Considering a Career as an Operating Room Assistant

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					Considering a Career as an Operating Room Assistant
If you are interested in working in the medical field, there are a variety of positions that you can
start researching. There are some careers within the medical field that are often overlooked,
simply because many people do not understand what the position entails.

The Basics
An operating room assistant is a great example of
a career that is often overlooked. If you are
interested in being an operating room assistant,
you should understand what your potential job
could entail.

When a patient goes in for surgery an operating
room assistant plays a big role in the operation.
The assistant prepares the room for surgery and
also stays inside the room during surgery and
assists the surgeon as much as the surgeon needs.

There are even some operating room assistants
that prepare the patient for surgery. To prepare
the patient, the assistant often looks through his
or her chart and identifies any allergies or special
notes and ensures that the doctor and nurses know
this information.

After checking the patient’s chart, the assistant may also help the nurse place a catheter or an
intravenous drip. When the patient is ready to go into surgery, the assistant often collects any
personal items that the patient left on his or her body and stores them for the patient.

                                                During Surgery
                                                Throughout the surgery, the surgeon expects to
                                                have any tools that he or she made need for the
                                                surgery to be readily available in the operating
                                                room. The operating room assistant is expected to
                                                have fully stocked the operating room prior to the
                                                operation’s start.

                                                Throughout the surgery, the assistant will be
                                                required to provide the surgeon, nurse and even
                                                anesthesiologist with the tools that are requested.
                                                The nurse, doctor and anesthesiologist will also
                                                count on the assistant to sterilize the room
Get the Right Training
To become an operating room assistant, it is
important that you receive operating room assistant
training. Operating room assistant training is
required to ensure that you are fully prepared to
handle all of the responsibilities given to you when
you are hired.

Your responsibilities may differ depending on the
facility that you work with, but there are skills that
you learn while in training that are necessary to be
successful. If this career sounds appealing to you, it
is important that you start looking into training
programs in your area.

After you complete your training, you should be
sure that you know how to apply successfully. Start
applying to different companies and do not be afraid
to really sell yourself in the resume that you create
for each position that you apply for.

Take the time to tweak and change your resume for
each position, if it will help. You will also want to
make sure that you write a new cover letter for each
position that you apply for, to ensure that the cover
letter fits each company that you apply with.

Being an operating room assistant can be a great way to obtain a quality career in the medical
profession. Take the time that you need to find out if this career is the right option for you.

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Description: Surgeons aren't the only individuals who make an operation run smoothly. Operating room assistants are vital to the success of any surgical procedure. Find out what it takes to be successful as an operating room assistant.