Portraits of Trilateral Commission Members by BrianCharles


									                           Members of the Trilateral Commission (as of April 2013)

                                                      European Group

    Georges Berthoin
 International Honorary                                                                                         Bertrand Collomb
                                                       Peter D. Sutherland                                    Former Chairman and
  Chairman, European            Carl Bildt
                                                        Chairman of British                                  CEO of Lafarge [France];
       Movement             Foreign Minister of                                     Jean-Claude Trichet
                                                      Petroleum (1997-2009);                                   Director of DuPont
                          Sweden (2006-present)                                    President of European
                                                       Chairman, Goldman                                         (2007-present)
                                                                                       Central Bank
                                                        Sachs International             (2003-2011)

                                                            Hans Wijers                 Erkki Liikanen              Luc Coene
   Manfred Bischoff               John Elkann        Chairman of Heineken NV      Chairman of the Board of   Governor, National Bank
    Chairman of the        Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.       [beer] (2013-present);       the Bank of Finland       of Belgium; Director of
  Supervisory Board,       [Italian auto company]      Minister for Economic           (2004-present)         Bank for International
     Daimler AG                                      Affairs of the Netherlands                              Settlements (2011-pres.)
[German auto company]                                       (1994-1998)

                                                                                                                  Rachel Lomax
                              Lord Mandelson                Lord Brittan of                                  Deputy Governor of the
Lord Kerr of Kinlochard      (Peter Mandelson)              Spennithorne              Lucas Papademos            Bank of England
       (John Kerr)        Member of the House of            (Leon Brittan)        Prime Minister of Greece         (2003-2008);
Deputy Chairman, Royal    Lords; Chairman, Global     European Commissioner       (2011- 2012); Vice         Director of HSBC [bank]
Dutch Shell plc; Member   Counsel; Senior Advisor,     for Trade (1993-1999);     President, European             (2008-present)
 of the House of Lords             Lazard               Vice Chairman, UBS        Central Bank (2002-
                                                     Investment Bank, London      2010); Governor, Bank of
                                                                                  Greece (1994-2002)
   Alexandre Adler
 Scientific Director for
Geopolitics, University of

                                  Urban Ahlin                                          Edmond Alphandéry              Jacques Andréani
                              Member of the Swedish               Esko Aho               Chairman, CNP            Ambassadeur de France,
                                  Parliament              Executive Vice President      Assurances, Paris         Paris; former Ambassador
                                                          of Nokia; Prime Minister                                   to the United States
                                                           of Finland (1991-1995)

                                                               Estela Barbot               Erik Belfrage                Marek Belka
     Jorge Armindo
                                 Jerzy Baczynski           former Director, AGA       Chairman of the Board,      President, National Bank
   Chairman, Amorim
    Turismo, Lisbon          Editor-in-Chief, Polityka,                              Consilio International AB;   of Poland; former Prime
                                      Warsaw                                                Stockholm              Minister and Minister of
                                                                                                                     Finance of Poland

    Dick Benschop                                                                                                    Ana Patricia Botin
                               Baron Jean-Pierre                                      Tzvetelina Borislavova
President Director, Shell                                                                                          Chief Executive Officer,
                                   Berghmans                   Antonio Borges          Founder, Owner and
      Netherlands                                                                                                      Santander UK
                             Chairman, Lhoist Group,       Former Director of the       Chairperson, CSIF
                               Limelette, Belgium          European Department,        [Bulgaria]; Bulgarian
                                                           International Monetary     Prime Minister Boyko
                                                                 Fund (IMF)             Borisov’s girlfriend

                                                            Jean-Louis Bruguière
Jean-Louis Bourlanges         Jorge Braga de Macedo         Representative of the          John Bruton               Robin Buchanan
 Member, State Audit            President, Tropical       French Presidency of the   Prime Minister of Ireland     Senior Adviser, Bain &
   Court (Cour des           Research Institute, Lisbon      Republic on the EU           (1994-1997);            Company, London; former
   Comptes), Paris                                        Equivalent TFTP Project    former European Union          Dean and President,
                                                                                     Ambassador to the U.S.       London Business School
                                                                                                                 Hervé de Carmoy
                                                                                                                 Chairman of the
     Patrick Buffet                                                                                             Supervisory Board,
  Chairman and Chief           François Bujon de                                                                   ETAM, Paris
   Executive Officer,               l'Estang             Edelgard Bulmahn             Richard Burrows
    ERAMET, Paris               Chairman, FBE           Member of the German          Chairman, British
                          International Consultants,        Bundestag                American Tobacco,
                           Paris; former Chairman,                                London; former Governor,
                          Citi France; former French                                   Bank of Ireland
                           Ambassador to the U.S.

                                                           Patrick Combes                                        Richard Conroy
                                                                                          Iain Conn           Chairman, Conroy Gold
   Jürgen Chrobog          Paolo Andrea Colombo          Chairman and Chief        Managing Director and
Chairman, BMW Stiftung     Chairman, Enel, Rome           Executive Officer,                                  and Natural Resources,
                                                                                     Chief Executive of         Dublin; Member of
 Herbert Quandt, Berlin                                 Compagnie Financière      Refining & Marketing, BP
                                                            Tradition and                                       Senate, Republic of
                                                          Viel & Cie., Paris                                         Ireland

                              Eduardo Costa
                          Executive Vice Chairman,
                           Banco Finantia, Lisbon;
                          Member, Forum Portugal

                                                       Enrico Tomaso Cucchiani
   Alfonso Cortina                                      Managing Director and         Caroline Daniel            Michel David-Weill
  Vice Chairman of                                      CEO, Intesa Sanpaolo        Editor, FT Weekend,       former Chairman, Lazard
  Rothschild Europe                                      Group, Milan; former     Financial Times, London    LLC, worldwide; Chairman
                                                        Member of the Board of                               of the Supervisory Board,
                                                           Management and                                         EURAZEO, Paris
                                                         Chairman, Allianz SE

                                                                                                                 Gabriel Eichler
  Jean-Luc Decornoy                                                                                           Founder, Benson Oak,
  Chairman and Chief                                                              Pedro Miguel Echenique            Prague
                              Vladimir Dlouhy             Karsten Dybvad
Executive officer, KPMG                                                            Professor of Physics,
                           International Advisor,       Director General and
     France, Paris                                                                University of the Basque
                          Goldman Sachs; former        Chief Executive Officer,   Country; former Basque
                          Czechoslovak Minister of      The Confederation of       Minister of Education
                                 Economy                   Danish Industry
                                                                                       Nemesio Fernandez-
      Anna Ekström                                                                     Executive Director of
  Director General, The                                       Oscar Fanjul            Upstream, Repsol-YPF          Jürgen Fitschen
Swedish National Agency            Guy Elliott           Vice Chairman, Lafarge              [Spain]                 Member of the
for Education, Skolverket,    Finance Director, Rio        and Omega Capital;                                    Management Board and
       Stockholm                 Tinto, London          Former Chairman, Repsol                                   Member of the Group
                                                               S.A. [Spain]                                       Executive Committee,
                                                                                                                     Deutsche Bank

                                  Louise Fresco                 Hugh Friel
                              University Professor,        Chairman, Tourism
      Klaus-Dieter           University of Amsterdam      Ireland; former Chief
     Frankenberger                                                                        Lykke Friis               Michael Fuchs
                                                        Executive Officer, Kerry
     Foreign Editor,                                                                  Member of the Danish       Member of the German
                                                        Group, Tralee, Co. Kerry,
 Frankfurter Allgemeine                                                                   Parliament                 Bundestag

                                                                                                                      Dermot Gleeson
                                                                                                                 Former Chairman, Allied
                                  Clara Gaymard                                      Esther Giménez-Salinas          Irish Bank Group;
Antonio Garrigues Walker                                                               Rector, Ramon Llull         Attorney General of
  Chairman, Garrigues          President and Chief         Wolfgang Gerhardt
                              Executive Officer, GE                                   University; Professor of     Ireland (1994-1997)
 Abogados y Asesores                                     Member of the German
                                France, Paris; City                                   Criminal Law, ESADE
   Tributarios, Madrid                                     Bundestag; former
                             Initiative Leader for GE                                Law School, Ramon Llull
                                                          Chairman of the Free
                                    International                                      University, Barcelone
                                                           Democratic Party

     Federica Guidi
Chief Executive and Vice                                 Field Marshal The Lord            Nigel Higgins           Wolfgang Ischinger
                                Elisabeth Guigou                                       Chief Executive, The
  President, DUCATI                                               Guthrie                                        German Ambassador to
                             Deputy Chairperson and                                  Rothschild Group, London
 Energia, Bologna, Italy                                 former Director of N M                                    the United States
                              Member of the French                                        (2010-present)
                                                         Rothschild & Sons Ltd.;                                     (2001-2006);
                               National Assembly;
                                                        Member, House of Lords;                                  Chairman, The Munich
                               former Minister for
                                                        Chief of the Defence Staff                               Security Conference on
                             European Affairs, Paris
                                                               (1997-2001)                                           Security Policy
    Mugur Isarescu                                         Lady Barbara Judge
Governor, National Bank       Baron Daniel E. Janssen                                                                 Lauri Kivinen
                                     [Belgium]            Chairman, UK Pension
of Romania (1990-1999,                                                               Admiral Juhani Kaskeala     Chief Executive Officer,
                              Former Chairman of the     Protection Fund, London;
 2000-present); Prime                                                                 Chief of Defence of the    Yleisradio Oy, Helsinki
                               Executive Committee,       former U.S. Securities
  Minister of Romania                                    Exchange Commissioner       Finnish Defence Forces
      (1999-2000)                   U.C.B., S.A.                                           (2001-2009)

                                                              Arpad Kovacs
                                                         Chairman, Fiscal Council
                                                          of Hungary; Professor,
                                                         Szeged University; former
                                                          President, State Audit
                                                             Office of Hungary

                                                                                         Gabor Kovacs
                                                                                       Chairman and Chief
                                                                                     Executive Officer, Bankar      Jerzy Kozminski
      Klaas Knot                  Eivind Kolding                                        Holding; Founder,          President and Chief
 President of the Dutch       Chief Executive Officer,                                KOGART (the Kovacs         Executive Officer, Polish-
     Central Bank             Danske Bank [Denmark]                                   Gabor Art Foundation)        American Freedom
                                                                                                                   Foundation; former
                                                                                                                 Ambassador to the U.S.

                                                             Meglena Kuneva           Ulysses Kyriacopoulos
        Ján Kubiš                                                                                                       Kurt Lauk
                                                          Chairman of the Board,     Chairman, S&B Industrial
 Head of United Nations             Jiri Kunert                                                                   Former Member of the
                                                         European Policy Center;         Minerals; former
  Assistance Mission in         Chairman and Chief                                                                 European Parliament
                                                         European Commissioner       Chairman, Federation of
   Afghanistan, Kabul;           Executive Officer,                                                                 (EPP Group-CDU);
                                                         for Consumer Protection     Greek Industries, Athens
Minister of Foreign Affairs    UniCredit Bank Czech                                                               Former Member of the
of Slovakia (2006-2009)              Republic                                                                     Board, DaimlerChrysler

        Eli Leenaars
       Member, ING                 Jean Lemierre                  Enrico Letta                                          Bo Lidegaard
                                                                                         Thomas Leysen
   Management Board           Advisor to the Chairman,        Italian Minister for                               Executive Editor-in-Chief,
                                                                                      Chairman, KBC Group;
  Banking; Member and           BNP Paribas, Paris         Industry (1999-2000);                                  Politiken, Copenhagen
                                                                                      Chairman of the Board,
Treasurer, Confederation                                      Italian Minister for
                                                                                        Umicore, Brussels
    of the Netherlands                                      Industry and Foreign
 Industry and Employers                                      Trade (2000-2001)
(VNO-NCW), Amsterdam
      Marianne Lie                Franjo Lukovic                                                                       Friedrich Merz
                                                           Miroslav Majoros              Abel Matutes
  Partner, Vox Politica;          Chairman of the                                                                    President, Atlantik-
                                                         Chairman of the board     Foreign Minister of Spain
former Director General,        Management Board,                                                                 Brücke, Berlin; Partner,
                                                          and CEO of Slovak              (1996-2000);
Norwegian Shipowner’s           Zagrebačka banka -                                                               Mayer Brown, Düsseldorf;
                                                               Telekom              former Member of the
   Association, Oslo          UniCredit Group, Zagreb,                                                             former Member of the
                                                                                    European Commission
                                      Croatia                                                                       German Bundestag

                                  Dominique Moisi                                                                     Harald J. Norvik
   Peter Mitterbauer            Special Advisor to the    Sir Mark Moody-Stuart                                  Director of ConocoPhillips
Honorary President, The        Director General of the   Chairman Hermes EOS;         Klaus-Peter Müller
 Federation of Austrian          French Institute for    former Chairman, Royal     Chairman of the Board,
   Industry, Vienna            International Relations      Dutch Shell Group           Commerzbank
                                     (IFRI), Paris

                                                              Arend Oetker
                                                                                     Andrzej Olechowski                Richard Olver
   Ewald Nowotny                  Denis O’Brien            President, German
                                                                                   Minister of Foreign Affairs   Chairman, BAE Systems,
Governor of the Austrian        Chairman, Digicel;         Council on Foreign
                                                                                    of Poland (1993-1995)        London
     National Bank            Founder, Communicorp       Relations (DGAP); Vice
    (2008-present)                Group, Dublin          Chairman, Federation of
                                                           German Industries

                                                                                         Borja Prado
                                   Ursula Plassnik           Ignacio Polanco         Chairman, Endesa;
      Volker Perthes          Ambassador of Austria to   Chairman, Grupo Prisa      Chairman, Mediobanca               Rasvan Radu
Executive Chairman and        France; Foreign Minister    including El Pais and      Spain for Iberia and         Chief Executive Officer,
Director, German Institute     of Austria (2004-2008)         Timon, Madrid         South-America, Madrid          UniCredit Tiriac Bank,
   for International and
 Security Affairs, Stiftung
Wissenschaft und Politik
       (SWP), Berlin
                                                            Giuseppe Recchi
                                                           Chairman, Eni, Rome                                        Alexander Rinnooy Kan
    Luigi Ramponi              Wanda Rapaczynski                                          Heinz Riesenhuber
                                                                                                                       Chairman, Social and
  Member of the Italian      Advisor to the Supervisory                                  Member of the German
                                                                                                                      Economic Council of the
       Senate                    Board and former                                             Bundestag
                                                                                                                      Netherlands (SER), The
                                  President of the
                               Management Board,
                                  Agora, Warsaw

                                                                                              Marcello Sala
                                                                                        Executive Vice Chairman
                                                                                          of the Management
                                                                                         Board, Intesa Sanpaolo
                                                                                              Group, Milan

    Gianfelice Rocca
                               Fernando Rodés Vilà         Count Jacques Rogge
Chairman, Techint Group                                                                                                 Ferdinando Salleo
                              Vice Chairman, Havas,       President of International
of Companies, Milan; Vice                                                                                                 Former Italian
                                    Barcelona               Olympic Committee
 President, Confindustria,                                                                                            Ambassador to the United
          Rome                                                                                                                States

                                 Magnus Schöldtz
                                Senior Advisor on
                               International Affairs
                                  attached to the
                             Wallenberg Foundations;
                              Senior Advisor to the
                             Chairman of Foundation
                               Asset Management
                                (FAM), Stockholm

     Andreas Schmitz                                                                                                        Carlo Secchi
President, Association of                                                                                              Professor of European
                                                              Tomasz Sielicki            Karel Schwarzenberg
 German Banks (BDB),                                                                                                    Economic Policy and
                                                          Vice Chairman, Sygnity,       Minister of Foreign Affairs
 Berlin; Chief Executive                                                                                               former Rector, Bocconi
                                                                 Warsaw                    of Czech Republic
Officer, HSBC Trinkaus &                                                                                                     University
                                                                                           (2007-2009, 2010-
 Burkhardt, Düsseldorf                                                                           present)

      Maurizio Sella           Slawomir S. Sikora             Stefano Silvestri                                            Ivan Sramko
Chairman, Gruppo Banca       Chief Executive Officer       President, Institute for                                   Governor of the National
  Sella, Biella; former       and Citigroup Country       International Affairs (IAI)       Sir Martin Sorrell           Bank of Slovakia
Chairman, Association of     Officer for Poland, Bank               [Italy]              Chief Executive Officer,          (2005-2010)
 Italian Banks (A.B.I.),     Handlowy w Warszawie,                                        WPP Group, London
          Rome                        Warsaw
                                 György Surányi            Mihai Tanasescu            Andreas Treichl          Marco Tronchetti Provera
     Petar Stoyanov             Chairman, Central         Senior Adviser and        Chairman and Chief         Chairman and CEO, Pirelli
President of the Republic    European International    Member of the Executive     Executive Officer, Erste          S.p.A. [Italy]
 of Bulgaria (1997-2002)     Bank (CIB), Budapest;        Board, International     Group Bank AG, Vienna
                             former President of the     Monetary Fund (IMF);
                            National Bank of Hungary   former Minister of Public
                                                         Finance of Romania

    Elsbeth Tronstad           Jens Ulltveit-Moe
Executive Vice President,                                                                                         Franco Venturini
                              Founder and Chief              Raivo Vare                                            Senior Editorial
   SN Power; former         Executive Officer, UMOE    Owner, Live Nature Eesti
   Executive Director,                                                                 George Vassiliou        Commentator on Foreign
                            Group; former President,    OÜ; Partner, Sthenos       President of the Republic    Affairs, Corriere della
    Confederation of        Federation of Norwegian     Group and OÜ RVVE
 Norwegian Enterprise                                                               of Cyprus (1988-1993)            Sera, Rome
                                    Industry                    Group

                                                          Alexandr Vondra
                                  Marko Voljč
      Vesa Vihriälä         Chief Executive Officer,    Member of the Czech
                                                                                      Joris Voorhoeve
 Managing Director, The                                  Senate; Minister of                                     Panagis Vourloumis
                             Central and Eastern                                   Defence Minister of the
Research Institute of the                               Defence (2010-2012);                                     Senior Adviser, N.M.
                              Europe and Russia                                         Netherlands
Finnish Economy (ETLA)                                 Deputy Prime Minister for                                     Rothschild
                              Business Unit and                                         (1994-1998)
 & Finnish Business and                                European Affairs (2007-
                            Member of the Executive
  Policy Forum (EVA),                                  2009); former Minister of
                            Committee, KBC Group,
         Helsinki                                          Foreign Affairs

                                                         Matthias Wissmann
                                                       President, The German             Emilio Ybarra
  Peter Wallenberg Jr.          Heinrich Weiss            Association of the       former Chairman, Banco
 Chairman, Foundation       Chief Executive Officer,     Automotive Industry        Bilbao-Vizcaya, Madrid
  Asset Management          SMS Group, Düsseldorf       (VDA), Berlin; former
  Sweden AB (FAM),                                     Member of the German
       Stockholm                                             Bundestag
      Franz Fischler            Antonio M. Vitorino                                                                      Lars Rohde
European Commissioner            Former European              Giuseppe Vita                 Simon Henry            Chairman of the Board of
  for Agriculture, Rural      Commissioner for Justice     Chairman of UniCredit      Chief Financial Officer of   Governors, National Bank
    Development and              and Home Affairs                                        Royal Dutch Shell               of Denmark
 Fisheries (1995-2004)                                                                    (2009-present)            (Feb. 1, 2013-present)

                                                                                                                        Thierry Déau
       Luc Oursel                 Romain Bausch
                                                                                                                   Founding Partner, Chief
   Chairman and Chief           President and Chief             Samir Brikho             Jaime Castellanos
                                                                                                                     Executive Officer,
   Executive Officer of        Executive Officer, SES,     Chief Executive Officer,   President, Lazard Spain,
                                                                                                                   Meridiam Infrastructure,
        AREVA                      Luxembourg                  AMEC, London                   Madrid

                                                              Wolfgang Kirsch                                        Roderick J.N. “Rory”
                               Kolinda Grabar Kitarović                                    David Miliband
                                                           Chief Executive Officer,                                       Stewart
  Ann-Kristin Achleitner          Assistant Secretary                                  Member of the British
                                                            DZ Bank, Deutsche                                        Member of the British
 Scientific Director of the      General of the North                                 Parliament (2001-2013);
                                                                  Zentral-                                               Parliament
Center for Entrepreneurial           Atlantic Treaty                                    Secretary of State for
                                                           Genossenschaftsbank,                                        (2010-present)
  and Financial Studies        Organization (NATO) for                                      Foreign and
  (CEFS), Technische           Public Diplomacy (2011-                                Commonwealth Affairs of
  Universität München          present); Ambassador of                                Great Britain (2007-2010)
     (TUM), Munich            the Republic of Croatia to
                                   the United States

    Tahir Hasanović              Dejan Novakovic               Jovan Kovačić
 Executive Director, East     Co-President, East West       President, East West
  West Bridge, Belgrade          Bridge, Belgrade             Bridge, Belgrade
                                                       North American Group

    Paul A. Volcker                                        David Rockefeller             Harold Brown               Carla A. Hills
Chairman of the Federal        Henry A. Kissinger
                                                         Chairman and CEO of       U.S. Secretary of Defense         U.S. Trade
 Reserve (1979-1987)        U.S. Secretary of State
                             (1973-1977); National       Chase Manhattan Bank            (1977-1981)               Representative
                                                             (1969-1981)                                            (1989-1993)
                            Security Advisor (1969-

                            Lawrence H. Summers            Condoleezza Rice
 Madeleine K. Albright                                                               John D. Negroponte           Thomas S. Foley
                           Secretary of the Treasury     U.S. Secretary of State
 U.S. Secretary of State                                                            U.S. Rep. to the United     Speaker of the House
                           (1999-2001); President of     (2005-2009); National
      (1997-2001)                                                                  Nations (2001-2004); U.S.     (1989-1995); U.S.
                              Harvard University            Security Advisor        Ambassador to Mexico        Ambassador to Japan
                                 (2001-2006)                  (2001-2005)                (1989-1993)                (1997-2001)

    Joseph S. Nye Jr.          Jessica P. Einhorn           John M. Deutch            Donald E. Graham
Dean of Kennedy School     Dean, Paul Nitze School         Director of Central      Chairman and CEO of          E. Gerald Corrigan
of Government at Harvard   of Advanced Int’l Studies      Intelligence Agency      The Washington Post Co.     President of the Federal
  University (1995-2004)    at Johns Hopkins Univ.            (1995-1996)              (1993-present)           Reserve Bank of New
                                  (2002-2012)                                                                     York (1985-1993)
                           Ferdinando Nani Beccalli-       C. Fred Bergsten          Catherine Ann Bertini            Karan Bhatia
                                     Falco                Director, Institute for   Under Secretary-General     Vice President and Senior
   Graham T. Allison Jr.                               International Economics;     of the United Nations for
                           President and CEO of GE                                                                   Counsel, Global
Dean of Kennedy School                                 Assistant Secretary of the   Management (2003-2005)
                           Europe & North Asia and                                                               Government Affairs and
of Government at Harvard                               Treasury for International
                              CEO GE Germany;                                                                    Policy, General Electric
  University (1977-1989)                                  Affairs (1977-1981)
                            Senior Vice Pres. of GE                                                                     Company

   Robert D. Blackwill                                       Herminio Blanco                                        Scott A. Brison
                             Adm. Dennis C. Blair               Mendoza              Stephen W. Bosworth
U.S. Ambassador to India                                                                                         Member of Parliament,
                              Director of National     former Mexican Secretary       U.S. Ambassador to
      (2001-2003)                                                                                                 House of Commons,
                           Intelligence (2009-2010)         of Commerce and         South Korea (1997-2001)
                                                                                                                   Ottawa, Canada
                                                         Industrial Development

     David Brooks                                                                                                 Maria Amparo Casar
                                Gord Brown                R. Nicholas Burns         Sylvia Mathews Burwell
 Op-Ed Columnist, The                                                                                                Professor and
                            Member of Parliament,        U.S. Ambassador to         Deputy Director of Office
   New York Times                                                                                                Researcher, Centro de
                             House of Commons,           Greece (1997-2001);          of Management and         Investigacion y Docencia
                              Ottawa, Canada            U.S. Representative to        Budget (1999-2001)          Economides (CIDE),
                                                          NATO (2001-2005)
                                                                                                                       Mexico City

                              Raymond Chrétien                                       William T. Coleman III      William T. Coleman Jr.
  Wendy J. Chamberlin                                       Eliot A. Cohen
                           Chairman of the Board of                                  Partner, Alsop Louie          U.S. Secretary of
  U.S. Ambassador to                                    Counselor of the U.S.
                           Directors of the Montréal                                        Partners                  Transportation
 Pakistan (2001-2002);                                 State Dept. (2007-2009)
U.S. Ambassador to Laos       Council on Foreign                                                                       (1975-1977)
      (1996-1999)          Relations (MCFR); former
                           Canadian Ambassador to
                               the United States
                                                                                   H. Lawrence Culp, Jr.           Luis de la Calle
                                                                                    President and Chief       Managing Director, de la
   Timothy C. Collins         Richard N. Cooper            David M. Cote             Executive Officer,       Calle, Madrazo, Mancera,
Senior Managing Director   Under Secretary of State
                                                         Chairman and CEO,         Danaher Corporation            SC (CMM); former
and CEO of Ripplewood        for Economic Affairs       Honeywell International                               Mexican Undersecretary
     Holdings, LLC               (1977-1981)
                                                                Inc.                                           for International Trade

   Arthur A. DeFehr           André Desmarais              Paula J. Dobriansky       Wendy K. Dobson
                                                        Under Secretary of State                               Kenneth M. Duberstein
Chief Executive Officer,   President and Co-Chief                                  Professor, University of
                                                       for Democracy and Global                                 White House Chief of
  Palliser Furniture,      Executive Officer, Power                                       Toronto
                                                           Affairs (2001-2009)                                   Staff (1988-1989)
    Winnipeg, MB           Corporation of Canada,

                                                       Peggy Rockefeller Dulany
                                                          Founder and Chair,         Martin S. Feldstein       Roger W. Ferguson Jr.
                                 Michael Duffy          Synergos Institute, New    President of National        Vice Chairman of the
   William C. Dudley
                           Assistant Managing Editor     York City; Daughter of     Bureau of Economic            Federal Reserve
President of the Federal
                            and Washington Bureau          David Rockefeller       Research (1977-1982,             (1999-2006)
 Reserve Bank of New
                             Chief, Time Magazine                                       1984-2008)
  York (2009-present)

                               Kristin J. Forbes             Julio Frenk
   Richard W. Fisher                                     Dean of the Faculty,          David Gergen              Peter C. Godsoe
President of the Federal      Member, Council of
                                                       Harvard School of Public       Counselor to the         Former Chairman and
Reserve Bank of Dallas     Economic Advisers (2003-                                                           CEO, The Bank of Nova
                                     2005)              Health (2009-present);      President of the U.S.
    (2005-present)                                       Minister of Health of          (1993-1994)                   Scotia
                                                         Mexico (2000- 2006)
    Donald J. Gogel
  President and Chief               Bill Graham            Richard N. Haass            John J. Hamre                Jane Harman
Executive Officer, Clayton   Former Canadian Minister   President of the Council   President of Center for      U.S. Congresswoman
   Dubilier and Rice           of Foreign Affairs and    on Foreign Relations      Strategic International    (D-California, 1993-1999,
                                 former Minister of         (2003-present)         Studies (2000-present)            2001-2011)

    Carlos Heredia
 Chair and Professor,                                                                  Walter Isaacson           Reuben Jeffery III
     Department of                                        Karen Elliott House
                                  John B. Hess                                       President of Aspen           Chairman of the
 International Studies,                                  Publisher of The Wall
                              Chairman and CEO of                                  Institute (2003-present)     Commodity Futures
Center for Research and                                     Street Journal
                              Amerada-Hess Corp.                                                                Trading Commission
Teaching in Economics                                        (2002-2005)
                                 (1995-present)                                                                     (2005-2007)
  (CIDE), Mexico City

                                  Colin Kenny
     Robert P. Kelly            Member, Senate of                                                              Fred H. Langhammer
                                                           Robert M. Kimmitt           James Kimsey           Chairman, Global Affairs,
  former Chairman and               Canada
                                                        Deputy Secretary of the    Founder and Chairman,         The Estée Lauder
 Chief Executive Officer,
                                                         Treasury (2005-2009)      The Kimsey Foundation          Companies, Inc.
 BNY Mellon, New York

                                                                                                                   John Manley
                                                                                      Antonio Madero            President and Chief
                                  Winston Lord             Roy MacLaren            Chairman of the Board       Executive Officer, The
   Andrew N. Liveris           U.S. Ambassador to       High Commissioner of        and Chief Executive       Canadian Council of Chief
Chairman, President, and        Communist China         Canada to the United         Officer, SANLUIS           Executives (CCCE)
   CEO of The Dow                 (1985-1989)           Kingdom (1996-2000)        Corporación, S.A. B. de
  Chemical Company                                                                   C.V., Mexico City
                               David H. McCormick               Lourdes Melgar
  Sir Deryck Maughan              Senior Leader,           Founding Director, Center
  Member, KKR & Co.;                                                                    Heather Munroe-Blum             Peter R. Orszag
                             Bridgewater Associates;         for Sustainability and
 Head, Global Financial                                                                  Principal and Vice         Director of the Office of
                              Under Secretary of the       Business, and Professor,
     Services Group                                                                      Chancellor, McGill        Management and Budget
                             Treasury for International    EGADE Business School,
                                                                                             University                  (2009-2010)
                                Affairs (2007-2009)               Mexico City

                                                                Richard Plepler
                                                             Co-President of HBO             John Podesta              Adam S. Posen
 Meghan L. O'Sullivan
                                  Martha C. Piper                                         President and Chief         External Member,
Deputy National Security                                      [Home Box Office]
                               former President and                                    Executive Officer, Center       Monetary Policy
  Advisor for Iraq and
                               Vice-Chancellor, The                                     for American Progress        Committee, Bank of
Afghanistan (2005-2007)         University of British                                                                     England

                                 Carmen Reinhart             David M. Rubenstein
      Jim Prentice                                                                             Luis Rubio              Arthur F. Ryan
                               Dennis Weatherstone          Founder of the Carlyle
  Senior Executive Vice                                                                Chairman, CIDAC (Center      Chairman and CEO of
                             Senior Fellow, Peterson               Group
   President and Vice                                                                       of Research for          Prudential Financial
                             Institute for International
  Chairman, Canadian                                                                    Development) [Mexico]           (1994-2008)
    Imperial Bank of
   Commerce (CIBC)

      José Sarukhán
  Emeritus Professor and        Susan C. Schwab                 Hugh Segal
former Rector (President),         U.S. Trade                                                Jaime Serra                 Susan Shirk
                                                              Member, Senate of
   National Autonomous           Representative                                         Chairman, SAI Law and      Ho Miu Lam Professor of
    University of Mexico          (2006-2009)                                            Economics [Mexico]        China and Pacific Affairs,
   (UNAM), Mexico City                                                                                              University of California,
                                                                                                                          San Diego
                                                               Gordon Smith
                                                         Director, Centre for Global                                     Nancy Southern
   Jeffrey Simpson           Anne-Marie Slaughter                                          Donald R. Sobey            President and Chief
                            Dean of Woodrow Wilson          Studies and Adjunct
    National Affairs                                        Professor of Political        Chairman Emeritus,        Executive Officer, ATCO
 Columnist, The Globe       School of Public and Int’l                                   Empire Company Ltd.       Ltd. and Canadian Utilities
                            Affairs at Princeton Univ.       Science and Public
  and Mail [Toronto,                                     Administration, University                                    Limited [oil drilling]
       Canada]                     (2002-2009)
                                                                 of Victoria

                               James B. Steinberg                                            Luis Tellez
                             Dean of Maxwell School            Strobe Talbott           Chairman of the Board,        G. Richard Thoman
 Ronald D. Southern         of Citizenship and Public         President of The         Mexican Stock Exchange,       Former President and
Chairman, ATCO Group        Affairs at Syracuse Univ.       Brookings Institution         Mexico City; former       Chief Executive Officer,
  [Calgary, Canada]          (2011-present); Deputy            (2002-present)                Secretary of             Xerox Corporation
                            Sec. of State (2009-2011)                                    Communications and
                                                                                       Transportation of Mexico

    Frances Fragos
       Townsend                 Ann M. Veneman                  David Walker               R. Keith Walton            Michael H. Wilson
 Senior Vice President,         U.S. Secretary of        Founder, President, and          Vice President of          Chairman, Barclays
MacAndrews and Forbes        Agriculture (2001-2005)     CEO, Comeback America         Government Affairs, Alcoa     Capital Canada, Inc.,
Holdings, Inc., New York;                                  Initiative, Bridgeport;                                     Toronto; former
 CNN National Security                                      former Comptroller                                     Ambassador of Canada to
       Contributor                                          General of the U.S.                                       the United States

    John D. Wren                                                                                                    Mortimer B. Zuckerman
                                Daniel H. Yergin          Lorenzo H. Zambrano             Philip D. Zelikow
 President and Chief                                                                                                 Editor-in-Chief of U.S.
                                Chairman, IHS             Chairman of the Board         Counselor of the State
  Executive Officer,                                                                                                News and World Report
                               Cambridge Energy            and Chief Executive         Department (2005-2006)
 Omnicom Group, Inc.                                                                                                     (1984-present)
                              Research Associates            Officer, CEMEX,
                                                           [Monterrey, Mexico]
                                                            Merit E. Janow
                              Jamie S. Gorelick        Professor of International
    Michele Flournoy                                                                    Kenneth I. Juster       Thomas F. McLarty III
                             Deputy U.S. Attorney         Economic Law and
   Under Secretary of                                                                  Under Secretary of         Counselor to the
                             General (1994-1997)        International Affairs at
   Defense for Policy                                                                Commerce for Industry            President
                                                         Columbia University
      (2009-2012)                                                                   and Security (2001-2005)   (1994-1995, 1996-1997)

                                                           Judith A. McHale
   Ellen O. Tauscher            Austan Goolsbee                                          Dominic Barton         Monique F. Leroux
                                                       Under Secretary of State
   Special Envoy for        Member (2009-2011) and                                    Worldwide Managing        Chair of the Board,
                                                       for Public Diplomacy and
 Strategic Stability and    Chairman (2010-2011) of                                   Director, McKinsey &      President and CEO,
                                                       Public Affairs (2009-2011)
    Missile Defense         the Council of Economic                                    Company, London           Desjardins Group,
      (2012-2013)                   Advisers                                                                         Montreal

                                  Lori E. Murray          Guillermo F. Vogel
                             Distinguished Chair for       Director and Vice
                             National Security, U.S.    President of the Board,
                            Naval Academy, former        Tenaris, Mexico City
                            President & CEO, World
                               Affairs Councils of

    John A. Quelch
 Charles Edward Wilson
 Professor of Business
Administration at Harvard
   Business School;
Dean of London Business
  School of Economics
                                                        Pacific Asian Group
                              Cha Young Koo                   Chen Dongxiao
                               Senior Advisor,           Vice President, Shanghai
                           Qualcomm Korea, Seoul         Institutes for International
                                                             Studies, Shanghai

Narongchai Akrasanee                                                                           Fujio Cho                 Cho Suck-Rai
   Chairman, Saranee                                                                     Chairman of the Board,        Chairman and CEO,
    Holdings Co., Ltd.,                                                                 Toyota Motor Corporation      Hyosung Group, Seoul
Bangkok; former Minister
of Commerce of Thailand

                                                              Barry Desker
  Chung Mong-Joon                 Tarun Das               Dean, S. Rajaratnam             Jesus P. Estanislao            Hugh Fletcher
Member, Korean National    President, Aspen Institute     School of International        Chairman, Institute for        Chairman, Fletcher
      Assembly                       India                  Studies, Nanyang            Solidarity in Asia; former       Brothers Limited
                                                         Technological University        Philippine Secretary of
                                                            (NTU), Singapore                     Finance

       Hiroaki Fujii                                        Shinji Fukukawa
   Chairman, Mori Arts         Ichiro Fujisaki            Chairman, TEPIA, The             Yoichi Funabashi               Victor K. Fung
  Center, Tokyo; former    Japanese Ambassador to           Machine Industry             Former Editor-in-Chief,       Chairman, Li & Fung
Japanese Ambassador to        the United States           Memorial Foundation,            The Asahi Shimbun             Group, Hong Kong
   the United Kingdom            (2008-2012)                     Tokyo                          [Japan]

                             Jamshyd N. Godrej
                            Chairman & Managing
                           Director, Godrej & Boyce
                            Mfg. Co. Ltd., Mumbai

                                                             Toyoo Gyohten                                            Yasuchika Hasegawa
     Ross Garnaut                                         President, Institute for           Han Sung-Joo
                                                                                        Former Korean Minister of        Chairman, Japan
Professor of Economics,                                   International Monetary                                     Association of Corporation
  Australian National                                     Affairs; Senior Advisor,       Foreign Affairs; former
                                                                                         Korean Ambassador to           Executives (Keizai
       University                                           The Bank of Tokyo-                                           Doyukai), Tokyo;
                                                            Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.            the United States
                                                                                                                       President and CEO,
                                                                                                                      Takeda Pharmaceutical
                                                                                                                              Co., Ltd.
                                                                                       Hong Seok Hyun
                                                                                        Former Korean
                                                                                    Ambassador to the United         Shintaro Hori
  Tan Sri Dato’ Seri          John R. Hewson                 Ernest M. Higa                 States               Chairman, Bain Capital
   Azman Hashim             Chairman of the Board,      Chairman, Higa Industries                                  Japan, Inc., Tokyo
  Chairman, AmBank           Equiti Capital Limited          Co., Ltd., Tokyo
 Group, Kuala Lumpur

                                                             Hsieh Fu Hua                Huang Renwei
                                                           Director, Temasek        Vice President, Shanghai
                                                           Holdings Pte., Ltd.,        Academy of Social
                                                               Singapore               Sciences, Shanghai

                                                                                                                   Hyun Hong-Choo
                                                                                                                     Former Korean
     Akinari Horii                Murray Horn                                                                   Ambassador to the United
 Special Advisor and           Managing Director,                                                               Nations and to the United
Member of the Board of     Institutional Banking, ANZ                                                                    States
 Directors, The Canon           (NZ) Ltd., Sydney
  Institute for Global
    Studies, Tokyo

                                                                                                                  Tan Sri Mohamed
                                                                                                                 Chairman, Institute of
                                                                                                                 Strategic International
                                                                                                                Studies (ISIS), Malaysia

                              Shin’ichi Ichimura            Noriyuki Inoue             Jamshed J. Irani
    Hyun Jae-Hyun          Professor Emeritus, Kyoto     Chairman of the Board      Director, Tata Sons Ltd.,
Chairman of TONGYANG              University                and CEO, Daikin         Mumbai [steel company]
     Group, Seoul                                        Industries, Ltd., Osaka

   Kasem Kasemsri               Koichi Kato                    Kim Kihwan                                          Yotaro Kobayashi
  Honorary Chairman,         Member, Japanese             Distinguished Visiting       Eizo Kobayashi            Former Chairman of the
 Thailand-U.S. Business    House of Representatives          Scholar, Korea           Chairman, ITOCHU            Board, Fuji Xerox Co.,
Council, Bangkok; former                                  Development Institute       Corporation, Tokyo                  Ltd.
Deputy Prime Minister of
                                   Koo John
                             Chairman and CEO, LS
                               Corporation, Seoul

      Akira Kojima
Councilor, Japan Center
for Economic Research
                                                               Kenji Kosaka
     (JCER), Tokyo                                                                                                      Lee Jay Y.
                                                             Member, Japanese              Lee Hong-Koo
                                                            House of Councillors;      Chairman of the Board,      President, Samsung
                                                             Former Minister of           Seoul Forum for          Electronics Co. Ltd.
                                                             Education, Culture,        International Affairs,        [Seoul, Korea]
                                                            Sports, Science and         Seoul; former Korean
                                                                Technology            Ambassador to the United
                                                                                       Kingdom and the U.S.

 Lee Kyungsook Choi              Lee Shin-wha
Vice Chairperson, Korean    Professor, Department of
 National Committee for       Political Science and
UNESCO, Seoul; former        International Relations
 President, Sookmyung        and Vice President for
   Women's University         International Affairs,
                                Korea University

                                                                                         Adrianto Machribie
                                                                                         President Director,
                                                              Leong Vai Tac                                          Minoru Makihara
                                                                                          MetroTV, Jakarta
                                                            Member, Executive                                    Senior Corporate Advisor,
                                                            Council, Macao SAR                                    Mitsubishi Corporation,
                                                               Government                                                 Tokyo

                                                              Isamu Miyazaki
                                                          Former State Minister of
                                                          the Japanese Economic
                                                              Planning Agency

   Hiroshi Mikitani           Yoshihiko Miyauchi                                          Yuzaburo Mogi                Mike Moore
Chairman, President and       Chairman and Chief                                        Honorary CEO and               New Zealand
Chief Executive Officer,     Executive Officer, ORIX                                  Chairman of the Board of   Ambassador to the U.S.;
 Rakuten, Inc., Tokyo          Corporation, Tokyo                                       Directors, Kikkoman       Director-General of the
                                                                                        Corporation, Tokyo       World Trade Organization

      Hugh Morgan
Chief Executive Officer,          Satoru Murase            N.R. Narayana Murthy         Osamu Nagayama
                                                                                                                         Philip Ng
First Charnock Pty, Ltd.,       Partner of Bingham         Chairman of the Board        President and CEO,        Chief Executive Officer,
  Melbourne, Australia          McCutchen Murase          and Chief Mentor, Infosys    Chugai Pharmaceutical
                                                                                                                  Far East Organization,
                            [law firm in New York City]      Technologies Ltd.,           Co., Ltd., Tokyo               Singapore
  Takeshi Niinami
 President and CEO,
 Lawson, Inc., Tokyo

                                                                                   Sadako Ogata
                            Masashi Nishihara        Roberto F. de Ocampo        United Nations High            Shijuro Ogata
                           President, Research         Former Philippine          Commissioner for         Former Deputy Governor,
                          Institute for Peace and     Secretary of Finance      Refugees (1991-2000)       Japan Development Bank
                              Security, Tokyo

                                                          Yoichi Okita
                                                       Professor, National
                                                      Graduate Institute for                                     Qin Yaqing
Sozaburo Okamatsu           Yoshio Okawara            Policy Studies, Tokyo     Anand Panyarachun          Executive Vice President,
 President, Industrial      Former Japanese                                    Chairman, Thai Industrial     China Foreign Affairs
Property Cooperation     Ambassador to the United                                Federation, Bangkok;         University, Beijing
       Center                   States                                         former Prime Minister of

                                                                                   Yoshiyasu Sato
                                                                               Japanese Ambassador to
                                                                                  China (1995-1998)

                           Eisuke Sakakibara                 SaKong Il                                          Yukio Satoh
    Ryu Jin Roy                                                                                               Former Japanese
 Chairman and Chief         Professor, Aoyama           Chairman & CEO,
                         Gakuin University, Tokyo;      Institute for Global                               Ambassador to the United
  Executive Officer,                                                                                              Nations
Poongsan Corp., Seoul     former Japanese Vice       Economics (IGE); former
                          Minister of Finance for       Korean Minister of
                            International Affairs             Finance

                          Masahide Shibusawa
                          President, Shibusawa
                             Ei’ichi Memorial
                           Foundation, Tokyo

  Sachio Semmoto                                        Shin Dong-Bin            Yasuhisa Shiozaki              Arifin Siregar
  Chairman & CEO,                                    Chairman, Lotte Group       Member, Japanese           Former Ambassador of
 eAccess Ltd., Tokyo                                    [Seoul, Korea]         House of Representatives     Indonesia to the United
   Jacob Soetoyo                                            Dato’ Sri Dr. Tahir
Executive Director, The                                     President and CEO,
 Gesit Group, Jakarta,                                       Mayapada Group,
       Indonesia                                             Jakarta, Indonesia

                             Shigemitsu Sugisaki
                            Vice Chairman, Goldman
                             Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.,                                                                      Akihiko Tanaka
                              Tokyo; former Deputy                                         Keizo Takemi               President, The Japan
                               Managing Director,                                         Former Member,            International Cooperation
                             International Monetary                                     Japanese House of                 Agency (JICA)
                                      Fund                                            Councillors; former Vice
                                                                                      Minister for Health, Labor
                                                                                             and Welfare

                                                                                          Gautam Thapar
                                                                                      Chairman, Aspen Institute
                                                                                        India; Chairman and
                                                                                       CEO, Avantha Group,
                                                                                             New Delhi

                                                                                                                       Kiyoshi Tsugawa
                                                               Teh Kok Peng                                          Member of the Board,
                                  Naoki Tanaka
     Hitoshi Tanaka                                                                                                 Aozora Bank, Ltd., Tokyo
                               President, Center for        Advisor to GIC Group
 Chairman, Institute for
                            International Public Policy     Executive Committee,
 International Strategy
                                  Studies, Tokyo          Government of Singapore
 (IIS), Japan Research
                                                           Investment Corporation
      Institute, Ltd.
                                                          Pte Ltd (GIC)., Singapore

                                                                                                                        Lukito Wanandi
                                                                                                                    President Director, Santini
                                                                                                                         Group, Jakarta

                               Sarasin Viraphol              Cesar E. A. Virata
     Junichi Ujiie          Executive Vice President,     Corporate Vice Chairman,         Jusuf Wanandi
  Senior Advisor to the     Charoen Pokphand Co.,            Rizal Commercial          Co-Founder, Centre for
Board, Nomura Holdings,      Ltd., Bangkok; former          Banking Corporation       Strategic and International
       Inc., Tokyo             Deputy Permanent            (RCBC), Manila; former        Studies (Indonesia)
                              Secretary of Foreign            Prime Minister of
                               Affairs of Thailand               Philippines

                                Koji Watanabe                                              Wei Jianguo                    YY Wong
                              Senior Fellow, Japan                                     Former Vice Minister of      Chairman and Founder,
                             Center for International                                    Commerce, Beijing          Wywy Group, Singapore
                            Exchange, Tokyo; former
                            Japanese Ambassador to

        Wang Jisi                                            Osamu Watanabe
     Dean, School of
                                                            President and CEO,
 International Relations,                                     Japan Petroleum
    Peking University
                                                            Exploration Co., Ltd.
        Wu Jianmin
 Vice Chairman of China           Taizo Yakushiji                                                                          Noriyuki Yonemura
                                                               Ryuji Yamada                      Yang Jiemian
  Institute for Innovation     Research Counselor,                                                                          Secretary General,
                                                             President and Chief             President, Shanghai
    and Development          Institute for International                                                                 Intellectual Collaboration
                                                            Executive Officer, NTT        Institutes for International
          Strategy             Policy Studies, Tokyo                                                                     Group, Japan Economic
                                                             Docomo, Inc., Tokyo              Studies, Shanghai             Foundation, Tokyo

Other Regions

    André Azoulay                Morris Chang                    Omar Davies                  Hüsnü Dogan                   Jacob A. Frenkel
  Adviser to H.M. King         Chairman, Taiwan            Member of the Jamaican         Former Defense Minister         Chairman, JPMorgan
  Mohammed VI, Rabat             Semiconductor              Parliament and former                of Turkey               Chase International, New
                             Manufacturing Company,          Minister of Finance                                            York City; former
                                   Ltd., Taipei                                                                          Governor, Bank of Israel

                                                               Sergei Karaganov
H.R.H. Prince El Hassan                                      Dean, School of World                                       Andrónico Luksic Craig
                               Ricardo Hausmann                                           Ricardo Lopez Murphy
        bin Talal                                                Economics and                                           Vice Chairman, Banco de
                             Professor of the Practice                                       former Argentinian
 President, The Club of                                    International Affairs, State                                            Chile
                                   of Economic                                             Finance Minister and
         Rome                                               University–Higher School
                              Development, Harvard                                            Defense Minister
                                    University               of Economics [Russia]

                                                                                                                              Zhang Yunling
  Itamar Rabinovich,           Rüsdü Saracoglu                                                                            Professor and Director,
     former Israeli          Former Governor of the        Roberto Egydio Setubal               Stan Shih                  Academic Division of
Ambassador to the United     Central Bank of Turkey          President and Chief            Chairman and Chief             International Studies,
        States                                             Executive Officer, Banco        Executive Officer, The          Chinese Academy of
                                                              Itaú S.A. [Brazil]            Acer Group, Taipei           Social Sciences (CASS),
                              Former American Members of the Trilateral Commission

   David M. Abshire               Paul A. Allaire
                                                                                        John B. Anderson         Dwayne O. Andreas
 U.S. Representative to       Chairman and CEO of           Roger C. Altman
                                                                                       U.S. Congressman          Chairman of Archer-
  NATO (1983-1987)           Xerox Corp. (1991-2001)      Chairman of Evercore
                                                                                      (R-Illinois, 1961-1981)    Daniels-Midland Co.
                                                              Partners Inc.

   G. Allen Andreas            Michael H. Armacost         Richard L. Armitage                                   C. Michael Armstrong
                                                                                        Anne L. Armstrong
  Chairman of Archer-            President of The        Deputy Secretary of State                               Chairman and CEO of
                                                                                       U.S. Ambassador to
  Daniels-Midland Co.          Brookings Institution           (2001-2005)                                        AT&T (1998-2002)
                                                                                     Great Britain (1976-1977)
    (1999-present)                 (1995-2002)

      Bruce Babbitt                                        Charlene Barshefsky                                      Alan R. Batkin
 Secretary of the Interior        George W. Ball                                         Robert L. Bartley
                                                               U.S. Trade
(1993-2001); Governor of      Under U.S. Secretary of        Representative          Editor of The Wall Street
  Arizona (1978-1987)        State (1961-1966); Senior                                 Journal (1979-2003)
                                Partner of Lehman
                               Brothers (1969-1982)

                               Douglas K. Bereuter        Susan V. Berresford         W. Michael Blumenthal
   Riley P. Bechtel                                                                                                Geoffrey T. Boisi
                              U.S. Congressman (R-          President of Ford        Secretary of the Treasury
 Chairman and CEO of          Nebraska, 1979-2004)       Foundation (1996-2008)            (1977-1979)
  Bechtel Group, Inc.
                                                                                             Lael Brainard
                                 David G. Bradley                                      Under Sec. of Treasury        Andrew F. Brimmer
    John Brademas                                              Tom Bradley             for International Affairs    Member of the Federal
                                Chairman of Atlantic
 President of New York           Media Company              Mayor of Los Angeles            (2010-present)             Reserve Board
 University (1981-1991);                                       (1973-1993)                                              (1966-1974)
 U.S. Congressman (D-
  Indiana, 1959-1981)

   William E. Brock III           John H. Bryan              Zbigniew Brzezinski           Arthur F. Burns            George H.W. Bush
 U.S. Secretary of Labor       Chairman and CEO of         National Security Advisor   Chairman of the Federal      President of the United
      (1985-1987)              Sara Lee Corporation              (1977-1981)            Reserve (1970-1978)          States (1989-1993)

    Louis C. Camilleri             Kurt Campbell              Frank C. Carlucci            Jimmy Carter                Gerhard Casper
 Chairman and CEO of           Assistant Secretary of      Chairman of The Carlyle      President of the U.S.        President of Stanford
Philip Morris International   State for East Asian and     Group (1993-2003); U.S.          (1977-1981)             University (1992-2000)
                                   Pacific Affairs          Secretary of Defense
                                    (2009-2013)                 (1987-1989)

                                    Dick Cheney                Lawton Chiles            Warren Christopher             Henry Cisneros
    John H. Chafee
                              Vice President of the U.S.     Governor of Florida       U.S. Secretary of State      Mayor of San Antonio,
     U.S. Senator
                                    (2001-2009)                 (1990-1998)                 (1993-1997)              Texas (1981-1989);
(R-Rhode Is., 1976-1999)
                                                                                                                   Secretary of Housing and
                                                                                                                     Urban Development
    A.W. Clausen                                                                      Barber B. Conable             Alan Cranston
President of The World      William J. “Bill” Clinton                               President of The World           U.S. Senator
                                                           William S. Cohen
  Bank (1981-1986)          President of the U.S.                                     Bank (1986-1991)         (D-California, 1969-1993)
                                                         Secretary of Defense
                                                           (1997-2001); U.S.
                                                        Senator (R-Maine, 1979-

   Michael J. Critelli          John C. Culver                                          Lloyd N. Cutler
                                                            Gerald L. Curtis                                        Douglas Daft
                                 U.S. Senator                                          Counselor to the         Chairman and CEO of
                             (D-Iowa, 1975-1981)          Burgess Professor of      President (1980-1981)
                                                           Political Science at                                The Coca-Cola Company
                                                          Columbia University                                       (2000-2004)

     Lynn E. Davis               Jamie Dimon              Thomas E. Donilon            Hedley Donovan            Marie-Josee Drouin
Under Secretary of State   Chairman and CEO of JP       National Security Advisor   Editor-in-Chief of Time,           [Kravis]
 for Arms Control and           Morgan Chase            (2010-present); General        Inc. (1964-1979)          Senior Fellow of the
 International Security         (2007-present)           Counsel of Fannie Mae                                    Hudson Institute;
  Affairs (1993-1997)

     Robert Eckert              Jeffrey Epstein            Robert F. Erburu
                                                                                      William T. Esrey             Sandra Feldman
                                                         Chairman and CEO of
                                                                                    Chairman and CEO of         President of American
                                                         The Times Mirror Co.
                                                                                     Sprint Corporation         Federation of Teachers
                                                                                        (1990-2003)                  (1997-2004)
                                                        Francis Fukuyama            Richard N. Gardner
     Stanley Fischer                                                                                              Timothy F. Geithner
                            Michael B.G. Froman        Bernard L. Schwartz          U.S. Ambassador to
Governor of the Bank of                                                                                        Secretary of the Treasury
                           Deputy Assistant to the   Professor of International     Spain (1993-1997)
 Israel [central bank of                                                                                        (2009-2013); President,
                           President for National      Political Economy at
   Israel] (2005-2013)                                                                                         Federal Reserve Bank of
                           Security and Economic     Johns Hopkins University
                                                                                                                 New York (2003-2009)
                            Policy (2009-present)

                              Richard A. “Dick”       Louis V. Gerstner Jr.
     Leslie H. Gelb                                                                  John H. Glenn Jr.           Roberto C. Goizueta
                                  Gephardt           Chairman of the Carlyle
President of the Council                                                               U.S. Senator             Chairman and CEO of
                             U.S. Congressman          Group (2003-2008)
 on Foreign Relations                                                               (D-Ohio, 1974-1999)        The Coca-Cola Company
                           (D-Missouri, 1977-2005)                                                                  (1981-1997)

                            Jeffrey W. Greenberg      Maurice R. Greenberg          Sir Alan Greenspan         Gen. Alexander Haig Jr.
   Katharine Graham
                                                      Chairman and CEO of         Chairman of the Federal      U.S. Secretary of State
Chairman of the board of
                                                      American International       Reserve (1987-2006)              (1981-1982)
The Washington Post Co.
                                                       Group (1989-2005)

                             William A. Haseltine
     Lee H. Hamilton                                    Walter W. Heller           Theodore M. Hesburgh           James F. Hoge Jr.
   U.S. Congressman                                   Chairman of Council of      President of University of    Publisher of New York
 (D-Indiana, 1965-1999)                                Economic Advisers          Notre Dame (1952-1987)       Daily News (1985-1991);
                                                           (1961-1965)                                         Publisher of Chicago Sun
                                                                                                                 Times (1980-1984)
 Richard C. Holbrooke         Robert D. Hormats                                   Thomas L. Hughes       (Adm.) Bobby Ray Inman
                                                        James R. Houghton        President of Carnegie
U.S. Representatives to    Under Secretary of State                                                      Deputy Director of Central
                                                       Chairman of the board        Endowment for
  the United Nations      for Economic, Energy and                                                          Intelligence Agency
                                                      and CEO of Corning, Inc.    International Peace
     (1999-2001)              Agricultural Affairs                                                              (1981-1982)
                                                      (1989-1996, 2002-2005)          (1971-1991)

                                                          James R. Jones
  James A. Johnson         Gen. James L. Jones           U.S. Congressman           Barbara Jordan         Vernon E. Jordan Jr.
 Chairman and CEO of         Supreme Allied           (D-Oklahoma, 1973-1987)    Member, U.S. House of   Senior Managing Director
Fannie Mae (1991-1998)     Commander of Europe                                      Representatives          of Lazard Freres
                              (2003-2007)                                        (D-Texas, 1973-1979)

   Robert W. Kagan                                         Arnold Kanter            Charles R. Kaye
   Columnist for The         Edgar F. Kaiser Jr.                                                            Donald M. Kendall
   Washington Post                                                                                        Chairman and CEO of
                                                                                                         PepsiCo, Inc. (1971-1986)

 Nannerl O. Keohane                                        Michael Klein            Steven E. Koonin
                               Lane Kirkland                                                                Juanita M. Kreps
  President of Duke                                                                Under Secretary of
                            President of AFL-CIO                                                            U.S. Secretary of
University (1993-2004)                                                             Energy for Science
                                (1979-1995)                                                               Commerce (1977-1979)
    Robert W. Lane                                          Jim Leach            Gerald M. Levin              James T. Lynn
 Chairman and CEO of           Kenneth Lay              U.S. Congressman       Chairman and CEO of       Secretary of Housing and
Deere & Co. (2000-2010)    Chairman and CEO of         (R-Iowa, 1977-2007)      Time Warner, Inc.          Urban Development
                            Enron Corporation                                      (1993-2002)                 (1973-1975)

                                                                               William J. McDonough
                             Jessica T. Mathews         Hugh L. McColl Jr.    President of the Federal    Robert S. McNamara
  Bruce K. MacLaury                                    Chairman and CEO of
    President of The        President of Carnegie                              Reserve Bank of New        President of the World
                               Endowment for             Bank of America         York (1993-2003)           Bank (1968-1981)
  Brookings Institution                                    (1983-2001)
      (1977-1995)            International Peace

                                                          Marc H. Morial                                     Indra K. Nooyi
   Ruben F. Mettler                                    Mayor of New Orleans       Anne Mulcahy
                             Walter F. Mondale                                                            Chairman and CEO of
 Chairman and CEO of                                       (1994-2002)         Chairman and CEO of
                          Vice President of the U.S.                                                          PepsiCo, Inc.
 TRW, Inc. (1977-1988)                                                        Xerox Corp. (2002-2010)
                                (1977-1981)                                                                  (2007-present)

    Lucio A. Noto
 Chairman and CEO of          Michael J. O’Neil          David J. O’Reilly          Henry Owen                Richard N. Perle
    Mobil Oil Corp.                                    Chairman and CEO of    former U.S. Ambassador     Chairman of the Defense
     (1994-1999)                                          Chevron Corp.               at Large           Policy Board (2001-2003)
     William J. Perry         Peter G. Peterson                                     Franklin D. Raines
U.S. Secretary of Defense                                Thomas R. Pickering                                  Gen. Joseph W. Ralston
                             Chairman and CEO of                                   Chairman and CEO of
      (1994-1997)                                       U.S. Rep. to the United                                  Supreme Allied
                               Lehman Brothers                                    Fannie Mae (1999-2004)
                                                         Nations (1989-1992);                                 Commander of Europe,
                                 (1973-1984)             U.S. Ambassador to                                      SHAPE [NATO]
                                                         Russia (1993-1996)                                        (2000-2003)

                              Edwin O. Reischauer           Susan E. Rice             Elliot L. Richardson
   Lee R. Raymond                                                                                               Rozanne L. Ridgway
                              U.S. Ambassador to        U.S. Rep. to the United      Secretary of Defense
 Chairman and CEO of                                                                                          U.S. Ambassador to East
                               Japan (1961-1966)        Nations (2009-present)    (1973); U.S. Ambassador
ExxonMobil (1999-2006)                                                                                         Germany (1983-1985)
                                                                                    to Great Britain (1975-
                                                                                      1976); Secretary of
                                                                                   Commerce (1976-1977)

     Alice M. Rivlin
  Vice Chairman of the          Charles S. Robb         Joseph E. Robert, Jr.                                     Kenneth Rogoff
    Federal Reserve               U.S. Senator                                      Charles W. Robinson       Professor of Economics,
      (1996-1999)            (D-Virginia, 1989-2001)                              Deputy Secretary of State      Harvard University

     Felix G. Rohatyn           Robert V. Roosa          Irene B. Rosenfeld           Henry Rosovsky              Dennis B. Ross
General Partner of Lazard   Partner of Brown Brothers   Chairman and CEO of       Dean, Faculty of Arts and    Director of State Dept.
Freres & Co. (1960-1997);        Harriman & Co.            Kraft Foods, Inc.      Sciences at Harvard Univ.     Policy Planning Staff
   U.S. Ambassador to             (1965-1993)               (2007-present)              (1973-1984)                 (1989-1992)
   France (1997-2000)
   William V. Roth Jr.       William D. Ruckelshaus         John C. Sawhill           Henry B. Schacht           Kurt L. Schmoke
      U.S. Senator                Administrator of      President of New York       Chairman and CEO of         Mayor of Baltimore
(R-Delaware, 1971-2001)     Environmental Protection    University (1975-1979);      Lucent Technologies           (1987-1999)
                              Agency (1983-1985)         Deputy Secretary of       (1995-1997, 2000-2002)
                                                         Energy (1979-1981)

                                                                                      Walter V. Shipley
     Brent Scowcroft          William W. Scranton          Donna E. Shalala        Chairman of the board of     George P. Shultz
National Security Advisor    U.S. Representative to    President, Univ. of Miami    Chemical Bank (1983-      U.S. Secretary of State
(1975-1977, 1989-1993)         the United Nations      [Florida] (2001-present);      1991, 1994-1996)             (1982-1989)
                                   (1976-1977)         Sec., Health and Human
                                                         Services (1993-2001)

   Joseph J. Sisco           Anthony M. Solomon                                                                     Paula Stern
Under Secretary of State                                    George Soros                 Joan E. Spero
                            President of the Federal                                                             Chairman of U.S.
  for Political Affairs                                Chairman of Soros Fund      President of Doris Duke
                             Reserve Bank of New                                                                International Trade
     (1974-1976)                                       Management (1996-pres.)      Charitable Foundation
                               York (1980-1985)                                                               Commission (1984-1986)
                                                                                      (1997-2008); former
                                                                                   Executive Vice President
                                                                                   of American Express Co.

  David A. Stockman           Robert S. Strauss
                             U.S. Ambassador to             Robert Taft Jr.             Peter Tarnoff
  Director of Office of                                                                                           George J. Tenet
                            Soviet Union (1991) and         U.S. Senator           President of Council on
Management and Budget                                                                                            Director of Central
                                 Russia (1992)           (R-Ohio, 1971-1976)         Foreign Relations
      (1981-1985)                                                                                               Intelligence Agency
                                                                                        (1986-1993)                 (1997-2004)
      John A. Thain                                       Philip H. Trezise                                   Laura D’Andrea Tyson
                               James R. Thompson                                    Ko-Yung Tung
  Chairman and CEO of                                    U.S. Ambassador to                                  Dean of London Business
                                Governor of Illinois                              Vice President and
 Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.                               OECD (1965-1969)                                      School of Economics
                                  (1977-1991)                                   General Counsel of The
(2007-2009); President of                                                                                          (2002-2006)
                                                                                World Bank (1999-2003)
 Goldman Sachs (1999-

    Cyrus R. Vance                Paul C. Warnke                                 Caspar W. Weinberger         Clifton R. Wharton Jr.
                                                         William H. Webster
 U.S. Secretary of State      Director of Arms Control                          U.S. Secretary of Defense     Chairman and CEO of
                                                          Director of Central
      (1977-1980)            and Disarmament Agency                                   (1981-1987)            TIAA-CREF (1987-1993)
                                                         Intelligence Agency
                                    (1977-1978)              (1987-1991)

                              Marina v. N. Whitman                                 Carroll L. Wilson            Paul D. Wolfowitz
  John C. Whitehead                                        George F. Will            Professor at
                              Professor of Business                                                           President of The World
  Partner of Goldman,                                     Columnist for the
                             Administration and Public                          Massachusetts Institute of   Bank (2005-2007); Deputy
Sachs & Co. (1955-1984)                                   Washington Post             Technology
                              Policy at University of                                                          Secretary of Defense
                                    Michigan                                                                       (2001-2005)

                                                                                   Robert B. Zoellick          Lodewijk J.R. de Vink
                                 Andrew Young              Fareed Zakaria        President of The World
  Leonard Woodcock
                                 Mayor of Atlanta        Editor of Newsweek        Bank (2007-2012)
  U.S. Ambassador to
                                  (1982-1990)                International
   Communist China
                                    Jay Mazur              John J. Sweeney                                      Dianne Feinstein
    James T. Hackett                                                                 Charles B. Rangel
                             President, Union of         President of AFL-CIO                                     U.S. Senator
  Chairman and CEO,                                                               Member, U.S. House of
                             Needletrades, Industrial        (1995-2009)                                      (Democrat-California,
  Anadarko Petroleum                                                              Representatives (D-New
Corp. [Houston, Texas]       and Textile Employees                                  York, 1971-present)          1992-present)
                             (UNITE) (1986-2001)

                                                          Zoë Baird Budinger                                       Lee Cullum
 John D. Rockefeller IV           Charlie Rose          President of The Markle        Jessica Stern          Columnist for Dallas
     U.S. Senator            Host of the Charlie Rose         Foundation          Writer, Boston; Member,       Morning News
 (D-WV, 1985-present)        Show and Charlie Rose                                Hoover Institution’s Task       [newspaper]
                              Special Edition, PBS                                   Force on National
                                                                                     Security and Law

      Dinesh Paliwal                                                                  L. Yves Fortier
   Chairman and Chief             Dinakar Singh           E. Peter Lougheed       Senior Partner, Ogilvy
Executive Officer, Harman     Founding Partner, TPG-          [Canada]            Renault, Barristers and
 International Industries,    Axon Capital, New York                               Solicitors, Montreal;
    Inc. [Stamford, CT]                                                              former Canadian
                                                                                    Ambassador and
                                                                                   Representative to the
                                                                                      United Nations
                     Former Canadian and Mexican Members of the Trilateral Commission

    Gerald K. Bouey             Allan E. Gotlieb                                                                 Felipe Calderon
 Governor of the Bank of    Canadian Ambassador to         Brian Mulroney             Ernesto Zedillo
                                                       Prime Minister of Canada                                President of Mexico
  Canada (1973-1987)           the United States                                    President of Mexico           (2006-2012)
                                  (1981-1989)                (1984-1993)               (1995-2000)

                                                           James L. Balsillie
   Conrad M. Black                                              [Canada]
  (The Lord Black of             Rona Ambrose                                         Peter C. Dobell         Richard F. Haskayne
                                   [Canada]               Co-Chief Executive
Crossharbour) [Canada]                                                                    [Canada]                  [Canada]
                                                          Officer, Research in
 Former Chairman and                                                                 Founding Director,      former Chairman of the
                                                              Motion, Ltd.
 CEO of Hollinger Inc.                                                              Parliamentary Centre     Board of TransCanada
   [media company]                                                                                                Corporation

                                                                                                              John A. MacNaughton
                                                                                                               Chairman, Business
      James Moore               Hartley Richardson         Barbara Stymiest          Harold (Hal) Kvisle
                                                                                                              Development Bank of
Member of the Canadian               [Canada]                  [Canada]                    [Canada]
Parliament (2000-present)   President, Chief           Group Head, Strategy,       Former Chief Executive
                            Executive Officer, and     Treasury & Corporate        Officer of TransCanada
                            Director, James            Services, Royal Bank of           Corporation
                            Richardson & Sons, Ltd.    Canada [Toronto]

                                                                                   Dionisio Garza Medina          Enrique Krauze
                            Federico Reyes Heroles        Francisco Gil-Díaz                                          [Mexico]
 Alejandro Junco de la                                                                      [Mexico]
                                    [Mexico]            Secretary of Finance of                             General Director, Editorial
     Vega [Mexico]                                                                Chairman of the Board
                              Writer and Political       Mexico (2000-2006)                                 Clio Libros y Videos, S.A.
 President and Director,                                                          and Chief Executive
                            Analyst, Chairman of the                                                        de C.V.
    Grupo Reforma                                                                 Officer, ALFA
                              Board of Este Pais
                              Former Japanese Members of the Trilateral Commission

    Taizo Nishimuro              Takeo Fukuda                                         Kiichi Miyazawa           Hisashi Owada
 Former Chairman and                                         Akio Morita
                             Prime Minister of Japan    Chairman (1976-1995)      Prime Minister of Japan   Judge of the International
 Chief Executive Officer,         (1976-1978)                                           (1991-1993)           Court of Justice [The
  Toshiba Corporation                                  and CEO (1976-1989) of
                                                         SONY Corporation                                    Hague] (2003-present)

                                                       Kenichiro Komai                                         Kakutaro Kitashiro
     Takeo Inokuchi               Nobuyuki Idei                                     Seiichi Shimada
                                                       Former Chairman of                                    Chairman of the Board,
   Chairman and CEO,        Chief Corporate Advisor,                               President and Chief
                                                       Hitachi, Ltd.                                            IBM Japan, Ltd.
    Mitsui Sumitomo         Sony Corporation                                     Executive Officer, Nihon
Insurance Company, Ltd.                                                               Unisys, Ltd.

                                                                                                                Etsuya Washio
     Rokuro Ishikawa              Jiro Murase           Toshiaki Ogasawara                                     Former President,
Honorary Chairman,             Managing Partner,       Chairman and Publisher,      Yasuhisa Shiozaki        Japanese Trade Union
Kajima Corporation            Bingham McCutchen         The Japan Times Ltd.       Member, Japanese         Confederation (RENGO)
                             Murase [New York City]                              House of Representatives

                                                                                                                  Shuji Tomita

   Minoru Murofushi             Masao Nakamura                                        Tsuyoshi Takagi
                                                            Takuma Otoshi
  Counselor, ITOCHU         President and Chief                                  President, JTUC-Rengo
                                                       Chairman of IBM Japan,
     Corporation            Executive Officer, NTT                               (Japanese Trade Union
                            Docomo Inc.                                          Confederation)
                        Former Asian, and Pacific Members of the Trilateral Commission
                           Shoichiro Kobayashi                                 Ariyoshi Okumura
                           Advisor, Kansai Electric                             Chairman, Lotus
                           Power Company, Ltd.,                              Corporate Advisory, Inc.,
                                    Osaka                                            Tokyo

                                                                                                          Tadashi Yamamoto
    Takashi Ejiri                                       Moriyuki Motono                                  President, Japan Center
 Partner, Nishimura &                                   Former Japanese                                      for International
     Asahi, Tokyo                                     Ambassador to France                                  Exchange, Tokyo

      Lee In-ho
 Former South Korean         Kim Kyung-Won               Ong Keng Yong           Suh Kyung-Bae             Glen S. Fukushima
Ambassador to Russia           South Korean                                                               Chairman & Director,
                          Ambassador to the United                                                       Airbus Japan KK, Tokyo
                            Nations (1982-1985)

                                                           Yu Xintian
                                 Yuan Ming
                                                                                   Gordon Wu
      Richard Li                                                                                           Jeffrey L.S. Koo
                                                                                                          Chairman and Chief
                                                                                                           Executive Officer,
                                                                                                         Chinatrust Investment,
                                                                                                             Bank, Taipei

   K. Kesavapany               Noordin Sopiee           Sunjoto Tanudjaja
                                                                                     Ali Alatas             Sunil Bharti Mittal
                                                                               Minister for Foreign
                                                                               Affairs of Indonesia

      Frene Ginwala            Abdlalif Al-Hamad                                                                    Domingo F. Cavallo
Former Speaker of the                                                                   Alejandro Foxley          Minister of the Economy
                                                            Grigory A. Yavlinsky
National Assembly,                                                                  Minister of Foreign Affairs         of Argentina
                                                         Chairman and Co-
Parliament of the                                                                     of Chile (2006-2009);         (1991-1996, 2001)
                                                         Founder of the Russian
Republic of South Africa                                                             Minister of Finance of
                                                         Democratic Party
                                                                                       Chile (1990-1994)
                                                         “Yabloko” and former
                                                         Member of the State

                                                              Carrillo Gantner
     Philip Burdon                Stuart Harris             President, The Myer          Trevor Kennedy
  Former New Zealand                                                                 Chairman, Oil Search,            Howard Stringer
                            Former Australian Vice              Foundation                                         Chairman and CEO of
    Minister of Trade      Minister of Foreign Affairs     [Melbourne, Australia]    Ltd. [Sydney, Australia]
      Negotiations                                                                                                Sony Corporation [Japan]

     Serhiy Holovaty
                              Past European Members of the Trilateral Commission

                                                               Romano Prodi
 Otto Graf Lambsdorff         Lord Carrington                                                 Mario Monti                 Jacques Santer
                                                           Prime Minister of Italy
Minister of Economics of    Secretary-General of                                          Prime Minister of Italy    President of the European
                                                         (1996-1998, 2006-2008);
 West Germany (1977-         NATO (1984-1988)                                           (2011-present); European     Commission (1995-1999);
                                                         President of the European
   1982, 1982-1984);                                                                        Commissioner for             Prime Minister of
                                                         Commission (1999-2004)
  Former Member of                                                                       Competition (1999-2004)     Luxembourg (1984-1995)
  German Bundestag

     Giovanni Agnelli          Otto Wolff von                                           Lord (Eric) Roll of Ipsden
                                 Amerongen                   Max Kohnstamm                                            Edmond de Rothschild
former Chairman of Fiat                                                                 Chairman, S.G. Warburg
                            Chairman and CEO of           President of European                                       Jewish banker [France]
  [Italian car company]                                                                 & Co., Ltd. (1974-1983);
                              Otto Wolff GmbH            University [Florence, Italy]
                                                                                         director of the Bank of
                                                                                         England (1968-1977)

                            Jeroen van der Veer            Guido Schmidt-Chiari                                           Klaus Kleinfeld
    Henri de Castries          [Netherlands]                                             A.H.E.M. “Nout” Wellink
                                                              Chairman of the            Chairman of the Board         Chairman and CEO,
Chairman and CEO, AXA      Former Chief Executive,          Managing Board of           and President of the Bank     Alcoa; former President
[French investment firm]    Royal Dutch Shell plc         Directors, Creditanstalt-          for International        and CEO, Siemens AG;
                                                                Bankverein              Settlements (2002-2006)       Director of Alcoa (2003-
                                                          [Austrian banking firm]                                             present)

                                 Cesare Merlini                                           Toger Seidenfaden              Theo Sommer
    Thomas Enders           Former Director, Italian        Thierry de Montbrial        Editor in Chief, Politiken   Former Editor-in-Chief of
      [Germany]            Institute for International             [France]              [Danish newspaper]            Die Zeit [Germany]
   CEO, Airbus SAS                    Affairs            President, French Institute
                                                         for International Relations
                                Mary Robinson            Toomas Hendrik Ilves         Raymond Barre               Laurent Fabius
   Garret FitzGerald          President of Ireland        President of Estonia    Prime Minister of France    Prime Minister of France
Prime Minister of Ireland        (1990-1997)                (2006-present)             (1976-1981)                 (1984-1986)
(1981-1982, 1982-1987)

                                                                                                                 Gerhard Schröder
                                  Josep Piqué                 Horst Kohler                                    Minister of Foreign Affairs
   Trinidad Jiménez                                      President of Germany         H. Onno Ruding
                            Foreign Minister of Spain                                                         (1961-1966) and Defence
Foreign Minister of Spain                               (2004-2010); Managing      Finance Minister of the
                                  (2000-2002)                                                                  Minister (1966-1969) of
      (2010-2011)                                             Director of the     Netherlands (1982-1989)
                                                                                                                West Germany; former
                                                         International Monetary                               Member of the Nazi Party
                                                            Fund (2000-2004)

     Denis Healey
   Chancellor of the                                     Edward R.G. Heath
                                  David Owen                                      Sir Frank Kenyon Roberts     Lord Patten of Barnes
Exchequer (1974-1979);                                  Prime Minister of Great
                                  (Lord Owen)                                     British Ambassador to the     (Christopher Patten)
   Shadow Foreign                                         Britain (1970-1974)
                              Secretary of State for                              Soviet Union (1960-1962);   Governor of Hong Kong
 Secretary (1959-1961,            Foreign and                                       British Ambassador to           (1992-1997);
1970-1972, 1980-1987)
                            Commonwealth Affairs of                                     West Germany          European Commissioner
                            Great Britain (1977-1979)                                     (1963-1968)          for External Relations

                                                          Reginald Maudling
                                                            [Great Britain]
Lord Simon of Highbury                                     Chancellor of the                                      Lord Garel-Jones
                                Francis Maude                                       Sir Nicholas Soames
  Chairman of British                                   Exchequer (1962-1964);                                  (Tristan Garel-Jones)
                              Paymaster General                                     Member of the British
Petroleum (1995-1997);      (2010-present); Shadow      Home Secretary (1970-                                  Member of the British
 Chief Executive of BP                                          1972)             Parliament (1983-present)   Parliament (1979-1997);
                               Chancellor of the
      (1992-1995)                                                                                               Minister for Europe
                            Exchequer (1998-2000)
Alexander Wilmot-Sitwell                                   Bengt Dennis            Bodil Nyboe Andersen           Nils Bernstein
   Co-Chief Executive           Stephen Green          Governor of the Central     Governor of the Central   Chairman of the Board of
Officer, UBS Investment     Group Chairman of HSBC        Bank of Sweden             Bank of Denmark         Governors, National Bank
     Bank [London]               [London bank]             (1982-1993)                  (1995-2005)          of Denmark (2005-2013)

  Heinrich von Pierer                                                                  Denis Ranque           Henning Schulte-Noelle
                                 Peter Loscher             Anthony Ruys                   [France]
       [Germany]                                                                                                    [Germany]
                                  [Germany]                [Netherlands]            Chairman and CEO,
    Chairman of the                                                                                              Chairman of the
                            Chairman of the Board of   Former Chairman of the      Thales Aerospace and
   Managing Board,                                                                                            Supervisory Board and
                            Management of Siemens       Board, Heineken N.V.       Defence (1998-2009)
 President, and CEO of                                                                                        former Chief Executive
                                      AG                  [beer company]
 Siemens (1993-2005)                                                                                             Officer of Allianz

      Luca Cordero di
                                 Dieter Rampl                                           Paolo Scaroni
                             Chairman of UniCredit      Alessandro Profumo                  [Italy]              Björn Svedberg
  Chairman, Fiat, Turin;
                                 Group, Milan                  [Italy]             CEO, Eni S.p.A. [energy     Former Chairman of
Chairman, Confindustria
                                                        CEO, Credito Italiano     company] (2005-present);          Ericsson
(Italian Confederation of
                                                                                    former CEO of Techint
      Industry), Rome

                                 Grete Faremo                 Pedro Solbes         Thorvald Stoltenberg          Renato Ruggiero
    Max Jakobson             Norwegian Minister of     Minister of Economy and    Former Foreign Minister    Director-General of World
        [Finland]            Justice and the Police     Finance of Spain (1993-     of Norway; Former        Trade Organization (1995-
    Former Finnish             (1992-1996, 2011-           1996, 2004-2009);        Defense Minister of                1999)
Ambassador to the United      present); Norwegian      European Commissioner             Norway
  Nations and Sweden          Minister of Defence      for Economic & Monetary
                                  (2009-2011)              Affairs (1999-2004)
                                  Pierre Lellouche                                                                   Lord John Gilbert
    Jean-Francois Cope                                         Ivo Samkalden                Schelto Patijn         Member of the House of
                                Member of the French      Minister of Justice of the     Mayor of Amsterdam
   Member of the French                                                                                                    Lords
                                 National Assembly        Netherlands (1965-1966);          (1994-2001)
     National Assembly
                                                            Mayor of Amsterdam

                                 Norbert Wieczorek           Herbert Ehrenberg
                                 Former Member of          Member of the German           Hermann Otto Solms           Zsigmond Jarai
     Kurt Birrenbach                                       Bundestag (1972-1990)         Member of the German        President of National
                                 German Bundestag
  Member of the German                                                                        Bundestag;               Bank of Hungary
      Bundestag                                                                          Vice President of the           (2001-2007)
                                                                                          German Bundestag

                                                                                                                      Salvatore Carrubba
        Paul Adams                 Krister Ahlström                                                                    Culture Alderman,
Chief Executive, British        Vice Chairman, Stora         Patricia Barbizet            Antonio Carrapatoso         Municipality of Milan;
American Tobacco,              Enso and Fortum; former Chief Executive Officer of       Chairman of the Board of   former Managing Editor, Il
London                            Chairman, Finnish    Artémis Group, Paris               Directors, Vodafone          Sole 24 Ore, Milan
                               Employers Confederation                                          Portugal

                                   Sir Ronald Cohen                                                                     Vasco de Mello
                              Founding partner and                                                                        [Portugal]
  Carme Chacon Piqueras                                         Vittorio Colao              Eckhard Cordes
                              Executive Chairman, Apax                                                             Vice Chairman and CEO,
First Vice-President of the                              Chief Executive Officer,      Chairman of the Board,
                              Partners worldwide,                                                                    Grupo José de Mello
Spanish Parliament                                       RCS MediaGroup, Milan;        Franz Haniel & Cie.;
                                                         former Managing Director,     former Member of the
                                                         Vodafone Omnitel              Board, DaimlerChrysler
                                                                  Helga Hernes
                                                           Senior Advisor, PRIO
                                                           (International Peace
                                                           Research Institute Oslo)
                                    Antti Herlin                                            Anne-Marie Idrac              Alfonso Iozzo
       Mario Greco           Chairman of the Board,                                     Chairman of SNCF           Managing Director, San
 Chief Executive Officer,    Kone Oyj, Helsinki                                         [French railway]; former   Paolo IMI Group, Turin
 Eurizon Financial Group                                                                Member of Parliament
                                                                                        and State Secretary for

                                                                 Baron Paul De
      Myles Staunton               Robert Kassai                  Keersmaeker                                          Maurice Lippens
                                                                                             Anne Lauvergeon
Member of Senate of the       General Vice President,      Chairman, Interbrew,                                           [Belgium]
                                                                                        former Chief Executive
Irish Republic                The National Association     Leuven; former Member                                   Chairman, FORTIS Bank
                                                                                        Officer, AREVA, Paris
                                   of Craftmen’ s          of Belgian Government
                              Corporations, Budapest

                                                                                            Klaus Murmann
       Helge Lund                   Cees Maas                                             Honorary Chairman,             Ulrich Lehner
Chief Executive Officer of    Vice Chairman and Chief          Edgar Meister            Confederation of German     Chairman of the Board of
   the Norwegian Oil           Financial Officer of the     Member of the Board,         Employers’ Association       Deutsche Telekom
    Company, Statoil          ING Group, Amsterdam          Deutsche Bundesbank             (BDA), Cologne

                                                                                                                        Janusz Palikot
                                                                                                                       Chairman of the
                                                                   Ivan Krastev              Heinrich Neisser         Supervisory Board,
                                   Sixten Korkman          Chairman of the Board            Former President,        Polmos, Lublin; Vice
      Denis Kessler                    [Finland]           and Programme Director         Politische Akademie,         President, Polish
  Chairman and CEO of          Managing Director, The      for Political Research,        Vienna; Professor of      Confederation of Private
    Scor, Paris; former        Research Institute of the   Centre for Liberal              Political Sciences at   Employers; Member of the
   Chairman of French          Finnish Economy ETLA        Strategies, Sofia; Editor-     Innsbruck University;    Board of Directors, Polish
  Insurance Association       and Finnish Business and     in-Chief, Bulgarian              former Member of          Business Council,
          (FFSA)                  Policy Forum EVA         Edition, Foreign Policy         Austrian Parliament             Warsaw
                                Carlo Pesenti
     Dimitry Panitza          Managing Director of
                                                           Dieter Pfundt
 Founding Chairman, The          Italcementi                                           Benoît Potier                Henri Proglio
                                                        Senior Advisor, Silvia
  Free and Democratic             [Bergamo]                                          Chairman of the         Chairman, Veolia
                                                       Quandt & Cie. [Germany]
   Bulgaria Foundation                                                            Management Board, L’Air    Environnement, Paris
                                                                                      Liquide, Paris

      Juha Rantanen                                       Miguel Sebastian
                                   Silvio Scaglia                                     Peter Straarup
President and Chief                                        Chairman of the                                        Péter Székely
                            Chairman, Fastweb,                                        Chairman of the
Executive Officer,                                     Economic Bureau of the                                Chairman and Chief
                            Milan; former Managing                                Executive Board, Danske
Outokumpu Group, Espoo,                                Prime Minister of Spain;                              Executive Officer,
                            Director, Omnitel                                       Bank, Copenhagen
Finland                                               Professor of Economics at                              Transelektro, Budapest
                                                           the Universidad
                                                        Complutense, Madrid

                               Jean-Philippe Thierry          Harri Tiido            Mario Vargas Llosa
      Pavel Telicka                                                                                            Friedrich Verzetnitsch
                               Chairman and Chief    Ambassador of Estonia        Writer and Member of the
Partner, BXL-Consulting,                                                                                        Member of Austrian
                              Executive Officer, AGF and Head of the Estonian     Royal Spanish Academy,
         Prague                                                                                                Parliament; President,
                            (Assurances Générales de Mission to NATO                       Madrid              Austrian Federation of
                                  France), Paris
                                                                                                                    Trade Unions

                                                                                        Arne Wessberg
                                                                                                                 Loukas Tsoukalis
     Janne Virkkunen                                      Serge Weinberg          Director General, YLE
                            Marcus Wallenberg                                                                President, Hellenic
         [Finland]                                         Chairman of the        (Finnish Broadcasting
                            Chairman of the Board,                                                           Foundation for European
  Former Senior Editor in                              Supervisory Board, Accor   Company) and Director
                            Skandinaviska Enskilda                                                           and Foreign Policy
 Chief, Helsingin Sanomat                                                         General, YLE Group (YLE
                            Banken (SEB), Stockholm                                                          (ELIAMEP)
                                                                                  and Digits Oy), Helsinki
                                                                                                                         Béla Kadar
                                                                                        Horst Teltschik          Member of the Monetary
      Erhard Busek                                       Nicholas Beytout                 [Germany]
                                  Bill Emmott                                                                     Council of the National
Chairman, Institute for the                                   [France]                 Former Head of
                                 [Great Britain]                                                                        Bank; Former
   Danube Region and                                 Editor-in-Chief, Le Figaro      Department Foreign
                              former Editor of The                                                               Ambassador of Hungary
  Central Europe (IDM);                                [French newspaper]            Affairs and Security
                              Economist [London]                                                                    to the OECD [Paris];
Vice-Chancellor of Austria                                                        Policy, Chancellor’s Office   former Hungarian Minister
      (1991-1995)                                                                   former Member of the         of International Economic
                                                                                        board of BMW                      Relations

                                                     Emilio Lamo de Espinosa      Joao de Menezes Ferreira
                              Maurizio Bevilacqua
   Enrique V. Iglesias
                                                                                                                   Sirkka Hämäläinen

     Pietro Modiano

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