Portraits of Council on Foreign Relations Members by BrianCharles


									      Council on Foreign Relations – New York City’s Elite
                   Prominent Active Members of the Council on Foreign Relations (as of June 30, 2012)
Elder Statesmen:

  John C. Whitehead              Paul A. Volcker           David Rockefeller         James D. Wolfensohn           Vernon E. Jordan Jr.
  Partner of Goldman,        Chairman of the Federal     Chairman and CEO of         President of the World      Senior Managing Director
Sachs & Co. (1955-1984)       Reserve (1979-1987)        Chase Manhattan Bank          Bank (1995-2005)              of Lazard Freres
                                                             (1969-1981)                                              (2000-present)

  Peter G. Peterson              Robert E. Rubin              Carla A. Hills           Sir Alan Greenspan         Maurice R. Greenberg
 Chairman and CEO of           Partner of Goldman,             U.S. Trade            Chairman of the Federal      Chairman and CEO of
   Lehman Brothers           Sachs & Co. (1971-1992);        Representative           Reserve (1987-2006)         American International
     (1973-1984)             Secretary of the Treasury        (1989-1993)                                          Group (1989-2005)

   Walter F. Mondale              Jimmy Carter             Zbigniew Brzezinski       William J. “Bill” Clinton         Dick Cheney
Vice President of the U.S.     President of the U.S.     National Security Advisor   President of the U.S.       Vice President of the U.S.
      (1977-1981)                  (1977-1981)                 (1977-1981)                 (1993-2001)                 (2001-2009)

    Frank C. Carlucci           George P. Shultz            James A. Baker III        Madeleine K. Albright        Gen. Colin L. Powell
U.S. Secretary of Defense     U.S. Secretary of State     U.S. Secretary of State    U.S. Secretary of State      U.S. Secretary of State
      (1987-1989)                  (1982-1989)                 (1989-1992)                (1997-2001)                  (2001-2005)
New York City Bankers and Federal Reserve Bankers:

  Lloyd C. Blankfein             Jamie Dimon             Stanley Fischer         Robert B. Zoellick            John P. Lipsky
 Chairman and CEO of       Chairman and CEO of JP   Governor of the Bank of    President of The World      First Deputy Managing
   Goldman Sachs                Morgan Chase         Israel [central bank of     Bank (2007-2012)          Director of International
    (2006-present)              (2007-present)         Israel] (2005-2013)                                     Monetary Fund

    James A. Johnson       Stephen A. Schwarzman
Vice Chairman of Perseus    Chairman and CEO of                                                            Alexander T. Ercklentz
   LLP (2001-present);      The Blackstone Group         George Soros              Henry R. Kravis
                                                    Chairman of Soros Fund        Senior Partner of       Partner of Brown Brothers
  Chairman and CEO of          (1985-present)                                                                  Harriman & Co.
Fannie Mae (1991-1998)                              Management (1996-pres.)    Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
                                                                                & Co. (1987-present)           (1978-present)

     Janet L. Yellen                                   Jerome H. Powell                                      Richard W. Fisher
                              Daniel K. Tarullo                                                           President of the Federal
  Vice Chairman of the                               Member of the Federal        William C. Dudley
                            Member of the Federal                                                         Reserve Bank of Dallas
    Federal Reserve                                     Reserve Board          President of the Federal
                              Reserve Board                                                                   (2005-present)
     (2010-present)                                     (2012-present)          Reserve Bank of New
                               (2009-present)                                    York (2009-present)

                               Donald L. Kohn                                    Richard D. Parsons         Kenneth M. Jacobs
                                                      Kenneth I. Chenault
                            Vice Chairman of the                               Chairman of the board of    Chairman and CEO of
  Dennis P. Lockhart                                 Chairman and CEO of
                              Federal Reserve                                  Citigroup (2009-present)    Lazard (2009-present)
President of the Federal                             American Express Co.
Reserve Bank of Atlanta                                 (2001-present)
Corporate Businessmen:

                                                                                                             Leonard A. Lauder
                                                      Kenneth C. Frazier           Robert D. Haas         Chairman of Estee Lauder
                                                    Chairman and CEO of        Chairman of Levi Strauss
 Randall L. Stephenson         Muhtar Kent                                                                       Companies
                                                    Merck & Co., Inc. (2011-    & Co. (1989-present)
  Chairman, CEO, and      Chairman of the board                                                                (1999-present)
                                                      present); General
   President of AT&T      and CEO of The Coca-
                                                    Counsel of Merck & Co.,
    (2007-present)           Cola Company
                                                       Inc. (1999-2006)

   Lee R. Raymond            David J. O’Reilly        Robert J. Stevens         Norman R. Augustine           Philip M. Condit
 Chairman and CEO of       Chairman and CEO of       Chairman and CEO of        Chairman and CEO of         Chairman and CEO of
ExxonMobil (1999-2006)     Chevron (2000-2009)         Lockheed Martin            Lockheed-Martin          Boeing Co. (1996-2003)
                                                        (2005-present)              (1995-1997)

     Anne Mulcahy                                     Frederick W. Smith                                       James S. Tisch
                               Paul A. Allaire                                     Penny Pritzker
 Chairman and CEO of                                 Chairman and CEO of                                    President and CEO of
                           Chairman and CEO of                                   President of Classic
Xerox Corp. (2002-2010)                                  FedEx Corp.                                        Loews Corp. [Newport
                          Xerox Corp. (1991-2001)                                Residence by Hyatt
                                                        (1975-present)                                    cigarettes] (1999-present)

                                                                                  M. Douglas Ivester
 C. Michael Armstrong        Henry B. Schacht                                   Chairman and CEO of           James E. Burke
                           Chairman and CEO of        Donald M. Kendall
 Chairman and CEO of                                                           The Coca-Cola Company       Chairman and CEO of
                            Lucent Technologies      Chairman and CEO of
  AT&T (1998-2002)                                                                   (1997-2000)            Johnson & Johnson
                          (1995-1997, 2000-2002)     PepsiCo, Inc. (1971-
Former Bankers and Financiers:

                                                                                      Walter V. Shipley
    Sanford I. Weill          Charles O. Prince III      William B. Harrison Jr.   Chairman of the board of
 Chairman (1998-2006)        Chairman (2006-2007)       Chairman and CEO of JP      Chemical Bank (1983-         William R. Rhodes
and CEO (1998-2003) of      and CEO (2004-2007) of           Morgan Chase             1991, 1994-1996)        Senior Vice Chairman and
       Citigroup                   Citigroup                   (2001-2006)                                      Senior International
                                                                                                                 Officer of Citigroup

                              Henry M. Paulson Jr.                                                             James D. Robinson III
   Stephen Friedman                                        John L. Thornton            Robert J. Hurst
                             Chairman and CEO of                                                               Chairman and CEO of
  Partner of Goldman,                                    President of Goldman        Partner of Goldman
                             Goldman Sachs (1999-                                                              American Express Co.
Sachs & Co. (1973-1992);                                Sachs & Co. (1999-2003)    Sachs & Co. (1980-2000)
                             2006); Secretary of the                                                               (1977-1993)
 Chairman of Goldman
Sachs & Co. (1990-1994)      Treasury (2006-2009)

  William J. McDonough
 President of the Federal                                Roger W. Ferguson Jr.       Franklin D. Raines
                              Michael H. Moskow                                                                   John H. Gutfreund
  Reserve Bank of New                                     Vice Chairman of the      Chairman and CEO of
                            President of the Federal                                                            Chairman of the board
    York (1993-2003)                                        Federal Reserve        Fannie Mae (1999-2004)
                            Reserve Bank of Chicago                                                             and CEO of Salomon
                                  (1994-2007)                                                                 Brothers, Inc. (1981-1991)

                                                                                   Seymour “Sy” Sternberg        E. Stanley O’Neal
     Felix G. Rohatyn            Frank G. Zarb              Arthur F. Ryan
                                                                                    Chairman and CEO of         Chairman and CEO of
General Partner of Lazard   General Partner of Lazard    Chairman and CEO of
                                                                                   New York Life Insurance       Merrill Lynch & Co.
Freres & Co. (1960-1997);   Freres & Co. (1977-1988)      Prudential Financial
                                                                                      Co. (1997-2008)               (2003-2007)
   U.S. Ambassador to                                        (1994-2008)
   France (1997-2000)
Other Prominent Financiers and Businessmen:

                              Lucio A. Noto
                           Chairman and CEO of
                                                    Bernard L. Schwartz                                  Alfred C. DeCrane Jr.
                              Mobil Oil Corp.                                  James R. Houghton
         C.J. Silas                                Chairman and CEO of                                   Chairman of Texaco
                               (1994-1999)                                    Chairman of the board
 Chairman and CEO of                                   Loral Space &                                          (1987-1996)
                                                     Communications          and CEO of Corning, Inc.
 Phillips Petroleum Co.                                                      (1989-1996, 2002-2005)
       (1985-1994)                                      (1996-2006)

   Timothy C. Collins                                Steven Rattner                                      Louis V. Gerstner Jr.
                              Bruce Kovner                                       Donald B. Marron
Senior Managing Director                           Managing Principal of                                Chairman of the Carlyle
                            Chairman of Caxton                                Chairman and CEO of
and CEO of Ripplewood                             Quadrangle Group LLC                                    Group (2003-2008)
                             Associates LLC                                   PaineWebber Inc. [now
     Holdings, LLC                                                           part of UBS] (1980-2000)

   John J. Phelan Jr.
 Chairman of New York                                                          Robert R. Douglass
    Stock Exchange         William H. Donaldson     William J. Brodsky                                     Alfred F. Kelly Jr.
                           Chairman of New York   Chairman and CEO of        Vice Chairman of Chase
      (1984-1990)                                                                                        President of American
                             Stock Exchange       Chicago Board Options          Manhattan Bank
                                                                                                        Express Co. (2007-2010)
                                (1991-1995)         Exchange (CBOE)                (1985-1993)

                                                                                                          Virginia M. Rometty
                             James W. Owens       Charles A. Heimbold Jr.                                President and CEO of
    Robert W. Lane
                           Chairman and CEO of     Chairman and CEO of        Samuel J. Palmisano         IBM (2012-present)
 Chairman and CEO of
Deere & Co. (2000-2010)       Caterpillar, Inc.   Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.   Chairman, President, and
                              (2004-present)             (1995-2001)         CEO of IBM (2003-2012)
Wall Street Lawyers:

    John E. Merow               M. Bernard Aidinoff        Ricardo A. Mestres Jr.                                   Edwin D. Williamson
  Partner of Sullivan &         Partner of Sullivan &       Partner of Sullivan &       William J. Williams Jr.     Partner of Sullivan &
 Cromwell (1965-1996);         Cromwell (1963-1996)        Cromwell (1968-2000);        Partner of Sullivan &      Cromwell (1971-1990,
   Senior Counsel of             Senior Counsel of           Senior Counsel of        Cromwell (1969-2004); Of    1993-c.2011); Of Counsel
  Sullivan & Cromwell           Sullivan & Cromwell         Sullivan & Cromwell         Counsel of Sullivan &      of Sullivan & Cromwell
    (1997-present)                (1997-present)              (2001-present)          Cromwell (2005-present)         (c.2011-present)

                                  Francis J. Aquila                                     Robert G. DeLaMater         Richard A. Drucker
                                                              James H. Carter
    Sergio J. Galvis            Partner of Sullivan &                                   Partner of Sullivan &     Partner of Davis, Polk &
                                                            Partner of Sullivan &
  Partner of Sullivan &       Cromwell [law firm in New                               Cromwell [law firm in New   Wardwell [New York City]
                                                          Cromwell [law firm in New
 Cromwell; Secretary of              York City]                                              York City]               (1988-present)
                                                          York City] (1977-present)
   the Council of the

                                                                                                                      Sarah A.W. Fitts
                                                                                         Christopher Smeall        Partner of Debevoise &
     Bevis Longstreth                                                                                             Plimpton [law firm in New
                               Barbara Paul Robinson                                  Partner of Debevoise &
  Partner of Debevoise &                                      David W. Rivkin                                            York City]
                               Partner of Debevoise &                                 Plimpton (1988-present)
         Plimpton                                         Partner of Debevoise &
                                Plimpton (1976-2006)
 (1970-1981, 1984-1997)                                   Plimpton (1988-present)

                                                             Mel M. Immergut
     Richard I. Beattie                                     Partner of Milbank,                                       Toby S. Myerson
    Partner of Simpson,          Conrad K. Harper         Tweed, Hadley & McCloy          Matthew Nimetz           Partner of Paul, Weiss,
     Thacher & Bartlett         Partner of Simpson,           [New York City]          Partner of Paul, Weiss,       Rifkind, Wharton &
[law firm in New York City]      Thacher & Bartlett            (1980-present)            Rifkind, Wharton &        Garrison (1983-1989,
  (1975-1977, 1980-pres.)     (1974-1993, 1996-2002)                                    Garrison (1974-1977,           1990-present)
Corporate Lawyers:

                                                                                                                   Ronald L. Olson
    Daniel L. Spiegel                                     Steven B. Pfeiffer            Mark C. Medish         Partner of Munger, Tolles
 Partner of Akin, Gump,        John W. Carr              Partner of Fulbright &      Partner of Akin Gump       & Olson [law firm in Los
 Strauss, Hauer & Feld      Partner of Simpson,          Jaworski [law firm in     Strauss Hauer & Feld [law           Angeles]
       [law firm]            Thacher & Bartlett           Washington, D.C.]                   firm]
(1983-1993, 1996-pres.)        (1990-2010)                  (1983-present)

     Paul W. Butler           John A. Burgess              Kenneth J. Bialkin,
 Partner of Akin, Gump,                                                                  Dana H. Freyer            Nancy A. Lieberman
                          Partner of Wilmer, Cutler,   Partner of Skadden, Arps,
 Strauss, Hauer & Feld                                                             Partner of Skadden, Arps,   Partner of Skadden, Arps,
                           Pickering, Hale & Dorr       Slate, Meagher, & Flom
       [law firm]                                                                   Slate, Meagher, & Flom       Slate, Meagher, & Flom
                                  [law firm]            [law firm] (1988-c.2009)
                                                                                     [law firm] (1994-2009)     [law firm] (1987-present)

                                                       Michael Stevens Helfer         Louise M. Parent          Benjamin Heineman Jr.
   Ernest T. Patrikis        Sheila C. Cheston            General Counsel of                                     General Counsel of
                                                                                     General Counsel of
  General Counsel of         General Counsel of                                                                  General Electric Co.
                                                       Citigroup (2003-present)     American Express Co.
 American International      Northrop Grumman                                                                        (1987-2004)
Group (AIG) (1999-2006)          Corporation

   Deirdre Stanley          Wendell L. Willkie II
                                                         Kenneth A. Cutshaw         George Vradenburg III         Mark C. Treanor
  General Counsel of        General Counsel of
                                                         General Counsel of          General Counsel of          General Counsel of
  Thomson Reuters            MeadWestvaco
                                                          Church’s Chicken          Columbia Broadcasting       Wachovia Corporation
   (2002-present)            (2002-present)
                                                           (2006-present)            System (1980-1991)           (1998-present)

                                                                                          J. Dennis Bonney
                                                                                        Vice Chairman of the
                                                                                          Board of Chevron
                                                                  Ruth Porat           Corporation (1987-1995)
        Barry Diller              Ann M. Fudge                                                                         David M. Rubenstein
 Chairman of Paramount         President of Maxwell       Executive Vice President                                    Founder of the Carlyle
  Pictures (1974-1984);       House Coffee and Post          and Chief Financial                                             Group
  Chairman and CEO of          Cereal (1997-2001)         Officer of Morgan Stanley
    20th Century Fox                                            (2010-present)

    Andrew H. Tisch              James E. Rogers
Co-Chairman of the board     Chairman, President, and                                       Farooq Kathwari             John A. Luke Jr.
                                                                John B. Hess
 of Loews Corp. (2006-         CEO of Duke Energy                                      Chairman, President, and       Chairman and CEO of
                                                            Chairman and CEO of
  present); President of     (2007-present); Chairman                                     CEO of Ethan Allen          MeadWestvaco Corp.
                                                            Amerada-Hess Corp.
Bulova Corp. (1979-1990)        and CEO of Cinergy                                     Interiors Inc. (1988-pres.)       (2002-present)

                                                                                         Abby Joseph Cohen
                                                                                         Partner of Goldman            Anne M. Finucane
   W. Bowman Cutter             Stephen A. Oxman              Denis A. Bovin                Sachs & Co.
  Managing Director of       Senior Advisor at Morgan                                                                  Global Strategy and
                                                          Former Vice Chairman of          (1998-present)            Marketing Officer at Bank
    Warburg Pincus           Stanley (1999-present)       Bear Stearns & Co., Inc.
      (1996-2009)                                                                                                           of America

                               Rochelle B. Lazarus
                                Director of General          Laurette T. Koellner          Monica C. Lozano
Maria Elena Lagomasino                                       Director of Sara Lee                                          John S. Chen
                             Electric Co. (2000-pres.);                                 Director of Walt Disney       Director of Walt Disney
Director of The Coca-Cola                                     Corporation (2003-
                              Chairman of the Board                                    Company (2000-present);       Company (2004-present);
 Company (2008-pres.);                                    present); former President
                             and former CEO of Ogilvy                                   Publisher of La Opinión       Chairman and CEO of
Chief Executive Officer of                                  of Boeing International
                               & Mather Worldwide,                                        [Spanish-language                 Sybase Inc.
GenSpring Family Offices
                                 global marketing                                             newspaper]
                             communications company

   Stephen Stamas           Robbin St. Clair Johnson        Paul J. Fribourg              Alexander B.              Clyde C. Tuggle
Vice President of Public    Senior Vice President for    Chairman and CEO of              Cummings Jr.           Senior Vice President,
    Affairs at Exxon          Corporate Affairs at         Continental Grain        Executive Vice President    Chief Public Affairs and
      (1973-1986)           Cargill, Inc. (2000-2007)   Company (1997-present);     and Chief Administrative    Communications Officer
                                                        Director of Estee Lauder    Officer of The Coca-Cola       of The Coca-Cola
                                                           Co. (2006-present)               Company                    Company

                                                           Gerald Rosenfeld
                                                         Advisor to the CEO and
      Victor K. Fung           David W. Heleniak             Vice Chairman             Thomas L. Kalaris            Carl Spielvogel
 Chairman of the Airport    Vice Chairman of Morgan      Investment Banking at       Chief Executive of the     Chairman and CEO of
   Authority Hong Kong        Stanley & Co. (2005-       Lazard (2011-present);     Wealth and Investment       United Auto Group, Inc.
(1999-2008); Chairman of     2009); Senior Partner of   Deputy Chairman (2007-      Management division of           (1994-1997)
  the Hong Kong Trade         Shearman & Sterling        2011) and CEO (1999-         Barclays; Executive        U.S. Ambassador to
  Development Council             (2001-2005)           2007) of Rothschild North   Chairman of Barclays in      Slovakia (2000-2001)
       (1991-2000)                                               America                 the Americas

 Joseph M. Sigelman
Chairman of the Atlantic,      Sean M. Healey             Thomas J. Pritzker            Ronald S. Temple           William J. Toppeta
Gulf & Pacific Company       Chairman and CEO of        Chairman of Global Hyatt       Managing Director,       President of International
                              Affiliated Managers        Corp. (2005-present)       Portfolio Manager, Lazard   [division] of MetLife, Inc.
                            Group, Inc. (2011-pres.)                                   Asset Management                (2001-2011)

                                Philip A. Odeen                                                                      J. Tomilson Hill
  Joseph T. Gorman                                         John P. Birkelund                                      Vice Chairman of The
                             Chairman of TRW, Inc.                                     Marvin E. Odum III
 Chairman and CEO of                                     Chairman and CEO of                                    Blackstone Group; former
                                  (2001-2002)                                         President of Shell Oil
 TRW, Inc. (1988-2001)                                    Dillon, Read & Co.                                       Partner of Lehman
                                                              (1988-1993)                                                Brothers
                                                  Federal Government Officials

Career Politicians and Judges:

    Jay Rockefeller            John McCain               Dianne Feinstein                                    Mark R. Warner
                               U.S. Senator                U.S. Senator              Jack Reed
     U.S. Senator                                                                                             U.S. Senator
                           (R-AZ, 1987-present)        (D-CA, 1992-present)         U.S. Senator
 (D-WV, 1985-present)                                                                                     (D-VA, 2009-present)
                                                                                 (D-RI, 1997-present)

                            Stephen G. Breyer                                     Jim McDermott
  Ruth Bader Ginsburg                                                                                      James H. S. Cooper
                                                                                U.S. Congressman
   Justice of the U.S.      Justice of the U.S.          Thomas E. Petri                                    U.S. Congressman
                             Supreme Court                                     (D-WA, 1989-present)
    Supreme Court                                       U.S. Congressman                                 (D-TN, 1983-1995, 2003-
     (1993-present)           (1994-present)           (R-WI, 1979-present)                                      present)

                          Charles W. Boustany Jr.         Nita M. Lowey        Eleanor Holmes Norton
 William M. Thornberry      U.S. Congressman           U.S. Congresswoman        Delegate to the U.S.
   U.S. Congressman        (R-LA, 2005-present)        (D-NY, 1989-present)   House of Representatives
(R-Texas, 1995-present)                                                         (D-DC, 1991-present)
Obama Administration Bureaucrats:

   John Forbes Kerry              Chuck Hagel                                          Janet Napolitano       (Gen.) Eric K. Shinseki
 U.S. Secretary of State    U.S. Secretary of Defense         Jacob J. Lew          Secretary of Homeland      Secretary of Veterans
     (2013-present)              (2013-present)         Secretary of the Treasury   Security (2009-present)    Affairs (2009-present)

                                 Gene Sperling            Thomas E. Donilon             Susan E. Rice             Ivo H. Daalder
  Michael B.G. Froman                                   National Security Advisor   U.S. Rep. to the United
                               Director of National                                                           U.S. Representative to
 Deputy Assistant to the                                (2010-present); General     Nations (2009-present)
                               Economic Council                                                               NATO (2009-present)
 President for National                                  Counsel of Fannie Mae
 Security and Economic                                        (1999-2005)
  Policy (2009-present)

                                                             Neal S. Wolin             Jane Holl Lute          Daniel B. Poneman
    William J. Burns            Ashton B. Carter        Deputy Secretary of the      Deputy Secretary of
Deputy Secretary of State     Deputy Secretary of                                                              Deputy Secretary of
                                                        Treasury (2009-present)      Homeland Security        Energy (2009-present)
    (2011-present)           Defense (2011-present)                                    (2009-present)

                                                                                        Miriam Sapiro
                              Karen Gordon Mills        Margaret Ann Hamburg
     Mary Jo White                                                                    Deputy U.S. Trade
                            Administrator, U.S. Small    Commissioner of Food                                  Stephen W. Preston
    Chairman of U.S.                                                                   Representative
                            Business Administration     and Drug Administration                                General Counsel of
Securities and Exchange                                                                (2009-present)
                                (2009-present)              (2009-present)                                     Central Intelligence
Commission (2013-pres.);                                                                                      Agency (2009-present)
  U.S. Attorney for the
 Southern District of New
    York (1993-2002)
                                                                                            Maria Otero
  Ellen O. Tauscher           Robert D. Hormats          Wendy R. Sherman             Under Secretary of State          Ernest J. Moniz
  Special Envoy for        Under Secretary of State    Under Secretary of State          for Global Affairs           Secretary of Energy
Strategic Stability and   for Economic, Energy and       for Political Affairs            (2009-present)                (2013-present)
   Missile Defense            Agricultural Affairs         (2011-present)                                                [designated]
     (2012-2013)                (2009-present)

                                                                                         Tara D. Sonenshine
                                                                                      Under Secretary of State
 Jose W. Fernandez                                                                    for Public Diplomacy and
                              Johnnie Carson               Philip H. Gordon                                         Heidi E. Crebo-Rediker
Assistant Secretary of                                                                      Public Affairs
                           Assistant Secretary of       Assistant Secretary of                                      Chief Economist of the
 State for Economic,                                                                       (2012-present)
                           State for African Affairs    State for European and                                        State Department
Energy and Business
                            (2009-present); U.S.            Eurasian Affairs                                            (2012-present)
Affairs (2009-present)
                           Ambassador to Kenya              (2009-present)

   Esther Brimmer          Rose E. Gottemoeller           Michael H. Posner
                                                                                           Kerri-Ann Jones             Anne C. Richard
Assistant Secretary of     Assistant Secretary of       Assistant Secretary of
                                                                                        Asst. Secretary of State    Assistant Secretary of
State for International    State for Verification,       State for Democracy,
                                                                                      for Oceans & International     State for Population,
 Organization Affairs        Compliance, and           Human Rights, and Labor
                                                                                          Environmental and        Refugees, and Migration
   (2009-present)             Implementation                (2009-present)
                                                                                           Scientific Affairs           (2012-present)

   David L. Goldwyn          Bonnie D. Jenkins
                                                          Andrew J. Shapiro                  Lael Brainard              Cyrus Amir-Mokri
   State Department          State Department
                                                        Assistant Secretary of         Under Sec. of Treasury      Assistant Secretary of the
    Coordinator for        Coordinator for Threat
                                                       State for Political-Military    for International Affairs     Treasury for Financial
 International Energy       Reduction Programs
                                                        Affairs (2009-present)              (2010-present)         Institutions (2011-present)
Affairs (2009-present)        (2009-present)
                                                                                      Janine A. Davidson            Kathleen Hicks
                                                          Juan M. Garcia III
  Raymond E. Mabus                                                                     Deputy Assistant         Deputy Under Secretary
                             Jeh Charles Johnson       Assistant Secretary of the
 Secretary of the Navy                                                              Secretary of Defense for    of Defense for Strategy,
                            General Counsel of the      Navy for Manpower and
    (2009-present)                                                                   Plans (2009-present)          Plans, and Forces
                              U.S. Department of            Reserve Affairs
                            Defense (2009-present)          (2009-present)                                          (2009-present)

  Bradley H. Roberts           Amanda J. Dory          Rebecca K.C. Hersman         Celeste Ann Wallander         William F. Wechsler
   Deputy Assistant            Deputy Assistant           Deputy Assistant             Deputy Assistant            Deputy Assistant
Secretary of Defense for    Secretary of Defense for   Secretary of Defense for     Secretary of Defense for    Secretary of Defense for
  Nuclear and Missile            African Affairs       Countering Weapons of        Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia       Counternarcotics and
    Defense Policy              (2011-present)            Mass Destruction              (2009-present)              Global Threats
    (2009-present)                                         (2009-present)                                           (2009-present)

                                                                                    Maj. Gen. Walter Givhan      Maj. Gen. Michelle D.
  Rear Adm. James G.                                                                 Commander, Curtis E.
                             Gen. Charles Jacoby Jr.   Adm. James G. Stavridis                                           Johnson
       Foggo III                                                                        LeMay Center for
                               Commander, North           Supreme Allied                                        Deputy Chief of Staff for
 Deputy Commander of                                                                 Doctrine Development
                              American Aerospace        Commander of Europe                                          Operations and
     U.S. 6th Fleet                                                                 and Education, and Vice
                               Defense Command             (2009-present)                                        Intelligence, Supreme
 (2010-2012); Director,                                                                 Commander, Air
                            (NORAD) (2011-present)                                                                Headquarters Allied
  Assessment Division                                                               University (2013-present)   Powers Europe, NATO

                                                         Maj. Gen. Herbert R.
                                                               McMaster                                          Major General John F.
Lt. Gen. George J. Flynn    Maj. Gen. Ronald Bailey                                    Lt. Gen. William B.         Newell III, USAF
                                                          Commander of the
 Director for Joint Force   Commanding General,                                            Caldwell IV          Senior Military Advisor to
                                                         Maneuver Center of
Development, The Joint       First Marine Division                                  Commanding General of           the U.S. Special
                                                       Excellence at Ft. Benning,
Staff J-7 (2011-present)         (2011-present)                                     United States Army North      Representative for
                                                        Georgia (2012-present)
                                                                                           (Fifth Army)          Afghanistan/Pakistan
                                                                                         (2011-present)              (2012-present)
                                                                                                             Gina K. Abercrombie-
   Lee A. Feinstein        James B. Cunningham           Michael McFaul         Richard L. Morningstar             Winstanley
  U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to        U.S. Ambassador to        U.S. Ambassador to        U.S. Ambassador to Malta
  Poland (2009-2012)      Afghanistan (2012-pres.);   Russia (2012-present)    Azerbaijan (2012-present)         (2012-present)
                          U.S. Ambassador to Israel

   Laurie S. Fulton         Mari Carmen Aponte
                           U.S. Ambassador to El        Mark F. Brzezinski        Jeffrey L. Bleich            Nancy Jo Powell
 U.S. Ambassador to                                                             U.S. Ambassador to
Denmark (2009-present)    Salvador (2010-present)      U.S. Ambassador to                                  U.S. Ambassador to India
                                                      Sweden (2011-present)    Australia (2009-present)         (2012-present)

    Alan D. Bersin
 Commissioner of U.S.      Tara Jeanne O’Toole                                     Steven E. Koonin           David B. Sandalow
                                                      Francisco J. Sanchez
 Customs and Border          Under Secretary of                                   Under Secretary of         Assistant Secretary of
                                                       Under Secretary of
Protection (2010-2011);    Homeland Security for                                  Energy for Science         Energy for Policy and
                                                          Commerce for
 Assistant Secretary of   Science and Technology                                    (2009-present)            International Affairs
                                                       International Trade
 Homeland Security for        (2009-present)             (2009-present)                                          (2009-present)
  International Affairs
(2009-2011, 2012-pres.)

Elizabeth D. Sherwood-
                                                        Cameron F. Kerry            Todd D. Stern           Bathsheba N. Crocker
         Randall            Antony John Blinken       General Counsel of the   Special Envoy for Climate   Principal Deputy Director
 Spec. Assistant to the   Deputy National Security     U.S. Department of       Change (2009-present)       of Policy Planning Staff
President and National     Advisor (2013-present)          Commerce                                             (2011-present)
Security Council Senior
 Director for European
 Affairs (2009-present)
Retired U.S. Senators:

  Howard H. Baker Jr.                                 John W. Warner                                   William H. “Bill” Frist
  U.S. Senate Majority      George J. Mitchell                                Thomas A. Daschle        U.S. Senate Majority
                           U.S. Senate Majority         U.S. Senator          U.S. Senate Majority
  Leader (1981-1985)                               (R-Virginia, 1979-2009)                             Leader (2003-2007)
                           Leader (1989-1995)                                 Leader (2001-2003)

                                                         Sam Nunn              Christopher J. Dodd        Joe Lieberman
       Bill Bradley           Larry Pressler            U.S. Senator            U.S. Senator (D-           U.S. Senator
  U.S. Senator (D-New     U.S. Senator (R-South
                                                   (D-Georgia, 1972-1997)    Connecticut, 1981-2011)    (D-CT, 1989-2013)
   Jersey, 1979-1997)      Dakota, 1979-1997)

                                                                                Rudy Boschwitz
       Gary Hart               Bob Graham          J. Robert “Bob” Kerrey       U.S. Senator (R-       Alfonse "Al" D’Amato
     U.S. Senator              U.S. Senator           U.S. Senator (D-       Minnesota, 1978-1991)     U.S. Senator (D-New
(D-Colorado, 1975-1987)   (D-Florida, 1987-2005)   Nebraska, 1989-2001)                                  York, 1981-1999)

   Robert G. Torricelli     Fred D. Thompson          Charles S. Robb              Evan Bayh
                                                                                                         Olympia J. Snowe
  U.S. Senator (D-New        U.S. Senator (R-           U.S. Senator              U.S. Senator
                                                                                                           U.S. Senator
   Jersey, 1997-2003)     Tennessee, 1994-2003)    (D-Virginia, 1989-2001)   (D-Indiana, 1999-2011)
                                                                                                       (R-Maine, 1995-2013)
Former Politicians:

   Timothy E. Wirth                                                                                        Harris L. Wofford
                                                     (Sen.) James R. Sasser   Nancy Kassebaum Baker
   U.S. Senator (D-           William S. Cohen                                                              U.S. Senator (D-
                                                        U.S. Senator (D-            U.S. Senator
 Colorado, 1987-1993);      Secretary of Defense                                                        Pennsylvania, 1991-1995)
                                                     Tennessee, 1977-1995);    (R-Kansas, 1978-1997)
Under Secretary of State      (1997-2001); U.S.
   for Global Affairs      Senator (R-Maine, 1979-     U.S. Ambassador to
      (1994-1997)                   1997)               Communist China

  John Edward Porter         Dave K. McCurdy
                                                        Thomas S. Foley            Lee Hamilton
 U.S. Congressman (R-      U.S. Congressman (D-                                                             Dick Gephardt
                                                      Speaker of the House      U.S. Congressman
  Illinois, 1980-2001)     Oklahoma, 1981-1995)                                                           U.S. Congressman
                                                       (1989-1995); U.S.      (D-Indiana, 1965-1999)
                                                                                                        (D-Missouri, 1977-2005)
                                                      Ambassador to Japan

                                                        Howard Wolpe
                                 Jim Leach                                                                Douglas K. Bereuter
 James T. “Jim” Kolbe                                U.S. Congressman (D-           Vin Weber
                             U.S. Congressman                                                            U.S. Congressman (R-
 U.S. Congressman (R-                                Michigan, 1979-1993)     U.S. Congressman (R-
                            (R-Iowa, 1977-2007)                                                          Nebraska, 1979-2004)
  Arizona, 1985-2007)                                                         Minnesota, 1981-1993)

  Harold E. Ford Jr.                                                              Katherine Harris
U.S. Congressman (D-           Jim C. Slattery           Newt Gingrich          U.S. Congresswoman         Stephen J. Solarz
Tennessee, 1997-2007)        U.S. Congressman         Speaker of the House     (R-Florida, 2003-2007)      U.S. Congressman
                           (D-Kansas, 1983-1995)          (1995-1999)                                   (D-New York, 1975-1993)
Former Politicians and Judges:

                                                                                                David Dreier
      Jane Harman                John M. Spratt Jr.
                                                                                             U.S. Congressman
  U.S. Congresswoman            U.S. Congressman                Norman D. Dicks                                          Howard L. Berman
                                                                                             (R-CA, 1981-2013)
(D-California, 1993-1999,       (D-South Carolina,             U.S. Congressman                                          U.S. Congressman
       2001-2011)                   1983-2011)                 (D-WA, 1977-2013)                                         (D-CA, 1983-2013)

                                                                                              James L. Bacchus           Amory Houghton Jr.
     David R. Obey               John B. Anderson             Thomas J. Campbell              U.S. Congressman           U.S. Congressman
   U.S. Congressman              U.S. Congressman              U.S. Congressman             (D-Florida, 1991-1995)    (R-New York, 1987-2005)
(D-Wisconsin, 1969-2011)       (R-Illinois, 1961-1981)      (R-California; 1989-1993,

                                                                   Fern M. Smith
                                                            Judge, U.S. District Court
    Pauline Newman                                                                         Laurence H. Silberman            Keith P. Ellison
                                 Abraham D. Sofaer          for the Northern District of
Judge of the U.S. Court of                                                                  Judge, U.S. Court of      Judge of the U.S. District
                              Judge, U.S. District Court      California (1988-2005)
 Appeals for the Federal                                                                    Appeals for the D.C.        Court for the Southern
                             for the Southern District of
  Circuit (1984-present)                                                                    Circuit (1985-2000)       District of Texas [Houston]
                               New York (1979-1985)

                                    Dick Clark               Judith A. “Jami” Miscik             Claire Reade              Peter Schwartz
     Ogden R. Reid                 U.S. Senator                President and Vice           Assistant U.S. Trade       Director of Center for a
   U.S. Congressman            (D-Iowa, 1973-1979)           Chairman of Kissinger         Representative for China    New American Security;
(D-New York, 1963-1975)                                     Associates (2009-pres.);        Affairs (2009-present)    Senior Vice President for
                                                             Deputy CIA Director for                                     Global Government
                                                            Intelligence (2002-2005)                                   Relations and Strategic
                                                                                                                      Planning, Salesforce.com
Former Cabinet Members and National Security Officials:

    Nicholas F. Brady          Condoleezza Rice                                      Lawrence H. Summers
                                                            Robert M. Gates                                         Timothy F. Geithner
  Chairman and CEO of        U.S. Secretary of State                                Secretary of the Treasury
                                                          Secretary of Defense                                   Secretary of the Treasury
    Dillon, Read & Co.       (2005-2009); National                                  (1999-2001); President of
                                                        (2006-2011); Director of                                (2009-2013); President of
(1982-1988); Secretary of       Security Advisor                                       Harvard University
                                                           Central Intelligence                                 the Federal Reserve Bank
the Treasury (1988-1993)          (2001-2005)                                             (2001-2006)
                                                          Agency (1991-1993)                                     of New York (2003-2009)

 W. Michael Blumenthal                                                                  William J. Perry             Brent Scowcroft
                              James R. Schlesinger          Harold Brown
Secretary of the Treasury                                                             Secretary of Defense      National Security Advisor
                              Secretary of Defense       Secretary of Defense
      (1977-1979)                                                                         (1994-1997)           (1975-1977, 1989-1993)
                            (1973-1975); Secretary of        (1977-1981)
                               Energy (1977-1979)

    John M. Deutch           Robert C. McFarlane             Sandy Berger
   Director of Central                                                                 Stephen J. Hadley         Adm. Stansfield Turner
                            National Security Advisor   National Security Advisor
  Intelligence Agency                                                               National Security Advisor      Director of Central
                                  (1983-1985)                 (1997-2001)
      (1995-1996)                                                                         (2005-2009)             Intelligence Agency

                               R. James Woolsey                                      Gen. Michael Hayden
  William H. Webster                                        George J. Tenet                                     (Gen.) David H. Petraeus
                               Director of Central                                     Director of Central
   Director of Central                                     Director of Central                                     Director of Central
                              Intelligence Agency                                     Intelligence Agency
  Intelligence Agency                                     Intelligence Agency                                     Intelligence Agency
                                  (1993-1995)                                             (2006-2009)
      (1987-1991)                                             (1997-2004)                                             (2011-2012)
Other Former Cabinet Officials:

 Robert A. Mosbacher          Barbara H. Franklin            Mickey Kantor          William M. Daley        Charles W. Duncan Jr.
Secretary of Commerce       Secretary of Commerce        Secretary of Commerce   Secretary of Commerce     U.S. Secretary of Energy
     (1989-1992)                 (1992-1993)                  (1996-1997)          (1997-2000); White            (1979-1981)
                                                                                  House Chief of Staff

    F. Ray Marshall                                                                Louis W. Sullivan
                                Lynn M. Martin              Elaine L. Chao       Secretary of Health and    Tommy G. Thompson
   Secretary of Labor
                               Secretary of Labor          Secretary of Labor       Human Services         Secretary of Health and
                                 (1991-1993)                 (2001-2009)              (1989-1993)             Human Services

                               Ann M. Veneman             James H. Burnley IV                                 Federico F. Pena
   Daniel R. Glickman        Secretary of Agriculture        Secretary of        William T. Coleman Jr.         Secretary of
 Secretary of Agriculture         (2001-2005)               Transportation             Secretary of            Transportation
      (1995-2001)                                            (1987-1989)              Transportation            (1993-1997)

 Joseph A. Califano Jr.         James G. Roche             Togo D. West Jr.                                   Dick Thornburgh
                                                                                  John F. Lehman Jr.
  Secretary of Health,      Secretary of the Air Force   Secretary of Veterans                              U.S. Attorney General
                                                                                 Secretary of the Navy
 Education, and Welfare           (2001-2005)             Affairs (1998-2000)                                    (1988-1991)
Former Bureaucrats (including Obama Administration):

     Diana Farrell                Mona Sutphen                                                                     Aaron S. Williams
                                                              John E. Bryson            Peter R. Orszag
   Deputy Director of          White House Deputy                                                               Director of Peace Corps
                                                          Secretary of Commerce     Director of the Office of
   National Economic          Chief of Staff for Policy                                                               (2009-2012)
                                                               (2011-2012)         Management and Budget
  Council (2009-2011)              (2009-2011)

                                                                                                                 Christine A. Varney
                                                                                      Juliette N. Kayyem        Assistant U.S. Attorney
                                                                                    Assistant Secretary of       General for Antitrust
    Thomas R. Nides               Kurt Campbell            Arturo Valenzuela
                                                                                    Homeland Security for            (2009-2011)
Deputy Secretary of State     Assistant Secretary of      Assistant Secretary of
  for Management and         State for East Asian and       State for Western
                                                                                    Programs (2009-2011)
 Resources (2011-2013)            Pacific Affairs          Hemisphere Affairs
                                   (2009-2013)                (2009-2011)

                             (Lt. Gen.) Karl Eikenberry                                                             Eliot A. Cohen
                                                             Michael Nacht           Michael Montelongo
                                U.S. Ambassador to                                                               Counselor of the U.S.
    David C. Gompert                                      Assistant Secretary of   Assistant Secretary of the
                              Afghanistan (2009-2011)                                                             State Department
Principal Deputy Director                                  Defense for Global       Air Force for Financial
 of National Intelligence                                   Strategic Affairs          Management and                (2007-2009)
       (2009-2011)                                            (2009-2011)          Comptroller (2001-2005)

                                Henrietta H. Fore                                    Nancy E. Soderberg             Toby Trister Gati
   Donald K. Bandler                                         Michele Flournoy                                    Assistant Secretary of
                             Director of the U.S. Mint                              Deputy Assistant to the
  U.S. Ambassador to                                        Under Secretary of                                  State for Intelligence and
                                   (2001-2005)                                      President for National
  Cyprus (1999-2001);                                       Defense for Policy                                   Research (1993-1997)
                                                                                       Security Affairs
Senior Director for Europe                                     (2009-2012)              (1993-1997)
  at Kissinger McLarty
 Associates (2004-2007)
Former Bureaucrats (George W. Bush Administration):

   Philip D. Zelikow                                     Paul D. Wolfowitz             Dov S. Zakheim            Lewis “Scooter” Libby
 Counselor of the State         Douglas J. Feith       President of The World         Comptroller of the        Chief of Staff to the Vice
Department (2005-2006)         Under Secretary of        Bank (2005-2007);          Department of Defense        President of the U.S.
                               Defense for Policy       Deputy Secretary of             (2001-2005)                   (2001-2005)
                                 (2001-2005)            Defense (2001-2005)

                                                                                      David D. Aufhauser
                                                                                                                   Susan C. Schwab
   Kenneth W. Dam                                       Timothy Dees Adams          General Counsel of the
                               Robert M. Kimmitt                                                                      U.S. Trade
 Deputy Secretary of the                               Under Secretary of the        Treasury Department
                            Deputy Secretary of the                                                                 Representative
 Treasury (2001-2003);                                Treasury for International         (2001-2003)
                             Treasury (2005-2009)                                                                    (2006-2009)
Deputy Secretary of State                                Affairs (2005-2007)

                               Reuben Jeffery III         Paula J. Dobriansky
                                                                                     John E. McLaughlin            Kristin J. Forbes
    Clark Kent Ervin            Chairman of the        Under Secretary of State
                                                      for Democracy and Global     Deputy Director of Central     Member, Council of
Inspector General of the      Commodity Futures
                                                                                     Intelligence Agency          Economic Advisers
Department of Homeland        Trading Commission          Affairs (2001-2009)
                                                                                         (2000-2004)                 (2003-2005)
  Security (2003-2004)            (2005-2007)

  Kathleen B. Cooper         Theodore W. Kassinger        Robert C. Bonner
                                                                                      D. Cameron Findlay        Leo Sidney Mackay Jr.
  Under Secretary of         General Counsel of the     Commissioner, U.S.
                                                                                   Deputy Secretary of Labor     Deputy Secretary of
Commerce for Economic       Department of Commerce      Customs and Border
                                                                                     (2001-2003); General          Veterans Affairs
  Affairs (2001-2005)             (2001-2004)          Protection (2001-2005);
                                                                                   Counsel of Medtronic, Inc.        (2001-2003)
                                                        Administrator of Drug
Former Bureaucrats (George W. Bush Administration):

                               Brian C. Roseboro
                             Under Secretary of the
     Peter R. Fisher                                           Emil W. Henry Jr.             Juan C. Zarate            David H. McCormick
                             Treasury for Domestic
 Under Secretary of the                                    Assistant Secretary of the   Assistant Secretary of the    Under Secretary of the
                              Finance (2004-2005)
 Treasury for Domestic                                       Treasury for Financial       Treasury for Terrorist     Treasury for International
  Finance (2001-2003)                                       Institutions (2005-2009)     Financing and Financial        Affairs (2007-2009)
                                                                                           Crimes (2001-2005)

                                                               Stewart A. Baker
    Kenneth I. Juster          Alberto J. Mora              Assistant Secretary of          Richard Greco Jr.
                                                                                                                      Meghan L. O'Sullivan
   Under Secretary of       General Counsel of the          Homeland Security for       Assistant Secretary of the
                                                                                                                     Deputy National Security
 Commerce for Industry      Department of the Navy           Policy (2005-2009);           Navy for Financial
                                                                                                                       Advisor for Iraq and
and Security (2001-2005)        (2001-2006)                  General Counsel of             Management and
                                                                                                                     Afghanistan (2005-2007)
                                                           National Security Agency     Comptroller (2004-2009)

  John B. Bellinger III                                                                                                 Dina Habib Powell
                                   John Hillen                 Mitchell B. Reiss            Stephen Krasner
Legal Adviser, U.S. State                                                                Director of State Dept.      Assistant Secretary of
                             Assistant Secretary of         Director of State Dept.
Department (2005-2009)                                                                                               State for Educational and
                            State for Political-Military     Policy Planning Staff        Policy Planning Staff
                                                                                              (2005-2007)                 Cultural Affairs
                               Affairs (2005-2007)               (2003-2005)

  Christina B. Rocca                                                                                                    Barry F. Lowenkron
                            Walter H. Kansteiner III           Kim R. Holmes
 Assistant Secretary of                                                                    Kristen Silverberg         Assistant Secretary of
                            Assistant Secretary of          Assistant Secretary of
 State for South Asian                                                                   Assistant Secretary of        State for Democracy,
                            State for African Affairs       State for International
  Affairs (2001-2006)                                                                    State for International     Human Rights, and Labor
                                 (2001-2003)                 Organization Affairs         Organization Affairs             (2005-2009)
                                                                 (2002-2005)                  (2005-2009)
Former Bureaucrats (Clinton Administration):

   Roger C. Altman             John P. White              Jamie S. Gorelick
Deputy Secretary of the                                                              Robert L. Mallett            Charles B. Curtis
                            Deputy Secretary of          Deputy U.S. Attorney       Deputy Secretary of          Deputy Secretary of
 Treasury (1993-1994)       Defense (1995-1997)          General (1994-1997)       Commerce (1997-2001)          Energy (1994-1997)

   Joseph E. Stiglitz       Doris M. Meissner                                       Charlene Barshefsky
Chairman of the Council                                 Thomas F. McLarty III                                     Drew S. Days III
                             Commissioner of                                            U.S. Trade
 of Economic Advisors                                      Counselor to the           Representative           Solicitor General of the
                             Immigration and            President (1994-1995,
      (1995-1997)          Naturalization Service                                      (1997-2000)               U.S. (1993-1996)

                                                                                                                 F. Amanda DeBusk
                                                                                                                Assistant Secretary of
                                                                                                                Commerce for Export
                                                         Susan G. Esserman             Linda J. Bilmes        Enforcement (1998-2001);
  Walter B. Slocombe          Jeffrey R. Shafer                                                                   Partner of Hughes
                                                        Assistant Secretary of      Assistant Secretary of
  Under Secretary of       Under Secretary of the                                                             Hubbard & Reed [law firm]
                                                        Commerce for Import            Commerce for
  Defense for Policy      Treasury for International
                                                           Administration              Administration
     (1994-2001)          Affairs (1995-1997); Vice
                                                            (1994-1997)                 (1999-2001)
                             Chairman of Global
                            Banking at Citigroup

                             Karl F. Inderfurth                                         Lynn E. Davis             Stanley Owen Roth
   Phyllis E. Oakley                                         Peter Tarnoff
                           Assistant Secretary of                                  Under Secretary of State    Asst. Secretary of State
 Assistant Secretary of                                 Under Secretary of State
                           State for South Asian                                    for Arms Control and      for East Asian and Pacific
 State for Population,                                    for Political Affairs
                            Affairs (1997-2001)                                     International Security        Affairs (1997-2001)
Refugees, and Migration                                (1993-1997); President of     Affairs (1993-1997)
     (1994-1997)                                          Council on Foreign
                                                         Relations (1986-1993)
Former Bureaucrats:

                                Richard N. Cooper                                        Richard V. Allen         Murray L. Weidenbaum
    C. Fred Bergsten         Under Secretary of State        Peter J. Wallison       National Security Advisor     Chairman, Council of
 Assistant Secretary of        for Economic Affairs       General Counsel of the           (1981-1982)              Economic Advisors
Treasury for International         (1977-1981)             Treasury Department
   Affairs (1977-1981)                                         (1981-1985)

     Elliott Abrams                                                                       Richard Schifter
                                Chester A. Crocker          Richard H. Solomon                                     Max M. Kampelman
 Assistant Secretary of                                                               Assistant U.S. Secretary
                              Assistant Secretary of       Assistant Secretary of                                 Counselor of the State
 State for International                                                             of State for Human Rights
                              State for African Affairs   State for East Asian and                               Department (1987-1989)
  Organization Affairs                                                               and Humanitarian Affairs
                                   (1981-1989)                 Pacific Affairs
      (1981-1985)                                                                           (1985-1992)

                                                                                                                    Alan Charles Raul
                                                                                                                  General Counsel, U.S.
                                                                                                                 Department of Agriculture
 Kenneth M. Duberstein           Dennis B. Ross              Lawrence J. Korb              Fred C. Ikle                (1989-1993)
  White House Chief of        Director of State Dept.     Assistant Secretary of        Under Secretary of
   Staff (1988-1989)           Policy Planning Staff      Defense for Manpower,         Defense for Policy
                                   (1989-1992)              Reserve Affairs and           (1981-1987)
                                                           Logistics (1981-1985)

                                                                                       Christopher R. Wall
                                                                                      Assistant Secretary of
                                                                                      Commerce for Export
                                                                                         Administration             George R. Salem
     John B. Taylor             Charles H. Dallara          Robert R. Glauber
                                                                                          (2008-2009)                Solicitor of U.S.
 Under Secretary of the      Assistant Secretary of the   Under Secretary of the
                                                                                                                   Department of Labor
Treasury for International   Treasury for International    Treasury for Finance
   Affairs (2001-2005)          Affairs (1989-1991)            (1989-1993)
Former Bureaucrats:

                                                                                                                    Kenneth Prewitt
     John D. Holum                                        Charles O. Rossotti           David Satcher
                                 David Gergen                                                                    Director of the Census
Director of the U.S. Arms                               Commissioner of Internal    Surgeon General of the
                                Counselor to the                                                                  Bureau (1998-2001)
Control and Disarmament                                    Revenue Service            U.S. (1998-2002)
  Agency (1993-1998)          President of the U.S.          (1997-2002)

    Edward S. Knight               Susan Shirk             Morton H. Halperin       James P. “Jamie” Rubin
 General Counsel of the         Deputy Assistant                                                                James D. Bindenagel
                                                         Director of State Dept.     Assistant Secretary of
  Treasury Department         Secretary of State for                                                               Special Envoy for
                                                          Policy Planning Staff      State for Public Affairs
 (1994-1999); Executive       East Asia and Pacific                                                                Holocaust Issues
                                                              (1998-2001)                 (1997-2000)
 Vice Pres. and General        Affairs (1997-2000)                                                                   (1999-2002)
  Counsel of NASDAQ
    OMX Group, Inc.

                                                               Ivan Selin
                                                        Under Secretary of State                                  Elizabeth Rindskopf
   Louis E. Caldera             Arthur Levitt Jr.                                       Frederick P. Hitz               Parker
 Secretary of the Army                                     for Management
                               Chairman of U.S.                                       Inspector General of        General Counsel of
     (1998-2001)                                             (1989-1991)
                            Securities and Exchange                                    Central Intelligence       Central Intelligence
                            Commission (1993-2001)                                    Agency (1990-1998)          Agency (1990-1995)

                                                                                       Stuart E. Eizenstat            David L. Aaron
  Richard F. Schubert            Dan L. Crippen                                      U.S. Representative to      U.S. Representative to
                                                          Ronald F. Lehman II
Under Secretary of Labor    Director of Congressional                                 the European Union          OECD (1993-1997);
                                                         Director of Arms Control
      (1973-1974)                 Budget Office                                       (1993-1996); Deputy       Under Sec. of Commerce
                                                        and Disarmament Agency
                                   (1999-2003)                 (1989-1993)          Secretary of the Treasury    for International Trade
                                                                                          (1999-2001)                  (1997-2000)
Former Ambassadors:

  Donald F. McHenry
 U.S. Representative to         Edward J. Perkins         Thomas R. Pickering        John D. Negroponte             John R. Bolton
   the United Nations       U.S. Ambassador to           U.S. Rep. to the United    U.S. Rep. to the United    U.S. Representative to the
      (1979-1981)           South Africa (1986-1989);     Nations (1989-1992);     Nations (2001-2004); U.S.        United Nations
                            U.S. Rep. to the United       U.S. Ambassador to        Ambassador to Mexico             (2005-2007)
                            Nations (1992-1993)           Russia (1993-1996)             (1989-1993)

                                                                                      Jack F. Matlock Jr.         Robert S. Strauss
   Henry E. Catto Jr.            Philip J. Lader           Arthur A. Hartman                                     U.S. Ambassador to
  U.S. Ambassador to                                                                U.S. Ambassador to the
                              U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to the                                 Soviet Union (1991) and
Great Britain (1989-1991)                                                          Soviet Union (1987-1991)
                            Great Britain (1997-2001)   Soviet Union (1981-1987)                                     Russia (1992)

     Richard R. Burt           Terence A. Todman          Richard N. Gardner         Shirley Temple Black          Jenonne Walker
U.S. Ambassador to West        U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to the
 Germany (1985-1989)          Denmark (1983-1989)         Spain (1993-1997)            Czechoslovakia              Czech Republic
                                                                                          (1989-1992)                 (1995-1998)

  Daniel V. Speckhard                                                              Elizabeth Frawley Bagley
  U.S. Ambassador to                                      Rozanne L. Ridgway          U.S. Ambassador to         James G. Lowenstein
  Greece (2007-2010)             Mark Palmer            U.S. Ambassador to East      Portugal (1994-1997)         U.S. Ambassador to
                              U.S. Ambassador to         Germany (1983-1985)                                   Luxembourg (1977-1981)
                              Hungary (1986-1990)
Former Ambassadors:

     Swanee Hunt          Kathryn Walt Hall      Robin Chandler Duke      Jean Kennedy Smith    Anne Cox Chambers
  U.S. Ambassador to     U.S. Ambassador to      U.S. Ambassador to       U.S. Ambassador to    U.S. Ambassador to
  Austria (1993-1997)    Austria (1997-2001)     Norway (2000-2001)       Ireland (1993-1998)   Belgium (1977-1981)

                                                 Walter J.P. Curley Jr.     Edward E. Elson     Lyndon L. Olson, Jr.
                          Alan John Blinken
    Bruce S. Gelb                                U.S. Ambassador to        U.S. Ambassador to   U.S. Ambassador to
                         U.S. Ambassador to
 U.S. Ambassador to                              France (1989-1993)       Denmark (1994-1998)   Sweden (1998-2001)
                         Belgium (1993-1998)
 Belgium (1991-1993)

    Alfred H. Moses                               Adrian A. Basora        John H.F. Shattuck
  U.S. Ambassador to      Donald M. Blinken      U.S. Ambassador to       U.S. Ambassador to
 Romania (1994-1997);    U.S. Ambassador to                                                     Charles E. Cobb Jr.
                                                   Czech Republic           Czech Republic
 President of American   Hungary (1994-1997)                                                    U.S. Ambassador to
                                                    (1992-1995)              (1998-2000)
   Jewish Committee                                                                             Iceland (1989-1992)

                                                                            Steven K. Pifer
                                                                                                William Green Miller
   John C. Kornblum        Thomas C. Foley                                U.S. Ambassador to
                                                   Thomas J. Miller                             U.S. Ambassador to
  U.S. Ambassador to     U.S. Ambassador to                               Ukraine (1998-2000)
                                                  U.S. Ambassador to                            Ukraine (1993-1998)
 Germany (1997-2001)     Ireland (2006-2009)
                                               Greece (2001-2004); U.S.
                                                 Ambassador to Bosnia
                                                and Herzegovina (1999-
Former Ambassadors:

                                                     Robert H. Pelletreau Jr.                                C. David Welch
  Nicholas A. Veliotes      Frank G. Wisner II                                     Daniel C. Kurtzer
                                                      U.S. Ambassador to                                   U.S. Ambassador to
  U.S. Ambassador to       U.S. Ambassador to                                    U.S. Ambassador to
                                                       Egypt (1991-1993)                                   Egypt (2001-2005)
  Egypt (1983-1986)        Egypt (1986-1991)                                     Egypt (1998-2001)
                                                                                 U.S. Ambassador to
                                                                                  Israel (2001-2005)

   Richard W. Murphy         Walter L. Cutler          Wyche Fowler Jr.           Robert W. Jordan          Edward P. Djerejian
  U.S. Ambassador to       U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to      U.S. Ambassador to Israel
  Saudi Arabia (1981-    Saudi Arabia (1984-1987,   Saudi Arabia (1996-2001)        Saudi Arabia             (1993-1994); U.S.
1983); U.S. Ambassador         1988-1989)                                           (2002-2003)            Ambassador to Syria
  to Syria (1974-1978)

                                                     Reginald Bartholomew          Marc Grossman              Martin S. Indyk
   Frances D. Cook           Edmund J. Hull
                                                      U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to      U.S. Ambassador to Israel
  U.S. Ambassador to       U.S. Ambassador to
                                                     Lebanon (1983-1986)         Turkey (1995-1997)       (1995-1997, 2000-2001)
  Oman (1996-1999)         Yemen (2001-2004)

   Charles F. Dunbar                                 Charles G. Untermeyer         William A. Rugh          Marcelle M. Wahba
  U.S. Ambassador to        Patrick N. Theros         U.S. Ambassador to        U.S. Ambassador to the     U.S. Ambassador to
  Qatar (1983-1985)        U.S. Ambassador to          Qatar (2004-2007)         United Arab Emirates      United Arab Emirates
                            Qatar (1995-1998)                                         (1992-1994)              (2001-2004)
Former Ambassadors:

                              J. Stapleton Roy                                    Robert D. Blackwill         David C. Mulford
     Winston Lord                                       Clark T. Randt Jr.
                            U.S. Ambassador to                                 U.S. Ambassador to India   U.S. Ambassador to India
  U.S. Ambassador to                                   U.S. Ambassador to
                             Communist China                                         (2001-2003)                (2004-2009)
   Communist China                                      Communist China
     (1985-1989)             (1991-1995); U.S.
                          Ambassador to Indonesia

 Michael H. Armacost                                                               William H. Itoh
                           Stephen W. Bosworth           Donald P. Gregg                                       Eric G. John
 U.S. Ambassador to                                                              U.S. Ambassador to
                            U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to                                   U.S. Ambassador to
 Japan (1989-1993);                                                             Thailand (1995-1999)
                          South Korea (1997-2001)    South Korea (1989-1993)                               Thailand (2008-2010)
   President of The
 Brookings Institution

      Nicholas Platt         Harry G. Barnes Jr.                                  Mary Ann Peters            Julia Chang Bloch
U.S. Ambassador to the                                Teresita C. Schaffer       U.S. Ambassador to
                          U.S. Ambassador to India                                                          U.S. Ambassador to
Philippines (1987-1991)                              U.S. Ambassador to Sri    Bangladesh (2000-2003)
                             (1981-1985); U.S.                                                              Nepal (1989-1993)
                                                       Lanka (1992-1995)
                          Ambassador to Romania

                                                        Peter W. Galbraith                                  Nancy Halliday Ely-
    Avis T. Bohlen                                                                                                Raphel
                             James W. Pardew           U.S. Ambassador to          E. Allan Wendt
 U.S. Ambassador to                                                                                        U.S. Ambassador to
                            U.S. Ambassador to         Croatia (1993-1998)      U.S. Ambassador to
 Bulgaria (1996-1999)                                                                                      Slovenia (1998-2001)
                            Bulgaria (2002-2005)                                Slovenia (1993-1995)
Former Ambassadors:

                                                                              Donna J. Hrinak          V. Manuel Rocha
    James R. Jones      Antonio Oscar Garza Jr.     Carlos E. Pascual       U.S. Ambassador to        U.S. Ambassador to
  U.S. Ambassador to     U.S. Ambassador to        U.S. Ambassador to      Venezuela (2000-2002)      Bolivia (2000-2002)
  Mexico (1993-1997)     Mexico (2002-2009)        Mexico (2009-2011)

                                                      Linda E. Watt
                           Deane R. Hinton                                     Viron P. Vaky
  Ambler H. Moss Jr.                               U.S. Ambassador to                                    Dennis C. Jett
                         U.S. Ambassador to                                 U.S. Ambassador to
 U.S. Ambassador to                                Panama (2002-2005)                               U.S. Ambassador to Peru
                         Panama (1990-1994)                                Colombia (1974-1976)
 Panama (1978-1982)                                                                                       (1996-1999)

   William H. Luers                                  Charles T. Manatt     Cresencio S. Arcos Jr.      John J. Danilovich
 U.S. Ambassador to      Alberto M. Piedra Jr.    U.S. Ambassador to the    U.S. Ambassador to      U.S. Ambassador to Brazil
Venezuela (1978-1982)    U.S. Ambassador to        Dominican Republic      Honduras (1990-1993)           (2004-2005)
                        Guatemala (1984-1987)           (1999-2001)

                           Gordon D. Giffin
   Edward N. Ney         U.S. Ambassador to                                    Sally G. Cowal        Anthony C.E. Quainton
 U.S. Ambassador to      Canada (1997-2001)                                 U.S. Ambassador to      U.S. Ambassador to Peru
 Canada (1989-1992)                                 Sue McCourt Cobb        Trinidad and Tobago        (1989-1992); U.S.
                                                    U.S. Ambassador to           (1991-1994)         Ambassador to Kuwait
                                                   Jamaica (2001-2005)                                    (1984-1987)
Former Ambassadors:

                              James A. Joseph                                                                    Tom McDonald
                                                         Cameron R. Hume             Jendayi E. Frazer
  Princeton N. Lyman         U.S. Ambassador to                                                                U.S. Ambassador to
                                                         U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to
  U.S. Ambassador to       South Africa (1996-1999)                                                           Zimbabwe (1997-2000)
                                                      South Africa (2001-2004);   South Africa (2004-2005)
South Africa (1992-1995)
                                                         U.S. Ambassador to
                                                       Indonesia (2007-2010)

                                                                                                                   John L. Hirsch
                                                                                                                U.S. Ambassador to
                                                                                                             Sierra Leone (1995-1998)
                                                                                     Gordon L. Streeb
 Horace G. Dawson Jr.         Jeffrey A. Bader          Sharon P. Wilkinson         U.S. Ambassador to
  U.S. Ambassador to        U.S. Ambassador to          U.S. Ambassador to          Zambia (1990-1993)
 Botswana (1979-1982)       Namibia (1999-2001)       Mozambique (2000-2003)

                                                                                    Walter C. Carrington         Howard F. Jeter
  George E. Moose            Dane F. Smith, Jr.               Dennis Kux
                                                      U.S. Ambassador to Cote       U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to
 U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to                                                                 Nigeria (2001-2003)
                                                        d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)      Nigeria (1993-1997)
 Senegal (1988-1991)        Senegal (1996-1999)

                                                                                      Charles R. Stith          Aurelia E. Brazeal
Joseph Verner Reed Jr.     Marc Charles Ginsberg          Ulric Haynes Jr.          U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to
  U.S. Ambassador to        U.S. Ambassador to          U.S. Ambassador to         Tanzania (1998-2001)        Ethiopia (2002-2005)
 Morocco (1981-1985)       Morocco (1993-1997)          Algeria (1977-1981)
Former Ambassadors and Envoys:

   L. Paul Bremer III         Zalmay Khalilzad       James Franklin Jeffrey                                  Tatiana C. Gfoeller
 U.S. Pro-Consul, Iraq    U.S. Ambassador to Iraq                                 John M. Ordway            U.S. Ambassador to
                                                      U.S. Ambassador to
   (2003-2004); U.S.         (2005-2007); U.S.                                   U.S. Ambassador to       Kyrgyzstan (2008-2011);
                                                    Turkey (2008-2010); U.S.
  Ambassador to the            Ambassador to                                    Armenia (2001-2004);       U.S. Consul General in
                                                      Ambassador to Iraq
Netherlands (1983-1986)   Afghanistan (2003-2005)                                U.S. Ambassador to        Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
                                                                               Kazakhstan (2004-2008)           (2004-2008)

                                                      Kenneth S. Yalowitz
                            Robin Lynn Raphel         U.S. Ambassador to           Ryan C. Crocker
Marion V. Creekmore Jr.                                                          U.S. Ambassador to            Clifford M. Sobel
                            U.S. Ambassador to        Georgia (1998-2001)
U.S. Ambassador to Sri                                                         Afghanistan (2011-2012);    U.S. Ambassador to the
                            Tunisia (1997-2000)
  Lanka (1989-1992)                                                            U.S. Ambassador to Iraq    Netherlands (2001-2005);
                                                                                     (2007-2009)          U.S. Ambassador to Brazil

                                                                                                             Jeanne L. Phillips
   David M. Abshire         Robert E. Hunter           R. Nicholas Burns          James F. Dobbins         U.S. Representative to
 U.S. Representative to   U.S. Representative to      U.S. Ambassador to        U.S. Representative to      OECD (2001-2003)
  NATO (1983-1987)         NATO (1993-1997)           Greece (1997-2001);           the European
                                                     U.S. Representative to    Communities (1991-1993)
                                                       NATO (2001-2005)

                                                                                  Harriet C. Babbitt
 Rockwell A. Schnabel                                                           U.S. Representative to
                            William H. Taft IV        Richard Thomas Fox
 U.S. Representative to                                                          the Organization of
                          U.S. Representative to           McCormack                                           Luigi R. Einaudi
  the European Union                                                               American States
                           NATO (1989-1992);         U.S. Representative to                               U.S. Representative to the
   (2001-2005); U.S.                                                                 (1993-1997)
                           Deputy Secretary of         the Organization of                                Organization of American
 Ambassador to Finland                                   American States                                            States
                          Defense (1984-1989)
      (1986-1989)                                          (1985-1989)                                          (1989-1993)
Retired Military Officers (Army):

                             Gen. John Shalikashvili   Gen. George A. Joulwan     Gen. Wesley K. Clark      Gen. Bantz J. Craddock
Gen. John W. Vessey Jr.       Chairman of the Joint        Supreme Allied            Supreme Allied            Supreme Allied
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of        Chiefs of Staff        Commander of Europe       Commander of Europe       Commander of Europe
   Staff (1982-1985)              (1993-1997)            [NATO] (1993-1997)        [NATO] (1997-2000)        [NATO] (2007-2009)

 Gen. Edward C. Meyer                                  Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan                                Gen. John P. Abizaid
  Army Chief of Staff                                    Army Chief of Staff      Gen. Dennis J. Reimer     Commander, U.S. Central
                              Gen. Carl E. Vuono
      (1979-1983)                                           (1991-1995)            Army Chief of Staff       Command (2003-2007)
                              Army Chief of Staff
                                 (1987-1991)                                           (1995-1999)

 Gen. Montgomery C.                                                               Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey      Gen. James T. Hill
                             Gen. Burwell B. Bell       Gen. John M. Keane
       Meigs                                                                        Commander, U.S.            Commander, U.S.
                            Commander, U.S. Army       Army Vice Chief of Staff
Commander, U.S. Army                                                               Southern Command           Southern Command
                             Europe (2002-2005)             (1999-2003)
 Europe (1998-2002)                                                                    (1994-1996)               (2002-2004)

Gen. Stanley McChrystal                                                                   Lt. Gen.           Gen. William E. Ward
Commander, U.S. Forces      Lt. Gen. David W. Barno      Lt. Gen. Daniel W.        William J. Lennox Jr.    Commander, U.S. Africa
Afghanistan (2009-2010)     Commander of Combined             Christman           Superintendent of U.S.    Command (2007-2011)
                                Forces Command-         Superintendent, U.S.        Military Academy
                            Afghanistan (2003-2005)      Military Academy               (2001-2006)
Retired Military Officers (Navy and Coast Guard):

                                                        Adm. Joseph W. Prueher
Adm. Thomas B. Hayward                                                               Adm. Harry D. Train II    Adm. Charles “Steve”
                              Adm. Jay L. Johnson       U.S. Amb. to Communist
     Chief of Naval                                                                  Commander-in-Chief,                Abbot
                            Chief of Naval Operations     China (1999-2001);
 Operations (1978-1982)                                                               U.S. Atlantic Fleet     Commander of U.S. Sixth
                                   (1996-2000)           Commander, U.S. Sixth
                                                                                        (1978-1982)              Fleet (1996-1998)
                                                           Fleet (1993-1995)

                                                                                                                     Vice Adm.
                                                                                   Adm. William A. Owens
    Adm. Edmund P.          Adm. Timothy J. Keating      Adm. Patrick M. Walsh                                   Jeffrey L. Fowler
                                                                                     Vice Chairman of the
    Giambastiani Jr.          Commander, North            Commander of U.S.                                    Superintendent of U.S.
                                                                                      Joint Chiefs of Staff
  Vice Chairman of the       American Aerospace              Pacific Fleet                                        Naval Academy
   Joint Chiefs of Staff      Defense Command                (2009-2012)                                           (2007-2010)
                                                                                    Commander, U.S. Sixth
       (2005-2007)               (2004-2007)                                           Fleet (1990-1992)

                                                        Vice Adm. Ronald Route                                (Adm.) Bobby Ray Inman
                            Adm. Charles R. Larson      Inspector General of the   Vice Adm. Ann Rondeau
Vice Adm. James Houck       Commander, U.S. Pacific                                  President of National    Deputy Director of Central
Judge Advocate General                                     Navy (2004-2010)                                      Intelligence Agency
                             Command (1991-1994)                                      Defense University
   (JAG) of the Navy                                                                     (2009-2012)                 (1981-1982)

                             Adm. Robert E. Kramek        Adm. Thad W. Allen
Admiral Gary Roughead       Commandant of the Coast     Commandant of the U.S.
Chief of Naval Operations      Guard (1994-1998)        Coast Guard (2006-2010)
Retired Military Officers (Air Force):

     Gen. Thomas S.           Gen. Larry D. Welch        Gen. Richard B. Myers       Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart
                                                                                                                  Gen. Victor Renuart Jr.
      Moorman Jr.            Air Force Chief of Staff    Chairman of the Joint         Commander, North
                                                                                                                    Commander, North
 Air Force Vice Chief of          (1986-1990)               Chiefs of Staff           American Aerospace
                                                                                                                   American Aerospace
    Staff (1994-1997)                                         (2001-2005)              Defense Command
                                                                                                                    Defense Command
                                                                                     [NORAD] (2000-2004)

 Gen. Merrill A. McPeak     Gen. Ronald R. Fogleman       Gen. John P. Jumper       Gen. T. Michael Moseley
 Air Force Chief of Staff                                                                                        Gen. Norton A. Schwartz
                             Air Force Chief of Staff    Air Force Chief of Staff    Air Force Chief of Staff     Air Force Chief of Staff
      (1990-1994)                 (1994-1997)                 (2001-2005)                 (2005-2008)                  (2008-2012)

                            Gen. James P. McCarthy
                            Deputy Commander, U.S.       Gen. Charles G. Boyd,         Lt. Gen. Bradley C.
                                                                 USAF                                            Maj. Gen. Perry M. Smith,
Gen. Raymond Johns Jr.        European Command                                               Hosmer
                                                        Deputy Commander, U.S.                                            USAF
Commander, Air Mobility           (1989-1992)                                       Superintendent of U.S. Air
                                                          European Command                                       Commandant of National
Command (2009-2013)                                                                      Force Academy
                                                              (1992-1995)                                        War College (1983-1986)

        Maj. Gen.            Gen. James E. Dalton                                   Lt. Gen. Frank G. Klotz
  Stephen T. Sargeant                                   Lt. Gen. Michael A. Hamel                                 Lt. Gen. John R. Baker
                            Chief of Staff of Supreme                               Commander of Air Force
  Deputy Chief of Staff,                                  Commander, Air Force                                     Vice Commander, Air
                              Headquarters, Allied                                  Global Strike Command
United Nations Command                                       Space Command                                          Mobility Command
                            Powers, Europe [SHAPE]                                       (2009-2011)
 and U.S. Forces Korea                                         (2002-2005)                                             (2002-2005)
Military Officers:

                            Lt. Gen. Robert E. Pursley                                Maj. Gen. John L. Barry,
  Maj. Gen. Donald E.                                     Maj. Gen. Frederick F.
                            Commander, U.S. Forces                                             USAF                  Gen. John A. Gordon
   Loranger Jr., USAF                                            Roggero
                             Japan and Commander,                                      Director of Plans and       Deputy Director of Central
Vice Commander, 8th Air                                  Air Force Chief of Safety,
                                  Fifth Air Force                                      Programs, Air Force            Intelligence Agency
   Force (1994-1996)                                      Headquarters U.S. Air
                                   (1972-1974)                                          Materiel Command                  (1997-2000)
                                                             Force (2008-2010)

                             Lt. Gen. Ervin J. Rokke                                   Lt. Gen. Christopher D.
Lt. Gen. John S. Pustay,                                                                                             Lt. Gen. Charles W.
                               President, National       Lt. Gen. Michael M. Dunn                Miller
         USAF                                                                                                             Carson Jr.
                               Defense University            President, National      Air Force Deputy Chief of
   President, National                                                                                             Commander, Twelfth Air
                                  (1994-1997)                Defense University        Staff for Strategic Plans
   Defense University                                                                                               Force and Tactical Air
                                                                (2003-2006)                 and Programs
      (1981-1983)                                                                                                  Command (1974-1975)

(Gen.) Robert Foglesong        Gen. Paul J. Kern          Gen. Jack Neil Merritt      Maj. Gen. William L. Nash
  Commander, U.S. Air        Commander, U.S. Army         United States Military                                   Lt. Gen. Guy C. Swan III
                                                                                       Commanding General,
Forces in Europe (2003-        Materiel Command           Representative to the                                     Commanding General,
                                                                                       U.S. Army 1st Armored
2006); Pres., Mississippi        (2001-2004)             NATO Military Committee                                    U.S. States Army North
                                                                                        Division (1995-1997)
 State Univ. (2006-2008)                                      (1985-1987)                                          (Fifth Army) (2009-2011)

 Lt. Gen. Robert G. Gard,
      Jr. (Army), Ph.D.     Lt. Gen. Frederic J. Brown    Maj. Gen. Salvatore F.       Maj. Gen. W. Montague         Lt. Gen. Edward G.
   President of National     Commanding General of           Cambria (retired)                 Winfield               Anderson III, Army
     Defense University        the Fourth U.S. Army      Director of Operations at     Commander, U.S. Army        Deputy Commander, U.S.
(1977-1981); Chairman of           (1986-1989);           U.S. Africa Command            Cadet Command               Northern Command
    the Center for Arms     Commandant, U.S. Army             (c.2011-2012)                  (2004-2008)                   (2004)
      Control and Non-      Armor School, Fort Knox,
         Proliferation        Kentucky (1983-1986)
Retired Military Officers (Marines and Army):

  Lt. Gen. Wallace C.          Gen. Joseph P. Hoar,    Gen. James L. Jones Jr.
  Gregson Jr., USMC                                        Supreme Allied          Gen. Charles C. Krulak     Lt. Gen. Earl B. Hailston
Commander, U.S. Marine                                 Commander of Europe        Commandant of the U.S.      Commander, U.S. Marine
                             Commander, U.S. Central
     Forces Pacific                                     (2003-2007); National          Marine Corps             Corps Forces Central
                              Command (1991-1994)
      (2003-2005)                                      Security Advisor (2009-          (1995-1999)            Command (2001-2003)

 Brig. Gen. Stephen A.
                              Maj. Gen. Christopher    Maj. Gen. David M. Mize
        Cheney                                                                     Lt. Gen. Jack W. Klimp       Gen. Paul X. Kelley
                                     Cortez             Commanding General,
 Commanding General,                                                              Commander, Task Force       Commandant of the U.S.
                             Commanding General,       Marine Corps Base Camp
 Marine Corps Recruit                                                               Mogadishu [Somalia]           Marine Corps
                             Marine Corps Recruiting     Lejeune (2001-2003)
  Depot, Parris Island                                                                     (1993)                  (1983-1987)
      (1999-2001)            Command (2002-2004)

Lt. Gen. Bernard Trainor
  Marine Corps Deputy         Maj. Gen. Thomas L.                                 Lt. Gen. Douglas E. Lute,
                                   Wilkerson                                                                    Lt. Gen. Edward L.
 Chief of Staff for Plans,                             Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt,         Army (retired)
                              Commander of Marine                                                              Rowny, Army (retired)
Policies, and Operations                                     Army (retired)
       (1983-1985)              Forces Reserve
Governors, Mayors, and State Government Officials:

                                                                                        Bruce Babbitt
     Bill Richardson         Christine Todd Whitman                                                              Richard F. Celeste
                                                            Thomas Kean            Secretary of the Interior
 Governor of New Mexico      Governor of New Jersey                                                              Governor of Ohio
                                                           Chairman of 9/11       (1993-2001); Governor of
(2003-2011); U.S. Rep. to      (1994-2001); EPA                                                                  (1983-1991); U.S.
                                                        Commission; Governor of     Arizona (1978-1987)
   the United Nations       Administrator (2001-2003)                                                           Ambassador to India
                                                        New Jersey (1982-1990)
      (1997-1999)                                                                                                   (1997-2001)

    Kurt L. Schmoke            David N. Dinkins            William H. White                                       Maurice A. Ferre
   Mayor of Baltimore                                                                 Andrew Young
                             Mayor of New York City        Mayor of Houston           Mayor of Atlanta            Mayor of Miami
      (1987-1999)                (1990-1993)                 (2004-2010)                                           (1973-1985)

                              James S. Gilmore III
   Gerald L. Baliles          Governor of Virginia                                    William F. Weld             Haley Barbour
  Governor of Virginia                                   Michael Bloomberg                                     Governor of Mississippi
                                 (1998-2002)                                           Governor of
     (1986-1990)                                        Mayor of New York City                                     (2004-2012)

                                                           Daniel S. Sullivan
  J. Kenneth Blackwell                                    Attorney General of        Kathleen Kennedy
                               Thurbert E. Baker                                         Townsend              Carlos Romero-Barcelo
 Ohio Secretary of State                                  Alaska (2009-2010)
                              Attorney General of                                  Lieutenant Governor of      Governor of Puerto Rico
                              Georgia (1997-2011)                                  Maryland (1995-2003)             (1977-1985)
College Presidents:

                                 Richard C. Levin           Christina H. Paxson                                        John J. DeGioia
    Lee C. Bollinger                                        President of Brown             David J. Skorton        President of Georgetown
                                 President of Yale
 President of Columbia                                    University (2012-present)      President of Cornell      University (2001-present)
University (2002-present)                                                              University (2006-present)

     David L. Boren              Donna E. Shalala             Leo Rafael Reif            John Edward Sexton         Christopher B. Howard
President of University of   President, Univ. of Miami         President of             President of New York       President of Hampden-
    Oklahoma (1994-          [Florida] (2001-present);    Massachusetts Institute of   University (2002-present)   Sydney College [Virginia]
present); U.S. Senator (D-   Sec., Health and Human       Technology (2012-pres.)                                       (2009-present)
 Oklahoma, 1979-1994)          Services (1993-2001)

                                                             David W. Leebron                                            Renu Khator
                                Michael K. Young              President of Rice                                    President of University of
     Steven Knapp
                             President of University of   University (2004-present)    Jane Dammen McAuliffe       Houston (2008-present)
  President of George
                               Washington [Seattle]                                     President of Bryn Mawr
 Washington University
                                  (2011-present)                                        College (2008-present)

    Michael M. Crow                                                                       Eduardo J. Padron           David J. Steinberg
                                                             Mark B. Rosenberg         President of Miami Dade     President of Long Island
President of Arizona State       Jeffrey I. Herbst           President of Florida
University (2002-present)      President of Colgate                                     College (1995-present)     University (1985-present)
                                                           International University
                             University (2010-present)         (2009-present)
Former College Presidents:

   Neil L. Rudenstine                                   Benno C. Schmidt Jr.
                               Vartan Gregorian           President of Yale            George E. Rupp
  President of Harvard                                                              President of Columbia          Michael I. Sovern
                              President of Brown        University (1986-1992)
 University (1991-2001)                                                             University (1993-2002)       President of Columbia
                             University (1989-1997)
                                                                                                                 University (1980-1993)

                                                                                     Hanna Holborn Gray
                               Ruth J. Simmons                                                                    Nannerl O. Keohane
    Susan Hockfield                                         Jill K. Conway         President of University of
                              President of Brown                                                                   President of Duke
      President of                                        President of Smith         Chicago (1978-1993)
                             University (2001-2012)                                                              University (1993-2004)
Massachusetts Institute of                               College (1975-1985)
Technology (2004-2012)

                                                                                                                   Kenneth H. Keller
    Gerhard Casper               Steven Muller             Henry S. Bienen            Edward T. Foote II
                               President of Johns                                                               President of University of
 President of Stanford                                 President of Northwestern   President of University of    Minnesota (1985-1988)
 University (1992-2000)        Hopkins University       University (1995-2009)          Miami [Florida]
                                  (1972-1990)                                            (1981-2001)

      L. Jay Oliva
 President of New York                                 Stephen J. Trachtenberg      M. Peter McPherson           Theodore M. Hesburgh
                                John Brademas
 University (1991-2002)                                  President of George        President of Michigan       President of University of
                             President of New York
                                                        Washington University          State University         Notre Dame (1952-1987)
                             University (1981-1991);
                                                            (1988-2007)                 (1993-2004)
                             U.S. Congressman (D-
                              Indiana, 1959-1981)
College Presidents:

     Ellen V. Futter
  President of Barnard                                         Debora L. Spar
  College (1981-1993)                                       President of Barnard         Mary Brown Bullock           Johnnetta B. Cole
                                Judith R. Shapiro                                      President of Agnes Scott      President of Spelman
                                                           College (2008-present)
                               President of Barnard                                      College (1996-2006)         College (1987-1997)
                               College (1994-2008)

                               Stephen R. Lewis Jr.
    David A. Caputo            President of Carleton                                                                   Walter E. Massey
                               College (1987-2002)           Jehuda Reinharz               James T. Laney
   President of Pace                                       President of Brandeis         President of Emory         President of Morehouse
 University (2000-2007)                                    University (1994-2010)       University (1977-1993);      College (1995-2007)
                                                                                         U.S. Ambassador to
                                                                                       South Korea (1993-1997)

                                                              Jennifer J. Raab
                                                            President of Hunter                                       Robert H. Edwards
  Dale Rogers Marshall          Nancy L. Zimpher          College [New York CIty]         Olin C. Robison            President of Bowdoin
  President of Wheaton       President of University of        (2001-present)          President of Middlebury       College (1990-2001)
  College (1992-2004)         Cincinnati (2003-2009)                                    College (1975-1990)

  Stephen J. Friedman          Richard W. Lariviere                                       Steven B. Sample
                             President of University of      Erskine B. Bowles                                        Douglas J. Bennet
    President of Pace                                                                  President of University of   President of Wesleyan
University (2007-present);     Oregon (2009-2011)         President of University of      Southern California
                                                               North Carolina                                       University [Connecticut]
 Partner of Debevoise &                                                                      (1991-2010)                 (1995-2007)
Plimpton [law firm in New                                       (2005-2010)
 York City] (1970-1977,
 1981-1986, 1993-2004)
College Deans:

                                 Carol J. Lancaster
   John H. Coatsworth           Dean of Edmund A.               R. Glenn Hubbard              Jessica P. Einhorn
    Dean of School of         Walsh School of Foreign           Dean of Columbia          Dean, Paul Nitze School            Vali R. Nasr
 International and Public      Service at Georgetown            Business School           of Advanced Int’l Studies   Dean, Paul Nitze School
    Affairs at Columbia       University (2009-present)          (2004-present)            at Johns Hopkins Univ.     of Advanced Int’l Studies
University (2007-present)                                                                        (2002-2012)           at Johns Hopkins Univ.

                                                                Albert Carnesale              Joseph S. Nye Jr.
  Anthony T. Kronman                                                                                                      Henry Rosovsky
                                 Graham T. Allison Jr.      Dean of Kennedy School        Dean of Kennedy School
Dean of Yale Law School                                                                                               Dean, Faculty of Arts and
                              Dean of Kennedy School        of Government at Harvard      of Government at Harvard
      (1994-2004)                                                                                                     Sciences at Harvard Univ.
                              of Government at Harvard        University (1991-1995)        University (1995-2004)          (1973-1984)
                                University (1977-1989)

    Alfred C. Stepan                Lisa Anderson
                                  Dean of School of          Anne-Marie Slaughter           Robert L. Gallucci            Jeswald Salacuse
   Dean of School of                                        Dean of Woodrow Wilson                                    Dean of Fletcher School
                               International and Public                                    Dean of Edmund A.
International and Public                                    School of Public and Int’l                                of Law and Diplomacy at
                                  Affairs at Columbia                                     Walsh School of Foreign
   Affairs at Columbia                                      Affairs at Princeton Univ.    Service at Georgetown       Tufts Univ. (1986-1994)
 University (1983-1991)         University (1997-2007)
                                                                   (2002-2009)            University (1996-2009)

                                                                                              John A. Quelch
     Maurice A. East                Harry Harding                                                                      Laura D’Andrea Tyson
                                                                Michael E. Brown          Dean of London Business
Dean of The Elliott School    Dean of The Elliott School                                                              Dean of London Business
                                                            Dean of The Elliott School      School of Economics
of International Affairs at   of International Affairs at                                                               School of Economics
                                                            of International Affairs at         (1998-2001)
   George Washington             George Washington                                                                          (2002-2006)
                                                               George Washington
 University (1985-1994)        University (1995-2005)       University (2005-present)
College Deans:

    Paul G. Mahoney           Meredith Jung-En Woo          James B. Steinberg           Eric Paul Schwartz          Robert L. Hutchings
  Dean, University of            Dean of Arts and         Dean of Maxwell School       Dean of the Hubert H.       Dean, Lyndon B. Johnson
 Virginia School of Law      Sciences at University of   of Citizenship and Public      Humphrey School of         School of Public Affairs at
     (2008-present)           Virginia (2008-present)    Affairs at Syracuse Univ.      Public Affairs at the       University of Texas at
                                                          (2011-present); Deputy       University of Minnesota      Austin (2010-present)
                                                         Sec. of State (2009-2011)         (2011-present)

  David E. Van Zandt                                                                                                    J. Brian Atwood
 Dean of Northwestern            Loren Ghiglione            Mitchel B. Wallerstein       Laurence E. Lynn Jr.
                                                                                        Dean, School of Social       Dean of the Hubert H.
University School of Law     Dean of Medill School of    Dean of Maxwell School
                                                                                       Service Administration at      Humphrey Institute of
    (1995-present)                Journalism at          of Citizenship and Public
                                                                                        University of Chicago      Public Affairs at University
                             Northwestern University     Affairs at Syracuse
                                                                                             (1983-1988)           of Minnesota (2002-2010)
                                  (2002-2006)            University (2003-2011)

   Bruce R. Kuniholm
Professor of Public Policy    Michael Mastanduno                                         William Curt Hunter
   and History at Duke        Dean of the Faculty of                                   Dean of Henry B. Tippie          Noreen M. Clark
                                                            Orville H. Schell III
   University; Dean of        Arts and Sciences at                                      College of Business at       Dean of the School of
                                                          Dean of the Graduate
Sanford School of Public       Dartmouth College                                          University of Iowa       Public Health at University
                                                         School of Journalism at
Policy at Duke University        (2010-present)                                             (2006-present)          of Michigan (1995-2005)
                                                         University of California at
     (2009-present)                                       Berkeley (1996-2007)

  Richard L. Revesz
                                  Peter B. Henry            Thomas F. Cooley               Jo Ivey Boufford
   Dean of New York                                                                                                   Jeffrey E. Garten
                                Dean of New York          Dean of the New York             Dean of Robert F.
University School of Law                                                                                            Dean of Yale School of
                              University Leonard N.      University Stern School of    Wagner Graduate School
    (2002-present)                                                                                                 Management (1995-2005)
                             Stern School of Business     Business (2002-2010)         of Public Service at New
                                  (2010-present)                                       York Univ. (1997-2002)
College Professors:

                                                            Stephen M. Walt                                         David W. Kennedy
     Kenneth Rogoff          Henry Louis Gates Jr.                                                                  Manley O. Hudson
                                                        Robert and Renee Belfer         William P. Alford
Professor of Economics at   W.E.B. Du Bois Professor                                                               Professor of Law at
                                                        Professor of International      Henry L. Stimson
    Harvard University        of the Humanities at                                                                 Harvard Law School
                                                            Affairs at Harvard         Professor of Law at
                               Harvard University               University             Harvard Law School            (1986-present)

                                                                                                                   John Lewis Gaddis
      Paul Gewirtz                                        W. Michael Reisman                 Kate Stith              Robert A. Lovett
                               Oona A. Hathaway                                        Lafayette S. Foster
Potter Stewart Professor     Gerard C. and Bernice        Myres S. McDougal                                       Professor of History at
of Constitutional Law at                                Professor of International   Professor of Law at Yale        Yale University
                            Latrobe Smith Professor                                         Law School
    Yale Law School          of International Law at    Law at Yale Law School
                                Yale Law School

  John J. Mearsheimer                                                                      Fouad Ajami              Francis Fukuyama
                                Rashid I. Khalidi           Gerald L. Curtis         Professor of Middle East      Bernard L. Schwartz
  R. Wendell Harrison
                            Professor of Middle East      Burgess Professor of       Studies at Johns Hopkins    Professor of International
  Distinguished Service
                             History at University of      Political Science at             University             Political Economy at
  Professor of Political
                             Chicago (1987-2003)          Columbia University                                    Johns Hopkins University
 Science at University of

    Richard D. Portes          G. John Ikenberry
                                                         Thomas J. Christensen        Marina v. N. Whitman             Robert Pastor
Professor of Economics at       Albert G. Milbank
                                                            William P. Boswell        Professor of Business      Professor of International
 London Business School     Professor of Politics and
                                                            Professor of World       Administration and Public     Relations at American
                             International Affairs at
                                                        Politics of Peace and War     Policy at University of     University; Advocate of
                              Princeton University
                                                         at Princeton University            Michigan              “North American Union”
College Professors:

  Joseph Lyon Bower             Rosabeth Moss Kanter            W. Carl Kester                 Louis T. Wells Jr.            David B. Yoffie
   Baker Foundation               Ernest L. Arbuckle        George Fisher Baker Jr.           Herbert F. Johnson          Max and Doris Starr
 Professor of Business          Professor of Business        Professor of Business         Professor of International   Professor of International
Administration at Harvard          Administration at        Administration at Harvard      Management at Harvard        Business Administration
   Business School             Harvard Business School         Business School                 Business School            at Harvard Business

  Andrew J. Bacevich                                           Barry J. Eichengreen           John A. Zysman
Professor of International                                    George C. Pardee and                                           Arthur Waldron
                                    David Fromkin                                           Professor of Political
Relations and History at                                         Helen N. Pardee                                           Lauder Professor of
                               Professor of International                                  Science at University of
    Boston University                                         Professor of Economics                                    International Relations at
                                Relations, History, and                                     California at Berkeley
                                                              and Political Science at                                  University of Pennsylvania
                               Law at Boston University
                                                            the University of California
                                                                    at Berkeley

   A.E. Dick Howard              John Norton Moore             William B. Quandt                                            Ronald Tiersky
   White Burkett Miller        Walter L. Brown Professor                                      William Taubman             Joseph B. Eastman
                                                              Edward R. Stettinius
  Professor of Law and          of Law at University of                                    Bertrand Snell Professor       Professor of Political
                                                            Professor of Government
Public Affairs at University             Virginia                                           of Political Science at       Science at Amherst
                                                             and Foreign Affairs at
        of Virginia                                                                            Amherst College                  College
                                                              University of Virginia

                                                                 Merit E. Janow
   Lori Fisler Damrosch                                     Professor of International                                       Glenn C. Loury
                                    Albert Fishlow                                              Peter B. Kenen
Henry L. Moses Professor                                       Economic Law and                                         Merton P. Stoltz Professor
                               Professor of International                                    Walker Professor of
 of Law and International                                    International Affairs at                                    of the Social Sciences
                                 and Public Affairs at                                         Economics and
Organization at Columbia                                      Columbia University                                           and Professor of
                                 Columbia University                                       International Finance at
        Law School                                                                                                        Economics at Brown
                                                                                             Princeton University
                                                                                                 (1971-2004)            University (2005-present)
College Professors:

                                                                                                                     Allan C. Stam
   Aaron L. Friedberg                                      Andrew Moravcsik            Kwame A. Appiah          Daniel Webster Professor
                                 Helen V. Milner
Professor of Politics and                               Professor of Politics and   Laurance S. Rockefeller        of Government at
                            Professor of Politics and
 International Affairs at                                International Affairs at    University Professor of      Dartmouth College
                             International Affairs at
  Princeton University                                    Princeton University      Philosophy at Princeton
                              Princeton University
                                                             (2004-present)                University

      David O. Beim           Mark Weston Janis          Francine R. Frankel
                              Professor of Law at                                                                 Benjamin M. Friedman
 Executive Vice President                                Professor of Political           Ian S. Lustick
                            University of Connecticut                                                             Professor of Economics
   of Bankers Trust Co.                                 Science at University of      Professor of Political
                                 School of Law                                                                   (1980-1989) and William
(1978-1987); Professor of                                    Pennsylvania            Science at University of   Joseph Maier Professor of
 Professional Practice at                                   (1979-present)                Pennsylvania           Political Economy (1989-
    Columbia Business                                                                    (1991-present)             present) at Harvard
  School (1991-present)                                                                                                   University

                                Nouriel Roubini            Francis J. Gavin                                       Peter J. Katzenstein
   Louise I. Shelley                                    Tom Slick Professor of
                            Professor of Economics                                   Henry J. Richardson III     Walter S. Carpenter, Jr.
 University Professor at                                International Affairs at
                               and International                                      Professor of Law at       Professor of International
George Mason University                                 University of Texas at
                             Business at New York                                   Temple University School       Studies at Cornell
                                  University                    Austin                                          University (1988-present)
                                                                                     of Law (1983-present)

                                                                                                                      Linda P. Brady
       Fritz Stern                                                                                              Chancellor, Univ. of North
                                                         George W. Breslauer          William H. Danforth         Carolina at Greensboro
  Provost of Columbia                                                               Chancellor of Washington
                               Jonathan R. Cole         Provost of University of                                (2008-present); Provost of
 University (1980-1983)                                                              University in St. Louis
                              Provost of Columbia        California at Berkeley                                    University of Oregon
                             University (1989-2003)         (2006-present)                (1971-1995)                  (2006-2008)
College Administrators and Professors:

                                                                                                                        Robert H. Donaldson
                                                                                                                      President of University of
                                 Pamela B. Gann                                                                          Tulsa [Oklahoma]
                              President of Claremont                                       Eugene P. Trani                  (1990-1996)
      Luis Proenza           McKenna College (1999-        Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson       President of Virginia
President of University of     present); Dean, Law             President of the        Commonwealth University
  Akron (1999-present)       School at Duke University     Rensselaer Polytechnic           (1990-2009)
                                   (1988-1999)             Institute (1999-present)

                                                                                        (Brig. Gen.) James R.            Michael F. Adams
                              William M. LeoGrande
      Ellen Mickiewicz                                    Henry H. Perritt Jr.                  Golden                President of University of
                              Dean of the School of
Professor of Public Policy                                Dean of Chicago-Kent             Vice President for          Georgia (1997-present)
                             Public Affairs at American
Studies and Professor of                                  College of Law at Illinois   Strategic Initiatives at the
                              University (1997-1999,
Political Science at Duke                                 Institute of Technology       College of William and
University (1994-present)                                 (1997-2002)                             Mary

                                                            Thomas J. Biersteker
                                                          Curt Gasteyger Professor
                                                           of International Security                                     Robert Z. Lawrence
                               Michael Mandelbaum                                          Richard H. Clarida
                                                           and Conflict Studies at                                        Albert L. Williams
   Carlisle Ford Runge          Christian A. Herter                                        C. Lowell Harriss
                                                          The Graduate Institute of                                    Professor of Trade and
Professor of Applied          Professor of American                                     Professor of Economics
                                                               International and                                      Investment at the John F.
Economics and Law at          Foreign Policy at Johns                                  and International Affairs at
                                                           Development Studies in                                        Kennedy School of
University of Minnesota      Hopkins University (SAIS)                                    Columbia University
                                                            Geneva, Switzerland                                        Government at Harvard
School of Law                                                   (2007-present)                                               University

                                                              Robert Legvold                                             Bartram S. Brown
     Ezra F. Vogel             Marshall I. Goldman                                        Shibley Telhami               Professor of Law at
                                                            Marshall D. Shulman         Anwar Sadat Professor
 Henry Ford II Professor        Kathryn W. Davis                                                                      Chicago-Kent College of
                                                           Professor [Emeritus] of          for Peace and
  [Emeritus] of Social        Professor [Emeritus] of                                                                 Law at Illinois Institute of
                                                             Political Science at        Development at the
  Sciences at Harvard          Soviet Economics at                                                                          Technology
                                                            Columbia University         University of Maryland
       University               Wellesley College
Organization Executives:

     Strobe Talbott            Judith Rodin             Jessica T. Mathews            Luis A. Ubinas             Walter Isaacson
    President of The         President of The          President of Carnegie         President of Ford         President of Aspen
  Brookings Institution    Rockefeller Foundation         Endowment for          Foundation (2008-present)   Institute (2003-present)
     (2002-present)           (2005-present)            International Peace

 Edgar M. Bronfman Sr.        Ronald S. Lauder                                   Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr.     Raul H. Yzaguierre
                                                       Abraham H. Foxman
   President of World     President of World Jewish                                     President of          President of National
                                                      National Director of the
   Jewish Congress        Congress (2007-present)                                Rainbow/PUSH Coalition        Council of La Raza
                                                      Anti-Defamation League
      (1981-2007)                                                                     (1996-present)              (1974-2004)
                                                       (ADL) (1987-present)

                              Nadine Strossen          Susan V. Berresford
    Norman Dorsen                                                                                               Richard N. Haass
                           President of American         President of Ford             Leslie H. Gelb
 President of American                                                                                       President of the Council
                            Civil Liberties Union     Foundation (1996-2008)      President of the Council
  Civil Liberties Union                                                                                       on Foreign Relations
                            (ACLU) (1991-2008)                                     on Foreign Relations
  (ACLU) (1976-1991)                                                                                             (2003-present)

  Thomas L. Hughes          Morton I. Abramowitz                                    Franklin A. Thomas
                            President of Carnegie                                    President of Ford         David A. Hamburg
 President of Carnegie                                Peter C. Goldmark Jr.
                               Endowment for                                      Foundation (1979-1996)      President of Carnegie
    Endowment for                                       President of The
                             International Peace                                                             Corporation of New York
  International Peace                                 Rockefeller Foundation
                                 (1991-1997)                                                                      (1982-1997)
      (1971-1991)                                         (1988-1997)
Organization Executives:

                                                                                         Glen S. Lewy
                                                             Bruce M. Ramer
     Harold Tanner              Malcolm Hoenlein                                   National Chairman of the       Thomas A. Dine
                                                          President of American
Chairman, Conference of      Executive Vice Chairman                               Anti-Defamation League       Executive Director of
                                                            Jewish Committee
  Presidents of Major           of Conference of                                        (2006-present)         American Israel Public
   American Jewish             Presidents of Major                                                               Affairs Committee
     Organizations              American Jewish                                                                (AIPAC) (1980-1993)

                               James A. Thomson             Michael D. Rich
                               President of RAND           President of RAND                                       John J. Hamre
  Frederick S. Kempe
                             Corporation (1989-2011)           Corporation             Herbert I. London       President of Center for
  President of Atlantic
                                                             (2011-present)          President of Hudson       Strategic International
 Council of the United
 States (2005-present)                                                               Institute (1997-2011)     Studies (2000-present)

    Colin G. Campbell                                                                  Robert I. Rotberg
                                Stephen B. Heintz          Grover G. Norquist                                   Bruce K. MacLaury
 Chairman and President                                                            President of World Peace
                             President of Rockefeller    President of Americans                                   President of The
       of The Colonial                                                             Foundation (1993-pres.)
                                  Brothers Fund              for Tax Reform                                     Brookings Institution
 Williamsburg Foundation         (2001-present)              (1985-present)                                         (1977-1995)
(2000-present); President
 of Rockefeller Brothers
     Fund (1988-2000)

                                                                                        John H. Biggs
                                                                                    Chairman and CEO of           Elliot F. Gerson
    Richard M. Krasno           Allan E. Goodman          Clifton R. Wharton Jr.
                                                                                   TIAA-CREF (1993-2002)       American Secretary of
 President of Institute of   President of Institute of    Chairman and CEO of
                                                         TIAA-CREF (1987-1993)                                Rhodes Scholarship Trust
 International Education     International Education                                                              (1998-present)
       (1981-1998)                (1999-present)
Organization Executives:

                                                       Jonathan T.M. Reckford                                      Helene D. Gayle
    Julius E. Coles             Darius Mans            Chief Executive Officer of        Peter D. Bell
  President of Africare                                                                                          President and CEO of
                             President of Africare       Habitat for Humanity        President and CEO of
     (2002-2010)                                                                                                      CARE USA
                               (2010-present)                International          CARE USA (1995-2006)            (2006-present)

                                                                                        Carl Gershman
                               John J. Sweeney                                        President of National
      Jay Mazur                                                                                                     Lorne W. Craner
                                                            William K. Reilly            Endowment for
  President, Union of        President of AFL-CIO                                                               President of International
                                                          President of World              Democracy
Needletrades, Industrial         (1995-2009)                                                                      Republican Institute
                                                          Wildlife Fund (1985-
and Textile Employees                                                                                              (1995-2001, 2005-
                                                       1989); Chairman of World
 (UNITE) (1986-2001)                                                                                                    present)
                                                       Wildlife Fund (2000-2006)

                              Martin S. Feldstein                                                                    Vishaka Desai
    Eugene K. Lawson        President of National                                         Joan E. Spero
                                                          Henry S. Rowen            President of Doris Duke       President of the Asia
 President of U.S.-Russia    Bureau of Economic                                                                  Society (2004-present)
                                                         President of RAND           Charitable Foundation
 Business Council (1993-    Research (1977-1982,       Corporation (1967-1972)         (1997-2008); former
 2008); Vice Chairman of         1984-2008)
the Export-Import Bank of                                                           Executive Vice President
 the United States (1989)                                                           of American Express Co.

                                                                                       Marshall M. Bouton             Grace Barry
                                                             Lester Crown           President of The Chicago        President of The
                              Jonathan F. Fanton
  Adele S. Simmons                                     Chairman of the board of     Council on Global Affairs      Economic Club of
                            President of the John D.
President of the John D.                               The Chicago Council on            (2001-present)           Chicago (1986-2011)
                               and Catherine T.
   and Catherine T.                                          Global Affairs
                             MacArthur Foundation
 MacArthur Foundation                                       (2004-present)
Organization Executives:

                                 Daniel Ellsberg                                      Arthur Schneier              Rick Warren
      Elie Wiesel                                           Amitai Etzioni        Senior Rabbi of Park East       Senior Pastor of
                              Pentagon Paper leaker
   Nobel Peace Prize                                    Founder and Director of    Synagogue in New York       Saddleback Church in
    recipient (1986)                                      The Communitarian          City (1962-present)       Lake Forest, California
                                                               Network                                            (1980-present)

                                                                                                                   Kristin M. Lord
  Richard E. Salomon          (Lt. Col.) John A. Nagl                                 Nathaniel C. Fick       Executive Vice President
 Vice Chairman of the         President of the Center   Richard H. Fontaine Jr.                               and Director of Studies at
                                                                                   CEO of the Center for a
  Council on Foreign           for a New American       President of the Center                                 the Center for a New
                                                                                   New American Security
Relations (2007-present)       Security (2009-2011)      for a New American                                       American Security
                                                                                    (CNAS) (2009-2012);
                                                        Security (2012-present)
                                                                                   CEO of Endgame, Inc.

                                Florence A. Davis
                              President of The Starr
                                Foundation (1999-
                                                                                    Alice Tepper Marlin
                                present); General
     Donald Cuneo                                                                  President and CEO of          Jessie C. Gruman
                              Counsel of American            Ellen Laipson
President of International                                                         Social Accountability        President, Center for
                               International Group       President and CEO of
  House of New York                                                                     International            Advancing Health
                                   (1995-1999)          Henry L. Stimson Center        (1997-present)

                                                                                                                   Douglas H. Paal
  Carmen M. Reinhart          Sylvia Mathews Burwell                                Kenneth B. Mehlman
                                                             Noel V. Lateef                                   Vice President for Studies
  Dennis Weatherstone         President of the Global                                 Chairman of the
                                                          President of Foreign                                      at the Carnegie
Senior Fellow, Peterson       Development Program,                                  Republican National
                                                           Policy Association                                       Endowment for
Institute for International    Bill & Melinda Gates                                Committee (2005-2007)
                                                            (c.2000-present)                                     International Peace;
        Economics                    Foundation
                                                                                                               Director of the American
                                                                                                                  Institute in Taiwan
                                                                                                                [R.O.C.] (2002-2006)
Media Executives:

   Howard Stringer                                         Rupert Murdoch               Eric Schmidt               Peter R. Kann
                               Jeffrey L. Bewkes
 Chairman and CEO of                                     Chairman and CEO of        Chairman and CEO of       Chairman of Dow Jones &
                              Chairman and CEO of
   Sony Corporation                                     News Corp. (Fox News)            Google Inc.              Co. (1991-2007)
                               Time Warner, Inc.
    (2005-present)                                          (1991-present)             (2001-present)

  Sheryl K. Sandberg                                                                   Michael S. Ovitz
Chief Operating Officer of       Elliot J. Schrage          John F. Cooke          President of Walt Disney      Thomas H. Glocer
     Facebook, Inc.          Vice President of Global   President of The Disney        Co. (1995-1997)        Former CEO of Thomson
     (2008-present)             Communications,          Channel (1985-1995)                                          Reuters
                              Marketing and Public
                             Policy at Facebook, Inc.

                                 Vivian Schiller
   Patricia E. Mitchell       President and CEO of        Cathleen P. Black                                        Philip I. Kent
   President of Public        National Public Radio      President of Hearst          Cesar R. Conde           Chairman and CEO of
  Broadcasting Service         (NPR) (2009-2011)        Magazines (1996-2010)       President of Univision      Turner Broadcasting
   (PBS) (2000-2006)                                                                Communications Inc.       System, Inc. (2003-pres.)

                                                                                                                 Stephen A. Capus
                                                                                      David L. Westin          President of NBC News
     Alan Spoon              Arnaud de Borchgrave       Mortimer B. Zuckerman      President of ABC News
   President of The          Editor-in-Chief of The      Editor-in-Chief of U.S.        (1998-2010)
  Washington Post Co.         Washington Times          News and World Report
     (1993-2000)                  (1985-1991)                (1984-present)
Magazine and Newspaper Publishers, Editors, and Journalists:

  Jason D. McManus                                                                    Fareed Zakaria            James F. Hoge Jr.
                              Norman Pearlstine           John W. Huey Jr.
 Editor-in-Chief of Time                                                                                      Publisher of New York
                             Editor-in-Chief of Time    Editor-in-Chief of Time     Editor of Newsweek
 magazine (1987-1995)                                                                   International        Daily News (1985-1991);
                             magazine (1995-2005)      magazine (2006-present)
                                                                                      (2000-present)         Publisher of Chicago Sun
                                                                                                               Times (1980-1984)

                              Karen Elliott House                                                             Katrina vanden Heuvel
   Paul E. Steiger                                        Gordon Crovitz            Stephen B. Shepard
                             Publisher of The Wall                                                            Editor-in-Chief of The
Managing Editor of Wall                                 Publisher of The Wall        Editor-in-Chief of
                                Street Journal                                                                Nation (1995-present)
   Street Journal                                          Street Journal             Business Week
    (1991-2007)                  (2002-2005)               (2006-present)               (1984-2005)

   Alberto Ibarguen           W. Thomas Johnson               Helle Dale           Hugh D.S. Greenway                Fred Hiatt
Publisher of The Miami      Publisher of Los Angeles   Editorial Page Editor of   Editorial Page Editor of    Editorial Page Editor of
  Herald (1998-2004);         Times (1980-1989)        The Washington Times         The Boston Globe           The Washington Post
President of John S. and                                    (1997-2002)                (1994-2000)                (2000-present)
    James L. Knight
Foundation (2005-pres.)

   Cynthia A. Tucker              Lee Cullum                                      Andres M. Oppenheimer          Peggy Noonan
                              Columnist for Dallas        David M. Shribman       Columnist for The Miami     Columnist for the Wall
Columnist for the Atlanta
                                Morning News               Columnist for the              Herald                 Street Journal
  Journal Constitution
                                                       Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Newspaper Columnists and Journalists:

                             Michael R. Gordon         Thomas L. Friedman
   David E. Sanger                                                                                             Carla Anne Robbins
                                Chief Military       Foreign Affairs Columnist    Andrew M. Rosenthal
  Chief Washington                                                                                            Deputy Editorial Page
                            Correspondent of The      of The New York Times      Editorial Page Editor of
 Correspondent of The                                                                                        Editor of The New York
                              New York Times              (1995-present)          The New York Times
   New York Times                                                                                              Times (2007-2012)

   Nicholas D. Kristof                                                                                         Thomas E. “Thom”
                                                          Ethan Bronner                                             Shanker
   Columnist for the          Warren M. Hoge                                      Bernard Gwertzman
                                                     Jerusalem Bureau Chief                                 Pentagon Correspondent
    New York Times         London Bureau Chief for                                Foreign Editor of The
                                                     for The New York Times                                 for The New York Times
                            The New York Times             (2008-2012)           New York Times (1989-
                                (1996-2003)                                              1995)

                                                        Keith B. Richburg                                      Elizabeth G. “Lally”
                                                      Foreign Editor of The          Jim Hoagland                  Weymouth
Charles Krauthammer                                  Washington Post (2005-      Associate Editor and       Senior Associate Editor of
Syndicated Columnist for     Karen J. DeYoung        2007); New York bureau          Chief Foreign           The Washington Post
 The Washington Post       Associate Editor of The   chief of The Washington     Correspondent of The
    (1984-present)           Washington Post             Post (2007-2009)          Washington Post

   Robert W. Kagan                                                                  David R. Ignatius
                              Jackson K. Diehl                                      Columnist for the
   Columnist for The                                   Anne E. Applebaum                                        Marc A. Thiessen
                              Columnist for the                                     Washington Post
   Washington Post                                      Columnist for the                                       Columnist for the
                              Washington Post           Washington Post                                         Washington Post
Television Journalists:

     Lesley Stahl                                                                                             Andrea Mitchell
                                                          Diane Sawyer
 CBS News 60 Minutes      George Stephanopoulos                                      Brian D. Williams       Chief Foreign Affairs
                                                      Anchor of ABC World
   Correspondent          Anchor of Good Morning                                   Anchor of NBC Nightly    Correspondent for NBC
                                                          News Tonight
    (1991-present)           America on ABC                                         News (2004-present)         (1994-present)

    Barbara Walters           Katie Couric
 Co-host of The View on   Anchor of CBS Evening           Dan Rather                   Tom Brokaw             Bob L. Schieffer
  ABC (1997-present)        News (2006-2011)         Anchor of CBS Evening         Anchor of NBC Nightly    Moderator of Face The
                                                       News (1981-2005)             News (1982-2004)        Nation (1991-present)

                                                       Maria S. Bartiromo
    Charles J. “Joe”          Mika Brzezinski       Anchor of ‘Closing Bell’ on         Jim Sciutto           Jeffrey R. Toobin
     Scarborough           Co-Anchor of ‘Morning              CNBC                ABC News Senior Foreign   Legal analyst on CNN
 Co-Anchor of ‘Morning       Joe’ on MSNBC                                            Correspondent
   Joe’ on MSNBC

                                                       Morton Kondracke                                          Kitty Pilgrim
  Margaret G. Warner              Jim Lehrer         Fox News commentator              Charlie Rose             CNN journalist
     PBS anchor           Anchor of The NewsHour                                     PBS commentator
                           with Jim Lehrer on PBS
Journalists and Authors:

 Annette Gordon-Reed                                       Peter L. Bergen
                                 Joseph E. Persico         Author and writer
   Author and writer                                                                                    R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.
                                 Author and writer                                 Daniel Pipes
                                                                                                         Author and writer
                                                                                 Author and writer

                                                                                Hannah C. Pakula
                               Georgie Anne Geyer
                               Author and Columnist          Joan Didion
     Robin Wright
                                                           Author and Writer                             Paula D. Broadwell
    Author and writer

                                                                                   Paula Zahn
      Linda J. Vester               Juju Chang              Elizabeth Drew     Former CBS and CNN        Judy C. Woodruff
   Fox News television         News Anchor for Good            Journalist           journalist         CNN and PBS journalist
  anchor; Member of the        Morning America (ABC
   board of trustees of         News) (2009-2011)
 Institute of International

                                                                                   Judith Miller
      Edward Klein              Patrick J. O’Rourke        Sanjay K. Gupta     Former Journalist for        Eric Schmitt
        Author                contributing editor at The    CNN medical        The New York Times          Journalist for
                                 Weekly Standard            correspondent                               The New York Times
Central Bankers and Economic Bureaucrats:

                                                                Richard F. Syron
     Alice M. Rivlin                                        President of the Federal       Karen N. Horn             Andrew F. Brimmer
  Vice Chairman of the             Alan S. Blinder                                                                  Member of the Federal
                                                            Reserve Bank of Boston     President of the Federal
    Federal Reserve             Vice Chairman of the                                                                   Reserve Board
                                                             (1989-1994); Chairman        Reserve Bank of
      (1996-1999)                 Federal Reserve                                                                       (1966-1974)
                                                            and CEO of Freddie Mac     Cleveland (1982-1987)

   Jamie B. Stewart Jr.         Christine M. Cumming
First Vice President of the   First Vice President of the      Terrence J. Checki          Jerry I. Speyer           Arminio Fraga Neto
Federal Reserve Bank of       Federal Reserve Bank of       Executive Vice President   Deputy Chairman of the       Governor of the Central
 New York (1999-2004)                  New York              of the Federal Reserve    Federal Reserve Bank of          Bank of Brazil
                                                                Bank of New York        New York (2004-2006)             (1999-2003)

      Paula Stern                                                                                                       Diana L. Taylor
                                  Irving A. Williamson                                      Jill M. Considine
Chairman, United States                                          Muriel F. Siebert                                 Superintendent of Banks
                              Chairman, United States                                  Superintendent of Banks
  International Trade                                       Superintendent of Banks                                of the State of New York
                              International Trade                                      of the State of New York
Commission (1984-1986)                                      of the State of New York                                      (2003-2007)
                              Commission (2012-pres.)                                          (1985-1991)

                                  Kenneth D. Brody
                                                               James A. Harmon                                        Ricki Tigert Helfer
  William H. Draper III       Chairman and President                                        Fred P. Hochberg
                                                            Chairman and President                                   Chairman and CEO,
Chairman and President        of Export-Import Bank of                                  Chairman and President
                                                            of Export-Import Bank of                               Federal Deposit Insurance
of Export-Import Bank of          the United States                                    of the Export-Import Bank
                                                                the United States                                        Corporation
    the United States         (1993-1996); Partner of                                      of the United States
                                                                   (1997-2001)                                           (1994-1997)
       (1981-1986)             Goldman Sachs & Co.                                            (2009-present)
International Organization Executives and Municipal Bureaucrats:

 Stephen M. Schwebel           Thomas Buergenthal              Richard D. Erb             Anne O. Krueger               Ko-Yung Tung
Judge of the International   Judge of the International   Deputy Managing Director     First Deputy Managing          Vice President and
    Court of Justice             Court of Justice            of the International           Director of the         General Counsel of The
      (1981-2000)                  (2000-2010)                 Monetary Fund           International Monetary       World Bank (1999-2003)
                                                                 (1984-1994)              Fund (2001-2006)

 D. Stephen Mathias
 Assistant Secretary-
 General of the United
Nations for Legal Affairs
     (2010-present)           Catherine Ann Bertini        Gillian Martin Sorensen        John G. Ruggie                Robert C. Orr
                             Under Secretary-General        Assistant Secretary-      Assistant UN Secretary-        Assistant Secretary-
                             of the United Nations for      General of the United       General and Chief            General of the United
                             Management (2003-2005)         Nations for External       Advisor for Strategic          Nations for Policy
                                                           Relations (1997-2003)        Planning to the UN            Coordination and
                                                                                        Secretary-General             Strategic Planning
                                                                                            (1997-2001)                (2004-present)

                                                              Jessica E. Stern         David Rockefeller Jr.            Setti D. Warren
     Carol Bellamy              Josette M. Sheeran
                                                          Writer, Boston; Member,     Son of David Rockefeller         Mayor of Newton,
  Executive Director of        Executive Director of
                               United Nations World       Hoover Institution’s Task                                     Massachusetts
  UNICEF (1995-2005)
                                 Food Programme              Force on National                                          (2010-present)
                                   (2007-2012)               Security and Law

                                  Daniel C. Esty
                               Commissioner of the            Gina Raimondo                                           Michael A. Sheehan
     David J. Vitale                                        General Treasurer of                                    Deputy Commissioner of
                             Connecticut Department                                        Steven P. Westly
President of the Chicago                                       Rhode Island                                         Counter Terrorism for the
                                   of Energy and                                      California State Controller
  Board of Education                                          (2011-present)                                         New York City Police
                             Environmental Protection                                        (2003-2007)
     (2011-present)                                                                                                 Department (2003-2006)

                                                                                                                Marshall N. Carter
                                Orit Gadiesh                                       Edgar Bronfman Jr.          Chairman, New York
      Leslie A. Brun                                    Charles N. Brower         Chairman and CEO of
                           Chairman of the board,                                                            Stock Exchange (2005-
 Director of Merck & Co.                             Judge of the Iran-United     Warner Music Group
                             Bain & Company                                                                 2007); Deputy Chairman
     (2008-present)                                  States Claims Tribunal in    Corp. (2004-present)      of NYSE Euronext (2007-
                                                            The Hague

                                                                                                                Frances Fragos
     Betsy Fischer                                                                 Jacob M. Weisberg         Senior Vice President,
 Executive Producer of      Marcus W. Brauchli                                   Editor of Slate magazine   MacAndrews and Forbes
                                                         David G. Bradley
 NBC’s 'Meet the Press'    Executive Editor of The                                                          Holdings, Inc., New York;
                                                     Chairman and Owner of
    (2002-present)           Washington Post                                                                 CNN National Security
                                                     Atlantic Media Company
                               (2008-2012)                                                                         Contributor

                                                       Eileen B. Claussen
                           Stephanie K. Bell-Rose    President of the Center       Zoë Baird Budinger
   Craig J. Mundie                                   for Climate and Energy      President of The Markle        Esther Dyson
  Chief Research and        Managing Director of                                                             Chairman, EDventure
                           Goldman, Sachs & Co.              Solutions                 Foundation
  Strategy Officer for                                                                                          Holdings Inc.
    Microsoft Corp.

     Henry L. King            Helene L. Kaplan                                                                   Gary N. Horlick
Partner of Davis, Polk &   Of Counsel of Skadden,       Greyson L. Bryan                                    Partner of Wilmer, Cutler,
  Wardwell [law firm]      Arps, Slate, Meagher, &   Of Counsel of O’Melveny         James B. Hurlock         Pickering, Hale & Dorr
     (1961-1998)            Flom [law firm] (1990-      & Myers [law firm]       Partner of White & Case    [law firm] (2002-present)
                             present); director of                                [law firm] (1967-2000)
                           ExxonMobil (1999-2004)

                                 Jeffrey L. Sturchio                                        Kenneth Roth                    Craig Kennedy
  Michael S. Teitelbaum                                      Amitai Etzioni
                               President and CEO of                                      Executive Director of           President of German
Vice President of Alfred P.                                  Founder of the
                               Global Health Council                                     Human Rights Watch              Marshall Fund of the
    Sloan Foundation                                      Communitarian Network
                                  (2009-present)                                                                             United States
       (2006-2008)                                                                                                          (1995-present)

    Gary C. Hufbauer                                                                         Edwin M. Truman
Director of Studies at the                                                             Assistant Secretary of the
                                 Adam S. Posen
   Council on Foreign                                                                   Treasury for International          Nathan Sheets
                              Member, Monetary Policy         Nicholas R. Lardy
 Relations (1996-1998);                                                                    Affairs (1998-2001);        Director of the Division of
                              Committee of the Bank of      Anthony M. Solomon
   Marcus Wallenberg                                                                    Director of the Division of    International Finance at
                               England (2009-2012)          Senior Fellow at the
Professor of International                                                               International Finance of        the Federal Reserve
 Finance Diplomacy at                                       Peterson Institute for     the Board of Governors of             (2007-2011)
 Georgetown University                                    International Economics          the Federal Reserve
      (1985-1992)                                                                              (1977-1998)

                                                                                            Casimir A. Yost
      Ralph C. Bryant                                         Barnett R. Rubin         Director of Institute for the
                                 Stanley A. Weiss                                                                        David Shambaugh
former Director of Division                              Director of Studies and          Study of Diplomacy,
                               Chairman of Business                                                                     Director, China Policy
of International Finance at                              Senior Fellow, Center for         School of Foreign
                               Executives for National                                                                   Program at George
   the Federal Reserve                                   International Cooperation,      Service, Georgetown
                                   Security, Inc.                                                                       Washington University
           Board                                         New York University                   University

                                  Daniel H. Yergin         Ted Galen Carpenter
   Walter Russell Mead                                    Director of foreign policy      Norman J. Ornstein
                                  Chairman, IHS                                                                          Nicholas Eberstadt
Henry A. Kissinger senior                                 studies at Cato Institute     Columnist, "Congress
                                 Cambridge Energy                                                                        American Enterprise
  fellow for U.S. foreign                                    (1986-1995); Vice           Inside Out," Roll Call
                               Research Associates;                                                                       Institute scholar
 policy at the Council on                                President for defense and     magazine (1993-present);
                              Global Energy Expert on
Foreign Relations; author                                 foreign policy studies at      American Enterprise
                                                         Cato Institute (1995-2011)         Institute scholar

    Mark A. Emmert             David J. Stern             Paul Tagliabue
                           Commissioner of National                                  Robert Wood “Woody”           Robert K. Kraft
  President of National                               Commissioner of National
                            Basketball Association                                       Johnson IV             Owner of New England
   Collegiate Athletic                                 Football League (NFL)
                            (NBA) (1984-present)                                    Owner of New York Jets         Patriots (NFL)
  Association (NCAA)                                        (1989-2006)
     (2010-present)                                                                         (NFL)

     Warren Beatty                                         Angelina Jolie               Michael Douglas
    Hollywood Actor                                                                                                Lawrence Bender
                               George Clooney            Hollywood Actress              Hollywood Actor              Film producer
                               Hollywood Actor

                             Joan Ganz Cooney                                         Teresa Heinz Kerry
Peggy Rockefeller Dulany                                                            Chairman of Heinz Family
   Daughter of David         Producer of Sesame          Lynn Forester de            Philanthropies; wife of     Marie-Josee Kravis
Rockefeller; Founder and        Street on PBS                Rothschild              U.S. Secretary of State     Senior Fellow of the
   Chairman of The                                      Wife of British banker         John Forbes Kerry          Hudson Institute;
   Synergos Institute                                   Evelyn de Rothschild                                     Bilderberg Meetings

                                                          Chelsea Clinton
                                                      Daughter of former U.S.         Laurene Powell Jobs        Silda Alice Wall Spitzer
  Nina L. Khrushcheva           Vanessa Kerry                                          (Mrs. Steve Jobs)       (former Mrs. Eliot Spitzer)
                                                      President William J. “Bill”
 Great-granddaughter of        Daughter of U.S.
  Soviet Premier Nikita     Secretary of State John
      Khrushchev                 Forbes Kerry

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