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  Thirty-nine year old CC is living the urban dream: a high-powered job in advertising, a beautiful flat,
     and a wild bunch of gay friends to spend the weekends with. And yet she feels like the Titanic -
  slowly, inexorably, and against all expectation, sinking. The truth is, would rather be digging turnips
  on a remote farm than convincing the masses to buy a life-changing pair of double-zippered jeans -
  rather be snuggling at home with the Missing Boyfriend than playing star fag-hag in London's latest
    coke-spots. But sightings of men without weird fetishes or secret wives are rarer than an original
     metaphor, and CC fears that pursuing the Good Life alone will just leave her feeling even more
isolated. Could her best friend's pop-psychology be right? Are the horrors of CC's past preventing her
 from moving on? And if CC finally does confront her demons, will she find the Missing Boyfriend? Or
                                           is it already too late?


 "The Case of the Missing Boyfriend is a bittersweet, bang--up-to-date take on the eternal quest for
                             -- Rupert Smith (author of Man's World)


A few days ago I read No Cure for the Broken Hearted and thought that the author should have told
  the story from a male perspective because I didn't think that he did the female perspective with
enough authenticity. Nick Alexander on the other hand does the female perspective incredibly well. I
got this book free (I grab all free books and read them when I have the time) and I perhaps wouldn't
 have bought it even though it is now only cheaply priced as I hadn't read the author's work before.
         I'm so glad I snapped it up when I did because I would have missed a fantastic book!

Nick writes CC's character with an astonishing sensitivity. He captures the hope, dreams and fears of
 woman at a pivotal point in her life as though he has experienced these issues himself. I can relate
  especially to anger CC feels on receiving news of her ex and his new family, when he had always
 insisted that he had never wanted a family and she had stifled her own inclinations and wishes to
                                           keep him happy.

          Yet another great author I have discovered through cheap and free Kindle books.

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