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									SK Y3 Unit 7 Pg 49
Focus:                                  Listening and speaking
Topic:                                  Sea Animals

Content Standard:                       1.1 By the end of 6-year schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce words and
                                        1.2 spea confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and intonation.
                                        1.3 By the end of 6-year schooling, pupils will be able to understand and
                                         respond to oral texts in a variety of contexts.

Learning Standard:
                                        1.1.4 Able to talk about a stimulus with guidance.
                                        1.3.1 Able to listen to and demonstrate understand of oral texts by:
                                        (a) asking simple Wh-Questions
                                        (b) answering simple Wh-Questions.

Objectives:                             By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
                                        1. Sing the song pronouncing the name of the sea animals with correctly
                                        2. Ask and answer simple Wh-Questions to get information from the song.
                                        3. Listen to the teacher and match the pictures of the sea animals.
Time:                                   60 minutes
Teaching Aids:
                                        1.Song “ Everything Beneath The Sea”
                                        2. Flashcards of sea-animals
                                        3. Printed hand-outs of the lyrics of the song.
                                        4. Printed hand-outs for the Scavenger Hunt-type Game

Lesson Link:                            http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/songs/everything-beneath-the-sea

Prepared By:                            Polly Steven

 Activity                                                                                                                                                               Notes
 1.Teacher introduces the scavenger hunt game. For this game pupils move around asking
 and answering the wh-questions. Make sure pupils listen to the instructions clearly before they
 start the game/start to move.

 2. Teacher distributes the hand-out for the game or pupils can to draw the table in
 their notebooks (see below for an example).
  Teacher asks the pupils to move around to look for information about the animals they chose.
 Pupil A asks questions and Pupil B answers. They take turn asking and answering the wh-questions.
  e.g. Can you eat starfish? What does a starfish look like?
  Time given is 5 mins.
  The first person who gets it all filled wins.

 The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland).
                                        Can eat / Can’t eat      Features   Friend’s name



3. After 5 mins, get all the pupils to gather in front of the class. Announce the three winners.
Those 3 pupils will everyone the information he/she has.

4. Teacher distributes the handouts of the song lyrics.
Teacher asks pupils to listen to the song and underline the sea animals mentioned in the song.

5. Teacher plays the song from the link. Pupils listen and underline.

6. Teacher plays the video one more time and the pupils sing along.

7. Divide the class into smaller groups (at least 6 people and each group will sing aloud but with good
pronunciation and enunciation. Later asks each group to perform while making action accordingly.

8. As a conclusion, distribute a set of flashcards to the group.
Teacher will say aloud the name of the animals and the pupils in the group take turn to match
the animals as called by the teacher.
Reward marks to the group.
The group that gets the most marks will be declared as a winner.
(Token may be given to the winning group).

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