Minutes of Regular Meeting December 6, 2004 The Harnett County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, December 6, 2004,in Courtroom 6, Harnett County Courthouse, 301 West Cornelius Harnett Boulevard, Lillington, North Carolina. Members present: Teddy J. Byrd, Chairman Beatrice B. Hill, Vice Chairman Dan B. Andrews Walt Titchener Tim McNeill Neil Emory, County Manager Wm. A. (Tony) Wilder, Assistant County Manager Dwight W. Snow, County Attorney Vanessa W. Young, Finance Officer Kay S. Blanchard, Clerk to the Board

Staff present:

Chairman Byrd called the meeting to order and Commissioner Titchener led the pledge of allegiance and prayer. Chairman Byrd recessed the meeting for the swearing-in ceremonies. Dwight W. Snow, County Attorney, served as master of ceremonies for the swearingin of the newly elected County officials. The invocation was offered by Rev. Gil Wise, Solid Rock United Methodist Church. Honorable Franklin F. Lanier, Resident Superior Court Judge, administered oaths of office to the following elected officials: County Commissioner – District 3 County Commissioner – District 4 County Commissioner – District 5 Board of Education – District 2 Board of Education – District 4 Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor Register of Deeds Teddy J. Byrd Dan B. Andrews Tim McNeill Billy Tart Thomas Womble Carl H. Johnson

Kimberly S. Hargrove

Reorganization and Continuation of December 6, 2004 Board Meeting.

Kay S. Blanchard, Clerk to the Board, reconvened the meeting and stated that in accordance with N.C. General Statutes, the Board is reorganized at the first regular meeting in December each year. Ms. Blanchard opened the floor for nominations for chairman. Commissioner Titchener nominated Teddy J. Byrd. There being no further nominations, Commissioner McNeill moved that the nominations be closed. Commissioner Titchener seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Chairman Teddy J. Byrd was re-elected unanimously. Chairman Byrd asked for nominations for vice chairman. Commissioner Andrews nominated Beatrice B. Hill. There being no further nominations, Commissioner McNeill moved that the nominations be closed. Commissioner Andrews seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Vice Chairman Hill was re-elected unanimously. Commissioner McNeill moved to approve the agenda as published with the following additions to the consent agenda: two budget amendments, resolution recognizing Eagle Scout Austin Tart, and special legislation involving Carolina Lakes. Commissioner Andrews seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Upon motion by Commissioner Titchener and seconded by Commissioner Titchener, the Board unanimously approved the following items on the consent agenda: 1. Minutes of regular meeting, November 18, 2004 2. Budget amendments: 194 Teens As Parents (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7313-465.33-45 Contracted Services 110-7313-465.58-01 Training & Meetings 110-7313-465.60-33 Materials & Supplies 110-7313-465.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7313-465.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7313-465.23-00 Retirement 110-7313-465.26-08 Worker’s Compensation 110-7313-465.60-47 Food & Provisions

3,000. decrease 3,400. decrease 1,000. decrease 6,400. increase 600. increase 400. increase 100. increase 100. decrease

197 Airport Old Stage Road Capital Project (Fund 367-“CP0305”) Code 367-8360-465.45-01 Construction 400,000. increase 367-8360-465.45-30 Engineering 100,000. increase 376-0000-331.67-01 GrantNC DOT WBS:366657.1.1 500,000. increase 198 Health (Fund 110-General) Code 110-760-441.60-33 Materials & Supplies 110-000-331.76-17 Tobacco Prevention 200 Economic Development (Fund 110-General)

500. increase 500. increase

Code 110-7100-465.33-45 Contracted Services 110-6500-406.33-45 Airport – Contracted Services 201 Health (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7600-441.60-33 Materials & Supplies 110-0000-334.76-05 Lead Poisoning Prevention 202 Health (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7600-441.58-01 Training 110-7600-441.58-14 Travel 110-7600-441.60-33 Materials & Supplies 110-0000-331.76-15 Child Service Coordination 203 Child Care Resource & Referral (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7301-465.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-7301-465.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 110-7301-465.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-7301-465.23-00 Retirement 110-7301-465.41-11 Telecommunication & Postage 110-7301-465.41-13 Utilities 110-7301-465.60-33 Materials & Supplies 110-7301-465.58-14 Travel 110-7301-465.58-01 Employee Training 110-7301-465.44-21 Building & Equipment Rent 110-7301-465.21-00 Group Insurance Expense 110-7301-465.60-48 Board Member Expense 110-0000-334.73-01 Child Care Resource & Referral 204 Health (Fund 110-General) Code 110-0000-356.76-01 Reimbursements-Health 110-0000-345.19-00 Miscellaneous Patient Fees 205 Finance (Fund 110-General) Code 110-4400-410-25.10 Unemployment Benefits 110-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated 206 Planning & Inspections (Fund 110-General) Code 110-0000-399.00-000 Fund Balance Appropriated 110-7200-465.58-01 Training & Meetings

5,000. decrease 5,000. increase

1,000. increase 1,000. increase

700. increase 300. increase 300. increase 1,300. increase

1,494. increase 551. decrease 103. increase 74. increase 927. increase 123. increase 700. decrease 443. decrease 50. decrease 23. increase 19. decrease 200. increase 1,181. increase

2,975. increase 2,975. decrease

36,925. increase 36,925. increase

4,200. increase 4,200. increase

207 Hwy 87 Sewer Improvements Project (Fund 555-“PU022B”) Code 555-9100-431.45-40 Land and Right-of-Way 12,000. increase 555-9100-431.45-80 Contingency 12,000. decrease 208 Raw Water Intake Project (Fund 557-“PU0401”) Code 557-9100-431.45-01 Construction

87,000. increase

557-9100-431.45-30 Engineering 557-9100-431.45-80 Contingency 557-0000-389.50-00 Interfund Transfer-HCDPU 209 Public Utilities (Fund 531-HCDPU) Code 531-9000-431.90-38 Interfund Transfer-Raw Water Intake Project 531-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated 210 Hwy 87 Sewer Improvements (Fund 555-“PU022B”) Code 555-9100-431.45-13 Construction-Wellons 555-9100-431.45-80 Contingency 211 Human Resources (Fund 110-General) Code 110-4250-410.11-00 Salaries & Wages 110-4250-410.12-00 Salaries & Wages, p.t. 110-4250-410.21-00 Group Insurance Expense 10-4250-410.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 110-4250-410.23-00 Retirement 110-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated 212 Health (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7600-441.58-14 Travel 110-7600-441.60-45 Drugs 110-7600-441.60-46 Medical Supplies 110-0000-331.76-14 Maternal Health 214 HUD (Fund 235-HUD) Code 235-8404-441.11-00 Salaries & Wages 235-8404-441.22-00 FICA Tax Expense 235-8404-441.23-00 Retirement 235-8404-441.23-01 Supplemental Retirement 235-8404-441.26-08 Workers Compensation 235-0000-399.00-00 Fund Balance Appropriated 215 Soil & Water (Fund 110-General) Code 110-6700-429.58-14 Travel 110-6700-429.74-74 Capital Outlay 216 Economic Development (Fund 110-General) Code 110-7100-465.32-17 Harnett Forward Together Committee 110-8701-490.90-46 Interfund Transfer-Industrial Parks 217 Industrial Parks Capital Project (Fund 314-“CP0402”)

27,615. increase 60,000. decrease 54,615. increase

54,615. increase 54,615. increase

13,899. increase 13,899. decrease

7,000. increase 2,500. increase 1,200. increase 550. increase 400. increase 11,650. increase

200. increase 500. increase 1,420. increase 2,120. increase

2,116. increase 162. increase 104. increase 43. increase 11. increase 2,436. increase

61. decrease 61. increase

26,396. decrease 26,396. increase

Code 314-8300-465.45-01 Construction 314-0000-361.10-00 Interest Earned 314-0000-314.50-00 Sales Tax 314-0000-389.10-00 Interfund Transfer – General Fund 3. Tax refunds and releases (Attachment 1)

28,488. increase 331. increase 1,761. increase 26,396. increase

4. Resolution to add to add roads in Richmond Park Subdivision to state system (Attachment 2) 5. Authorization for Planning Staff to waive site plan review fee ($150.00) for Golden Adventurers Senior Center – Recently, the group submitted plans for the reconstruction of the community center that was destroyed by a tornado this past summer. The request for fee waiver is based on those circumstances and the fact that the proposed site plan was reviewed within the past year and a half. 6. Authorization for Boone Trail Emergency Service to build a substation at the water tower in the Seminole Area. This will extend its fire insurance district and will cover the majority of the area they are taxing. For the citizens living in the newly expanded district, it will mean a decrease in their homeowners insurance premiums. Boone Trail Emergency Services will secure a loan to provide funding for the project and the tax rate for the district will remain the same. 7. Contract award for Engineering Services for the Lockhart/Shawtown Revitalization and Local Option CDBG Project. Two proposals were received in response to the advertisement: The Wooten Company and Enoch Engineering. The proposals were evaluated by Tony Wilder, Assistant County Manager and George Jackson, Planning Director. Their recommendation was to award the project to The Wooten Company. A formal contract will be developed and executed. The amount of the contract will not exceed $29,000. 8. Authorization for Emergency Medical Services to accept a State Medical Assistance Team III (SMAT III) trailer and its equipment and supplies. This equipment was awarded to Harnett County from a non-matching grant and will be used for state-wide multi-hazard responses in North Carolina. The staffing for this program is a combined effort of all eight EMS providers in Harnett County as well as First Health of Harnett. The equipment and supplies total $88,000.00. Harnett County was the only county in this area awarded this grant. 9. Change order for Gateway Drive paving project for Edgerton Industrial Park, Phase II – The change order from Cape Fear Contracting, Inc. is in the amount of $8,540.50 and will be paid out of Harnett Forward Together Committee line item. (Attachment 3) 10. Change order for Utility Crossovers project in Western Harnett Industrial Park

(Olive Drive) – The change order from Wellons Construction, Inc. is needed to correct the difference between change order #2 for installation of electrical crossovers in the amount of $3,560.00 and the actual amount required in the field to install electrical cross-overs of $4,956.00. This change order is in the amount of $1,396.00 and will be paid out of Western Harnett Industrial Park (WHIP) project line item. 11. Write-offs of delinquent Health Department fees totaling $45,426.11. This list is from 2 years of delinquent fees. If the client returns to the Health Department for services, the fees will be re-instated except for bankruptcy fees. All appropriate attempts have been made to collect these past due bills. 12. Annual renewal of agreement with Lee County for bed space in the Youth Services Facility and service agreement for Provision of Psychological Evaluation Services. 13. Amendment to engineering service agreement with Marziano & Minier, PA. for Raw Water Intake Project in the amount of $27,615.00 (Attachment 4) 14. Resolution recognizing Eagle Scout Austin Tart (Attachment 5) 15. Resolution of support for proposed special legislation involving Carolina Lakes motor vehicle regulation (HB 1596) (Attachment 6) In the informal comments portion of the meeting, Floyd Hein, 6726 Rainey Drive, Spring Lake, stated that he has unresolved issues with the Public Utilities Department. Commissioner Hill moved for the appointments listed below. Commissioner Andrews seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Public Library Board of Trustees Linda Andrews and Lillian Mauldin reappointed for 3-year terms to expire 01/01/08 nominated by Commissioner Titchener Harnett County One-On-One Advisory Board all appointed for a 1-year term to expire 12-31-05 nominated by Commissioner McNeill Brenda Boykins, Pat Doan, Anthony Fairley, Keith Hadding, Beatrice Bailey Hill, Denise Newkirk, Charles Smith, Claudette Williams, and John Woods. Airport Committee Scott Murchison appointed for a 3-year term to expire 12-31-07 nominated by Commissioner Andrews Darrell Smith appointed for a 3-year term to expire 12-31-07 nominated by Chairman Byrd Cecil Edgerton, III, reappointed for a 3-year term to expire 12-31-07

nominated by Commissioner Andrews Criminal Justice Partnership Program Board Resson Faircloth (District Court Judge) James Lee and LaTonya Middleton (Probation) Greg Wilkin (TASC) Janice Pace (Jail Committee) all appointed for 2-year terms to expire 11-30-06 nominated by Commissioner McNeill Harnett County Architectural Committee Edward H. McCormick appointed chairman of this committee nominated by Commissioner Titchener Chairman Byrd called to order a public hearing on proposed Transfer Agreement with Tomsed Corporation, and called on Lee Anne Nance, Economic Development Director. Ms. Nance presented and discussed the proposed transfer agreement package. Chairman opened the meeting for comments from the public. No comments were offered and Chairman Byrd closed the public hearing. Commissioner McNeill moved to approve the transfer agreement as presented. Commissioner Hill seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. (Attachment 7) Linda Suggs, Senior Manager, Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, Certified Public Accounts, presented the Report of Independent Certified Public Accountants on Harnett County Financial Statements for Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2004. Ms. Suggs stated that generally accepted auditing standards require that the auditor provide an opinion on whether the basic financial statements are presented fairly. Harnett County received an unqualified or “clean opinion”. This is the highest level of assurance that a certified public accountant can give. The staff of the Finance Office are to be commended for their assistance in completing the audit and preparing the comprehensive annual financial report. Jennifer Walker, Director, Cooperative Extension, briefed the Board that Cooperative Extension wants to change and expand the focus of its outreach to limited resource and at risk audiences within Harnett County. There will be a change in program focus from implementing After School Enrichment Programs within the established schools, to encouraging communities, churches, and schools to manage their program from its initial start-up. We desire to use the remaining funds from this position in the following way: to hire a program assistant with an associate degree to assist and support 4-H after school programs and the Support Our Students middle schools programs existing in the county. Cooperative Extension currently manages five programs and three that Cooperative Extension instituted are now managed by local schools and a church. Salary for a program assistant is $18,500 - $25,500. Cooperative Extension would also like to hire a community development agent to assist emerging and limited resources community groups in community development and empowerment. Money is in the current budget to fund these two strategies which

extends resources. NC A&T State University has offered to fund 60% of the $30,000 salary for the agent position. Commissioner McNeill moved to approve the request to reclassify one position and to create one position, as requested, contingent upon receiving funds as proposed by NC A&T. Commissioner Hill seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Neil Emory, County Manager, submitted a resolution and agreement for consideration by the Board regarding the merger with Sandhills Center for Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services. Commissioner McNeill moved to adopt the resolution and approve the agreement as presented. Commissioner Titchener seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. (Attachment 8) Commissioner Titchener noted that the number one consideration has been the clients. The mental health facility located in Buies Creek will remain open after the merger with Sandhills. Departmental reports were filed with the Board from the Health Department, Veteran’s Service, and Animal Control. Mr. Emory reported on the following items: - Scattered Site Housing program - Abandoned Manufactured Home Initiative - Thanked Finance Office for work on Audit - Thanked Tax Department for improving collection rate Commissioner McNeill moved that the Board go into closed session for the following purposes: 1) To instruct the county staff in negotiating the terms of a proposed contract for the acquisition of real property. 2) To discuss matters relating to the location or expansion of industries or other businesses in Harnett County. Commissioner Hill seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. This motion is made pursuant to N.C. General Statute Section 143-318.11(a)(5)&(4). Commissioner Hill moved for the Board to come out of closed session. Commissioner McNeill seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. There being no further business, Chairman Byrd recessed this meeting until 11:30 a.m. on December 17 at the Board’s regular workshop. The Harnett County Board of Commissioners regular meeting, December 6, 2004, recessed at 12:15 p.m.

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