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									Finding a Job in the Medical Field
Many are looking for job opportunities within the medical field because the medical field often
provides a high amount of job security. If you are looking into your options in the medical field,
but you are not interested in medical school, there are many other options.

Being a Surgical Assistant
Getting a surgical assistant education can be a great way to get started in the medical field. After
getting your surgical assistant education, you can work as a surgical assistant and benefit from
the job security that often comes from working in the medical field.

If you have never considered working as a surgical assistant, it is important that you understand
what you responsibilities will entail. Knowing what you are going to be expected to do can be a
great way to understand if a job is going to be the best option for you.

As a surgical technologist,
you will have
responsibilities before a
surgery, during a surgery
and after a surgery has been
completed. Basically, you
will have responsibilities
from the beginning of the
surgical process to the end
of the surgical process.

Usually the surgical
technologist starts by
looking through all of the
paperwork for the surgery.
You will be expected to
understand what paperwork
is needed for the surgery
and make sure that all of the paperwork is together before the surgery begins.

Before the surgery begins, you may also find that you are responsible to get all of the right
equipment into the operating room. The equipment and the room may need to be sterilized and it
is important that you are able to get everything in place and ready to go before the surgery.

                                 Assisting in the Operating Room
                                 Throughout the surgery you may find that you are responsible
                                 for holding tissues in place and stopping the flow of blood in the
                                 surgical site. You may even be responsible for positioning and
                                 moving a patient or even closing wounds.
The responsibilities that you have throughout the surgery are often dependent on the facility in
which you are working. That is why it is so important that you look through your responsibilities
for each job that you apply for when you are in a position to apply for jobs.

After the surgery, you
may also be responsible
for cleaning up. Re-
sterilizing and getting
the room back into
working order may fall
under your list of
depending on the
facility that you are
working within.

A surgical assistant is
able to work with
patients and be a part of
surgeries without the
responsibilities that
come with being a
surgeon. There are
many people that want
to be a part of surgery
but are not interested in
investing in medical school or even mal practice insurance.

Being a surgical technologist may be a career that will fit you well. Do not be afraid to do your
research and look for a surgical technologist education in your area to ensure that you are able to
start on your path towards a career that fits your needs and expectations.

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