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Act in good faith and volunteer your help Tell the person you are a first aider Get permission (consent) to give first aid before touching the casualty (implied consent if person does not respond) Ask the parents or guardian for permission if the person is a child or infant Use reasonable skill and care according to your level of training Do not abandon (leave the person) once your offer of help has been accepted.

Note: As long as you follow the above principles and there is no obvious negligence, you should not be liable in the case of legal action. First Aid Regulation (key points of the regulation)





This regulation outlines minimum standards in services and supplies which must be met according to the type of work, the number of workers at the work site, and the distance from a health care facility. All employers in Alberta must provide first aid services and maintain first aid equipment and supplies at the work site for their workers and a first aid room or area. Employers must ensure that, prior to the dispatch of workers to a work site, arrangements are in place for transportation of injured or ill workers from the site to the nearest health care facility if not serviced by an ambulance / EMS. Workers are required to report to their employer any sudden injuries and illnesses that occur at work. As workplace first aiders, you are the employer's designate to receive worker reports and provide first aid care. As workplace first aiders, you are required to record work-related injuries or sudden occurrences of illness that are reported to you. The record must include: Employee name The date and time of the illness or injury The date and time the illness or injury was reported Description of the acute illness or injury Where the injury occurred Cause of injury or acute illness First aid provided Your name and level of first aid training

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Occupational Health and Safety Act

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The Occupational Health and Safety Act is the umbrella legislation for all regulations in health and safety for Alberta work sites. Employers, workers and contractors are responsible to protect health and safety at work. When requested, first aid reports must be provided to the Director of Medical Services at Workplace Health and Safety.

First Aid Kits
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Facilities and Services supply first aid kits to designated department areas. These kits are designed for Emergency First Aid. Each kit contains an inventory control sheet. Note: It is the responsibility of each area Fire Warden to maintain first aid inventory. Requests for restocking Fist Aid Supplies can be accessed via Facilites and Services First Aid Re-Order Form.

First Aid Training
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Employee First Aid Training is the responsibility of the employer. Athabasca University, Human Resources Department, coordintates staff First Aid training needs.

First Aid Treatment Records / Accident Report Form


Each first aid occurance must be recorded and submitted to Human Resources. Completed forms should not be kept in First Aid Kits. Forms are available for printing by accessing the Occupational Health and Safety Committee pages at: and printing off the Incident/Injury form. To maintain confidentiality of medical information, access to First Aid Records is limited to the worker and those persons involved in medical treatment, work site inspections, accident and incident investigations, the evaluation of health and safety programs and statistics, or the Workers Compensation Board for the purpose of reviewing work site health and safety programs and statistics.

For your reference, at the bottom of this web page: find the links to: and: for first aid kit location and a restocking form.

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