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Solar PV RFP


									            University of California, Irvine
                   Request for Proposals
          Solar Photovoltaic Energy Project
                          RFP#: 50086993
                          October 20, 2006

                          Important Dates:

Mandatory Pre-proposal Conference (@UC Irvine): 9:30AM, November 1, 2006

          Proposals Deadline: 4:00PM (PST), December 14, 2006
                                    Table of Contents

       1. Introduction and Project Overview                Page 3.

       2. Purpose                                          Page 3.

       3. Proposal Documents                               Page 4.

       4. Contact Information for Questions                Page 4.

       5. Submittal and Selection Process                  Page 5.

       6. Award                                            Page 8.

       7. Summary of Scope of Work and Proposal Schedule   Page 9.

       8. Details of technical and Management Proposal     Page 10.

       9. Details of Proposal                              Page 14.

       10. Project Implementation                          Page 15.

       11. General Conditions & Limitations                Page 16.


       Campus Site Map and Roof Plans (CD-R)               Exhibit A

       Solar PV System Specifications                      Exhibit B

       Price Proposal Form                                 Exhibit C

       Solar License Agreement                             Exhibit D

       Solar Power Purchase Agreement                      Exhibit E

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UCI Solar PV Project                                                   RFP #: 50086993
                                REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
                             University of California at Irvine
                            Solar Photovoltaic Energy Project


       In July 2003, the Board of Regents for the University of California system established a Green
       Building Design/Clean Energy policy for the University system. The Clean Energy policy calls for
       developing ten (10) megawatts of local renewable power projects by 2014. In support of this
       standard, The Board of Regents on behalf of the University of California at Irvine (UCI) intends to
       enter into an agreement or agreements with a qualified solar energy (photovoltaic) system provider
       that will finance, design, install, own, operate and maintain solar photovoltaic systems on UCI owned
       property and sell electrical output to the University on a cents/kWh basis.

       The UCI requests proposals from Proposers that can provide a privately-owned solar photovoltaic
       energy system and sell the electricity output to UCI. Proposers are encouraged to submit proposals
       for a total electricity yield of 250 kilowatt (peak) minimum to a 1,000 kilowatt (peak) maximum. The
       University intends to select and award a contract to a single Proposer that will own the solar
       photovoltaic system and sell the solar energy output to UCI, but if it is in the best interest of the
       University multiple contracts may be awarded. The successful Proposer will be required to finance,
       design, install, own, operate and maintain multiple solar energy systems at one or more potential
       sites at the UCI pursuant to the draft Solar License Agreement (See attached). A list of potential sites
       have been identified and listed in Exhibit A. Proposers should assume that there was no pre
       feasibility evaluation done as to an appropriately sized solar system for the location and conditions
       offered. Each Proposer is responsible for ascertaining relevant site conditions and making its own
       findings as to site conditions and appropriate system size during the site visits. Minimum technical
       and installation specifications are detailed in Exhibit B to this RFP and Exhibit E to the Solar License
       Agreement. The integration of the on-site solar system with the other power sources for the site will
       be the responsibility of the selected Proposer. Proposals must include all costs to achieve
       commercial operation.

       The Proposer will also be responsible for the delivery of electricity to UCI under a long-term Solar
       Power Purchase Agreement consistent with the Price Proposal Form in Exhibit C. (See attached).

       This Request for Proposals (RFP) establishes the requirements for Proposal submission by
       interested solar photovoltaic energy Proposers

2.     PURPOSE

       The University’s primary objective is to select a cooperative, highly qualified Proposer with expertise
       and experience in the financing, designing, engineering, installation and construction of solar
       photovoltaic energy systems, and who can provide the on-going operation and maintenance of the
       photovoltaic system. UCI will be purchasing the electricity output from the privately-owned
       photovoltaic system under the Solar Power Purchase Agreement, Exhibit E (See attached).

       The University desires to select a solar photovoltaic energy system(s) that fully meets the University’s
       established needs of program, budget, and on-going operations. The system must comply with the
       Board of University Green Building/Clean Energy policy found at . It is the preference of the University to maintain
       ownership of the Renewable Energy Certificates but will consider other options. Proposer will specify
       ownership and anticipated value of any Renewable Energy Certificates associated with the systems
       proposed herein in Exhibit C, Price Proposal Form.

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UCI Solar PV Project                                                                        RFP #: 50086993

       This RFP includes the following Proposal Documents, as may be modified by addenda, for use by the
       Proposers in the preparation of their proposals. The proposals must comply with the specific
       requirements herein as well as in the Proposal documents. By submitting its proposal, the Proposer
       agrees to all of the terms and conditions contained herein and in the Proposal documents, and further
       agrees to execute, if selected for award, agreements including such terms and conditions.

       Proposers may obtain complete sets of the Proposal Documents from the issuing office designated
       under “Contact Information” below. University makes copies of the Proposal Documents available,
       for the sole purpose of obtaining Proposals for the Work and does not confer a license or grant
       permission for any other use of the Proposal Documents.

       Proposal Documents:
              Request for Proposal (RFP)
              Campus Site Map and Roof Plans (Exhibit A)
              Solar PV System Specifications (Exhibit B)
              Price Proposal Form (Exhibit C)
              Solar License Agreement (Exhibit D)
              Solar Power Purchase Agreement (Exhibit E)

       Proposal prices must remain in effect for a minimum of 120 days from the date of proposal


       This RFP and the Proposal Documents are available to interested providers at the address below.
       Proposers are invited to review the information and to submit their proposals in accordance with the
       requirements of this RFP to the following address on the date specified in the attached Proposal
       Schedule (Section 7.3):

       This RFP, and any subsequent addenda to it, is being issued by the UC Irvine (UCI) Purchasing
       Department. The UCI Purchasing Department is the sole point of contact regarding all matters
       relating to the requirements described in this RFP, and is the only office authorized to change,
       modify, clarify, etc., the specifications, terms, and conditions of this RFP.

       All proposals and communications, including any requests for clarification, concerning this RFP
       should be addressed in writing to:

               University of California, Irvine
               Purchasing Department
               250 Public Services Bldg.
               Irvine, CA 92697-4530
               Attn: Harry Gunther
               Phone: 949-824-6510
               Fax: 949-824-6510

       A mandatory Pre-Proposal conference will be held on the date and time specified in the Proposal
       Schedule (Section 7.3).

       A Site Visit and Job Walk to each of the potential sites has been scheduled on the date and time
       specified in the Proposal Schedule (Section 7.3). A University representative will be available to
       provide access only, no questions or issues will be addressed.

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UCI Solar PV Project                                                                      RFP #: 50086993
       Existing facility information, e.g. as-built drawings, are available to Proposers for review upon request
       to the University’s Representative named above. All questions shall be addressed in writing by fax or
       email to the contact person listed above.


       5.1 Proposal Due Date and Time: On or before 4:00pm (PST) on December 14, 2006

                1. Original and Copies. Proposers are instructed to submit one (1) signed original and five
       (5) identical copies. Each submittal must be bound appropriately with a Table of Contents and Tabs.
                2. Electronic submission. In addition to the printed copies of the proposal, Proposers shall
       submit one (1) CD ROM copy in PDF format. Brochures and collateral materials may also be
       submitted as PDF files. Pricing matrices as in Exhibit C and the Solar Power Purchase Agreement
       shall be submitted as Microsoft Excel files. No electronic submittals other than the CD ROM with the
       original and hard copies will be accepted.
                3. Proposals are requested to be deposited at the designated location for receipt of proposals
       on or before the Proposal Deadline. Proposals received after the Proposal due date and time will
       not be accepted.
                4. The submission of a signed proposal will confirm understanding and acceptance of all
       requirements, terms, and conditions of the RFP unless specific exceptions are taken and alternative
       language or provisions are offered. Acceptance of any change is at the discretion of the University.

       5.2 Responsive Submittals: The Proposal shall be signed by an Officer or employee authorized to
           legally bind the Proposer submitting. Proposals shall be complete and submitted in the
           prescribed format or on forms provided. All information furnished on the signed original shall be
           typewritten and the cover clearly marked “ORGINAL”. Faxed or emailed Proposals will be
           rejected as will late proposals.

       5.3 RFP Submittal Costs. The University is not liable of any costs incurred by the Proposer in
           responding to this RFP. Proposer is responsible for all costs associated with directly or indirectly
           related, including site visits, orientation training, and personnel utilized in complying with this
           RFP. All submittal documents become the property of UCI and shall not be returned.

       5.4 Selection Process. Selection shall be based upon a “best value” approach. Each Proposer will
       submit its Proposal in two envelopes, the first covering qualifications and technical information and
       the second providing price information. Each Proposer must submit its proposal in two sealed
       “envelopes” or boxes, each one clearly labeled on the outside as:
                Envelope #1: Technical Proposal & Qualifications of ______________ (proposer name)
                Envelope #2: Price Proposal of ___________________ (proposer name)

       1. Technical Evaluation

               1.1 Technical Proposals shall be responsive to this RFP and address one or more potential
                   sites identified in this RFP. (See Exhibit A)

               1.2. Technical Proposals shall meet the minimum technical and installation specifications as
                    detailed in the Solar PV System Specifications (Exhibit B).

                                                                                                        5 of 18
UCI Solar PV Project                                                                         RFP #: 50086993
               1.3. Technical Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

                   Proposers must meet the following criteria and achieve a minimum of 75 points in order
                   to be considered in Step 2 of the Selection Process (Price Evaluation):

             Qualifications & Capabilities Considered                    RFP         Maximum
                                                                        Section      Points per

              Original + 5 copies                                        5.1.2
             Ability to Perform the Work                                                 20
              Project Team Organization                                   8.5
              Qualifications of Key Personnel                             8.6
              Relevant Past Project Experience                            8.7
              California Electrical Interconnection Experience            8.7
              Total Installed Capacity of PV by Proposed Team             8.5
              Project Management Capability                               8.6
              Reasonableness of Project Schedule                         8.4.C

             PV System Design and Configuration                                          20
               System Size
               System Description (equipment details)                     8.4
               Technical Description                                     8.4.A
                 Guaranteed Power Capacity (DC)                          8.4.A
                 Guaranteed Power Capacity (AC)                          8.4.A
                 Performance and Efficiency                              8.4.A
                 Annual Output Statement                               Exhibit C
                 Guaranteed Minimum Output                             Exhibit C
               Wiring and Interconnect                                   8.4.A
               Metering                                                  8.4.A
               Inverters                                                 8.4.A
               Monitoring Description                                   8.4.A/B
               Implementation Schedule                                  8.4.A/B
               Warranties                                               8.4.A/B

             Operation and Maintenance                                    10.1           10
               O&M Procedures                                             10.1
               Experience Providing O&M Services                          10.1
               List of O&M Personnel                                      10.1
               O&M Manual                                                 10.1
               O&M Training                                               10.1

             Project Implementation Plan                                                 10
             Management Staffing                                          8.9
                Work Plan                                                 8.9
                Staffing                                                  8.9
                                                                                                        6 of 18
UCI Solar PV Project                                                                         RFP #: 50086993
                Time Schedule                                              8.9

             Monitoring Plan                                               10.2            5
               Web based monitoring and tracking system                    10.2
               Time of Use Metering                                        10.2

             Billing Plan                                                  10.3            5
                 Methodology for documenting output                        10.3
                 Billing Plan/Cycle                                        10.3

             Financial / Business Strength of Team                                        20
                Experience in arranging size and type of debt              10.4
                Evidence that capital team members can secure              10.4
             debt/ equity for proposed system
               Commitment Letter                                           10.4
               Annual Report or Financial Statements (3 years)             10.4
               Credit Rating (S&P or Fitch's or Moody's)                   10.4

             Client / Customer Reputation of Team                          8.8            10

             Total Possible Points                                                        100

               1.5 The Technical Proposal shall include a cover letter. Cover letter shall provide name of
                   contact person, phone number and facsimile number; identify whether the Proposer is a
                   single entity, partnership, corporation or joint venture, or other legal entity recognized in
                   the State of California; and include the names and relevant qualifications of the members
                   of proposed project team. Cover Letter shall be limited to a maximum of two (2) pages.

               1.7 Technical Proposals should be concise, straightforward and prepared simply and
                   economically. Expensive displays, bindings, or promotional materials are neither
                   required nor desired.

       2. Price Evaluation

               2.1 Price Proposals shall be responsive to this RFP and address pricing for the site(s) and
                   systems proposed in the Technical Proposal. The Price Proposal must be submitted on
                   the Price Proposal Form (Exhibit C)

               2.3 Final selection will be evaluated based on ‘best value’ to the University after consideration
                   of both the Technical Proposal and Price Proposal.

               2.4 Submittal requirements for Step 2 of this RFP shall include the following:
                      1. Cover Letter (maximum of two (2) pages)
                      2. Price Proposal Form (Exhibit C)

               2.5 Price Proposals shall be submitted on the Price Proposal Form included with the
                   Proposal Documents as Exhibit C. Price Proposal not submitted on the University's Price
                   Proposal Form shall be rejected.

               2.6 Proposer shall make no stipulations on the Price Proposal Form nor qualify the Price
                   Proposal in any manner.

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UCI Solar PV Project                                                                           RFP #: 50086993
               2.7 University will have the right, but is not required, to waive nonmaterial irregularities in any

               2.8 Neither the Technical Proposal nor Price Proposal may be modified, withdrawn, or
                   canceled within 10 days after the Proposal Deadline.

               2.9 The Price Proposals submitted in Envelope Two will be opened only after the Proposer
                   has met the minimum requirements of the Step 1 Technical Proposal Review. A minimum
                   of 75 points is required in the Technical Review to continue on to the Price Proposal
                   Review. Envelope Two submittals for those who fail the Step 1 review will be returned by
                   the University to the Proposer unopened.

               2.10 Price Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

            Price Evaluation                                              RFP          Maximum
                                                                         Section       Points per

            Price Evaluation
              Positive Cash Flow in each year compared to the            Exhibit C          50
            University’s target rate specified in Exhibit C

            Total Possible Points                                                           50

               The winning proposal will have the highest 20-year net present value (NPV) of cost benefit to
               the University as modified by the Technical and Price Evaluation points based on the
               following formula:

               (Proposal Technical Points + Proposal Price Evaluation points) / 150 x NPV of 20–year cost
               benefit to University.

               Cost benefit to the University is the sum of the savings and the projected renewable energy
               credit value to the University for each year of the 20-year contract period.

               Savings to the University will be calculated as the difference between the Proposer’s price
               proposal and the University’s target rate specified in Exhibit C for each year of the 20-year
               contract multiplied by the minimum guaranteed output of the System for the same year.

               Renewable energy credit value to the University will be calculated by multiplying the
               renewable energy credit $/kWh by the minimum guaranteed output of the System for the
               same year.

               The NPV of the cost benefit to the University will be calculated based on the discount rate
               specified in Exhibit C.

6.     AWARD

       The University reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Proposals, make more than one award,
       or no award, as the best interests of University may dictate.

       University intends to select to notify the winning Proposer, on University’s form, within 120 days after
       the Proposal due date. Within 30 days after receipt of notice of selection as the successful Proposal,
       Proposer shall submit to University all of the following items:

       1. Three originals of the following Agreements signed by Proposer:
                                                                                                         8 of 18
UCI Solar PV Project                                                                          RFP #: 50086993
          a. Solar Power Purchase Agreement; and
          b. Solar License Agreement
       2. Certificates of Insurance required under Section 8 of the Solar License Agreement
       3. Contractor’s License Verification

       At the option of the University some or all of the contents of the selected Proposer’s proposal shall be
       incorporated into, and shall be an integral part of the Solar License Agreement and the Solar Power
       Purchase Agreement. After the legal and technical review of the draft Agreements by the University,
       changes may be incorporated into the draft Agreements in order to comply with the RFP
       requirements and University contract procurement policy.

       Following the selection of one or more Proposers the University will award to winning Proposer/s by
       signing the revised Agreements and returning a signed copy of the revised Agreements to Proposer.

       If University consents to the withdrawal of a Proposal of successful Proposer, or the successful
       Proposer fails or refuses to sign the Agreements or submit to University all of the items required by
       the Proposal Documents within 60 days after receipt of notice of selection or Proposer is not
       financially or otherwise qualified to perform the Contract, University may reject such Proposer’s
       Proposal and select the next best value Proposal, until all Proposals are exhausted, or reject all


       7.1 The Proposal must provide for the complete or ‘turnkey’ solar energy systems including
           financing, engineering, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance, including all labor
           and materials and any temporary or interim facilities required to maintain essential existing
           functions in operation throughout the operational period as identified in Exhibit D - Solar License
           Agreement and in Exhibit A - Campus Site Maps and Roof Plans, and Exhibit B - Solar
           Photovoltaic System Specifications.

       7.2 Although the installed turnkey solar photovoltaic energy system will be privately-owned it must
           comply with Southern California Edison metering and interconnection standards, UCI Design and
           Construction Guidelines, and must be suitable for allowing maximum output sales to UCI under
           Exhibit E - Solar Power Purchase Agreement and Exhibit C - Price Proposal Form.

       //                       This section intentionally left blank.

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UCI Solar PV Project                                                                        RFP #: 50086993
       7.3 RFP Proposal Schedule: The following Proposal submittal schedule and deadlines will be
           strictly adhered to by the University:

       Proposal Documents made available:               October 20, 2006

       Mandatory Pre-proposal Conference:               9:30am (PST) on November 1, 2006
       Location:                                        UC Irvine Facilities Management
                                                        IOB Conf. Room 128
                                                        19172 Jamboree Blvd.
                                                        Irvine, CA 92612

       Site Visit and Job Walk:                         7:30am (PST) on November 7, 2006
       Location:                                        UC Irvine Facilities Management
                                                        IOB Conf. Room 128
                                                        19172 Jamboree Blvd.
                                                        Irvine, CA 92612

       Last Day to Submit Questions:                    4:00pm (PST) on November 15, 2006

       Proposal Due Date:                             4:00pm (PST) December 14, 2006
       Note: Technical and Price Proposal must be in separate envelopes

                                  LATE PROPOSALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED


       Each Proposer will be responsible for developing a Technical Proposal based upon the information
       made available by the University in this RFP (See Exhibit A for Campus Site Maps and Roof Plans
       and Exhibit B for Solar PV System Specifications).

       Each Proposer shall provide the following information with the content and format as described
       below. Additional presentation boards, slides, models, videos, computer animation, or other
       presentation materials not specifically identified in this RFP are not allowed.

       The Technical Proposal shall be comprised of the following:

       8.1     Contract Terms and Conditions
               If the Proposal is accepted, the Proposer will be required to execute the Exhibit D - Solar
               Power Purchase Agreement and Exhibit E - Site License Agreement attached to this RFP.

       8.2     License - Each Proposer shall provide a copy of the California Contractors License. The
               Technical Proposal shall include a statement verifying the Proposer will be able to comply
               with the insurance requirements outlined in the Solar Licensing Agreement.

       8.3     Brief Proposed Project Description - Include a brief overview of proposed project including
               rooftops to be utilized, total size (kW) and type of panels to be installed.

       8.4     Technical Component
               For each solar PHOTOVOLTAIC site, the Proposer shall provide design documents and
               narrative that communicate the following information:

                   • System description
                   • Equipment details & description
                                                                                                    10 of 18
UCI Solar PV Project                                                                      RFP #: 50086993
                    •   Layout of installation
                    •   Layout of equipment
                    •   Specifications for major equipment
                    •   Performance of equipment components, subsystems, specific site projects
                    •   Integration of solar photovoltaic system with existing Campus electrical system(s)
                    •   Electrical grid interconnection requirements
                    •   Controls, monitoring and instrumentation
                    •   Identify an appropriate location for the solar photovoltaic inverter equipment and its
                        related components and environmental control systems that will meet the following
                          Ease of maintenance and monitoring
                          Efficient operation
                          Low operating losses
                          Secured location and hardware
                          Compatibility with existing facilities

        A. Technical Description
        Proposers shall provide the following technical description of the technologies proposed for
        installation at each specific site:

                • Power capacity (DC kW), measured at the inverter(s) input
                • Power capacity (AC kW), measured at the building electrical interconnection point
                • Expected and guaranteed minimum output AC kWh production, including data
                  assumptions for winter and summer hours of solar generation. Summer on-peak, mid-peak,
                  and winter peak hours must be explained with some detail of assumptions and
                  performance criteria based on seasonal sunlight availability and variable weather
                • Estimated capacity factor (%) and annual output (kWh), with the methodology used to
                  develop the estimates
                • Expected photovoltaic panel degradation rate over a twenty-year period
                • Photovoltaic array materials
                • Inverters
                • Structural materials
                • Balance of system components
                • Configuration, including flat-mounted versus tilt-mounted system
                • Structural requirements, including if roof penetration is necessary
                • Typical useful life of significant components, include photovoltaic array and inverters
                • Benefits specific to the system proposed
                • Any product or warranty enhancements being offered
                • Other relevant information

        B. Monitoring Description
        Proposers shall also provide a description of the monitoring system that will be installed at each
        specific site, including:
                 • Equipment requirements
                 • Data output
                 • Maintenance and operation requirements including calibration frequency

        C. Project Schedule
        Proposers shall provide a detailed project schedule for the installation identified above Rooftops of
        multiple buildings may be required to install the desired system size. The schedule must include an
        overall schedule that includes all proposed buildings.

       D. Site-Specific Business Relationship
       Proposers shall assume that the solar photovoltaic site-specific installations will be owned, operated
       and maintained by the Proposer for the entire term of the Solar Power Purchase Agreement.
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UCI Solar PV Project                                                                          RFP #: 50086993
       • Proposers should clearly and concisely outline and explain their proposed business structure to the
         University. The University will consider through discussions, contract terms that may include, but
         are not limited to, floor and ceiling prices, prices indexed to market or tariff rates, short and long
         term transactions, purchase and sale of renewable energy credits, and other provisions that will
         optimize the financial benefits to the University and ensure project viability for the Proposers.

       E. Electrical Conceptual Roof Plans and Single Line Diagrams
       Drawing requirements Scale: 1/8” = 1’ – 0.”

               1. Roof plan (power) to include the following:
                      a.       Dimensioned structural grid.
                      b.       Architectural background.
                      c.       Location and identification of solar panels.

               2. Single line diagrams to include the following:
                       a.       Campus feeders.
                       b.       Emergency power.
                       c.       Electrical panels.
                       d.       Main feeders and sizes.
                       e.       General notes to define the design intent.

               3. Architectural Plans
                       a.       Representative elevations or similar drawings to represent system layouts

       8.5     Project Team Organization
               The University requires that a Team Organizational Chart be developed and provided as part
               of the Proposal. It shall identify all of the proposed key personnel of each team component
               and how the team will be managed. Once accepted, any changes to the Project Team must
               be approved by the University. The University reserves the right to interview each new team
               member to confirm its acceptance of the new team member. If the University does not
               accept a proposed new team member, the Proposer will provide alternative team members
               until such time that the University accepts the proposed new team member.

               In addition to the Team Organizational Chart, each Proposer shall include the following team

               • Names of other team member firms and the persons from those firms dedicated to this
               • Roles and responsibilities of each team member, and the relationship between the team
                 members, include an organizational chart.
               • A brief description of each team member’s firm and their ability to contribute to successful
                 solar photovoltaic program implementation (history, performance of similar scope of
                 services, etc.).
               • History of past projects that the team members have worked on together. If a single firm
                 submits the proposal, then the following information shall be provided:
               • Total capacity in kilowatts (kWs) of photovoltaic systems placed into commercial operation
                 or practical demonstration to date.
               • Roles and responsibilities of key personnel
               • Organizational chart
               • Identify any subcontractors the Proposer intends to employ in execution of the program.
                 Discuss their role and provide information on subcontractors’ experience performing similar

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UCI Solar PV Project                                                                        RFP #: 50086993
       8.6     Qualifications of Key Personnel:
               Each Proposer shall submit resumes demonstrating qualifications of the key personnel who
               will be assigned to this project. Key personnel are defined as, but not limited to the following:
               Project Planner, Project Manager, Project Architect, Project Engineer, Structural Engineer,
               Construction Project Manager, and Construction Field Superintendent. Resumes shall
               include a description of training and experience of the key personnel in their respective areas
               of expertise. Each Proposer shall clearly define the duties of each key person. Resumes
               shall describe their current position/title, proposed position/title, education, professional
               licensing, and work experience over the last ten (10) years. Each resume shall also indicate
               whether or not each key person has worked before as part of the proposed team on similar

       8.7     Past-Project Experience
               Proposals shall include a brief description of past solar photovoltaic projects/programs that
               are similar in nature as those expected to result from this RFP. The description for each
               project/program should include:
               • The project name
               • Location
               • Project size (total cost and project capacity in kW)
               • Project type – turnkey or third party energy sales
               • Year completed
               • Name of project manager
               • Name of client contact
               • Brief physical description of the project (equipment manufacturer, model, etc.)
               • Describe experience with California’s Rule 21 electrical interconnection
               • A brief discussion of any specific challenges and how they were overcome
               • Review of project schedule – award date, installation completion date and date of
                 commercial operation
               • Describe experience with obtaining solar incentives in the State of California

       8.8     References
               For each of the projects in section 8.7, each Proposer shall include client reference
               information - including name of client contact, company name, title, address, phone number,
               email address. At a minimum, at least three of the projects must have been completed within
               past five years and for power sales solar photovoltaic projects/programs. The references
               shall be for projects of comparable size to the proposed installation and for projects that were
               installed, owned, operated and maintained by Proposer.

       8.9     Management and Staffing Plan:
               Each Proposer shall also be responsible for developing a Management and Staffing plan
               which illustrates the management approach to performing the Work; and the required staff
               including the key personnel along with their identified time commitments required to perform
               the Work plan.

               The Management and Staffing Plan must indicate all staff required to complete the Work
               through all phases. Each Proposer must submit a staffing schedule tied to the Proposed
               Schedule showing the time commitment of each individual identified under the key personnel
               item herein.

               Each Proposer shall also be responsible for developing and providing as part of this RFP
               Submittal a table or matrix showing the Proposer’s current and pending major project
               commitments. Include in this table or matrix all Key Personnel, their current and planned
               project commitments and the percentage of time assigned to those commitments and the
               percentage of time available for this Project.

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UCI Solar PV Project                                                                         RFP #: 50086993

       Proposers shall complete and submit as a part of their proposal a Price Proposal Form for each
       separately-metered solar photovoltaic site or system for a 20-year delivery period. (See Exhibit C and
       Exhibit E - Solar Power Purchase Agreement)

       9.1 AC Power Delivery. The delivered solar power shall be quoted on an AC power basis and
           connected to the UCI primary AC power system. The term “KW” as used in this RFP means KW
           of AC capacity measured as productive solar output delivered to the UCI site. The term “kWh” as
           used in this RFP means kWh of AC electricity measured as productive solar output delivered to
           the UCI site.

       9.2 Guarantee of Minimum Output Performance. Each Proposer must state a quantity of expected
           electricity generation each year on the Price Proposal Form. Each Proposer must also be
           prepared to guarantee a minimum output performance from the solar photovoltaic system over
           the course of each calendar year, at a minimum level equal to 90% of the expected output. (See
           Exhibit C).

       9.3 True-up Billing Process. The University will conduct occasional billing inquiry validation, and
           verification, or reconciliation. The winning Proposer must be able to provide data and information
           that was utilized to generate billing invoices such as interval metered data representing
           generation output and or local utility provider meter records. All source data will be submitted on a
           mutually agreed upon electronic format.

       9.4 Penalties. If the production guarantee is not met or solar photovoltaic system outages occur,
           penalties will be assessed. These penalties will be settled via payment to the University in an
           annual “true-up” billing process. Penalties could also be settled by “self-crediting” or via
           reductions in future solar bill payments.

       9.5 Price Proposal Review Criteria. The University has a benchmark target rate of based on
           current utility electric tariff rates. This target rate is specified in Exhibit C. All proposals will be
           judged against this benchmark rate. The University will use the firm price proposals to determine
           the “best value” and economic benefit to the University when compared to the target pricing
           specified in Exhibit C. The University has a requirement that the proposed price is equal to or
           below the target price specified in Exhibit C for each year of the contract.

       9.6 Other Pricing Factors. Other factors that will effect the pricing evaluation are the treatment of
           solar generation grants, taxes, and “green tags”.

                       Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) All Proposers should seek to take
                        maximum advantage of incentive programs that can reduce the initial costs of the
                        solar photovoltaic systems such as the SGIP program or its successors offered by
                        the California Public Utilities Commission or other public agency.
                       Taxes on Solar Power Sales. Proposers shall assume that University facilities will
                        not pay city energy or utility users tax on solar energy purchased from the Proposers
                       Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) The University desires to maintain ownership of
                        any REC’s, Green Tags, carbon credits or other similar credits. However, the
                        University will consider other options. Proposer will specify ownership and anticipated
                        value of any Renewable Energy Certificates or other credits associated with the
                        systems proposed herein in Attachment C, Price Proposal Form.
                       Roof System Removal and Reinstallation Proposers shall expect it will be necessary
                        to move or remove roof mounted solar systems one time during contract period, at
                        the Proposer’s expense, for the purpose of re-roofing or for other operational
                        requirements of the University.

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UCI Solar PV Project                                                                            RFP #: 50086993

       Because this RFP solicits Proposals for a privately-owned, turnkey solar photovoltaic energy system
       potentially consisting of several photovoltaic systems and several sites on the UCI campus, the
       Proposer must also submit an Operation, Maintenance, Service, and Monitoring Plan for the project.
       Additionally a Billing Plan consistent with the Price Proposal is required for the duration of the delivery
       period of 20 years.

       10.1 Operation and Maintenance Plan. The Proposer will provide Operation and Maintenance
            (O&M) services for the full term of Exhibit E - Solar Power Purchase Agreement and consistent
            with Exhibit D - Solar License Agreement. The cost of such services will be included in the
            Proposal price. Proposer shall describe the proposed O&M procedures for the System(s) and
            shall describe its experience providing such services for similar solar installations and shall
            provide information on the personnel performing the O&M service.

       10.2 Monitoring Plan. The Proposer will provide a plan for monitoring, diagnosing, and tracking the
            solar energy output of the photovoltaic system consistent with University requirements. Minimum
            requirement is a web-based monitoring and tracking system accessible to both the Proposer and
            the University and will include real-time or near real-time data on electricity generated by the

       10.3 Billing Plan. As detailed in Section 10, the Price Proposal Form (Exhibit C) and the Solar Power
            Purchase Agreement describes the pricing over a 20-year energy delivery period. The Proposer
            shall also submit a Billing Plan that covers the following:

                       The billing system to the University shall be consistent with the Price Proposal Form
                        (fixed price with escalation factors).
                       A method to document the solar photovoltaic system output
                       An annual/monthly adjustment or true-up process to ensure accounting that is
                        compliant to production guarantees
                       A preferred method for the sharing of billing data and information such as online, email,
                        or third party access.
                       The monthly billing period should coincide with the local utility provider billing cycle and
                        shall include the following:
                        1. Maximum solar generation output in KW (AC) during time of use periods
                        2. Total kWh (AC) generated by time of use period
                        3. Total kWh (AC) sold to the University by time of use period
                        4. Price in $/kWh for the month
                        5. Amount due for solar photovoltaic energy sold to the University within the billing
                        6. Past due amounts
                        7. Total Bill

       10.4 Capital Finance Structure. Proposer shall provide information regarding the capital finance
            structure of the privately-owned solar photovoltaic energy system, which should include:
                                  Description of relevant financing structure for proposed project
                                  Identification of funding sources
                                  Examples of previously funded or financed third-party owned projects
                                  Commitment letter from anticipated funding source and the credit rating of
                                     each funding source
                                  For financing team members, provide Moody’s, Fitch, or Standard & Poor
                                     credit rating and three years annual report or audited financial statements

       10.5 Project Submittals. The successful awardee shall provide the following Project Submittals at the
            following stages:
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UCI Solar PV Project                                                                            RFP #: 50086993
               All submittals require State Fire Marshall approval prior to the construction/installation of the
                  solar photovoltaic energy system(s)
               90% Construction Documents (drawings and specifications) submitted in compliance with
                  UCI Facility Design Guidelines and UCI Facilities Management and Seismic Review criteria
               Back checked 100% Construction Documents
               Copy of Plans and Specifications approved and stamped by State Fire Marshall
               Manufacturers’ data and cut sheets on solar photovoltaic panels, inverters and balance of
                  systems equipment
               Single line diagram of electrical system and all solar photovoltaic components
               Schedule identifying lead time for materials, construction sequence, and installation
               Staging Plan
               All other items requiring approval as identified in Exhibit B to this RFP and Exhibit E to the
                  Solar License Agreement

               All Solar Panel, Solar Module, Inverter, and equipment Warranties
               Operation and Maintenance Manuals
               Monitoring Plan
               Billing Plan


       11.1     This RFP does not represent an offer or commitment by The University to enter into an
                agreement with a Proposer or to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a Proposal
                unless otherwise stated.

       11.2     The intent of this RFP introduction is to provide an overview of the proposal process, the
                subsequent award and the work required of the successful Proposer. The provisions herein
                are a SUMMARY ONLY and the Proposers should in all cases review the provisions of the
                Agreements for the specific requirements. If the Proposer believes there are conflicts
                between this document and any other document, the Proposer should immediately, and in
                writing, bring it to the attention of the University and request written clarification.

       11.3     Proposer shall assume full responsibility for timely delivery at the location designated for
                receipt of Proposals. Oral, telephonic, facsimile, or telegraphic Proposals are invalid and shall
                not be accepted.

       11.4     Prior to the applicable Proposal Deadline, a submitted Price Proposal may be modified or
                withdrawn by notice to the University at the location designated for receipt of Proposals.
                Such notice shall be in writing over the signature of Proposer and in order to be effective,
                must be received on or before the applicable Proposal Deadline. A withdrawn Proposal may
                be resubmitted up to the applicable Proposal Deadline, provided that it then fully complies
                with the requirements of this RFP.

       11.5     The submission and any information provided as part of the submission will not be returned
                to submitters. This RFP and the selected firm’s submission, as well as any subsequent
                information provided, may, by reference, become a part of any formal agreement between
                the submitter and The University resulting from this solicitation.

       11.6     The University reserves the right to award multiple contracts based on this RFP provided that
                proposals address a different site or sites.

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UCI Solar PV Project                                                                           RFP #: 50086993
       11.7    Neither the University, nor any of its officers, agents or employees, shall be responsible for
               the accuracy of any information provided to any Proposer as part of this RFP. All Proposers
               are encouraged to independently verify the accuracy of any information provided. The use of
               any of this information in the preparation of a submission is at the sole risk of the Proposer.

       11.8    The Proposer shall not collude in any manner or engage in any practices with any other
               Proposer (s) which may restrict or eliminate competition or otherwise restrain trade. Violation
               of this instruction will cause the Proposer’s submittal to be rejected by The University. This
               prohibition is not intended to preclude joint ventures or subcontracts.

       11.9    The University has sole discretion and reserves the right to reject any and all submissions
               received with respect to this RFP and to cancel the RFP at any time prior to proceeding to the
               next phases of the project. The University also reserves the right to request additional
               information or clarification of data included in submissions without changing the terms of the

       11.10   Notice to Proposers regarding the Public Records Act - All materials submitted in response to
               this solicitation become a matter of public record and shall be regarded as public records.
               Destination of Confidential Information - The University will recognize as confidential only
               those elements in each response which are trade secrets as that term is defined in the law of
               California and which are clearly marked as “TRADE SECRET”, “CONFIDENTIAL”, or
               “PROPRIETARY”. Vague designations and blanket statements regarding entire pages or
               documents are insufficient and shall not bind The University to protect the designated matter
               from disclosure.

       11.11   The California Public Records Act limits the University’s ability to withhold qualification and
               proposal data to trade secrets or records, the disclosure of which is exempt or prohibited
               pursuant to federal or state law. If a submittal contains any trade secrets that a Proposer
               does not want disclosed to the public or used by the University for any purpose other than
               evaluation of the Proposer team’s eligibility, each sheet of such information must be marked
               with the designation “Confidential.” The University will notify the submitter of data so
               classified of any request to inspect such data so that the submitter will have an opportunity to
               establish that such information is exempt from inspection in any proceeding to compel

       11.12   The University Not Liable for Required Disclosure - The University shall not in any way be
               liable or responsible for the disclosure of any records if they are not plainly marked “TRADE
               SECRET”, “CONFIDENTIAL”, or “PROPRIETARY”, or if disclosure is required by law or by
               an order of the court

       11.13   Except as otherwise specifically provided, definitions set forth in the Agreements are
               applicable to all Proposal Documents.

       11.14   The term “Addenda” means written or graphic instruments issued by University prior to a
               Proposal Deadline which modify or interpret the Proposal Documents by additions, deletions,
               clarifications, or corrections. Addenda will be issued only by University and only in writing.
               Addenda will be identified as such and will be mailed or delivered to all Proposers. At its sole
               discretion, the University may elect to deliver Addenda via facsimile to Proposers who have
               provided a facsimile number for receipt of Addenda. Copies of Addenda will be made
               available for inspection wherever Proposal Documents are on file for inspection. Addenda
               withdrawing the Request for Proposals or postponing a Proposal Deadline may be issued
               anytime prior to the Proposal Deadline.

       11.15   The term “Proposal Documents” means the documents prepared and issued with the
               Request for Proposals including all Addenda and Exhibits thereto.

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UCI Solar PV Project                                                                        RFP #: 50086993
       11.16   The term “Proposer” means a person or entity that submits a Proposal.

       11.17   Proposer has read, understood, and made the Proposal in accordance with the provisions of
               the Proposal Documents.

       11.18   The person executing the Proposal is duly authorized and empowered to execute the
               Proposal on behalf of Proposer. The Price Proposal Form shall be signed by a person or
               persons legally authorized to bind Proposer to a contract. Proposer's Representative shall
               sign and date the Declaration included in the Price Proposal Form. Failure to sign and date
               the declaration will cause the Proposal to be rejected.

       11.19   Proposer shall, before submitting its Proposal, carefully study and compare the components
               of the Proposal Documents and compare them with the Work for which the Proposal is
               submitted; shall examine the Project site, the conditions under which the Work is to be
               performed, and the local conditions; and shall at once report to the University errors,
               inconsistencies, or ambiguities discovered. If Proposer is awarded the Contract, Proposer
               waives any claim arising from any errors, inconsistencies or ambiguities, that Proposer, its
               subcontractors or suppliers, or any person or entity under Proposer on the Contract became
               aware of, or reasonably should have become aware of, prior to Proposer’s submission of its

       11.20   Requests for clarification or interpretation of the Proposal Documents shall be addressed only
               to the contact person or firm designated in Section 4 of this RFP.

       11.21   Clarifications, interpretations, corrections, and changes to the Proposal Documents will be
               made by Addenda issued as provided below. Clarifications, interpretations, corrections, and
               changes to the Proposal Documents made in any other manner shall not be binding and
               Proposers shall not rely upon them.

       11.22   Each Proposer shall be responsible for ascertaining, prior to submitting a Proposal, that it has
               received all issued Addenda.

       11.23   Notice to Submitters Regarding Equal Opportunity -. It is the policy of The University of the
               University of California that race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity, and national origin will not be
               used as criteria in its business contracting practices.... Every effort will be made to ensure
               that all persons, regardless of race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity, and national origin have
               equal access to contracts and other business opportunities with the University.

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UCI Solar PV Project                                                                             RFP #: 50086993

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