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					                                          World Languages II
                                               Term Project
                                         La Familia/La Famille
                               (work on the red part in class today)

Family Scrapbook:
          o Due for presentation on Tuesday, January 9
          o Needs to be in book form
          o First page needs to be your Family Tree (in Spanish/French include all members up to your
            grandparents (use the online utility on my webpage to create the family tree or click here)
          o You need to describe a minimum of 5 family members (including yourself)
          o You need to have one page dedicated to each family member
          o Needs to be creative and have obvious effort put into the presentation of the book
          o Each page should have pictures and/or drawings of the family member as well as a
            description paragraph in Spanish/French.
          o Family Portrait- drawn by you

Family Description pages:
       Again, a minimum of 5 people to describe (including yourself)
       A minimum of one paragraph per person
       You should know how to say the following in Spanish/French
                 1. Their name and relationship to you
                 2. Their age and/or birthday
                 3. Their nationality
                 4. Where they are from
                 5. What color hair and eyes they have
                 6. An accurate description of their personality as well as their physicality
                     (use vocabulary that you know)

Revising Process:
You need to write the rough drafts of your paragraphs and have them peer edited by a classmate BEFORE
you start on your final draft. The classmate who peer edits your paragraphs should sign their name at the
bottom of your rough draft.

Point Rubric:
        Rough Draft peer edited                                    25 points
        Family Tree                                                40 points
        Family member description (10 each)                        50 points
               Accuracy in Spanish/French grammar and
               success in including the above requirements
        Family portrait                                            25 points
        Creativity, effort, and unique presentation of book:       10 points
                                                    TOTAL          150 points

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