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Work Session Monday, May 21, 2007 Franklin High School Library 1. 2007-2008 Proposed Budget Tabled the recommendation to adopt the 2007-2008 Proposed Budget with anticipated revenues of $30,247,529 and expenditures of $30,351,218 to include an approximate fund balance draw down of $103.689. 2. 2007-2008 Proposed Capital Projects Budget Adopted the 2007-2008 Proposed Capital Projects Budget in the amount of $732,895. Regular Meeting Tuesday, May 29, 2007 1. Utica Elementary Multipurpose Room

Recognition of Visitors/Correspondence Bonnie Sharrar addressed the Board as a representative of the tax collectors to inquire about compensation for the installment payments of the school real property tax. Superintendent’s Report Mr. Paranick reviewed information distributed to the Board in regard to their inquiry about replacing staff members at the Middle School/High School. Ms. Urban reviewed two alternate budgets submitted as a result of the Board’s request to see a budget with a two percent reduction in expenditures for the 2007-2008 school year.



General Fund Approved the payment of General Fund bills in the amount of $2,393,950.43. Change Order Approved change order, G-8, submitted by Eriez Construction, Inc. for the deduct amount of $3,550, for the renovation project at Utica Elementary. Budget Transfers Approved the following budget transfers: High School: To correct budget accounts:
$ 900.00 $ 5,000.00 $ 3,505.00 $ 3,032.00 $10,440.00 $ 534.44 $ 700.00 $ 8,892.00 From: New Equipment; To: Replacement Equipment From: Capitalized Equipment; To: Non-capitalized Equipment From: Supplies; To: Books From: Technical Education Supplies; To: Replacement Equipment From: Regular Custodial Salaries; To: Substitute Custodial Salaries From: Instructional Software; To: Principal’s Software From: Supplies; To: Mileage From: Capitalized; To: Noncap equipment



To purchase computer lab tables: Custodial: Salaries: Technology Budget: $21,920.43


$ 6,672.00 $ 1,149.98 $ 3,972.01

From: New equipment; To: Replacement equipment From: New equipment (capitalized); To: Replacement equipment (noncapitalized) From: Professional Services; To: Software

$62,917.50 from various technology accounts and building/grounds maintenance to purchase PowerSchool. 6. 2007-2008 Proposed Budget Adopted the 2007-2008 Proposed Budget with anticipated revenues of $30,247,529 and expenditures of $30,351,218 to include an approximate fund balance draw down of $103,689. Resolution Approved Resolution No.3 of 2007 to authorize the collection and payment of school real property taxes in
installments pursuant to Section 1502 (b) of the Taxpayer Relief Act of Special Session No. 1 of 2005 (SS Act 1).



Bids Awarded the following bids for 2007-2008 school year: computer supplies in the total amount of $25,561.89; fall athletic supplies in the total amount of $38,412.99; and athletic medical supplies in the amount of $1,585.07. Contracts Approved a Sports Medicine Contract between West Park Rehab and Franklin Area School District for the 2007-2008 school year to provide non-physician licensed care providers with expertise in sports medicine at all sporting events and practices at $21.50/hour, not to exceed $16,340; and the GED Annual Contract between The General Educational Development Testing Service of the American Council on Education and the State of Pennsylvania and Franklin Area School District for the contract period January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008. Agreements Approved a Mutual Cooperation and Coordination Agreement among Northwest Behavioral Health Partnership HealthChoice Program and Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania, Inc. in the development of a managed care program for the coordination of care and sharing of information. Policies Approved final reading of the following policies as submitted: New: 805 Operations: Emergency Preparedness Revisions: 302 Administrative Employees: Employment of Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent 303 Administrative Employees: Employment of Administrators 404 Professional Employees: Employment of Professional Employees 405 Professional Employees: Employment of Substitute Professional Employees 406 Professional Employees: Employment of Summer School Staff 407 Professional Employees: Student Teachers 424 Professional Employees: Personnel Files 504 Classified Employees: Employment of Classified Employees 505 Classified Employees: Employment of Substitute and Short-Term Employees 806 Operations: Child/Student Abuse 807 Operations: Opening Exercises 810 Operations: Transportation 818 Operations: Contracted Services 2




916 12.

Community: Parent and Citizen Volunteers

Use of Equipment Approved the use by Barrow Civic Theatre of several track/gym mats for an upcoming production June 21-24, 2007, and the use of the moveable bleachers located at the baseball and softball fields and tennis courts by Venango County Fair, August 6 – 11, 2007. 2007 Graduates Approved the students as listed on Appendix A, dated 05/17/2007, for graduation June 10, 2007, pending completion of all graduation requirements by the Department of Education and the Franklin Area School District. School Director Award Approved a revision of the qualifications to receive the School Director Award beginning with the 20072008 school year as follows:
To qualify for the School Director Award, the student must be enrolled full time and in a minimum of six courses. Students must maintain a 93 percent GPA with no grade lower than an 80 percent and with no Incomplete grades (I) or Unsatisfactory grades (U) the first three nine weeks of the school year. The award will be a letter with an insignia of scholarship and a bar for the first year, with a bar following every year thereafter.




PERSONNEL – 2006-2007: Resignation Accepted the resignation of Jamie Henze from the position of personal care aide/RN at Victory Elementary effective May 1, 2007. Tenure Granted tenure to the following professional employees upon completion of the 2006-2007 school year: Carly Ackinclose Grade 1 – Central Elementary Jill Eichholtz Grade 1 – Polk Elementary Jeffrey Fonzo Art – Polk/Sandycreek/7th Street Valerie Jones Grade 4 – Polk Elementary Donald King Social Studies – High School Lauren Rafeew School Psychologist – Student Support Services Jeffrey Smith Mathematics – High School Kenneth Smith Mathematics – High School Amanda Walters Learning Support – Sandycreek Elementary Bus Drivers Approved employment of the following individuals as indicated for the bussing contractors for the remainder of the 2006-2007 school year: Transerve Corp: Gloria L. Wright, driver Eileen E. Milliken, aide Baker’s Transportation: Robert L. Goodman Substitutes Approved the following as substitutes as indicated for the remainder of the 2006-2007 school year (*pending completion of employment requirements):
Professional: Burroway, Charles English





Fryer, Jennifer Hubbard, Caitlin Huber, Natasha Latchaw, Danielle Mullins, Bryan Ramage, Christine Sloan, Ashley Starr, Liliana Tygert, Cathryn Support Staff: *Morrison, Tracy

Elementary/Special Education Elementary Elementary English English Elementary Elementary Elementary Health/Physical Education Cafeteria/Secretary/Aide


Summer Employment Approved the employment of Ashleigh Phillips as a teacher for the Title I Family Center Summer Program. PERSONNEL – 2007-2008: Reduction of Assignment Approved administration’s recommendation to reduce one of the elementary library positions to 80 percent (four days per week) from 100 percent (five days per week) beginning with the 2007-2008 school year. There is no reduced time of student instruction. Transfers Approved the following transfers for the 2007-2008 school year: Professional:
Justin Bandi to social studies from part-time computer/study skills at the Middle School; Lori Hugar to second grade at Central Elementary from kindergarten at Victory Elementary; Connie Palmer to sixth grade at Sandycreek Elementary from learning support at the Middle School; and Merideth Riddle to fifth grade at Victory Elementary from fourth grade at Sandycreek Elementary.



Support Staff:
Bonnie Myers to Secretary I (Principal) from Secretary I (Student Support Services)


Supplemental Contracts Approved the following supplemental contracts for the 2007-2008 school year: Athletics:
William Mook John McBryer Curtis Ditzenberger David Smith Fred Blackhurst William Schwabenbauer Matthew LaVerde Peter McIntyre Richard Hancox Raymond Benvenuti Jeffrey Fonzo William Hager Gregory Miller Mark Anderson Randy Holmes Patrick Cook Matthew Jones Athletic Director Asst. Athletic Director Asst. Athletic Director Football – Varsity Head Coach Football – Varsity Asst. to Head Coach Football – Varsity Asst. Coach Football – Varsity Asst. Coach Football – Jr. VS Head Coach Football – Jr. VS Asst. Coach Football – Jr. High Head Coach 9th Football – Jr. High Asst. Coach 9th Boys Basketball – Head Coach Boys Basketball – Jr. Varsity Coach Boys Basketball – Varsity Asst. Coach Boys Basketball – 9th Grade Coach Boys Basketball – 8th Grade Coach Boys Basketball – 7th Grade Coach Year 21/$7,722 Year 13/$3,861 Year 12/$3,861 Year 4/$4,045 Year 20/$4,412 Year 14/$3,585 Year 6/$2,892 Year 2/$2,151 Year 14/$3,309 Year 10/$2,952 Year 3/$1,839 Year 16/$4,964 Year 16/$3,585 Year 6/$2,669 Year 6/$2,447 Year 6/$2,225 Year 8/$2,201


Todd Wetjen Shannon Grill Marvin Welker Barry Foust Eric Smith Charles Smith Thomas Best Larry Grill Joseph Keenan James Alcorn William Keely, Jr. Thomas Best David Bierbach Roger Turner DeAnna Mahle Curtis Ditzenberger Timothy Heffernan Sean Eichholtz Robert Eichholtz Peggy Mook Christine Mooney Peggy Mook Christine Mooney William Mook James Alcorn Joseph Keenan Connie Palmer Nancy Lunnie Intramurals: William Schwabenbauer William Schwabenbauer William Schwabenbauer William Schwabenbauer Elementary: Tammi Harris William Keely, Jr. Christopher Mooney Tracey Hart Tammi Harris Michele Shingledecker Terri Sunder Extracurricular Activities: Steve Johnston Christine Pankratz Steve Johnston Doran Gilhousen Peter Greene Amber Martino Megan Hiles Carol Snyder Terri Williams Debra Stewart Sandra Lewis

Girls Basketball – Head Coach Girls Basketball – Jr. Varsity Coach Girls Basketball – Varsity Asst. Girls Basketball – 7t h Grade Coach Swimming – Head Coach Swimming – Asst. to Head Coach Soccer – Head Coach Soccer – Asst. Coach Boys Track – Head Coach Boys Track – Asst. to Head Coach Boys Track – Asst. Coach Boys Track – 7th & 8th Grade Coach Girls Track – Asst. to Head Coach Girls Track – Head Coach Girls Track – 7th & 8th Grade Coach Baseball – Head Coach Softball – Head Coach Softball – 7th & 8th Grade Head Coach Softball – 7th & 8th Grade Asst. Coach Volleyball – Head Coach Volleyball – Asst. Coach Volleyball – 7th & 8th Grade Head Coach Volleyball – 7th & 8th Grade Asst. Coach Golf – Head Coach Cross Country – Head Coach Cross Country – Asst. Coach Cross Country 7th & 8th Grade Head Coach Tennis – Head Coach Weightlifting Coach – Fall Weightlifting Coach – Winter Weightlifting Coach – Summer Weightlifting Coach – Spring Boys’ Basketball Coach – Utica Boys’ Basketball Coach – Sandycreek Boys’ Basketball Coach – Polk Girls’ Basketball Coordinator/Coach-Polk Girls’ Basketball Coach – Utica Girls’ Basketball Coach – Victory Girls’ Basketball Coach – Sandycreek High School Marching Band Director High School Marching Band Asst. Director Pep Band Broadcast (Musical) Co-Director Broadcast (Musical) Co-Director School Plays Director School Plays Director Assistant KMC Advisor Senior Class Advisor 2008 Junior Class Co-Advisor 2009 Junior Class Co-Advisor 2009

Year 9/$4,401 Year 2/$2,151 Year 14/$3,309 Year 6/$2,002 Year 17/$4,964 Year 6/$2,892 Year 3/$2,942 Year 1/$1,655 Year 4/$3,317 Year 11/$3,489 Year 3/$2,206 Year 6/$2,225 Year 14/$3,585 Year 4/$3,317 Year 6/$2,225 Year 5/$3,236 Year 10/$4,294 Year 3/$1,839 Year 2/$1,489 Year 3/$2,942 Year 7/$2,669 Year 3/$1,839 Year 7/$2,002 Year 14/$2,758 Year 11/$4,294 Year 4/$2,427 Year 4/$2,023 Year 14/$3,861 Year Year Year Year 7/$ 7/$ 7/$ 7/$ 605 605 605 605

Year 14/$ 730 Year 5/$ 550 Year 4/$ 550 Year 19/$1,460 Year 14/$ 730 Year 4/$ 550 Year 8/$ 665 $2,592 $1,296 $ 454 $ 486 $ 486 $ 648 $ 194 $1,362 $1,102 $ 518.50 $ 518.50


Scott Ziegler Terri Williams Melissa Winslow Kasey Latshaw Holly Seefried Ty Patterson Doran Gilhousen Merrill Cowart Peter Greene Peter Greene Sharon Pell Holly Seefried Joan Freeland Matthew Jones David Novak Sandra Homer Doran Gilhousen Sharon Pell Scott Ziegler Merrill Cowart Sharon Pell Nancy Lunnie Andrew Riley Scott Ziegler Jill Adams Carol Christie Sharon Chandler Jan Hines

Sophomore Class Advisor 2010 Youth for Understanding Advisor Cheerleader Advisor (Football) Cheerleader Advisor Varsity & JV Basketball Cheerleader Advisor (9th Grade Basketball) Cheerleader Advisor (Wrestling) Courtesy Club Franklinite Advisor – Business Franklinite Advisor – Publications Student Council (Senior High) National Honor Society Stage Crew (High School) Assistant Stage Crew Advisor Science Olympaid HS After School Detention Supervisor Supervisor, Bus Duty Supervisor, Cafeteria Monitor Supervisor, Bus Duty Supervisor, Bus Duty HS Department Head – English HS Department Head – Mathematics HS Department Head – Science HS Department Head – Social Studies HS Department Head - PE /Health/Driver’s Ed HS Department Head – World Language HS Department Head – Special Education HS Department Head – Technology/Business Ed HS Department Head – Art, Music, Family & Consumer Science Head Teacher at Central Elementary Head Teacher at Sandycreek Elementary Head Teacher at Utica Elementary Head Teacher at 7th Street Elementary Head Teacher at Victory Elementary Head Teacher at Polk Elementary Band Director – Sixth Grade Band Co-Director – Fifth Grade Band Co-Director – Fifth Grade Cheerleader Coordinator Cheerleader Coach – Utica Cheerleader Coach – 7th Street Cheerleader Coach – Central Choir Director Choir Director Talent Show Director – 7th Street Talent Show Director – Utica Talent Show Director – Sandycreek Talent Show Director – Polk Talent Show Director – Central Yearbook Editor – Victory Yearbook Editor – Polk Yearbook Editor – Utica Yearbook Editor – Central

$ 907 $ 454 $1,102 $1,102 $ 389 $ 648 $ 454 $ 907 $1,166 $ 778 $ 324 $ 778 $ 259 $ 648 $500/qtr. $475/qtr. $475/qtr. $475/qtr. $475/qtr. $ 750 $ 750 $ 750 $ 750 $ 750 $ 750 $ 750 $ 750 $ 750 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 $ 324 $ 162 $ 162 $ 389 $ 324 $ 324 $ 324 $ 324 $ 324 $ 130 $ 130 $ 130 $ 130 $ 130 $ 130 $ 130 $ 130 $ 130

Candace Blackhurst Beth Foster Janet Kiser Sandra Koziara Brad Stallard Jacqueline Thurau Steven Johnston Jo Lynn Curll Ann McCauley Candace Blackhurst Ginger Connor Jo Donaldson Patricia McKenzie Jo Donaldson Amanda Williams Jo Donaldson

Amy Fenstmaker Ann McCauley Jacqueline Thurau Amanda Williams
Darlene Eakin Tracey Hart Janet Kiser Amanda Williams



Information Items Mrs. Moore shared an invitation with the Board for the Sandycreek Sixth Grade Graduation June 6, 2007. She also shared pictures she took during the field trip taken by the Central Elementary fifth grade classes to the Cleveland Zoo and Rainforest May 25, 2007. Other Concerns of the Board Dr. Andres commended Ms. Urban on the detail she submitted for the budget. He stated that they should start working on the budget in July or August. He believes the discussion in regard to the elimination of teaching positions due to the decline in enrollment will be revisited. He would also be interested in obtaining information from other districts in regard to how much instructional cost they pay per student. Mrs. Moore announced a special meeting would be held June 28, 2007, at 6:00 p.m. in the Sandycreek Elementary library to take action on the 2007-2008 Budget.


DATES TO REMEMBER: June 7, 2007: June 8, 2007: June 10, 2007: June 18, 2007: June 25, 2007: June 28, 2007:

Professional Day / No School for Students Last Student Day / Have a Safe Summer Graduation Work Session, Sandycreek Elementary Library Regular Meeting, Sandycreek Elementary Library Special Meeting, Sandycreek Elementary Library