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									       Northwest Nazarene University


The CPD’s web access course selection and registration
         system for students and instructors

                Student Tutorial
• Go to pdlearn.nnu.edu
• Click here
• Select a Catalog to search within, or
• Search for a course by keyword, date range, or
  location. (Hover over Find a Course then click on Search Courses.)
• Type keyword here and click on Search (enter key does not work)

• Should bring up a listing of courses with that keyword or phrase you entered.
• Click here to view dates, times, and location of current
• Click here to inquire about the course.
• Click on course offering code to view course
  description, goals and learning objectives.
• Click here to register immediately.
• Course description, goals, and learning objectives will be displayed first.
• Course requirements, learning resources, and other information are
  displayed under the Section Description.
• Location
• Instructor of record
•   Inquire about the course...
•   Register for the course... (include quantity)
•   Purchase the course for others...
•   View the complete course schedule...
• View your shopping cart or check-out here (if the
  description is lengthy, and you click on Add to Cart and nothing appears to
  happen – Please scroll to the top of the page and view the shopping cart.)
• Log in with your Username and Password
• Your Username should be your first initial and your last name
• If you have not previously logged into PDLearn, you may
  create a new account by clicking here.
• If you have forgotten your password, click here to re-set your
• If you have a Tuition Waiver, you may apply that
  Promotion Code here. (Tuition Waivers typically only apply to educators
   hosting a student teacher, or concurrent credit teachers. Contact those respective
   departments to obtain your Promo Code.)
• Click Next
• Click next to be taken to the secure Automatic Payment
  Authorization webpage shown below. Then click the red button.
• Please complete the
  form with your credit
  card information.
• Enter the security
• Then click on Submit.

• The page should take
  you back into the
  PDLearn website.
• Click on Academics to see courses you are currently
  registered in, and courses you have completed.
• Click on Enrollment to register for a course with a
  reservation ticket provided by your school district or
  the CPD office. (used only when registration is paid for by another party)
• Click on My Account to change your password, update
  your profile, and review your registration and payment
 To view/print your unofficial transcript information:
• Hover over Academics and click on Completed Sections.
• This is the screen that you should see (below).
• Press Ctrl P to print the screen. This will print with the
  NNU logo, your name and the Course codes, titles, dates
  and grades.
                                                  Your Name
                  That’s it, you’re done!
If you have any questions, please contact Cheri Severson at
           cseverson@nnu.edu or 800.349.6938

             PDLearn.nnu.edu or www.nnu.edu/cpd

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