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Achievement_ “With a collective dedication of personal commitment


									Achievement: “With a collective dedication of personal commitment, determination, ability and
willingness, you will realize your goals. And, it is in the afterglow of victory that your
accomplishments will be most gratifying.” by Robert E. Sgariata

Attitude: “A frame of mind that illuminates with a spirit of vitality, energy and confidence. Success
originates with a good attitude...the difference comes from within.” by Robert E. Sgariata

Character: “Character comes from within. It is not what others think of you, but what you think of
yourself. It is not what others expect of you, but what you expect from yourself. It is not what
others judge you to be, but how you judge yourself. For there are not standards greater than what
people of character place upon themselves.” by Robert E. Sgariata

Commitment: “Driven by determination, fueled by duty, obligated by promise. A steadfast resolve
to achieve. Resolute in the face of adversity, uncompromising in the restraints of time. It is often
the difference between winning and losing; it is always the difference between what may be
achieved, and what is.” by Robert E. Sgariata

Determination: “An inner reliance driven by tenacity and a bold conviction to accomplish,
whatever the challenge faced or the commitment required. Simply put, it is the difference between
the possible and impossible.” by Robert E. Sgariata

Enthusiasm: “A contagious and boundless energy that produces a zest for life and a spirit of
exhilaration. There is no substitute for enthusiasm. Having fun in what you do makes the results of
what you do even greater.” by Robert E. Sgariata

Excellence: “No matter what it is you do in life, it is your commitment to excellence at what you do
that sets you apart from others, and allows for success.” by Robert E. Sgariata

Integrity: “A ceaseless beacon of light that comes from within, providing steadfast direction and
an unwavering commitment to do what is right. Integrity cannot be bought or bartered. It is a
reputation crafted by others, built upon honor, strengthened by challenge and reinforced by
consistency.” by Robert E. Sgariata

Pride: “When everything is equal: ability, preparation, focus and responsiveness, there will still be
a winner and a loser. What is the difference? Simple: the person who relishes the challenge, who
refuses to lose. The person with the most pride.” by Robert E. Sgariata

Risk: “A willingness to accept uncertainty, regardless of a likelihood for jeopardy. You cannot
simply wish to be where you want to go, until you leap from where you are.” by Robert E. Sgariata

Success: “It is not a port of destination, but a never ending journey through the tides of life. For it
is the continuous quest for growth that provides a harbor for self esteem.” by Robert E. Sgariata

Teamwork: “A symphony of life. A collaboration of individual efforts focused on excellence,
working in concert to achieve a collective goal. For there is no sound more exhilarating than the
voices of many singing in victory.” by Robert E. Sgariata

Vision: “An intuitive ability to grasp what others are unaware of, and to behold what others cannot
see.” by Robert E. Sgariata

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