01 Return of a Fairy Tale by huangyuarong


									                                   The Lost Legend


Many say a legend can last forever. Legends stretch across time, outliving even the
God themselves. This may not always be true. A legend can easily be lost in time, like
a drop in the ocean. It may even change as it is passed down through the generation.
This is a story of a forgotten battle in a lost legend. “The return of the Hero…”

                                    Chapter 1
                             The Return of a Fairy Tale

‘Father, do I really have to do this?’ Questioned a young woman while stamping her
feet. ‘It’s boring. Can’t I go to the town market instead?’ The woman stood, bathing
in the sunlight, next to a beast of a man. She had a petit body but she did not seem to
be to thin. Jewels covered her and the purple and pink dress. Even with the agitated,
scrunched up face it was clear that she was extremely beautiful.

‘I feel stupid doing it on my own. Cant it wait until tomorrow. The festival is today.’
She pouted as another of her feet hit the floor.

‘The vows are much more important than the town festival Zelda. If you do not recite
them to the letter, then you can never become queen.’ The man spoke in a deep but
comforting voice. His long red robes covered him from the shoulder to knee. He
seemed large but it was not like he was overweight. A white bushy beard consumed
the lower part of his face and a golden crown nestled itself on top of the mighty head.

‘I know father, but that isn’t until weeks away. I have to be eighteen to become an
official heir of the throne. Cant I practice it a few day before?’ The young woman
looked up at her father and smiled sweetly.

‘You really want to go to this festival don’t you?’ asked the king.

‘More than anything daddy.’ She flicked her eyes, knowing that this would make him
say yes.

‘Why though? The festival has been celebrated for about 6 years now. Why is this one
important one to you?’ His eyes glistened in the sun as he asked. Zelda lowered her
head as if to show a sign of respect.

‘Because this is the day…the day when it all ended…’ She said, barely with a
whisper. Memories ran across her mind quickly, but for her they felt like and eternity.
The dark clouds, the green light from the forest, the man in dark armour and…him.
The man laughed.

‘Are you still thinking of that fairy tale. I remember the day you told me about that
young boy and Ganondorf. You made me make a festival to celebrate it. You
screamed and screamed until I gave a degree that every year on this day that we
should have a town festival to commemorate…erm…what was his name again
honey?’ The girl fixed her gaze on the ground.
‘His name was Link, and it was not a fairy tale.’

‘Ah yes, Link. Your play friend. You always invited him around when you were
younger. Where is he now?’ The king stared at her. ‘Zelda?’

‘He had to go on a journey…’ A small tear glided down her cheek as she spoke.

‘Zelda…’ The king started but before he could finish someone called out to him.

small, plump man came running towards the king. He was in what seemed to be a new
suit but it clashed terribly with his brown scruffy beard and balding head. What
remains of his hair was knotted into a ponytail at the back of his head.

‘Talon my friend, how many times have I told you to call me Daphnes?’ The king
chuckled as the man came nearer. Talon panted and stood up as if to stand to

‘I’m sorry your majesty. I am still only a peasant sir so I must not act like I am of the
upper class.’ Daphnes chuckled and patted the rigid man on the shoulder.

‘Talon my good friend, you have provided Hyrule with all the horses, food and drink
it will ever need for many years, how can I not thank you for doing so much for our
land. I will take it as an insult from now on if you do not call me Daphnes.’ Talon
stirred at him with bewilderment on his face then smiled weakly.

‘Yes your majes…I mean Daphnes.’ Talon flinched slightly and carried on. ‘You are
needed at the festival sir…Daphnes. It is time for you speech.’ The king sighed
heavily as he trudged to the town followed by the guards.

‘Why did I let her talk me into this.’ He whispered. Zelda jumped for glee as she ran
into the castle. She darted past the guards through the large hallways and made it to
her room. The room was fit for a king, or at least a princess. Elegant drapes hung from
the four-poster bed, which was surrounded by beautiful dressing tables and ornament.
She hurriedly ran to the walk in wardrobe to change into more comfortable clothing.

‘Maybe this will be the day’ she thought ‘It has been exactly seven years since he
returned the sword to the pedestal. It was this day he banished Ganondorf. But why
can only me and you remember that horrible man?’ She stood still in the middle of the
room. ‘Link, we can see each other again.’ And without another thought, she got
changed and hurried to the town market.

The market place was extremely busy. Even with the guards shooing people away
from her, Zelda was still having great difficulty moving through the crowd. There was
much to see. There was a lazy looking woman presenting a show on the new and
improved bombchu. Zelda would have sworn the woman was asleep if she had not
have been standing up. The Bazaar shop was trying to advertise its new brand of
Hylian shield that is supposed to taste disgusting. The thought of the like like’s
flashed in Zelda’s mind and she shuddered. A small boy with a scruffy green tunic ran
up to her and smiled.
‘Wanna buy a cute bug miss?’ he asked. ‘Comes with this pretty glass bottle.’ The
guards moved in on the child but Zelda held her hand out to the boy. The small boy
looked into her hand and jumped with glee.

‘Two hundred rupees! You’re a Goddess miss!’ the urchin took the money and passed
the bottle to her. He ran of and hopped over plants and tiny obstacles. She smiled and
carried on to the giant platform that had been erected in front of the temple of time.
As she neared the temple, a chill sent its way down her spine. The feeling was
horrible. Looking above the temple, she saw dark clouds gather round the steeple. Her
eyes widened with horror.

It can’t be.’ She thought ‘Please, let it be my imagination.’ Rooted to the spot, Zelda
suddenly realised that all the guards had disappeared. And where was her father. He
should be preparing for his speech on the stage right now. The princess began looking
round hastily for signs of life. The market had gone quiet; the wind began to pick up.
Even the birds that sang so cheerily had fled the town. Suddenly she saw a figure in
front of the entrance to the temple. Her eyes glistened and a smile grew across her
face. The person had a green tunic on with a matching hat. The golden gauntlets
shone in the remaining light and glisten of the original Hylian shield could be seen on
the back.

‘LINK!’ she shouted while running to him and hugging him round the neck. ‘Link
your back! I knew you would be! Oh I missed you so much. Where have you been all
this time? You have been looking after yourself haven’t you? Link? Link…? Why
aren’t you talking…?’ The man looked down at her.

‘I’ve missed you to Zelda.’ His eyes gleamed red and all the colour on his body was
pouring down his body on to the ground to leave what could only be described as a
shadow. And a man behind it in dark armour. A scream filled the air…

This is my first try at writing a Fan Fic. Don’t be to cruel. XD

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