful groups on Earth. Daniel Estulin said that the Bilderberg Group is angry at American Patriots
and Christians exposing them, so that's very interesting. We should never be afraid of these
criminals who oppress the West and especially the Third World with their plans. CBC News on
June 9, 2006 reported on how Kanata's Brookstreet Hotel will host many Bilderberger
members. Kanata is a suburb of Ottowa. The 2007 Bilderberg Group was be held in Istanbul,
Turkey. Jim Tucker is an expert on the meeting. He has even be almost arrested by the
members there. Jim also was shot at. Turkey is a nation with strong pro-Big Brother laws.
Chantilly, Virginia being the location of the 2008 Bilderberg Meeting

Hundreds of people were at Chantilly, Virginia protesting that nefarious
organization. The reason is that the Bilderberg Group is made up of 120+ individuals
dictating alot of the policies in the global realm without our input or permission. It has strong
secrecy with intelligence agencies plus security preventing people from even going into
Bilderberg's meetings. Many of the Bilderberg's members have said degatory comments and
endorsed wicked policies for the globe. The Bilderberg Group was created in 1954 by Prince
Bernard and pro-Jesuit Joseph Rettinger. The Bilderbergers were crucial in the creation of the
European Union since some of its founders wanted the EU like Rettinger. Some believe they gave the
green light for the Iraq War back in 2002. Famous members of this enclave include Bill Clinton,
Donald Rumsfeld, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and others. It's about 125 of some of the
world's most influential elites. Like typically, the mainstream media refuses to report on this
meeting. It's sad, but true because many elites in the mainstream media like Paul
Gigot are members of the Bilderberg Group. Many activists have been harrashed by
authorities in the federal government when legitimately covering this event. For example, Bilderberger
Henry Kissinger called the military dumb animals, which is disrespectful. Bilderberger David
Rockefeller wrote in his Memoirs on page 405 that he agreed with the creation of an integrated
economic, political system synonymous with an one world. Some of the leaders of Bilderberg
Group are descendants of the leaders of British East India Company and the Skulls and Bones during
the 19th century. These men were instrumental in funding the slave trade, funding the opium trade
(causing havoc unto innocent Chinese people. The Jesuits were involved in the drug trade
back in Japan as well centuries ago), and contributing to the evil imperialsim of the West. There
were some security in the Bilderberg meeting with machine guns. The Bilderberg should be exposed,
but it's one part of the puzzle. The City of London, the Pilgrims, certain elite families (i.e. Black
Nobility, Saxe Coburg Gotha, the Rothschilds, etc.) and the Vatican/Jesuits (who head up the real
international bankers) are more powerful than the Bilderbergers. These groups were involved in
wars like WWII. One big news involving this meeting was about Barack Obama and Hillary
Clinton. Some believe that Obama and Clinton meet inside of the Bilderberg Group meeting in
Chantilly, Virginia as a means to escape the media. Barack Obama’s media front man Gibbs told
the media that he would be at a certain location. Then, it was discovered that he wasn’t there. He and
Hillary was secretly meeting with each just before the Democratic election was finished in 2008.
Barack Obama is now of course President of the United States.
The 2009 Vouliagmeni, Greece Bilderberg meeting

The Bilderbergers will meet this year in Vouliagmeni, Greece on May 14-17, 2009.
Vouliagmeni is 20 miles outside of Athens and the Nafsika Astir palace hotels are
meet behind guards at the Westin Nafsika. According to James P. Tucker Jr., the
Bilderberg agenda in that will meeting will deal the handling of the global economic crisis
(Tucker believes that the Bilderbergers are manipulating the economic crisis for their selfish
interests). Of course, the Bilderbergers bash any pro-American fair trade endeavors as
equated to "protectionism." The Bilderbergers are internationalists, they view themselves as
citizens of the world, and their leaders especially scorn strong nationalism. These are the reasons that
they love free trade, whose dogma carried out into the extreme is essential for the plan of world
government. According to Jim Tucker, the Bilderbergers don't want the United States and other
countries to impose tariffs. Tariffs can equalize competition in trade. The Bildebergers would enjoy the
shipping of U.S. manufacturing jobs over seas, while cheap labor is exploited in the Third World. Jim
Tucker said that the Bilderbergers want to continue importing products made by slave labor in China
and Africa, underselling domestic products. The Bilderberg Group is a secret elitist
group that meet each spring at posh resorts. They are protected by armed guards,
uniformed police, and the world's intelligence community. Their deliberations are kept secret. They
were invented by the pro-Jesuit Joseph Rettinger and Prince Bernard of the Netherlands among
others. The Bilderbergers have been exposed greatly in recent years, especially since 2006.
The Bilderberg Group have members in the Barack Obama administration. They support the
European Union and the regionalism of the North American continent (that can lead into the
creation of the North American Union). An Asian Union is growing as well. Some want a real
Asian Union by the year of 2015. Bilderbergers have used the man made global warming myth
to promote the Kyoto treaty as well (like the U.N.). Tucker is the author of Jim Tucker’s
Bilderberg Diary: One Man’s 25-Year Battle to Shine the Light on the World Shadow Government.
Tucker is a key expert on the cosmology and history of the Bilderberg Group. So, these
groups are being exposed daily.

Bilderberg updates in 2009 are coming in. The comedian Charlie Skelton was arrested for just
taking a photo of the sea view near the Bilderberg Hotel in Greece. Greek police that were
armed tried to force Charlie Skelton to delete images from his camera. He refused, so he was
detained by the police for a temporary period of time. Skelton was comical about it, then he
seriously criticized the media for not covering the policies of the Bilderbergers in an elaborate
type of way. The Hotel was the Astir Palace near Athens. This is the Bilderberger's 57th annual
meeting. There is a Dutch Prime Minister being grilled over the Bilderberg Group as well. A
Dutch Member of Parliament has formally petitioned Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende and
his European Affairs Minister Frans Timmermans concerning their involvement with the
Bilderberg Group, citing an article released by Prison Planet last week. “In his web log on May
13, Member of Parliament of the Socialist Party, Harry van Bommel, refers to, and footnotes,
(Paul Joseph) Watson’s article on information confided to Bilderberg researcher Daniel Estulin
concerning the agenda of the secretive meeting,” writes Jurriaan Maessen. The secretive
nature of the Bilderberg Groups is easily proven by even mainstream sources of information.
Prime Minister Baleknende went into last year's Bilderberg Group meeting in Chantilly,
Virginia. This was before he went with then President George W. Bush and Queen Beatrix
(plus her son William-Alexander. Queen Beatrix is a regular attendee of the Group). Eustlin
believes that the 2009 Bilderberg agenda deals with our economic future as in
his own words as: "...Either a prolonged, agonizing depression that dooms the
world to decades of stagnation, decline and poverty … or an intense-but-
shorter depression that paves the way for a new sustainable economic world
order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency..." According to Estulin, “One of
their concerns is addressing and neutralizing the anti-Lisbon treaty movement called
“Libertas” led by Declan Ganley. One of the Bilderberger planned moves is to use a
whispering campaign in the US media suggesting that Ganley is being funded by arms dealers
in the US linked to the US military.” van Bommel is in his written request wants to find out on
the Dutch cabinet's position on Bilderberg and their stance on the purported plans to discredit
Ganley. van Bammel feels that the European Union wants to use slander against Declan
Ganley in order to promote the anti-liberty Lisbon Treaty (which can further strengthen the
European Union). Ganley is a leder in the anti-Lisbon movement called "Libertas." van
Bommel wants to see if the Bilderbergers are promoting the Lisbon Treaty. Time will tell if the
Dutch Prime Minister will answer van Bommel's questions. Blair brazenly lied in front of Parliament
again in October 2006 when, in response to a question regarding Bilderberg by MP Norman Baker, he
stated, “I have not attended any such meetings,” despite the fact that he attended the 1993 Bilderberg
meeting in Greece. van Bammel's inquiries are legitimate since it's about time that political leaders are
trying to get answers about the Bilderberg Group indeed.
The Modern World

In the 21st century, the economic crisis is still here. Instead of allowing bad corporations to fail,
the government is using their power to control as much industries as possible in order to
centralize wealth into central banks. Barack Obama believes that tax increases for those
making $250,000 or above is fine, but there are problems with this plan. One issue is that the
top 5% have wide differences of income. A person making $250,000 is hardly rich, but upper
middle class. Also, it‘s very unfair to tax a $250,000 income earner to a person making over
100 million dollars. After federal, state, and local taxes, a person could earn about $160,000 per
year if they are lucky. In big cities like New York City, that is just upper middle class not super
rich at all. Therefore, this tax plan will tax a huge part of the middle class in order to bailout the
super rich. According to Paul Craig Roberts: “…In America, the truly rich are those in the top
0.5% of the income distribution. These are the people with yachts, private airplanes, and who
are still rich after they lose half their wealth in a stock market collapse caused by government
policy that accommodated financial gangsters…The real rich are few in number and seldom
present any opposition to government. Recently, the New York Times reported (March 23,
2009) that the 400 richest Americans’ “share of the nation’s total wealth has nearly doubled
to more than 22 percent.” The average income of the 400 richest Americans is $263 million
annually. That is 1,052 times the income of the “rich” $250,000 income…” Constant
overspending that can inflate the dollar is a prescription for economic complications as well. A real tax
policy would be tax cuts across the board and cutting spending on areas of foreign affairs (and enact
other reasonable policies. These polices are reforming our trade policy to be more fair, ending foreign
military bases, get rid of corporate loopholes, create more funds to help the poor & middle class,
develop specific incentives for economic growth, and getting rid of the FED). In other words, a multi-
faceted approach in acquiring economic solutions is better than doing nothing or using unnecessary
spending. Bilderberger Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wants to decide on his own which
companies are ‘systemically’ important to our country and worthy of taxpayer
investment, and which are not. This bailout law isn’t about real economic group among the
people directly. It’s about the state and central banks to centralize power and forcing banks to
accept more TARP money even if they don’t need it (or want it). The bailout money (in large
quantities) were sent into Big Banks not directly into the American people or homeowners. Also, the
bailout law has a provision that can centralize health records into electronic database that doesn’t
have strong oversight in them. Geithner once didn’t pay taxes like IRS agents, governors, and other
politicans. Timothy Geithner was the head of the Federal Reserve bank of New York. In 1999, he
worked under Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers. Summers is a member of the CFR, the
Bilderbergers, and the Trilateral Commission, while Rubin is a high level Goldman Sachs bankster
operative who was chairman of Citigroup. He is also a CFR member. Geithner (who called for a
globalized banking system and recently wants a global currency possibly) worked for the International
Monetary Fund as the director of the Policy Development and Review Department until moving to the
Fed in October 2003. In 2006 he became a member of the influential Washington-based financial
advisory body, Group of Thirty, (like Paul A. Volcker) which was founded in 1978 at the initiative of the
Rockefeller Foundation.

      David Rockefeller is a powerful Bilderberger in North America. The
 Rockefeller’s family Senator from West Virginia is John D. Rockefeller. He is apart
    of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Barack Obama (according to the
Financial Times) appointed Bilderberger & CFR member James A. Johnson (who is
    a Trilateralist, linked to Goldman Sachs, a honorary trustee of the Brooking
  Institute, and a member of the American Friends of Bilderberg) to try to find vice-
  President candidates back in 2008. Now, Joseph Biden is the Vice President in
   2009. Both Barack Obama and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius are pro-
abortion. Barack Obama is so pro-abortion that he doesn‘t mind if his own daughter
aborted his grandchild. He said that: “If my daughters make a mistake, I do not
     want to punish them with a baby.” Sorry, Barack Obama, a child isn’t a
      punishment. It’s a gift from Almighty God. Every child born in the world
                   regardless of their background is a blessing.

Barack Obama apparently chosen Kansas state Governor Kathleen Sebelius to be his Health
Secretary. Is their elite ties among her. Unfortunately, there is. Tom Daschle resigned his position,
because he didn't pay his taxes in a sufficient manner. Her supporters claim that she is just a
moderate Democrat and has worked with Republicans on various issues according to CNN. She was
once considered a potential Vice Presidential candidate, but Jesuit connected/CFR member Joe
Biden was picked instead. In June, 2008, Sebelius attended the 2008 Bilderberg meeting in
Chantilly, Virginia, a fact not reported by the corporate media in her home state. She was
included on the Official 2008 Bilderberg Participant List. Kathleen Sebelius even meet in a
Bilderberg meeting in June 2007 at Istanbul, Turkey. The Bilderbergers are a secret group that
whose members want a new world order. So, Sebelius is a puppet of the Bilderbergers. The group
was created by Prince Bernard and pro-Jesuit Joseph Rettinger. Barack Obama has supported more
government control of our personal health care records. Kathleen Sebelius is very pro-abortion as
well. As the health secretary, Sebelius could have an impact in crafting a health care plan that could
cover abortions with taxpayer funds or require insurance companies to cover abortions in their plans. I
believe in health care reform (like most Americans do) not funding abortions in order to
accomplish that goal. Some accuse Kathleen of having a close tie with the late term abortion
practitioner George Tiller. Tiller escaped prosecution for repeatedly violating state abortion
laws. Sabellius even vetoed a bill last April that will make stronger state's limits on late term
abortions. That followed by a year her veto of a bill requiring explicit medical reasons for a late
abortion, which was preceded by vetoing other pro-life legislation in 2006, 2005 and 2003. Sebelius
repeatedly vetoed legislation that has proven in other states to reduce abortions in large numbers. A
measure that protects pregnant women and unborn children from violence, was only signed after
Sebelius spent years opposing it (and only because she knew the legislature would overturn a veto).
In other words, she is so radically pro-abortion that she voted against even a legitimate bill that can
stop crime only after the bill was veto proof. This law was called Alexa's Law (which was an unborn
victim of violence bill). Mary Kay Culp (who is the head of Kansans for Life) told in a
letter that: "In 2007, she signed Alexa's Law, an unborn victim's of violence bill, which she had a 20
year history of opposing," Culp said. Sebelius only signed it "after it was attached to another bill she
wanted and after favorable news coverage of very vocal support of the bill by the Brooks family of
Wichita -- whose daughter, and 8 month gestation granddaughter, Alexa, were murdered." As the
health secretary, Sebelius could have an impact in crafting a health care plan that could cover
abortions with taxpayer funds or require insurance companies to cover abortions in their plans.
Sebelius went as far as to coordinate a secret event with Tiller at the governor's mansion that was
criticized because her staff failed to officially report the event. She is in fact radically pro-abortion. Her
leaving the post could make pro-life Sam Brownback run for governor of Kansas. During the
hearings, members of the panel were criticized for asking very few questions of Sebelius on
abortion despite her extensive pro-abortion record vetoing numerous pro-life bills and her close ties
to late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller. Increasingly, Obama’s “change” represents
not only more of the same, but a larger dose of the same as he has appointed a record number
of Trilateralists, CFR members, and Bilderbergers to his administration.
It’s been discovered that the Belgian current Bilderberg chairman Etienne Davignon admitted that the
Bilderbeg Group helped to create the euro. He admitted this in an interview to the EUobserver
online newspaper on March 16 2009. Davignon was talking about the expectations of the EU
summit on March 19 and the London G20 meeting. He said that: “…These two meeting
are going to be important because of what (the media) will say- is it a lot of jaw-jaw and
everything will get worse? Or maybe it’s the beginning of a realisation that the world
will no longer be the same and we are going to do something about it…” The Eu
Observer article said that: “…A meeting in June in Europe of the Bilderberg Group- an
informal club of leading politicians, businessmen and thinkers chaired by Mr.
Davignon- could also ‘improve understanding’ on future action, in the same way it
helped create the Euro in the 1990s, he said…” There is even a 1955 Bilderberg Group
conference that was held in Germany, which discuss the agenda to create an European Union
and a single EU currency (This was decades before they were introduced). Leaked papers
from the meeting which took place from September 23-25 1955 at the Grand Hotel
Sonnenbichl in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany, were released by the Wikileaks
website yesterday. The summary report of the 1955 meeting talks of the “Pressing need to
bring the German people, together with the other peoples of Europe, into a common market.”
The document also outlines the plan, “To arrive in the shortest possible time at the highest
degree of integration, beginning with a common European market.” There is an early
European group promoting a single market called the European Economic Community,
which was formed in 1957. The EEC was duly created via the Treaty of Rome, which was
signed on 25 March 1957. Its nations originally comprised of Belgium, France, Germany,
Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. The EEC became the European Community and
then the European Union by 1993. “A European speaker expressed concern about the
need to achieve a common currency, and indicated that in his view this necessarily
implied the creation of a central political authority,” states the summary document. The
document desired an unification of Europe, which is a Vatican brainchild. James P. Tucker
Jr. wrote about how other Bilderbergers desire a global currency system in September 28,
2009. Tucker writes that former German deputy finance minister Heiner Flassbeck co-
authored a report calling for a global currency. He worked with then U.S. Deputy Treasury
Secretary Lawrence Summers in 1997-98 to contain the Asian financial crisis. Summers is a
longtime Bilderberg luminary and has been photographed by AFP at annual secret Bilderberg
confabs. Global currency always break national sovereignty of nation-states just like the euro
involved in the internationalist European Union. Therefore, this is conclusive evidence that
the Bilderberg Group have planned events and policies to occur in the world, not just have
meetings about various issues. What more evidence to these skeptics needs. The ca. 125
people in the Bilderberg are illegally making policy in the world without our input (secretly).


  Their names from left to right are David Rockefeller, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands,
  Prince Constantijn, and Queen Sofia of Spain. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is the
     largest shareholder in Royal Dutch Shell. The Queen recently narrowly escaped an
 assassination scare along with other members of her family. She was joined by one of her
three sons, Prince Constantijn, who also attended the meeting. Constantijn has worked with
   the Dutch European Commissioner for the EU, as well as having been a strategic policy
consultant with Booz Allen & Hamilton in London. Prince Constantijn has also been a policy
     researcher for RAND Corporation in Europe. Prince Philippe of Belgium is another
                 European Royal that is apart of the Bilderberg Group as well.
                     Appendix A: The Pilgrims Society

The Pilgrims Society is a very secretive group that is more secretive (and powerful) than the
Bilderberg Group. The logo of the Pilgrims had a man riding a horse (which is similar to the logo of the
CFR of a naked man riding a horse) with the Latin words of Hic et Ubique. That means “here and
everywhere.” This refers to their influence literally being global. Also, there are the images of an eagle
and a lion. This of course refers to the logos of America and Great Britain. The Pilgrim Society was
never discussed in the mainstream media presently at all and rarely discussed in the alternative media
until 2006 or 2007. The real Pilgrims were religious people coming from Europe into Europe in order
to acquire religious freedom. Therefore, the Pilgrims Society mocks many of the legitimate reasons
the Pilgrims came into America in order to form the new world order (by leaving the old world). To Fritz
Springmeier’s credit, he was one of the few men that exposed the Pilgrims Society back in the 1990’s.
Now, the Pilgrims are learned about with more accurate and they are greatly understood during 2009.
It’s even rare to find a membership list of the Pilgrims until recently. Before discussing its members,
it’s time to learn about its origin. Now, before the Pilgrim Society was formed, there was the Round
Table Group. This was formulated by Freemason Cecil Rhodes to create the new world order under
British rule. In 1891, Rhodes organized a secret society with members in a "Circle of
Initiates" and an outer circle known as the "Association of Helpers" later organized as
the Round Table organization. The Rothschild Family, Milner, and other leaders funded and
were apart of the Round Table. They were key in imperialism and Rhodes’ allies were involved in
South Africa to oppress Africans (and the Boers, which they subjected to immoral rule). The British
general Field Marshall Earl Roberts of the Boer War was a founder of The Pilgrims. Lord
Kitchener was the British commander for South Africa---and became a member of The Pilgrims.
According to, under Lord Kitchener there were 116,572 Boers in concentration
camps during 1899-1902; and 27,927 died of starvation, of which 22,074 were children under age
16. The war was over control of the mineral wealth. Lord Alfred Milner, British High
Commissioner for South Africa--- later Viscount Milner, was an associate of the Rothschilds and
the Royal Family. Milner funded the Russian Communist Revolution from 1916 to 1917. The
Pilgrims helped to form the Soviet Union and economically aided China as well. After Rhodes
died, according to Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, the offshoots of the Rhodes
Round Table was the RIIA in Great Britain and the CFR in America. In 1928, the Council on
Foreign Relations was dominated by the associates of the Morgan bank. Closely allied
with this Morgan influence were a small group of Wall Street lawyers whose chief
figures were Elihu Root, John W. Davis, the Dulles Brothers, John J. McCloy, etc. The
London chapter of the Pilgrim Society was established in July 11, 1902 (This invention was held in the
British Carlton Hotel. Those in attendance were Lindsay Russell, General Lord Roberts, General
Joseph Wheeler, and Sir Harry Britain). William MacDonald Sinclair, was elected chairman of
the executive committee in the early 20th century. The New York chapter of the group was formed
in January 13, 1903. The people around Lord Alfred Milner and the then deceased Cecil John Rhodes
created the Pilgrim Society. They wanted to strengthen ties between Great Britain and the United
States of America. Most of the American members of the Pilgrims are top level bankers and elitists
from the East Coast of America. Most people that are invited to join this powerful organization are in
their 40’s and 50’s. Famous members are Chief Justices, Attorneys, bankers, and other prominent
people in America. There are dining meetings where political subjects are discussed. Pilgrim member
Francis F. Randolph was the Russell Trust Association’s Treasurer for years. The Russell Trust
Association is the corporate name of the Skulls and Bones secret society. Now, the Skulls and Bones
is one entry level point into more powerful groups and Secret Societies like the CFR, the
Bilderbergers, Freemasonry, or even the Pilgrims. The Skulls and Bones plus related group back in
the 19th century were conduits in funding the British Empire (including the Opium Trade). That is why
Russell and Company was granted opium trading concession in China by the BEIA or the British East
India Company. There is a Skulls and Bones and Scroll and Key link to the Pilgrims Society. For
example, Paul Mellon of the Scroll and Key is very wealthy and he‘s a Pilgrim (which Alexandra
Robbins doesn‘t mention in her literature). Even after the Civil War, many Pilgrim bloodlines would
be the robber barons of the Astors, the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Harriman, DuPonts, Mellons,
Witney‘s, Harknesses, etc. The reigns of powerful aren’t directly given over to 19 year old Junior
Bonesmen, but others like the Pilgrims.
A great example of the cooperation between the London and American Pilgrims is the
London Bush House, which was ordered to be built in 1919 by Pilgrim Irving T. Bush, a N.Y.
businessman. The Pilgrims are very famous for being involved in the Jekyll Island meeting in
1910 (the Pilgrims’ names are Vanderlip, Strong, Warburg, Davison, Norton, and Aldrich)
that lead into the creation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Also, Alfred L. Aiken (who was
the financial advisor to Senator Nelson Aldrich), Edward B. Vreeland (who was Aldrich's
associate was a Pilgrim. He Aldrich's associate in Congress), Otto Kahn, and Jacob Schiff
were all members of the Pilgrim Society. The Pilgrim Society is very powerful organization
(which is more stronger than the CFR) that is related to the Anglo-American establishment.
President Woodrow Wilson signed the bill into law and later regreted the Federal Reserve
ultimately. Afterwards, Pilgrims were Presidents of the New York Federal Reserve Bank from
1914 to 1979. Thomas Watson of IBM was a Pilgrim that was key in aiding Nazi Germany in
giving them electronic counting machines. Pilgrims were involved in the Nuremberg trials
(like the Freemasons were). The power of the Pilgrims is expressed by this interesting
"There are several curious things about these Pilgrims functions. In the first place there is
present at these dinners an array of notables such as it would be difficult to bring together
under one roof for any other purpose and by any other society... Among the guests were John
D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, Thomas W. Lamont and other members of the House of
Morgan... We are entitled to know what the Pilgrim Society is, what it stands for, and who
these powerful Pilgrims are that can call out the great to hear a British Ambassador expound
to Americans the virtues of a united democratic front."
- John T. Whiteford asking very reasonable questions in his 1940 pamphlet 'Sir Uncle Sam:
Knight of the British Empire'.

The Pilgrims Society also meet in prestigious hotels like the Victoria, the Waldorf Astoria,
the Carlton Ritz, and the Savoy. One Pilgrim named Francis Beverly Biddle was one of the
four primary judges at the Nuremberg trials. He represented America. In 1973, Pilgrim
Edward W. Simon was chairman of the President's Oil Policy Committee from February to
December of 1973 (oil crisis started in October in the midst of the Yom Kippur war). He also
was an administrator of the Federal Energy Office since December 1973 and was charged
with the responsibility of minimizing the effects of the energy crisis and preventing future
crises (decided the oil prices and the distribution).

Referring to the power of the organization, in a speech at the House of Commons
on August 20, 1941, Winston Churchill (a member) said, “No one could stop it. Let
it roll on in full flood, inexorable, irresistible.” On page 223 of his unauthorized
Nixon biography, Allen wrote---“…Bobst is listed as a member of the highly secret
Pilgrim Society, which is even closer to the inner circle of the conspiracy than the
CFR…” Bobst was a Knight of Malta and was a leading member of Big Pharma (as
the then head of Warner-Lambert pharmaceutical company). On page 27 of the article,
Gary Allen commented that: “David Sarnoff is a member of the super-secret Pilgrim Society,
whose official logo is entwined American and British flags. This group, which is dedicated to
merging Britain and America, has a number of internationalist members like Paley, Sarnoff, and John
Schiff whose ancestors were not British.” David Sarnoff was once the chairman of RCA or the Radio
Corporation of America and NBC. One leading member of the Pilgrim Society in Great Britain is the
Duke of Westminster named Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor. Grosvenor is one of the Royals that
owns over 300 acres of the property in downtown London, Canada, Australia, Hawaii, and
other places. That is why it’s common to witness Barons, Viscounts, Earls, Marquises, and
Dukes as members of the Pilgrims Society. The Pilgrims are Vatican allies. Not to mention
that certain people refuse to expose real Vatican elites found in the Constantinian
Order, the Order of St. Gregory, the Knights of Malta, the Order of St. Francis, Opus
Dei, etc. Knights of Malta Myron Taylor and J. Peter Grace are Pilgrims. The banks
that the Pilgrim Society have influence from range from Chase Manhattan US/UK,
Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, the Bank of England, etc.

People are waking up about the Pilgrims Society’s history today. It’s some of these same
Pilgrims are heading the international bankers that are looting our economy in 2009. This is
done in other to allow the global regulation of our economy and a possible global reserve
currency system. This has been promoted by leaders of Russia, China, and advanced by the
Bilderberger Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. The central banks got us Americans in debt
and now we are losing our money supply. These globalists want a global private bank to
handle our economy (even Gordon Brown has expressed support for the establishment of a
new world order). Unemployment in America is over 10% in some states now. This crisis is
also done to break up our national sovereignty to transform America into a Big Brother state
system (that is why the USA is increasingly militarized). America collectively is blamed for the
financial crisis when those who are really responsible are internationalists, whose
headquarters are in Europe. They have influence in the media and law firms. The Big Bankers
want to enslave us economically through means of credit and debt to prevent us from having
legitimate solutions in our financial complications. Famous senior members of Time Magazine
that were Pilgrims include Paul Gary Hoffman, William J. Cross, Henry Luce III (who became
the President of the U.S. Pilgrims in 1997), and others. Religiously, most Pilgrims are
Anglicans (which has been bounded under the Vatican for centuries. Anglicans are near
Romanists in their doctrines without a Pope indeed). It’s obvious that the Pilgrims Society is
made of only influential people in the world. The Pilgrims Society (whose ancestors are royal
elites) promotes globalization and new world order in covert avenues. The Pilgrim Society is a
key missing link in high level political organizations.
  Appendix B: A Secret History among the Nazis & the E.U.

Recently, it's been discovered that top Nazis wanted an EU type of Fourth Reich system where
Europe would have a common market. Documents confirm this reality. In a Daily Mail piece,
Adam Lebor reveals how he uncovered US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128, also known
as The Red House Report, which details how top Nazis secretly met at the Maison Rouge Hotel
in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. This was when Germany was under the brink of military
defeat. The Nazis conspired therefore to create a new Fourth Reich under the guise of a pan
European economic empire (under an European common market). Lebor is a writer that
wanted to create a fictional book based on the premise of top Nazis wanted to create an EU
system (when that book is based on reality). These top Nazi industrialists were ordered by SS
Obergruppenfuhrer Dr Scheid to set up front companies abroad and pose as democrats in
order to achieve economic penetration and lay the foundations for the re-emergence of the
Nazi party. “The Third Reich was defeated militarily, but powerful Nazi-era bankers,
industrialists and civil servants, reborn as democrats, soon prospered in the new West
Germany. There they worked for a new cause: European economic and political integration,”
writes Lebor. Wealthy Nazi bankers like Alfried Krupp and Friedrich Flick used front
companies like the BMW, Siemens, and Volkswagen to try (or Krupp Industries) to buid a new
pan-European business empire. Historian Dr. Michael Pinto-Duschinsky is an adviser
to Jewish former slave labourers. He said that: “For many leading industrial
figures close to the Nazi regime, Europe became a cover for pursuing German
national interests after the defeat of Hitler….The continuity of the economy of
Germany and the economies of post-war Europe is striking. Some of the leading
figures in the Nazi economy became leading builders of the European Union.”
Banking leader Hermann Abs joined the board of Deutsche Bank during the rise of the Nazis.
He sat on the supervisory board of I.G. Farban (IG Farben is the company that made the Zyklon
B gas that murdered concentration camp victims). Abs was even apart of the Marshall Aid
allocation funds that economically aided the Germany industry. He managed Germany's
economic recovery by 1948. Abs was apart of the European League for Economic Co-
operation, an elite intellectual pressure group set up in 1946. This League wanted a common
market, which was a prescusor of the European Union. Many of the Nazis' organization
promoted similar common market systems as the Nazis (according to Rodney Atkinson's
"Europe's Full Circle"). Nazism and the EU have many similarities. The Bilderbergers
(their founders include pro-Jesuit Joseph Rettinger and accused Nazi Prince Bernhard of
the Netherlands) even wanted an unified European currency (in a common market) according
to documents from 1955 (as proven by the Bilderbergers‘ own leaked documents). So, that is
the Bilderberg link to the EU agenda and an EU-like currency. The Bilderberg Group have
been supportive of the European Union for decades. In his 1940 book The European
Community, Nazi Economics Minister and war criminal Walther Funk wrote about the need to
create a “Central European Union” and “European Economic Area” and for fixed exchange
rates. Funk's co-authors said that Nazi academic Heinrich Hunk wants an unified European
economic plan (even Nazi Gustav Koening wanted a European Community). Joseph Goebelles
in 1940 predicted that the economic unification. Other top Nazis who called for the creation of
a pan-European federal economic superstate include Ribbentrop, Quisling and Seyss-Inquart,
who spoke of “The new Europe of solidarity and co-operation among all its people… will
find…rapidly increasing prosperity once national economic boundaries are removed.” So, the
European Union was dreamed way before 1993. The EU today has embraced totalitarianism.
Some Euro MPs want to ban certain blogs on the Internet. Under the 1999 ruling of the
European Court Of Justice (case 274/99), it is illegal to criticize the EU and the EU is on a
mission to outlaw any national political parties that do not pander to the European federal
superstate agenda. They want to remove power from national governments to unaccountable
supra-national organizations (via proposals like the Lisbon Treaty that has been rejected by
the citizens of Ireland). Arthur Speigelman from Reuters wrote on May 10, 1996 that:

“…Realizing they were losing the war in 1944, Nazi leaders met top German
industralists to plan a secret post-war international network to restore them to
power, according to a newly declassified U.S. intelligence document. The
document…says an SS General and a representative of the German
armaments ministry told such companies as Krupp and Rohling that they
must be prepared to finance the Nazi Party…when it went underground..”
                     This is Craig Oxley’s Chart of world Power.

Tony Blair is connected to the EU. Ireland was forced to vote in favor of the EU's Lisbon
Treaty. Now, the EU wants further federalization of the EU super state are continuing. The
Daily Mail reported that the post-Lisbon EU era is slate to try to make Tony Blair the first
President of the European Union. This move is further a possibly when Blair converted to
Catholicism 2 years. The EU is heavily mostly Catholic in their composition. Blair has been
involved in war crimes and bad policies before. Example include how he continued the
economic sanctions against Iraq from 1990 to 2003, which resulted in the deaths of 500,000
Iraqi children. he worked with another power in the U.S. to allow a war of aggression against
Iraq. He promoted the fraudulent Downing Street Memo and he participated in a political and
military coalition with the U.S. in Iraq that shown weapons like white phosphorus. The Irish
electorate allowed Blair to have that possibility of being a leading future of the EU.
According to the National Platform EU Research and Information Centre, which has
compiled a list of 13 Facts About the Lisbon Treaty, they have also created a self-amending
treaty that will no longer allow national vetoes on key issues like tax harmonization, crime,
transport, energy and public health and services. This proves that the Lisbon Treaty is anti-
national sovereignty. Ireland voted against the Lisbon Treaty and the EU still didn't accept no
for an answer. The thing now is for the European citizenry to fight against the
Vatican/Bilderberg organized EU empire before it creates even more evils in its apparent
power grab policies. Opposition to the EU enterprise can hopefully rise up again. Even the EU
supporting a common market and a global community is related to the Vatican. Pope John
XXIII promoted globalism and the world living as one community working for the common
good in his encyclical called “Mater et Magistra” or Christianity and Social Progress from May
15, 1961. The corporate elite that funded Hitler (including American like Prescott Bush, who
was George W. Bush’s grandfather) didn’t go away. They have just moved on into funding
other arenas like the war on terror, cap and trade (including global warming programs), the EU,
and other ventures. The EU is even anti-free speech in some cases. So, we know exactly what
the EU is trying to do.
Daniel Eustlin’s New Research

Eustlin is the famous researcher of the Bilderberg Group. He recently gave an interview with
the Corbett Report in early November of 2009. He revealed the behind the scenes details of
last week’s G20 Finance Minister’s meeting in St. Andrews, Scotland. Some of the details of
this occurrence have come out from actual G20 documents. Eustlin says that his sources were
able to sneak out of the meetings these documents despite the security measures he calls
unprecedented even by Bilderberg standards (as the Bilderbergers are protected by
the Secret Service, CIA, MI6, MI5, the Mossad, the BND, etc.). The documents
contain valuable information about the conference. They are found at
and have been mirrored on The Corbett Report homepage. This information were smuggled
out at great personal risk. People are disseminating this information widely and they should
be since people have the right to know the truth. Eustlin found out that the meeting about the
next step in globalization. The elite according to him wants to create the African Union. The
African Union agenda is really similar to the EU, which is about the ceding of national
sovereignty to unaccountable regional governments. These power blocs are easily to
administer and implement the aims of the financial oligarchs. It’s easy to prove that the elite
wants population reduction tying development aid to population control problems. This is
why the Third World or the developed world have huge debt owed to the IMF and the World
Bank. Eustlin said that: “…The creation of the borderless African continent will be
spearheaded by the IMF…” One of the smuggled documents prove that an attendee had the
IMF articles of agreement at the meeting. This highlighted the facts that funds were
made available under adequate safeguards to member nations. In other
words, the globalists want to have draconian measures designed to plunge
countries into virtual servitude (causing many countries in Africa to spend
five times more revenue on servicing their IMF debts than they do on health
care for their own citizens). The meeting’s attendees, also identified in the smuggled
documents, reads like a who’s who of the financial oligarchical elite. The list have the names
of: leading Bilderbergers such as U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Federal Reserve
Chairman Ben Bernanke, World Bank President Bob Zoellick, Turkish Finance Minister Ali
Babacan and British Finance Minister Alistair Darling and many others. The Trilateral
Commission was also represented at the conference by Japanese members Yoshihiko Noda
and Masaaki Shirakawa. Estulin in his interview talked about the G20’s debate on dumping
the U.S. dollar. “The American and the British delegations tried to persuade the Russian and
the Chinese delegates to devalue the dollar and create a basket of currencies or another world
currency to take the place of the dollar,” he said. “Luckily, both the Russians and the Chinese
told the Americans and the British to go pound sand. They were not willing to do this.” This
proves that some Western financial oligarchs want to dump the dollar in order to promote
another global currency (under a new financial system as promoted by Henry Kissinger and
George Soros. The new financial order these men promote are unaccountable and unelected.
This order is certainly trying to control all markets worldwide). Damon Vickers, who is the
chief investment officer of Nine Points Capital Partners, said that global government
will come if this crisis continues in these words: “…If the global currency crisis unfolds,
then inevitably you get an alignment of a global world government. A new global
currency and a new world order, so we may be moving towards that…” Although it is
good news that the dumping of the dollar failed to gain traction at this meeting, it by no
means insures that this disastrous move will not continue to be pursued by the influential
globalist financiers. Even Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flahery exposed this agenda by
saying that: “the recent public policy of privatizing profits and socializing losses is
unacceptable to taxpayers,” to which someone responded “Do you think they have noticed?”
The response provoked laughter from the assembled oligarchs. Mr. Estulin has a
message for the G20 oligarchs: “Gentlemen of the G20, in case you’re
wondering: Yes, we the great unwashed have definitely noticed.”
Herman Van Rompuy is the new EU President

The European Union has decided on its new President. His name is Herman Van Rompuy.
He's a member of the Bilderberg Group. The Bilderberg Group promotes globalization and
the new world order of course with member David Rockefelller desiring the new world order
by his own words. Rompuy is of the establishment by being in the seat of Prime Minister of
Belgium. The decision to make Rompuy the new President of the EU was made in a dinner
meeting in Brussels by the leaders of the 27 EU member states. The new positions include;
President of the European Council and Foreign Affairs Chief and comes into effects on
December 1, 2009. Van Rompuy will take his post as the first president of Europe on
January 1, 2010. The permanent EU President seat was created by the Lisbon Treaty.
Then, it was finally ratified by the member states including Ireland that passed it in
early October Ireland at first refused to give up its sovereignty to the EU in the first

referendum. The Irish passed it after the EU used slick tactics like promise of jobs. It's not a
secret that Bilderberg meetings are places where candidates are positioned in high places of
government. According to ‘De Tijd‘, Van Rompuy attended a Bilderberg dinner in Brussels
just days before he was selected as EU president. Rompuy is Roman Catholic. He was
educated at the Jesuit Sint-Jan Berchmans College in central Brussels, then studied
philosophy and economics at the Catholic University of Leuven. At the meeting Van Rompuy
gave a speech about the implementation of new taxes on shopping items (value added tax),
airline travel (aviation tax) and petrol stations (fuel duty tax) that will go directly to Brussels
as an “EU tax.”
He said: “The possibilities of financial levies at European level must be seriously
examined and for the first time the large countries in the union are open to that,”, credit
to the newspaper De Tijd. The EU and the Bilderbergers love global carbon taxes and as
many taxes as possible in society. The Bilderbergers was created by Vatican agents and
Western elitists. Belgium expelled the Jesuits in 1818 and when the Jesuits were
expelled form Germany in 1872, they came into Belgium. Further, the Order was
expelled from all public and private schools in Belgium in September, 1826 according to
Eric Jon Phelps. The new EU President according to Daniel Taylor said that he wants
global governance, because of the world financial crisis. He said that: "...2009 is also
the first year of global governance, with the establishment of the G20 in the middle
of the financial crisis. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards
the global management of our planet..." So, Rompuy is a Jesuit-trained globalist
through and through. Global Governance is a code word for the new world order and
global government concretely. Rompuy doesn't want Turkey to be apart of the EU,
because Turkey is mostly Muslim and he wants to promote "Christian values." He has
the nerve to talk about Christian values when the EU constantly suppresses the liberties
of                         people                        in                       Europe.
Updates in the Bilderberg Group for 2009 and 2010

Another Bilderberg Group attendee have called for global governance (which is an
euphemism for world government). His name is the current Prime Minister of
Greece named George Papandreou. He pronounced those words in the COP 15
summit on Thursday of mid December 2009. He stated that: “…at this time, we are
observing the birth of global governance…We must, however, agree to an obligation
and be committed to carrying this out.” The ironic thing is that Papandreou
published a version of the same speech on his own website, but with an altered- but
certainly more revealing- text that: “This is global governance in the making. But we
must agree, and agree to a binding commitment.” He admitted that he was n’t there
only as a Prime Minsiter of Greece, but a representative of the Socialist International.
He supports global taxes, an international carbon tax, green bonds or
transaction taxes, and in his words: “…transforming foreign debt into equal
funds to be used by poor countries for climate change adaptation…” He
attended the Bilderberg Group’s conferences in the years of 1995, 1998, 2000, 2004,
and 2005. He is one of numerous world leaders desiring world governance as an
excuse to promote climate change hysteria. This is extreme, because carbon dioxide
is a natural chemical that plants breathes. Papandreou authored an article for
TheNation titled ‘The Challenge of Global Governance” in which he openly stated:
“While I am pleasantly surprised that socialism is back in vogue, I am also mindful
that it must be reinvented, too…we are calling for greater financial transparency,
more robust regulation, the closing of tax havens, and the creation of a World
Finance Organization to enforce global standards…” So, it’s there. A
Bilderberger is calling for a world organization to handle our finances.
Papandreou went as far as advocating global governance in his speech on May 8,
2003 saying that: “…Creating a new Europe, means creating a new concept of
identity for Europe itself, for all the countries in it and to a certain extent for the
world too. Europe has a unique dimension here. What is happening in this
globalizing world. We are seeing the difficulties of integration into the world system,
into a global village. We are seeing a difficulty in creating global governance…” The
Socialist International like the Bilderberg Group desire world government under
many guises indeed.

The 2010 Bilderberg Group meeting was held in Stiges, Spain

The place in Spain that the Bilderbergers will have their conference is in Hotel Dolce
(outside of Barcelona) from June 3 to 7, 2010. The Bilderberg Group is now an open
conspiracy. We realize that the Anglo-American Dutch/Black Nobility power structure
is exploiting the West (especially America) to promote their Empire under the guise of a
Crusade against Muslim people. This power structure wants globalization and the new
world order system as admitted by Gordon Brown, Henry Kissinger, George H. W. Bush,
and others. It’s in plain sight. Only about 150 invited only guests consume its
membership. Its membership is made up of those in politics, the military, the media,
business, banking, etc. Tons of people know about it in the 2010 and the people should
expose the Bilderberg Group in a high level. People have called for global government
or the new world order for a while. More people know this today. Some of the
Bilderberg's 2010 agenda is known today. According to some, the Bilderberg is talking
about a potential military strike on Iran and the future collapse of the euro. The euro will
be a big topic discussed in the Bilderberg conference. According to Jim Tucker, Trilateral
Commission members (who routinely join the annual Bilderberg confab) talk about a war
on Iran being debate. The elite continue to use the economic crisis fallout to push for
centralized financial regulation & evil austerity measures. Some Bilderbergers are split
in this issue of war with Iran as they were before the invasion of Iraq at the 2002 meeting.
There was a recent Trilateral Commission in Dublin, Ireland. They discuss topics that the
Bilderberg group discuss as well. The chief advisor to the Russian leadership Mikhail
Slobodovsici unwittingly told a We Are Change member he mistook for a colleague, “We
are deciding the future of the world….We need a world government,” he said, but,
referring to Iran, said “we need to get rid of them.” This is nothing new. The reason is
that Bilderberger and IMF chief Dominque Strauss-Kahn have told elitists in Zurich that
the globalists need to see the crisis as and opportunity to push for a new global currency
issued by a global central bank. Even the nation of Spain is suffering, because the green
initatives in the antion have according to some decreased Spain’s standard of living.
There is nothing wrong with an environmentally friendly economy, but it has to be done
in the right type of way. EU Commission chief and prominent Bilderberger Jose Manuel
Barroso supports the green economy as representative of the “post-industrial revolution.”
 Spain’s unemployment rate is as high as 18%. According to sources close to there
Bilderbergers, the younger elitists fear that the economy is falling so fast (that it can make
negative consequences among the wealth and influence of insiders will be threatened). There
are divisions in geopolitics. Trilateral Commission co-founder and prominent Bilderberger
Zbigniew Brzezinski said that a global political awakening is occurring (that along with
infighting can threaten to derail the move towards an one world government). The euro is
collapse and people want to see if the U.S. dollar will grow in power. Former Bank of
England policy maker David Blanchflower recently told Bloomberg News that the euro
region could break up as a result of the debt crisis in Greece which threatens to spread to
other countries on the continent. As veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker points out in his
latest article, the corporate media has already been preconditioning the public to accept
Bilderberg’s agenda for weeks. “Bilderberg-controlled news outlets in Europe and the
Western Hemisphere are conditioning the public to accept two of the super-secret elite’s
major goals in advance of its meeting June 4-7 in Sitges, Spain: a U.S. attack on Iran and a
financial bailout of Greece and other European Union (EU) countries,” writes Tucker. It isn't
a secret that the agenda for global government is real (and out of the open) along with the
Bilderbergers grooming politicians to have high powered positions within the new world
order hierarchy. The most interesting aspect to come out of this year’s conference in Sitges
Spain is the question of who will be attending. David Cameron has a new coalition
government in the UK. It opposes the Bilderberg's European project in rhetoric, but they have
appointed pro-Euro politicians to influential posts. There is a possible attendance of Cameron
and Nick Clegg to the Bilderberg group. Some UK Labour Party members may be invited to
the group. Gordon Brown resigned in the UK (and the Bilderberg could recruit people like
possible future Prime Ministers like David Millibrand).

Bill Gates was in the Bilderberg 2010 conference. Microsoft founder Gates funds &
bankrolls sterilization vaccine programs. Gates is to have given a speech on global
warming agenda and "the needs of the poorest." He was forced to admit to journalists
that he will give a speech at the globalist confab. He admitted this information to
journalists from 20 Minutos, which is a free Spanish newspaper. This newspaper is
published only in numerous Spanish cities plus others globally. According to the report,
Gates told reporters, “I’m one of those who will be present.” Gates added that he will
take part in a debate with fellow globalists on the subjects of “energy and the needs of
the poorest,” (as well as climate change, renewable energy and the economic crisis).
Gates claimed that he was in Barcelona to attend a Global Health Institute conference,
which was then mysteriously cancelled. The German news agency DPA admitted to
Gates' presence in the elite confab. The report confirms that Spain’s Prime Minister José
Luis Rodríguez Zapatero will attend the conference this afternoon. Zapatero will be
joined by Queen Beatrix of Holland, ECB Chairman Jean Claude Trichet as well as
former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld went to other meetings in
the past. Gates' wife Melinda is a regular attendee. Although, this is the first time Bill
Gates ever came into a Bilderberg Group occasion. There are very developments coming
up in the Bilderberg group. Iran is an issue in the world and the global warming agenda
(That has been in the ropes since the Climategate scandal and the failed Copenhagen
summit in December of 2009). Bill Gates promotes eugenics like programs. Gates told
the TED conference that he wanted vaccines to be used to reduce the world's population
(for the sake of global warming issues and lower CO2 emissions to almost zero). The
TED organization is one of the largest toxic waste polluters in the Earth. Even John P.
Holdren's 1977 Ecoscience advocated using sterilization against people to form a
dictatorial planetary regime. Other Bilderbergers have supported similar population
control efforts that were draconian. David Rockefeller attended the first Bilderberg
meeting in 1954 and is now the head of the Bilderberg's "sterring committee." His family
of the Rockefellers funded eugenics research in Germany via the Kaiser-Wilhelm
Institutes in Berlin and Munich. The Rockefeller Foundation praised Hitler's
sterilization program in Nazi Germany. A joint World Health Organization-Rockefeller
inoculation program against tetanus came about in Nicaragua, Mexico and the
Philippines. In the early 1990’s was in fact a covert trial on using vaccines to medically
abort women’s babies. “Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization,
became suspicious of the motives behind the WHO program and decided to test
numerous vials of the vaccine and found them to contain human Chorionic
Gonadotrophin, or hCG,” writes historian F. William Engdahl in his article, Bill Gates
And Neo-Eugenics: Vaccines To Reduce Population. Other reports show that the
vaccines were laced with hCG hormones came from the Philippines and Nicaragua.
This can cause pregnancy problems when the natural hormone hCG merges with a
tetanus toxoid carrier. He wants to use sterilization against men to make him infertile
for six months. This is wild stuff. “The foundation has funded a new “sweat-triggered
vaccine delivery” program based on nanoparticles penetrating human skin. The
technology is described as a way to “…develop nanoparticles that penetrate the skin
through hair follicles and burst upon contact with human sweat to release vaccines,”
writes health researcher Mike Adams. Gates might support a carbon tax. The carbon tax
agenda is wrong since it won't radically stop pollution. Also, it will enforce a
consumption tax that can reduce the standard of living of people (especially in a global
depression). The Bilderberg act undemocratic in their hierarchy when they propose
these policies. Some Bilderbergers view people with income as a threat to the plans of
globalism or world government. Charlie Skelton is a journalist who wrote about this
issue from his Bilderberg blog for the Guardian website. He was the last journalist to
leave the Hotel Dolce Sitges. Skelton wrote that the Bilderbergers in conversation said
those bull horning them was scary and a threat since people are allowed to have income
in the welfare state (There is nothing wrong with promoting the general welfare in the
Constitution I might add). Independent activists are exposing the cover of the
Bilderbergers. That is why protestors are coming into Spain to legitimately expose the
nefarious, secretive nature of the Bilderberg Group. Austerity measures, consumption
taxes, and other tactics are promoted by the elite in order to try to harm our standard of
living. A big middle class increases the chances of real societal form among all classes
hat is why the post-industrial revolutionaries want the economy to be more naïve

By Timothy

Created Originally: April 28, 2005
Updated: March 30, 2009




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