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					                                       Direct Mailing Tips
                                                                                       By Matt Bacak
Direct mailing has proved to be effective to many marketers who use the traditional media. It could
have been speculated that it could have died out with the wave of online marketing. Almost 2 decades
later, it is still an important part of marketing and entrepreneurs should think about it. If you are
wondering how you make it work for you, here are some tips:

1. Make sure your writing is all about quality. Keep your readers excited without using too much hype,
lest you find yourself in garbage.

2. Once you have your readers glued to your content, tell them what you want them to do. Make use of
Calls to action to direct your prospects where they should be.

3. Your grammar should be correct. We know that everyone is familiar with SMS-writing formats and
you can be tempted to keep it in your mail. Do Not Try This With Direct Mailing.

4. Your headlines must be catchy. This is what will make them read your content or not. If you are not
good at formulating catchy headlines, take a look around the magazines you like. You will figure out.

5. Study what works. Direct mailing has been used by many companies for many decades now. Study
what has worked and apply them to your campaigns.

6. Make sure the themes you use suite your market niche. Some designs might not work for you. Keep
away from such.

7. Be a good copywriter. It is the most vital element of your campaign. Know your audience and when to
be funny, serious, witty, etc.

8. Watch out for your target readers. You might be off target. Do a customer audit to find out what
motivates them, what they want to read, etc.

9. Integrate your direct mailing with other marketing strategies. Large firms know how to do this. They
refer you to their websites, blogs, social networks, etc. Do the same.

10. Work on the functionality of your campaign. It should not just look good, but it should generate the
desired response.

11. Have a follow-up plan. It is good to follow all the advice above in one campaign, then what?

12. Have a way of evaluating your strategies to know which ones work best for you. This will improve
your performance.

13. Try new ideas in your mailing endeavours. Try offers, change packaging, design, etc. Marketing is all
about being creative to stand out in your niche.
14. Be consistent with mailing. If you want to send only one mail and expect results, you are not ready
for it.

15. Make sure your brand identity always goes out in all your mails. Your logo, theme colours,
signatures, etc. Each of them should reflect your firm's image.

16. Organize your mailing strategy before you start. Make sure you have a plan of at least 6 months if
not 1 year.

17. Be realistic in your content. Do not create the impression of "junk" mail in your readers ' eyes. Avoid
phrases such as "No Gimmick" or any that would set alarm in your readers.

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