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									Scandinavian Home Furnishing Retailer JYSK, Launches in UK
The UK retail home furnishing market is set for a shake up with the arrival of the Danish chain JYSK, which sets foot on Britain’s shores this spring with an uncompromising promise on price.
JYSK already one of the world’s biggest retail furniture groups, with 1.350 stores in 29 countries with plans for further expansion in Italy, Slovenia and Russia. JYSK has secured its 1st retail shopping sites for the UK in Lincoln and Mansfield and is on target to open these stores spring 2008. JYSK UK headquarters have been established in Greater Manchester and there are plans for a significant roll out of stores in the next two years. The search is on for suitable retail properties throughout the UK to support this major expansion. »JYSK has great expectations about entering the UK market. My team and I are looking forward to introducing this successful brand to a new market, and providing customers with even more home furnishing choice at low prices,« says Steve Stenhouse, Country Manager for JYSK UK. JYSK stores sell a range of mattresses, duvets, towels, textiles, bookcases, beds, tables, sofas, housewares and garden furniture all at value for money low prices, with many items available to take home from store the same day. JYSK employs clever purchasing together with a policy of zero exploitation that goes beyond the industries most enlightened green and ethical practices. JYSK supports the UN global compact programme and demands that suppliers do the same. JYSK (group turnover of €1.9bn) has massive global purchasing power allowing price benefits to be passed onto customers, making competing with JYSK so challenging for its competitors and shopping at JYSK good value for its customers A programme of store opening activities and a range of enticing consumer offers will support each JYSK store launch. The entry of JYSK into the UK will create more than 800 new jobs within the next two years with more planned as JYSK rapidly expands across the UK. JYSK: Opening in Lincoln and Mansfield Spring 2008
The Danish tradesman Lars Larsen founded JYSK in 1979. He started JYSK with very little money, but now owns a company, which is represented in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Greenland, The Faroe Islands, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Spain, Georgia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Canada, Romania, Dubai, Albania and soon the UK. JYSK is an international group with app. 1.350 shops in 29 countries, over 12,000 members of staff and a turnover of €1.9bn. Every week a minimum of two new JYSK stores are opened. Headoffices are based in Århus, Denmark, and in Jarplund-Weding, Germany. Annual report The first stores in the UK will be approximately 1000 square metres

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