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									Success Corcaigh Attends Entrepreneurship Summit at Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel

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Ireland's Leading Outsourced Sales Agency

Managing Director, James Neal of Success Corcaigh travelled to Birmingham, UK to attend the
Entrepreneurship Summit. The full day event provided insight into key areas of business that can drive

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – James Neal the founder of Success Corcaigh, the newly established and
rapidly developing Cork based outsourced marketing and sales company this weekend joined other
entrepreneurs at a national seminar for small and medium enterprise business owners looking to enhance
their organisations efficiency and profitability. The conference host is well known for his entrepreneurial skills,
proficiency in public speaking and the continued growth and expansion of his many international enterprises.
Guest speakers included relatively new start up business owners who have thrived in the face of the recent
recession and also more established entrepreneurs with backgrounds ranging from sales and marketing,
cosmetics, energy and telecoms right the way through to construction, insulation and charities.

Through this summit James Neal endeavoured to develop his own understanding of what sets a young
entrepreneur apart from the average business owner, how one can grow a company from a small or medium
enterprise to international empire spreading across not only countries but continents. The ambitions of
Success Corcaigh owner, James Neal may seem overly ambitious for such a new company but he remains
confident in his organisations ability to expand and outperform his competitors “it’s not the things that we
market that are our products, we are the product, the many representatives we have working alongside us
are the product, every conference, every seminar, every book and video we expose ourselves to is our way
of improving our one and only real product; ourselves” says Neal.

The philosophy of this young entrepreneur is not a new idea, if you look at any successful business person,
any successful business you will notice that for the most part they haven’t come up with something wholly
original, in the early 1900’s the head of patents in the USA made the seemingly outrageous claim that
everything that could be invented, had been invented, now while in theory this would seem ludicrous, in
reality the majority of products and services developed in the last century have merely been improvements of
something that already existed. The ideology of Success Corcaigh would hold fast to the belief that to be
successful one doesn't need to reinvent the wheel, but just apply the same ideas and behave in the same
way as the people or organisations you seek to emulate and you will in turn achieve the same result.

James Neal maintains that if an individual can duplicate the actions of anyone or anything while simply
increasing work ethic towards the task at hand not only will you obtain the same outcome but exceed the
previously achieved results.


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