PV And Solar Thermal Ordinance polis by erin.natividad


                                    VALLE DE MENA PV AND SOLAR THERMAL
    Name of project:
                                                        ORDINANCE                                   SPAIN

      City of project:         Valle de Mena, Burgos

   Size/ region affected       Local / City of Valle de Mena

Type of project [theoretical   Category 4: Policy and Legislation
        / practical]:          Theoretical and Practical project

   Targeted technique
 PV/Solar thermal/Solar
                                Solar Thermal and PV
    Passive/Solar Air
   Period/ starting date       February 2006- Currently

  Contact institution with
                               Municipality of Valle de Mena/ Environment Department
       Internet links
       (if available)

    Photo / drawings /

                               Local solar thermal and PV ordinance which aims to regulate the obligation
                               to install solar thermal or PV panels in buildings which satisfy the conditions
                               implicit within the ordinance. According to this ordinance, the installation of
                               solar systems is mandatory in the following situations:
     General Project           -in general renovations of existing buildings
        Description            -in buildings which the function has been changed
                               -in swimming-pools which are either new or renovated as heated pools
                               The ordinance is to be applied in residential, public, social, sports, Retail,
                               Business and Industrial Buildings. It is necessary to sign a two-year
                               maintenance contract with a specialized company.

   Initiator/project idea      Municipality of Valle de Mena/ Environment Department

    Financing Investor         Municipality of Valle de Mena

     Service Provider
Other parties involved (eg.
                               IDAE (Spanish Energy Institute)
 Partner responsible for
Best Practice description      Universidade Politecnica di Madrid
                              SWOT Analysis

                ! Incorporates in an ordinance, both PV and Solar Thermal systems
                ! To be applied in Residential, Public, Social, Sports, Retail, Business and
                 Industrial Buildings.
                ! Internet Access
                ! Applicable to public and private Buildings
                ! Mandatory solar power system project development
                ! Mandatory two-year Maintenance Plan to be carried out
                ! Recognized products to be used in the solar systems
                ! Adapted to local and regional rules
                ! Compliance with the ordinance supervised by Municipal Technical Services
                ! Takes into account Urban and Rural landscape protection
                ! Adapted to new technology
                ! Any new urban development or changes in existing urban areas have to
                 ensure sun access (solar rights)
                ! Tax benefits for solar systems
                ! Panels orientation and slope stated
                ! Maximum 70% roof surface to be used by solar power systems
                ! Forbidden to install solar power systems in façades
                ! Annual Solar Contribution stated lower than National Building Code in
                 some cases
                ! Solar Thermal not mandatory in buildings which can only provide 25% of
                 the Domestic Hot Water needs.
                ! Possibility to become a reference for future ordinances or laws in rural
Opportunities   ! Solar installations knowledge diffusion in rural areas
                ! Job creation related to solar power systems industry in rural areas
                ! Possibility of substitution of Solar power Systems for other renewable
                 energy system.
                ! Change of prices by developers
  Threats       ! Higher Price of building a house in Valle de Mena because of solar systems
                 discouraging people to settle
                ! Municipal   Technical   services   insufficiently   prepared   to   check    the
                 compliance with the ordinance
                ! Adaptation to National Building Code Standards
                ! Case study with long term benefits to be shown to the citizens

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