Portraits of Bilderberg Meetings Participants

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					             Prominent Bilderberg Meetings Participants
                                             Bilderberg Bankers and Barons

  Evelyn de Rothschild                                                              Beatrix, Queen of The
                              Edmond de Rothschild                                                             Sofia, Queen of Spain
     [Great Britain]                                                                    Netherlands
                                   [France]              Prince Bernhard of The                                    (1975-present)
former Chairman of N.M.                                                                 (1980-2013)
   Rothschild & Sons             Jewish banker                Netherlands

                                                             J. Martin Taylor
                                                              [Great Britain]          Josef Ackermann        Lord (Eric) Roll of Ipsden
                                  Marcus Agius                                      [Germany/Switzerland]
    Douglas J. Flint                                       Chief Executive of                                 Chairman, S.G. Warburg
                                  [Great Britain]                                       Chairman of the
      [Great Britain]                                   Barclays plc (1993-1998);                             & Co., Ltd. (1974-1983);
                             Chairman, Barclays Bank                                 Management Board,
 Group Chairman, HSBC                                    Chairman of Syngenta                                  director of the Bank of
                                 plc (2007-2012)                                      Deutsche Bank AG
       Holdings plc                                         International AG                                   England (1968-1977)
     (2010-present)                                            (2005-2013)               (2002-2012)

      Stanley Fischer          Jean-Claude Trichet      Lord Gordon Richardson
 Governor of the Bank of                                Governor of the Bank of                                   Mark J. Carney
                                      [France]                                           Mervyn King
 Israel (2005-2013); First                               England (1973-1983);                                 Governor of the Bank of
                              President of European                                 Governor of the Bank of
Deputy Managing Director                                 Chairman of J. Henry                                 England (2013-present);
                             Central Bank (2003-2011)                                England (2003-2013)
of International Monetary                                   Schroder & Co.                                    Governor of the Bank of
                              Governor of Banque de
    Fund (1994-2001)                                          (1962-1973)                                      Canada (2008-2013)
                               France (1993-2003)

                                  Giovanni Agnelli          Otto Wolff von
 Sir Siegmund Warburg                                                                  Etienne Davignon        Peter D. Sutherland
                                        [Italy]          Amerongen [Germany]
      [Great Britain]                                                                      [Belgium]                 [Ireland]
                                  Chairman of Fiat       Chairman and CEO of
      Jewish banker                                                                 Vice Chairman of Suez-     Chairman of British
                               [Italian car company]       Otto Wolff GmbH
                                                                                           Tractebel          Petroleum (1997-2009)
     George W. Ball
 Under U.S. Secretary of       John C. Whitehead           David Rockefeller        James D. Wolfensohn          Henry R. Kravis
State (1961-1966); Senior   Co-Chairman of Goldman,      Chairman and CEO of        President of the World     Founding Partner of
   Partner of Lehman        Sachs & Co. (1976-1984)      Chase Manhattan Bank         Bank (1995-2005)       Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
  Brothers (1969-1982)                                       (1969-1981)                                      & Co. [New York City]

     Gabriel Hauge               C. Douglas Dillon                                   Walter B. Wriston
                                                            John J. McCloy
Chairman of the board of    Chairman of the board of                                Chairman of Citibank       Willard C. Butcher
                                                        Chairman of the board of
Manufacturers Hanover       Dillon, Read & Co. (1946-                                  (1970-1984)           Chairman and CEO of
                                                        Chase Manhattan Bank
 Trust Co. (1971-1979)       1953); Secretary of the                                                         Chase Manhattan Bank
                              Treasury (1961-1965)                                                                (1981-1990)

  Peter G. Peterson             Nicholas F. Brady            George Soros           Maurice R. Greenberg      Kenneth M. Jacobs
 Chairman and CEO of          Chairman and CEO of       Chairman of Soros Fund      Chairman and CEO of      Chairman and CEO of
   Lehman Brothers              Dillon, Read & Co.      Management (1996-pres.)     American International   Lazard (2009-present)
     (1973-1984)            (1982-1988); Secretary of                                Group (1989-2005)
                            the Treasury (1988-1993)

                                                            Jon S. Corzine
    Robert V. Roosa            Stephen Friedman          Chairman and CEO of                                   Lloyd C. Blankfein
                              Partner of Goldman,                                     John L. Thornton        Chairman and CEO of
Partner of Brown Brothers                                Goldman Sachs & Co.
                            Sachs & Co. (1973-1992);                                President of Goldman        Goldman Sachs
     Harriman & Co.                                       (1994-1999); U.S.
                             Chairman of Goldman                                   Sachs & Co. (1999-2003)       (2006-present)
      (1965-1993)                                       Senator (D-New Jersey,
                            Sachs & Co. (1990-1994)           2001-2006)
                                Bilderberg Meetings Powerbrokers – European Members

 Wilfrid S. Baumgartner           Max Kohnstamm                                          Ernst H. van der Beugel
                               President of European           Joseph H. Retinger             [Netherlands]            Marcus Wallenberg Jr.
  Finance Minister of
                              University [Florence, Italy]      Polish Exile and         Professor of International          [Sweden]
 France (1960-1962);
                                                              Community Organizer           Relations at Leiden       Chairman of Federation of
 Governor, Banque de
                                                                                                University               Swedish Industries
  France (1949-1960)

                              Francisco Pinto Balsemao              Mario Monti                                           Victor Halberstadt
   Thierry de Montbrial       Prime Minister of Portugal       Prime Minister of Italy                                      [Netherlands]
          [France]                                                                             Carl Bildt
                                     (1981-1983)              (2011-pres.); Economy                                   Professor of Economics at
President, French Institute                                                                Foreign Minister of
                                                              and Finance Minister of                                     Leiden University
for International Relations                                                              Sweden (2006-present)
                                                                 Italy (2011-pres.)

                                                                                             Daniel L. Vasella
                                  Henri de Castries                                            [Switzerland]             Jacob Wallenberg
    Franco Bernabe                                                 Jorma Ollila
                                      [France]                                           Chairman of the Board of             [Sweden]
         [Italy]                                                      [Finland]
                              Chairman and CEO, AXA                                      Novartis AG (1999-2013);     Chairman of Investor AB
Former Vice Chairman of                                      Chairman of Royal Dutch
                              [French investment firm]                                     Director of PepsiCo             (2005-present);
   Rothschild Europe                                           Shell (2006-present);
                                                                                              (2002-present)           Director of The Coca-
                                                             Chairman of Nokia (1999-
                                                                                                                      Cola Co. (2008-present)

  Jonkheer Emile van
        Lennep                    Anders Eldrup                  Conrad M. Black            Rudolf Scholten              Juan Luis Cebrian
  Secretary-General of              [Denmark]                       [Canada]                   [Austria]                      [Spain]
    Organization for          Former CEO, Danish Oil          Former Chairman and        Member of the Board of           CEO of PRISA
 Economic Cooperation          and Gas Corporation              CEO of Hollinger          Executive Directors,
   and Development                   (DONG)                     International, Inc.        Oesterreichische
      (1969-1984)                                                                          Kontrollbank AG
    Hilmar Kopper               Andre Levy-Lang              Jurgen Schrempp
      [Germany]                                                                        Daniel E. Janssen           Bertrand Collomb
                                    [France]                    [Germany]
   Chairman of the                                                                         [Belgium]                    [France]
                                Former Chairman,               Chairman of
  Supervisory Board,                                                                 Former Chairman of the      Former Chairman and
                                 Banque Paribas               DaimlerChrysler
  Deutsche Bank A.G.                                                                  Executive Committee,     CEO of Lafarge; Director
                                                               (1998-2005)                U.C.B., S.A.         of DuPont (2007-present)

                                                             Hannes Androsch
    Jaakko Iloniemi           Andrzej Olechowski             Finance Minister of          Tommaso                Joseph M.A.H. Luns
Ambassador of Finland to    Minister of Foreign Affairs     Austria (1970-1981);       Padoa-Schioppa            Secretary-General of
   the United States         of Poland (1993-1995)            Chairman of the                [Italy]              NATO (1971-1984)
      (1977-1983)                                             Managing Board,        Economy and Finance
                                                          Creditanstalt-Bankverein      Minister of Italy

                                                                                      Prince Philip, Duke of   Prince Charles of Wales
  King Juan Carlos I of       King Carl XVI Gustaf of     King Harald V of Norway          Edinburgh
         Spain                       Sweden

                                                             Prince Philippe of                                      Jean Monnet
                             King Willem-Alexander of                                Crown Prince Haakon of
   Prince Claus of the                                            Belgium                                               [France]
                                 the Netherlands                                            Norway
       Netherlands                                                                                               President of the High
                                                                                                               Authority of the European
                                                                                                                    Coal and Steel
                                                                                                               Community (1952-1955)
MISSING: Anthony G.S. Griffin, Selahattin Beyazit
                                            International Organization Executives

                               George D. Woods
                             President of The World
                               Bank (1963-1968)           Robert S. McNamara
    Eugene R. Black                                                                      A.W. Clausen              Barber B. Conable
 President of The World                                  President of The World      President of The World      President of The World
   Bank (1949-1962)                                        Bank (1968-1981)            Bank (1981-1986)            Bank (1986-1991)

                             Pierre-Paul Schweitzer       Jacques de Larosiere          Rodrigo de Rato         Dominique Strauss-Kahn
    Per Jacobbson                                         Managing Director of        Managing Director of
                              Managing Director of                                                                Managing Director of
Managing Director of IMF                                 International Monetary      International Monetary
                             International Monetary                                                              International Monetary
     (1956-1963)                                            Fund (1978-1987)           Fund (2004-2007)
                                Fund (1963-1973)                                                                   Fund (2007-2011)

                                                            Alfons Verplaetse
       Jelle Zijlstra         Willem F. Duisenberg       Chairman of the Board          Urban Backstrom          A.H.E.M. “Nout” Wellink
 Chairman of the Board       Chairman of the Board      and President of the Bank    Chairman of the Board       Chairman of the Board
and President of the Bank   and President of the Bank        for International      and President of the Bank   and President of the Bank
     for International           for International      Settlements (1997-1999)          for International           for International
Settlements (1967-1981)     Settlements (1988-1990,                                 Settlements (1999-2002)     Settlements (2002-2006)

  Eric Wyndham-White                                        Renato Ruggiero                Mike Moore                 Pascal Lamy
 Director-General of the         Arthur Dunkel
                                                        Director-General of World    Director-General of the     Director-General of the
 General Agreement on        Director-General of the
                                                           Trade Organization       World Trade Organization    World Trade Organization
    Tariffs and Trade        General Agreement on
                                                               (1995-1999)                (1999-2002)                (2005-present)
       (1965-1968)              Tariffs and Trade
 General Lord Ismay            Paul-Henri Spaak            Dirk Stikker             Manlio Brosio               Lord Carrington
 Secretary-General of      Prime Minister of Belgium   Secretary-General of      Secretary-General of         Secretary-General of
  NATO (1952-1957)         (1938-1939, 1946, 1947-      NATO (1961-1964)          NATO (1964-1971)             NATO (1984-1988)
                           1949); Secretary-General
                             of NATO (1957-1961)

  Manfred Woerner                Willy Claes              Javier Solana        Lord (George) Robertson       Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
 Secretary-General of        Secretary-General of      Secretary-General of      Secretary-General of         Secretary-General of
  NATO (1988-1994)            NATO (1994-1995)          NATO (1995-1999)          NATO (1999-2004)             NATO (2004-2009)

                              Jean-Claude Paye          Donald J. Johnston
                                                                                        Hans Blix               Josette Sheeran
  Thorkil Kristensen         Secretary-General of      Secretary-General of
                                                                                 Director-General of the      Executive Director of
 Secretary-General of         OECD (1984-1996)          OECD (1996-2006)
                                                                                  International Atomic        United Nations World
 OECD (1961-1969);
                                                                                     Energy Agency             Food Programme
  Finance Minister of
                                                                                (1981-1997); Minister for         (2007-2012)
 Denmark (1945-1947,
                                                                               Foreign Affairs of Sweden

   F. Bradford Morse              Kemal Dervis          Kieran Prendergast
                                                       United Nations Under-        John G. Ruggie              Louise Frechette
 Administrator of United    Administrator of United                             Assistant UN Secretary-
                                                       Secretary General for                                Deputy Secretary-General
 Nations Development         Nations Development                                   General and Chief
                           Programme (2005-2009);          Political Affairs                                  of the United Nations
Programme (1976-1986)                                                             Advisor for Strategic
                                                            (1997-2005)                                            (1998-2006)
                            Member of the Turkish                              Planning to UN Secretary-
                            Parliament (2002-2005)                                General (1997-2001)
                                                     European Commissioners

Henning Christophersen                                                                Joaquin Almunia Amann
 Vice-President of the         Herman van Rompuy,           Jose Manuel Barroso                                    Antonio M. Vitorino
                             President of the European                                European Commissioner
European Commission                                       President of the European                              European Commissioner
                              Council (2009-present);                                     for Competition
     (1985-1995);                                            Commission (2004-                                    for Justice and Home
                             Prime Minister of Belgium                                    (2010-present)
  Finance Minister of                                      present); Prime Minister                                Affairs (1999-2004)
 Denmark (1982-1984)               (2008-2009)             of Portugal (2002-2004)

                                                                                                                        Michel Barnier
  Connie Hedegaard                Andris Piebalgs              Karel De Gucht                 Olli Rehn           European Commissioner
European Commissioner        European Commissioner        European Commissioner       European Commissioner        for Internal Market and
   for Climate Action            for Development          for Trade (2010-present);      for Economic and         Services (2010-present);
     (2010-present)               (2010-present)              Foreign Minister of     Monetary Affairs and the   Foreign Minister of France
                                                            Belgium (2004-2009)         Euro (2010-present)              (2004-2005)

                                 (Lord) Leon Brittan           The Lord (Peter)                                      Charlie McCreevy
Lord (Christopher) Patten
                                    [Great Britain]              Mandelson                  Frits Bolkestein     European Commissioner
 of Barnes [Great Britain]
                              European Commissioner             [Great Britain]       European Commissioner       for Internal Market and
European Commissioner
                               for Trade (1993-1999);     European Commissioner        for Internal Market and    Services (2004-2010);
   for External Relations
                              European Commissioner        for Trade (2004-2008);       Services (1999-2004)         Finance Minister of
  (1999-2004); Member,
                             for Competition (1989-93)    Member, House of Lords                                    Ireland (1997-2004)
       House of Lords

                                                                  David Byrne                                           Neelie Kroes
    Karel van Miert             Hans van den Broek        European Commissioner             Emma Bonino          European Commissioner
European Commissioner         European Commissioner       for Health and Consumer     European Commissioner      for Digital Agenda (2010-
    for Competition          for External Relations and    Protection (1999-2004);    for Health and Consumer       present); European
      (1993-1999)             European Neighborhood          Attorney General of       Protection (1995-1999)        Commissioner for
                                 Policy (1993-1999)          Ireland (1997-1999)                                 Competition (2004-2010)
                                                                                                                         Gaston Thorn
                            Sicco Leendert Mansholt        Franco Maria Malfatti         Francois-Xavier Ortoli    President of the European
     Walter Hallstein
                            President of the European    President of the European     President of the European
President of the European                                                                                          Commission (1981-1985);
                            Commission (1972-1973);      Commission (1970-1972);       Commission (1973-1977)          Prime Minister of
Commission (1958-1967)
                            European Commissioner         Minister of Education of                                 Luxembourg (1974-1979)
                              for Agriculture (1958-         Italy (1973-1978)

                                 Altiero Spinelli
                                                              Filippo M. Pandolfi        Martin Bangemann
  Robert E. Marjolin                  [Italy]                                                                            Franz Fischler
                                                         European Commissioner         Member of the European
Member of the European      Member of the European                                                                 European Commissioner
                                                          for Research, Innovation     Commission (1989-1999);
Commission (1958-1967)      Commission (1970-1976);                                                                for Agriculture and Rural
                                                         and Science (1989-1993);      German Federal Minister
                            formerMemberof the Italian                                                                   Development
                                                           Finance Minister of Italy    of Economics of West
                                CommunistParty                                                                            (1995-2004);
                                                                  (1976-1978)           Germany (1984-1988)
                                                                                                                     Agriculture Minister of
                                                                                                                      Austria (1989-1994)

                             Anna Diamantopoulou             Ritt Bjerregaard
      Pedro Solbes          European Commissioner                                           Loyola de Palacio         Gunter Verheugen
European Commissioner                                    European Commissioner          European Commissioner             [Germany]
                                for Social Affairs         for the Environment
   for Economic and         (1999-2004); Minister of                                   for Transport (1999-2004)   European Commissioner
Monetary Affairs (1999-                                        (1995-1999);                                           for Enterprise and
                              Education of Greece         Mayor of Copenhagen,
          2004);                  (2009-2012)                                                                       Industry (2004-2010)
Minister of Economy and                                   Denmark (2006-2009)
Finance of Spain (1993-
   1996, 2004-2009)
                                                         Central Bankers

       Mario Draghi           Vitor M.R. Constancio,         Karl Otto Pohl
  President of European          Vice-President of            [Germany]                   Guido Carli
   Central Bank (2011-       European Central Bank                                                                 Ewald Nowotny
                                                       President of the Deutsche   Governor of Banca d’Italia
pres.); Governor of Banca   (2010-present); Governor                                                            Governor of the Austrian
                                                       Bundesbank (1980-1991)            (1960-1975)
   d’Italia (2006-2011)      of the Bank of Portugal                                                                 National Bank
                                    (2000-2010)                                                                     (2008-present)

                              Robert Vandeputte                Luc Coene
   Hubert Ansiaux                                                                      Mariano Rubio                Gyorgy Suranyi
                            Governor of the National    Governor, National Bank
Governor of the National                                                            Governor of the Bank of     President of the National
                               Bank of Belgium         of Belgium (2011-present)
   Bank of Belgium                                                                    Spain (1984-1992)            Bank of Hungary
                                 (1971-1975)               Director of Bank for
     (1957-1971)                                                                                                (1990-1991, 1995-2001)
                                                       International Settlements

                                                                                                                    Lars Heikensten
                                                                                                                Governor of the Swedish
   Knut Getz Wold             Hermod Skanland                Kjell Storvik             Svein Gjedrem            Central Bank (2003-2006)
Governor of the Bank of     Governor of the Bank of     Governor of the Bank of     Governor of the Bank of
 Norway (1970-1985)          Norway (1985-1993)          Norway (1995-1998)          Norway (1999-2010)

                                                             Erkki Liikanen
    Sirkka Hamalainen                                  Chairman of the Board of         Erik Hoffmeyer           Bodil Nyboe Andersen
Chairman of the Board of         Matti Vanhala           the Bank of Finland              [Denmark]              Governor of the Central
   the Bank of Finland      Chairman of the Board of        (2004-present)         Chairman of the Board of        Bank of Denmark
(1992-1998); Member of        the Bank of Finland                                  Governors of Danmarks              (1995-2005)
 the Executive Board of           (1998-2004)                                            Nationalbank
  the European Central                                                                   (1965-1994)
    Bank (1998-2003)
                      British Government Officials who attended the Bilderberg Meetings

    Harold Wilson            Sir Edward R.G. Heath                                     Margaret Thatcher
   Prime Minister of         Prime Minister of Great        James Callaghan                                             Tony Blair
                                                                                     Prime Minister of Great
     Great Britain            Britain (1970-1974);       Prime Minister of Great                                 Prime Minister of Great
                                                                                       Britain (1979-1990)
(1964-1970, 1974-1976)           Lord Privy Seal          Britain (1976-1979);                                     Britain (1997-2007)
                                  (1960-1963)               Chancellor of the
                                                         Exchequer (1964-1967)

     Gordon Brown                                                                        Lord Soames            Gareth Williams, The Lord
                             Quintin Hogg, The Lord                                                                 Williams of Mostyn
 Prime Minister of Great                                    Lord Shackleton          Leader of the House of
                                    Hailsham                                                                      Leader of the House of
  Britain (2007-2010);                                   Leader of the House of       Lords (1979-1981);
                             Lord High Chancellor of                                                             Lords (8 June 2001 – 20
    Chancellor of the                                      Lords (1968-1970)         Governor of Southern
                            Great Britain (1970-1974,                                                           Sept. 2003); died in office
 Exchequer (1997-2007)                                                              Rhodesia (11 Dec. 1979-
                                                                                         18 April 1980)

     Denis Healey
                                                                                         Kenneth Clarke           Sir Richard Dearlove
   Chancellor of the
                                                            Norman Lamont               Chancellor of the           Chief of the Secret
Exchequer (1974-1979);          Nigel Lawson
                                                            Chancellor of the       Exchequer (1993-1997);         Intelligence Service
   Shadow Foreign              Chancellor of the         Exchequer (1990-1993)       Lord High Chancellor of    (MI6) (1999-2004); Master
 Secretary (1959-1961,      Exchequer (1983-1989)                                   Great Britain (2010-2012)     of Pembroke College,
1970-1972, 1980-1987)
                                                                                                                 Cambridge (2004-pres.)

                                                                                       Sir Antony A. Acland
                                                                                    British Ambassador to the
Sir Frank Kenyon Roberts                                                                   United States         The Lord (John) Kerr of
                               Sir Percy Cradock         Sir Nicholas Henderson             (1986-1991)
British Ambassador to the                               British Ambassador to the                                       Kinlochard
                             British Ambassador to
   Soviet Union (1960-                                         United States                                    British Ambassador to the
                               Communist China
           1962);                                               (1979-1982)                                            United States
  British Ambassador to                                                                                                (1995-1997);
      West Germany                                                                                              Deputy Chairman, Royal
        (1963-1968)                                                                                                   Dutch Shell plc
                                Lord Shawcross
 Lord Home of the Hirsel,     Attorney General for
K.T. (Alec Douglas-Home)                                   Hugh T.N. Gaitskell             Sir John Nott
                              England and Wales              [Great Britain]                                        Michael Heseltine
  Prime Minister of Great         (1945-1951)                                             [Great Britain]             [Great Britain]
   Britain (1963-1964);                                   Leader of the Labour         Secretary of State for
                                                           Party (1955-1963)                                       Secretary of State for
Foreign Secretary (1960-                                                               Defence (1981-1983)         Defence (1983-1986)
     1963, 1970-1974)

                                                            Douglas R. Hurd            Reginald Maudling
                               Sir Malcolm Rifkind
      David Owen                                           (The Lord Hurd of             [Great Britain]            Sir David Hannay
                                  [Great Britain]
      (Lord Owen)                                               Westwell)               Chancellor of the           British Permanent
                                Foreign Secretary
  Secretary of State for                                Foreign Secretary (1989-     Exchequer (1962-1964);        Representative to the
                            (1995-1997); Secretary of
      Foreign and                                        1995); Home Secretary       Home Secretary (1970-           United Nations
                            State for Scotland (1986-
Commonwealth Affairs of                                       (1985-1989)                    1972)                     (1990-1995)
Great Britain (1977-1979)

                                                            Giles H. Radice                                            Edward Balls
    J. Enoch Powell             Dick Taverne                                               John Smith
                                                             [Great Britain]                                          [Great Britain]
     [Great Britain]            [Great Britain]                                           [Great Britain]
                                                           Former Member of                                      Shadow Chancellor of the
 Member of Parliament        Member of Parliament                                    Shadow Chancellor of the
                                                               Parliament                                        Exchequer (2011-present)
(1950-1974, 1974-1987)           (1962-1974)                                          Exchequer (1987-1992)

   Sir Michael Palliser           Paddy Ashdown                                             David Steel
      [Great Britain]       (Lord Ashdown of Norton-      Lord Mountbatten of           (The Lord Steel of
                                   sub-Hamdon)                                               Aikwood)                Michael Stewart
       Permanent                                                  Burma
                                   [Great Britain]                                        [Great Britain]        (Lord Stewart of Fulham)
Undersecretary of Foreign                               Governor General of India
                             High Representative for                                   Leader of the Liberal          [Great Britain]
  and Commonwealth                                            (1947-1948);
                             Bosnia and Herzegovina                                     Party (1976-1988);          Foreign Secretary
  Office (1975-1982);                                   Chief of the Defence Staff
                              (2002-2006); Leader of                                  Presiding Officer of the   (1965-1966, 1968-1970)
  Chairman of Samuel                                           (1959-1965)
 Montagu & Co. [London         the Liberal Democrats                                   Scottish Parliament
   bank] (1984-1993)            (1988-1999); Former                                        (1999-2003)
                               Member of Parliament
                       German Government Officials who attended the Bilderberg Meetings

                                 Guido Westerwelle             Angela Merkel              Peer Steinbruck
    Joschka Fischer                                         Chancellor of Germany                                   Wolfgang Schauble
Minister of Foreign Affairs   Minister of Foreign Affairs                                Finance Minister of        Finance Minister of
                                     of Germany                (2005-present)           Germany (2005-2009)
       of Germany                                                                                                 Germany (2009-present)
       (1998-2005)                 (2009-present)

     Ludwig Erhard                                                                         Helmut Kohl                  Walter Scheel
  Chancellor of West           Kurt Georg Kiesinger             Helmut Schmidt          Chancellor of West            President of West
Germany (1963-1966);            Chancellor of West             Chancellor of West      Germany (1982-1991);        Germany (1974-1979);
Minister of Economics of       Germany (1966-1969)           Germany (1974-1982);      Chancellor of Germany      Minister of Foreign Affairs
 West Germany (1949-                                        Finance Minister of West       (1991-1998)                of West Germany
          1963)                                              Germany (1972-1974)                                         (1969-1974)

   Franz Josef Strauss
Minister of Finance (1966-       Gerhard Schröder
  1969) and Minister of       Minister of Foreign Affairs    Otto Graf Lambsdorff        Gerhard Stoltenberg        Helmut Haussmann
 Defense (1956-1962) of       (1961-1966) and Defence       Minister of Economics of   Finance Minister of West   Minister of Economics of
 West Germany; Minister        Minister (1966-1969) of       West Germany (1977-        Germany (1982-1989)            West Germany
  President of Bavaria          West Germany; former           1982, 1982-1984)                                         (1988-1991)
       (1978-1988)            Member of the Nazi Party

                                                             Wolfgang Ischinger
     Volker Ruhe                     Otto Schily
                                                            German Ambassador to            Carlo Schmid              Guido Brunner
  Defense Minister of         Minister of the Interior of
                                                              the United States              [Germany]            Member of the European
 Germany (1992-1998)           Germany (1998-2005)
                                                                 (2001-2006)            Vice President of the     Commission (1974-1980);
                                                                                         Bundestag [Federal        German Ambassador to
                                                                                             Parliament]             Spain (1982-1992)
      Max Brauer                                                                   Olaf Scholz
  Mayor of Hamburg,                                 Henning Voscherau          Mayor of Hamburg,         Richard von Weizsacker
       Germany              Klaus von Dohnanyi      Mayor of Hamburg,        Germany (2011-present);      Mayor of West Berlin,
(1946-1953, 1957-1960)      Mayor of Hamburg,      Germany (1988-1997)       German Minister of Labor    Germany (1981-1984);
                           Germany (1981-1988)                               and Social Affairs (2007-      President of West
                                                                                      2009)               Germany (1984-1994)

    Lothar Späth                                        Roland Koch
                               Erwin Teufel                                      Kurt Biedenkopf
 Minister President of                              Minister-President of                                  Kurt Birrenbach
                           Minister President of                               Minister-President of
 Baden-Wurttemberg,                                  Hesse, Germany                                      Member of the German
                           Baden-Wurttemberg,                                   Saxony, Germany
 Germany (1978-1991)                                    (1999-2010)                                          Bundestag
                           Germany (1991-2005)                                     (1990-2002)

  Norbert Wieczorek                                                             Siegmar Mosdorf
 Former Member of the                                   Egon Bahr            Member of the German
                             Friedbert Pfluger                                                             Ruprecht Polenz
  German Bundestag                                 Minister for Economic     Bundestag (1990-2002);
                           Former Member of the                                                          Member of the German
                                                   Cooperation of West        Secretary of State for
                            German Bundestag                                                                 Bundestag
                                                   Germany (1974-1976)           Economics and
                                                                             Technology (1998-2002)

       Jürgen Trittin
 German Minister of the     Matthias Wissmann          Klaus Topfer                                      Herta Daubler-Gmelin
                                                                               Eckart von Klaeden
  Environment, Nature      Former Member of the    Former Minister for the                                 [Federal] Minister of
                                                                              Member of the German
Conservation and Nuclear    German Bundestag;       Environment of West                                    Justice of Germany
                                                                             Bundestag; Foreign Policy
   Safety (1998-2005);       Federal Minister of          Germany                                         (1998-2002); Former
                                                                              Spokesman CDU/CSU
 Parliamentary Leader,     Transport (1993-1998)                                                         Member of the German
 Alliance 90/The Greens                                                                                        Bundestag
                      French Government Officials who attended the Bilderberg Meetings

                                                             Rene Pleven                Antoine Pinay          Pierre Mendes-France
  Georges Pompidou           Valéry Giscard d’Estaing   Prime Minister of France   Prime Minister of France   Prime Minister of France
  President of France          President of France      (1950-1951, 1951-1952)           (1952-1953)                (1954-1955)
  (1969-1974); Prime               (1974-1981)
Minister of France (1962-

      Edgar Faure                  Guy Mollet               Raymond Barre              Michel Rocard             Pierre Beregovoy
Prime Minister of France     Prime Minister of France   Prime Minister of France   Prime Minister of France   Prime Minister of France
   (1952, 1955-1956)              (1956-1957)                (1976-1981)                (1988-1991)                (1992-1993)

    Edouard Balladur                                          Gaston Defferre                                     Bernard Kouchner
Prime Minister of France          Lionel Jospin           French Minister of the
                             Prime Minister of France                                     Manuel Valls        French Minister of Foreign
      (1993-1995);                                         Interior (1981-1984);                                and European Affairs
                                  (1997-2002)                                       French Minister of the
   Finance Minister of                                      Mayor of Marseille,                                     (2007-2010)
                                                                                    Interior (2012-present)
  France (1986-1988)                                    France (1944-1945, 1953-

                                    Jean-Pierre                                        Herve Alphand
       Michel Sapin
                                  Chevenement              Roger Seydoux de        French Ambassador to             Pierre Vimont
    Finance Minister of
                                French Minister of             Clausonne              the United States        French Ambassador to
   France (1992-1993);
                              Defense (1988-1991);       French Ambassador to            (1956-1965)              the United States
  French Minister of the
                              French Minister of the        the Soviet Union                                         (2007-2010)
Civil Service (2000-2002);
                               Interior (1997-2000)           (1968-1973)
French Minister of Labour,
 Employment and Social
  Affairs (2012-present)
                        Dutch Government Officials who attended the Bilderberg Meetings

                                                                                                Hans van Mierlo
                                                                                           Minister of Foreign Affairs      Jozias van Aartsen
                                                               Max van der Stoel           of the Netherlands (1994      Minister of Foreign Affairs
 Eelco N. van Kleffens        W.K. Norbert Schmelzer        Minister of Foreign Affairs                                     of the Netherlands
                                                                                               -1998); Minister of
Minister of Foreign Affairs   Minister of Foreign Affairs      of the Netherlands                                         (1998-2002); Mayor of
                                                                                                 Defence of the
   of the Netherlands            of the Netherlands         (1973-1977, 1981-1982)                                       The Hague (2008-pres.)
                                                                                           Netherlands (1981-1982)
       (1939-1946)                   (1971-1973)

 Maxime J.M. Verhagen               Uri Rosenthal              Frans Timmermans
Minister of Foreign Affairs   Minister of Foreign Affairs                                       Pieter Lieftinck
                                                            Minister of Foreign Affairs                                     Roelof J. Nelissen
of the Netherlands (2007-        of the Netherlands                                         Finance Minister of the
                                                               of the Netherlands                                         Finance Minister of the
   2010); Deputy Prime               (2010-2012)                                           Netherlands (1945-1952)
                                                                 (2012-present)                                          Netherlands (1971-1973)
      Minister of the
Netherlands (2010-2012)

                                   Relus ter Beek               Joris Voorhoeve                                           Laurens Jan Brinkhorst
                              Minister of Defence of the     Defence Minister of the         Frank H.G. de Grave           Minister of Economic
    H. Onno Ruding
                                     Netherlands                  Netherlands              Minister of Defence of the    Affairs of the Netherlands
 Finance Minister of the
                                     (1989-1994)                  (1994-1998)                     Netherlands                   (2003-2006)
Netherlands (1982-1989)

                                                                  Klaas de Vries             Alexander Pechtold               Elco Brinkman
     Ivo Samkalden               Ernst Hirsch Ballin        Minister of the Interior and   Minister for Government         Minister of Welfare,
Minister of Justice of the    Minister of Justice of the     Kingdom Affairs of the         Reform and Kingdom           Health and Culture of the
Netherlands (1965-1966);      Netherlands (2006-2010)       Netherlands (2000-2002)            Relations of the                Netherlands
  Mayor of Amsterdam
       (1967-1977)                                                                         Netherlands (2005-2006)             (1982-1989)
                                      Current Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers

    Christine Lagarde        Anders Fogh Rasmussen            Andonis Samaras               William Hague
 Managing Director of           Prime Minister of          Prime Minister of Greece      Secretary of State for          George Osborne
    the International         Denmark (2001-2009);             (2012-present);                Foreign and                Chancellor of the
 Monetary Fund (2011-         Secretary-General of            Foreign Minister of      Commonwealth Affairs of       Exchequer (2010-present)
present); French Minister     NATO (2009-present)            Greece (1989-1990,        Great Britain (2010-pres.);
 of Finance (2007-2011)                                          1990-1992)            Leader of the Opposition

                                                                Jyrki Katainen                                              Mark Rutte
    Jens Stoltenberg             Fredrik Reinfeldt                                     Helle Thorning-Schmidt
                                                           Prime Minister of Finland                                   Prime Minister of the
Prime Minister of Norway     Prime Minister of Sweden                                     Prime Minister of
                                                               (2011-present)                                              Netherlands
(2000-2001, 2005-pres.)           (2006-present)                                       Denmark (2011-present)

                                                                Jutta Urpilainen
                                                              Finance Minister of                                         Laurent Fabius
     Michael Noonan               Anders Borg               Finland (2011-present)                                   Prime Minister of France
                                                                                          Jacek Rostowski
   Finance Minister of         Finance Minister of                                                                     (1984-1986); French
                                                                                         Finance Minister of
 Ireland (2011-present)       Sweden (2006-present)                                                                   Minister of Foreign and
                                                                                        Poland (2007-present)
                                                                                                                     European Affairs (2012-

       Ali Babacan                                                                          Ewa Björling
Deputy Prime Minister of                                      Janos Martonyi
                              Karel Schwarzenberg                                        Minister for Trade of          Corrado Passera
Turkey for Economic and                                      Foreign Minister of
                             Minister of Foreign Affairs                                Sweden (2007-present)          Minister of Economic
 Financial Affairs (2009-                                   Hungary (1998-2002,
                                of Czech Republic              2010-present)                                           Development of Italy
present); Foreign Minister      (2007-2009, 2010-                                                                         (2011-present)
  of Turkey (2007-2009)               present)
                                         Former Prime Ministers and Presidents

                                                          Ruud F.M. Lubbers                 Wim Kok              Jan Peter Balkenende
  Barend Biesheuvel             Joop M. Den Uyl          Prime Minister of the       Prime Minister of the        Prime Minister of the
 Prime Minister of the       Prime Minister of the      Netherlands (1982-1994)     Netherlands (1994-2002)     Netherlands (2002-2010)
Netherlands (1971-1973)     Netherlands (1973-1977)

    Paul van Zeeland             Theo Lefevre                                           Wilfried Martens           Jean-Luc Dehaene
                                                            Leo Tindemans
Prime Minister of Belgium   Prime Minister of Belgium                               Prime Minister of Belgium   Prime Minister of Belgium
                                                        Prime Minister of Belgium
      (1935-1937)                 (1961-1965)                                       (1979-1981, 1981-1992)            (1992-1999)
                                                           Foreign Minister of
                                                          Belgium (1981-1989)

                                                                                        Thomas Klestil
    Guy Verhofstadt            Garret FitzGerald             John Bruton                                             Heinz Fischer
                                                                                      President of Austria
Prime Minister of Belgium   Prime Minister of Ireland   Prime Minister of Ireland                                 President of Austria
      (1999-2008)           (1981-1982, 1982-1987)           (1994-1997)                                            (2004-present)

                                                          Wolfgang Schuessel           Alfred Gusenbauer           Werner Faymann
    Bruno Kreisky               Franz Vranitzky                                       Chancellor of Austria
                                                          Chancellor of Austria                                   Chancellor of Austria
  Chancellor of Austria       Chancellor of Austria                                        (2007-2008)
                                                             (2000-2007)                                            (2008-present)
     (1970-1983)                 (1986-1997)
                                                                                          Olaf Palme
    Tage F. Erlander            Thorbjorn Falldin              Ola Ullsten          Prime Minister of Sweden        Sauli V. Niinisto
Prime Minister of Sweden    Prime Minister of Sweden    Prime Minister of Sweden    (1969-1976, 1982-1986)        President of Finland
      (1946-1969)           (1976-1978, 1979-1982)            (1978-1979)                                           (2012-present);
                                                                                                                  Finance Minister of
                                                                                                                  Finland (1996-2003)

     Kalevi Sorsa                  Esko Aho                 Paavo Lipponen                                           Martti Ahtisaari
Prime Minister of Finland   Prime Minister of Finland   Prime Minister of Finland       Matti Vanhanen             President of Finland
(1972-1975, 1977-1979,            (1991-1995)                 (1995-2003)           Prime Minister of Finland         (1994-2000)
      1982-1987)                                                                          (2003-2010)

                                 Poul Hartling
                               Prime Minister of
                             Denmark (1973-1975)
    Jens Otto Krag                                                                                                Gro Harlem Brundtland
                                                                                         Kaare Willoch          Prime Minister of Norway
   Prime Minister of                                    Poul Nyrup Rasmussen        Prime Minister of Norway     (1981, 1986-1989, 1990-
 Denmark (1962-1968,                                       Prime Minister of              (1981-1986)           1996); Director-General of
      1971-1972)                                         Denmark (1993-2001)
                                                                                                                     the World Health
                                                                                                                Organization (1998-2003)

                                                                                                                Aleksander Kwasniewski
  Bjarni Benediktsson          Geir Hallgrimsson          Gunnar Thoroddsen             David Oddsson
                                                                                                                  President of Poland
Prime Minister of Iceland   Prime Minister of Iceland   Prime Minister of Iceland   Prime Minister of Iceland
      (1963-1970)                 (1974-1978)                 (1980-1983)                 (1991-2004)
   Alcide De Gasperi             Amintore Fanfani              Mariano Rumor                Carlo A. Ciampi              Romano Prodi
  Prime Minister of Italy      Prime Minister of Italy      Prime Minister of Italy      Prime Minister of Italy     Prime Minister of Italy
      (1945-1953)            (1954, 1958-1959, 1960-      (1968-1970, 1973-1974);      (1993-1994); President of   (1996-1998, 2006-2008);
                              1963, 1982-1983, 1987)       Foreign Minister of Italy       Italy (1999-2006)       President of the European
                                                                (1974-1976)                                        Commission (1999-2004)

                                                                                                                       Hanna Suchocka
    Antonio Guterres         Pedro M. Santana Lopes                                         Jorge Sampaio
                                                               Jose Socrates                                       Prime Minister of Poland
Prime Minister of Portugal   Prime Minister of Portugal                                  President of Portugal
                                                          Prime Minister of Portugal                                    (1992-1993);
      (1996-2002)                  (2004-2005)                                               (1996-2006)
                                                                (2005-2011)                                          Minister of Justice of
                                                                                                                     Poland (1997-2000)

    Felipe Gonzalez                                        Constantine Mitsotakis                                   George A. Papandreou
                               José Luis Rodríguez                                        Kostas Karamanlis
 Prime Minister of Spain                                  Prime Minister of Greece                                 Prime Minister of Greece
                                     Zapatero                                          Prime Minister of Greece
      (1982-1996)                                               (1990-1993)                                              (2009-2011)
                              Prime Minister of Spain                                        (2004-2009)

    Lester B. Pearson                                                                         Paul Martin              Stephen Harper
                               Pierre Elliott Trudeau          Jean Chretien
Prime Minister of Canada                                                               Prime Minister of Canada    Prime Minister of Canada
                             Prime Minister of Canada     Prime Minister of Canada
      (1963-1968)                                                                            (2003-2006)                (2006-present)
                             (1968-1979, 1980-1984)             (1993-2003)
                       Prominent European Bilderberg Meetings Participants: Foreign Ministers

                                                                                           Jean-Bernard Raimond
 Henri Francois Simonet                                                                   Minister of Foreign Affairs        Hubert Vedrine
                                                             Jean Francois-Poncet
   Foreign Minister of           Gianni De Michelis                                        of France (1986-1988)        Minister of Foreign Affairs
                                                            Minister of Foreign Affairs
  Belgium (1977-1980)          Foreign Minister of Italy                                                                 of France (1997-2002)
                                                             of France (1978-1981)

     Halvard Lange                                                                         Uffe Ellemann-Jensen              Knut Vollebæk
                                    Svenn Stray                 Knut Frydenlund
   Foreign Minister of                                                                      Foreign Minister of            Foreign Minister of
                                 Foreign Minister of           Foreign Minister of
  Norway (1946-1963,                                                                       Denmark (1982-1993)           Norway (1997-2000);
                                Norway (1970-1971,            Norway (1973-1981,
      1963-1965)                                                                                                        Norwegian Ambassador
                                    1981-1986)                    1986-1987)
                                                                                                                        to the U.S. (2001-2007)

                                                                  Willibald Pahr                                           Peter Jankowitsch
                                                                                                 Erwin Lanc
  Thorvald Stoltenberg             Jan Petersen             Minister of Foreign Affairs                                 Minister of Foreign Affairs
                                                                                          Minister of Foreign Affairs
   Foreign Minister of           Foreign Minister of         of Austria (1976-1983)                                      of Austria (1986-1987)
                                                                                           of Austria (1983-1984)
  Norway (1987-1989,            Norway (2001-2005)
  1990-1993); Defense
Minister of Norway (1979-

                                                                                                                              Anna Lindh
                                 Teresa Patrício de                Luís Amado               Miguel A. Moratinos
 Joao de Deus Pinheiro                 Gouveia                                                                             Foreign Minister of
                                                            Minister of Foreign Affairs           Cuyaube
Minister of Foreign Affairs                                                                                               Sweden (1998-2003)
                              Minister of Foreign Affairs   of Portugal (2006-2011)       Foreign Minister of Spain
of Portugal (1987-1992)       of Portugal (2003-2004)                                           (2004-2010)
   Prominent European Bilderberg Meetings Participants: Finance Ministers and Other Cabinet Ministers

                                                                                   Manuela Ferreira Leite
    Giulio Tremonti                                                                Minister of Finance of
                                Mogens Lykketoft                                                               Fernando Teixeira dos
 Economy and Finance                                          Manuel Pinho         Portugal (2002-2004)
                               Finance Minister of                                                                    Santos
    Minister of Italy                                    Minister of Economy and
                              Denmark (1993-2000);                                                             Minister of Finance of
(2001-2004, 2005-2006,                                    Innovation of Portugal
                               Foreign Minister of                                                             Portugal (2005-2011)
      2008-2011)                                               (2005-2009)
                              Denmark (2000-2001)

   Gerasimos Arsenis
   Finance Minister of
  Greece (1984-1985);
  Defense Minister of                                     George Alogoskoufis       Yannis Papathanasiou      George Papaconstantinou
                                Stefanos Manos
  Greece (1993-1996)                                     Minister of Economy and   Minister of Economy and      Finance Minister of
                               Finance Minister of
                                                            Finance of Greece         Finance of Greece         Greece (2009-2011)
                               Greece (1992-1993)
                                                               (2004-2009)                   (2009)

   Jose Pedro Aguiar-                                                                                            Johan Jorgen Holst
         Branco                 Anders Thunborg                                                                  Defense Minister of
                               Defense Minister of        Otto Grieg Tidemand       Anders C. Sjaastad
   Minister of National                                                                                               Norway
                              Sweden (1983-1985);         Defense Minister of       Defense Minister of
   Defense of Portugal                                                                                        (1986-1989, 1990-1993);
                             Swedish Ambassador to        Norway (1965-1970)        Norway (1981-1986)
 (2011-present); Former                                                                                          Foreign Minister of
    Minister of Justice         the Soviet Union                                                                Norway (1993-1994)

                                                                                                                      Henri Nallet
                                                                                       Paula Lehtomaki
  Domenico Siniscalco              Per Haekkerup                                   Minister for Environment
                                                                                                               Minister of Agriculture of
Minister for Economy and         Foreign Minister of         Leif Pagrotsky        of Finland (2007-2011);    France (1985-1986, 1988-
Finance of Italy (July 16,    Denmark (1962-1966);         Minister of Trade of       Former Minister of      1990); Minister of Justice
  2004-Sept. 22, 2005);         Minister of Economic      Sweden (1997-2004)          Foreign Trade and         of France (1990-1992)
Vice Chairman of Morgan      Affairs of Denmark (1971-                             Development of Finland      International Secretary,
  Stanley International          1973, 1975-1978)                                                                   Socialist Party
                              Hans-Peter Tschudi              Kurt Furgler         Jean-Pascal Delamuraz              Flavio Cotti
    Max Petitpierre         President of Switzerland    President of Switzerland   President of Switzerland    President of Switzerland
President of Switzerland          (1965, 1970)            (1977, 1981, 1985)             (1989, 1996)                (1991, 1998)
  (1950, 1955, 1960)

                                                                                        Dermot Gleeson
                                                                                   Former Chairman, Allied
                                Doris Leuthard                                         Irish Bank Group;            Paul Gallagher
   Pascal Couchepin                                         Rolf Schweiger
                            President of Switzerland                                 Attorney General of         Attorney General of
President of Switzerland                                     [Switzerland]
                             (2010); Swiss Federal                                   Ireland (1994-1997)         Ireland (2007-2011)
        (2003)                                            Member of the Swiss
                            Councillor (2006-present)
                                                           Council of States

     Jan Bjorklund                                                                      Antonio Costa               Narcís Serra
                            Eduardo C. Marcal Grilo         Walter Veltroni        Mayor of Lisbon, Portugal
Minister for Education of                                                                                       Minister of Defence of
                            Minister of Education of      Mayor of Rome, Italy         (2007-present);
Sweden (2007-present);                                                                                           Spain (1982-1991);
                             Portugal (1995-1999)            (2001-2008)            Portuguese Minister of
Deputy Prime Minister of                                                                                        Mayor of Barcelona,
Sweden (2010-present)                                                                Justice (1999-2002)         Spain (1979-1982)

                                                                                      Dora Bakoyannis
   Schelto Patijn                                            Colette Flesch        Mayor of Athens, Greece      Per Ditlev-Simonsen
                               Francois-Xavier de          Foreign Minister of          (2003-2006);
 Mayor of Amsterdam                                                                                            Mayor of Oslo, Norway
                                    Donnea              Luxembourg (1980-1984);      Foreign Minister of
    (1994-2001)                                                                                                (1995-2007); Defense
                               Mayor of Brussels,         Mayor of Luxembourg       Greece (2006-2009)           Minister of Norway
                              Belgium (1995-2000)           City (1970-1980)                                        (1989-1990)
                                                               Rui Machete
Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa       Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues     Former Deputy Prime         Vasco Graca Moura               Paulo Rangel
       [Portugal]                    [Portugal]            Minister of Portugal,          [Portugal]                   [Portugal]
  Leader of the Social        Leader of the Portuguese   Former Defense Minister     Former Member of the         Member of the European
 Democratic Party (PSD)           Socialist Party          of Portugal; Former       European Parliament               Parliament
      (1996-1999)                  (2002-2004)              Minister of Justice

       Siv Jensen                                                                       Gunilla Carlsson
                                   Erna Solberg               Mona Sahlin            Minister for International         Guy Spitaels
        [Norway]                                                [Sweden]
                                     [Norway]                                       Development Cooperation        Leader of the Socialist
  Member of Parliament                                     Former Member of
                                   Leader of the                                    of Sweden (2006-present)       Party of Belgium (1981-
(1997-present); Leader of                                      Parliament;
                                 Conservative Party                                                               1992); Minister-President
the Progress Party (2006-                                Leader of the Opposition
                                  (2004-present)                                                                  of Wallonia (1992-1994)
        present)                                              (2007-2011)

                               Jean-Francois Deniau        François Bujon de                                        Dominique Struye de
      Sergio Romano           Member of the European             l'Estang              Bjorn T. Grydeland
  Former Ambassador of        Commission (1967-1973);    French Ambassador to        Norwegian Ambassador
                                                                                                                  Belgian Representative to
Italy to U.S.A. and Russia     French Ambassador to         the United States        to the European Union
                                                                                                                     NATO (2002-2006);
                                 Spain (1976-1978)             (1995-2002)                 (2001-2005)
                                                                                                                   Belgian Ambassador to
                                                                                                                    the U.S. (2006-2009)

       Enrico Letta              Giorgio La Malfa
                                                          Mario Ferrari Aggradi            Mario Pedini
 Industry Minister of Italy            [Italy]                                                                      Giovanni Malagodi
                                                         Minister of Education of    Minister of Education of
   (1999-2001); Deputy           Former National                                                                   Member of the Italian
                                                            Italy (1969-1970)           Italy (1978-1979)
Leader, Democratic Party       Secretary, PRI (Italian                                                             Senate (1979-1991);
                                Republican Party)                                                                  Member of Parliament
                       Prominent European Bilderberg Meetings Participants: Businessmen

                             Sir Simon Robertson         Sir William Purves
                                 [Great Britain]                                       John Browne              Robert Dudley
   Robert B. Horton                                        [Great Britain]
                              Former Chairman,                                        [Great Britain]           [Great Britain]
     [Great Britain]                                  Group Chairman of HSBC
                           Kleinwort Benson Group                                 Group Chief Executive,    Group Chief Executive,
Chairman, BP Company                                  Holdings plc (1986-1998)
                           plc; Deputy Chairman of                                  British Petroleum         British Petroleum
   plc (1990-1992)         HSBC; Director of Rolls-                                    Company plc               Company plc
                            Royce (2005-present)                                       (1995-2007)             (2010-present)

   Klaus Zumwinkel                                                                   Ekkehard Schulz
       [Germany]               Dieter Zetsche              Peter Loscher                [Germany]             Gerhard Cromme
Chairman of the Board of         [Germany]                  [Germany]                Chairman of the             [Germany]
Management, Deutsche        Chairman, Daimler AG      Chairman of the Board of      Executive Board of          Chairman of
 Post AG [German Post                                  Management, Siemens          ThyssenKrupp AG           ThyssenKrupp AG
         Office]                                                AG                     (1999-2011)              (1999-2013)

                                                                                                                Otmar Issing
                                                          Hermann J. Abs             Alfred Herrhausen           [Germany]
    Thomas Enders              Wolfgang Reitzle                                          [Germany]
                                                            [Germany]                                       Former Member of the
      [Germany]                   [Germany]                                      Former Managing Director
                                                      Former Chairman of the                                 Board of Deutsche
   CEO, Airbus SAS          President & CEO, Linde                                 of Deutsche Bank AG;
                                                        Supervisory Board of                                    Bundesbank
                           AG; former Member of the     Deutsche Bank AG;             Assassinated on
                               Board, BMW AG          former Nazi collaborator      November 30, 1989

       Peter Voser                                                                                             Andre Kudelski
                                                           Marcel Ospel          Peter Brabeck-Letmathe         [Switzerland]
      [Switzerland]                                                                    [Switzerland]
CEO of Royal Dutch Shell        Jacques Aigrain            [Switzerland]                                    Chairman of the Board
                                                      Chairman of the board of     Chairman of Nestlé        and CEO of Kudelski
   plc (2009-present);            [Switzerland]
                                                           Union Bank of         (2005-present); Director   Group [digital security
   Member, Board of            CEO of Swiss Re
                                                          Switzerland AG             of Exxon Mobil           manufacturing firm]
Directors of Royal Dutch    [reinsurance company]
                                                            (2001-2008)          Corporation (2010-pres.)      (1991-present)
         Shell plc                (2006-2009)
 Carl-Henric Svanberg
       [Sweden]                Claes Dahlbäck                                             Björn Svedberg               Michael Treschow
                                                             Leif Johansson
   Chairman of British             [Sweden]                                                  [Sweden]                      [Sweden]
 Petroleum (January 1,     Chairman of Investor AB                                      Former President,          Chairman of the board of
                                                        President and CEO, Volvo
2010-present); President         (2002-2005);                                         Telefonaktiebolaget LM        Unilever (2007-present)
  and CEO of Ericsson        Director of Goldman                                              Ericsson              Chairman of the board,
   [Swedish telephone       Sachs (2003-present)                                                                   Ericsson (2002-present)
 company] (2003-2009)                                                                                             [telecommunications firm]

                                                                                            Hans Wijers
                             Gerard J. Kleisterlee                                   Chairman of Heineken NV
                                                          Jeroen van der Veer                                       Ben J. M. Verwaayen
                                [Netherlands]                                         [beer] (2013-present);
    Paul Polman                                               [Netherlands]                                             [Netherlands]
                             President and CEO,                                       Former Chairman and
    [Netherlands]                                       Chief Executive Officer of                                Chief Executive of Alcatel-
                           Royal Philips Electronics;                                   CEO of AkzoNobel;
  CEO, Unilever PLC                                      Royal Dutch Shell plc                                    Lucent [cellphone] (2008-
                            Director of Dell (2010-                                    Minister for Economic
   (2009-present)                                              (2004-2009)                                          2013); CEO of British
                                   present)                                          Affairs of the Netherlands
                                                                                            (1994-1998)             Telecom (2002-2008)

   Michel David-Weill      Jean-Dominique Senard                                         Marc Ladreit de              Philippe Camus
                                                           Louis Schweitzer
        [France]                  [France]                                                 Lacharriere                    [France]
  Former Chairman of        CEO, Michelin Group                                              [France]             Chairman of the board of
                                                         Former Chairman and
  Lazard Freres & Co.          (2011-present)                                         Former First Executive           Alcatel-Lucent
                                                          CEO of Renault S.A.
     [banking firm]                                                                  Vice President of L’Oreal         (2008-present)

    Paolo Fresco
                              Umberto Agnelli                                              Fulvio Conti                 Paolo Scaroni
                                   [Italy]                      John Elkann                    [Italy]                      [Italy]
 Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.
                            Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.                  [Italy]              CEO and General            CEO, Eni S.p.A. [energy
                                (2003-2004)              Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.        Manager, Enel S.p.A.;       company] (2005-present);
                                                         [Italian auto company]      Director of Barclays PLC       former CEO of Techint
                                                                                                              Svein Richard Brandtzæg
     Harald J. Norvik                                                                 Egil Myklebust                   [Norway]
                              Jon Fredrik Baksaas                                        [Norway]
         [Norway]                                        Johan H. Andresen                                       President and CEO,
                                    [Norway]                                      Former Chairman of the
Director of ConocoPhillips                                    [Norway]                                            Norsk Hydro ASA
                              President and CEO of                                Board of Directors SAS,
        Company                                         Owner and CEO, FERD                                     [aluminum company]
                                 Telenor Group                                       Norsk Hydro ASA                (2009-present)

     Erik Belfrage                                                                                               Jeppe Christiansen
                                                             Pietro Supino            Ulrik Federspiel
        [Sweden]                Risto Siilasmaa                                                                      [Denmark]
                                                             [Switzerland]               [Denmark]
Chairman of the Board,             [Finland]                                                                      CEO, Maj Invest
                                                        Chairman and Publisher,   Executive Vice President,
Consilio International AB    Chairman of the Board,                                                                (2004-present)
                                                             Tamedia AG             Haldor Topsøe A/S
                               Nokia Corporation            (2007-present)

                                                        Juan María Nin Génova
                                                                [Spain]                                             Oscar Fanjul
                                 Jose Manuel             Deputy Chairman and          Emilio Ybarra                    [Spain]
     César Alierta               Entrecanales              CEO, Caixabank                 [Spain]                Chairman, Instituto
       [Spain]                      [Spain]                                        Former Chairman and              Nacional de
 Chairman and CEO of         Chairman and CEO of                                  Managing Director, Bilbao   Hidrocarburos; Chairman,
      Telefónica                   Acciona                                               Vizcaya                    Repsol S.A.
  [Spanish telecom]

  Guido Schmidt-Chiari
         [Austria]              Andreas Treichl
     Chairman of the                                     Alessandro Profumo           Willibald Cernko          Walter Rothensteiner
   Managing Board of                                            [Italy]                    [Austria]
                              Chairman and Chief                                                                       [Austria]
 Directors, Creditanstalt-                               CEO, Credito Italiano      CEO, UniCredit Bank        Chairman of the board,
                             Executive Officer, Erste
       Bankverein                                                                       Austria AG
                             Group Bank AG, Vienna                                                             Raiffeisen Zentralbank
 [Austrian banking firm]                                                                                           Österreich AG
                            Bernard Arnault
    Nicolas Bazire                                   Francois-Henri Pinault          Maurice Levy
       [France]                                            [France]                     [France]            Christophe de Margerie
                            Chairman of the
 Managing Director of                                 President, Artemis;         Chairman and CEO,                [France]
                           Management Board,
 Groupe Arnault/LVMH                                Chairman and CEO, PPR         Publicis Groupe S.A.            CEO, Total
                         LVMH [Louis Vuitton Moët
    (1999-present)             Hennessy]                    Group

                              Denis Ranque                                         Anne Lauvergeon
                                                         Frederic Oudea                [France]                Paul Hermelin
   Franck Riboud                 [France]
                                                            [France]             Former Chairman and              [France]
      [France]             Chairman and CEO,
                                                     Chairman and CEO of            CEO of AREVA              CEO of Capgemini
 Chairman and CEO,        Thales Aerospace and
                          Defence (1998-2009)       Societe Generale [French
   Danone Foods

                                                        Michael Pragnell                                        Richard Schenz
    Anthony Ruys            Gianfelice Rocca                                      Norbert Zimmermann
                                                          [Great Britain]                                          [Austria]
    [Netherlands]                [Italy]                                                [Austria]
                                                    Chief Executive Officer of                              Former Chairman and
Former Chairman of the     Chairman of Techint                                   Chairman, Berndorf AG
                                                          Syngenta AG                                      CEO, OMV AG [Austrian
 Board, Heineken N.V.
                                                           (2000-2007)                                      oil and gas company]
   [beer company]

                                                                                                               Mathias Dopfner
   Maurice Lippens           Thomas Leysen            Jean-Pierre Hansen               Rolf Soiron            Chairman and Chief
      [Belgium]                 [Belgium]                  [Belgium]                  [Switzerland]        Executive Officer of Axel
Chairman, FORTIS Bank      Chairman of Umicore      CEO, Suez-Tractebel S.A.     Chairman of the Board,       Springer AG (2002-
                          [materials technology]                                 Holcim Ltd., Lonza Ltd.   present); Director of Time
                             (2008-present)                                                                 Warner (2006-present)
    Robin Buchanan                                                                                                   Sir Tom McKillop
                                                                                      Lord John Sainsbury
     [Great Britain]       Rupert L. Pennant-Rea             Sir Duncan M.                                            [Great Britain]
                                                                                         [Great Britain]
Former Senior Partner of   Deputy Governor of the             Oppenheim                                           Former Chairman, The
                                                                                     Chairman, J. Sainsbury
Bain & Company; former         Bank of England               [Great Britain]                                      Royal Bank of Scotland
                                                                                      PLC [supermarkets];
 Dean and President of           (1993-1995);              Chairman of British                                   Group; Chief Executive of
                                                                                    Chancellor of Cambridge
London Business School     Editor of The Economist         American Tobacco                                      AstraZeneca (1999-2005)
                                                                                    University (2011-present)
                                 (1986-1993)                  (1953-1966)

 Ulysses Kyriacopoulos
        [Greece]                                                                        Idar Kreutzer
                           Dimitri Papalexopoulos          Ana Patricia Botin             [Norway]
Chairman, S&B Industrial                                                                                           Jon Fredrik Baksaas
                                   [Greece]                     [Spain]              CEO, Storebrand ASA
    Minerals; former                                                                                                    [Norway]
                           Managing Director, Titan      Executive Chairman of
Chairman, Federation of                                                                                            President and CEO,
                                 Cement Co.                     Banesto
Greek Industries, Athens                                                                                             Telenor Group

                                                             Pierre André de                                          Antonio Borges
                               Dick Benschop                    Chalendar               Walter B. Kielholz
  Jan H.M. Hommen                                                                                                        [Portugal]
                                [Netherlands]                    [France]                  [Switzerland]
    [Netherlands]                                                                                                 Vice Governor of Banco
                           President Director, Shell       Chairman and CEO,        Former Chairman of the
 Chairman of ING N.V.                                                                                            de Portugal (1990-1993);
                                 Netherlands                  Saint-Gobain            Board, Credit Suisse;
    [banking firm]                                                                                               Former Vice Chairman of
                                                         [construction company]     Executive Vice Chairman
                                                                                    of the Board of Directors,        Goldman Sachs
                                                             (2010-present)                                            International
                                                                                             Swiss Re

                                                             Gunnar Brock               Hans Straberg              Slawomir S. Sikora
                               Gabriele Galateri (di            [Sweden]                   [Sweden]                       [Poland]
     Björn Wahlroos
                                   Genola) [Italy]      Former CEO, Atlas Copco      President and CEO of        Chief Executive Officer
                           Chairman of Mediobanca        AB; Director of Investor        Electrolux AB            and Citigroup Country
Chairman of the Board of
                           (2003-2007); Chairman of        AB (2009-present)             (2002-2010)             Officer for Poland, Bank
     Sampo Group
                              the board of Telecom                                                               Handlowy w Warszawie,
  [financial services]
                            Italia S.p.A. (2007-2011)                                                                     Warsaw
                             Prominent European Bilderberg Meetings Participants: Journalists

    Nicholas Beytout              Erik Izraelewicz
                                      [France]                 Theo Sommer                 Matthias Nass
         [France]                                                                           [Germany]                 Oscar Bronner
                                  CEO, Le Monde                  [Germany]
Editor-in-Chief, Le Figaro                                                             Deputy Editor, Die Zeit           [Austria]
                                [French newspaper]         Former Editor-in-Chief of
  [French newspaper]                                                                    [German newspaper]       Publisher and Editor, Der
                                                                  Die Zeit
                                                                                                                  Standard [newspaper]

   Gideon Rachman                  Martin H. Wolf                                                                  Toger Seidenfaden
     [Great Britain]               [Great Britain]            John Micklethwait           Anatole Kaletsky               [Denmark]
  Chief Foreign Affairs           Chief Economics               [Great Britain]            [Great Britain]       Editor in Chief, Politiken
  Commentator, The               Commentator, The            Editor-in-Chief, The      Former Editor at Large,    [Danish newspaper]
    Financial Times               Financial Times                 Economist                  The Times

                                                                                                                    Alexis Papahelas
                                   Barbara Spinelli         Gaetano Scardocchia                                   Journalist, Kathimerini
                                                                    [Italy]               Yves de Kerdrel
     Marco Panara                        [Italy]                                              [France]
          [Italy]             Editorialist and European      Editor, La Stampa
                                                                                          Editor, Le Figaro
Journalist, La Republica         Correspondent, La
                                    Stampa, Paris

                                                                 Olli Kivinen                David Frum              Dambisa Moyo
                                 Mikael Pentikainen               [Finland]                                          [International]
    Janne Virkkunen                                                                     [Canada/America]
                                       [Finland]              Senior Editor and                                   Economist and Author
        [Finland]                                                                      Political Commentator
                               Publisher and Senior          Columnist, Helsingin
 Former Senior Editor in      Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin
Chief, Helsingin Sanomat                                          Sanomat
                   Prominent European Bilderberg Meetings Participants: Organization Executives

                                   Georges Berthoin            A.G. Bert Koenders           Adrianus P.W. "Ad"
                                       [France]             United Nations Secretary-             Melkert
     Sixten Korkman             European Chairman of                                                                       Mary Jo Jacobi
                                                                General's Special        Minister of Social Affairs
         [Finland]            The Trilateral Commission                                                                     [Great Britain]
                                                            Representative and Head       and Employment of the
 Managing Director, The           (1975-1992); Chief                                                                    Former U.S. Assistant
                                                              of the United Nations      Netherlands (1994-1998);
 Research Institute of the      Representative of the                                                                  Secretary of Commerce;
                                                            Operation in Côte d'Ivoire   Under Secretary-General
 Finnish Economy ETLA             Commission of the                                                                   Former Vice President of
                                                            (UNOCI) (2011-present);           and Associate
and Finnish Business and       European Community to                                                                  Royal Dutch Shell; Former
                                                              Member of the Dutch         Administrator of United
    Policy Forum EVA             the United Kingdom                                                                     Advisor to the Board of
                                                            House of Representatives       Nations Development
                                     (1971-1973)                   (1997-2007)           Programme (2006-2009)             HSBC Holdings

                                 Loukas Tsoukalis              Jacob Mchangama
    Geir Lundestad                                                                          Peter Mitterbauer
                                     [Greece]                      [Denmark]                                            Friedrich Verzetnitsch
        [Norway]                                                                                [Austria]
                                President, Hellenic         Director of Legal Affairs,                                         [Austria]
  Director, Norwegian                                                                    Honorary President, The
                              Foundation for European          Center for Political                                     President of Austrian
Nobel Institute; Secretary,                                                               Federation of Austrian
                                and Foreign Policy              Studies (CEPOS)                                              Trade Union
   Norwegian Nobel                                                                          Industry, Vienna
       Committee                   (ELIAMEP)

    Dominique Moisi            Bernard Ramanantsoa             Denis Olivennes               Laurence Parisot
        [France]                                                  [France]                                               Jean-Pierre Jouyet
                                      [France]                                                   [France]              French Minister of State
 Deputy Director of the        Dean, HEC Paris Group        CEO and Editor in Chief,        President, MEDEF
   French Institute for                                     Le Nouvel Observateur                                     responsible for European
                                                                                             employers' union            Affairs (2007-2008);
 International Relations                                                                      (2005-present)
          (IFRI)                                                                                                      Trustee of Aspen Institute

    Stefano Silvestri               Cesare Merlini
                                         [Italy]                  Matti Apunen               Christoffer Taxell            Krister Ahlstrom
          [Italy]                                                                                [Finland]                     [Finland]
                               Former Director, Italian              [Finland]
 President, Institute for                                                                  President and CEO,            President and CEO,
                              Institute for International   Director, Finnish Business
International Affairs (IAI)                                                               Partek Oyj (1990-2002)           Ahlstrom Group
                                         Affairs             and Policy Forum EVA
                                Other Prominent European Bilderberg Meetings Participants

                                                                                            Bjorn Stigson
                                    David A. Morse                                          [International]              Klaus Schwab
    Frans van Daele                  [International]        Sir Andrew Crockett
                                                                                          President, World               [International]
      [International]           Director-General of the         [International]
                                                                                        Business Council for            President, World
   Chief of Staff to the         International Labour     General Manager of the
                                                                                      Sustainable Development           Economic Forum
President of the European       Organisation [Geneva]      Bank for International
          Council                     (1948-1970)         Settlements (1994-2003)

                                                                                      Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell
                                       Kurt Lauk
                                                             Martin Bartenstein          Vice Governor of the           Philippe Maystadt
    Takis Arapoglou                                               [Austria]            Austrian National Bank       President of the European
                                Former Member of the
        [Greece]                                          Former Federal Minister     (1998–2003); Member of         Investment Bank (EIB)
                                 European Parliament
Chairman and CEO of the                                   of Economics and Labor       the Executive Board of             (2000-2011);
                                  (EPP Group-CDU);
National Bank of Greece                                                                 the European Central           Finance Minister of
                                Former Member of the
      (2004-2009)                                                                         Bank (2003-2011)            Belgium (1988-1998)
                                Board, DaimlerChrysler

  Olli-Pekka Heinonen
   Former Minister of              Max Jakobson
                                                                                            Erhard Busek              Augusto Santos Silva
      Transport and                Former Finnish           Wolfgang Petritsch        Chairman, Institute for the   Minister for Parliamentary
  Communications of            Ambassador to the United           [Austria]              Danube Region and              Affairs of Portugal
         Finland                 Nations and Sweden       High Representative for       Central Europe (IDM);
                                                          Bosnia and Herzegovina      Vice-Chancellor of Austria
                                                               (1999-2002)                  (1991-1995)

         Olivier Roy                                                                                                     Philippe Villin
          [France]                                           Christophe Béchu              Nicolas Baverez
  Professor of Social and          Pierre Lellouche               [France]                     [France]
                                                                                                                     Former Vice Chairman,
      Political Theory,                [France]            Senator, and Chairman,      Partner, Gibson, Dunn &
                                                                                                                    Lehman Brothers Europe
   European University          Vice Chairman, NATO       General Council of Maine-   Crutcher LLP [Paris office]
 Institute [Florence, Italy]   Parliamentary Assembly              et-Loire

                                                             Ralf Dahrendorf           Roderick J.N. “Rory”         Nicholas E.C. “Nick” Boles
                                  Bjorn Bjarnason
                                                              [Great Britain]                Stewart                      [Great Britain]
  Patrick Devedjian                   [Iceland]
                                                          Former Member, House            [Great Britain]             Member of Parliament
       [France]                  Former Member of
                                                                 of Lords              Member of Parliament              (2010-present)
 Member of Parliament                Parliament

                                                                                        Anastasios Giannitsis
                                Francesco Giavazzi                                    Professor of Development         Antoinette Spaak
   Timothy Garton Ash                                         Arild Underdal
                                       [Italy]                                             and International               [Belgium]
      [Great Britain]         Professor of Economics,            [Norway]               Economics at Univ. of       Former Minister of State;
 Professor of European        Bocconi University, Milan    Rector of University of     Athens; Former Minister       Former Member of the
Studies, Oxford University         (1991-present)            Oslo (2002-2005)            of Interior of Greece       European Parliament

    Gijs M. de Vries          Nuno Morais Sarmento        Bernardino Leon Gross          Soraya Sáenz de
     [International]                 [Portugal]                   [Spain]                Santamaría Antón              Maria Dolores de
European Union Counter        Member of Parliament;       Secretary General of the            [Spain]                      Cospedal
 Terrorism Coordinator;       Minister of State and of      Spanish Presidency          Vice President and                  [Spain]
Deputy Interior Minister of     the Presidency and                                        Minister for the            Secretary General of
    the Netherlands            Parliamentary Affairs                                  Presidency (2011-pres.)           Partido Popular
      (1998-2002)                   (2004-2005)                                                                         (2008-present)

                                                                                                                          Horst Teltschik
   Heinrich Neisser                                            Wischnewski               Dr. Volker Perthes                 [Germany]
       [Austria]                  Rainer Barzel                  [Germany]                    [Germany]                  Former Head of
Chairman, Parliamentary       Federal Minister of All-    Negotiator in the October    Director of the German          Department Foreign
 Group of the Austrian        German Affairs of West        1977 hijacking of a       Institute for International      Affairs and Security
People’s Party (OVP) in       Germany (1962-1963)           Lufthansa airliner to        and Security Affairs       Policy, Chancellor’s Office
 the Austrian National                                      Mogadishu, Somalia         [Stiftung Wissenschaft         former Member of the
      Assembly                                                                        und Politik] (2005-pres.)           board of BMW

                              Marco Tronchetti Provera                                                                   Hubert Burda
                                        [Italy]             Alfredo Ambrosetti             Vasco de Mello
  Rodolfo De Benedetti          Chairman and CEO,                  [Italy]                   [Portugal]
                                                                                                                      Publisher and CEO,
         [Italy]                    Pirelli S.p.A.        Chairman of Abbrosetti      Vice Chairman and CEO,
                                                                                                                      Hubert Burda Media
 Chief Executive Officer,                                         Group                 Grupo José de Mello
                                                                                                                      Holding GmbH & Co.

       Hans Groth
      [Switzerland]                                                                         Israel Asper
                                                                                                                         E. Fuat Keyman
 Former Senior Director,        James W. Vaupel                                                [Canada]
                                                            Kenneth S. Courtis                                               [Turkey]
  Healthcare Policy &         Founding Director, Max                                    Chairman, CanWest
                                                               [International]                                       Director, Istanbul Policy
Market Access, Oncology         Planck Institute for                                   Global Communications
                                                         Vice President for Asia of                                  Center and Professor of
  Business Unit, Pfizer       Demographic Research                                           [television];
                                                         Goldman Sachs, (Japan)                                      International Relations,
Europe; Chairman of the                                                                 Chairman, CanWest
                                                                     Inc.                                               Sabanci University
      board, World                                                                        Capital Group Inc.
 Demographic & Ageing
   Forum, Switzerland

                                                                                           Lynn Forester de
     Raimo Vayrynen             Peter Mansbridge           Sir Alan Westerman                  Rothschild                 Orit Gadiesh
          [Finland]                  [Canada]                   [Australia]                 [America/Britain]              [America]
   Director, The Finnish       Chief Correspondent,          Secretary of the           Former President and         Chairman of the board,
 Institute of International   Canadian Broadcasting        Department of Trade         CEO, FirstMark Holdings         Bain & Company
           Affairs                 Corporation                 (1960-1971)            Inc.; wife of British banker
                                                                                        Evelyn de Rothschild

 Christine “Stine” Bosse                                      Sonia Arrison               Hanna Rajalahti             Tayyibe Gulek Domac
        [Denmark]               Teija H. Tiilikainen            [America]                    [Finland]                      [Turkey]
    CEO, TrygVesta                   [Finland]           Author and policy analyst       Managing Editor of          Former Minister of State
                               Director, University of                                     Talouselama
                               Helsinki, Network for                                       (2005-2012)
                                European Studies
                             Other Prominent American Bilderberg Meetings Participants
Bilderberg Meetings Powerbrokers:

  Marie-Josee Kravis                                                                                            Jessica T. Mathews
                              Henry A. Kissinger         Vernon E. Jordan Jr.       James A. Johnson
Senior Fellow of Hudson                                                                                        President of Carnegie
                            U.S. Secretary of State    Senior Managing Director    Chairman and CEO of
     Institute, Inc.                                                                                              Endowment for
                                 (1973-1977)               of Lazard Freres       Fannie Mae (1991-1998)
                                                                                                                International Peace

   Paul D. Wolfowitz            Richard N. Perle          Martin S. Feldstein       Thomas E. Donilon             Kenneth W. Dam
 President of The World    Chairman of the Defense      President and CEO of      National Security Advisor    Deputy U.S. Secretary of
   Bank (2005-2007);       Policy Board (2001-2003)       National Bureau of      (2010-present); General     the Treasury (2001-2003)
Deputy U.S. Secretary of                                 Economic Research         Counsel of Fannie Mae
  Defense (2001-2005)                                  (1977-1982, 1984-2008)           (1999-2005)

                                                         Joseph E. Johnson                                       William P. Bundy
   Emilio G. Collado           Arthur H. Dean           President of Carnegie           H.J. Heinz II          Assistant Secretary of
Executive Vice President     Partner of Sullivan &         Endowment for          Chairman of the board of    State for East Asian and
    of Exxon Corp.         Cromwell [law firm in New     International Peace       H.J. Heinz Company              Pacific Affairs
     (1966-1975)            York City] (1929-1976)           (1950-1971)               (1959-1987)                  (1964-1969)

    Jack F. Bennett
                             Dwayne O. Andreas              Paul A. Allaire                                     Richard C. Holbrooke
Senior Vice President of                                                          Charles McC. Mathias Jr.
                             Chairman of Archer-        Chairman and CEO of                                   Vice Chairman of Perseus
     Exxon Corp.                                                                        U.S. Senator
                             Daniels-Midland Co.       Xerox Corp. (1991-2001)                                  LLC (2001-2009); U.S.
     (1975-1989)                                                                   (Republican-Maryland,
                                (1979-1997)                                                                     Representatives to the
                                                                                                                   United Nations
Central Bankers:

                                                          Ben S. Bernanke            Robert B. Zoellick            John P. Lipsky
    Paul A. Volcker           Sir Alan Greenspan       Chairman of the Federal     President of The World      First Deputy Managing
Chairman of the Federal     Chairman of the Federal    Reserve (2006-present)        Bank (2007-2012)          Director of International
 Reserve (1979-1987)         Reserve (1987-2006)
                                                                                                                   Monetary Fund

                                                        William J. McDonough        Timothy F. Geithner
  Anthony M. Solomon                                   President of the Federal   President of the Federal      Michael H. Moskow
 President of the Federal     E. Gerald Corrigan        Reserve Bank of New        Reserve Bank of New        President of the Federal
  Reserve Bank of New       President of the Federal      York (1993-2003)           York (2003-2009);        Reserve Bank of Chicago
    York (1980-1985)         Reserve Bank of New                                  Secretary of the Treasury         (1994-2007)
                               York (1985-1993)                                         (2009-2013)

Corporate Lawyers and Financiers:

   Dean G. Acheson                                       Roswell L. Gilpatric          Cyrus R. Vance            Stuart E. Eizenstat
                              Charles M. Spofford
Member of Covington &                                    Partner of Cravath,         Partner of Simpson,       Member of Covington &
                            Member of Davis, Polk &
   Burling [law firm]                                     Swaine & Moore              Thacher & Bartlett          Burling [law firm];
                               Wardwell [law firm]
(1921-1933, 1934-1941,                                 (1931-1951, 1953-1961,      [law firm] (1956-1961,     Deputy Secretary of the
                            (1940-1950, 1952-1973)
      1953-1971)                                             1964-1977)           1967-1977, 1980-1998);      Treasury (1999-2001)
                                                                                  U.S. Secretary of State

      Mark Medish              Roger C. Altman            Timothy C. Collins                                      Steven Rattner
                                                                                      Bruce Kovner
  Partner of Akin Gump       Chairman of Evercore      Senior Managing Director                                 Managing Principal of
                                                                                    Chairman of Caxton
Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP         Partners Inc.         and CEO of Ripplewood                                   Quadrangle Group LLC
                                                                                     Associates LLC
        [law firm]                                          Holdings, LLC
Corporate Executives:

                                                          Walker L. Cisler            J. Irwin Miller
  Robert O. Anderson                                    Chairman of Detroit      Chairman of the board of
                             Lammot du Pont                                                                    William A. Hewitt
 Chairman and CEO of                                  Edison Co. (1964-1975)      Cummins Engine Co.
                                 Copeland                                                                    Chairman and CEO of
 Atlantic Richfield Co.                                                               (1951-1977)
                          President of E.I. du Pont                                                         Deere & Co. (1964-1982)
 (ARCO) (1964-1985)          de Nemours Inc.

                                                                                                              Louis V. Gerstner Jr.
                            William C. Ford Jr.         C. Peter McColough           David T. Kearns         Chairman and CEO of
    J. Ward Keener         Chairman and CEO of         Chairman and CEO of        Chairman and CEO of        International Business
 Chairman and CEO of       Ford Motor Company         Xerox Corp. (1971-1982)    Xerox Corp. (1985-1991)     Machines Corp. (IBM)
B.F. Goodrich Company                                                                                       (1993-2002); Chairman,
                                                                                                            Carlyle Group (2003-08)

     Eric Schmidt          William H. “Bill” Gates     James D. Robinson III
 Chairman and CEO of                                                                William T. Esrey            John H. Bryan
                           Former Chairman of          Chairman and CEO of
      Google Inc.                                                                 Chairman and CEO of        Chairman and CEO of
                           Microsoft Corporation       American Express Co.
    (2001-present)                                                                 Sprint Corporation        Sara Lee Corporation
                                                                                      (1990-2003)                (1976-2000)

    Indra K. Nooyi
                               Muhtar Kent                                          Robert B. Shapiro             Sidney Taurel
 Chairman and CEO of                                     Andrew N. Liveris
                          Chairman of the board                                   Chairman and CEO of        Chairman and CEO of
     PepsiCo, Inc.                                    Chairman, President, and
                          and CEO of The Coca-                                     Monsanto Company          Eli Lilly and Company
    (2007-present)                                       CEO of The Dow
                             Cola Company                                          [chemical company]           [pharmaceutical]
                                                        Chemical Company                                          (1999 -2008)
                             (2009-present)                                            (1995-2000)
Journalists, Editors and Media Executives:

                                Donald E. Graham            Jim Hoagland              Meg Greenfield           Charles Krauthammer
   Katharine Graham           Chairman and CEO of                                 Editorial Page Editor of
                                                         Associate Editor and                                 Syndicated Columnist for
Chairman of the board of     The Washington Post Co.                               The Washington Post
                                                            Chief Foreign                                      The Washington Post
The Washington Post Co.          (1993-present)                                        (1979-1999)
                                                         Correspondent, The                                       (1984-present)
                                                          Washington Post

     Peter R. Kann              Karen Elliott House          Paul A. Gigot                                           Max Boot
                                                                                      Robert L. Bartley        Columnist for The Wall
Chairman of Dow Jones &        Publisher of The Wall     Editorial Page Editor,   Editor of The Wall Street
    Co. (1991-2007)               Street Journal        The Wall Street Journal                                    Street Journal
                                                                                    Journal (1979-2003)

      Joseph Kraft
Syndicated Columnist for
                                                                                     Hedley Donovan             Henry A. Grunwald
 The Washington Post          Arthur Hays Sulzberger       C.D. Jackson
                                                                                  Editor-in-Chief of Time,     Editor-in-Chief of Time,
      (1963-1986)             Chairman of the board       Publisher of Life
                                                                                     Inc. (1964-1979)             Inc. (1979-1987)
                                 (1957-1968) and        magazine (1960-1964)
                             President (1935-1957) of
                             The New York Times Co.

                              Mortimer Zuckerman                                     Rupert Murdoch
     Fareed Zakaria                                      Norman Pearlstine                                      Thomas L. Friedman
                              Editor-in-Chief of U.S.                              Chairman and CEO of
   Editor of Newsweek                                   Editor-in-Chief of Time                               Foreign Affairs Columnist
                             News and World Report                                News Corp. (Fox News)
       International                                    magazine (1995-2005)                                   of The New York Times
                                  (1984-present)                                      (1991-present)
     (2000-present)                                                                                                (1995-present)
    Andrea Mitchell              Lesley Stahl
  Chief Foreign Affairs                                                                                          William F. Buckley Jr.
                             CBS News 60 Minutes           David Gergen                James F. Hoge Jr.
 Correspondent for NBC                                                                                         Editor-in-Chief of National
                               Correspondent            Editor-at-Large, U.S.        Publisher of New York
     (1994-present)                                                                                              Review (1955-1990)
                                (1991-present)         News and World Report        Daily News (1985-1991);
                                                                                    Publisher of Chicago Sun
                                                                                      Times (1980-1984)

      William Kristol             John Vinocur             Peter Jennings                                          Robert W. Kagan
  Journalist; Chairman,                                Anchor, ABC News World           George F. Will             Columnist for The
                             Senior Correspondent,
Project for the Republican                                  News Tonight               Columnist for the           Washington Post
                              International Herald
          Future                                                                       Washington Post

                              Cyrus L. Sulzberger          Peggy Noonan
                                                                                         Osborn Elliott           William G. Hyland
      Charlie Rose                Journalist            Columnist for the Wall      Chairman of the board of    Editor of Foreign Affairs
       Journalist                                          Street Journal
                                                                                        Newsweek, Inc.          magazine (1984-1992)

    Frank H. Pearl
 Former Chairman and                                          Flora Lewis
 CEO of Perseus Books                                  Foreign Affairs Columnist,       Elizabeth Drew              Moises Naim
   Group [publishing                Gerard Piel          The New York Times                Journalist          Former Editor-in-Chief of
      company]               President and Publisher                                                               Foreign Policy
                              of Scientific American
Organization Executives:

                              Franklin A. Thomas           Judith Rodin               Walter Isaacson
  Bruce K. MacLaury                                                                 President of Aspen          Richard N. Haass
                               President of Ford         President of The
    President of The                                                              Institute (2003-present)   President of the Council
                            Foundation (1979-1996)     Rockefeller Foundation
  Brookings Institution                                                                                       on Foreign Relations
      (1977-1995)                                                                                                (2003-present)

                                                                                    Bayless Manning
                                                        Michael H. Armacost      President of the Council
     Dennis B. Ross              Winston Lord             President of The                                        Elliott V. Bell
                            President of the Council                              on Foreign Relations
Director, The Washington                                Brookings Institution                                Treasurer of the Council
                             on Foreign Relations                                      (1971-1977)
  Institute for Near East                                   (1995-2002)                                       on Foreign Relations
           Policy                 (1977-1985)                                                                     (1952-1964)

                              Thomas L. Hughes               Dean Rusk               Robert E. Rubin            Walter P. Reuther
   Paul G. Hoffman           President of Carnegie        President of The         Co-Chairman of the          President of United
   President of Ford            Endowment for          Rockefeller Foundation       Council on Foreign         Automobile Workers
Foundation (1950-1953)        International Peace           (1952-1961);         Relations (2007-present);     [UAW] (1946-1970)
                                  (1971-1991)          U.S. Secretary of State   Secretary of the Treasury
                                                            (1961-1969)                 (1995-1999)

 (Gen.) Charles G. Boyd         Melinda Gates                                           Britt Harris
   President and CEO,        Co-Founder of Gates                                 CIO, Teacher Retirement        Ralph E. Reed Jr.
 Business Executives for         Foundation                  Fred Krupp             System of Texas           President of Century
    National Security                                       President of                                        Strategies; former
                                                       Environmental Defense                                 Executive Director of the
                                                                Fund                                           Christian Coalition
College Presidents, Deans, and Professors:

                              Kingman Brewster Jr.                                                                  Lawrence H. Summers
    Martin Meyerson                                          Andrew W. Cordier             James A. Perkins        Secretary of the Treasury
President of University of      President of Yale                                         President of Cornell
                                                            President of Columbia                                  (1999-2001); President of
  Pennsylvania (1970-         University (1963-1977)                                     University (1963-1969)
                                                            University (1968-1970)                                    Harvard University
         1981)                                                                                                           (2001-2006)

   Edward S. Mason                                                                       Laura D’Andrea Tyson         R. Glenn Hubbard
                                  Don K. Price Jr.          Theodore M. Hesburgh
 Dean of the Graduate                                                                   Dean of London Business       Dean of Columbia
                             Dean of Graduate School       President of University of
    School of Public                                                                      School of Economics         Business School
                             of Public Administration at   Notre Dame (1952-1987)
Administration at Harvard                                                                     (2002-2006)              (2004-present)
 University (1947-1958)          Harvard University

                                                              Robert D. Blackwill                                       Merit E. Janow
                                                           Lecturer in Public Policy,      Donald F. McHenry       Professor of International
                                   Fouad Ajami
    Kenneth S. Rogoff                                      John F. Kennedy School        Research Professor of        Economic Law and
                             Professor of Middle East
Professor of Economics at                                  of Government, Harvard            Diplomacy and          International Affairs at
                             Studies at Johns Hopkins
    Harvard University                                         University; U.S.           International Affairs,     Columbia University
                                                             Ambassador to India         Georgetown University

                                                             Marina v. N. Whitman
   Carroll L. Wilson                                       Professor of Economics at        Donald F. Hornig        Clifton R. Wharton Jr.
     Professor at                Gerald L. Curtis            University of Pittsburgh      President of Brown       President of Michigan
Massachusetts Institute of     Professor of Political      (1973-1979); Vice Pres. of    University (1970-1976);       State University
      Technology               Science at Columbia           General Motors Corp.       former Manhattan Project          (1970-1978)
                                    University                   (1979- 1992)                   scientist
Government Officials (Attended the Bilderberg Meetings While in Office):

                                                                                           Sandy Berger              Condoleezza Rice
       Dan Quayle                McGeorge Bundy             Zbigniew Brzezinski       National Security Advisor
                                                          National Security Advisor                                U.S. Secretary of State
Vice President of the U.S.   National Security Advisor                                      (1993-1997)
                                                                (1977-1981)                                             (2005-2009)
      (1989-1993)                  (1961-1966)

                                  Bill Richardson           Henry M. Paulson Jr.         Donald H. Rumsfeld            William J. Perry
        Mike Espy                                                                                                 U.S. Secretary of Defense
                             U.S. Secretary of Energy     Secretary of the Treasury   U.S. Secretary of Defense
    U.S. Secretary of                                                                                                   (1994-1997)
                                   (1999-2001)             (2006-2009); Chairman       (1975-1977, 2001-2006)
 Agriculture (1993-1994)
                                                            and CEO of Goldman
                                                             Sachs (1999-2006)

                                                                                                                     Jack F. Matlock Jr.
   David K.E. Bruce             George C. McGhee            Rozanne L. Ridgway           Arthur A. Hartman
                                                                                                                   U.S. Ambassador to the
  U.S. Ambassador to         U.S. Ambassador to West      U.S. Ambassador to East      U.S. Ambassador to the
                                                                                                                  Soviet Union (1987-1991)
Great Britain (1961-1969)     Germany (1963-1968)          Germany (1983-1985)        Soviet Union (1981-1987)

  Robert S. Strauss
 U.S. Ambassador to                                          Evan G. Galbraith             Richard R. Burt
                               Thomas R. Pickering                                                                   Charles H. Price II
Soviet Union (1991) and                                     U.S. Ambassador to        U.S. Ambassador to West
                               U.S. Ambassador to                                                                 U.S. Ambassador to Great
     Russia (1992)                                          France (1981-1985)         Germany (1985-1989)
                               Russia (1993-1996)                                                                    Britain (1983-1989)
Government Officials (Attended the Bilderberg Meetings While in Office):

                                                                Sam Nunn               Christopher J. Dodd            Chuck Hagel
       Bill Bradley               Larry Pressler
                                                               U.S. Senator               U.S. Senator                U.S. Senator
  U.S. Senator (D-New         U.S. Senator (R-South       (D-Georgia, 1972-1997)      (D-Conn., 1981-2011)       (R-Nebraska, 1997-2009)
   Jersey, 1979-1997)          Dakota, 1979-1997)

                                                               John F. Kerry           Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr.          Claiborne Pell
   Walter F. Mondale              John H. Chafee
                                                                U.S. Senator               U.S. Senator               U.S. Senator
    U.S. Senator (D-               U.S. Senator
                                                             (D-Massachusetts,        (D-Texas, 1971-1993);         (D-Rhode Island,
 Minnesota, 1964-1976);          (R-Rhode Island,
                                                                1985-2013)           Secretary of the Treasury         1961-1997)
Vice President of the U.S.          1976-1999)

 Bourke B. Hickenlooper           Fred R. Harris           Adlai E. Stevenson III       Henry M. Jackson             Daniel J. Evans
      U.S. Senator                 U.S. Senator                  U.S. Senator              U.S. Senator               U.S. Senator
  (R-Iowa, 1945-1969)        (D-Oklahoma, 1964-1973)       (D-Illinois, 1970-1981)       (D-Washington,              (R-Washington,
                                                                                           1953-1983)                  1983-1989)

      H.J. Heinz III             Jacob K. Javits                                       Edward W. Brooke III          Clifford P. Case
                                                             J. William Fulbright                                     U.S. Senator
      U.S. Senator                U.S. Senator                  U.S. Senator               U.S. Senator
    (R-Pennsylvania,         (R-New York, 1957-1981)                                    (R-Massachusetts,            (R-New Jersey,
                                                          (D-Arkansas, 1945-1974)                                      1955-1979)
       1977-1991)                                                                          1967-1979)
Government Officials (Attended the Bilderberg Meetings While in Office):

                                                                                                                    Christine A. Varney
                                                                                                                   Assistant U.S. Attorney
                                                                                                                    General for Antitrust
    Robert D. Hormats                                      James B. Steinberg             Peter R. Orszag
                                 Philip H. Gordon                                                                       (2009-2011)
 Under Secretary of State                                Deputy Secretary of State    Director of the Office of
for Economic, Energy and      Assistant Secretary of
                                                               (2009-2011)           Management and Budget
    Agricultural Affairs      State for European and
      (2009-present)              Eurasian Affairs

                                                                                                                      Charles A. James
     John R. Bolton              Douglas J. Feith             Philip Zelikow                                       Assistant U.S. Attorney
                                                                                        Kristen Silverberg
Under Secretary of State        Under Secretary of         Counselor, U.S. State      Assistant Secretary of        General for Antitrust
 for Arms Control and           Defense for Policy        Department (2005-2006)                                    (2001-2002); Former
                                                                                      State for International
 International Security           (2001-2005)                                          Organization Affairs          General Counsel of
  Affairs (2001-2005)                                                                      (2005-2009)                    Chevron

  Eugene V. Rostow              Elliot L. Richardson       Kenneth L. Adelman           Frank G. Wisner II              Ross Wilson
Under Secretary of State     U.S. Secretary of Health,    Director, Arms Control        Under Secretary of           U.S. Ambassador to
  for Political Affairs       Education, and Welfare     and Disarmament Agency         Defense for Policy           Turkey (2005-2008)
     (1966-1969)             (1970-1973); Under Sec.           (1983-1987)                 (1993-1994)
                               of State (1969-1970)

 W. Randolph Burgess           Harlan B. Cleveland           Robert E. Hunter          Jeanne J. Kirkpatrick        Rockwell A. Schnabel
 U.S. Representative to       U.S. Representative to       U.S. Representative to     U.S. Representative to      U.S. Representative to the
  NATO (1957-1961)             NATO (1965-1969)             NATO (1993-1997)            the United Nations         European Union (2001-
                                                                                           (1981-1985)                     2005)
Government Officials (Attended the Bilderberg Meetings While in Office):

                                    Bill Clinton             Thomas H. Kean         Christine Todd Whitman         George Pataki
     Douglas Wilder            Governor of Arkansas       Governor of New Jersey    Governor of New Jersey      Governor of New York
   Governor of Virginia      (1979-1981, 1983-1992);           (1982-1990)                (1994-2001)               (1995-2006)
      (1990-1994)             President of the United
                                States (1993-2001)

    Mark R. Warner                 Rick Perry                Kathleen Sebelius          Mark Sanford            Mitchell E. Daniels Jr.
   Governor of Virginia         Governor of Texas           Governor of Kansas        Governor of South         Governor of Indiana
      (2002-2006)                (2000-present)                (2003-2009)           Carolina (2003-2011)           (2005-2013)

                                                                                         Gerald R. Ford            James R. Jones
     Lee H. Hamilton                                         Thomas S. Foley
                                  John Brademas                                        U.S. Congressman           U.S. Congressman
   U.S. Congressman                                        Speaker of the House
                                U.S. Congressman                                    (R-Michigan, 1949-1973);   (D-Oklahoma, 1973-1987)
 (D-Indiana, 1965-1999)                                     (1989-1995); U.S.
                              (D-Indiana, 1959-1981)                                  President of the U.S.
                                                           Ambassador to Japan            (1974-1977)

                                                                                        Dante B. Fascell           John J. LaFalce
     John M. Vorys                Brooks Hays                Henry S. Reuss            U.S. Congressman           U.S. Congressman
   U.S. Congressman            U.S. Congressman             U.S. Congressman         (D-Florida, 1955-1993)    (D-New York, 1975-2003)
  (R-Ohio, 1939-1959)       (D-Arkansas, 1943-1959)      (D-Wisconsin, 1955-1983)
Government Officials (Attended the Bilderberg Meetings While in Office):

 Gen. Alfred Gruenther                                    Gen. Andrew Goodpaster     Gen. Alexander Haig Jr.   Gen. Bernard W. Rogers
                             Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer          Supreme Allied                                       Supreme Allied
   Supreme Allied                                                                       Supreme Allied
                                 Supreme Allied            Commander of Europe                                  Commander of Europe
 Commander of Europe                                                                 Commander of Europe
                              Commander of Europe               (1969-1974)                                          (1979-1987)
     (1953-1956)                                                                          (1974-1979)

                              Gen. James L. Jones                                    Gen. Keith B. Alexander     Gen. Cortlandt Van
  Gen. John R. Galvin                                     Adm. Elmo Zumwalt Jr.                                  Rensselaer Schuyler
    Supreme Allied             (U.S. Marine Corps)                                     Director of National
                                 Supreme Allied          Chief of Naval Operations      Security Agency        Chief of Staff of Supreme
 Commander of Europe                                            (1970-1974)                                      Headquarters, Allied
     (1987-1992)              Commander of Europe                                        (2005-present)
                                   (2003-2007)                                                                    Powers in Europe
                                                                                                                (SHAPE) (1953-1959)

                                                            Kay Bailey Hutchison
                                                                U.S. Senator
                                                                                           Evan Bayh                John Edwards
 John T. McNaughton          Nancy Kassebaum Baker         (R-Texas, 1993-2013)
                                                                                          U.S. Senator               U.S. Senator
 Assistant Secretary of            U.S. Senator                                      (D-Indiana, 1999-2011)
Defense for International     (R-Kansas, 1978-1997)                                                               (D-North Carolina,
    Security Affairs                                                                                                 1999-2005)

     John C. Culver                                                                    Joseph S. Nye Jr.          Allan B. Hubbard
                                Richard W. Bolling         Donald W. Riegle Jr.                                  Director of National
   U.S. Congressman                                                                   Chairman of National
                               U.S. Congressman             U.S. Congressman                                     Economic Council
  (D-Iowa, 1965-1975);                                                                Intelligence Council
                             (D-Missouri, 1949-1983)     (D-Michigan, 1967-1976);                                    (2005-2007)
      U.S. Senator                                                                        (1993-1994)
                                                         U.S. Senator (D-Michigan,
  (D-Iowa, 1975-1981)                                           1976-1995)
Former Government Officials:

                                                             John M. Deutch
                                 George P. Shultz           Director of Central         William E. Simon          W. Michael Blumenthal
   Christian A. Herter         U.S. Secretary of State     Intelligence Agency       Secretary of the Treasury   Secretary of the Treasury
 U.S. Secretary of State            (1982-1989)                (1995-1996)                 (1974-1977)                 (1977-1979)

                                   Paul H. Nitze                                                                      Carla A. Hills
    William J. Lynn                                         Robert M. Kimmitt             Brent Scowcroft              U.S. Trade
                               Secretary of the Navy
Deputy U.S. Secretary of                                   Managing Director,        National Security Advisor       Representatives
                               (1963-1967); Deputy
 Defense (2009-2011)                                     Lehman Brothers Inc.;       (1975-1977, 1989-1993);          (1989-1993)
                               Secretary of Defense      Deputy Secretary of the     Vice Chairman, Kissinger
                                                          Treasury (2005-2009)            Associates, Inc.

  John Henry Sununu                                                                                                James H. Billington
  White House Chief of             Drew Lewis              Daniel R. Glickman            Bill D. Moyers           Librarian of Congress
   Staff (1989-1991)             U.S. Secretary of       Secretary of Agriculture    Special Assistant to the        (1987-present)
                                  Transportation              (1995-2001)            President (1963-1965)

Adm. Harold Page Smith          Gen. Lauris Norstad       (Gen.) Colin L. Powell                                 Lt. Gen. William E. Odom
                                                                                      Gen. John M. Keane
Commander in Chief, U.S.         (U.S. Air Force)        Chairman, Joint Chiefs of                                Director of the National
                                                                                     Army Vice Chief of Staff
  Naval Forces Europe             Supreme Allied            Staff (1989-1993);                                        Security Agency
     (1960-1963)               Commander of Europe        U.S. Secretary of State                                      (1985-1988)
                                   (1956-1963)                 (2001-2005)
Former Government Officials:

                                 George F. Kennan         Thomas K. Finletter          Robert D. Murphy              Malcolm Toon
    Walworth Barbour                                                                  U.S. Ambassador to
U.S. Ambassador to Israel      U.S. Ambassador to the    U.S. Representative to                                 U.S. Ambassador to the
                                 Soviet Union (1952)      NATO (1961-1965)           Belgium (1949-1952);      Soviet Union (1977-1979)
      (1961-1973)                                                                      Former President,
                                                                                        Corning Glass

                                 Hermann F. Eilts
    L. Dean Brown                                                                                                   Philip C. Habib
                                U.S. Ambassador to                                     Samuel W. Lewis
  U.S. Ambassador to                                      Adolph W. Schmidt                                      U.S. Ambassador to
                                Egypt (1974-1979)                                  U.S. Ambassador to Israel
  Jordan (1970-1974)                                     U.S. Ambassador to                                    South Korea (1971-1974)
                                                         Canada (1969-1974)              (1977-1985)

                                                           Theodore L. Eliot Jr.    Reginald Bartholomew
  Charles W. ("Chas")             Marc Grossman            U.S. Ambassador to                                      J. Stapleton Roy
      Freeman, Jr.              U.S. Ambassador to                                   U.S. Ambassador to          U.S. Ambassador to
                                                        Afghanistan (1973-1978);    Lebanon (1983-1986);
  U.S. Ambassador to            Turkey (1995-1997)      Dean of Fletcher School                                   Communist China
Saudi Arabia (1990-1992)                                                           U.S. Ambassador to Italy          (1991-1995);
                                                        of Law and Diplomacy at          (1993-1997)
                                                         Tufts Univ. (1979-1985)                                  Managing Director,
                                                                                                               Kissinger Associate, Inc.

                                                                                      David D. Newsom
                                Shirley Temple Black                               U.S. Ambassador to Libya         Lynn E. Davis
  Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.                                    Thomas O. Enders
                                U.S. Ambassador to                                       (1965-1969)           Under Secretary of State
   U.S. Ambassador to                                     U.S. Ambassador to
    Communist China               Czechoslovakia                                                                for Arms Control and
                                     (1989-1992)          Spain (1983-1986)                                     International Security
                                                                                                                 Affairs (1993-1997)
Former Government Officials:

   Ralph E. Flanders              Frank F. Church            John J. Sparkman              Gale W. McGee               Hugh D. Scott Jr.
     U.S. Senator                   U.S. Senator               U.S. Senator                 U.S. Senator                 U.S. Senator
(R-Vermont, 1946-1959)          (D-Idaho, 1957-1981)        (Democrat-Alabama,         (D-Wyoming, 1959-1977)          (R-Pennsylvania,
                                                                1946-1979)                                                1959-1977)

  John D. Rockefeller IV          Dianne Feinstein                                                                        Vin Weber
                                    U.S. Senator               Tom Daschle                 Dick Gephardt            U.S. Congressman (R-
      U.S. Senator
                               (D-Calif., 1992-present)     U.S. Senate Majority         U.S. Congressman           Minnesota, 1981-1993)
 (D-West Virginia, 1985-
                                                            Leader (2001-2003)         (D-Missouri, 1977-2005)
 present); West Virginia
    Secretary of State

                                  Harold E. Ford Jr.
                                Vice Chairman, Merill       Thomas E. Dewey             Nelson A. Rockefeller
Chester E. “Chet” Holifield                                                                                            John V. Lindsay
                               Lynch & Co., Inc.; U.S.     Governor of New York         Governor of New York
   U.S. Congressman                                                                                                 Mayor of New York City
                                  Congressman (D-              (1943-1955)                  (1959-1973)
(D-California, 1943-1974)                                                                                                (1966-1973)
                               Tennessee, 1997-2007)

    William K. Reilly                                         C. Fred Bergsten
                                  Austan Goolsbee                                                                     Chester A. Crocker
   President of World                                        Director, Institute for
                              Member (2009-2011) and                                                                Assistant Secretary of
                                                          International Economics;        Charles H. Dallara
  Wildlife Fund (1985-        Chairman (2010-2011) of                                                               State for African Affairs
                                                          Assistant Secretary of the   Assistant Secretary of the
 1989); Administrator of      the Council of Economic                                                                    (1981-1989)
                                                          Treasury for International   Treasury for International
Environmental Protection              Advisers
                                                             Affairs (1977-1980)          Affairs (1989-1991)
  Agency (1989-1992)

                                                                Craig J. Mundie
      Peter A. Thiel              Sean Parker                  Chief Research and
                                                                                                 Jeff Bezos                   Reid Hoffman
   President of Clarium             [America]                  Strategy Officer for
                                                                                              Founder and CEO,          Co-founder and Executive
Capital Management, LLC         Managing Partner,                Microsoft Corp.
                                                                                                      Chairman, LinkedIn
 & Co-Founder of Paypal        Founders Fund; Co-                (2006-present)
                              Founder of Napster and

                                    Casimir Yost                Nicholas Eberstadt
     Barnett R. Rubin                                         Henry Wendt Scholar in         David Shambaugh
                             Director of Institute for the                                                                 William B. Quandt
  Director of Studies and                                       Political Economy,          Director, China Policy
                                Study of Diplomacy,                                                                      Former Senior Fellow,
 Senior Fellow, Center for                                     American Enterprise           Program at George
                                 School of Foreign                                                                      The Brookings Institution
International Cooperation,                                   Institute for Public Policy    Washington University
                               Service, Georgetown
   New York University               University                       Research

                                  Martha J. Farah
                                                                                                                          Christopher DeMuth
                               Walter H. Annenberg
                                                              Marshall I. Goldman               Ezra F. Vogel             Distinguished Fellow,
     Niall Ferguson           Professor in the Natural
                                                                Kathryn W. Davis           Henry Ford II Professor of       Hudson Institute;
   Laurence A. Tisch          Sciences, University of
                                                               Professor of Soviet            Social Sciences at         President of American
 Professor of History at           Pennsylvania
                                                             Economics at Wellesley           Harvard University        Enterprise Institute (1986-
   Harvard University                                               College                                                       2008)

  G. Richard Thoman
 Former President and          Franklin D. Raines                Alice M. Rivlin                                           Daniel K. Tarullo
                                                                                              Kevin M. Warsh
CEO, Xerox Corporation        Chairman and CEO of             Vice Chairman of the                                      Member, Federal Reserve
                                                                                           Member, Federal Reserve
                             Fannie Mae (1999-2004)             Federal Reserve                                          Board (2009-present)
                                                                                             Board (2006-2011)

   Marc F. Racicot          Kenneth B. Mehlman
   Chairman of the                                                                                                J. Michael Evans
                              Chairman of the                                          Alexander Karp          Vice Chairman, Global
 Republican National                                     Terry McAuliffe
                            Republican National                                        CEO of Palantir        Head of Growth Markets,
Committee (2002-2003);                                   Chairman of the
                           Committee (2005-2007)                                        Technologies           Goldman Sachs & Co.
 Governor of Montana                                   Democratic National
    (1993-2001)                                       Committee (2001-2005)                                          (2011-pres.)

                                                                                                                  Alexander Karsner
    Michael Ledeen         Sharon Percy Rockefeller                                                            Assistant U.S. Secretary
                                                           Jerry I. Speyer             Esther Dyson
  Member of American         President and CEO,                                                                  of Energy for Energy
                                                      Chairman and Co-CEO of       Chairman of EDventure
   Enterprise Institute    WETA-TV and FM (PBS)                                                               Efficiency and Renewable
                                                          Tishman Speyer                Holdings Inc.
                                                                                                                 Energy (2006-2008)

                                                                                    Nancy E. Soderberg
                            Clyde V. Prestowitz Jr.       Daniel H. Yergin         Deputy Assistant to the
   Stanley A. Weiss                                       Chairman, IHS                                            Gorge J. Vojta
 Chairman of Business       President of Economic                                  President for National
                               Strategy Institute        Cambridge Energy             Security Affairs         Former Executive Vice
 Executives for National                                Research Associates                                     President of Bankers
     Security, Inc.                                                                    (1993-1997)
                                                                                                                  Trust Company

                               Klaus Kleinfeld
                                                                                        William J. Luti
                             [Germany/America]           Karl R. Bendetsen                                         Richard Schifter
    John S. Coleman                                                                 Former Deputy Under
                            Chairman and CEO,           Former President of                                    Assistant U.S. Secretary
 President of Burroughs                                                            Secretary of Defense for
                           Alcoa; former President     Champion Papers Inc.;                                  of State for Human Rights
Corporation (1946-1958)                                                            Near Eastern and South
                           and CEO, Siemens AG;       Assistant Secretary of the                              and Humanitarian Affairs
                                                                                        Asian Affairs
                           Director of Alcoa (2003-      Army (1950-1952)                                            (1985-1992)
                                Prominent Canadian Bilderberg Meetings Participants

                                                                                 Marc LaLonde
 Donald S. Macdonald                                                           Finance Minister of
                            Allan J. MacEachen         Michael H. Wilson      Canada (1982-1984)
  Finance Minister of        Finance Minister of                                                           Lloyd Axworthy
                                                      Finance Minister of
 Canada (1975-1977);        Canada (1980-1982);                                                          Foreign Minister of
                                                     Canada (1984-1991);
 High Commissioner of        Foreign Minister of                                                       Canada (1996-2000);
                                                    Canadian Ambassador to
 Canada to the United       Canada (1974-1976,                                                        President of University of
                                                     the U.S. (2006-2009)
 Kingdom (1988-1991)             1982-1984)                                                           Winnipeg (2004-present)

  Arnold D.P. Heeney
                                                                                 Frank McKenna              Jules Leger
Canadian Ambassador to                                  Derek H. Burney
                               Allan E. Gotlieb                                  Premier of New         Governor General of
the United States (1953-                            Canadian Ambassador to
                           Canadian Ambassador to                            Brunswick (1987-1997);    Canada (1974-1979);
   1957, 1959-1962)                                   the United States of
                              the United States                              Canadian Ambassador to   Canadian Ambassador to
                                 (1981-1989)         America (1989-1993)      the U.S. (2005-2006)      France (1964-1968)

                                                                                 Alison Redford          Gordon Campbell
   David R. Peterson           Michael Harris            Ralph P. Klein         Premier of Alberta       Premier of British
   Premier of Ontario         Premier of Ontario       Premier of Alberta        (2011-present)       Columbia (2001-2011);
      (1985-1990)               (1995-2002)              (1992-2006);
                                                                                                       High Commissioner of
                                                       Mayor of Calgary
                                                                                                       Canada to the United
                                                                                                      Kingdom (2011-present)

                                                        Roy MacLaren           Roland Michener
                               Bernard Lord          High Commissioner of     Governor General of         Jeanne Sauve
   Jacques Parizeau
                              Premier of New         Canada to the United     Canada (1967-1974)        Governor General of
   Premier of Quebec
                           Brunswick (1999-2006)     Kingdom (1996-2000)                                Canada (1984-1990)
                                                                                                                    J. Robert S. Prichard
    Peter C. Godsoe               Gordon Nixon                Ronald S. Lloyd             W. Edmund Clark         Chairman of the Board of
Chairman and CEO, Bank         President and CEO,           Chairman and CEO,                 [Canada]             Bank of Montreal (March
     of Nova Scotia           Royal Bank of Canada        Credit Suisse First Boston   President and CEO, TD      20, 2012-present); Former
                                                                                         [Toronto-Dominion]          President and CEO,
                                                                                       Bank Group (2002-pres.)    Metrolinx [Toronto railway
                                                                                                                        transit service]

 A. Davidson Dunton                Roger Martin            Heather Munroe-Blum             Heather Reisman         Margaret O. MacMillan
 President of Carleton        Dean of the Joseph L.             [Canada]                       [Canada]                  [Canada]
  University [Ottawa,            Rotman School of           Principal and Vice            President and CEO,      Former Provost of Trinity
 Canada] (1958-1972)         Management at University       Chancellor, McGill          Indigo Books and Music     College, University of
                              of Toronto (1998-2013)            University                       Inc.                     Toronto

                               R. Donald Fullerton
                                     [Canada]                                                                          Jason Kenney
   David A. Dodge            Chairman, President, and          Anthony S. Fell                                     Minister of Citizenship,
                             CEO of Canadian Imperial                                       Phillip Crawley
Governor of the Bank of                                            [Canada]                                           Immigration and
                               Bank of Commerce                                               [Canada]
 Canada (2001-2008)                                       Chairman, RBC Dominion                                     Multiculturalism of
                                   (1985-1992)                                           Publisher and CEO,
                                                          Securities Inc.                                          Canada (2008-present)
                                                                                       The Globe and Mail

                                    Sylvia Ostry
                                     [Canada]               Paul Desmarais Sr.
     Kevin G. Lynch          Chancellor of the Univ. of          [Canada]                Paul Desmarais Jr.         Henry N.R. Jackman
         [Canada]              Waterloo (1991-1997);        Chairman and Chief                [Canada]                   [Canada]
Clerk of the Privy Council   former Head, Department      Executive Officer, Power       Chairman and Chief        Chairman of the Board,
       (2006-2009)               of Economics and          Corporation of Canada       Executive Officer, Power   The Empire Life Insurance
                                 Statistics, OECD                                       Corporation of Canada            Company
                                   Prominent Turkish Bilderberg Meetings Participants

                                 Mesut Yilmaz                Yavus Canevi                   Gazi Ercel               Suleyman Demirel
     Bulent Ecevit         Prime Minister of Turkey
Prime Minister of Turkey                                Governor of Central Bank     Governor of Central Bank        President of Turkey
                           (1991, 1996, 1997-1999)       of Turkey (1984-1986)        of Turkey (1996-2001)             (1993-2000)
(1974, 1977, 1978-1979,

                                                                                           Hikmet Cetin
      Cem Duna                  Ozdem Sanberk                 Ilter Turkmen          Foreign Minister of Turkey
Turkish Ambassador to       Turkish Ambassador to       Foreign Minister of Turkey         (1991-1994)                   Ismail Cem
 the European Union           the United Kingdom          (1980-1983); Turkish                                    Foreign Minister of Turkey
     (1991-1995)             (1995-2000); Turkish       Ambassador to the Soviet                                        (1997-2002)
                               Ambassador to the           Union (1972-1975)
                                European Union

     Mustafa Koc                                         Suzan Sabanci Dincer            Serpil Timuray
                                Enis Berberoğlu                                                                         Agah Ugur
       [Turkey]                                                [Turkey]                     [Turkey]
                                    [Turkey]                                                                             [Turkey]
Chairman, Koc Holdings                                    Chairman, Akbank           CEO of Vodafone Turkey
                            Editor-in-Chief, Hürriyet                                                               Chairman and CEO,
         A.S.                                                                           (2009-present)
                                  Newspaper                                                                          Borusan Holding

     Sami Kohen                 Hasan Cemal                                                                            Tugay Ozceri
                                                                                           Faik Oztrak                    [Turkey]
        [Turkey]                   [Turkey]                  Sureyya Ciliv                  [Turkey]
 Senior Foreign Affairs    Senior Columnist, Milliyet          [Turkey]                                           Under Secretary, Ministry
                                                                                        Former Member of             of Foreign Affairs
  Columnist, Milliyet      Newspaper; Grandson of         CEO, Turkcell Iletisim           Parliament
                           Young Turk Party leader          Hizmetleri A.S.
                           and Armenian Genocide
                           mastermind Jemal Pasha
               Prominent Middle Eastern, Russian, and Chinese Bilderberg Meetings Participants

                                                                                                                       Ariel E. Levite
     Eival Gilady               Natan Sharansky                                                                            [Israel]
                                                             Itamar Rabinovich            Elie Barnavie
        [Israel]                      [Israel]                                                                      Nonresident Senior
                                                         Israel Ambassador to the              [Israel]
Former Advisor to Prime       Minister for Jerusalem                                                                Associate, Carnegie
                                                                United States         Israeli Ambassador to
 Minister Ariel Sharon        and Diaspora Affairs                                                                    Endowment for
                                                                (1993-1996)            France (2000-2002)
                                                                                                                    International Peace

                                                                                     Mahmood Sariolghalam
                               Bassma Kodmani
                                                                                      Professor of Political
                                     [Syria]                 Ahmad Chalabi                                           Mehmet A. Bayar
                                                                                       Science at Shahid
    Ziad Abu-Amr            Member of the Executive      Deputy Prime Minister of                                        [Turkey]
                                                                                      Beheshti University
      [Palestine]             Bureau and Head of            Iraq (2005-2006)                                      Deputy Chairman of DYP
Member of the Palestinian    Foreign Affairs, Syrian                                                                 (True Path Party)
  Legislative Council          National Council

 Grigory A. Yavlinsky             Igor S. Ivanov           Anatoly B. Chubais              Lilia Shevtsova            Dmitri V. Trenin
       [Russia]             Foreign Minister of Russia     First Deputy Prime                   [Russia]                  [Russia]
 Member of Parliament        (1998-2004); President,       Minister of Russia       Chair, Russian Domestic          Director, Carnegie
                              Russian International           (1997-1998);          Politics and Political            Moscow Center
                                  Affairs Council        CEO, OJSC RUSNANO          Institutions Program at the
                                                                                    Carnegie Moscow Center

                                                                  Fu Ying
                                                         Vice Minister of Foreign
   Mikhail V. Margelov            Ihor Mityukov
                                                          Affairs of Communist            Huang Yiping                 Nobuo Tanaka
        [Russia]             Minister of Finance for
                                                          China (2009-present);        [Communist China]                [International]
 Chairman of Committee        Ukraine (1997-2001);
                                                           Communist Chinese        Professor of Economics at     Executive Director of the
   for Foreign Affairs,     Ukrainian Ambassador to
                                                          Ambassador to Great           Peking University           International Energy
  Council of Federation      the United Kingdom of
                                                           Britain (2006-2009)                                      Agency (2007-2011)
                            Great Britain (2002-2005)

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