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Bill Durland, Lancaster, PA; Brett Johnson, In-
$am olis. IN; Jerry Keyser, W e s t e d e , OH;
                                                             Cover       ... on McRae Meadows with Grandfather Moun-
                                                             tain in the background, the East Coast Sweet Sixteen Holiday,
VIC ~ L t s w-n,
Santa Barbara. CA.
                  ,                     g
                         MI and ~ m young,
                                                             Boone, NC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jerry Keyser, photographer
Residfmt:Vic Skirmauts, 27244 Ryan, Warren,
MI 48092                                                  3 1990 trustee election . . . . . . . Your vote is needed!
Vice President:Brett Johnson. Indianapolis, hl
Secretary: Brenda Perrin, Columbus, OH
         Joel Horvitz, Gloucester, MA
Tre~sarer:                                               8 technical. . . .                                  . . . Vic Skimants, editor
national membership chairman
Roger Whitton, P.O. Box 1356, Noblesville, IN
46060, 317-877-3560.                                      9 restoration. . . . .                             . . . Brett Johnson, editor
1990 holiday chairmen
week Steve Douglas and Don Marks
ePst: Randall Yow and Joe Johnson                       11 case drips . . .                                      . . . . Dick Pike, editor
editorial staff
editor-in-chief: erry Keyser, P.O. Box 1000.
Westemdue, 0 2 4 3 0 8 1                                12 four cam forum. . . . .                           . . .David Seeland, editor
tach edftor: Vic Skinnants, 27244 Ryan, war-
ren, MI 48092
restoration editor: Brett Johnson, 7510 Allison-
ville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46250
                                                        15 asleep at the wheel. . .                              . . Patrick Ertel, editor
case drius editor: Bck Pike,80 Parker Avenue,
~thertoh, 94027
four cam faforam: David Seeland, 47 Flower
Stmet, Denver, CO 80226
                                                        17 history. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .             . . . . Jim Perrin, historian
c l d e d s : Brenda Perrin, 2041 Willowick
Drive, Columbus, OH 43229
asleep at t e wheel: Pat Ertel, 115 W. Davis
             h                                          18 reviews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bill Block, editor
Street, Ydow Springs, OH 45387
historian:Jim Perrin, P.O. Box 387, Pennsville,
&em: Dr. Bill Block, c/o St. Mary's Hospi-              22 the sweet sixteen holiday... . . . . . . . ~ o Johnson
tal, 2233 W. Division St., Chica o, IL 60622
j s one moore: Bill Moore, P.O. %ox384, Mon-
mouth, OR 97361
l t e sto the maestro: Harry Pellow: 20655 Sun-
                                                        24 just One IllOOrt?. . . . . . . . . . . .Bill 661'f
rise D i e Cupertino, CA 95014
                                                        26 letters to the maestro.......Harry Pellow, editor
staffphotographer:Hl Thorns,13341 Ethelbee
Way, Santa Am, CA 92705
of special interest: Cole R. Scrogham, 210 Val.
ley View Ave., Mt. Sidney, VA 24467

                                                   I 30 of special interest....... Cole R. Scrogham, editor
nuts &bolts:Ron Roland, 28140-26 Mile Road,
New Haven. MI 48048
The 356 REGISTRY magazine is the official pub-
lication of 356 Re istry, Inc., an organization
oriented exclusivef to the interests, needa and         31 nuts & bolts .........                           ..... Ron Roland, editor
unique problems of%e 356 Porsche automobile
owner and enthusiast. The mi8Si0n of 356 Regis-
try, Inc. is the perpetuation of the vintage
 1948-1965) 356 series Porsche through the 356
                                                        35 classified advertising . . . . . . Brenda Perrin, editor
ks GISTRY magazine, the central forum for the
exchangeof ideas, e erienws and information,
enabling all to shm% 356 ex eriences of one
another. 356 REGISTRYmagazfm is ublished
bi-monthly for 356 Registry, Inc. by &me ~ i f t y        New Members, Renewals, and Circulation Difticulties:
Six, Inc., P.O. Box 1000, W e s t d e , OH                 Roger Whitton, National Membership Chairman, P.O. Box 1356, Noblesville. IN
43081-7000. 356 Registry, Inc. is a non-                    46060, 317-877-3560.
afffliated, nonprofit, educational corporation.
charbred under the statutes of the State of Ohio
Membershi dues are $20 in USA and North                   Free Member Classified Ads:
~merica d $30 to foreign addresses, which in-
          a                                                 Brenda Perrin, 2041 Willowick Dr., Columbus, OH 43229
cludes a 6 issue subscription of 356 REGISTRY             Insurance Coordinator
m azine. All rates are in US dollars; checks                Don Marks, 12030 Creekside Ct.. Chico, CA 95928. 916-343-4967
M !ST be drawn on US banks.
Contributionsof material for publication in the           Commercial Advertising
356 REGISTRY ma azine are welcome. All                      Three Fifty Six, Inc., P.O. Box 1000, Westerville, OH 43081-2533.
editorial submittals %odd be ed; black and                  614-891-0398, 8-5 Weekdays, Eastern time.
white glossy photos are p r e f e a as color pho-                                                                                           A
tos generally do n t rspmduce as well; artwork
should have good contrast. The right to edit or
rafuse publication is reserved and responsibili-
tv for errors or omissions is denied.                   No part of the 356 REGISTRY magazine may be re roduced in any form without the ex-
                                                        press written permission of the publisher. copyri&t O 1990 by 356 Registry. Inc.. c/o
                                                        P.O. Box 1000, Westerville, OH 43081.

1990 trustee election
     Three of the five Trustee terms of office are soon to ex-        ery board meeting to the REGISTRY magazine for publica-
pire, those of Bill Durland, Vic Skirmants and Jerry Keyser.          tion. I will do what's required to make sure that a financial
Bill Durland has indicated that he is retiring from active in-        statement is published annually. I will keep you informed.
volvement in 356 Registry, Inc. affairs and will not run for
a Trustee position.                                                   Joel Horvitz
  The following qualified individuals have expressed an in-           Active involvement in 356 Registry affairs:
terest in being a 356 Registry, Inc. Trustee and have been                 356 Registry, Inc. Treasurer, 1976 to present
nominated by the nominating committee to stand for election.               356 Registry, Inc. Accountant, 1976 to present
  The 1990 nominees for the 356 Registry, Inc. Board of                    1983 East Coast Holiday Chairman, Waterville Valley,
Trustees:                                                                  New Hampshire.
                                                                           "Made By Hand" video tape Project Coordinator
Steve Douglas                                                         Position statement:
Active involvement in 356 Registry affairs:                              "The purpose of the Registry organization is to serve its
     Co-chairman, 1990 West Coast Holiday, Morro Bay, C        A      members, focused on our common interest of the 356 series
Position statement:                                                   Porsche. A Registry Trustee must be sensitive to the individu-
   " . . . (the Registry) could offer a little more to its mem-       al needs of our members, providing a constant feedback to
bers with very little effort . . . more Western representation        them, yet reacting to those needs according to the consen-
could help the Registry stay in touch with the needs and ac-          sus. It is very important for the Registry to keep its own
tivities of these people . . . Local 356 groups should get more       unique and distinct identity and that we continue to provide
coverage of their events . . we need to find out why the              an alternative to the other existing organizations."
event liability insurance is not being used . . . the social side
of a club is important, and I say it is worthwhile for the Regis-     Jerry Keyser
try to co-sponsor and support local events . . . the Registry         Active involvement in 356 Registry affairs:
can help these local groups with magazine coverage and their               Founder, 356 Registry, Inc., 1974
insurance. "                                                               Editor-in-chief and Publisher, "356 REGISTRY magazine,
                                                                            1974 to present
Patrick Ertel                                                              President, 1976 to 1987
Active involvement in 356 Registry affairs:                                Trustee, 1976 to present
     "356 REGISTRY" magazine editor of "Asleep At The                      Acting Membership Chairman, 1986 to 1988
     Wheel" column, 1979 to present                                        East Coast Holiday Committees: 1978,Columbus, OH &
     East Coast Holiday Committee, 1984,Williamsburg, VA                    1984,Williamsburg, VA
Position statement:                                                   Position statement:
   "I'm running on two issues, equality and candor. . .                  "Although I've been around since day one, I believe that
should the Registry confine itself to being the central forum         I still can positively contribute to the Registry organization.
for exchange of ideas among 356 enthusiasts or should the             I believe that we are on the right track as we enter into our
Registry provide services beyond the magazine? For 14 years,          third decade. What Registry does best (and what differenti-
every member who sent in his money got exactly the same               ates us from the others) is that we have narrowly focused our
return - a magazine to share ideas about 356 Porsches. Two            energies, talents and resources into our central forum, "356
years ago all of us began forking over an extra $5 in dues for        REGISTRY" magazine. I believe we should stick with those
event insurance to help insure someone else's fun, where it's         basics that have caused our success - let's continue to do
now up to us to avail ourselves to this service, if we can. But       what we do best and not go off in other directions. We have
additional services cost more than money - the hidden costs           an obligation to direct our efforts and resources to the majority
are the burdens placed on the 1% of the members who have              needs and not try to be all things for all special interest
volunteered to work to support the organization. As a Trustee         groups.
I promise to vote AGAINST spending your money to help
support someone else's special interest. I will vote FOR equal-       Bob King
ity - everyone pays the same, everyone gets the same. Open            Active involvement in 356 Registry affairs:
communication isn't something the Registry has ever had in                Co-chairman, 1978 West Coast Holiday, Medford, OR
surplus. The majority of members have no idea what the                Position statement:
Trustees have done: what issues have been addressed, where               " . . . I support the original Registry concept of perpetua-
individual Trustees stand on the issues, who really represents        tion of the 356 series through the exchange of ideas, ex-
our interests. If elected, I promise to submit a report on ev-        periences and information . . . the Registry should sanction


                                            356 REGISTRY    3       OCTOBER/NOVEMBER '90

                                                ANNOUNCING THE
                     NEW 1991, OLD 356 CALENDAR!

                                                        -         I
                                                                      % 2 .
                                          The Continuation of a 356 Tradition

The vintage 356 series Porsche - a classic automotive form. We 356 aficianados lovingly refer to them as Bathtubs, yet
they are certainly the most beautiful of all Porsches, if not of ALL automotive marques. If you like 356s, you'll LOVE the
"New 1991, Old 356" Calendar!
    FEATURING twelve FULL COLOR high gloss 356 photographs, taken by first rate photographers - the
    creme-de-la-creme from the scores submitted in a year-long photo competition!
    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! This year's calendar features FOUR vintage images, including THREE
    of-the-period Factory photos!
    DESIGNED in the style and format of the early 356-era Factory CHRISTOPHORUS calendars!
    LARGE SIZE! All photos are 11" x 81/2", each carefully selected for maximum visual impact and then
    high-quality, 5 color, offset printed.
    A GREAT GIFT idea for that special 356 enthusiast! With the Holiday Season fast approaching, order
    now and you will have plenty of time for gift wrapping.
                               Still only $12.95 [ + $2.05 shipping and handlingl
P.S. The earlier editions were sold out early, and are considered collectible today. Will the 1991 edition join
the ranks of collectible 356 paper? Don't take a chance and be disappointed later - order yours today!
                        New 1991,Old 356 Calendar
                                                                                                                 (Clip OT p h o t o ~ ~ p y ~

                                        City                                         StateIProv. -Zip
                                             Quantity              Calendars Q $15.00 each
                                                                          (includes postage & handling) $
    Please make your check or money
    order payable to Three F f y Six,
                            it              (For airmail orders to our Canadian friends, please add an additional
    Inc.Drafts must be drawn on U S
                                 ..         $2 per calendar; to our overseas friends, please add $6 per calendar.)   $
    banks in U.S. dollars: Canadian     Ohio residents, please add S3/4% Ohio Sales Tax, in the
    postal money orders gladly          amount of $.87 per calendar                             $
I                                I
                                        TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED                                   $
                   Mail today to 356 CALENDAR,P.O.BOX 1000,WESTERVILLE, OH 43081-7000

only two events; the East and West Holidays . . . should sup-          Position statement:
port local events through the "Calendar of Events" section                "I believe that the Registry is on the right course so I ad-
and other articles (in the "REGISTRY" magazine) . . the   .            vocate status quo. Getting the magazine out of time is our
Registry needs more Western representation."                           most important mission and I pledge to do everything I can
                                                                       to assure that we don't slip in that area. The 356 Registry mis-
Vic Skirmants                                                          sion is today what it was sixteen years ago and that has been
Active involvement in 356 Registry affairs:                            printed at the beginning of each magazine (all 84 issues)
    Co-founder, 356 Registry, 1nc.l 1974                               since. I quote: ' . . . the perpetuation of the vintage
    Editor, "Technical" column, "356 REGISTRY" maga-                   (1948-1965)356 series Porsche through the "356 REGISTRY"
    zine, 1974 to present                                              magazine, the central forum for the exchange of ideas, ex-
    President, 1990                                                    periences and information, enabling all to share the 356 ex-
    Vice president, 1976 to 1990                                       periences of one another.' "
    Trustee, 1976 to present
                                                                       Please take a moment to fill out your ballot and mail it in today.

                              r-                                                                     Jerry Keyser, Editor

   As you may have noticed from the Trustee ballot, one of             tory shots. Examination of the photo of the Factory produc-
the original prime movers of the 356 Registry has announced            tion floor finally answered the ongoing question I have ev-
his intention to retire from active service after his term in          ery year when making the photo selections - why are there
office expires.                                                        so many shots of red and white cars?!? The open cars (Speed-
   I speak for all of us in expressing our gratitude to Bill Durland   sters, Roadsters and Cabriolets)are always disproportionately
for a long and dedicated service to 356 Registry. Bill is a chart-     represented, too - no doubt because they are highly desire-
er member, one of the very few that took a $10 chance to a post        able and quite photogenic. It's a tough balancing act between
office box number even before the first issue of the "356 REGIS-       colors and open vs. closed cars and I only wish I could use
TRY" was published. Bill soon became actively involved as our          more of the excellent images received. Thank you for your
first membership chairman and he served throughout our major           participation and support of one of my very favorite projects.
growth years, until 1979. When the Registry incorporated in
1976, Bill became a Trustee, a position he has held ever since,           First (and maybe last) call for East and West Coast Holiday
and corporate secretary, serving until 1987. Bill has been a major     proposals. There are several rumors floating around that there
financial benefactor to the Registry and served as 1979East Coast      is a proposal on the way from a group in Colorado and two
Holiday chairman and on Holiday committees in 1981& 1984.              other Western groups have asked for information. The only
Bill served as 356 Registry President from 1987 to 1990. In ap-        Eastern rumor heard has been that a group in Boston has been
preciation for his loyal service, the Trustees made Bill a life-       asking questions. So if 1991 is the year for your group, please
time member in 1988.                                                   be pulling your proposals together. Vic Skirmants has re-
   Bill said that although he has retired from active involve-         quested that all proposals (in quintuplicate, please) be in to
ment in 356 Registry affairs, he will never lose interest in his       him by February 1, 1991 for a quick Trustee decision. Vic's
356s. He is finishing up an extensive restoration on an "A"            address is 27244 Ryan, Warren, MI 48092.
Carrera sunroof coupe which he promises to debut at the 1991
East Coast Holiday.                                                       I urge you to vote in the 1990 Trustee election. With Bill
   From all of us, thanks, Bill!                                       Durland's decision to retire, a change in the board is certain.
                                                                       For the first time ever, the nominees have made position state-
  From the blatant plug department comes this highly biased            ments - and there are some important, significant and rad-
report: the "New 1991, Old 356 Calendar" project should                ical differences. You now can make a choice based on posi-
prove to be the best yet of the series that directly traces its        tions. The future direction of our group will be directly af-
roots back to the 356-era factory "CHRISTOPHORUS" calen-               fected by this election, so please take a moment to fill out
dars. The 1990 year-long photo competition resulted in more            your ballot and mail it back today.
high-quality submissions than ever before. I am pleased to
report that the 1991 edition once again features vintage Fac-          That wraps it up for 1990. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

                                         LmI   a IP b d 4 ==I               I   Letters and Other Miscellany
  Thanks to Doug Carrie for donating 200 copies of "An In-         price of speedsters interchanged. Perhaps the country should
dex to THE REGISTRY" to our membership. This index                 go on the 'Speedster' standard!"
covers volumes 6 thru 10. To receive your free copy, send                                          Walt Reeves, Ft. Worth, TX
a g"x12" SASE to Brenda Perrin, 2041 Willowick Dr., Colurn-
bus, OH 43229. Postage for first class is $1.25 as the index
                                                                             memo from
weighs 6 ounces.
                                                                             keyser .                   ..      ,itor

                                                                              Here we go into the '80s. .the fourth
                                                                              decade since the first 356 was built.
                                                                              What do the '80s hold in store for us,
                                                                              356 o w n e r s a n d e n t h u s i a s t s ?
                                                                              Obviously no one knows, but how
                                                                              about $4 a gallon gasoline which will
                                                                              only be available in no-lead, 80 octane;
                                                                              $50,000 Speedsters; special permits to
                                                                              drive pre-1971 cars and then only in
                                                                              parades; a federal 35%tax on cars old-
                                                                              er than four years to get consumption
                                                                              up and American auto workers back to
                                                                              work, the demise in the mid-decade of

L:(Credits for photo: Porsche Werkfoto.) Porsche built two
                                                                              the Factory (legislated out of existence
                                                                              by a combination of worldwide public
                                                                              opinion, economic sanctions and
4-seater prototypes in 1952. One was a coupe as shown in                      tariffs and oppressive safety regula-
the photo, and one was a cabriolet. This model was desig-                     tions]....p robably nothing good in
nated Type 530. The two cars were each built on a chassis                     store if you are an auto enthusiast in
that had been extended to the WV wheel base length of                         the traditional sense of the word.
2400mm.                                                                       However, this gloomy and dismal
                       Jim Perrin, 356 Registry Historian.                    picture is a lead in for the good 1980s
                               *                                              predictions for the 356 RECISTRY-
                                                                              4500 members in good standing,
"Who says there aren't still bargains out there? This was the                 receiving a 50 page bi-monthly maga-
second convertible in 2 weeks for under $4,500 which I                        zine (repeated efforts to go monthly
missed!"                                                                      during the decade were always re-
                                   Paul Vantol, Detroit, MI                   soundingly vetoed without much
                                                                              serious discussion), featuring color
                                                                              photos in each issue, with a volunteer
                                                                              staff of 25 headed by an editor with an
                                                                              arabic name, including all of the noted
                                                                              356 experts in the world with several
                                                                              ex-Factory people, a wildly successful
                                                                              REGISTRY sponsored project that
                                                                              reproduced engine crankshafts for all
                                                                              engine types, and with membership
                                                                              dues still at the bargain-basement
  "Occasionally I enjoy digging out a few back issues of the                  price of $10 (with the price of gold
REGISTRY and spending a little time reminiscing over how                      $1500 an ounce)! So much for my pre-
                                                                              dictions. . . .
things used to be. I recently ran across this column giving
your predictions for the '80s. It made interesting reading since
we have just closed that decade. Your predidions were amaz-        (Editor's note: Now you know why I didn't do a 1990s predic-
ingly accurate aside from getting the price of gold and the        tion last year!)

                                           356 REGISTRY    6    OCTOBER/NOVEMBEA '90

                                                                       Cry no more, I have just what you need, a roll-about dolly.
                                                                    With a few lengths of low-grade two-by-six (1%" by 5lh")
                                                                    lumber, four salvaged ball-bearinged casters and an infinite
                                                                    variety of screws, nails, construction adhesive, nuts and bolts,
                                                                    you can gain a little breathing room and re-join the ranks of
                                                                    the loved. The accompanying drawings (courtesy of my
                                                                    friend, Tommy Gilbreath) will help a lot.
                                                                       Begin by cutting all of the pieces of two-by-six according
                                                                    to specifications. Assemble as shown. Remove the engine and
                                                                    heater cans. Raise the 356 way up in the air. My technique
                                                                    began by permanently fastening four jack stands to un-
                                                                    creosoted railroad tie end-pieces. Under the advice of my at-
                                                                    torney, I'll let you use your own creativity from this point on.
                                                                       Lower the car so the notches in the rear uprights cradle the
                                                                    torsions bar tubes. The tallest front upright carries no weight,
                                                                    it protrudes up through the triangular opening formed by the
                                                                    diagonal member and the pan. This piece serves only to po-
                                                                    sition the scabbed short front upright so that it can support
  Seen at the 1990 West Coast Holiday XIV,Morro Bay, CA             the pan from below. Caution! This dolly has only been
by Hal Thorns, Santa Ana, CA.                                       checked out with C comes and cabs.
                                                                       Now you're ready to eberience the existential pleasures
                                                                    of rolling your money-magnet around the block. However,
                                                                    the best part is, you may have to give up sleeping alone."
                                                                                                            John Fabac, Tyler, TX

  Seen at the 1990 East Coast Holiday XVI, Boone, NC by
Paul Allen, Cincinnati, OH.
                       HELLO, DOLLY
         How an Un-holy Roller Changed My Life
   Aw, come on, admit it. How many of you have put your                                     CORNER B P X E DETAIL                       DETAIL D
                                                                                                                                  REAR UPRIGHT DETAIL
relationships with the opposite sex on the line because of your

long-term commitment to the restoration of a Zuffenhausen
Beastie? You paid too much for it in the first place; the cost
of parts is skyrocketing and it's taking much more time than
you ever thought possible. So much so, it seems to be per-
manently fused to the garage floor; right through the jack              DETAIL c
stands. As a result, you have neither the room to work around
it, nor can your beloved park the mom-wagon in the space              TVPICAL OORNER BRACE
you said she would always have for her own.                            AND   wrrn   DETNL            FRONT UPRIGHT DETAIL

                                          356 REGISTRY    7       OCTOBER/NOVEMBER '90

John Clemson, Oakland, CA, has a question on oil capacity               Just returned from the 1990 East Coast Holiday in Boone,
of our engines. The first fill for a freshly rebuilt engine is in-   N.C. Always being tied up with racing, I don't get to too many
deed 5% quarts. Some of that oil is used in filling up the           Holidays. I'm certainly glad I went, because we had a great
nooks, crannies, and pockets inside the engine that are dry          time. We had a little rain Saturday morning, but nobody's
and can never be drained on a standard oil change. Subse-            356 melted, although Dave Clement's car did look as if the
quent oil fill-ups will require only 4 to 4% quarts, depend-         paint washed off.
ing on how well you drain the sump and wipe out the oil                 My wife Barbara and I drove our 1956 1600 Normal Coupe.
filter can.                                                          We left Thursday morning and drove down to Beckley, W.
   Another one of my rebuilt customer street engines "deve-          Va., for an overnight stay. We had arranged to meet several
loped" a knock. It seems the engine was running a little rich        friends from our area so we could caravan to Boone Friday
and had fouled a spark plug. After his local mechanic                morning. We had driven to Beckley with one other 356,
replaced the plug, the customer's engine had a knock and             which is my personal limit for long drives. It's too difficult
a loss of power. Apparently the parts store gave him a Bosch         to keep everyone together and on the same potty break sched-
W6DC plug, when he had asked for a W6BC. The W6DC is                 ule on drives over three hours long. Our Friday caravan con-
only another 3/," longer than the WGBC! Yes, the piston had          sisted of six 356s, one Mazda RX-7, and a van (someone had
hit the plug, closing the electrode (therefore no spark), and        to be capable of bringing home all our swap meet finds!)
furthermore, it was hitting the threaded body of the plug,              We spent Friday checking-in, checking out the arriving
hence the knock. You'd think the other mechanic might have           356s and watching our wives buying textile products in the
noticed the ridiculously longer plug, but I guess that's too         Goodie Store.
much to ask these days.                                                 As mentioned before, there was rain on Saturday, but as
   Have had several instances in the past year of people con-        soon as everyone arrived at Grandfather Mountain for the con-
tacting me about finding excess gasoline in their oil. A leak-       tours, the rain stopped and the sun came out.
ing fuel pump diaphragm is a likely culprit, but a rather rare          The swap meet was scheduled for 8:00 a.m. Sunday, but
failure. The usual cause is too high a carburetor float level,       upon getting up and looking out the hotel window at 6:55,
or a weak needle valve. I'm beginning to think that today's          I noticed that practically everyone was already out there!
gasolines have a different specific gravity than what we used        Reports indicate that people were checking for parts by flash-
to get. Whether they are different or not, more people do seem       light long before the sun came up!
to be getting their oil diluted. My favorite advice, regardless         Later in the day the remaining 356s caravaned along the
of what, if anything, may be wrong, is to simply turn off the        Blue Ridge Parkway again, but in the opposite direction of
fuel cock when parking the car. All of our cars have them,           Saturday's drive to Grandfather Mountain. The weather had
and if yours doesn't work, fix it! The consequences can be           cooled off a bit with a brisk cold breeze, but that didn't seem
rather dramatic; wiping out the bearings due to poor lubri-          to cool any enthusiasm.
cation capabilities, hydraulic lock and bent or broken inter-           Our congratulations to Randall Yow and Joe Johnson for
nal engine parts, or even a fire that could destroy your car,        a well-organized and smooth-running Holiday. Great job
garage, butt, etc.                                                   guys!!

  Event chairpersons: Send us information on your 356 relat-         Meet. Hacienda Hotel, Los Angeles, CA. Vendor set up 7:30
ed event for a free listing. Please have your copy typed and         a.m., doors open to general public from 9:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.
set up in the same general format as the listed events below.        Vendor fee $20 advance, $25 at door. General admission, $4.
We reserve the right to edit as required. Important - don't          (There is a possibility of a VW and 356 Porsche car show the
be disappointed - we need at least 60 day advance notice             following day.) Contacts: Jim Perrin, P.O. Box 387, Penns-
of your event! Send to Calendar of Events, P.O. Box 1000,            ville, NJ 08070, 609-935-7123 evenings; Prescott Kelly, 16
Westerville, OH 43081-7000. Members please note: events              Silver Ridge, Weston, CT 06883, 203-227-7770; Wayne Cal-
that appear in this section are not necessarily endorsed by          laway, 818-579-4414 daysl213-598-2069 evenings.
356 Registry, Inc.

febmary 9, 1991                                                      july 28-august 3, 1991
Porsche and Vintage V W Literature, Model and Memorabilia            PCA Parade, Boston, MA.

                                            356 REGISTRY     8   OCTOBER/NOVEMBER '90

                                                                                      -0 Brett Johnson, Editor

   Firstly, those of you who have acquired Rev. I1 of the good        Fuel tanks: The 70 litre tanks for T-6 cars push-rod and 4
book, you'll be pleased to know there is an error. What is cam were the same, but the 110 litre tanks were different.
really bad, is that I knew it was an error, but forgot to change Any ideas? Lack of external filler, perhaps?
it. On page 81 there is a photo of the optional 70 litre T-6          Wheels: Aluminum rimmed wheels with steel centers are
fuel tank described as a 110 litre tank (correctly captioned listed for 356A and 356B in widths 4%", 5" and 5%". Simi-
on page 54 of the first version). There really were 110 tanks lar composition wheels were available for 356C in widths 5"
so I thought you'd like to see what one looks like. But at least and 5%". Drum brake cars also had spacers, longer studs and
all of the photos are right side up this time.                      aluminum hub caps available.
   Those of you who participated in the quest for book num-           Shocks: I know, I don't talk about shocks, but this chart
ber 356 will be pleased to know that a deserving individual is good stuff!
received it. Orr Potebyna of Falls Church, VA by shrewd tim-
ing, no doubt brought on by psychic consultation, placed an                            SHOCK ABSORBERS
order at just the right moment. Unlike those millionth cus- DESCRIPTION FRONT                        356A, 356B, 356C
tomer things or the lottery, he didn't find out for three Boge, brown               644.41.501.2     356A 1600 Normal
months, when the books were sent out. Orr has actually                                               356B 1600 Normal, 1600 S,
responded to my questionnaires and contributed to my                                                   S-90
column, as well as being present at a number of Holidays.                                            356 1600 C
At the Indy Holiday in '87, he was drafted into helping un-
load the registration materials, which he did without com- Koni, red                644.343.501.10 356A 1600 S and Carrera
                                                                                                     356B optional
plaint and, as I recall, without much (or any) sleep the night                                       356C optional
before. Congratulations, to a genuine 356 en-
thusiast! . . . hope he liked the book.                             Koni, blue      644.343.501.12 356B Carrera 1600 and 2 litre
   Number 1356, for those into numerology, was pulled out                                            356C 1600 SC and Camera 2
to be given as a door prize at the Morro Bay event. I don't
know if the letter acknowledging this arrived and no one has DESCRIPTION REAR                        356A, 356B, 356C
claimed it (yes, you have to have the letter to claim it). If you Boge, brown       644.34.501.2     356A 1600 Normal
won it and you want it, drop me a line. If it was not award-                                         356B 1600 Normal, 1600 S,
ed, I'll try to think of some clever way of giving it away.                                            S-90
                                                                                                     356C 1600 C
Ideas? There were some requests for specific numbers, but
due to the impracticality of singling these out, we were not Koni, red              644.333.501.10 356A 1600 S and Camera
able to accommodate. All numbers from1948 through 1965                                               356B optional
should be going soon. Okay, on to the things that matter.                                            356C optional
   I promised last time to tell you about little known compe- Koni. blue            644.333.501.12 356B Camera 1600 and 2 litre
tition parts, but first I've got some pictures from my vaca-                                         356C 1600 SC and Carrera 2
tion, which included the European Porsche Parade at Bright-
on in the mother country. While on vacation, I took some pic-         Glass: Plexi-glass all around with the exception of wind-
tures of 1951 cabriolet #10050. This was one of the cars dis- shields. These are listed for all coupes 356A through 356C.
played at the 1951British Motor Show at Earls Court. As such, They change at the appropriate places, when normal glass
the original aluminum-trimmed split windshield can be ex- changed. Two types of side windows are listed, one for nor-
cused. And how about that interior mirror? It did have a fair mal cars with window cranks and one for those with a leather
number of incorrect parts including 15" wheels and a pink strap, which replaced the crank for regulating side window
brake light, but it was definitely the nicest early cab, I've seen. height. The strap remained the same for all years.
   I also ran across a Belgian Convertible D with an unusual          Windshields: Normal, tinted and heated (6 or 12v)are listed
tail and a nice 914-6 with 6,000 miles on it. They invited me for coupe and cabriolet 356A through 356C. Normal and heat-
to the European 356 meet, next May also in England . . . ed for Speedster. Roadster and Convertible D,sorry, just nor-
didn't offer to pay my air fare. After leaving Brighton, things mal. Roadster windshields are noted, as they are in the parts
were relatively non-356, so I won't dwell. I've got lots of books, changing at chassis #87516. There is still only one
slides, though.                                                     replacement style available.
   On to the "Optional Parts for Competition" from a bulle-           Lids, front and rear: Aluminum, 356A through 356C, in-
tin dated April 9, 1984. Since I generally address, non- cluding air channels for 356A, T-5 and T-6 356B. I have never
mechanical things, these are the non-mechanical highlights. seen the latter. Any photos out there?
   Gas heaters: Rear mount (356A and T-5) and front mount             Doors: Aluminum, 356A through 356C.
(T-6) are listed. Perhaps these were for ice racing?                  Sport seats: These are "Speedster" seats. They change be-

                                          356 REGISTRY    9   OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

tween 35615. and T-5 356B. A final change at T-6 356B may
be due to the change in rails.
  Seat belts: Lap type, shoulder type and lap-shoulder type
are listed.
  Roll bar: Two types are listed, one 356A through T-6 356B
and one for 356c. Any ideas about what is different?
  If any of you b-ivia fans have more specific information on t e e
things, have photos or new fascinating things, drop me a line.

110 litre fuel tank.

Wrong-hand drive, '51 Cab.                                             AU good British concours have suitable backgrounas.

                                             356 REGISTRY    10       OCTOBERINOVEMBER 'SO

    Nothing Exceeds Like Excess                the idea. This vintage racing stuff has        ed by Barney Oldfield's legendary Old
"The men all look about the same, but          gone big league.                               999 - as ugly and purposeful a racing
 the best-looking women are with the              It was fun to see some familiar faces and   machine as I've ever seen. There were
 guys with the most expensive cars."           cars in the paddock. Ned McDaniel and          so many Ferraris that the Maranello
                   (Pete Nosler, 1990)         Jim Barrington, long-time Bay Area 356         machines seemed almost commonplace.
                                               fixtures, were heavily involved in the         Like the zillions of Miatas, marking the
   Wouldn't you just love to have a place      event, although we barely recognized one       1st anniversary of Mazda's commercial,
to stash all those project 356s? Hey, have     another, it's been so long. I spent a fair     aesthetic, and engineering success.
I got a hot one for you! In the little town    amount of time taking in all the features         The actual races were lots of fun as
where I now reside, a choice piece of real     of Chuck Forge's one-off 1949 ex-works         well. The bigger the cars, the more seri-
estate is up for sale. Thirteen oak-shaded     alloy race car. Y'gotta see this one! One      ous it seemed to get. For every cautious
acres and the lovely Mediterranean vil-        cut-down coupe, full fender skits at both      owner nursing his pride-and-joy around
la that goes with them can be yours for        ends, bright red paint.                        Laguna Seca's 1 corners, there was some-
a mere $23 million. That plus once each           Many of the old Porsches were not that      one out there actually trying to win the
year, in property taxes, more than most        familiar to me. I mean, I haven't really       thing. I didn't watch any 356s in action
of us spend on an entire house will get        been paying attention all these years, and     the day I went, but there was more than
you the old Heller estate, perhaps the         I had to go to PEWE that evening to sort       enough down-and-dirty racing excitement
world's nicest place to house a burgeon-       them out. Identifying the 904 was easy,        to entice me back again soon. The scream
ing bevy of aging Porsches in all the          but then there was a 906, a 907, a 908,        of all those big Cam Am cars in the day's
peace and quiet one could ever want.           a 910, and on and on up to a 917 (face         last event (eight laps all over too soon!)
   Forget it, huh? Well, after the events      East and fall on your face), and well be-      stayed with me for hours afterwards. You
of a few weekends back, I'm not so sure        yond. My God, there are a lot of wonder-       could feel the testosterone.
it's all that much of a stretch - for some     ful "old" race cars out there! But many           But for sheer raw intimidation, nothing
car collectors, anyway. This all came          of them really didn't seem old at all. To      touched the red '62 Ferrari GTO sitting
home vividly, when the observant gent          me, "historic" cars are Bugattis and other     there amid the display of F1 and high-
responsible for the above quote called         prewar stuff, surely not the Jags, Healys,     voltage sports-racing iron. Almost curi-
saying he was heading on down to Mon-          and well, 356s of my youth!                    ously alone and aloof - like Greta Gar-
terey for the annual vintage car races,           Dr. Porsche's creations were sprinkled      bo, I suppose. How the fortunes of these
and would I like to go along.                  through the paddock like raisins in a          talismans have changed since I saw three
   The scene certainly has changed in the      pudding. One '58 Speedster had been            of them lined up in the paddock at Bridg-
15 years since my last appearance at Lagu-     owned since new. Another, from SoCal           ehampton so many years ago! And it
na Seca (other than my having added wig-       (where else?) gets my nod for bizarre-         would take only two of them to own the
gles in the infield now, the annual event      display-of-the weekend. It's "Powered-         Heller estate out here. That's the good
is a big three-day bash (at $30/day/person,    By-Mouth Racing Team" slogan took me           news; the bad news is that you'd have to
the weekend tab for Joe Fan surpasses          a bit aback until I noticed the big "69"       sell them, and for top dollar.
Broadway theater-ticket levels), and the       painted on the car. Oh why not. And of            Someone out there has the means. And
ambience is strictly big time. Big-time cars   course there were the occasional 356s in       the Roman-holiday displays at Laguna
(participation is by invitation only), big-    the acres and acres of parking for the         Seca suggest we should make that plural.
time people.                                   peasants (I used the word advisedly;           No foolin'. But that moneyed car-collector
   Now of course lots of "little guys" get     Pete and I made the trip in a '90 T-           had better hurry. As of this writing, no
the nod, and not a few are Zuffenhaus-         bird - not mine, I hasten to add).             one has come up with the $23 million,
en fanciers, but no small number of the           Only a marque-chauvinist pig could          and the Heller heirs are about to sell off
invitees come with, well, retinues. Jum-       fail to appreciate what was there besides      this piece of paradise in mere one-acre
bo, sky-high trailer trucks outfitted in       Porsches. For openers, I doubt that as         parcels. The last thing we want around
the automative equivalent of a pasha's         many Allards will ever again congregate        here is all the noise, traffic, and bother of
harem. Only the multiple dancing girls         on one square mile as gathered at Lagu-        twelve new sets of neighbors. It is un-
have been replaced by some of the choi-        na Seca those three days, from the big         thinkable that our quiet, narrow Faxon
cest machinery ever to put rubber to the       black No. 14b, complete with Carstens,         Lane should become a thoroughfare. Hey,
road. How many 100-point Bizzarinis            Pollack and wide whitewalls, on down           big spender, wherever you are, step up
can you stuff into a semi? Three? Four?        to a K1 in pre-restoration primer. Ford's      and claim your multi-multi-stall garage
Isn't that all they made? Well, you get        Better Idea was a tent display, highlight-     space before it's too late!

                                                             a 4x15 inch wheel. Known widths for the 16 inch diameter
                  alloy-rim wheels                           wheels are 3.25 and 3.5 inches and are 4,4.5, 5,and 5.5 inches
            by David Seeland and Dick Koenig for the 15 inch diameter wheels. The measurements are always
   Alloy (aluminum)rimlsteel-center wheels are characteris- in inches, never in millimeters, for some unknown reason. Even
tic of many early competition Porsches, both drum and disc- stranger are tire sizes which mix measurement systems - 165
braked; some 356SLs; 356A and 356B GT cars, both four-cam, (mm wide cross-section) by 15 (inch rim diameter).
and pushrod; Spyders; Carrera GTLs (Abarths),904s and 906s      All alloy wheels have steel centers riveted to aluminum
(GS Carreras were not normally equipped with alloy wheels). rim sections (fig. I), but some early 16 inch all-steel wheels
They had two obvious performance benefits, less unsprung are also riveted. The entire wheel was painted silver. The
weight, and lower total vehicle weight. An alloy 4 . 5 ~ 1 5 wheels are all manufactured by Kronprinz and are stamped
drum-brake wheel weighs 10 pounds 14 ounces and a steel "KpZ". Lemmerz and Siidrad are other 356 wheel manufac-
wheel of the same size weighs about 14 pounds 10 ounces, turers, but they apparently did not make alloy wheels.
so even if you could both find them and afford them, the        All stamped identification marks are located in the nearly
weight saving of about 15 pounds per vehicle wouldn't make flat section that has the lug, hubcap clip and brake adjust-
a 1600N feel like a 2-liter four-cam.                        ment holes. In addition to "KpZ", the rim width and diameter
   Dick Koenig of Medway, Massachusetts is very interested are stamped here. On 15 inch drum brake wheels Jx15 fol-
in documenting the unique aspects of 356-356A Carreras and lows the width, for example 41hJx15. On 16 inch wheels the
has provided the impetus and initiated the data collection width is expressed as a decimal number and is followed by
and analysis for the following discussion.                   a D, i.e., 3.25Dx16. Alloy-rim disc-brake 904 and 906 wheels
   Alloy wheels for drum-brake cars were made in both 15 and include 5Kx15, 7Kx15 and 9Kx15.
16 inch diameters. GS/GT and GT cars used 15 i c wheels.
                                                 nh             The date of manufacture is stamped with the month over
Spyders used 16 inch wheels until 1960 when the RS-60 used the last two digits of the year ('52 to '6?), usually surround-
                                                             ed by a circle. Two 1957 wheels had dashes between the
                                                             month and year, for example: 2-57.
                                                                A part number is also stamped in this area, for example, 6115B
                                                             or 6045A. This part number changes with wheel characteristics
                                                             as subtle as the presence or absence of hubcap clips. Some iden-
                                                             tifying features are not reflected in part numbers.
                                                                The section of the steel center through which the rim-
                                                             attachment rivets pass is either straight or scalloped (fig. 2).
                                                             The 15 inch wheels with scallops have 13 rivets and those

                                                                         loy wheel, 19 rivet 4?hJx15"straight-center" alloy wheel, 13 rivet
                                                                         4% Jx15 "scalloped-center"alloy wheel. Note non-threadedbalance
                                                                         holes (found only in 16 inch wheels) near edge of rim on left-hand
Figure 1. Alloy drum-brake wheel on left-aluminumrim riveted to          wheel, or could these have been attachment points for lead weights?
steel center, all-steel welded wheel on right. Both are 4%Jx15wheels.    Anyone know?

                                             356 REGISTRY      12       OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

with straight centers have 19 rivets. All 16 inch wheels have           track would increase by 40mm. This does not cause tirehody
"straight" centers and with 10 or 12 rivets. No 15 or 16 inch           interference problems, but Porsche apparently wanted to re-
steel wheels have scallops.
  All 15 inch centers have a valve-stem recess in the steel
center (fig. 3). The 16 inch centers do not have a valve recess

                                                                        Figure 5. Steel wheel on lefi, alloy-rimwheel on right. Note differ-
                                                                        ences in contours, vent-hole shapes, and offsets of steel centers.
                                                                        tain the stock front track so the inside offset of the alloy 15
                                                                        inch wheels was increased 22mm to 118.lmm to compen-
                                                                        sate for the increased drum width. The use of these wheels
                                                                        on the rear drums which are always 40mm would decrease
                                                                        the rear track by 22mm per wheel or 44mm. Decreasing the
                                                                        track decreases cornering ability so 20mm spacers on 20mm
center.                                                                 longer studs were used for GSIGT cars with 60mm front
and are, except for the part numbers, exactly the same for                 Why do VWs and Porsche 356s have their distinctive large
both steel and alloy wheels (fig. 4).The 15 inch alloy wheel            diameter bolt pattern? I have heard the speculation that is
                                                                        was because of Professor Porsche's association with Henry
                                                                        Ford in the late '30s. A little research provided rather con-
                                                                        vincing evidence supporting this hypothesis.
                                                                           Photographs of the VW Type 30 prototypes built in early
                                                                        1937 show a "small" bolt pattern wheel. In June, 1937, Profes-
                                                                        sor Porsche, Ferry Porsche and Dr. Bodo Lafferentz, head of
                                                                        the KdF movement and VW sales manager, left for the U.S.
                                                                        where they visited Henry Ford. While in Detroit they pur-
                                                                        chased a $600 Ford V8 sedan which was driven to New York
                                                                        and shipped back to Germany. While in the U.S. they recruit-
                                                                        ed "at least a half a dozen American specialists of German ori-
                                                                        gin who were willing to return to work in the Fatherland".
                                                                           Fords of 1936through 1939 had a wheel with 5 attachment
                                                                        points located near the outer edge of the brake drum. I once
                                                                        mistook one of these wheels for an oddball Porsche wheel,
                                                                        they are very similar although they have 15 vent holes rather
                                                                        than 10 as does a Porsche wheel.
                                                                           One of the American technicians helped redesign the VW
                                                                        body, and in 1938, 30 more prototypes of V Type 38 were
                                                                        built. This design was the final stage in the early evolution
                                                                        of the Beetle and it remained in this configuration until well
                                                                        after WW 11. The wheels of the VW Type 30 were changed
Figure 4. All 16-inch alloy wheels lack valve-stem recesses in steel    to a large bolt pattern similar to the wheels used on the 1937
center.                                                                 Ford that had been brought back to Germany. It seems logi-
                                                                        cal to assume some rather direct connection between the '38
steel centers are not the same as steel-wheel centers (fig. 5).         Ford and the American technicans, and the immediate change
They have more "dish" to provide increased inside offset.                                           W
                                                                        from a small bolt-pattern V Type 30 wheels to the large bolt
  Front brake drums of 356A and B GSIGT Cameras are 60-                 pattern VW Type 3dPorsche 356 wheel.
wide, 20mm wider than GS and pushrod front drums. If stock                 Dick Koenig asked Bill Jones of San Antonio if the alloy
offset (97.1mm) wheels were used with these drums, the front            wheels were originally fully painted or whether the outer al-

                                             356 REGISTRY     13       OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

loy sections were polished? Tony Singer's GSIGT Speedster,           KpZ (KRoNPRINz) 16 INCH SPYDER ALLOY-RIM WHEELS
as shown on his widely distributed poster, showed polished
rims that are eye-catching, but . .                                  Part No. Date Straight/Scallop
                                                                      S527A   -           Straight
                                                                                                 10 rivets, no
   Bill's reply to this question was that when Porsche began                                      size stamp
to use the alloy-rim wheel, they didn't want their racing com-                                87.2mm rear offset
petitors to know, so they painted the entire wheel silver.           S540A 10-53     Straight    12 rivets, one  3.50Dx16
However, the secret didn't keep for long. It became common                                      brake adj. hole
by the early 1960s for racers to polish the outer aluminum
sections because many thought this looked better.                    S540A 2-57      Straight 97.8mm rear offset 3.50Dx16
   With the exception of post-1965 5lhxl5 Lemrnerz chrome            S540A 1-58      Straight          -         3.500~16
wheels, 356A and B wheels do not have safety-rim wheels.             S540A 8-59      Straight      19 rivets     3.50Dx16
Safety-rimwheels have a raised area that holds the tire bead                                     550.68.010
in place in spite of an air-pressure loss. A V W service bulle-                                  written on rim
tin stated that the use of tubeless tires on non safety-rim         KpZ 15 IN. ALLOY-RIMGSIGT,GT, AND SPYDER WHEELS
wheels is unsafe - use tubes. One other safety concern, alu-
minum rim-sections are prone to cracking, so examine them                            Straight      19 rivets
carefully before using them, particularly if you plan to do                          Straight
any vintage racing. The cracks occur in the areas between                            Straight
the slots.                                                                           Straight
   Dick Koenig found a company that could make aluminum
rim-sections in hopes that he could make his own wheels be-                            Straight
fore he discovered that the alloy-rim steel centers were
unique. Because 16-inch alloy-rim steel-centers are the same                           Straight
as those used in 16-inch steel wheels new alloy-rim 16 inch                            Straight
wheels (356SLlearly AISpyder) could be made from either
welded wheels or even better from the rarer riveted steel-rim                           Scallop            13 rivets
wheels. "Later" 550 Spyders with 60-        drums had a differ-
ent center with more offset, so much more that the steel center                         Scallop            13 rivets
protruded beyond the plane of the outer alloy-rim edge.                                 Scallop           Orig. clips
   Steel disc-brake wheel centers are 3.7mm thick (3.7                                                     13 rivets
stamped on the rim), Camera 2s are 3.8-       thick, 904 wheels
have 3.8mm(?)thick centers, 906 wheels have 3.8 or 3.9mm
centers, all 15 and 16 inch drum-brake wheels have 3.0-                                Straight
thick centers.
   As a service to Spyder GSIST owners I (D.A.S.) will act
as a contact point for trades that allow owners of sets of
wheels with mixed andlor inappropriate widths and dates                                Straight
to assemble correct sets of wheels. If you would like to par-
ticpate, please incidate what you have and what you would                              Straight         118.lmm rear
like.                                                                                                       offset
   Besides Dick, are there any other '57 or '58 steel-door
GSIGT car owners out there, either coupe or Speedster? Either                          Straight
Dick (508-429-4772) or I (303-238-3306) would appreciate
calls or letters. We are particularly interested in original un-
derside undercoat and paint characteristic~.Dick and I are
also hoping to expand on my early columns on GSIGT and                                 Straight          RS-60 wheel
GS characteristics. If you want more four-cam material, please                         Straight          no clip holes
help.                                                                                  Straight          no clip holes
   We would also like to expand the wheel survey of alloy
rim wheels to include more about disc-brake alloys and drum                            Straight       4% inch rear offset
and disc-brake steel wheels. What do you have? Different                               Straight       906 wheel, 20 rivets
manufacturers, widths, dates, offsets, etc. are of interest -                                           no safety bead,
let us know. Thanks.                                                                                     3.9mm center
                                                                                                       thickness, small
                                                                                                      bolt pattern - disc
                                                                                          Staight     20 rivets, no safety 9Kx15
                                                                                                         bead, 3.8mm
                                                                                                       center thickness,
                                                                                                        small bolt pat-
                                                                                                      tern - disc brake,
                                                                                                            part no.
                                                                                                       906 361 810.01

                                          356 REGISTRY    14       OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

                                                                                                           Pat Ertel, Editor

   Just got back from the East Coast Holi-    doesn't even have cruise control and on        Rustoleum out of a spray can. OK, OK
day. It was a disaster. I had been look-      top of all that I have to drive through        I can see all you purists out there run-
ing forward to a Holiday somewhere in         West @*St@! Virginia to get there,             ning around, pulling your hair, and
the South for some time. It seemed like       when I started getting sick to my              beating your heads against the wall.
it would be a nice change. Plus, North        stomach. This elevated Mizz Lori's             Calm down. So I hosed my motor with
Carolina is well known as one of the na-      mood tremendously. In her wisdom she           bug bomb, so what? Is that a crime? I
tion's major possum states so naturally       pointed out that I probably wouldn't be        figured I'd do that job over again when
my mouth was watering. But making             sick if I hadn't been so energetically rant-   I had some other things paid for, like my
plans to attend the Holiday became like       ing and raving about cruise control, pos-      new garage. See, if I can make the paint
playing a game of dodge ball. As soon         sums, and West §St@( Virginia and I            job last until I build up some equity in
as I dodged one commitment, another           pointed out that if she were really so         my garage, I could get a second mort-
came flying at me from out of nowhere.        damn smart she wouldn't have bought            gage on it and then get my engine pow-
My on-again, off-again plans took an in-      a car without you-know-what, which             der painted. Then I would once again be
teresting twist and became sort-of-on at      pretty effectively ended all conversation      welcomed into the ranks of 356 owners,
the last minute. We could go to the Holi-     for the remainder of the trip down.            right? (RIGHT??)Besides, what I did to
day, but I had to go farther south to            On Saturday afternoon our plans twist-      the engine sheet metal was more than
Asheville for Saturday afternoon and          ed yet again and the Asheville meeting         just squirting paint on it. By making
evening. With two weeks to go I gave up       was cancelled at the last minute - after       careful observations (enhanced by inhal-
trying to get my coupe ready and              we had already driven half way there. So       ing paint fumes)I was able to learn a few
planned on driving Lori's newly pur-          there we were, halfway between Asheville       things that those of you who have no
chased, used Nissan. "Besides," I told        and Boone, when the brakes on Lori's Nis-      pride and dare to paint your parts with
her, "Your car has air conditioning and       san went out. They didn't actually go          Rustoleum might benefit from.
cruise control, the two essential ele-        OUT out, they just made a sound like a            What I did was strip the paint and rust
ments of any truly civilized society."        million fingernails being scraped across a     off of the sheet metal parts here at home
She didn't say a thing.                       blackboard whenever the brakes were ap-        using the usual noxious chemicals and
   Planning had been difficult, but I be-     plied. The h n t pads were completely          then take them to a large laboratory fa-
gan the trip itself in a festive mood, the    worn out, so to avoid destroying the ro-       cility that I know of that has these mon-
kind of festive mood I imagine the an-        tors too, I drive the 450 miles home us-       do pizza ovens they call "environmen-
cient Incas might have been in at those       i g engine compression and the emergen-
                                               n                                             tal chambers". I turned the humidity
festivals where they would rip the guts       cy brake for stopping. Without cruise          down to 0 and the temperature up to
out of some cute furry creature and           control.                                       150°F and baked the parts overnight.
throw it down a volcano. The tempera-            A couple of issues ago I wrote an arti-     Then I vapor-blasted them with some
ture on the way to Boone was only about       cle about cadmium plating. I included          cancer-causing multi-syllable chemical
50 degrees so the issue of the air condi-     a table of information about type and          and primed them with Rustoleum zinc
tioner never came up, but at about the        class of cadmium coatings which sharp-         oxide primer, baked them at 150°F in
OhioNVest Virginia border I took over         eyed readers pointed out didn't agree          the pizza oven for 8 hours, painted them,
the driving and discovered that Mizz          with the text. The text is correct, so to      baked them, painted them, etc., until my
Lori's car didn't have cruise control af-     make the table correct, take your crayon       boss said I had to get some work done.
ter all. "This is the last quarter of the     and, in the right hand column, replace         These parts came out great. They have
twentieth century." I shouted,                the word "Type" with "Class" and vice          since been subjected to repeated Zenith
" . . . and some idiot actually bought a      versa. We don't know who made this un-         tests (being flooded with copious
car without cruise control! What is the       fortunate error, but we are diligently         amounts of gasoline) and passed with
matter with this society, have we be-         searching for someone to blame and             flying colors. I have exposed them to all
come barbarians?" Mizz Lori mistaken-         when we find her she will be punished.         sorts of cleaners and washing with hot
ly assumed the idiot I was referring to          To continue my article on "Things the       water out of a garden hose. The paint has
was her and not the guy who bought the        Professional Engine Builders Don't Tell        stayed on remarkably well. Added
car new, which immediately put her in         You Because They're Too Smart to get           benefits are the pleasing subdued gloss
festive mood, too. There she was, arms        Themselves Into This Kind of Mess":            to the paint and the fact that those my-
crossed, glaring at the dashboard. There         When rebuilding my engine I went            lar repro decals really stick to the stuff.
I was, seething about having to spend a       first class with all the machining and in-        Unfortunately, I was forced to paint
small fortune to attend half a Holiday in     terior work and concentrated my at-            some of the parts in my humid garage
the possum capital of the Universe in a       tempts at saving money on the outside.         armed only with common sense and the
car that not only isn't a Porsche, but        So . . . I painted the sheet metal with        instructions on the can. These did not

                                             356 REGISTRY   15     OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

do so well. Because of our humid sum-         like me, exist unencumbered by any               at first, but effective once you've had
mer environment (usually 80% or more)         sense of personal pride whatsoever.              some experience with it. Specifically,
the paint tended to fish-eye unless the       Those of you who cringe at the thought           the outside dimensions of the flanges
parts were heated before painting and         of putting non-Porsche parts on your             that hold the pipes to the cylinder heads
even that did not guarantee success.          Porsche, might want to reread Vic's              are too large. Once the thing is bolted
These parts are also less gasoline resis-     column or go shovel some cash into your          on, you can't get the sheet metal shrouds
tant than the cooked ones. I attempted        engine compartment or something. I         n     on the head. If you intend to use one of
to bake some of the smaller parts in our      order to maintain the merest shred of de-        these babies, bolt an old flange up to
kitchen oven, but was unable to main-         cency however, I will offer the follow-          each flange on the T-bird and saw or file
tain the baking process for more than a       ing justification - since a proper ex-           the new flange down to a size no larger
few hours because Lori kept coming            haust system for a 1956 Porsche was not          than the stock one. A second problem
home. The paint on these parts was more       available at that time (and still isn't for      that may only be a problem on pre-As
durable than that on the unbaked parts,       all I know), I figured a $69.95 improper         and early As, is that the "quiet" muffler
but not nearly as hard as the paint on the    exhaust system was $180 better than a            available with this system shoots the ex-
ones baked for 8 hours. The lesson here       $249.95 improper exhaust system. So,             haust directly into the back of the bum-
is that Rustoleum isn't necessarily all       instead of buying a late 356A muffler            per overider. This creates a most in-
that bad, but a warm, low humidity en-        and cobbling tailpipes onto it, I bought         teresting audio effect, especially from in-
vironment is required when applying it,       the next best thing, named after that            side the car, but I chose to bow to con-
and an 8 hour bake out at about 150°F         favorite       American        aperitif -        formity and fix it by cutting the tailpipe
helps harden the paint and make it more        Thunderbird. Like its namesake, the             off, rotating it down about an inch, and
fuel resistant.                               pricehemfit ratio of the T-bird system           welding it back on. The mid-1957 and
   Another area that I tried to save money    is quite favorable, it is cheap and it is ef-    later cars with their different bumpers
on was the exhaust system. I'm afraid         fective. I've used these gems before and         may not have this problem. Next is-
the following few sentences may only be       I've found that, again like its namesake,        sue - roof mounting your rallve lights,
                                                                                                                                - -
suitable reading for those of you who,        the T-bird exhaust system is rather rude         mud flaps, and m o i i

                                                                     This early design featuring a stylized 356 and Spyder has
                                                                     been wonderfully recreated into wearable art for the serious
                                                                         Embroidered (not screen printed) with each silhouette in a
                                                                          different color, these top-quality long-sleevesweatshirts
                                                                            are available in liahtweiaht 100% cotton sheetina or
                                                                          \                              cotton y
                                                                               heavyweight 56/50 p fleece.     i
                                                                                              The perfect #iff for yourself or a
                                                                                                      Porsche friend!
                                                                                                        Both available In S. M, L, XL.
                                                                                              (Heavyweight also XXL) Please specify type and size.

                                                                                                     Lightweight: $34.95
                                                                                                    Heavyweight: $39.95
                                                                               Plaaw add $4.00 UPS shlpplq par ordar and allow 2-3 w e l a for

                                                                              L dallwry. No boxnumbarJLlw~etaddmtl.Forelpndtllvty chargts,
                                                                                 pleas lnqulm. US Pu~WidnmOAUSbanbonly or Amtflctn Expnu.

                                                                                                Milable exclusively from:
                                                                                      SPYDER ENTERPRISES, INC.
                                                                                 RFD 1682, Laurel Hollow, NY 11791
                                                                                        FAX: (516) 349-3258

                                             356 REGISTRY    16    OCTOBERINOVEMBER 'SO

eleven years ago in the registry , . . . .Jim Perrin, Historian

  The Registry of eleven years ago had       turned out for the tour, which ran         on the subject of 1964-1965 356c disc
a two page cover that stated "Happy          through the rolling hills of Northern      brakes.
Fifth Anniversary". You know what that       Connecticut/Southern Massachusetts.          The 4th international 356 Porsche
means - the Registry is now 16 years           Dave Seeland's Four-Cam Forum dis-       meet was held in Sweden. It was report-
old. Jerry Keyser reported in his column     cussed the number of four-cam cars         ed that 100 356s lined up for the caravan
that the first real East Coast Holiday had   which had been built by the factory, and   to the track event!
recently been held, and that it was an       gave a breakdown by body type. He            Harry Pellow advertised that the book
unqualified success. By real East Coast      reported that 3 356% 498 3 5 6 t h 362     "The Porsche A, B, Cs (and 912s) of
Holidays, Jerry was referring to the fact    356Bs, and 126 356Cs had been built. He    Porsche Engines" was finally available.
that the previous Holidays had been held     also cautioned that the numbers might
in the Midwest. The chairman of the          not be exact.                                 (Editor's note: we received several let-
Holiday was Bill Durland, who was also         Other highlights from the issue          ters after this "controversial" cover ap-
Secretary of the Registry at that time. It   include:                                   peared - it was reprinted here as a
was reported that an estimated 65 356s         Vic Skirmants technical column was       historic reference only.)

                                         356 REGISTRY     17   OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

                                                                       I =l=WA I4 -
                                                                                 V                 Bill Block, Editor
 You may have noticed that noth-             companied by 120 black and white             ings in related sections, making them ex-
 ing in this book pertains to prepa-         Porsche Arkiv photographs. Certainly a      tremely useful for visualizing parts rela-
 ration of a 356 for contours, or            lush effort, worthy of being found un-      tionships. At a significant savings, you
 other such high-drama events. I             der the nonsectarian shrub.                  can buy just the exploded pictures from
 don't understand people who wax                The factory 356 A WORK SHOP              Charlie White. Additionally the manu-
 the shock absorbers, or worry that          MANUAL ($249.95) and 356 BIC                 als can help determine originality and
 the judge might count the number            WORKSHOP MANUAL ($113.30) and               correctness of a part, though Brett John-
 of stitches in the tonneau cover            the CARRERA SHOP MANUAL                     son's 356 PORSCHE: A RESTORER'S
 and discover that the spacing is            ($46.35) cover everything you need to        GUIDE TO AUTHENTICITYhighlights
 not quite correct. The good Herr            know about the 356 - except the pre A.      many errors in the parts books. The B
 Doctor did not design and build             Prices are up from last year. While fac-    Manual is what you want for early (T-5)
 these cars to be put up on                  tory original the manuals are not NOS       Bs, late (T-6) Bs require BOTH the B
 pedestals and worshipped. He                (new old stock) but RNS (reprinted new      Manual and the Late B supplement,
 designed them to be driven and              stock). Most collectors claim to be able    while Cs require the B Manual, the Late
 enjoyed at speed"                           to tell the new from the old on the basis   B Supplement AND the C Supplement.
 PORSCHE 356 PERFORMANCE                     that the new seem to be reproduced from     Last, the manuals are collectible them-
 HANDBOOK, 1990 Duane Spencer                a copy of an original manual rather than    selves - I am still looking for an origi-
                                             the original plates. Actually many of the   nal Parts Manual I to go with my new
   Following is my annual (probably) original manuals have a Xerox look                  1952 coupe.
TOO LATE FOR THE HOLIDAYS about them. Further the manuals assume                            EXCELLENCE WAS EXPECIYD, Lud-
REVIEW review of books suitable for giv- you have a fully equipped workshop.             vigsen ($85.00) - the single best au-
ing bylto one's significant other.           Still they are THE FACTORY MANUAL           tomotive marque book written. With a
                                             and are a necessity to see how the facto-   publication date of 1978, this weighty
$100                                         ry did it.                                  (2.5kg) tome is not too cluttered with
   Actually considering what has been                                                    later Gucci stuff. If you love 356s, don't
happening lately to the prices of 356s I $50.00 $100.00
                                               The big news here is that the factory
                                                                                         fritter away your money on milk and
guess one should take some consolation                                                   shoes for the kid until you have a copy!
in the difficulty in spending more than has come out with a single volume con-           I am however a little perturbed that af-
$100 on a Porsche book.                      taining both PRE A PARTS MANLJALS           ter a stable price of $64.95 for over ten
PORSCHE - THE FINE ART OF THE in a single reasonably price ($94.00)                      years the list price has jumped $20.00
SPORTS CAR ($100.00), by Lucinda volume. It says a lot about the commit-                 in the last year.
Lewis has arrived just in time for ment of Stoddard Imported Cars and                                     -
                                                                                            PORSCHE 356 FAHREN IN SEINER
seasonal giving. As near as I can tell Lu- PCNA's Vintage Program to have reis-          SCHONSTEN FORM ($75.00), Dirk-
cinda Lewis doesn't have a Porsche track sued this manual for such a rare car. I         Michael Conradt 'Chefredkteur (Editor in
record, but she takes lovely photos, and am also extremely pleased since I recent-       Chief)' of MOTOR-KLASSIKis the defini-
if her dust jacket photograph is anything ly bought one (the car. I am indebted to       tive 356 history. Though available only in
to go by she is too! The introduction is Pat Stansberry of Stoddard Imported             Germanthe photographs are old and origi-
essentially flawless but as a short histo- Cars for my review copy) -which               nal but new to me. The book has become
ry it wastes Betty Jo Turner's talents. Bet- needs finishing - once I get it out of      a standard reference, quoted by experts in-
ter BJT should have been describing Ann Arbor - when I figure out to where               cluding Mark Turuyn and Brett Johnson.
some of the more obscure cars. Modest I am moving.                                                         -
                                                                                         While PORSCHE THE FINE ART OF
errors are present in some of the com-         Also available are PARTS MANUALS          THE SPORTSCAR describes the Abarth
mentaries accompanying each car - 356A ($141.30), 356B ($82.40), LATE B                  Carrera as extremely aerodynamic
 contributed by seven, not specifically (T-6) SUPPLEMENT ($66.96), C SUP-                                -
                                                                                         PORSCHE 356 FAHREN IN SEINER
attributed authors. The book is also a PLEMENT ($56.65) and CARRERA 2                    SCHONSTEN FORM documents its Cx at
paean to the Miles Collier Porsche col- SUPPLEMENT ($72.20). The obvious                 0.414 "zumindest aerodynamisch als
lection. Close to half the cars and clear- use for these books is to find the correct    flop" Even I can translate that. There are
ly most of the competition cars are from part number of the part sought. Many if         still no plans to translate the book, so an
the Collier collection. The first 1 7 cars not most of the parts are No Longer           English copy will be at least two years. I
are 904 or earlier including several Available. Parts which are available only           have written Motorbuch Verlag, the pub-
Spyders. The book is huge, containing as reproductions often do not use the              lisher that at least one in our midst is
310 pages and 200 of Ms Lewis' (may I original part number. However the                  translating the book as he reads it, so
call you Lucinda?) color photographs ac- manuals are laid out as exploded draw-          maybe some day.

  PORSCHE POSTERS, Lewandowski                     SECRETS OF THE INNER CIRCLE,                  In spite of it's being about 911s I have
(60.00) - Beautiful factory sponsored           Pellow ($30.00) - Even though I now           in the past recommended Bruce Ander-
book of all the racing posters. Very large      have Ken Daugherty holding my hand            son's PORSCHE 911 PERFORMANCE
format, with generally a definitive poster      (and occasionally taking the wrench out       HANDBOOK just because it was such a
in color and its derivatives in black and       of it and twisting it himself) I find         spectacularly good book about Porsches,
white. A worthy book which covers the           SECRETS much more useful than the             albeit not 356s. As part of the same ser-
356 period well with spectacular graph-         factory manual. You will not learn in the     ies Duane Spencer has just finished the
ics. Not only usable as a reference source      factory manual how to rebuild a 912 as        PORSCHE 356 PERFORMANCE HAND-
for poster collecting but worth collect-        a 356C with an NPR big bore kit and Eu-       BOOK. The writing isn't as smooth as
ing and soon to be collectible. Availa-         ropean heater. With SECRETS that's a          Brute's and the history isn't both pithy
bility limited. Buy it now.                     common variation. Hany describes each         and useful but in about 160 pages every
                                                step and doesn't assume ownership of          aspect of a 356 engine is covered. The
 $25.00 - $50.00                                factory tools - he lists tool needs and       pictures are uniformly excellent -
   356 SALES LITERATURE, Merrit and             tools desirable, even to the point of list-   details are actually illustrated. In that
Miller (50.00) - Enlarged hard bound            ing odds of a failure if you try and fake     points are not illustrated by parables
version of the original. Indispensable for      it. Follow his directions and YOU CAN         with only tangential application, the
those collecting sales brochures but also       rebuild a 356 engine. If you have one of      book is reasonably compact. Yet it is ex-
for deciding on what really was availa-         the earliest editions, you might consider     tremely complete. Appropriate mention
ble on a given car - just look at the ad.       buying the latest one for its information     is made of specific companies or per-
   PORSCHE - PORTRAIT OF A                      on calculating compression ratios.            sons. After stating that for the most part
LEGEND (list $55.00 to $70.00) is a                PORSCHE STORY, Weitman                     S-90 and CISC heads don't need modifi-
huge, coffee able book published by             ($30.00) - Old book by Porsche's              cation, Vic Skirmants is mentioned as
Porsche. Some Porsche sponsored books           favorite photographer brought current.        the one to whom to send yours for an ul-
are immediate sell outs, others hit the re-                                                   timate engine. Where else are you going
mainder trail. But all become collectible.      $10.00 - $25.00                               to know about Shasta pistons or carbon
PORTRAIT consists of over a dozen es-              356 CALENDAR ($15.00 including             fiber push rods. As with Bruce Ander-
says; the most interesting of which are         postage) has become an annual event,          son's book there is a stratification of mild
written by employees around in the 50s.         tracing its roots back to the 356-era         and hot street proceeding into the vari-
Some of the chapters are vapid but all          "Christo" calendars. Included are pho-        ous vintage car classes. There are even
the photographs are superb. Buy it while        tographs taken in the 50's and 60's as        chapters on buying a 356 and not just
you can find it - $40.00 should do it.          well as recent efforts. The photographs       from the point of buying an old car but
   PORSCHE: THE RESTORER'S                      are all excellent. They should be after the   from the point of view of going vintage
GUIDE TO AUTHENTICITY edition 2                 intense year long competition. I submit-      racing.
($45.OO), hardbound, signed and num-            ted several for this year - and hurray,          BROOKLANDS REPRINTS: 356
bered is a complete revision of Brett's         one made the cut!                             PORSCHES, ROAD & TRACK ON
original landmark book. This is an ab-             PORSCHE SPECIALS, Boschen and              PORSCHE 1952-1965, CAR and
solute must buy book. originally I might        Barth (25.00) - A translation of              DRIVER ON PORSCHE 1955-1962,
have counseled waiting for the less ex-         PORSCHE SONDERTYPEN. This book                1963-1970,1970-1976 ($13.00) - All of
pensive soft bound edition 2. However           provides information not readily avail-       the Brooklands series are similar,
after comparing the quality of the coat-        able anywhere else about what was go-         reprints from contemporary journals.
ed pages of the the second edition with         ing on in the research arm of Porsche -          PORSCHE 356 OWNER'S RECORD
those of first edition, I think that the ad-    both Porsche and non Porsche designs;         ($10.00), a very nice stocking stuffer.
vantage of being able to clearly see what       as well as much play value for those in-      Bill Rohrer (507 Berkley St., Ann Arbor,
is being illustrated makes the 2nd edi-         terested in Porsche Type Numbers or just      MI, 48103,3131592-2297e)has come out
tion worth the difference in price.             obscure designs.                              with the check book sized PORSCHE
   A,B,Cs (and 912s) of PORSCHE FOUR               Last year I said that PORSCHE 356 by       356 OWNER'S RECORD.
CYLINDER          ENGINES,          Pellow      Schrade Automobil-Bucher had a couple           A special thank you to Randall Yow
($30.00) - ABCs is basically a compen-          of disadvantages: it was overpriced at        and Joe Johnson for a great 1990
dium of all the parts in all 616 engines.       $25.00 list for a small (95 page), small      Holiday!
Harry tells you how they came original-         format (25cm by 25 cm) hard back book           Have a happy holiday, or spring
ly and where to replace with later parts        and it was in German -- mostly in Ger-        depending.
for a better engine, even if originality is     man. But I thought it was so neat that
important. He also lets you know what           I recommended you consider it anyway.
won't fit with what. Absolutely neces-          This year the Book has been reissued in
sary for rebuilding your Porsche en-            English by Schiffer at $20.00. Essentially
gine - whether you do your own                  it is the same book but the German ads
wrenching or not. Included are many             which make up the majority of the book
stories, some of which have nothing to          have been replace by English ads. Where
do with Porsches. Usually however,              that was not possible an English trans-
there are pearls in each story illustrat-       lation appears - making the book about
ing some point which is applicable -            2cm wider. A bigger book, translated to
though occasionally only in a cosmic            English, for less money, how can you
sense.                                          miss?

                                               356 REGISTRY   19    OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

                        IMPORTED CARS, INC.
           You know us as 356 specialists but we're much more!

   ATR                                                    ;;c
            Left      NLA.49.431RE
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     Rear wall (2 peice set)
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            Left      NLA.501.033.00RE $ S.15
            Right     NLA.501.034.00RE $35.15

                                             ENGINE STAND ADAPTOR
                                     For mounting 356 or 91 1 motors on standard (non-
                                     Porsche) type engine stands with 4-arm head.

                 AVAILABLE SOON!
4 112"X 15"Chrome wheels for 356C and '65 thru '67 911 and
912, These wheels use genuine Porsche centers with
reproduction 4 1/2"rims and are chrome plated in the U.S.A.
Limited quantities! We'll take your order now for projected
delivery in December!                                         1
                       $199.00 ea.

            Proud to be a Premier Porsche Dealer!

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                                                              s                                    I

                                                     HEATER VALVES
                            Often rusted out, and sometimes even missing on cars which
                       need restoration, the heater valve is a vital link in your heating system
                and should be inspected regularly. Besides losing heat, which should be flow-
   ing to your passenger compartment, a deteriorated heater valve can allow noxious en-
   gine fumes to enter. New heater valves will keep you both comfortable and safe!
   Stay warm in the cold months ahead with our authentic
   reproductions of 356 heater valves!
        356A          Left     644.21 1.021,OORE
                      Right    644.211.022.00RE      $ 109.90 ea.
        356BlC        Left     644.211.025.05RE
                      Right    644.211.026.05RE       $ 98.80 ea.

Installthese in your motor to make future push rod seal re- L.,,
placement easy -you'll be able to remove the cylinder
heads without pulling the engine, Or if you prefer to keep
the original tubes on the car, carry at least one of these
for on-the-road emergency repair. All 3561912 (Four per
car required)
                      $29.50 each

                                           LENSES FOR BEEHIVE LIGHTS
                                     Now available as a separate part. For 356 - 356A

              White lens for turn signals (2 required)                             $ 10.75
              Red lens for taillights (4 required)                                 $ 10.75
              Bezel screws (1 2 required)                                          $ .30 ea.

        ORDER NOW BY PHONE            2 16-95 1- 1040 OR FAX 216-946-94 10
                OPEN MONDAY & THURSDAY UNTIL 9:00 P.M. E.S.T.

the 356 sweet sixteen registry holiday.. . J                                                O Johnson,
                                                                                              ~               CO-chairman

September 21, 22, 23, 1990                                         about two hours before we were to leave. You remember when
   It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I know     we got to the entrance to the Parkway and you could go either
you've heard it before. It pretty well describes the start of a    north or south? The Concours route took us south; you
Holiday but after the initial confusion of registration things     guessed it! Tom, Janice and the signs went north. Not just
settle down a little. Speaking of registration please, please      north but north for an hour and a half. They barely made it
do yourself and the next Holiday Chairpersons a favor and          back to see any of the Concours. Meanwhile, back at McRae
pre-register as early as possible.                                 Meadows it was just plain pouring down rain. It was not a
   Randall and I wanted to be sure to be in place in Boone         happy time. Then all of a sudden it was like everyone had
before anyone arrived so that we could have everything set         read the booklet and knew exactly where to park. They were
up to properly greet everyone upon arrival. So we got there        lining up perfectly with just a little help from me, Randall,
at 10 a.m. Thursday the 20th and were met by Ralph and Lu-         my brother Richard and Kenny in the pouring rain. The cars
cille Riley from East Peoria, IL looking for a place to wash       just kept coming. We thought the site would hold a zillion
their convertible D. A few more trickled in Thursday even-         356s and they just kept on coming. It was getting full and
ing and then Friday here they came. Registration was non-          they just kept on coming.
stop. We had people from twenty-seven states, the District           And then the miracle of miracles. It reallly was a miracle.
of Columbia and Canada.                                            The skies turned that beautiful Carolina blue. The sun never
   Friday night we wore the carpet out between the Goodie          looked so good! The rest of the day was the most beautiful
Store, Hospitality Suite and the Literature Swap Meet. By the      late September day that has ever been.
time we tapped the second keg everyone had sweaters, sweat           The Concours site was sponsored by two guys that proba-
shirts, t-shirts, parts, old Registries, Christos, Panos, pins,    bly know more about concours than anyone else. Weldon and
patches and models stuck under their arms.                         Cole Scrogham of G&WMotonverkes. Without support from
   We then turned our cute little cars over to the Boone Police    people like them you couldn't put on an event like the
Department for safe keeping. One full time officer at the Sher-    Holiday.
aton headquarters and two officers in patrol cars that circled       Voting for your favorite cars went fast considering the hard
the Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn and Econo Lodge for twelve            and many choices there were to make. While voting and look-
hours.                                                             ing, the Sheraton catered a great lunch on the site and it was
   We woke up early Saturday (Randall swears his clock read        the perfect setting for a picnic. Sitting on the side of a moun-
3:56 a.m.) to what we call in the high country of North Caro-      tain looking over a field of every kind and color Porsche type
lina a heavy dew. It would stop and everybody would rush           356.
out and dry their cars and then it would "dew" it again. Oh
ye of little faith. We kept telling ya'll that we would have
clear skies by 10:30 a.m. Well we only missed it by a little
over an hour.
   The Boone Police Department were prompt and the proces-
sion for the Concours left exactly on time. They had all in-
tersections blocked, lights on yellow and the escort to the
Parkway. The Boone police were very cooperative and made
us feel very special.
   The drive to the Concours has always been the most emo-
tional part of any Holiday for me. This year was certainly no
exception. Leading over 150 356s down one of the most ex-
citing sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway and over the fa-
mous Linn Cove Viaduct is not an experience I'll soon for-
get. This sight was captured on tape by my friend Dick Howie
very high up on the side of the mountain with only slight
injuries sustained on the descent. Even the detour route was
pretty that day.
   When we arrived at the picturesque Concours site, McRae
Meadows at Grandfather Mountain, it was panic time again.
Where were the signs, the beautiful hand-cut little 356s with        As soon as the voIing and lunch were over - ZAP -
356s and As, Bs, and Cs, special interest and arrows where         everyone was gone finding their own way back to Boone and
to park and arrows where to eat and potty? Well we gave these      shops.
to our friend Tom Wyrick and his girlfriend Janice Woody             At the cocktail party we got to view proofs of the panoramic

                                         356 REGISTRY    22       OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

photos that David Chadwick took. They were impressive.                The Swap Meet scheduled for 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning
  The Banquet even started on time. Randall and I got so ex-       started promptly on time at 5:30 a.m. I got there at 5:35 and
cited about the awards and the great door prizes we forgot         Randall had already spent $2,000. I've never seen anything
to recognize some important people. Like our president Vic         to beat it! Hell, half the stuff was purchased sight unseen and
Skirmants, people that were at the first Holiday and had come      the other half by braille. We had some parts and could you
to Holiday XVI, Bill Durland, Bob & Ginny Gummow, Jerry            believe all that stuff Joe Cogbill brought up from Atlanta?
& Tami Keyser, Tom Oerther, Brad Ripley and Mike Robbins.             With the sellers rich and the buyers broke we packed into
We didn't give the proper thanks to our editorial staff for the    the Tech Session to learn everything Ron Roland and Brad
great job they do in publishing our 356 Registry magazine.         Ripley knew in a couple of hours. The session was great
Those in attendance were Editor-in-Chief Jerry Keyser, Pat         thanks to Ron and Brad.
Ertel, Bill Block, Cole Scrogham and Ron Roland. And to              Again the Boone PD was right on time this time with fifty
those not there a great big thanks to the magazine we look         cars. We headed down to the Parkway with our escort. It was
forward to receiving more than any other.                          a gorgeous day, a little windy and cool at first and for the
  We must mention our large door prize donors CB &                 open cars a lot windy and cold later, but it was another great
Elizabeth Hutcherson of CB&EInteriors, Gary Emory of Parts         drive. Five of our friends from Atlanta toured with us most
Obsolete, Brad Ripley of Porsche Cars North America, Carl          of the way and then peeled off on Route 16 to head home.
Cordell & Sybil Graves of Rennsport LTD., Harry Pellow and         Some of our group followed but they got them turned around
Roto Hoist. These folks were very generous and their door          and headed toward Doughton Park.
prizes were much appreciated.                                        It was just a bit airish at Doughton Park, you sort of had
  It was a great evening of fellowship.                            to put one foot on your box lunch to hold it down, eat with
                                                                   one hand while you tried to warm the other, but it was still
                                                                   a great time with great people.
                                                                     When we left the park some went towards home and a few
                                                                   back to Boone. It was sort of a sad time. The months of plan-
                                                                   ning, wondering if anyone wanted to come to a sleepy little
                                                                   town in the middle of the North Caroline mountains and then
                                                                   wondering where will we put them all, will the food service
                                                                   be good, will the police be there on time? Believe me the stock
                                                                   of Maalox went up several weeks before this Holiday.
                                                                     Then you sit down with your co-chairman and Patty and
                                                                   Jackie who put up and helped us through all of this and ask
                                                                   each other if it's worth all of this trouble, planning and pain.
                                                                   The answer is a resounding HELL YES! 356 people are still
                                                                   the best in the world. Thanks all of you for really making Holi-
                                                                   day XVI Sweet Sixteen!
Tour to Doughton Park.

                                                                     Split windshields are back, just in time for your restoration!
                                                                     Not cracked, not pitted, not yellow, not delaminated and DOT
                                                                     approved!!! These are not cut down "bent" windshields (and
                                                                     yes, you can tell the difference). $550, shipping additional.

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                                                                                                                FAX 1317)849-2001

                                         356 REGISTRY    23       OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

                                                                                                    Bill Moore, Editor

TRAVELS WITH THE JUST ONE:                      Baron Guy de Wimnel, who had             ed several thousands of miles of con-
Remember the trip I wanted to take from      planned to drive a London taxi, had a       trasting roads, scenery and cultures. Nor
Europe to China? All I needed was the        last-minute set-back when the company       is the event limited to any specific style
money from the Booster Fund and the          preparing his vehicle ran into financial    or age of motor car: all applications will
elimination of past driving tickets from     difficulties. The Frenchman instead ac-     be considered on their merits, whether
Bulgaria. Well, they went without me!        quired a Lamborghini to attempt the         they be 4 or 2-wheeled, vintage or
On April 7 of this year, 80 cars left Mar-   9,162 miles, He'd called about 01' Cab      modern. They especially encourage
ble Arch, London, followed the railroad      but I said no way! Glad he found a suita-   356s, preferably 01' Cabs. See??
line from Istanbul through Turkey and        ble substitute.                                There is only one "window of time"
the Soviet Union to Alma Ata, then              More than a dozen vehicles planned       for such an event that must avoid the im-
crossed the border into China and from       to travel on to Hong Kong and one           penetrable ice and snow conditions of
Urumchi to Peking, a journey of about        driver, Senhor Jose' Lisboa, was even       the Arctic Circle. Hence the 13th of July,
six weeks duration.                          more ambitious.                             1991, has been chosen as the start date.
   Maybe, just maybe, it's best I didn't        He hoped to earn a place in the Guin-    The intricate arrangements of this one-
go for they had some problems that           ness Book of Records by motoring from       of-a-kind event dictate that the Compa-
neither Lady Jane nor I could have over-     Sagres, on the south-western tip of Por-    ny must restrict the number of par-
come; well, probably couldn't have .  ..     tugal, joining the tour in Paris, and af-   ticipating vehicles to 60. A strong de-
   One early hurdle for the organizers of    ter Hong Kong continuing to Macao.          mand is anticipated for these few places.
the "motoring challenge", Voyages               Accompanying Mr. Lisboa were two         So look guys, I must move fast. Start the
Jules Verne, was a sudden decision by        South American musicians, and the trio      money flowing so I can enter. How
the Russians supplying fuel for the ve-      planned to entertain spectators en route.   much do I need? Well, read on.
hicles to increase the price by 9,000 per    Sort of like Art Comer and Paul did for        The price of $27,000 includes the cost
cent. (Priceshave been rising in Oregon      us on our trip to M o m Bay this summer.    of one vehicle and driver. See, that's not
recently, but not quite this                 They weren't musicians, but they sure       so bad. The pricing assumes that there
much . . . Well, not quite this much!)       were entertaining.                          will be at least one additional passenger
The company was originally quoted 40            Based on my 1,800 mile, top-down         in the vehicle. Travellers in addition to
kopecks a gallon but is now being            trip to California this summer, I have      the driver will be required to pay
charged 3 rubles, 60 kopecks. How does       again become eligible to participate in     $13,950 if sharing twin room, or $16,740
this compare with $1.55 per gallon, Ore-     a motoring event sponsored by this or-      for a single. Of course, I'll take Lady
gon dollars?                                 ganization. I will need support from the    Jane; she can sleep with me and I'll save
   The problem was compounded by an          Registry to be able to enter. This means    money for the Registry. Now you know
expected strike in the Russian petrol in-    bucks from the Booster Fund, but after      what kind of a neat guy I am. This tariff
dustry so fuel had to be imported for the    I describe what it's all about, I should    does not include the cost of personal air-
Soviet leg. Rumor has it that they cut a     have no problem! I'll undoubtedly have      fares nor the freight costs of the car to
deal with some guy in Iraq.                  a flood of unsolicited mail-in contribu-    London. No problem!! Start those dona-
   According to the managing director of     tions. Don't be bashful . . . Let me tell   tions coming . .  .
Voyages Jules Verne, that after protract-    you what's up.                                 Well, that's it. What do you think?
ed negotiations over many years, both           In 1991the Company has put together      Wouldn't it be great to have a represen-
the Russian and Chinese authorities          arrangements for what should be one of      tative of the Registry in this event? I'm
were fully behind the project. "It would     the most spectacular journeys ever con-     your man and my Main Jane is your
have been easy for them to pull the plug,    templated - the "LONDON TO NEW              Lady.
but they are very enthusiastic and the       YORK MOTOR CHALLENGE", a jour-                 Speaking of travellers, I haven't heard
Russians have created a cordon sanitaire,    ney through Europe, the great cities of     a word from John Jenkins or Larry Beck
using 1,500police, through Georgia and       the Soviet Union, Outer Mongolia,           about their trip to Alaska. Maybe they
Azerbaijan." The authorities in Oregon       Siberia, across the Arctic Ocean, Alas-     were going to make this trip, but in the
didn't come close to this kind of support    ka, Canada, and the United States. Ships    opposite direction?
when we went to Morro Bay.                   and trains have been specially chartered    TRAVELS WITHOUT THE JUST ONE:
   Signor Luigi Barzini, whose grand-        to convey cars and passengers on sectors    Really enjoyed Thomas Conway's arti-
father was co-winner with Prince Scipio      where no roads exist. What did I tell       cle on last year's La Carrea
Borghese of the Peking to Paris race in      you!                                        Panamericana. I'm not signing-up for
1907, was present at the start. He salut-       This event is non-competitive; its ob-   this one; not after what I saw down
ed the drivers, who, he said, were           jective is to arrive safely in New York,    there. But we do have an Oregonian en-
matching the original spirit of the race.    avoiding Central Park, having negotiat-     tering. He's Hershel McGriff, and forty

                                           356 REGISTRY    24   OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

years ago he won this race in a 1950                                gathered by Registry members. To give 3 Shop Rags, older the better
 Olds. McGriff is now 62, and he's been                            you an idea of what I'm seeing, I've 114 teaspoon Carnuba Wax
coerced into doing it again - this time                            selected one at random to share with
with a writer from Sports Illustrated as                           you.                                        Boil over high heat for 2 hours, strain
his co-pilot.                                                                                                  with clean shop rag, note how this
   McGriff and the writer will be in a                                 "N.W. 356 FAUX CHILI RECIPE"            cleans those dirty shop rags right up,
look-alike of McGriff's original Olds, but                                 as told by Dennis Browning          simmer until tender, stir occasionally.
this one has a Corvette engine and a front                          1 lb. of Leather Cabriolet Seats cut in    No breathing the fumes.
suspension from a 1974 Olds Omega.                                      1 inch squares                         Gar-on-teed to make you run faster than
   The field for this year's race includes                          1lb. of Hartz Cloth cut in lz inch squares a 4-Cam 356!
Phil1 Hill. He was sixth in 1952 and se-                           3 Road Pizzas cut into 1 inch squares
cond in 1954.                                                      3 cups Alpo Beef Flavor Chunks                 It is rumored Harry Pellow has a
   Moore than 100 newspapers in Mexi-                               lz cup of Rust Scrapings from pan
                                                                     /                                         recipe in which he cooks the entire chi-
co will be reporting daily results. This                               areas                                   li using a rare 6 volt dip stick heater in
is big-time sport in Mexico. Of course,                            3 cups Red Wine - Oregon Vintage            a slow cooker mounted over the exhaust
this is where I come in. I'll go and cover                              1990 (early pick)                      pipes of a Porsche industrial engine, but
the event for the Registry. I'll provide                           2 cups Horse Hair Seat Padding              you know those California gourmets.
eye-witness coverage of all the action;                             l/4 teaspoon of White Corrosion from          The Reverend Billy Bob has been seen
interviews with the locals in the canti-                               Battery Terminals                       trying to perfect his Alpo-Chili Recipe
nas. Again, I'm willing to sacrifice my                            3 tablespoons Red Chili Powder              when not conducting ceremonies in the
time and energy for the good of the                                2 tablespoons of S.T.P. Vinyl Treatment lobby of the "It'll Do Motel and Jello Spa
group. Just send the dinero!!                                      2 inches of Grated Vintage Fuel Line or Resort"
CHILI FEED REVISITED: Since I judged                                   2 Wiper Blades                             One suggestion for this recipe -
the contest at the Wet Bullsession in                              3 tablespoons of new motor oil,             using Cabriolet Sauvigon in place of the
Washington, I've been deluged with re-                                 10W30 only                              Oregon Red. Much better after taste; lasts
quests to appear at numerous other con-                            1 teaspoon of Battery Pan Scrapings         almost a month . . . Right Bud?
test sites. I've honored most of these sup-                        1 cup Brake Fluid                              Now if you can't put any of this
plications, the most recent at "Maggie's                           '/4 teaspoon of Scum from inside            together, just remember,
Truck Stop and Rifle Range." It's great                                Windshield Washer Fluid Bag                     Common sense is the best
to be famous, but with this fame comes                             1 Green Pepper or 2 cups Lawn                     distributed commodity in the
further requests. Now, I'm being asked                                 Clippings                                  world, for every man is convinced
to compile a book of chili recipes as                              1 Inline Gas Filter, chopped fine               that he is well supplied with it.

                                                                     THE MAESTRO'S
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I                                                                                    Total           1           All the new and late-breaking
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I                      20655 Sunrise Drive. Cupertino. C A 95014 USA                                 /    356 Porsche Problems & their SOLUTIONS!
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    O r call:          (408) 446- 1565
!-----------------                                                                                   I                    Only $19.95

                                                                356 REGISTRY    25     OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

    THE SEISMOMETER                          swaying impressively.                            It felt almost like the little "tingle"
                                                Another when warning was received          one gets in one's right foot when the
            Or:                              BEFOREHAND! How's that? Does the              crank breaks in half in one's Porsche.
   DID THE EARTH MOVE                        Maestro have an Earthquake Predictor             But the Maestro wasn't driving a
      FOR YOU TOO?                           the Gummnt doesn't know 'bout?                Porsche across Mississippi This Time!
                                                Sorta. The Maestro had the radio on-       He wasn't even IN Mississippi. He was
   In California, Living Life in the Fast    tuned to KCBS the all-news station when       CLEANING one from there though! Gee,
Lane has its Risks. Annoyances too- like     the announcer- said "Hey- Wow! We're          maybe THAT'S why.
the Rainbowboys- the Left-Lane Lulu's        having an Earthquake,. .. HEY, WE'RE             "Is that a Rumble down below?"
who do 50 in YOUR lane on their way          REALLY having an Earthquake!"                 thought the Maestro. "Are the gods an-
to Santy Cruz, the Beach and their              Seconds later, the first "P" wave hit      gry? Do they need another Virgin?"
Nirvana.                                     the Maestro- who having been Fore-               The Rumble got stronger.
   Besides the assortment of homegrown       warned was stepping right along and al-          "Uh Oh," thought the Maestro "it's
Fruits &Nutsand rejects imported or ex-      ready on his way out the door. Onto the       either (A.) an Earthquake or (B.) a Plane
iled from the other 49 States, California    patio. Where he watched the 6' x 6' con-      Crash at the Sambo Se International Air-
has its own homegrown dangers.               crete blocks that were the Patio rock back    port? Since the Maestro's Shop is RIGHT
   Like, the place is not Stable.            & forth, up & down, like concrete alli-       ACROSS THE STREET from the Sambo
   The Terra, she-a not Firm-a.              gators dancing to Little Richard.             Se Airport, that's CLOSE! TOO CLOSE!
   Half the state is on the Pacific Plate       The motion was not unlike the feeling      And Time To Leave."
which is on its way to Alaska, the other     one gets three drinks beyond one's               The Rumble got stronger, and
half is returning to Mexico.                 Limit. NOT pleasant.                          changed into a rolling motion.
   As you can imagine, this grating be-         Unable to stand, the Maestro sat Lotus-       "Sure looks like it's the 'P' wave, with
tween the two halves of the State creates    like on the patio, with his faithful canine   means it's (A.), an EARTHQUAKE!"
Stress in the California Lifestyle. And,     companion beside him to ride it out.          thought the Center of Higher Reasoning,
when that stress is suddenly relieved-          After 15 second or so, the rockin' and     commanding the legs to GET THE HELL
California gets a BAD "Relief of Ten-        rollin' stopped- and all were none the        OUT OF HERE!!!"
sion" Headache.                              worse for wear- save those poor souls            Which is EXACTLY what the Maestro
   And ifin the San Andreas suddenly         nearest the Epicenter of what later           did- after Carefully setting the "SC"
relieves its Stress- you get a Migraine!     turned out to be a moderately severe          Case down, of course.
   Geez, with all these Natural and Un-      5.something quake.                               ' 'EARTHQUAKE," he shouted to Jay
natural dangers, you might think- "is           Made water cooler conversation in-         as he hightailed it down the 'aisle', be-
Life in the Golden State worth it? Is the    teresting for the next two weeks.             tween myriads of Porsche Parts and
grass REALLY greener there- all year            But that wasn't what Californians call:    Machines to Machine Porsche Parts.
round? ' '                                      The Big One.                                  Expertly swerving to avoid being im-
   Yes!                                         The Big One is a Magnitude 8 or so         paled by the Idiosyncratic projections on
   But no matter WHERE you live- you         Earthquake on the San Andreas Fault-          either side of the aisle, the Maestro
gotta pay your dues if you wanna sing        like the 8.3 that decked dear old Dad in      rolled out the rolled up Ten Ton Titani-
the blues. And you know that don't           San Fran in '06.                              um doors, to SAFETY- in the Demilita-
come easy. Hurricane Hugo included.             All Californians acknowledge that The      rized Zone midway between two tilt-up
   Or North California, October 17, 1989.    Big One could come any time. Just like        buildings. Far enough away from each
   Over the two decades the Maestro has      YOUR Big One could come any time!             that neither building could make its
personally populated his particular part        But, hey- until the Time comes, why        mark on the Maestro.
of North California, he's been moved by      worry? Be Happy. Live life in the Sun            From this strategic vantagepoint, the
the Earth several times. Most were just      and, what the hell, we'll wony about the      Maestro watched the Trees, Buildings
a momentary Rumble and Shudder, let-         Future and skin cancer when it comes.         and People sway in the breeze of Mother
ting you know that Nature can be a              The Future arrived at 5:03.59 PM on        Nature's Tectonic peristalsis.
Mother. And that this is Earthquake          1 7 October 1989, when the Maestro was          And BOY, was THIS a GOODIE!
Country, bo'. Y'hear?                        cleaning a nice "SC" Case for a Man             BANG! BOOM!! RUMBLE!!! The Earth-
   A Few of the RumbleIShudder quakes        From Mississippi, in preparation for its      quake made noises like a good East Coast
got the Maestro's attention- once where      MaestroMassage, when ALL OF A SUD-            Summer Thunderstorm! (Probablyto make
he rapidly exited his then place of em-      DEN the Maestro's motion detectors in         up for the fact that this part of California
ploy at a Large, Generous Electric Com-      his feet detected something.                  gets almost no Thunderstorms!)
pany when the tilt-up building began            Something Abnormal.                          The Maestro struggled to stay upright,

                                            356 REGISTRY   26    OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

and having developed his 'Earthquake           ly he wandered inside. The first thing 'Newstalk' station, He heard:
Legs' over the years did a credible job.       he noticed was it was dark. The lights        'and Jim, the Bay Bridge is down ...'
It was sorta like dancing 'The Twist',         were definitely out. EVERYTHING Elec-         WHOA! thought the Maestro - The
only without music.                            trical was out.                             Bay Bridge is down! This IS some
   About the time the Maestro thought he                                                   earthquake!
felt a sinking feeling - Geez - is Jean-          'Gee, this is just like the Great North-    I...Fires have broken out in the
nie Dixon right? Is California falling into    east Blackout of 1964! Which, I'll have Marina,...
the Ocean? Would Computertino be               you know, the Maestro went through            'GEEZ! Just like 1906 - San FRAN-
beachfront property.?                          too! And Boy, was that FUN!!!               CISCO is being destroyed by fire. Just
   And then - SUDDENLY it stopped!                It wasn't so much fun this time. How like in '06. It mustave been The Big One
   The Maestro got to the 'I'm' in 'Boy,       much damage to the Future of Porsche on the San Andreas!
I'm glad that's over!' when:                   did the Maestro's Shop Suffer?                Just then TMITWC came over on the
   OH, BOY! HERE WE GO AGAIN!! !                  The Maestro inched his way inside, half-run, rather excited. The Maestro
   BANG! BOOM!! RUMBLE!!!                      checking as he went.                        gave him a rundown on the Bad News
   This time, the Maestro got REALLY              Amazingly, the fallout was minor. in The City.
BAD VIBES!                                     Everything was intact! All the Cases had      The Man In The White Coat wasn't
   This was no itty-bitty shaker. Nosiree!     joined studs and refused to fall off the impressed - for he had just ex-
This was:                                      shelves. Even the precariously balanced perienced things far worse than the Bay
   THE BIG ONE!                                stacks of sheet metal were OK - just Bridge collapsing - to wit - four CAR-
   The Maestro thought about where the         compacted a bit as they rearranged them- RERA Four-Cam cases had fallen from
water wings were. Maybe California             selves to more stable positions.            their perches on pegs on the walls - to
WOULD fall in the Ocean this time!                Even better than that - the Earth- the concrete floor below! And
   A Transformer on a power pole ex-           quake had rearranged things inside BET- SMASHED into Carrera 4-Cam Junk.
ploded with a BANG and a shower of             TER than before.                              OUCH!
White Sparks, each chock full of cancer           It was more ordered now!                   Expensive Ouch!
causing chemicals.                                Boy, thought the Maestro, am I glad        The Maestro had ALMOST put his
   CRASH!!! Went the hanging lights in-        I have that Earthquake Insurance policy cases on the wall too, but fortunately
side the Maestro's Shop - they were            from the Porsche gods. That makes all hadn't gotten A Round Tuit. Now, that's
swingingly wildly - like invisible de-         the difference sometimes.                   Planning!
mons were using the shop lights for kid'          But what happened to the rest of the       The Maestro went into TMITWC's
swings - trying to smash into the              World??? Like Home.                         shop to help out. And beheld the sad
ceiling!                                          The Maestro yearned to know.             sight - of several shelves-full of Roller
   Snap. Crackle. Pop! All the lights             The Maestro's Ghetto Blaster radio - Bearing Cranks doing what comes
went out inside the Maestro's Shop!             tuned perennial to KCBS - the all- Naturally when shelves fail - rolling
   The Maestro looked around - all the         news station - would certainly tell around the floor.
lights went out ALL OVER! Even at the          him. 'Xept that the radio was run by          Over by the Wailing Wall of Four Cam
Sambo Se Airport!                              Power from the Mains which weren't Cases was a Brand New 912 Case -
   More Shaking. MORE Shaking! STILL           running no mo'. Yes we have No elec- with a chunk of expensive aluminum
MORE SHAKING!                                  trons. It was just like after the first EMP out of the left half of its hiney. It never
   Just as the Maestro thought - will it       of WWIII.                                   even got to Live Life. The Maestro had
EVER end - will Terra be Firma                    So the Maestro returned to Trusty to tear his eyes away - 'cause his
again - a, the Ten Ton Titanium Doors          Rusty, his 1963 356B, waiting faithful- Center of Higher Reasoning said:
on the Maestro's slowly rolled down -          ly in front of the Shop, and turned on        Call Home!
like the Final Curtain at the end of a         Trusty's Blaupunkt to hear KCBS tell          But like 'ET' , there was no way to call
play. Was it:                                  what happened.                              home - the phones were dead. As the
   CURTAINS?                                      But KCBS couldn't tell what hap- Maestro put his useless phone down, yet
   It was - for the Earthquake. It was         pened! 'Cause KCBS wasn't there no ANOTHER trembler hit - and once
over.                                          mo' !                                       again the Maestro exited, Stage Left.
   Whew!                                          Geez, maybe it WAS the first EMP of        Slowly, the earth calmed. And the Af-
   The Maestro eyeballed his tilt-up           WWIII, thought the Maestro. I'd better tershocks decreased in frequency. Jay
building suspiciously. Cautiously, he          check my policy.                            managed to get a call out to his home -
approached the Shop. Just as he was               The Maestro ran down the AM - one which, unfortunately, was near the
about to enter the gloom to ascertain the      station broadcasting something about Epicenter and suffered from being so.
doom:                                          the World Series that had been about to       The Maestro finally got in contact with
   ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE HIT!!                    start from Candlestick Park. And that his Mrs. Everything (and everyone) was
   Later, They would call it only an af-       was it! Nothing else on the Am dial!        shaken up a bit, but OK.
tershock. At the time, the Maestro didn't         The FM dial was almost dead too. Isn't     With little left to do at the Shop, and
know that, so he beat a retreat back out       Anybody home?                               no electricity to do it with, the Maestro
the Titanium door, and Assumed The                BOY! thought the Maestro - this headed for home - listening to the un-
Position equidistant between the               mustave been a Goodie - all the radio folding events as he went.. .
buildings.                                     stations are off the air.                      I...and a half-mile section of the
   After THAT one was over, the Maes-             The Maestro tried AM again - and Nimitz Freeway - Highway 1 7 now
tro tried again to enter the shop. Ginger-     eventually found KGO, another Highway 880 has collapsed! It looks like

                                              356 REGISTRY   27    OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

the top pancaked onto the bottom.             Parts from the Maestro to begin his            Onto the OPEN hood of the Speedster!
   'Ouch, thought the Maestro, have           rebuild when the Quake struck. The En-         The Gas Station Attendant from Hell
been on that particular section' of free-     gineless 356 was shaken off the jack           couldn't have done a better job -
way - and having got a VERY Bad feel-         stands, but since the tires were on, had       crimping the hood and the hinges AND
ing on the Lower Deck. Like claus-            no damage.                                     the cowl.
trophobia. Only worse.                            Lucky, said the Maestro.                     We're not yet done. The Large Heavy
   (Turned out that one of the Maestro's          The next day another Customer called       Object continued on its hellishly calcu-
Customers had two friends driving on          about his Experience - the 356 was on          lated path - to deliver a coup de gras
TOP of the Freeway at the TIME IT COL-        4 jack stands. The Earthquake knocked          to the Right Front Fender - leaving a
LAPSED! They could see it collapsing          the 356 off the jack stands and a jack-        football sized dent on top.
and rode it down like a bucking bron-         stand was propelled through the battery           'Burrr. That's Scary,' said the Maes-
co. They made it - injured but OK.            Box area.                                      tro. 'But you have TWO 356's. What
What a movie THAT would make!)                    But that was OK! The car was ON the        happened to the other one?'
   Now, the Maestro's problem, like           Jack Stands to FM. the battery box, which         'Oh, the one with the MaestroMas-
ET's, was how to get home. All the            hadn't yet been fixed! So no damage was        saged Engine? Nothing. It's fine.
traffic lights were out, so it 4-way stop     done. (In fact the earthquake actually            'See,' said the Maestro - 'Doesn't
city all the way down the King's High-        started the battery box replacement by         that tell you something?'
way. Even using all the Maestro's Secret      making the first incision.                        'You mean,. .. you mean that the Maes-
Shortcuts, the 15 minute trip took almost         This Customer also had two em-             tro's Warranty extends to Earthquakes?'
an hour. But he made it home.                 ployees who were ON THE TOP of the                'I didn't say that,' said the Maestro.
   To find that one of the 2' x 12' red-      Nimitz WHEN IT COLLAPSED! Being                'But Stranger things have happened ifin
wood shelves - like the ones that had         surfers, they rode the road down. And          you:'
saved the Maestro's Heads and Cases           survived.
(and his Gluteus Maximus) from the Fire           VERY, VERY Lucky said the Maestro.                KEEP THE 356 FAITH!!!      A

in the Valley three months before - had           Two weeks later, a long-lost buddy
collapsed over The Computer.                  from the days of Dean Pfundstein en-
   However, it had collapsed OVER the         tered the Portals of the Maestro's
Computer - and carefully MISSED the           Shop - with a replacement dash cover
Computer on the way down! No damage,          for Trusty Rusty.
save for an old Tandburg 64X reel-to-reel         He lived in Santy Cruz which suffered
tape recorder from the late '60's that        severely in the quake. And HIS car was
 didn't work anyway that the Maestro          on Jack Stands - after just having been
was gonna fix Someday,...                     painted! The bumpers were UNDER the
    The Maestro could live with that.         Car.                                                        Type 356
    Mrs Maestro lost a few plates and             When the quake hit, the 356 fell off the
 glasses, but she could live with that.        stands, but remained high enough that                  Wiring Harnesses
    As the Maestro eyeballed his insur-        it missed the irreplaceable 'A' bumpers.          Authentic reproductions of original
 ance policy with the Porsche gods, he        That was OK. But the Great Big Shelf                 harnesses using correctly color-
 saw the fine print - that protection ex-     with all the heavy car parts that was                   coded wire and terminals.
 tends to both Home & Shop. Hey, I can         right next to the 356 tipped over and be-         Simplified numbering system with
 live with that. These things happen ifin      gan to fall.                                       illustrations for easy installation.
 you:                                             However, a rubber raft on top of the
                                               shelf of heavy car parts fell off the top
         KEEP THE 356 FAITH!!!                 of the shelf. And landed on the TOP of
   P.S. The Porsche 356 Seismometer.           the 356A. And all the heavy car parts
Measuring the strength of an Earthquake        pirouetted off the rubber raft,
is difficult. Even professional geologists     harmlessly.
agree with that. A seismometer sensitive          The 356 survived without a scratch.                 1956-1959 Full Color
enough to record itty bitty tremblers will     (Well, OK - it got one little scratch, big               Wlrlng Diagram
go offscale or be destroyed by The Big         deal.)
One.                                              All the above had Contracts with the
   So, thanks to the observations of sever-    Porsche gods.                                           80 Ib. Gloss Bond
al 356 Owners, the Maestro proposes an            At the same time the Maestro was dis-
International Standard for measuring           cussing the Mysterious Ways & rubber                  Suitable for Framing
Earthquake Intensity - the 356 On Jack         rafts of the gods, another Customer
Stands Scale!                                  walked in.                                          S 2 2.95 Includes shipping
   For - would you believe - not one,             However, this Customer hadn't paid                 Catalog available for 52.00
not two not THREE but FOUR of the              his Porsche Premium. Soooo, as he was              Y n 2s YESTERDAYS PARTS
Maestro's Customers had their 356 on           packing the 356 about to leave for the              333 E. Stuart Ave., Unlt A
JACK STANDS when the earthquake                1989 West coast 356 Holiday, the Quake                 Redlands, CA 92374
struck!                                        Struck.                                                     7 14-798-1 498
   The first one reported in the Day Af-          And a Large Heavy object fell from
ter - he had just picked up his Porsche        heaven onto the hood of the Speedster!

                                              356 REGISTRY   28    OCTOBER/NOVEMBER '90

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                                                                                                                  development, testing of
folks; Teo Fabi describes                                                                                        Carrera 4; extensive tech
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                                              356 REGISTRY      29     OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

of special interest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cole R. Scrogharn, Editor
  As many involved in the art of Porsche restoration are            while, Jim recalled that his Spyder did not have body num-
aware, much of the task includes a fair share of detective          bers as other cars did, a point which had always puzzled him.
work. It is very difficult to try and put yourself in the shoes     He mentioned that when he had queried others as to body
of someone from another country and background who put              numbers and numbered panels, they replied that those num-
a car together thirty years ago or more. This complicates the       bers did not match the serial number of the car and meant
seemingly simple task of reassembling historic Porsches.            nothing. I noticed soon after that the Spyder I am working
Some would claim that anyone can put a car back together            on (#0075) had panels (including wooden door caps with
again, and this is indeed true, if the proper background in-        writing in pencil!) all numbered with #60. After puzzling over
formation is collected and a professional is consulted on key       this for a while and comparing the panels of other Spyders,
points.                                                             Jim and I finally realized the obvious. Apparently, Porsche
  Restoring a "correct" Porsche is becoming more and more
of an art as time wears on, and we are forced more and more
to search the details of the past for clues. As a case in point,
an entrant in the East Coast Holiday in Boone spent two days
assembling a 1957 Speedster in our shop just prior to the
event. He preferred to perform most of the detail finishing
himself, and found an original paint 1957 coupe on our
showroom floor to be an enormous asset. The point is that
a great deal of "correct" information can be gleaned from
good, original cars that have not been tampered with. Un-
fortunately, very few such cars exist, especially if the vin-
tage Porsche is of a more unique sort.
  With regard to a very unique 550 Spyder that is currently
being restored to debut at the Porsche Parade in Boston, the
assistance of owners of that type of car is invaluable. I have
spent hours with one in particular, and owe a great debt for
the help of Jim Perrin. During one of our bull sessions, I hap-
pened to mention to Jim the existence of a unique factory list
that I have listing Spyders beginning with #15 and unfor-
tunately running off the page with #46. After we talked for a

                                                                    had needed some help homologating the Spyder or wanted
                                                                    to keep costs down, and started numbering the cars with
                                                                    Spyder #15 after the prototypes were completed. Hence,
                                                                    Spyder #0075 is Wendler #0060. Once we looked at the big
                                                                    picture it all made sense, as many good detectives need to
                                                                    do before the truth comes out.

                                          356 REGISTRY    30       OCTOBERtNOVEMBER '90

nuts and bolts... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ron Roland, Editor
   Rain, the great equalizer.                                      as they are available, rather than wait. Anyway you can al-
   Glad I stopped worrying about driving and showing a con-        ways resell them later at inflated swap meet prices if you don't
tours car years ago. The 16th HOLIDAY in Boone, North              use them. Also discussed, was the subject of getting the
Carolina was great. The Smoky Mountain setting was beau-           Kardex file over here, either to Reno or to the Registry. I
tiful. And the drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway was fun,         would think The Factory would be happy to get rid of it af-
even at only "45 MPH". But there is a reason the Smokies           ter 25 years, or at least allow the organization with the greatest
are called smoky, and it's not because of bears. All that          need to copy them for their members or customers. But The
"smoke" means fog, so in this case smoke doesn't lead to           Factory seems to be carefully guarding this information, and
fire, it leads to RAIN, the great concours equalizer. Thanks       you can't even get a copy of the Kardex anymore, only a let-
Joe Johnson and Randall Yow for putting on the HOLIDAY;            ter with some of the information, which may or may not be
I had a good time.                                                 correct. I know of one letter describing a car as having a sun-
   I didn't spend a lot of time "judging" cars, though, since      roof when there was no evidence of it, and another one own-
I was "on a mission"; GET CHASSIS NUMBERS! The sur-                er car with the wrong interior color information. Porsche
vey took a big jump because of the HOLIDAY, but I should           doesn't want to spend any time or money on this "situation"
have had the chairmen, both East and West, request chassis         and really wishes it would go away. My proposal is for the
numbers on their registration forms - oh well, next year. In       Registry to sponsor an effort to copy the entire Kardex file;
the mean time YOU can help by sending your chassis num-            a monumental but not impossible task . . . details to follow,
ber, and the number of any other cars of which you know            film at 11.
the definite fate. And get your friends and local 356 group           Finally the TECH SESSION got around to some useful
to do the same. Ed Hyman sent an extensive list as did Bob         NUTS & BOLTS stuff. There were a lot of electrical questions,
Sturm. Bob also brought chassis 12323 having all the mark-         beginning with the proverbial "6 volt starter problem" vs.
ings of the heretofore mythical "prototype" Speedster 80001,       the 8 volt battery solution, in this case. So let's try all this
which The Factory claims was never built. 12323 was previ-         one more time. There is no magical panacea to starting
ously thought to be an America Roadster, so its history should     problems. The Porsche starting and electrical system worked
prove interesting.                                                 just fine when new, 6 volts notwithstanding. Today that sys-
   Item number two at the HOLIDAY: THE SWAP MEET. At               tem is 25 plus years old and putting 8 or even 12 volts through
0530 in the morning I thought jaws was attacking outside our       it won't cure aging. The system just needs some restoring,
hotel window. I don't live in California, so I have never seen     like the rest of the car. You probably don't need to replace
a true swap meet meet feeding frenzy. And at "got-cha"             the whole electrical system, like the whole floor, though.
prices, too. If all my old junk is really worth that much, I       Generally,the wires hold up very well, unless some bozo has
think I will sell out and retire. Over the past several years,     been cutting and splicing. The problems are usually in the
casual conversation at Porsche get-togethers has gone from         connections, which can be simply removed, cleaned, and re-
how neat, fast, clean, etc. the cars were to how much they         secured with a thin coat of light grease to prevent future cor-
are worth. Now the latest conversation is: did you see XXX         rosion. This is especially true of ground wires for headlights
part at the swap meet, it really sold for $1,000, and two other    and taillights. The "bullet" connectors on '57 and later cars
people wanted it, too. It seems My old Corvette friend Paul        may pull right out, in which case they were probably OK,
Adams, of Florence, Alabama, was right 15 years ago when           or may require a shot of WD40ICRC etc. and a slight spread-
he observed "today's asking price is tomorrow's selling            ing of the socket because of corrosion. A jeweler's screwdriver
price." I suppose the "new generation" 356 enthusiast will         is usually required here, and be especially careful of instru-
never know what it was like to buy a sports car for fun; the       ment connections. It is possible to pull the socket off the in-
enthusiasm today is for capital gains, not cornering power.        strument, it is only held on wiht a small, brass rivet. That
The only good I can see is that parts which were not availa-       will turn a Saturday afternoon job into a much bigger
ble are now being reproduced, although often of dubious            headache. The set screw connections on earlier cars are self-
quality and always expensive.                                      explanatory. At the fuse box remove all the fuses, marking
   Which brings us to HOLIDAY item three. Brad Ripley              their location/capacityfirst. Clean their tips and holders with
talked at length about what Porsche Cars North America, in         Scotch-brite and WD40/CRC, loosen the wire connection set
Reno, is doing about parts, and again it SOUNDS good. Of           screws, spray them with a little WD40lCRC and retighten.
course, they can't afford to tool up for half a dozen pieces       Do this a couple of times if they are really bad. The fuse block
of each little part, but they do have a strong quality control     can be wiped clean, now, and the fuses reinstalled. I sug-
program with provisions for purchasing parts reproduced by         gest you use the correct capacity fuses, no 25 amp to 8 amp
individuals. Since parts will continue to be produced in batch     switches; if you are blowing fuses find out why, don't put
quantities, rather than a continous flow, and may not be           a penny in the fuse box.
repeated, you should buy parts that you will need as soon             Checking the starter circuit start with the easiest and the

                                         356 REGISTRY    31       OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90
obvious: battery condition, age, specific gravity, etc. Then          30,000 starts, the starter motor armature begins to contact the
check condition of all ground connections, starting at the bat-       field coils . . . Once I changed one of these bushings without
tery. Scrape the battery post and the inside of the cable, ap-        removing the engine, using a small chisel and hammer; and
ply a thin coat of light grease and tighten the cable down.           several hours. I swore I would never do it that way again (I
Remove the bolt to the body on the other end and repeat the           swore a lot of other things, too) but they didn't have an auto
process, making sure the cable is bolted to a good steel bat-         hobby shop at MSU. With the engine out (as in the JuneIJuly
tery box floor, not a piece of rust. Also check the positive          issue) the bushing can be changed in less than five minutes
side of the battery, especially where the cable and hot wire          using an appropriate sized 3/, drive, deep socket as a drift
are clamped to the terminal. When all this is done, go to the         punch and a hammer. After reassembly it should work this
back of the car and check at the end of the tunnel to be sure         time, considering you have restoredlreplaced everything in
there is a clean, well connected ground strap between the             the starting system. But if it doesn't, I would retrace the previ-
body and the transmission (unless you have a race car with            ous steps before considering an engine problem.
solid trans mounts). At the starter, again clean the connec-             Continuing our body restoration from last issue, you should
tions - it is BEST to remove the ground wire at the battery           have some good, solid doors to use for maintaining align-
when working with the hot wires at the starter, or you may            ment as you repair "the floor". I hope you have already re-
find why they are called HOT. A battery will make a dandy             moved all the "burnables", carpet, sound deadening pads,
am welder, with your hand-held wrench as the electrode! Af-           etc. If not, do so now. Holding the body in alignment during
ter cleaning, a little light grease will help the small, twisted      serious surgery is the next task (rememberthe doors are only
strand, bare, copper wire running from the battery cable ter-         a gauge, to tell if you are off). Coupes, with their top will
minal on the solenoid into the starter motor, itself. I have seen     pretty much take care of themselves. Open cars will need
these wires partly, and even completely, corroded through.            some assistance. On the Cabriolet, you can latch the top in
If you haven't cleaned the fuse block connections, do it now.         place or install the hardtop. Latching the top up will help
   Try starting the car again. If it still doesn't crank over eas-    on a Convertible D, but won't help much on a Speedster. If
ily, remove the starter switch, or at least the hot (battery)wire     some bozo has previously welded a boiler plate into the floor
and the starter wire. I you jump across them and the starter          and bent the body, you will have to cut it loose, now, to rea-
now cranks over OK, the ignition switchlstarter button is bad         lign everything and make the top close correctly. To move
(or the connections). It is possible to take the ignition switch      things around and hold them in position you will need a way
apart. The edges of its zinc, die cast housing are crimped over       to push and pull. Your hydraulic "port-a-power" will do the
the black insulator. Carefully bend these back, keeping the           pushing. Harbor Freight now offers a pulling attachment for
switch face down and slowly lift the insulator out of the hous-       this unit, but that means you will need an additional "port-
ing, observing the location of the contacts and springs. Some-        a-power''. The newer VW sliding post jack (like the Porsche
times the contact plates are just dirty, and a good cleaning          jack) has a removable "stud", where it inserts into the jack
with WD40lCRC and Scotch-brite will work. If the contacts             spur. Driving the pin out leaves a hole you can bolt a chain
or springs are broken or bent, though, you will have to im-           to. On the top of the post you can weld a heavy washer, where
provise or buy a new switch. When reassembling, a little              a chain can also be bolted. You now have a friction type body
"white grease" will help hold all the contact plates and              jack that is good for pulling, or pushing. A nylon strap, from
springs in place as you press everything back together and            an old seat belt or tow strap, can be wrapped around the
bend the tabs down tightly.                                           defroster tube in the front, and a large hook on a chain can
   When you jumped the battery wire and starter wire previ-           be attached to the top mounts, near the lock posts, in the back.
ously, and the engine still cranked slowly, indicating the            With these two jacks you can move a rusty body around any
problem was not with the switchhutton, the only thing left            way you want. Once the chassis is welded properly together,
is the starter. "Starter" problems, I have found, come in two         this system won't help you much. So push and pull from var-
types: the starter "motor" is bad in one way or another, or           ious angles until your doors open and close freely, with the
the starter bushing is bad. You can't tell by looking.                correct gaps and correct alignment, especially across the top
Soooo . . . take the starter out. Check for heavy corrosion be-       of them. I am still not enamored with the idea of welding,
tween the aluminum or magnesium tmnsmission housing and               brazing, or bolting "permanent" braces in the body while
the iron starter body. I have seen very heavy corrosion here          doing the "floor"; trying to neatly remove them can make
due to electrolysis, but never known it to cause slow starter         a mess. If you must, the correct method of attaching a tem-
action. However, before rebuilding the starter or pulling the         porary brace like this is with a thin steel plate soldered to
engine, I would clean both surfaces, grease lightly, reinstall        the body. That's right, you use 30170 body solder available
starter, and try it again. If that isn't your problem, have a         h m your auto paint store. You grind the area where you want
"competent" repair shop check your starter. Of course if you          to attach the brace until it's perfectly clean, then tin it with
live in Rantoul, IL (where I am writing this from, courtesy           acid flux and solder, using a soft, soldering flame from your
of the Air National Guard) you have a Problem. If you have            torch. The plate is made from 1/,, steel, about 2"x4". Drill
to send the starter off somewhere you might consider spend-           several holes in it to help the solder flow, then tape it to the
ing the extra bucks to have it rebuilt, or at least thoroughly        previously soldered area on the body. Tack weld the brace
cleaned and inspected, to be sure, and save future time and           to the plate with your MIG welder. The tape will burn off,
shipping expense.                                                     so remove the brace and plate and weld them completely
   If the starter checks out OK or you have a rebuilt, it is time     together, then grind and tin the back of the plate. Now solder
to attack the infamous starter bushing. This is a soft iron bush-     the plates with the brace to the body. This takes a little longer
ing, pressed into the transmission housing, forming one end           but is so much neater when removed. No trace will be left,
bearing for the armature. When it wears, after 30 years and           as the solder can be heated to liquid and wiped off with a rag.

                                           356 REGISTRY     32       OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

   Since you are ready to start cutting and welding, now is
a good time to stop and assess what you are going to do. First,
you are NOT going to cut away every piece of rusty metal.
Some of this is helping to hold the car together, it is also use-
ful in making patterns and observing construction. If you have
lots of original, rusty metal, you are "lucky". You can sketch,
measure, and photograph your car. If there is just a big hole,
you will need to get this information from another original
car similar to yours, B. Johnson's book, etc. Some day I will
put all this together, along with photos so the "next genera-
tion" won't have to reinvent the wheel; doesn't it feel good
to be a pioneer?                                                     and cut the repair panel along the scribed line. Now clamp
   This is your last chance to practice your welding, if you         the new inner longitudinal edge to the old inner longitudi-
have not done so previously (refer to text and fig. 3 in             nal, leaving about a 1/,, inche gap for heat expansion. Tack
AugISep issue). Don't practice on the chassis! To start, pick        weld every five or six inches, then go back and tack weld
what looks like the weakest, rustiest, holeiest side and re-         every one inch. Finally, butt weld the two pieces together,
move about half the floor (assuming it is bad and will be            stopping every couple of inches to shrink the weld flat with
replaced later). Do not cut into the tunnel! On the driver's         hammer and dolly. Next follow the same procedure on the
side remove the steering wheel, if you are not double joint-         "side panel" and "rear panel" (fig. 9). Both of these panels
ed. We will repair the inner longitudinal first. Measure the         have other panels behind them that will need to be replaced;
height of the vertical wall, from a remaining piece of the base      the multiple panels in the rear, around the torsion bar tube,
flange to the first bend; about four inches (fig. 7). Cut a          are especially critical and take careful analysis and fabrica-
                                                                     tion to get them right. Use a long straight edge across the bot-
                                                                     tom of the new inner longitudinal and, if possible, a remain-
                                                                     ing chunk of the pedal panel (front bulkhead). This whole
                                                                     edge must be straight and level; remember, this is what the
                                                                     floor sits on. Use the same care at the rear. Now fabricate the
                                                                     little joining piece between the inner longitudinal and the
                                                                     "side panel", and weld in place (fig. 9). Check body align-
                                                                     ment and make sure doors open and close freely. It is a good
                                                                     idea to do this frequently throughout the process. You may
                                                                     notice a little movement when things are heated up. Stop and
                                                                     let everythign cool off. The alignment should return to the
5"x28" piece of 20 gauge sheet metal; clamp it between the           correct position, if not, readjust your jacks. You cannot al-
two pieces of angle iron with C-clamps, or in a vice (see fig.       low the body to warp more and more, then hope to force the
5, last issue), leaving one inch sticking out. Hammer the one-       whole thing back into position later. You must make small
inch end over 90°0nto the angle iron. Cut away all rusty me-         corrections as you go, if necessary. After we add a few more
tal from the inner longitudinal until you hit metal that is like     panels, this thing is NOT going to move on anything short
new. You can cut a nice straight line at the highest point,          of a frame machine. When all this is done the job should start
if you want to be really neat. Clamp the repair piece you just       to look like something.
made behind the remaining inner longitudinal, observing the             Meanwhile, the test question for this month is: In pre-
four-inch vertical dimension, as measured. Clamp the two             beehive times, where did the bees live (or is that B-hive), or
pieces with vice-grips and scribe the new piece along the cut        does B just have bees in his belfry?
edge of the old longitudinal (fig. 8). Remove the vice-grips

                                           356 REGISTRY    33       OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

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                                                  356 REGISTRY   34     OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

                                                   numbers, $11,500; '54 Cab, needs resto-        neau, cover, and bra. $125,000. John M.
                                                  ration, $10,500. '59 Convertible D, no          Tober, 6454 E. Stanford Ave., Engle-
                                                  rust, Calif. car, excellent mechanics,          wood, CO 80111, 303-770-8999.
                                                   $35,000. '60 Roadster with roll cage, fuel        1956 356A Speedster #82216, P64354
                                                   cell, disc brakes. David Ruley, 4040 E.        Calif. car, no bumpers, needs restoration.
                                                   Bayard,      Denver,        CO     80222,      $46,000. 1957 356A Speedster #83769,
                                                   303-292-1479.                                  Calif. car, 912 eng., webers, 741 trans., C
                                                      '53 coupe #51022 complete restored,         brakes, 12 volt, ruby redmlack, restored,
    The for sale and wanted sections are ex-      all new chrome, rubber, wiring, brakes,         $85,000. Rolly Resos, 413 Santa Ana Ave.,
 clusively for members' non-commercial            best German carpet (charcoal gray), real        Newport Beach, CA 92663, 714650-0546.
 usage. Try to limit yow ads to 50 words or       mohair headliner (charcoalgray), '64 SC           1957 356A Coupe #101526. Complete
 less and please have your ad typed if at all     engine (all new), completely stripped,          professional chassishody restoration
 possible. (We reserve the option to reject       sandblasted, undercoated, Signal Red            finished. Ready for your color paint and
 illegible ads or even worse, to guess at your    lacquer, original battery box, a nice mst-      assembly. No expense spared. A l parts   l
 meaning.) The right to edit or refuse pub-       free Calif. car. Over $20K invested. Best       needed for completion included. Too many
 lication is reserved; not responsible for er-    offer over $10K. S. Darsey, 21090 Bear          parts and spares to ls. Family emergen-
 IOIS, omissions or misrepresentations.
                                                  Creek Rd., Los Gatos, CA 408-395-2583.          cy,forces sale. Over $18,000 invested. Ask-
          CONDITIONS OF SALE                          1953 Porsche: everything new; 1964          ing $ l o , ~ I f a ioffer. Will deliver on North
              AND PURCHASE                        SC engine, transaxel, rubber, chrome,           East Coast. 516-789-4743 NY.
1.Seller will ship item within 10 days ol         brakes, interior, etc. Red &blackinteri-           '58 356A Sunroof Coupe, European
receipt of payment. If buyer pays with per-       or. Not driven since 1987. Restored             model, #104749. 95% restored, with
sonal check, seller will ship within 10  days      '80-'85. Over $15,000 in parts alone.          1,400 km on completely rebuilt 1963
after check is honored.                           $15,000 offer. S. Darsey, 21090 Bear-
2. If buyer is not satisfied with item, buyer                                                     1600cc motor, #610671. Indian
may return item at buyer's expense.Within         canyon Rd., Los Gatos, CA,                                     1
                                                                                                  redhlack, 1 wood steering wheel, chro-
10 days of return of item to seller in same       408-395-2583.                                   me wheels, Super hubcaps. Receipts for
condition as received by buyer, seller will          1953 Continental Coupe #53122; en-           all work. $12,000 invested. Sickness
refund the price.                                 gine: 63B 1600s P705750, original trans.        forces sale, $14,000 and drive it away.
3. Seller assumes risk of nondelivery when        per factory cardex; white, tan interior,        Dale T. Jaynes, Diamond City, AR
item is shipped to buyer. Buyer assumes           $14,500. Call or write for extensive pho-       72630, 501-422-7257.
risk of non-return to seller.                     tos and complete description. Jeff                1958 Porsche 356 Coupe - red. VW
4. Unless otherwise stated, cost of shipping      Kryder, POB 81007, Chamblee, GA                 motor, cost $6,000. $4,500 all parts.
will be in addition to price of item.             30366-1007, 404-436-2426.
5. By placing advertisements in the 356                                                           Body, floor OK. Joe, 401-647-2385 or
Registry, seller agrees to these conditions.          '54 America Pre-A Cabriolet #60407.         508-655-6334 leave telephone #.
By ordering, buyers agree to to these             Alum. hood handle & no horn grill. 12th           '58 A Coupe 1600N, #103600, red
conditions.                                       of only 328 built in '54. Bent windshield       whlack int., eng. #69317. Almost every-
   In offering a car, please include your ask-    cab production ('521'55) totaled only           thing new or rebuilt: paint, seats, car-
ing price to save someone a cross country         1,116. This one is rare '531'54 "AMERI-         pets, trans., front end, gauges, brakes,
phone call; chassis serial numbers also           CA", a no frill model ordered exclusive-        cables, tires, clutch, etc. Engine recent-
would be helpful. All ads must be received        ly by Hoffman for U.S. enthusiasts &            ly rebuilt; powder-painted tin. Solid
by the first of the month in which they are       racers. Styling & marketing precursor to        car - great driver (remember that con-
to appear. PLEASE limit your ads to 356           the Speedster. One of most original &
items. 911s,914s, etc. are all nice but they                                                      cept?) Also a 1600 VW wldual Solexes
are out of place here! If your ad arrives af-     complete Pre-As in existence. $55K.             and tinware for tidy 356 fit. $16,000.
ter the deadline, we will hold it until the       415-927-9433, Eduarda Venegas.                  Gary Medley, 704 NE 43rd, Portland, OR
next issue unless you instruct otherwise.            '56 Sunroof Coupe #56909. Car looks          97213, 503-234-8863 or 503-232-1567.
Send your h e member ads to BBRENA                outstanding, runs great; interior, Auto's In-     1958 A Speedster #84822, light
PERRIN, 2041 WILLOWICK DRIVE,                     ternational; paint, Junior's House of Color;    ivoryhordeaux red comolly interior,
COLUMBUS, OHIO 43229. (Do NOT send                engine, 912 case late style oil cooler          ivory piping restoredldetailedhrand
commercial advertising to this address.           mountings, 912 counter balanced crank,          new engine (powder coated and
                                                  17500cc pistons/cyls., 912 rods, factory        detailed), $77,500. 1965 SC Cabriolet,
                                                  stock "C" cam, zenith carbs, 6,000 miles;       European blacklred leather interior, re-
  1952 Coupe just about a parts car,              wheels, chrome on car plus 5 original rims;     stored and detailed, $36,000.
major restoration needed was in damp              third owner, Californiacar,$21,750. Chuck       516-367-3293 home, 516-349-3222
storage for 20 + years. Many parts not            Davis, 133 Loreta Walk, Long Beach, CA          office, 516-349-3258 fax.
original or missing. Not a project car for        90803,       213-438-2073        evenings,        '59 Cabriolet, new paint, Stoddard
those with weak hearts. May consider              818-302-1378 days.                              floor, many new parts, needs final as-
parting out. $3,600 or best offer. Jim               1956 Porsche 356A Speedster -                sembly, interior. Car is complete. Best
McDevitt, 36 Colcony Rd., Lexington,                #82052-1600S, black, tan, tan. Profes-        offer or trade for 4-cam engine. '64 sun-
MA 02173, 617-862-7722.                           sional restoration just completed in May        roof coupe, bag interior fire, parts only,
  '52 coupe early type #11477, $8,000.            '90. Correct, complete and perfect. Body        $1,85O/obo, less engine. Engine com-
'52 coupe #12071, $6,500. '55 coupe,              numbers match. 1st in class at '90 Mon-         plete, w/Solexes, $1,500. All FOB CT.
very original, $7,500. '59 Cab, needs             terey Parade Concours and 1st in class          Doug Bok, 172 Barbourtown, Rd., Can-
restoration, complete with matching               at Rocky Mountain Concours. Boot, ton-          ton Center, CT 06020, 203-693-2675.

                                                 356 REGISTRY    35    OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90
   '59 Convertible D, built late 1958,       records. $5,500. Scott Schuessler, 509          den Oaks, Salt Lake City, UT 84121,
Chassis #85622, silverhlack. Superior        Marsha, Andover, KS 67002,                      801-943-9185 home, 801-486-2430.
throughout, $57,500. C transaxle, good       316-733-2711.                                     Porsche 1963 Cab #158370. Car is dis-
condition, $1,200; set of gauges includ-        1960 356B Super 90 Cabriolet. Excel-         assembled but complete, normal engine
ing electric tach, $300; two seats in gray   lent condition. 53,000 total miles with         #611093 rebuilt with European heater
vinyl, good condition, $250. John P.         recent rebuilt original engine. Red with        system, needs floor & paint. $13,500. A
Mackessy, 2100 H Street, Bakersfield,        tan leather, tan Haartz cloth top and           model engine, no stamped serial num-
CA 93301, 805-861-7461.                      boot. Nardi wood wheel. Chrome wheels           ber. Call for more details, $1,000. 912
   1959 356A Convertible D #86745 nor-       with new Avons. Rust free example               engine disassembled no carbs or
mal #75279 Meissen blueltanltan, new         bought from museum. $37,500 firm.               manifolds, $1,000. Would like to sell
carpet, paint, top, upholstery, rubber,      Gary Bartholomew, 1487 Tower Rd.,               complete add for $14,000. Danny
rechromed, Konis, 5%" chromes on             Winnetka, IL 60093, 708-446-4421.               Strand, 1620 S. Knoxville Ave., Tulsa,
Semperits, Nardi wood, halogens.                1961 S90 Roaster: chassis 88329 -            OK 74112, 918-584-0169 days,
Comes with extras: complete Super 90          original motor #801-183, silvermetllic         918-744-5621 after 5:00, fax
#800928,41/2 " chromes, lots of working      #6006B. DocumentedIPorsche factory in-          918-583-2044.
extra parts, terrific value at $50,000. Ed   voice. 2nd owner, never hit, always in            1963 356 Cabriolet #157-154 1600 Su-
Tolentino, 16 Sherwood Rd., Win-             California desert, original condition, color,   per motor #P703487 45,000 original
chester, MA 01890, 617-729-5675.             tools. Solid & straight, recent engine pow-     miles. Extremely high level of cosmetic
   1959 356A Cabriolet. New: paint,          der painttdetail & new paint. 50K. Bon          and mechanical detail. 6th place at 1990
Stoddard floor, repro trim, bumpers,         Nurnside, Box 3055, Palm Desert, CA             Porsche Parade. All body numbers
guards, hubcaps. Carpets, top details re-    92261, 619-341-4284 evenings.                   match. Body fit is factory original and
main. Low $20~.    1964 356C sunroof. In-       1961Porsche 356B Cabriolet #I54718           superb. Owners manual and tool kit.
terior fire - parts only. $1,850 less en-    T-6 body, Eng. 1963 1600 Super                  Original bill of sale. LIL wood steering
gine. Engine $1,250. Speedster parts:        P705276, redhlack vinylhlack top, un-           wheel, fog lights, new, old stock Leitz
windshield frame, seat, rails, gears, en-    bent hqod, straight body, Texas title,          luggage rack, head rests, original black
gines, gauges, shifter, hood, dash eye-      $18,900. Larry Johnston, 134 Mallard            leather seats, white exterior. One of the
brow. Doug Bok, Box 142, Canton              Pointe Way, Athens, GA 30606,                   best examples of an original, low mile,
Center, CT 06020, 203-693-2675.              404-354-4431 evenings.                          but show quality car. Over $55,000 in-
   '60 356B Roadster #88245, 1600 Su-           1961 356B Roadster #88953 no rust.           vested. Best offer. Carey Kendall,
perhlackltan top & interior, excellent       Redmlack, some race history and modifi-         805-966-7724 office.
condtiion. 1988 "People's Concours"          cations. Best driving roadster you'll             1963 356 C coupe, T-6 right-hand
winner at the East Coast 356 event.          find. Call Karl, 40 992 992. Best offer.        drive, all numbers match cardex, 90,000
$42,50OIobo. Rob Steinau, 128 W.                1962 356B T-6 Coupe. Red recently            original miles, Blaupunkt radio, horn
Lafayette Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217,       painted with new black interior, luggage        ring, NOS Hella 128 fog lights, 904 al-
301-225-0454 or leave message                rack, chrome wheels, etc. Engine rebuilt        loys. Complete documentation of own-
800-223-9832 mailbox ext. 8293.              1,000 miles ago, $9,500. Harry E. Hilt-         er history since new, $2~,500/obo
   '60 roadster, #88243, Drauz body. A       ner, 1034 Union Mill Rd., Mt. Laurel, NJ        619-753-5671.
complete car in need of restoration,         08054, 609-235-3122 business hours.               '64 SC Coupe, light ivoryhlack,
$13,000. Philip Dam, 813-822-5656               1962 Cab #I56868 complete but rusty.         69,000 miles, extremely straight original
days, 813-823-4040 evenings.                 $13,000 horn ring, radio, rebuilt motor.        car, 5%" chrome wheels, new Konis
   '60 T-5 Coupe #111442. Much rust but      Eric Erickson, 842 21st Ave. SE, Min-           and Comp TlAs, no rust on original floor
very salvageable project car. No engine      neapolis, MN 55414.                             and longitudinals, no history of any
but otherwise complete. Also unassem-           '63 complete fresh engine Competition        body damage, esthetically and mechan-
bled engine #70022 complete except for       Engineering. Newer red paint, all               ically excellent, $16,500 cash. Larry
some sheetmetal, headers and muffler.        receipts. Front seats finished in tan           Cloetta, 8563 Eustis, Dallas, TX 75218.
Easily trailered. Good title, $3,350 takes   leather. Ran fine and fast to Morrow Bay          '65 coupe #220862, pan and shell. Pan
it all. Mike 612-546-8701.                   Holiday. Owned 5 years. Previous owner          is straight and rust-free. Best offer.
   '60 Roadster, 877781602432, Royal         doctor's wife, Phoenix, $13,0001partial         Melinda Lloyd, 16544 Denevi Ln., Los
bluellt. gray, guaranteed no rust, 82,000    trade V W , Ghia or motorcycle. Charles         Gatos, CA 95030, 408-354-0028.
original miles, new seats, original tool     Trott, P.O. Box 276, Tuba City, AZ                '65 coupe #221812, eng. #717464, Ir-
kit, owners manual, very very straight,      86045, 602-283-5974.                            ish greenlblack interior, rebuilt en-
$48,000.        1965       SC      Coupe,       1963 Coupe #210938 Vintage race car.         gineltrans., new: clutch, muffler,
22192511283623, blackmlack, restored         Red, fuel cell, remote oil cooler, comp         shocks, battery, steering dampner, front
1976, 10,000miles since. Drives as new,      TAs, 5 pt. harness, Carrera shocks, 1 2         sway bar, deco trim, etc. Factory chro-
no rust, $22,000. Roger Roche, P.O. Box      volt, much more. Ready to race wlchoice         me wheels, Blaupunkt, 84XXX on body,
714, Ketchum, ID 83340, 208-726-5098.        of engines; w/SC $28,000, w/Super,              never wrecked, $13,500. Gene Schaeffer,
   1960 Coupe Super 90 #I12763 65,000        $25,000. Ralph McCraden, Nashville,             4904 Raffee Cove, Austin, TX 78731,
miles, body straight except for left front   371-9713 evenings.                              512-346-8855.
corner. Strong engine on fresh rebuild          1963 S Coupe #I22276 bare metal                '65 C Coupe #I29077 Signal redlgrey
with new pistons and jugs. Suspension        restoration. Beautiful champaign yel-           interior, 12 volt electrical, new tires, Ko-
solid & tight. Complete. Great driver.       low. Black leather interior with authen-        nis, etc, new rebuilt engine,
Needs master cylinder kit. Ready for Der     tic German weave carpet. Blaupunkt ra-          $9,30OIoffer. Rare '57 1300 S engine
Maestro's love and care. Title and           dio, $21,000. Ric Hammond, 8707 Hid-            with Hirth roller crank, offer?; Pre-A en-

       -                                 356 REGISTRY       36    OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

                                                                                       3                     PORSCHE
                                                                                                           FACTORY TOUR
                                                                                                             Summer 1960
                                                                                                     The magnificent photo book
                                                                                                     documenting the fabrication,
                                                                                                     assembly & detailing of the 356 B
                                                                                                      and Abarth Camera. 45 duotones
                                                                                                       and 4 color cover. Ultra limited
                                                                                                        availability. Satisfaction guar-
                                                                                                         anteed. Immediate shipment.
                                                                                                            $29.95 post-paid. The Amer-
                                                                                                             ican Express card gladly
                                                                                                              Send S.A.S.E. for Porsche related
                                                                                                               listing of exclusive leather ac-
                                                                                                                cessories, color posters, stamps.
                                                                                                                 modek, literature, memorabilia and
                                                                                                                  cars for sale.

                                                                                                    Spyder Enterprises
                                                                                            R.F.D. 1682 Laurel Hollow, N.Y. 11791

                                                                                  Christmas Gift Ideas?

                                                                 -,     ,.
                                                                      L ( .


                                                                                       12 Christmas Cards per box. . . . .$9.95

 4 5 0 0 Campus Drive, Suzte 2 1 0
    Newport Beach, CA 9 2 6 6 0                                                         Send us your name, address and telephone number, plus
 (619) 244-1996/(7l4) 852-0973                                                          the descnptton of the item Carfornra resrdents add appm-
         FAX 6'') 2a1787                                                                                           and
                                                                                        prrate sales tax Sh~pprng handlrng rs82 50 per Item
                                     S I " - ~ M q (8. 11 0 . Print)   . . . . $7.50    Make checks payable to AUTOGRAPH~CS Vlw and
                                     356 C&- Dbaw& (8" x 10' Pmt) . . . . . $7.50       tercardaccepted, ltst account number and exprratlon date
gine, new case, no number stamp, 95%          (works), $400; VDO C dash clock               limited qty., $48.50. Bob Cox, 3947 W.   Index
complete, std crank, 1500N,                   (works), $150; Carrera 2 (T-6lC) 2 1 gal.     Broadway, Minneapolis, MN 55422,
$3,000/offer; T-6 rear clip, $300; early      GT gas tank, $3,000; Carrera 2 Eber-          612-489-6467.
rods, $65/set; complete set disk brakes       spacher heater, $3,000. Ed Venegas,             VDM woodwheel aluminum for T5 or
and C transmission, '60N case, $400.          415-927-9433.                                 T6 deluxe hornring; speaker grilles;
Ben Sherman, 805-929-5440 evenings.             1957 1600N long block (no fan, carbs,       speedster pre-A blunt hood handle; 1500
  1965 356C coupe #221812, eng.               gen., etc.), serial no. 64976, very good      script alumunim; tool kits; restored A
#717464 Irish greenhlack, rebuilt en-         condition. $250 or offer. Dave,               steering wheels new stork oil temp.
gine and transmission, webers,                313-626-2585, Mich.                           gauge for pre-A; NOS roadster doors,
Blaupunkt, chrome wheels, new paint,            356 bench engine stand (never used);        speedster doors; pre-A sunroof clip.
shocks, fuel pump, clutch, muffler,           4% J15 chrome rim 3 '64 (minor repair         Much more call or write or fax for needs.
steering dampener, Inc. Texas car, pic-       required); 0.e. Porsche emblem (C);           Jose Gochez, 169 S. Roosevelt St.,
tures available, $13,000. Gene Schaeffer,     transmission mounts; misc. 0.e. seals         Pasadena, CA 91107,818-793-7155, fax
4904 Raffee Cove, Austin, TX 78731,           and rubber (C); 0.e. front bumper brack-      818-795-1141.
512-346-8855.                                 ets ('52-'59); ash tray; 0.e. motarolla ra-     Overider bars. Low style overider bars for
  1965 356 C Cabriolet #I59869 guards         dio; antenna; speakers with grilles; B + C    h n t bumpers on 356A. Now selling se-
redlall black leatherhlack toplfull black     parts catalog; 200mm disc (still in box);     cond run of 12. Excellent reproduction,
tonneau. Fully restored, 74,000 original      quarter window hinge and latch (A);           $350. C d Eric evenings 619-431-3742.
miles. 1720 rebuild, original becker          horn grille hardware; set of 4 0.e. 911 al-     Parting out two 356 Coupes '52 and
Mexico. 5% chromes, Pirelli P3,               loy 5 spoke 6J15; 911 engine insulation       '53. Early synchro trans. Doors and hard-
$44,000. Hard top, $1,000. R/H cab. vent      (still in box). Frank Torchia, 921 Lee        ware. Body shell minus front and rear
window frame, $110. Shep Adkins, Box          Court, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089,               clips. Door glass. Call or write Jim Cox
6549, Los Osos, CA 93412,                     708-634-2595.                                 2258 Brentwood Dr., Medford, OR
805-528-7043.                                   '57 engine, 1600 Normal, Serial #67554,     97504, 503-773-9499.
  1965Porsche sunroof coupe, slate grey       12 volt generator, sheet metal trimmed for      Factory hardtop #4541 for B or C
with red interior. Concours winning           VW installation, needs oil cooler. $650.      Cabriolet, excellent condition, $950.
older restoration (Parade, Holidays,          R.C. Course, 408-438-2462 evenings.           Pete Keim, 408-991-8301 work,
AACA). All details absolutely correct, all      Bosch parts list: photocopy of original     408-763-1440 home.
numbers match kardex, options: com-           Bosch parts lists showing every Bosch           701t. gas tank for T6, complete A brake
pensator spring, fresh air blower, chro-      part and all components for electrical        set, disc brake set, 1959 1600s engine,
me wheels, script seat belts - priced in      systems, horns, headlamps, keys, etc.,        Arediner seats, 1954 1300N case, 1965
low 30s, desire sale before winter            for 356 pre-A and A (1100 to 1600s)           1600C case, 1956 1600N case, 1958
storage. Ken Daugherty, 1611 Russell,         from 1950 to July 1958, including Car-        1600N case, 1956 transaxle whrakes,
Louisville, KY 502-451-3425.                  rera and 55011500 RS Spyder. Shows            1963 trans., 1961 S-90 eng., T2 & T5
  Inventory reduction, all need work:         part number, description, price and ex-       hoods. David, 303-388-6050 or
'64 C Coupe, Irish greedblack, looks          plosed views of distributors, starters,       303-292-1479.
nice, $10,000; '64 C Coupe, Bali              generators and headlamps. This is the           NOS ate intake valves for Super 90s
bluelfawn, drive it home, $6,000; '63         most authoritative list available, $20.       #616 105 401 00 for $20 each. New ve-
S-90 Sunroof, Smyrna greedgrey, apart,        Volkswagen list for Bug, Ghia and Bus,        hicle ID plates (the ones riveted next to
$7,500; '63 N Sunroof, Ruby redhlack,         1947 to' 1955, for distributors, genera-      the fuel tank) $12 each. Bob King, 1089
$5,000; '57 N Coupe, aquamarine               tors, starters and headlamps, also aval-      Brookdale Rd., Medford, OR 97504,
bluelred, drive it home, $5,000. Ron          able, $10. Either list additional $2 ship-    503-773-7119.
Roland, 313-749-9804.                         ping. Suggest that you buy both as many         Leitz chrome luggage rack new, $195.
  356 T-6 - fair condition, Ruetter body      parts are common and interchangeable.         1 356 OEM bright anodized rear grill
#I25024 engine #P82628 (1600s),$10K,          Tom Scott, 3397 S. Emporia Ct., Denver,       cleaned and polished, $70. Tear drop
617-934-7529 evenings.                        CO 80231.                                     taillamp chrome rims new, $3 each. Pre-
  Speedster C replica, red, 1835 cc VW          Complete transaxle for 'B', $1,000.         A hood, rough but better than nothing,
engine, professionally built, most new        Ronald Taft, 18 West 55th St., New            A hood and right door, not rusted.
parts, 3 years old, 3,500 miles, $14,500.     York, NY 10019, 212-586-8844.                 Wayne Potter, 23255 W. Townline Rd.,
1967 912 5-speed transmission #225836,          1964 SC matching three-piece case           Greyslake, IL 60030, 708-546-4457.
83K miles, $500 obo. From 1956 356A:          #821182 with oil pump, bottom strain-           Bra for 356A, used 1 trip, $35; fuel
hood with ding, perfect engine lid $150       er plate, and all hardware, $450. Set of      pump for A, $30; 2 390 MM Nardi repro
each or offer. Other 356 parts. A George,     four 4%'' rims dated 3/60, $100. Four         wheels, polished center, 1 new, 1 very
208 Upson, Ithaca, NY 14853-7501,             4%" 64 rims, $100. Canister air clean-        slightly used, 1hub for 356 B, C, 911 to
607-273-2877 evenings or message.             ers for B Zeniths, $50 pair. Manifolds,       73, 912, 914-6, new, $225, used, $200,
  Parts for sale: Derrington flat A model     $20 pair. Matched uncut A heads, $200         hub, $25. Douglas Palm, P.O. Box 283,
repro wood wheel (NOSINLA)with hub,           pair. Single door flapper box, $50 each.      Woodbury, NY 11797.
$650; '53 gas tank with Beck Krafstoff        Many other misc. parts from ABC & 912           Porsche 1600 cc engine complete
gauge & sender, $1,000; Pre-A instru-         motors. FOB Bill Ramsey, 3686 Orchard         #62422, needs to be rebuilt, $2,000
ment hood covers, $100; late APT-5 sun-       St., Mogadore, OH 44260, 216-628-1913         OBO. David Nelson, 1585 S. Cleve-Mass
visors, $400; A oval & T-6/C round chro-      evenings.                                     Rd., Akron, OH, 216-666-1445.
me speaker grilles, $400; T-5 cab hard-         356 parts: radio bracket for speedster,       Blaupunkt Frankfurt AM, FM, SW.
top, $1,000; Blaupunkt U.S. Frankfurt         conv. D and roadster, faithful repro,         Needs faceplate, otherwise excellent,

                                             356 REGISTRY   38    OCTOBER/NOVEMBER '90

 $235. Both are perfect for B or C car. Win    303-444-4656 home, 303-924-4070               Porsche - The Art of
 Lyons, 201 Pennsylvania Ave., Wood-           work.                                           the Sportscar                      85.00
 land Park, CO 80863, 719-687-1227.               356 Parts: '63 cab top assembly and        Porsche Factory Tour 1960
   1960 S-90 engine #~800183100%               gas tank. Buyer pays shipping. Bob Ca-          (2nd printing)                     30.00
 complete, original, running stored since      gle, 7944 Hillandale Dr., San Diego, CA       Porsche 356, Fahren in Seiner
 1970 rebuild wlsteele cyls. 356 REGIS-        92120, 619-583-4931.                            Schonsten Form, (Deutsch)          65.00
 TRY issues volume #1#1 to date im-               NOS '55 VDO 1500s tach (4.515.5 red        Porsche 356, Schiffer
 maculate condition. Offers A&B. Ent.          lines, $700; '53 Pre-A gastank wlBeck           (now in English)                   18.00
 P.O. Box 153, Elverson, PA 19520.             fuel gauge, $1,000; A & C original fac-       Porsche 911, Schiffer
   New pre-A storch oil temp. gauge dip        tory chrome speaker grilles, $450; T5           (now in English)                   18.00
stick or screw on; Beck fuel gauge with        driver's side sunvisor whardwm, $250;         Auto-Union V-16                      16.00
 pump plus tank VDM wooden steering            T5 allen bolt rearview mirror (concours),
wheel for B or C model; Telefunken ra-         $400; NOS '65 VDO SC electric tach,           Generally Stocked:
 dio for '55 only; electric sunroof switch;    $950 (concours/new in box); excellent C       Excellence Was Expected          $65.00
new roadster doors; rear new speedster         Cabriolet sunvisors, matched pair, $450;      911 Performance Handbook           15.00
fenders; enough parts to make a speed-         C VDO clock (working),, $200; Carrera         Porsche Carrera 4 (factory book) 60.00
ster. Call or fax Jose Gochez, 169 S.          2 21 gal. GT gastank, $3,500; Eber-           The Best of Christophorus
Roosevelt St., Pasadena, CA 91107,             spacher BN4, $3,000; BIC Blaupunkt               ('56-'62) factory serialized
818-793-7155, fax 818-795-1141.                Frankfurt am/fm/sw, $400; Hella 128              limited                         30.00
   356SC P&C; mahle pistons and                foglights, $650; Solex 40-PI1 4 carbure-      Ferry Porsche -Cars Are My Life 20.00
clyinders with aluminum (bird) cylinder        tors (twin shaft), $400; early 912 (616136)   Porsche 356, Early 911 or
liners. Brand new, $750. Buyer pays            core motor, $1,500; SASE for complete            914 Authenticity                18.00
shipping. Davis Kozak. 2820 N. 61st St.,       list. Ed Venegas, 31 Parkview Circle,,        How to Make an Old Porsche Fly15.00
Scottsdale, AZ 85257, 602-990-8614.            Corte Madera, CA 94925, 415-927-9433.         Porsche - Man and His Cars
   Parts: new original Derrington steer-          New repro parts: Cabrio top rear alum.        (1st English edition)           15.00
ing, hub and 'A' horn button; mint             trim, $70; BIC front bumper guards,           Illustrated Porsche Buyers
Speedster rear view mirror; new Speed-         $210lpr.; B/C rear bumper guards,                Guide ed. 3                     13.00
ster door mirror; new 'A' type muffler;        $210lpr.; leather spare tire strap, $11;      Leather:
2 new Porsche name plates 'A' type; 2          black seat belts wlcrest, $Wpr.; 356             Key Fobs                       25.00
used but perfect windshield wiper arms;        Clup Japan lapel pin, $7; Top View 356C          Luggage Straps                 75.00
complete set 'C' type disc brakes, rebuilt     pin, $5; "Flashing Tail Lights" Carrera          Spare Tire Straps              25.00        .
calipers; 3 'C' rims with good tires; 4 fair   2 pin, as seen at the 1991 East Coast            Owner's Manual Pouches         90.00
'C' type hub caps. Dennis Eshelman, 140        Holiday, $15. Used parts: 912 eng. case,      Block's Books - The Fanatic's Choice
33rd Place, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254,           $350; 912 crank, $200; 4 Koni shocks,         356 and 911 a speciality, also Mercedes,
213-374-0400.                                  stamped "PORSCHE", $175. Add for              Ferraris, interesting sportscars and
   Limited slip differential for split case    shipping. Ken Ito, 3461 S. Dunsmuir           water-cooled Porsches.
gearbox, 6 bolt ring and pinion, decent        Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90016,                  337 Darby Creek, Lexington, ICY USA
condition. $1,200. Blank center dash           213-937-8081.                                 6061263-3990.        A

plates for pre-A, repro in ivory or black,       I still have 12 "356 REGISTRY" maga-
$40. Steve Herron, P.O. Box 4097, San-         zine binders available, $8.95 each            356 Accessories: leather owners manu-
ta Barbara, CA 93140, 805-969-4027 af-          + $2.00 shipping. Patrick Ertel, 115 W.      al pouch, $95; interior luggage straps,
ter 6 p.m. PST.                                Davis St., Yellow Springs, OH 45387.          black or natural, $55lpr.; spare tire strap,
   Parts for 'A' and pre-A coupe: com-                                                       $22; key fobholder, black or natural,
plete new leather interior, medium
brown with all new chrome brackets and
                                               commercial                                    $25; 356lSpyder sweatshirts (see display
                                                                                             ad in Oct. issue); '59 GSIGT Speedster
handles; complete new Tweeks rubber            A 356 tradition continues that began          poster, $10; D. Brown poster set (550A,
kit; 644 transaxle and rear brakes; head-      in Germany in 1957 and resumed in             904, F-1, 917), $15/set. Spyder Enter-
lamps. John Dally, 180 Concord St., Hol-       the U.S.A. in 1978.The New 1991,              prises, R.F.D. 1682, Laurel Hollow, NY
liston, MA 01746, 508-429-8782.                Old 356 Calendar is available from            11791. FAX 516-349-3258. AMEX
   Plastic cup for manual sunroof handle,      finer purveyors of things 356, or             accepted.
$25; NOS ATE Super 90 intake valves,           directly from the publisher for $15
$20; NOS BIC blinker light, clear lens,        postpaid in the U.S.A. Three Fif'ty
$9.50; NOS BIC blinker light, amber
lens, $14; B/C license light lens, $5; set     Six, Inc., P.O. Box 1000, Wester-
of Carrera emblems (new), one large, 2         d u e , OH 43081-7000.
small, $110. Bob King, 1089 Brookdale                              *
Rd., Medford, OR 97504,503-773-7119.
   Sales lit, 356 trades preferred; 911 etc.   Recently available:                   1954 Porsche Speedster. German col-
lit for sale or trade; many Panos from         Porsche 356 Performance             lector needs to complete collection. Any
12/59;various early English Christos and         Handbook                   $15.00 condition. Prefer super motor. Also
#22 to date for sale individually; facto-      Porsche 356 Restorer's Guide        looking for pre-war BMW 328 chassis.
ry racing posters from 1967 to date. Stu         To Authenticity, Hardbound        Call U.S.A. 813-822-3137 or West Ger-
Stout, 3488 Iris Ct., Boulder, CO 80304,         Rev. 2                      45.00 many 011-49-6073-626-66, D. Aumaqn.
                                                                                     1962 Karmann hardtop. Looking for

                                           356 REGISTRY      39    OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

car in need of restoration. Mechanicals       topulse fuel pumps andlor bracket.             #730718. You've seen the cards, heard
not important. Call Eric evenings,            Telefunken radio or Blank off plate. 1955      the stories and known the felling. Now
619-431-3742.                                 owners manual, any Carrera manuals,            join the greatest expedition of the twen-
   356 B or C Coupe in recently restored      literature. Doug Bok, Box 142, Canton          tieth century, that's right, the search for
or excellent original condition. Must         Center, CT 06020, 203-693-2675.                730718! Take it out of the neighbor's
have no rust, original floor plan, and           Old issues of 356 Registry, volumes         dunebuggy and send it to me. Cash, at
original low-mile rebuilt engine. (No         one (1) thirteen (13). For purchase or
                                                        to                                   least enough for an uncracked hornbut-
Euro heater box models.) Cash buyer,          copy (with deposit) of specific subjects       ton, for help in finding 730718. Think
will pay current market value. Michael        and return. Arthur Arakelian, Jr., 111         of it as a reason for living. Dave Boyer,
Marino, 3516 NW 3rd St., Gainesville,         Bear Hill Rd., North Andover, MA               564 Doris Dr., Lebanon, PA 17042,
FL 32609, 904-373-3405 days or                01845, 508-975-4577.                           717-272-4452.
904-375-6236 evenings.                           Seat belts for '64 Coupe (pair). Can be        '53 hoodlrear lid release ivory knob;
   For Speedster: front bow for top frame.    3-point similar to early 911/912 w/o           Stork dual oil gauge wldipstick for '53
Anders G. Hansson, Skolvagen 12               retractors. Also Camber Compensator-           two-piece case; used 356A hornbutton
S-25484 Helsingborg, SWEDEN.                  complete. Details to: Vince Cappelletti,       (need not be concours); '54 horn ring ( V 3
   For 1956 European Coupe '57 or later       Rue des Vallees de Wavre 3, 1338 Cou-          circle only), Pre-A turbo wheel
ZF steering box, front spindles, arms,        ture St. GermainILasne, Begium. Tel:           coverslfasteners;Hazet 77212 Speed han-
torsion bars, A brake drums front & rear,     Brussels 633.33.76 (pvt) or 230.75.45          dle; A/B leather key FOB (original);
tye rods, horn ring. Straight usable parts    (wk), or fax details to Brussels               Roadster visor single hole chrome hard-
only please. Straight prices. Dan Som-        231.18.91. Will respond to all offers.         ware; C Klein Philip driver; Jorg driver;
mers, 120 Azalea Dr., Ben Lomond, CA             Information on engine #83524 (will          Kronprinz (KpZ) 15" wheels dated
95005.                                        trade 1600 normal or SC engine), tool kit       11/59. Ed Venegas, 31 Parkview Cir.,
   Parts, information, photos of 1952         (A) separate tools (A), front bumper           Corte Madera, CA 94925, 415-927-9433.
Glaser Cabriolet to aid restoration. Need:    guards for high tube ('59), rocker panel          Any and all info on 1960 #111599,
radio, Hazet tool box, 1951 type 527 mo-      deco strips (A), luggage rack (A), knob        eng. #89462, California plate #2SBZ408,
tor #30640, want 2 pc motor parts, have       for seat recliner (A), caps for door hole      previous owner Robert Smith, Marina
items for trade. Ken Daugherty,               access, 10 '58 chrome rims (will trade         Del Ray. James H. McDonald, Jr., 12214
502-451-3425.                                  9 '57 and 5 'ST), receptor for door in lock    Boheme, Houston, TX 77024.
   A body with damaged or rusted front        post with door side alum. wedge, previ-           I will be in the U.S.A. Jan-mid March
ent. Prefer open car or sunroof coupe. I       ous owner of conv. 'D' 86110. Frank            1991 and would like to participate in any
have complete front half of a car to mate.    Torchia, 921 Lee Court, Buffalo Grove,          356 events. Suzanne M. Smith, 206
Papers not necessary. Arf Arf. Alex Wen-      IL 60089, 708-634-2595.                         Burke Due, Attadale, Western Australia,
 dorf, 3729 W. Marwood Ct., Tuczon, AZ           For museum quality restoration of            6156.
 85741, 602-744-1102.                          1957 GS Speedster 83260 - engine case            For '57 Cabriolet, complete folding top
   Panoramas, years '64, '65, '68. Will        P90785 or Pgoi'xx, have excellent and          and hardware. Must be pre T-2, also
buy singles. Also B or C good driver          very rare P90565 to trade; also need all       bumpers and seats. A. Wendorf, 3729
Cabriolet. Win Lyons, 201 Pennsylvania         engine sheet metal, complete fan hous-         W. Marwood Ct., Tucson, AZ 85741,
 Ave., Woodland Park, CO 80863,                ing assembly, oil tank screen, rubber          602-744-1102.
 719-687-1227.                                 boots for distributors; five NOS 5.90 x           1300-1500 cc motors, must be com-
   New Zealander wishes to purchase a          15 Continental tires, NOS shine up             plete. Pre-A instruments, seats, steering
 356 - any model and any year in right         license light housing, Carrera tool kit or     column, 741 tranny, 644 tranny, SC mo-
hand drive. Please write or phone. Bob         a loaner which I can duplicate, any            tor. Limited slip, luggage A/B/C, knock
 Magowan, 24 Clovelly Rd., Bucklands           Speedster NOS concours trim or                 off wheels, drums, etc. Cash buyer. M.
 Beach, Auckland, New Zealand,                 mechanical goodies you have been sav-          Lederman, 100-15 Asch Loop, Bronx,
 064-9-5344007.                                ing for a special project such as this.        NY 10475.
   Chrome trim plate for Blaupunkt ra-         Tom Scott, 3397 S. Emporia Ct., Denver,          Convertible D or Roadster. Prefer a
 dio. Will buy non-working radio to get        CO 80231, 303-671-9060 evenings.               runner, no concours cars. Pre-A sunroof
 piece. Win Lyons, 201 Pennsylvania               Victory banquet wine glass from 1988        coupe, 'A' luggage, shift assembly, 716
 Ave., Woodland Park, CO 80863,                Parade. Enamel pin from 1990 Parade.           tranny. SC tach, 'A' steering wheel. A.J.
 719-687-1227.                                 Factory calendar coins pre-1970. Doug-         Lederman, 59 Newport Dr., Nanuet, NY
   Looking for rust free T6 sunroof in         las Palm, P.O. Box 283, Woodbuy, NY,           10954.
 good condition for a 1964 356C. Chris         11797, 516-794-9838.                              547-1 4-cam engine for early Carrera
 Olson, 610 Neff Rd., Grosse Pointe, MI           For 356c: complete window frames            #54175; louvered trim rings for 16"
 482230, 313-884-1539.                         whardware & glass for Cabriolet; 12v           wheels, Telefunken radio for '54'55,
   Wooden steering wheel; Hazet round          wiper motor & 12v starter motor; front         Pre-A factory workshop partslowners
 tool kit; any accessories for 356, includ-    end special tools for 356 - 1 each [54         manuals. New or excellent license light.
 ing bench front seat. Jose Gochez, 169        puller, VW 273A drift, VW 272 remover,         Info on this or other pre-A Carreras.
 S. Roosevelt, Pasadena, CA 91107,             2 each P71 sleeve - if not available for       Doug Bok, 172 Barbourtown Rd., Can-
 818-793-7155, fax 818-795-1141.               sale, will rent or can make from               ton Center, CT 06020, 203-693-2675.
   h r unique 1955 pre-A Carrera Coupe         blueprints. Peter Gruner, 33 SE 13th Rd.,         '65 SC Sunroof Coupe, blackmlack,
 #54175. Engine #go067 or other rebuild-       Gaineseville, FL 32601, 904-378-1927           prefer nice original or newly restored,
 able 547. Carrera drums and/or backing        days, 904-332-0868 evenings.                   must have correct engine. 1960/61 road-
 plates. Louvered 16" wheels rings. Au-           Still in search of 356c motor serial        ster project car. 1965 SC Cabriolet

                                              356 REGISTRY   40    OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

 project car. Prefer cars to be in fairly        left? Where are they? Send your chassis               leather seats, ' shoulder belts
 reasonable shape, and fairly complete           number to: 356 Registry Census, 28140                 (644.803.011.02) for factory lap belts.
 Roger Roche, P.O. Box 714, Ketchum,             26 Mile Rd., New Haven, MI 48048.                     EARLY 911: 912 VDO special oil pres-
 ID 83340. 208-726-5098.                           PARTS MANUAL I (ERSATZTEIL-                         surelamp meter (110.02/32/spec), Work-
    19mm front sway bar for 356A or              KATALOG I) - to go with my new 1952                   shop and Parts Manuals: pre A, 911SC,
 356B. OK ifbar only. Al George, 208 Up-         356 Coupe! Informationon 1952 Porsche                 Spyder, 904. 337 Darby Creek, Lexing-
 son, Ithaca, NY 14853-7501,                     coupe serial number 11994. FOR 356C:                  ton, KY USA 606-263-3990.
 607-273-2877 evenings or message.               12v 356C wiper motor, pair of red brown
   356 sales lit: German Christos 1-17,
 English Christos 1-20; Registry issues
 prior to Vol. 3, # l ; Panos, prior to 1/57;    The
 '58-8 Distler 356 toys in any condition
 and any 356 era posters; factory issued
 press kits, any language; any factory
                                                 Incredibly detailed, these Fujimi 1124th scale
 photos. See for sale ad. Stu Stout, 3488        models are so accurate that you'll find your-
 his Ct., Boulder, CO, 303-444-4656              self checking under them for oil leaks! Fea-
 home, 303-924-4070 work.                        tures include rubber tires, metal wheels,
                                                 opening front and rear lids with completely
   Gas tank to fit '61 or earlier. This is the   detailed engine and luggage compartments.
 rectangular tank that fills from the top        Brakes and suspension components are so re-
 after raising the hood. Allen Berlin, 2945      alistic that you won't want to put on the
 Bishop Estates Road, Jacksonville, FL           wheels. All kits are plastic and require only          The
 32259, 904-287-5093 evenings,
 904-723-2536 work.
                                                 minor modeling skills to assemble. Paint and
                                                 glue may be purchased at any hobby shop.
                                                 Priced at only $19.95 plus $3 shipping and
                                                                                                       If you own, are planning to buy, or just en-
   For concours '54 Cabriolet: '50s vin-         handling.                                             joy Porsches, these books are a must! Very
 tage Marchal fog lightsllens, origianl &           New! 356A 1500GS Speedster - #EM 3 1               detailed descriptions of body, chassis, trim
 complete Pre-A tool kit, Jorg drivers,             New! 356A 1500GS Cabriolet -#EM 32                 and interior components allow you to de-
                                                                                                       termine the originality of any Porsche 356,
NOS or good used A hornbutton, NOS                           356A 1500GS coupe - #EM 30                9 11(through 1973). 9 12 or 914. Each book
 Hella "shine down", turbo wheel rings,                356B (T-5) Roadster 1600s - #EM 29              has Factory illustrations, color charts and
 large ivory knob (to open trunkhear lid),          356BlC (T-6) Carrera 2 coupe -#EM 27               chassis number listings, as well as over
                                                  356BlC (T-6) Carrera 2 cabriolet -#EM 28             350 photos of details on original cars.
 VDM flat wood steering wheel or origi-
 nal flat Denington, Porscheflieutter crest                         Fourteen different 9 11 and        Spotter's guides allow you to evaluate
                                                                                                       these Porsches at a glance. These are easi-
leather key fob (red or brown), bench                                         930 kits are also        ly the ultimate Porsche trivia books!
seat, factory luggage set. For concours                                      available. Please
Carrera 2: factory oil key lubrication                                                                 New! 356, Rev. I1 , hardcover, Itd.
plastic bottle (for glove compartment);                                                                edition, signed, numbered #75806 - $42.95
NOS Hella 128 lenses with V; BIC                                                                                 91 11912 thm '73 #75800- $19.95
foglight switch; Carrera tool kit; Klein                                                                                     914 #75801 - $19.95
screwdriver. Ed Venegas, 31 Parkview                                                                     Shippinl: and handling $3 per hook or model kit
Circle, Corte Madera, CA 94925,
425-927-9433.                                                                                                                            TPR, INC
   Registry issues pre Volume 8, Number
2, 60mm Carrera brakes, an excellent
original engine lid grille for a Speedster,
stone guard for oil tank or drawings of
same. Trevor Keetley, C/-215 Grattan
                                                                        1 3
                                                                                                                                7510 Allisonville Road
                                                                                                                               Indianapolis, IN 46250
                                                                                                                    (DO 553-5319 (317)841-7677
                                                                                                             Sorry, no CODS FAX (317) 849-2001

Street, Carlton Vic 3053, Australia, Fax
011-61-3-3470810, Phone 347-1411.                    TODAYS SOUND FOR YOUR CLASSIC PORSCHE
   Members for the new ROADSTER
REGISTRY. How many are left? Where
do you get parts? How much are they
selling for? If you've got one, send me
the details and 1'11 compile an ongoing
newsletter. There are probably fewer                                                                                          Perfect no modification fit
than you think. SASE to Ben Sherman,                                                                                          AMIFM cassettes by
300 Stratford, Santa Maria, CA 93454.                                                                                         Custom Autosound! 3
   For 1958 Speedster, the following                                                                                          NEW models from $149!
used items in reasonably good condi-                                                     I Custom Sub-Woofer                  KENWOOD - SENTREK
tion: front floormat, trunk mat, and full
carpet set (brown or tan). JimJohnston,
272 Oak St.. Auburn, AL 36830,
205-826-6803 evenings.
   Your car for the Official Registry 356
                                                                                             enclosures also

                                                                                                                      356 Ltd.
                                                                                                                              and OEM speakers also
                                                                                                                              available for your classic.
                                                                                                                              b,l or write lor inlormation.

Census. All cars '49-'65. HOW      many are                                              1    3732 E. Cerritos, (K)    Los Alarnilos, CA 90720   (213) 430-4864
                                             356 REGISTRY        41     OCTOBERINOVEMBER '90

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